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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  February 5, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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from the latest democratic debate. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning to you it's 5:00 on the dot. i am chris mckinnon. >> i am kathryn hauser. we appreciate you being here on this friday february 5th. get ready for a messy commute. you can see the flakes are falling in lexington off 128. conditions changing dramatically in the last 45 minutes. let's get the latest right now danielle niles is tracking theforce. we have team coverage with danielle and pamela. >> you are right. we will track that rain snow line as it continues to press eachward-- eastward and you saw on the roads they are wet but those roadways will deteriorate really across southern new england. so let's zoom in a little bit. temperatures in the middle 30ssomewhere north of worcester
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and that rain snow line has been coming inside 128 now so you get near andover up 93 and we have been mixing with wet snow neighbors back into the merrimack valley. in boston 37 at logan airport and get just west of town inside 128 we are seeing some of the wet snowflakes mixed in and it happens when the precipitation starts to come down harder. we are seeing some of the rain transition over to snow. back down near franklin seeing some of the snow mix in as well. that will continue to press south and east from brockton back up to quincy over the next let's say hour and 20 minutes or so. north and west of that, it's all snow and coming down lighta at light clip and rain in southeastern massachusetts. so that rain snow line will continue to work south and east and winter weather advisories and winter storm warnings that are up until 3 p.m. this afternoon. the winter storm warning does providence. it's widespread plowable commute. rain changing to snow between
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widespread 4 to 8 inches for many of us and because of the consistency of the snow heavy and wet, there may be isolated outages that result in the heaviest areas of 5,6, 7-inch. pamela is standing by and we will watch the rain snow line closely. >> we are and we will see that snow pile up. it will continue to pile up for the next several hours through the afternoon. here's the hour by hour 5 a.m.starting you off. freeing line over boston. -- freezing line over boston and more snow from fitchburg and bedford in boston 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. the freezing line pushes as far south and east as the cape cod canal by 9 a.m. heavy abe ex-- rain expected with a rain snow mix on the outer cape and islands. we expect lesser totals there. so the snow continues in boston and taunton and plymouth through the afternoon but slowly tapers off from west to east late this afternoon. that evening commute should be
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few lingering flurries not out of the question on the cape and islands from 5 to 7 p.m. all clear overnight and watch out for icy patches as we get into your weekend forecast. snow today 4 to 8 inches in boston and inside 495 outside 495, 2 to 4 inch rain. lesser amounts because of the rain and temperatures above the freezing mark for a long period of time on the cape and islands. and we wouldn't be surprised if we did see a couple locations getting 8 inches or more. we will keep track of the latest updates coming up for now traffic and weather together. >> i feel compelled to say halfy weather person's day and it's snowing we have a couple important traffic reminders. mass d.o.t. says hov lane on 93 will not be opened to vehicles this morning right now there are more than state roads. they say the road temperatures
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very wet and that's the case on the mass pike looking live at alwayston look at that you can see the sheen on the road looking at the it. so be sure to use caution if you have to go in and drive in the rain or snow to work today. >> susie thanks very much. on this storm. >> we will check the conditions for you across the area. chantee lans is live and nicole jacobs is live. let's begin with nicole and conditions changing in the last half-hour or so nicole. >> reporter: absolutely kathryn. we are seeing the steady snowthat feels wet as danielle snow. if you look here along the mass pike you can see it's not the point. we do know according to mass d.o.t. there are d. massdot this are
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to go to treat the-- massdot this their are 1169 pieces of equipment ready to go to treat the roads. you can see the closer look at the preparation. salt yard there where they are loading up the trucks ready to head out and hit the roads to treat them. i can tell you that in the past we have seen massachusetts state police lower the speed limit to the mass picas the morning commute picks up and we know that the snow today is happening right at that amount of -- right at that time. so certainly it might be a tricky commute there. taking yet another live look you can see the cars really going for it here this morning. i would imagine that will change as the snow picks up as well. but that's the latest from natick nicole jacobs wbz this morning. >> thank you very much. and our team coverage continues for you this morning with a look in boston. >> that's where we find chantee lans what are the conditions
