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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 4, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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the state and after midnight when we start to see flip over to snowfall starting in central worcester and higher elevation and we are above freezing but heading more towards the morning temperatures continue to fall back and that snow line continues to march its way east war. so by the time we get towards 5:306 a.m. it's through boston and taunton and across the, pressway and we are raining towards the cape and notice temps are coming back. so at this time it's at snowing at a good clip and into the heart of the morning drive we should see heaviest snow developing especially from essex through boston and into rhode island. this is where we will see some the morning. temperatures are borderline snow. this is like cement coming down across much of the region. and by late morning, finally the cape. so most of your snowfall is afternoon. the end? we head into the afternoon snow wind down in the boston metro
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its way off toward the east a lot of moving parts and the forecast is different than last night. and storm track taking more of a westerly jog so a broad corridor here of 4 to 8 inches of heavy wet snowfall into the sea coast. north and west of worcester at 2 to 4 inches of snowfall drier here and then towards the cape and island at 2 to 4 because we will be in the rain so hong by the time you flip over to snow it will limit accumulations and smallest amounts on nantucket. the biggest issues when it comes to commuting is in the morning. if you can work from home tomorrow aid good idea across much of the area by the evening roads should be starting to improve. we will talk more about the winds and chance for power how thages coming up in a bit -- outages coming up in a bit. it's been a rough winter for city officials apologizing after two storms. >> once because the city streets were not salted and plowed and then for issuing a late night park ban and towing 350 cars.
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is worcester ready chantee lans has the story. >> reporter: in prink like -- spring hike temperatures. >> beautiful. >> reporter: crews gear up for friday's storm. >> if we get the plowable amount of snow they will be ready to go. >> reporter: city issuing a 10 p.m. parking ban. the skies are clear residents on the worcester neighborhood say they don't want toa repeat of the roads like last december. >> look at this. no sanding at all. entire road is ice. >> it was a big half theel. >> reporter: for residents, they were among thousands who had to figure out how to navigate the road. >> it was crazy and people got stuck and some had to park at the bottom of the hill. >> reporter: city officials say they lost track of the forecast thinking temperatures would rise faster than they did. they apologized. >> appreciated -- i appreciated it but they should do something before apologizing. >> reporter: i asked the
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in one part you said you will do better and now is the time. >> i think we had a snow esent a couple weeks ago -- event a couple weeks ago and virtually no complaints. it's funny we were the snowiest city in the united states of america last winter 120 inches of snow and i think we da flawlessly. >> reporter: he says crews will be on stand by and ready. >> they did a good job but need to keep up with it and be consistent. >> reporter: chantee lans, wbz news. >> for latest on the forecast watch the wbz news at 11. eric watching this so closely then we will have a team of meteorologist and reporters covering the snowstorm tomorrow morning starting at 4:30 and you can keep track of the storm anywhere you go with the cbs boston weather app it's free in the google and apple app stores. investigators believe it was a bomb that blew a hole in a somali jet moments after take off. investigators say they found what appears to be explosive
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no one has claimed responsibility for the blast yet. but the airline confirms one man believed to have been sucked out of the plane is missing. he was drunk. >> ted cruz gets personal opening up about his family's struggle with substance abuse. cruz's revelation put a personal touch on a hot button issue. >> cdc says more than 300 people in the state of new hampshire died of a heroin or opioid overdose in 2014 and things have not gotten better. chris tona hager kicks off hampshire. >> reporter: that is little stop. this was a round table discussion about addiction and the heroin epidemic that's a big issue around the country and here in new hampshire in particular.
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>> reporter: the crowd listened to ted cruz and the store every his older sifter's battle with alcohol and drugs. >> she was in a car accident and had a back injury and got addicted to pain killers. >> reporter: it is a toic that resinates with vote where 400 people died of overdoses lastior alone. >> and a few years ago, she died of an overdose. her son found her in her bed. >> reporter: this was the emotional stop between two stomp speeches for cruz different it seemed than the usual politics. >> my father was a drunk. >> reporter: he he also told his father's story with a brighter ender and his -- than his sister's. >> my father hasn't what drink in 40 years. hasn't had a drink in 40 years.
