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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  February 5, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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. right now at 4 clp 30 waking up to snow -- 4:30 waking up to snow. flakes have started to fall. this is lexington along route 18. the-- 128. weather team is tracking the norm. >> we have the -- tracking the snow he. >> we have the updated coming. >> exclusive poll numbers the highlights from the democratic debate and the candidate getting the endorsement of governor charlie baker. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning. thanks for being here.
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we have major weather to talk about i am kathryn hauser. >> i am chris mckinnon. snow in some parts let's look at the mass pike. you can see some big flakes falling out that way. the weather team is here tracking the storm. >> let's begin with danielle niles. we are seeing a change over happening. >> that's what we will track all morning. we have got the rain and we start to mix in with some of the big wet flakes. here's a zoomed out look atsatellite and radar. eastern massachusetts is dealing with areas of rain mixing with and changing over as well. so temperatures are in the upper 30s right now in southeastern massachusetts. 37 in brockton and farther north and west you go if you can zoom in on the radar we are talking about rain in southeastern massachusetts but colder air is coming in to the region the north and west of boston 32 in worcester and even though sight hose -- even though sight show rains you saw
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comes harder that's when we see the wet neighbors that mix in. snow and still do from fitchburg along route 2 corridor from weston to bolton and ate loy- along 495. this rain snow line will press hours. that's what we are watching in terms of the rain snow line. we have got wind chill weather advisory and wint storm warnings the areas in pink including boston and worcester a widespread plowable snowstorm. the time frame is the rain changing to snow between now east. we will get 4 to 8 inches for many of us and because of the wet consistency of the snow there may be isolated outage possible where we have over 4 inches. pamela gardner is in studio with us and you have the latest on the teemline good morning. >> -- timeline good morning. >> good morning. we will see the transition from rain to snow.
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parts of metro west. as we continue this morning, 5:30 this morning, that freezing line right over boston with temperatures around freezing and we will slowly see the freezing line push southeastward reaching the came cod canal by 8:30 in the morning. still dealing with some rain on the cape with heavy snow from boston to bedford even up to manchester. 11 a.m., the snow continues to pile on. low visibility at times with pockets of heavier snow and snow continues to push to the south and east. reaching the outer portions of the cape in a brief period of wet heavy snow from the vineyard to nantucket. after 2 p.m., the snow tapers off from west to east and for that evening commute, it will be much better and nothing falling from the sky at that point in time and we are dry but very icy overnight tonight as things freeze over. 48 inches of -- 4 to 8 inch in boston of the outside 495 to worcester hills 2 to 4 inches and lesser amounts on the cape and islands because we expect
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chris and kathryn. >> thanks very much appreciate it. we want to look live at conditions in lexington. you are looking along 128. you can see the change over happening in lexington as well this morning. >> we have been talking about team coverage. we have crews in boston and natick chantee lans is live and nicole jacobs is live along the mass pike. you seen the change over happen. >> reporter: absolutely. change over happened about 5 or 10 minutes ago. it feels a little bit like rain but you can see it's snow. we will look live here at mass pike and we haven't seen much of a impact in terms of drivers and computers -- commuters he. they are going at -- commuters. they are going at pretty good clip but there's roughly 1200 crews on the ready, ready to go as soon as the winter weather hits. we know they have been chemically treating the roads in preparation for what is to
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is expected to happen around the morning commute. so they are gearing up for that. i can tell you mass state police will lower the speed limit here on the mass pike when inclement weather happens to about 45 miles per hour. it's unclear if they have done that or if they he plan to do that but certainly we are here when ever anything changes here this morning. we will certainly bring you the latest. but for now, that's the latest from natick. nicole jacobs wbz. >> a wet morning, a lot of rain coming down and as she mentioned it turned over to snow. kids in boston will get an extra long boston. >> schools are closed in boston because of the snow. we are talking about the buses hitting the roads. let's check in with chantee lans. >> reporter: good morning. so far just winds and light rain at copley square.
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later because they won't be in school. now mayor marty walsh canceled schools for today. this is all in preparation for the upcoming winter storm. the mayor says he doesn't want to take any chances. the public works department will have 500 trucks pretreating theroads. the city says 40,000 tons of salt are on stand by. after school activities are scanseled. students are relieved. >> i am really excited because i have been going to school all day waking up at like 6 in the morning. >> i hope i don't have to go to work. >> reporter: and parents won't be as lucky. they are expected to be commuting during the storm. reporting leave in copley square, chantee lans, wbz news this morning. >> thank you. and remember as this rain turns over to snow stay updated throughout the storm with cbs boston weather app available in the apple and android stores.
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old woman rescued from a house fire in weston. fire officials say she was in a locked bedroom on the second floor of the home. and that's where the fire started. firefighters had to force their way into the bedroom to get her out. she was taken to the hospital where she is in stable condition. two others got out of the house safely. part of a dorchester neighborhood taped off as police investigate an overnight stabbing there. the call came in just before 1a.m. one man was rushed to the hospital with life threat hening injuries. boston police investigating a deadly shooting in rox beery. officers were called to 55 brookslin street before 6 yesterday for reports of a person shot. they found a man believed to be in his 20s suffering from a gunshot wound pronounced dead at the hospital. anyone with information is urged to call police. four days until the new hampshire primary and this morning we have exclusive poll numbers in the race for president.