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>> reporter: good morning chris and kathryn. wind is picking up a little bit. it's raining harder on copley square. you may see children out here later. that's because they won't be in school. this all happening after mayor marty walsh announced that schools will be canceled today. this is all in preparation for the upcoming week of stormsch the mayor doesn't want to take chances. public works will have 500 trucks pretreating roads in the city by 6 a.m. the city says 40,000 tons of salt are on stand by. after school activities are canceled. students we spoke to say they are relieve. >> i am really excited because i been going to school all day waking up at 6 in the morning. >> i just hope i don't have to go to work. >> reporter: now parents won't be as lucky. they will be commuting when the storm will be expected to be
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reporting live in copley chantee lans. >> stay updated with the the cbs boston weather app available in the apple and android stores. fire shooting up from the manhole fire. fire crews are at the scene. an 84-year-old woman rescued from a house fire in weston. fire officials say she was in a locked bedroom on the second floor. that's where the fire started. firefighters had to force their way into the bedroom to get her out. the woman was taken to the condition right now. two others got out of the house safely. and we are four days away from new hampshire primary. this morning we have exclusive president. jon keller looks at the number in the wbzumass amherst poll. >> reporter: it's been a crazy year and our poll shows it could get crazier with a third of democrats and half
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still change their minds before next tuesday. let's start with the gop where donald trump is holding onto a substantial lead with 33% a19 point narnlgin -- margin over rubio and case wick 10%. on the heels. ted cruz with 9% former florida governor jeb bush and new jersey governor chris christie trailing with 6 and 5 respectively. dr. ben carson and carly fiorina have 3%. now, for the democrats. senator bernie sanders has a 24 point lead over former secretary of state hillary clinton. 57 to 33%. these results are consistent with what other polls have been showing in the last few days. but the large number of voteers who say they still have an open mind meses those rankings could change. -- means those rankings could change. starting at 5 we will get you closer to what new hampshire
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what issues are top of mind and we will point you towards the keys to understanding where theunpredictable election is headed next when we dig deeper into the exclusive wbz umass amherst poll. jon keller at large wbz. a big boost for chris christie. wbz learned that massachusetts governor baker will be endorsing the new jersey governor. each democratic candidate for president urging the other to stay above personal attacks. but that doesn't mean last night's debate lacked fireworks. >> i am very proud to be the only candidate up here who does not have a super pact. >> so i think it's time to end the very artful smear that you and your campaign have been carrying out. >> a lot of debate focus odd. ed on which is set to act as a
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they addressed i come equality health care and foreign policy. >> i said we won't send american combat troops to syria and iraq. that's off the table but we have special forces and trainers. >> i think our great task is to make certain that our young men and women in the military who cannot get sucked in to never ending perpetual warfare between the quagmire of syria and iraq. >> clinton and sanders agreed to 4 for debates. new details in the mysterious death of a 3-year- old. kani whyte was rushed to the hospital as a trauma victim and died two days later his cousin who saw the boy with family is convinced it was not a accident. >> something happened in the apartment. his head was enormous and i could tell someone has beaten him you know. >> investigators are still waiting for autopsy results to
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new this morning, part of a dorchester neighborhood taped off as police investigate a overnight stabbingch the call came in before 1 on vasser street. one man was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. boston police investigating a deadly shooting in roxbury. officers found a man believed to be in his 20s suffering from a gunshot wound on brookledge steed. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. if you have information, call police. coming up, the latest on the zika outbreak. >> the warning from brazil about how it can be spread. >> plus developing news out of new york city. two police officers shot on the job. right now. >> getting the update he says 148 school closings so far. the number will continue to climb. but for those who have to head out snow transitioning to areas of rain in southeastern over. temperatures will be in the the low to mid-30s as you look live at lexington where the the
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in. roads are all right right now but will deteriorate. we have updated forecast and
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that's banking reimagined.
