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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  February 5, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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right now at 6 a.m. waking up to snow. the flakes started to fall across parts of massachusetts. here is a live look in natick. the weather team is tracking the storm. >> and we are watching the rain snow line closely as it makes southeastward progress. we have updated snow timeline and amounts. >> complete coverage of campaign 2016. we have exclusive poll numbers from new hampshire and the highlights from the democratic debate and candidates getting an endorsement from governor charlie baker. >> from the channel 4 stowedos in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning a very snowy friday february 5th i am kathryn houser. >> -- hauser. >> i am chris mckinnon. break out the hats a gloves and winter jackets. >> need the snow boots as well
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natick. clip. >> and the weather team has been in all morning tracking the storm. we begin with danielle niles. that snow has moved in. >> yeah the rain snow line making southeast progress. closely. we will give you a look at what's going on. west as well. there's time to go here before through the afternoon. zooming in on can't radar the rain snow line temperatures falling all morning. 35 in boston now 31 in worcester. now we are below freezing particularly in the hilly terrain of worcester county we will see the snow stick on the roads and conditions deteriorate. so we have got wet flakes mixing in with rainfall in boston. you side the city from alwayston to brighton in the studio -- allston to brighton in the studios and it's snow. deeper blues extending from
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and groton and -- shirley and groton and an inch of show on a deck. the closer you get to the coastline it's raining in essex but the snow line will make eastward progress and in the southeast part of the state, we have snow coming down in some places like taunton where we have made the flip and the farther south and east you go mainly rain at this point. but we will transition over and pamela gardner has a closer look at the hour by hour timeline. >> it's mainly where that freezing line is going to be. throughout the duration of the morning, through the afternoon the freezing line sinks to the south and east. hour by hour going through the next several hours, you see we have all snow from boston to bedford and taunton. plymouth is when you start to see that rain changing over to snow. the wet heavy snowflakes will be pasty with the accumulation amounting to added weight to the tree limbs and trees and power line as well. 10 a.m., starting to see the
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and mainly on the cape and islands. noon still dealing with heavy snow accumulation low visibility and pockets of some pretty heavy snow squalls too in between. 2:30 p.m. we see things clear out from west to east. very slowly a few lingering snow showers maybe on the cape and islands for the evening commute. majority of us looking okay. overnight tonight, clearing out and we are done with the snow for a little bit. snowfall today 4 to 8 inches from boston inside 495. isolated pockets could see 8 inches or more depending on where the heaviest bands set up. 2 to 4 outside 495 to the north and west and south and east cape and islands. lesser amounts because we expect more rain and then changing to the wet snowfall mixing in with the rain. so there you go. we will keep track of this and also in just a few minutes we will have the 7-day forecast coming up. traffic and weather together susie. >> reporter: thanks i what unrealistic dream that maybe we would get a couple inches at a time. but looks like my dreams might be dashed after today.
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morning on 93. the being pressway north is slow from the braintree split to columbia road because an earlier accident. 16 minute delay right now and an earlier spin out in sharon is still causing delays on 95 north. north of town volume building on 93 a it's slow going on route 2 through concord and route 16 the mass pike is a speed limit ride. so good there at least. chris and kathryn. >> thanks very much. speaking of the mass pike here's boston. you can see speed limit right into the city but we are dealing with the deteriorating thestate. >> it's going to get more and crews are checking out conditions in number of areas including boston and natick. chantee lan it is live in copley square nicole jacobs is live along the mass pike and nicole. >> reporter: still coming down and i can tell you it's getting colder out here.
