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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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of 1 to inches per hour can't be ruled out. and because the temperatures everything it's sticking to the trees and power lines and that could be an issue. another thing sids a shovel as you go storm. you don't want to wait for all will be hfy. heading towards late morning the snow line moves across the cape and islands and as we go through the afternoon snow winds down from west to east exiting tomorrow evening. snow totals 4 to 8 inches from eastern connecticut through rhode island and sea coast and worcester and moving north and west of worcester 2 to 4 inches of snowfall as well as cape. a lot of rain will fall before you change over. wind will be there. they are not as strong as the bigger storms but this is enough wind gusting 20 to 40 cause power outages. and that's a concern for tomorrow with the heavy wet snow. if you can work from home, it would be a good idea. we will talk more about the coming up. >> join us tonight at 11, eric
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forecast to help you plan out your morning and tomorrow, emily will join chris and eric and danielle to track the storm. now a lead reg pub can getting -- republican getting personal talking about his family's fight with addiction. democrats prepare to debate, new questions about the iowa caucuses. hillary clinton won by a handful of votes but the des moines register arking that the the results should be examined. bernie sanders decided not to ask for a recount in the end. tonight's sanders and clinton will debate. louisa moller is live with that. louisa. >> reporter: this is big for the students and the candidates. this is the first time bernie sanders and hillary clinton will debate without a lesser known candidate in vermont senator sander's backyard but after a very tight race in iowa.
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opportunity to have like a big. >> reporter: all eyes on the the university of new hampshire thursday night as democratic presidential candidates bernie sanders and hillary clinton gear up for the first head to head debate in the crucial week between iowa and new hampshire. about it. >> reporter: excitement high so is the political rhetoric. >> i feel the bern absolutely. >> reporter: as clinton and sanders fight to determine who the real progressive is. and both aim to prove they are about the issues not political end fighting. >> i am look for someone to lead the people as a whole and bring everybodiy -- everyone together. >> reporter: at stake a group of voters he known to be independent minded. but on campus, it's just about the thrill of the political process. >> you feel like there's something special happening today like it's cool all this is here. >> reporter: so this debate could be very defining and kicks off tonight at 9 and it
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debates by the democratic national committee. we will have all your coverage for now live in durham new hampshire louisa moller wbz news. >> thanks. turning to the republicans donald trump took a break from the town halls to address a manchester new hampshire police at the roll call. >> if you've done a job like no other. you are not recognized properly and you will be recognized properly if i win. >> marco rubio held four town halls today at an appearance in portsmith and tried to woo rand share common ground. paul dropped out yesterday but hasn't endorsed anyone. ted cruz opened up about his family's fight with addiction story live tonight. >> reporter: this is an addiction policy forum and chance for him to show his personal side. fitting it took place inside the baptist church because he spoke about how church and
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turn his life around. >> my father was drunk. >> reporter: -- was drunk. >> reporter: the crowd quiet he's described his father's journey to sobriety. >> my father had not what drink in 40 years. >> reporter: this was the emotional stop between two stomp speeches for cruz different it seemed than the usual politics. he shared his older sister's story of drug addiction. >> she was in a car accident and what back injury and she got addicted to pain kills. >> reporter: a topic that resinates with voters in new hampshire where about 400 people died of overdoses last year alone. >> she died of an overdose. joey her son found her in her bed. coroner ruled it accidental.
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whoa just got the call one day that she was gone. >> reporter: a personal story ted cruz used to transition into his campaign platform of securing the con tray borders and in his words stopping cosh country's borders and in his words-- country's borders and in his records stopping the flow -- his words stopping the flow into his country. wbz news now back to you. >> resinates with a lot of people. thank you. chris christie had a funny moment during a town hall meeting when voter asked if his children are going into politics. >> god i hope not. i hope not. >> carly fiorina is fighting for a spot in the next debate. saturday night's forum will not feature a second stage and fee
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exchute -- fiorina and gilmore are being exchuteed. excluded. jeb bush continues to hit opponents on experience. he told reporters that senators cruz and rubio are gifted and talented people who have no record of accomplishment. you can expect to see new ad supporting bush from his brother the former president. john case sick not criticizing anyone and told voters he will stay positive and focus on his strength which includes balancing the budget. as for ben carson he is not campaigning and he was seen at national prayer breakfast in washington today. coming up tonight, at 11, our exclusive wbzumass poll with a question that no other poll has been asking. and stay with us through pry parry night as we get you closer to the candidates voters and issues that will decide the election. after close to 6 months of vet investigation and test the worcester district attorney
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a auburn toddler died. avalena conway-coxon was found unresponse which have another toddler who survived of the both children showed signs of suffering heat stroke. but the da announced today that her cause of death will stay undetermined. ten protesters who blocked traffic on 93 last year during rush hour pleaded guilty today but the judge rejected the prosecution's request to send them to jail. the 10 protesters blocked traffic in milton and delayed an ambulance with an accident victim. they were sentenced to community service and probation instead. coming up, making the mbta a safer ride. >> a crucial deadline set by congress that they will miss. >> and a monumental change coming to u mass boston. what's special about the new project? >> and here it is this is what we are facing tomorrow. eric is going to be back with the latest on the storm in a few minutes. hard to believe it's 50 degrees right now.