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friday morning. look outside, this is natick. mass pike you can see the snow is falling and it's definitely moving our way. >> and it is sticking too. you can see the ground looks more white now. changing minute by minute here. let's check the forecast. danielle you have been a busy woman this morning. >> the conditions you are going to -- are going to deteriorate. it will come down hard enough and the conditions will go downhill on the roads. here's live radar we have been tracking the rain snow line. temperatures 32 in worcester. 37 in boston. and we have 35 to the lower 40s in the the cape where colder air will take longer zooming into the rain snow line right now. coming over the station. in through fenway park. boston logan airport will see some wet snowflakes mix in. but it's now into alwayston and brighton and extends up along 93.
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in in southern now ham sheer from chester to derry and nashua. more rain drops the closer you get to the coast. wet flakes will mix in and when the the precipitation comes down harder we are seeing the flip over from natick to lexing on and -- lexington and now south and east of boston. so where you see some of the deeper oranges and reds we are seeing some wet snowflakes mixed in too. brockton stretching east on the south side of scituate and mainly rain over southeastern massachusetts including the cape. but that rain snow line watch what happens presses south over the next our and can be hour and a half -- hour and a half and takes a little longer on the mid and outer cape to late morning to change over and continues to snow right on through the early afternoon. so we have slowed down the timing ever so slightly until about 2:00 we wrap up the snow in worcester and at 3 in the boston takes a little bit longer in the cape until about 5:30 or is 6. but intensity will taper off and clearing
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so things will freeze up heading into overnight tonight. no change in the snow accumulation map. 4 to 8 inches a wet pasty snow. more like 2 to 4 where it takes longer to make the change. so cape and islands maybe more like a coating to 2 on nantucket and northern worcester hills the amounts will taper off the farther north and west you go. so there will be impacts and pamela gardner is standing by with more on that. hi. >> hi. it's the timing of this that's making it a higher impact event. this morning because it's hitting during the morning commute, the snow accumulation impact event. wind at the coastline not as bad as the last storm that pushed through. but the wind will make an issue for us damaging winds outages because of that wet and heavy snowfall on the power lines and on the trees as we get that transition from rain to snow later on. wind gust projection 10 to 20 miles per hour in boston and inland. but right along the coastline
5:18 am
miles per hour at times coming from the north here. so that's how we can expect some of the power outages out there. danielle back to you because temperatures are a big issue too. >> they are a big issue. because the colder air continues to come in tonight. anything untreated will be slick. overnight lows teens and 20s. the weekend still looks good as the storm departs and high pressure will build in this weekend. sun and a few clouds up around 40. and a little weak cold front on sunday doesn't mean a whole lot for us. maybe a few building clouds and we turn our attention to the next storm and you will see it in the 7-day. watching the time frame of later monday on into tuesday and we could be grazed by a storm with periods of significant snow on tuesday and then still on the 30s through the middle part of the week. one storm at a tight and -- time and for now a school visit. barry what blast with 180, 3, 4 and 5th graders from the school in wednesdayy massachusetts there. school mascot the bears. and they are proud to be peace
5:19 am
he had a blast. >> reporter: what a crowd. we cannot say it enough road are wet and slippery. you will hear that all morning and we are seeing accidents like this one on expressway northbound right before columbia road. there is also a vehicle spun out in sharon on 95 north by the route 1 exit and slow traffic on 24 north between harrison boulevard and 128. over to you. >> thanks for the update. developing news now, two new york city police officers are recovering after being shot while patrolling a housing project in the bronx. one officer was shot in the face and another in the abdomen. the gunman was found dead in a apartment with a self-inflicted gunshot wound and second person is in custody. investigators believe a bomb blew a hole in the side of somali jet moments after take off. sources tell cnn that they found what appears to be explosive residue on the plane. no one is claiming
5:20 am
confirms one man who may plane is missing. two people in brazil contracted zika through blood transfusions. experts warned it was possible along with sexual transmission but the greatest threat is mosquitoes. in florida mosquito control officials are on alarm. warm humid climate allows mosquitoes to breed year-round. a guilty plea from 10 protesters who blocked traffic year. you may remember this. they entered the pleas yesterday but the judge rejected the prosecution's ask shall request to send them to -- request to send them to jail. protesters blocked traffic and delayed an ambulance with an accident victim. they were sented to community service and probation. up next a closer to super bowl 50. >> steve burton is in san francisco with more on whether or not tom brady will make an appearance. >> let's get a live look outside in lexington. you can see it's snowing. we are tracking the changes.
