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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 4, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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live from the channel 4 studios in boston, wbz news starts right now. and tonight at 5:30 our eye is on the storm. by this time tomorrow, parts of massachusetts could have who are than a half a foot of snow on the ground. it's wild considering we spent most of this day in the mid- 50s. >> which was lovely. but this is new england and that means things can change. eric is back with a closer look lot. around here. after spring to start february here's the snow and a
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is likely with a snowy and sloppy morning drive. the highest impact is tomorrow morning. time frame the snow changeover starts at 1 in the morning. and then through 3 tomorrow afternoon a heavy wet snowfall across much of the area. 4 to 8 inches of snow for most that could cause power outage because of the wet nature of the snow clinging to limbs and power lines during the day tomorrow. this is how things will progress. across much of the central massachusetts getting into metro west, rain to start but mainly changing over to snow. colder air working in. around boston and south and east, several hours of rainfall changing over to wet snow and mostly rain mid and out other cape and nantucket before the snow change over happens. here's the progression. rain showers this evening across southeastern massachusetts. we hit midnight and now we are switching over to snowfall. that snow line crashing into boston early in the morning. the middle of the commute we have heavy know fall coming -- heavy snowfall coming down. sea coast downed 95 and boston and providence and working
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all tolled 4 to 8 inches for the area and north and west of worcester 2 to 4 inches. we will talk about the details coming up. keep your eye on the storm contract w -- with the the cbs boston weather app and it's free in the apple and android stores. now at 5:30... >> i just want justice for my baby cousin kani. >> disturbing now details how the 3-year-old boy may have died. tonight a family member describes what he saw. >> boston police have been investigating the boy's death ever since he was rushed to the hospital on sunday night. beth germano has the latest. >> reporter: as a neighbor leaves flowers outside the alpine street home it's clear the death of kani whyte touched many hearts. >> he was a baby and that shouldn't happen. not to a baby. makes me sad. >> reporter: the boy was rushed to the hospital sunday night with serious injuries.
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his cousin who saw the body with family is conadvised it was no accident. >> his head -- convinced it was no accident. >> his head was enormous bruised up from the right and i could tell someone had beaten him>> reporter: with so many questions about what happened inside the home, investigators are not calling this a homicide investigation until they get autopsy results. >> we still have interviews to do and investigation and you know we are going await m. eric's determination of the cause of death. >> reporter: kani is known to dcf as the state has been involved with the family. last the friday, social workers provided a report that was notconcerning. he was well fed, clean with no behavioral issues. but days later, he was gone. and kavon young wants to know why. >> if something happened in the apartment and we are trying to figure out what is going onch the story is not adding up to anything at all. >> reporter: he describes his cousin as a playful toddler who spent weekends here with his father weekdays with his
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even as investigators provide few details,e young wants justice. >> that hurts so much a baby's life has been taken away and they didn't have a chants to live. >> reporter: a painful wait for answers. in beth germano wbz news. >> we have a developing story right now. another air bag company is anouning problems tonight. continental automotive systems saying that their bags may not inflate during a crash or could go off without a crash. honda fiat chrysler mercedes have issued recalls and more are now expected. last year, you will probably remember defective takata air bags forced the largest recall in the industry's history. the drug ceo who once raiseded price of a life savingdrug by 5,000 percent refused to testify. martin is shkreli took the 5th. after he he left he tweeted
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bow sills represent the people in our government. >> that mcdonald's all day breakfast may be hurting duckin donuts. they say sales dropped this quarter. market analysts say there's more pen tigs and dunk n may have lost -- competition and dun dunk n may have lost -- dunk n may have lost customers when they raised prices. ryan joins us and there's serious questions about a program that we actually all pay for. >> reporter: a lot of us heard about math safe a -- math safe a huge program paid for by all of us through a surcharge on the energy bills and we are talking about billions of dollars of incentives and rebate to help homeowners afford energy efficient upgrades but a contractor completed thousands projects has created huge headaches for some homeowners. >> you seen disaster movies and here it is in your office and house.