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to use to transition into the platform of securing the country's borders and in his words stopping the flow of rampant drugs flooding into the country. christina hague. er wbd -- hager wbz news. >> ted cruz is not the only cam candidate campaigning. marco rubio is just about to hold his fourth town hall meeting of the day in salem. donald trump with a busy schedule holding a town hall in exeter and man with manchester police department. he will enter the night with a rally in portsmith and john kasich started the day in pelium and stopped off in concourt and will be in alton tonight. the democrat candidates hitting campaign trail hard. >> they debate at the university of new hampshire. louisa moller is live in durham. louisa. >> reporter: in the first head to head meet up since iowa we will hear bernie sanders and
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who's the real progressive and who's the real democrat both fighting to stay away from political end fighting but before we get to the guts of the debate what we have is just pure excitement about the political process. the signs of a historic event are all around the university new hampshire. >> to have the opportunity to have like a national thing on campus, it's pretty big. >> reporter: in just a few hours democratic presidential candidates bernie sanders and hillary clinton will go head to head. the first debate posted a razor tight race in iowa with five days to go until first in the nation new hampshire pry marchy. and students will get a front row seat to the political process. >> i was seeks. excited when i heard about it. >> reporter: they are involved in logistics. >> i was a stand in and i was acting as hillary clinton. >> reporter: feasting on the political rhetoric. >> i feel the burn. >> reporter: whether democrat progressive republican or independent, the sight of it
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>> when you get on campus you can feel there's something special it's cool all this is here. >> reporter: so the debate kicks off at 9 tonight and it's one of four recently add debates from the democratic national committee. for now live in durham now ham sure louisa moller. >> stay with wbz for continuing coverage of the primary and tonight on wbz news at 11, get an exclusive first look at what shows. >> we are ideas away from the super bowl 50 and that he excitement. we want to go live to steve burton live in san francisco in super bowl city and what is all that behind you? >> absolutely. what's going on here, cbs sports put down a turf field and they are doing a lombard
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there's also a zip line where fans can come down from all over coming in and trying to get rub elbows with the athletes around town and a lot of the athletes are come down. it's a fun place to be. now the other thing i want to point out is security wise. here's the deal. they are checking for fake merchandise. this week alone 470,000 dollars was seized in fake merchandise and they are on the lookout for that. take a look. >> i walk in here and i run into my man bruce from boston and we played in the shriner's game together. >> reporter: the second shriner's in 1908 noon you are in charge -- 1980. >> you are in charge. >> i am the director of the intellectual property rights center in washington, d.c. and this is an example of a year's culmination of seizures related to operation team player. so counterfeit meds is bad
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potential link or nexus to criminality. we find the individuals that are selling the stuff are other criminal activity. >> reporter: let me ask you this is all this fake? >> all of it is fake. >> reporter: all this is fake. >> yep most of this stuff if not all comes from china. and they will have a short period of time. there's an exam approximately right. you know if you look at some of the workmanship on this stuff, it's just terrible. you know from the inside you know ironed on and it's not general merchandise. >> reporter: all these are fake. >> they are fake rings and some don't have stones in them. try to buy legitimate merchandise even if you are online make sure there's a brick and mortar store and a credible financial way to purchase the items. >> reporter: we will have more on this fake merchandise and fake tickets coming up at 6. one other note to point out tom brady is going to be here for
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the super bowl mvps. all mvps will be here for super bowl 50. that's the story at super bowl city and it's awesome. >> it will be interesting to see if there's interaction between brady and roger goodell. we are live in california right up to the big game. broncos panthers sunday night 6:30 only here on channel 4. lisa. tonight we know clogged air filters are to blame for smoky conditions on a commuter rail train this morning. the 6:30 train from providence to boston stopped in the middle of the route while they replaced the filters. you can see the black smoke coming out of the train and it went on 20 minutes behind scheduled. a robbery is caught on camera here in methuen the suspect with a knife grabs the cash register at the stop quick on harvehill street but the clerk fights back with a golf club.
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to find well the door is locked does he do? he uses the register to break the glass. police are still looking for that suspect tonight. revealed. >> doming -- coming up, what local scientists discovered that could be the key to dropping the unwanted pound. >> her voice echoed through the homes and we are saying bye to mom. >> i've been clean for a little over 2 years and never felt better. >> a treatment beyond 12 steps.
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anthony. anthony. >> her voice unforgettable reminder wednesday is prince spaghetti day tonight new england is morning the loss of the iconic mom it aired for more than a dozen years. >> the sad news mary died yesterday. she was 88. and in remembering the tv mom bill shields caught up with anthony. >> anthony, anthony. >> reporter: her voice launched what would become an iconic tv commercial. her name was mary fumara but we
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>> but today, is wednesday. >> reporter: the prince spaghetti commercial is part of our cultural landscape in new england but now we have lost friend. >> even after the commercial wrote became close as i he got old are i would see her places ors restaurant. >> reporter: this was him back then and then he lived in the north end and marcy was the noise lady to -- mary was the nice lady two buildings down. >> i remember her walking the streets asking if you need lady. >> reporter: the north end has not really. tuesday. ask newcomers if of they know about anthony and prince spaghetti he. >> people like that is what end. >> reporter: and the new generation know all about it. >> it makes me sad because she was a great person. >> reporter: because they