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>> traffic and weather together.
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of course there's excitement building for super bowl 50 this sunday. >> the best days ever. tom brady will be there steve burton is in santa clara with morning sports. francisco. the big patriots news out of san francisco tom brady the nfl confirmed that he will indeed attend super bowl 50. he will take part in a pregame ceremonies honoring the past super bowl mvp he won the award three times. super bowl 36, 38 and 49. people wondered if he would skip the event because the strife the league caused him and i spoke to james brown about brady's decision and he
5:24 am
>> what an excellent move because he represents the best in the national football league. look, he is the reigning elite quarterback in the national football league i us a said patriots in an era designed for parody is the dynasty to. have him here speaks volumes and a lot of it speaks to the relationship and respect for manning as well. they have been sensational for career and provided the drama for us. >> one of the brady's best friends won the mvp in super bowl 39 and will be there too. that's the story here in super bowl city. steve burton now back to you. >> and wbz is your home for super bowl 50. we will have live reports from california right up until the big game and then sunday night see the broncos and panthers battle it out right here on wbz at 6:30. a belmont woman welcomed home in grand fashion after
5:25 am
feat. >> there she is becca p pizzi who ran 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days and tells us that the support she received is overwhelming. she was the woman's winner in all 7 of the races. she is the first american woman to complete the world marathon challenge. >> wow. >> she got quite the homecoming too. >> she deserves it. >> yeah and that's great. >>ate love people showed up. >> can you imagine. >> no. >> logistics of flying from flying from continent and to -- to continent and running a marathon. >> we need wa prewade for running 3 miles. team coverage of the storm continues. >> we will check in with crews across the area and get you ready to head out with a look at the road. s -- roads. >> we are track the rain snow line. snow continues throughout afternoon and taper off after that as clearing comes in later this evening. hour by hour timeline and, of
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in detail next. stay with us. what would you do with five minutes to kill, and a smart phone? check the scores. probably post a pic. text a friend. how about register to vote? really? you can. five minutes online and a massachusetts drivers license is all it takes to register so you can vote for our next president. go to it's that easy. done. i just registered. that was easy.
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right now at 5:30 tracking the rain snow line as it makes southeastward progress. when the back edge comes through and how much to expect. >> we have live reports from across the area. >> plus getting a close -- closer to new hampshire primary. exclusive poll numbers and highlights from the democratic debate. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. good morning. it's 5:30 right now. great to have you with us on this snowy friday. i am kathryn hauser. >> i am chris mckinnon # february 5 and we are talking about snow and the workweek. let's look live outside at 128 in lexington. things are getting bad out there. >> i know you can see the snow is sticking to the ground. that's one of the most significant changes we have seen so far. we have team coverage for you. the weather center has been busy let's get to it. >> the whole team is here. we are watching that rain snow
5:28 am
you saw the snow accumulating on grassy surfaces. roads are fine just now because temperatures have been above the freezing mark. zooming into the rain snow line pressing in to the city of boston now where the temperature has been dropping all morning long so we are down to 36 degrees at logan airport. running in the lower 30s now when you get south of town too. 33 in brockton wet flakes are mixing in that rain snow mix will press south and west. canton sharon and norwood and snow. some deeper blues too on the northwest side of worcester is where the snow is coming down in a moderate clip from paxton and then in through southern southeastern massachusetts. we will make that transition though and pamela gardner is standing by with a closer look at where we go from here in terms of the timeline. >> you will start to see the
5:29 am
southeast with the rain snow line. 5:30 this morning we continue to 6:30 and the freezing line right there, starts to push towards the cape and islands. keep in mind we will get more of that wet rain and snow mix with that heavy snowflake accumulation in hyannis and that's not going to be until later. that will affect your snow total. for us fitchburg and taunton we see the snow accumulating throughout the morning into the afternoon. here's 11:30, past the lunch hour by 2 p.m. dealing with light snow. most of the accumulation is over except for on the cape and islands. we will see light accumulation and some compaction because the snow is going to be so wet and so pasty. all the snow moves out by the evening commute except for outer cape and islands where we expect snowflakes to linger's tad longer. 4 to 8 in boston and inside 495, 2 to 4 inch range right along the south coast cape and islands due to the rain.