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look at the wbzumass amherst poll. >> reporter: it's been a crazy year and our poll shows it could get crazier with a third of democrats and half of republicans saying they might still change their minds before next tuesday. let's start with the gop where donald trump is holding onto a substantial lead with 33%. 19 point margin over marco rubio with 14 and ohio governor kasich with 10%. right on their heels. senator ted cruz with 9%. former florida governor bush and. >> jersey christie trailing with 6 and 5 respectively. dr. ben carson and carly fiorina each have 3%. now, for the democrats. senator sanders has a 24 point lead over former secretary of state hillary clinton. 57-33%. these results are consistent with what other polls have been showing in the last few days
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who say they still have an open mind meses those -- means those rankings could change. we will get you closer to what new hampshire voters are saying they like and dislike about candidates and what issues are top of mind for them and we will point you toward the keys to understanding where this unpredictable election is headed next when whoa dig deeper in the details of the poll. i am jon keller at large wbz this morning. a big boost for republican chris christie this morning. wbz has learned that massachusetts governor charlie baker will be endorsing the new jersey governor. each democratic candidateurging the other to stay above personal attacks but that doesn't mean the debate lacked fireworks. >> i am very proud tonight only candidate up here who does not have a super pact. >> i think it's time to enter the very artful smear you and your campaign have been carrying out.
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which is best positioned to act as an independent voice away from the lobbyist and special interests groups that populate washington and they addressed income equality and health care and foreign policy. >> i said we won't send combat troops to syria and iraq but we have special forces and we do have trainers. >> i think our great task is to make certain that our young men and women in the military who cannot get sucked in to never ending perpet yowl warfare in iraq. >> stay with wbz for coverage beyond. we get you closer to the decide the election. coming up on wbz this business. >> plus less people are rung on dunkin. what the coffee chain blames for slumping sales. >> and steve burton is flying
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he tried out the zip line and is sharing big news about tom brady. >> let's look live outside at the conditions. you can see the snow rain line is marching. this is the mass pike in natick and we will have update on the track of the storm with pamela
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. it is 4:44. debating calling out sick on monday after the super bowl. rethink that. >> and an update on the tax trouble with the irs jill wagner joins us live from the stock exchange with the money good morning jill. >> reporter: good morning. the irs is back in business. the agency says it resumed processing tax returns last night after a computer issue caused a system outage on wednesday. the irs says taxpayers should see little if any impact on tax returns or refunds. all day breakfast at mcdonald's could eat into dunkin donuts bottom line they reported a drop in sales in the past quarter amid more competition. they lost customers when franchises raised prices to offset rising minimum wages.
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calling in sick the day after the super bowl, your boss could be onto you. an office team survey found 3 in 10 managers think workers call in sick or make an excuse to skip work after a big sporting event like the super bowl and 4 in 10 workers say they have done there or snow someone who has. so chris we are expecting you at work on monday. >> wow. >> calling me out early jill. you know i will be working the well. >> so. >> he is working extra. >> i will be here. >> he wants you to know he will be in monday. monday morning. >> perfect. chris. >> all good. >> i assumed he was a bigger i don't know. >> it's all good. >> thanks very much jill. we need to talk about the weather this morning. that's really the big story. the timing of this cannot be worse right in the middle of the commute. >> that is live look at 128 in lexington this morning and you were saying the timing and
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that we will see. >> i am wondering because there was so much rain beforehand if it's going to take a while for the flakes to stick danielle. >> you make a good point which is you saw the road and flakes were coming down and it's more wet than white and that's the case for the next couple hours until the snow starts to come down harder then the conditions on the roads are going to deteriorate as we head between now and let's say mid-morning in the heart of the morning rush hour. doppler radar shows rain and snow. we are tracking the rain snow line and temperatures ares 37 in boston. 32 in worcester. there is some colder air in our -- and our temperatures will continue to drop by a few more degrees between now and mid- morning for most of us. light snow falling in worcester. same back up to fitchburg. blue represents snow green the rain. however, when you get into eastern massachusetts there have been some wet snowflakes mixing in. more like flurries light consistency in southern new hampshire. but where you get the deeper
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and 128 the rain and wet snowflakes but it's not accumulating on the road yesterdaye yet. 39 in plymouth and areas of rain all the way back down to the cape and islands. we are thankful for the weather watchers every day but especially on storm days. pamela gardner is standing by and we have had several reports from people up this morning pamela. >> yes we have. some reports in there are extremely he helpful because weil we can go ground tooth on what you are experiencing. 35 according to brian in shirley and so far no this time. that's key information but once we get the colder air to move in than we will see more of the transition and that snow will continue to pile up. south here. john in hanover has 37 degrees with rain. .14 inch of rain since midnight. and that rain will change over to some snow for you too john. we will keep you posted on the weather watcher reports and that change over.