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came from the same neighborhood in the north end, they remained friend for all these years. >> that's what made the commercial so famous regular people. it was not no auditioning orscreen actor's guild but people doing every day things. >> reporter: he lost his tv mom but we have this little slice of mary. >> anthony. >> reporter: bill shields wbz news. >> you bet they never imagined how many lives they would touch when they shot the commercial when you ate spaghetti it was often you joke around yelling anthony. >> and it's comforting about seeing him talk about her. >> great story. >> i am one of the new generations of north enders i love the neighborhood and there's real people living there. it's not all the you know you get to the restaurant scene and legit people are there. >> great story. >> excellent. >> it was great. let's talk weather because it's
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>> absolutely. i mean, today, there's no way anyone tuning in tonight is going to believe the forecast until they see it happen. >> right. >> it doesn't seem rice. >> it doesn't. -- right. >> it doesn't. we have had extremely warm days and all of a sudden it was snow right after it and that's what we are looking at the tonight and tomorrow. biggest impact is snow with poor advice it and acoup leagues across the area. winds could cause damage and out annals because phs heave -- outages because of the heavy wet know. it's going to be like cement across the area. those are the temperatures from the afternoon. 58 in lawrence and nashua. 56 in boston. north adams up to 58. warmth all over and it's pret they mild. worcester is down to 43 and -- pretty mild worcester is down to the 4 -- down to 43. we will cool down to the point we flip over snow and there's a
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of mexico up the eastern seaboard. the impulse will kick this off is diving in here and it's going create a stronger area of low pressure off the coast. that's why there's the change in the further westward shift because of storms will be potentand arrive closer to thecoastline. tonight the rain is moving northward reaching the island right nowch the rain will focus -- nowch the rain will focus -- now. the rain will move further north and west through the nightch the important part of the forecast, we head through the evening it's rain and in the 40s. no issues until midnight tonight. once we pass midnight, that's when we cool things down into the 30s across worcester county and that's where we see the flip over to snow. it happens this first. if you are heading to springsteen it's all rain until the end of the show and then to the snowfall. tomorrow morning that line is tracking its way east war. temperatures are dropping -- eastward. temperatures are dropping but it's above freezing. that's why we have a heavy wet
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and that's why totals are the way they are. if it was colder outside we would be well over a foot with this storm. looking towards 7:30 peakcommuting hours heavy snow hour across the area. tomorrow. if you can work from home it would be a good idea to do so. rain switches over to snow heading towards midp morning along the cape and islands and afternoon. after lunchtime west of boston islands. it's 4 to 8 inches of snow. i think steadiest band up through the boston area parts of the south shore taunton foxborough and franklin and range. outside worcester at 2 to 4 inches and 2 to 4 on the cape because you will have more rainfall initially. it cuts down on the basically wasted liquid that's for a while. now we have the wind at 10 to 20 miles per hour inland and 20 to 40 closer to the coast. and not as high as some of the
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combined with the wet snow causes power outages something to watch for. and high temps will stay in the 30s throughout the day. cold friday night. bright skies and dry conditions for saturday and sunday lingering into monday. looking at the weekend forecast for doing more shoveling 40 on saturday and 42 on sunday and the next week is the next chance for a storm. we are highlighting tuesday is the day to watch a chance for more snow in the area and maybe an impact on the new hampshire primary. david and lisa back to you. >> make it exciting. discovering what works in the struggle to lose weight. >> dr. mallika marshall uncovers a weight loss secret to help you drop the extra pounds. >> the new jeans turning a
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could a blood test hold the key to losing weight. >> local scientists may have found a better way for you to
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with your gleetics. dr. mallika marshall looked closer at research. >> i have been heavy since a little girl. >> reporter: at 35 she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. >> weight watchers oprah had a book. >> reporter: look so many others she couldn't figure out the best way to lose weight. reer is sheers at -- researchers here are analyzing the bloods with patients of obesity and want to find out if there's a genetic reason why loss and others do. >> if i did a test and showed that you have a very low metabolism, make i would be able -- maybe i would able to tell outgeneral guidelines doesn't apply and instead of exercising 30 minutes a day, 3 days or 4 days a week you need to do 45 minutes a day. >> reporter: for the low carb is better than low fat and medications could be tailor- made for patients based on the genes. >> the gentlemen neatic
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that is struggling with overweight and obesity. >> come in. >> reporter: four years ago jean found the solution. gastric by-pass almost 150 pound lighter and off all diabetes medications jean thinks the genetic test is a good idea. >> it would help people understand that not always your fault. there is something going on in your body that is causing it to be difficult. >> reporter: the researchers hope to have prolimb nary results in few -- preliminary --results in few months and they are recruiting patients of a bmi of at least 30. if interested go to our website. >> what an interesting story. >> right. >> reporter: i think in a couple years we may be able to have tailor-made weight loss therapy. >> and jean looks fantastic. >> reporter: amazing. >> thanks dr. lisa. >> incredible. thank you. still to come, stephen colbert on post super bowl prod cast. what is -- broadcast.
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and some call him the most hated man in america. what a infamous drug company did to cement the title and. >> he was like a little angel on earth. >> what happened to this little boy? a family member is demanding answers after he after the death of a -- after the death of a roxbury toddler. hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm they've all come to look for america all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders,
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now it's new hampshire's turn, and all america is watching to see who we choose in this dangerous time. one man stands above. he's not flashy, not rude... he's steady, he's tested and proven. he's a president, which is what we need to make us strong and safe again. for america, jeb bush.
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