5:30 am
into the worcester hills and wouldn't be surprised if we had isolated spots getting 8 inches or more in this area here. traffic and weather together now susie. >> reporter: thanks 8 inches we have avoided total like that so far. i am not excited to see that. so far it looks like people are staying off the roads. let's look at things at this time in the morning conditions are not great if you have to be driving to work. that accident in dorchester on the expressway north is causing problem. it's stop and go from columbia to freeport. we have a lot more cars coming out this morning. >> thanks very much susie appreciate it. the storm hitting at the worst time the morning commute. we have live team coverage from across the area. >> timing is everything. so we start in natick nicole jacobs is live along the mass pike. what are conditions like there. >> reporter: well it's been snowing now for a little over an hour and certainly we are starting to see a little bit of accumulation here on the grass and rail here.
5:31 am
indication of how cold it is getting. i can tell you massdot says the roadways are still above freezing. so we are not seeing much of an impact on the the roads. you can see certainly traffic moving just fine. we foe there are over 1100 crews on the ready out there on the roads ready to go when the peak of the storm hits which of course as we have been saying is right in the miel of rush hour -- middle of rush hour. the fast pace going on the mass pike is likely to slow down quite a bit as the conditions worsen throughout the morning. of course we know massdot lowers the speat limit as things worsen but we will monitor it here in natick. for now back to you. >> thanks very much. kids in boston getting an extra many schools closed. scrolling at the bottom of the screen because of the snow as nicole was showing you.
5:32 am
in copley. -- lans is live in copley. >> reporter: it's nose snowing right now. you may see children out here school. this happening after the mayorcanceled school for today. this is all in preparation for now. the mayor says he doesn't want to take chances. public works department will have 500 trucks pretreating roads in the city by 6 a.m. the sit they says 40,000 tons of salt are on stand by. after school activities today are also canceled. parents are not so lucky as their children because they will be out commuting in the weather. for now reporting live in boston, chantee lans wbz news this morning. chris and kathryn. >> thanks very much. time to check other top stories. democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders faced off last night. >> sanders continued a main theme of the campaign big business wall street and corporate interests are
5:33 am
of the democratic process. clinton stressed her record and said she never changed a vote because of a campaign donation. >> and a big boost for republican chris christie. this morning wbz learned that massachusetts governor charlie baker will be endorsing the new jersey governor. >> thanks for being with us. team coverage continues of the storm. >> we will check in with the crews across the area and check the roads and, of course, the all important forecast as that snow keeps coming down. >> reporter: this is jon keller what is the white stuff falling outside? it's snow. and i've got crucial tips for
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it is a messy commute on this troy morning and jon keller wants to make sure you get to work in a safe and timely manner. >> we all do right so he put together a check list of things to do before you hit the road. >> reporter: good morning. wait, what is that stuff outside your window? why it's snow. small ice particles known to fall from the sky during winter in new england and sometimes during fall and spring as well. we have not seen much snow this season and we had more than our fill last winter let's face it, memories are short. and there may be some of you new to the garden of eden unfamiliar with snowstorms. so, here's a quick reminder of what snow does and how to deal with it. first if you plan to drive to work this morning leave extra time for several reasons. you must thoroughly remove all
5:37 am
you take it on the road. not just a grapefruit sized hole in the windshield to pier through. failure to do so is against the law and will earn you the utter contempt of other drivers. especially the ones who get the snow on your roof deposited on their car when you hit the brakes. then, there's the driving itself which will be slow going. snow is wet and wet roads are slippery roads. trust me on this. if you are planning on taking the t you might also encounter delays. see the mbta has been designed and maintained to run smoothly in all weather conditions. that might occur in san diego. new england weather not so much. and a final tip. when you shovel, lift with your knees not your arms or back and get it cleared away fast before it freezes. and don't think you can leave it for spring to take care of. there's no telling when that may arrive.