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has that many negative reviews and manages to still stay part nerd with the program. >> reporter: so tonight the i- team is asking who's keeping an eye on contractors that are cashing in on the projects. protected david. >> sound like a couple big wrinkles are to the story and it will affect a lot of people. we look forward to seeing it tonight at 11. >> reporter: already getting interesting reaction in the count down to super bowl 50 and -- reaction. the count down for the super bowl 50 is on. and we spoke with steve co-- expect. >> you are writing jokes during the super bowl. the game. >> how will that work stephen. >> very fast i hope. very fast. >> how do you-- >> 20 minutes later we do the show and we have 20 minutes to write an hour show. >> that's a good high wire act. eye features appearance business tina fey will farrell
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bowl 50 is here on wbz sunday at 6:30. celebrating facebook anniversary with a question. >> what did we do before the social network. >> and a local woman raced into the history books and now her hometown is pulling out all the stops to say welcome home and congratulationses. >> first day fail. ibility net -- internet having a field day with the intern who fell asleep on day one. the american people can't afford to wait for ideas that sound good on paper... but will never make it in the real world. the grandmother who has to choose between paying for medicine and paying rent... can't wait. the single mom who desperately needs a raise... can't wait. the student with a
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it's been exactly 12 years since facebook ceo mark zuckerberg started to working on the site. >> and to mark the occasion the hashtag before facebook i istrepped trending and -- trending and before face bike never had to worry about seeing people from high school ever again. >> before facebook i didn't
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>> before facebook i the words -- the words like and friends meant something. >> and before facebook i had to remember how good my food looked before i ate it and i got to say, i think my life is better because of facebook. >> i feel like i am more connected to people i would have lost touch with that i like. >> that's a good thing and theft food things that show you how to make something in 20 seconds. >> which is great. j looking for jeans to flat-- looking for a pair of jeans to flatter your body. >> levi's released wedgy jean it says it lifts and separates. makes it appear as though you have a wedgy. levi's says they are comfortable and don't ride up more than they are supposed to and this i think is real joke the cost is about $100 a pair and i tell you i used to get a wedgy for free on the playgrounds. >> i am not sure calling them a wedgy jean is the best marketing move but maybe it is.
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will save you the 100 bucks. >> we will get you anything. the internet is having a blast with an intern who fell asleep on the first day of job. >> other staff workers saw him and took the picture and when he woke up he thought it was funny he posted it and it took off and people posted their photo shop version and he is in the middle of a simpson scene replacing donald trump and even playing the guitar like paul mccartney. >> you remember a few months ago the intern who kept falling asleep. >> i worried it was him. >> straight ahead, running to stay clean a group of recovering addicts who are finding support by pounding the pavement. >> and coming up new at 10 on my tv38 we are track the storm and one business that desperately needs that snowfall. and when new hampshire votes on tuesday, it will be the first time under the voter id law. we will look at the pros and
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on my tv38. now it's new hampshire's turn, and all america is watching to see who we choose in this dangerous time. one man stands above. he's not flashy, not rude... he's steady, he's tested and proven. he's a president, which is what we need to make us strong and safe again. for america, jeb bush.
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they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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eye on the the storm new england getting rade for a messy morning commute and quite a lot of snow. >> doesn't seem like there would be a record that is kept for this sort of thing but from temperatures like this to accumulation like we will see tomorrow, very odd. >> it's odd and it happened many times before but it's not something we see every winter but it's one of the the things that's tough to believe until you are in the middle of it and then you go oh. it's interesting where whoa live is a fascinating place when it comes to the weather and what we are watching is a 180 from the past few days of 50s and 60s and biggest issue is the snow the accumulation and visibilities. significant totals across the area. wind not as strong as the
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but with a heavy wet snowfall power outage are going to be a potential problem for tomorrow. and something if you can be tomorrow snow event. so we have winter storm warnings out here in pink where the higher snow totals will be. winter weather advisory into new hampshire and toward the cape and south coast totals may be lower due to rain at the onset. temperature wise we are in the 50s from boston south and east. colder air off to the west. but marginally colder air. this is going to create some of the cold as the rape falls through the air -- rainfalls through the air cooling it down to flipping us to snow. see the area of moisture up theeast coast from the gulf of mexico some of the first showers up along the cape and southeastern massachusetts and it stays wet through the evening. no snowfall over the next several hours many if you have to run out it won't be icy or snowy. heading towards midnight, inkind -- an increasing a rainfall and we bring in the
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occurring. first across worcester county with elevation and notice temperatures. even as it starts to snow for a couple hours at least, it is going to be above freezing. and that's why we have the very wet snowfall clinging to everything. and initially having a little difficulty accumulating. but heading deeper into the morning and 5:30, 6, that's the snow line pushing across the south shore all the way into plymouth county and towards new bedford by 7:30 and this should be very heavy snowfall rates that could be one to maybe 2 inches per hour from essex through boston and providence. this is going to be the main main corridor. during tomorrow morning temperatures are still above freezing here so it's wet snow and heading through the morning, the snow line continues to move down across the cape and finally exiting the cape heading into tomorrow evening. so snow totals it's 4 to 8 inches yes it's an increase from yesterday for sure. and the storm system tracking farther west than expected yesterday. worcester is in the 4 to 8 and
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north and west of worcester 2 to 4 inches turning more light and fluffy here over time. it starts wet but colder temperatures in this part of the state. then towards the cape and nantucket it's a few inches of wet snowfall but a lot of rain the storm. eventually. the biggest impacts is the storm all about tomorrow morning. it's going to be a really sloppy go if you with work from home there could be a pretty good idea. maybe school districts will end up seeing the first snow day of the year. and by tomorrow evening conditions improve. and in terms of the winds peak gusts at 20 to 40 miles per hour again sometimes the biggest storms are 50, 60 and 70 miles per hour but it's the wet snow combined with the wind that creates the issue for power outages. temperatures staying in the 30s all day tomorrow. and things quieting down tomorrow night and weekend very peaceful no weather issues and bright skies on saturday and into sunday and maybe a place like frsh snow and colder
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on saturday and the low 40s on sunday. now next week, winter is in action for us. we've a chance for a coastal storm on tuesday and that's the time frame to watch and cold all next week and through next weekend and you knew the change was coming eventually. school yard shout out barry burbank visit st. agatha in milton. school moth theo celebrate christian mothos and excel in education. well behaved kids. >> and they could be getting a snow day maybe tomorrow right? >> it's the best chance so far this year for sure. so check out the website cbs the opioid epidemic is taking lives each and every day and so far there's no perfect solution. >> there's a group staying clean with something that's laced their sneakers and tonight i go in their shoes. >> >> reporter: early on a saturday. >> great day for a run.