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but will never make it in the real world. the grandmother who has to choose between paying for medicine and paying rent... can't wait. the single mom who desperately needs a raise... can't wait. the student with a mountain of debt can't wait. we can make real progress, right now for people and families who need it. p i'm hillary clinton and i
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kids if you are worrying about tomorrow i am feeling good about tomorrow the timing is not good and they haven't used any. >> get the snow center going. >> people are salivating for a three day weekend if they can pull it off. but it looks like with the sometiming in the cards. you want to check tomorrow morning. >> do your homework. >> yeah. >> thank you mom. >> always a good aidea to do the home -- idea to do the the homework. snowstorm and snowy and sloppy commute. beginning at midnight and starts as rain and changes over and goes through the middle of tomorrow afternoon. 4 to 8 inches for the area. heavy and wet snowfall and that could cause power out annals for us and it's pretty remarkable considering these are the high temperatures in
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the sun broke out for many. it's bun full fledged spring all across at area. but this happened before. and it looks like it will happen again. 50 in boston right now as well as new bed fore. 39 in orange and 37 pittsfield and colder air is encroaching on the area. and we have this straw of rain right now and rain showers moving up across southeastern massachusetts. it will be a wet night but as colder air makes end roads we will see that flip heading through the overnight. timing it out wet and southeastern parts of the state through the evening. and once we hit midnight, the temperatures have been falling into the mid-30s across central massachusetts and you go over to snow quickly. so the change will be happening first as we head towards the morning hours, now at 5 a.m.,that snow line is moving through boston and moving through taunton and providence and it is coming down at a pretty goodclip. temperatures above freezing which means you will have a very cement like snow as they shovel as you go.
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much because it will be heavy. and then heading into the morning, we will look at snow line continuing to track it down through the south shore and down towards the cape by 9 a.m. and as we head towards late morning finally getting through hyannis and chatham and then in the afternoon most of the focus is moving in the southeastern corner of the area. now farther to the west by 2 we are winding down in the worcester region clearing the boston area and the last of the snow is exiting the cape. tomorrow evening heading out and about looks to be in better condition. 4 to 8 inches of heavy wet snow and it will come down into a good clip during the morning drive especially this area of eastern connecticut providence and boston and essex county and up towards the sea coast. 4 to 8 inches including worcester. north and west at 2 to 4 and down towards the cape and island at 2 to 4 inches because a lot of it falls as rain before changing over to wet snow. highest impact is about the morning and midday and things taper off after that. so if you don't have to be on
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if you can work from home. it's probably a good idea. we think might be some school cancellation. wind speeds are gusty not as by as some major storms but because of the heavy wet snow that can cause power outage. be prepared for that possible outcome. temperatures are in the 30s all day tomorrow. then it gets quieter. we are looking at a cold friday night saturday and sunday we are near 40 degrees both days and it's dry both days and it's dry into monday to start next week so a chance to clean things up a little bit. and some melting over the course of the weekend. no issues traveling over the the buddy's house to watch the super bowl on sunday and no problems at all. watch. that will be on tuesday. still highlighting that as the day where a coastal storm is looking likely. still too early for rain snow line totals but could have a impact on the primary so we are keeping a close tab on it. accu-weather seven-day forecast winter is back in charge. so david and paula this has
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but it's not here to stay. >> i spoke too soon we have breaking news. >> really. >> i said tough could your homework not if you are a boston public schoolchild. the breaking news is boston public schools canceled for tomorrow. >> you hear that noise? >> cheering. >> kid at home screaming. >> everywhere. other towns we will see tough stay with us to see what happens from here. >> leats let's go to steve burton live -- let's get to steve burton live from san francisco and last night he wore a big coat. not sot so bad tonight. >> i will -- not so bat tonight. >> i will take that. i am a hour away from the super bowl 50 and people are so excited and you know behind me, so much stuff going on. zip line, turf field. players and fans interacting with each other. the big news here as far as new england fans is tom brady. the nfl confirmed that he will
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ceremonies for the mvp night and kurt warner and we talked to him about how great brady is. >> montana probably until recently was probably my number one just because he was so good at the big moments. but, when you start to transcend things like tom has, 10afc championship games 6 super bowls and playing at this stage in your career the way he is playing i don't know if we've seen anybody accomplish what he accomplished at that post season type level. >> from one mvp to another. tom brady will take part in the pregame ceremony and there's a lot going on here. levan let's go back to you. it's fun here. >> i can imagine how much fun you are having. i tell you let's keep it with the super bowl 50 talk. cam newton has been outspoken about how he feels about the super bowl press conferences. in case you haven't been passenger attention he can't stand them.