5:38 am or via twitter at keller at large. >> call this one another win- wynn state ending the battle over the wynn project. they approved a deal between the city and the las vegas casino giant. under the agreement boston dropped the lawsuit and wynn will pay an extra 400,000 dollars totaling 2 million in compensation each year. lawsuits from somerville and revere are pending. rhode island says fantasy sports sites are legal under state law. the attorney general reviewed the rules of the sites like fandueel and draftkings found there's enough chance and skill and other states determined the online games to be illegal. it's 5:41 and it's snowing outside. here's a live look in natick along the mass pike. >> a messy morning. stay with us. you are watching wbz this
5:39 am
from postal workers to nurses... he's been endorsed for real change: bernie sanders. endorsed by friends of the earth action as "a bold, fearless voice for the planet." the nation endorses bernie saying, "you can trust sanders because he doesn't owe his political career to the financial overlords." the nashua telegraph declares: "he's not beholden to wall street money." the valley news says, "sanders has been genuinely outraged about the treatment of ordinary americans for as long as we can remember." i'm bernie sanders
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5:44 on your friday morning and snow is falling outsidep this is 128 in electrickington. >> we have -- lexington. >> we have to get a check of the forecast with danielle niles. it's interesting seeing the radar danielle because you can
5:41 am
>> yeah we have been watching the rain snow line all morning and it's pressing south and east now. so we have just seen a report that came in from the national weather service based in taunton and they made the changeover and it's all snow and sticking on grassy surfaces and colder surfaces like windshield of cars. temperatures at 39 on the east side of taughton at taughton the colder air is coming so the rain snow line will continue to press south and east here so bridgewater and plymouth is next. precipitation comes down harder, too, we are getting wet snowflakes that mix in and that may be the case east of there as well. snowflakes coming downright here at wbz studios and some of the deeper blues indicate where the snow is coming down at a steadier calypso have an e-mail from mark that said an inch of snow on ground and we are talking about sterling to clinton back up near boxboro and that's where we have the moderate burst of snowch
5:42 am
anticipating conditions to deteriorate on the roads over the next several hours as that band shifts east and that rain snow line continues to transition through mid to late morning on the cape. we have had reports all morning coming in and pamela gardner is standing by with the weather watcher reports. we are always thankful for these. >> they are valuable especially when we are dealing with the rain to snow transition. brian in belmont new hampshire reporting 32 degrees snow picked up in intensity quickly since it started and now a coating is on the ground. but heading to the south and east here, we are experiencing more rain according to denise in plymouth and it's a wind driven rain. but soon denise you will see that freezing line head your way seeing the transition from rain to snow. for more on the timing of that transition we go back to danielle. >> that rain snow line you mentioned coming into plymouth in the next hour or so. you are seeing the wet flakes mix in southeastern mass by 8 a.m. the rain snow line by thecape
5:43 am
in the upper cape and then transitioning last from nantucket it may take until midday until early afternoon. snow continues on through the early afternoon. so deeper blues burst of moderate and at times heavy snow as much as an inch per hour at times and the clearing comes in snow as in worcester around 2 gib or take. 3 in the city of boston and then farther south of east and intensity tapers off. snowfall total accumulation 4 to 8 inches and big swath from mass. 2 to 4 taking longer to make the transition over the cape and islands like a coating to two on nantucket and well north and west of the boston. well outside 495 and that's where amounts will taper off from 2 to 4 and coating to two.