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on the timing. >> that changeover you talked about happens from west to east later this morning. let's go through the timeline hour by hour. between now and 6 and 7 the temperatures drop so the rain snow line moves south and east as colder air works in and precipitation comes down harder. mid to late morning that occurs down near the cape cod canal. it takes longest for outer cape probably not until late morning or midday. and notice that, temperatures right around freezing at that point. so conditions on the roads will deteriorate. anything that's untreated will be slick and the snow will taper off gradually from west to east. we have slowed down the timing ever so slightly through early afternoon and we will linger longest with left over light snow on outer cape until early evening. clearing comes in after that and problems overnight tonight is icy on anything untreated because we dropped back into the teens and 20s. so no change in terms of our thinking of snowfall accumulations when you get to
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chatham to nantucket. 2 to 4 near the canal and a ramp up a sloppy 4to 8 inches of wet heavy snow. there may be outages that result and the northern worcester hills through southern new hampshire the amounts taper off after that. tonight, teens and 20s. and so anything untreated will be slick and then the weekend no change. looks beautiful. near 40 tomorrow with sun and clouds and 42 on sunday. and a nice winter day and the next storm to watch is for the beginning of next week. we may get grazed on monday and tuesday a chance of snow will still be in the 30s through the middle part of the week guys back to you. >> thanks very much for the update this morning. super bowl 50 is almost here and it appears tom brady will be at the big game in his hometown. >> steve burton has details from super bowl city in san francisco. >> good morning. big news in san francisco the big patriots news is tom brady will attend super bowl 50nfl confirmed that.
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pregame ceremonies honoring past super bowl mvps and speaking of san francisco and super bowl city, well, san francisco is becoming that. i got to test out zip line and let me tell you this thing flies. for anyone worried about what kind of reception brady gets on super bowl sunday, the fans know he grew up in the bay area and love him. >> go patriots tom brady we love you. 49ers fans tom brady. go patriots. >> reporter: that's a story here and super bowl city in san francisco. what a place. guys back to you. >> go patriots. i like it. wbz is proud to be your super bowl station. we will have live reports from california up to the big game. broncos and panthers sunday night 6:30 here on wbz. >> the forecast looks awesome and you may be able to go out and fire up the grill for real burgers. >> look at you. >> i am thinking 42.
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ahead possible norovirusout break -- outbreak at several boston schools. >> two police officers in new york sit they shot in the line of dutiy. >> -- duty. >> two new case of the the zika virus and the victims were not bitten by mosquitoes. we are dealing with snow. this is the mass pike in natick. danielle niles and pamela gardner is up next with the
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4:53 eye on the storm coverage for you. you are looking at mobile 4 as it moves through newton. road are wet and we are hearing the rain is beginning to turn over to snow. even as you make your way toward the city. danielle and pam will are track -- pamela are tracking the storm and will have the latest numbers. boston public schools are close because of the storm and that's good for crews cleaning several schools. boston health commission was notified after 50 students and staff at three schools got sick with some stomach illness. health officials are investigating whether this could be the norovirus. new details in the mysterious death of a 3-year- old in roxbury. kani whyte was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries and died two days later. his cousin kevon young who sought boy with the family is convinced it was no accident. >> something happened in the apartment. his head was enormous like it
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like i could tell somebody had beaten him you know. >> investigators are waiting for autopsy results to reveal the official cause of death. developing new news now two new york city police office are recovering after being shot patrolling a housing projects in the bronx. one officer was shot in the face and the other in the stomach. the gunman was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in one of the apartments. a second person is in custody. new this morning, two people in brazil contracted the zika virus through blood transfusions. experts warn that that was possible along with sexual transmission. but the greatest threat remains mosquitoes. in florida mosquitoes control officers are on alertch the warm climate allows them to breed year-round. a win-win the state ending boston's battle over the wynn casino project. they approved the deal between the city and las vegas casino giant. under the agreement boston
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will pay the city an extra 400,000 dollars totaling 2 million in compensation each year. lawsuits from somerville and revere are pending. up next animal -- the animal geek police a run for their money. >> here are live pictures of 128 in lexington. see the rain changing over to snow that will cause problems for the morning commute. we will check in with danielle
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running afoul of the law in natick police posted this video of a turkey climbing all over a cruiser. this is not the turkey's first run in with police. earlier the bird chased after the cruiser as it pulled out of the parking lot. they have turkey trouble going on in natick i don't know. >> those turkeys they can be scary. >> they can. >> they will chase you around. >> they are fixated on stuff. >> watch out for the turkeys in natick. the snow the top stories weather and traffic all straight ahead on wbz this morning. >> the news at 5 starts right now. >> right now at 5 we are tracking the storm that rain snow line and the updated hour by hour timeline with accumulation. >> rain and snow making a mess of the morning commute. this is a live look at mass pike in natick. live reports from across the area. >> getting you closer to the new hampshire primary exclusive
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from the latest democratic debate.
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