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feeds a whipping wind that is not kind to your face or a microphone. still 40 runners come for mike leads them. >> it's always a good day when you are helping yourself and others and that's what the bulldogs are all about. >> reporter: bulldogs running club is fighting drug addition with well next and he iser sighsch the founder with a -- and exercise. the founder was a addict running saved him. >> i was able to find out who i was. i was somebody that went beyond being an addict who was hopeless and helpless and somebody who could become what i call a woreior -- warrior. >> reporter: they are made up of people who are in recovery and people whose lives have been affected by addiction and volunteers and no one knows who
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storieopenats. out there. >> reporter: -- opioids. >> reporter: >> anything that is out there. >> reporter: he cracked rock bottom but now he is clean. >> i was a runner in high school and there was a time when i was not running. >> reporter: not running a polite way to describe will diamond's darkest days. >> addiction for example a big party of it is not being comfortable in your skin. bulldogs is a huge part of believe in myself and comfortable in my skin again and bulldogs all the way. >> weert low runners that's where i want to go through. >> reporter: christian has a close family member fighting addiction and it's been hard on them and on her. but often overlooked is the family member. >> sure. >> reporter: how devastating is it. >> it can be very hopeless at times. it's nice to be in a safe spot where i know people get it and understand you know what it can be like. >> reporter: most of the bulldogs are now training for a
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marathon and for will,. >> boston marathon. >> reporter: he will give it a shot next year. >> i eat live and breath bulldogs. >> reporter: and he has seen heart break and now to see heart break hill. >> one of the guys gave me quote last week years i was running away from the police and myself and now i am running to find myself through running. >> reporter: through running. awesome group and they run every thursday night and every saturday morning if you are interested, go to the website and we have the information and you can be a volunteer who wants to lend some support. >> what a terrific community and all the people you talked to are inspirations in their own right because of what they are saying is you can do this. >> reporter: it's neat thing. >> great story. >> reporter: thank you. coming up around the world in 7 days and tonight a champion is back in new england. >> coming up after the break, the special homecoming for a local woman who made history. and new 569, they blocked rush hour traffic including an
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what a homecoming today for a belmont woman who might be super human. belmont parade celebrated a champion rebecca pizzi ran 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days and she tells us all the support she received and is receiving is truly overwhelming. >> i believed in myself and went for it and very lucky to have everybody behind me and i was able to pull it off. >> you know it's an tunneled -- you know it's opportunity for me to inspire the world and show my daughter you can do anything you put your mind to. >> that's for sure. this was not just an endurance
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she was the woman's winner in all 7 world marathon challenge races and she became the first american woman to complete it congratulations from all of us at wbz. we have much more still ahead. the news at 6 starts now the. >> reporter: live from the channel 4 stewsos in boston channel 4 news at 6 starts right now. >> let's call it weather whiplash. 50s today and flakes tomorrow. a snowstorm shifting its track and promising to give us a messy morning. make no mistake winter is back. >> and we will have to deal with it tomorrow. eric fisher is tracking the storm. what's the latest. >> track moving farther west today. storm a little stronger and that's why the numbers have changed a little bit and the area changed a little bit. we will get to the details. first winter storm warnings in the areas in pink down to northern rhode island and eastern massachusetts
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southern new hampshire and cape and south coast. and the warning areas where the heaviest snowfall is most likely to happen. it's 50s in boston right now. 51 in providence and long sleeve shirt running today and it was too hot. sweaty outside but colder air is off toward the west. a storm system is running the corner and heading towards the east coast and a plume of moisture from the gulf mexico and first showers are moving in across southeastern mass tonight. next few hours run errands no snow or ice temperatures on the mild side and no issues until midnight tonight. once we head past midnight we work in the cold and snow starts to happen especially in central massachusetts first and notice initially temperatures are still pretty warm for snow. well up into the 30s. and as we head into the morning hours, around 5:30, 6, that snow line is moving down across the south shore and clearing through plymouth county and by the time we get towards 8 a.m.
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of 1 to inches per hour can't
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