5:44 am
teens and 20s. anything untreated will be slippery as we head into the morning hours tomorrow. keep that in . but we will get -- in mind. but we will get melting. upper 30s tomorrow a nice sunday. highs will top out a little afternoon. accu-weather seven-day, the into tuesday. we may get grazed by a storm on monday and periods of snow on tuesday. should be out of here by the middle part of the week. temperatures will be chilly running in the lower to middle 30s. traffic and weather together susie how is it looking. >> reporter: oh getting busier by the minute. massdot saying hov lane on 93 will not be opened to vehicles this morning. right now there are more than 1100 snow crews treating state roads and road temperatures are still above freezing but very slick out there. two lanes are blocked by the accident on the expressway north we have been talking about at columbia road. you are stop and go from freeport street.
5:45 am
people are staying off the road for the most part which means if you are out there, you have plenty of time to take it slow and drive carefully if you have to go to work today. >> thanks for the update we aprsht it. if you are -- aproperty it. if you are -- appreciate it. if you are just joining us the snow is falling and it will continue. >> we have team coverage on the storm. let's begin with nicole jacobs live in natick what do you see. >> reporter: no. it's snowing here in -- snow. it's definitely snowing here in natick. change over happened and it is sticking. look at interstate-- or the mass pike i should say. traffic is just flowing as normal. and we expect that to be the case until things pick up during rush hour. i can tell you over 1100 pieces of equipment on the roadways treating the roads getting everything nice and prepared for a when the morning commute happens.
5:46 am
we will show you more about how snow. nicole jacobs wbz this morning. >> thank you. coming down on a pretty good clip. our team coverage continues this morning with a look in boston. >> that's where we find chantee lans boston schools are closed because of the snow. >> reporter: that's right. good morning. you can see snow is here and snow mixed with rain. aid little nasty right now. i will take a step to the side so you can look for yourself. we are near copley plaza hotel and public library. not too much action with people but the snow is here and it's mixed with rain. a few vehicles are out buss are running and schools are closed but we expect to still see people out and about in this area. now we will continue to monitor conditions and let you know once the snow starts to stick. reporting live in copley square, chantee lans wbz news this morning.
5:47 am
different conditions in different areas. thanks chantee. it appears the flower exchange is closing down. it's place where vendors can sell flowers to retail shopsch the building was recently sold the boston globe reports vendors have been told to move out by the end of the year. umass boston creating the first housing opening the dorm with 1,000 beds for freshmen and transfer. running a fowl of the law. police posted a video of a turkey climbing all over police cruiser standing on the windshield this is not the turkey's first run with police. willer this month it chased after the cruiser as it pulled out of a parking lot. >> all right look at that. those turkeys will get you every time. the wild one right. >> watch out in natick. >> chasing the crews. >> the shone hubcaps i don't know what's going on.
5:48 am
still to come, we are looking at some of the biggest stories. >> and we are going to be hitting the rewind button with the week that was straight ahead on wbz. it's snowing out. >> it is. >> look live in nate being along the mass pike. how long has it changed. >> rain earlier and now many areas seeing snow and it's going to continue for hours this morning. we have team coverage for you and a team meteorologist tracking it as well. stay with us.
5:49 am
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it's been a busy woke with big moves on campaign trail to drastic changes in the weather. >> here's a look back at the week was. >> temperatures near 60 yesterday. >> talking snow on the way for tomorrow. i love new england weather. >> voters have their say in the 2016 race for the presidency. >> in said we will be nice to each other and then differ on issues. >> this is a big day for groundhog she is getting comfortable before the big crowds arrive. >> media attention. >> busy day for her. >> world health organization declared zika vice rouse -- virus an international emergency. >> dragging a woman under a suv. >> weymouth fire fight suspended without pay.
5:51 am
involved in the violent robbery. >> i say give me extra cheese. >> i like that. throw the food at us. >> because i still wear stuff from the 70s doesn't mean it looks cool on everybody. >> open bar measures. >> okay. >> just kidding i mean. >> there's the trick. >> good music too you know. >> let's talk about the groundhog miss g, so she did see her shadow and she was calling for a longer winter and. >> just in time the snow arrives. what's up with that. >> keep it here on wbz this morning.
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