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players have to talk to the media and cam left a lasting impression. >> i see you still wear the hospital bracelet on the left hand talk about the meaning of wearing it. >> um, i am sorry if i am bland but i have been asked that question thousands of times. >> why are you wearing sock was sandals? >> why you wearing jeans with shoes? >> why you wearing black sock was sandals. awesome. more super bowl 50 talk and talib is the opposite of newton. he was enjoying the experience and got a chance to meet snoop dogg and what's asked the difference between a bronco and being a patriot and his answer may catch you off guard. >> it's lot similar. i mean i been saying this all week.
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surprised man. people think new england is like a military school and boy school and don't talk and it's not like that. man they have fun over there as well. it's just a tight knit group bill don't mess with you all. he doesn't mess with the media. >> bill doesn't mess with the media and steve will be out there looking for the reports all week long leading up to football 50 and that sunday night at 6:30. right here on wbz. finally, the bruins take on the sabers tonight and the the team is activated goalie off the injured reserve list and sent suban back to providence and quade kuwaited for the first time since covering concussion back on -- suffering a concussion on january 5th with snoop dogg there i felt like we need to say forshizzle. why the mbta says the black smoke pouring out of the train
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now it's new hampshire's turn, and all america is watching to see who we choose in this dangerous time. one man stands above. he's not flashy, not rude... he's steady, he's tested and proven. he's a president, strong and safe again. for america, jeb bush.
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cbs evening news is coming up next at 6:30. >> scott pelly joins us live with a preview. scott good evening. >> paula david good evening. great to be with you in boston. we have heard quite a lot about hillary's problems with top secret information on her private e-mail server but today, we learned from the state department that at least two of the predecessors had done much the same. and we will have that and the rest of the world news all coming up on the cbs evening news in about 10 minutes. >> see you then scott thanks. a scary sight on the commuter rail. thick black smoke pouring out of a train at attleboro station. but a spokesperson blames clogged air filters and says this was smoke but no fire. the t may miss a deadline set by congress to install a safety system. federal rail rode administration says they won't have a safety feature called positive train control on the
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and that's two years after the deadline which the secretary of transportation will have to approvech the government says pos -- approvech the government says it can pre-- approvech the government says it could prevent derail -- approve. the government says it could prevent derailments. >> the exchange is where vendors can sell flowers to retail shops but the building recently sold and the globe reports vendors have been told to move out by the end of the year. u mass boston creating the student housing. the school opened a dorm with 1,000 beds in september of 2018. it will be for freshman and transfer students. get ready because winter is going to rear it's ugly head. >> boston pb lib schools closed. the latest timeline for a -- public schools closed.
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so break news this evening with the snowstorm approaching the city of boston is closing schools for tomorrow. the mayor says that he is putting 500 trucks out to pretreat the roads overnight. >> no pressure eric they called forecast. >> all right yeah. forecast and it never goes wrong in new england. as we head toward tonight the rain moves in first a then flips over to snow after midnight first in central mass and the line moves through boston before daybreak head down the south shore through tomorrow morning and into the cape. late tomorrow morning. so many of us seeing 4 to 8 inches of snow. 2 to 4 north and west of worcester into northern worcester and up toward the manchester area. decent snow totals but the biggest storm and one that has a impact for tomorrow. we are seeing that. >> it's heavy you want to shovel it as it comes down. >> this should be a heavy wet snowfall and that's a tricky part for the forecast it startsas rain and we look at a model and see how much will it
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how much will happen as it hits the ground. temperatures poive freezing. if it was -- temperatures moving into freezing. >> tonight at 11 eric has latest forecast to help you plan out your morning commute. and tomorrow pamela gardner will join chris katherine and danielle to track the storm and how it affects your commute. levan and i were saying growing up if you thought 4 to 8 inches were coming you wouldn't do the homework. >> no out the window and we said we would wake up in the morning and apparently. >> no. >> and horrible realization you look at the crawl and. >> trust me i followed that crawl a lot. >> can i make a gamble. i bet paula did her homework. >> this is cruel joke why was i being my homework but i never had that feeling. >> look we ended up in the same spot. >> yes. >> that's the teak away. >> i am here with these guys.
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>> see you back here for the wbz news at 11.
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