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what we are seeing in the parking lot is slushy but lock here on the grass. you can see we are starting to get a little bit of accumulation. so we can actually see the snow sticking now here in natick. along the roadways we are told by massdot that the roads are still above freezing. so they are not saying seeing much freezing or impact on the roadways yet. i imagine slushy as we see here in the parking lot. but certainly, commuters are going at a normal clip. that could change as the commute picks up. we know the weather will pick up as well he. the snow will pick up -- as well. the snow will pick up and perhaps massachusetts state police will lower that speed limit to about 45 which is what they normally do. we know there are over 1100 pieces of equipment that massdot has on the roadways. they are telling us they are chemically treating the roads inpreparation for what's
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in other parts of the state. so certainly we will keep you updated here in natick for sure but elsewhere as well. that's the latest in natick. nicole jacobs wbz this morning. >> thanks for the update. boston is just one of many cities and towns where students will get a long weekend because of the snow. >> isn't that nice. see the closings and delays at the bottom of the screen. all morning long chantee lan it is live in copley square and too. >> reporter: that's right. it's coming down and a little mix with rain and it's not quite sticking yet. we are waiting for that but you may see kid out here later because they won't be in school. this happening after wofton -- boston mayor walsh announced the schools will be closed in preparation for the storm that is happening right now. the mayor says he doesn't want to take chances. the public works department will have 500 trucks
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the city says 40,000 tons of salt on stand by. after school activities are also canceled. students we spoke to say they are relieve. >> i am really excited because i have been going to school all day waking up at 6 in the morning and i. >> i just hope i don't have to go to work. >> reporter: that little girl won't wake up at 6 this morning today. and parents won't be as lucky. they will be commuting in the height of the storm. reporting live, chantee lans wbz news this morning. >> thank you very much you can stay updated throughout the storm on the go with the cbs boston weather app afree in the apple and android app stores. fire shooting up from the ground on charles street. look at this. near boston commons. a gas leak sparked a small manhole fire. fire crews are on the scene. an 84-year-old woman rescued from a house fire in weston overnight. fire officials say she was locked in a bedroom on the
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and that's where the fire started. firefighters had to force the way into the bedroom to get her out and the woman was taken to the hospital where she is in stable condition right now. two others got out of the house safely. it's 6:08 on friday morning. four days to go until the new hampshire primary and we have exclusive poll numbers. >> jon keller takes a closer look at new wbz, umass amherst poll. >> reporter: it's been a crazy year so far and our poll shows it could get crazier with a third of democrats and half of republicans saying they might still change their minds before next tuesday. let's start with the gop where businessman donald trump sp holding onto a substantial lead with 33%. a 19 point margin over senator marco rubio with 14 and ohio governor kasich with 10%. right on their heels. senator cruz with 9% jeb bush and new jersey governor
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and dr. ben carson and businesswoman carly fiorina has 3%. for democrats senator sanders has a 24. lead over former secretary of state hillary clinton 57 to 33%. these results are consistent with other polls in the last few days. but the large number of voteers who say they still have an open mind means the rankings could change dramatically. starting at 5 this afternoon on wbz, we will get you closer to what new hampshire voters are saying they like and dislike about candidates. what issues are top of mind for them and we will point you toward the keys to understanding where this unpredictable election is headed next when we dig deeper into the details of the exclusive wbz, umass amherst poll. jon kel are at large wbz. a boost for chris christie this morning. wbz learned that massachusetts governor charlie baker will be endorsing the new jersey
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each democratic candidate for president urged the other attacks. but that doesn't mean last night's debate lacked fireworks. >> i am very proud to be the only candidate up here who does not have a super pact. >> i think it's time to end the very artful smear that you and your campaign have been carrying out. >> oh come on. >> a lot of debate focus on which candidate is best positioned to act as an independent voice away from the lobbyist and special interest groups that populate dc but addressed income equality and foreign policy. >> i said we will not send american combat trips to sear yoia or iraq that's off the table -- syria or iraq that's ousts table. but we've special force and trainers. >> i think our great task is to make certain that our young men and women in the military do not get sucked in into a never
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quagmire of syria and iraq. >> clinton and sanders agreed to four more debales. stay with wbz for coverage of the primary next tuesday and beyond. we get you close dore can -- closer to candidates issues and voters that decide the election. coming up on wbz this morning, a busy night for boston police. the investigation into a shooting and stabbing. >> plus a developingtory in new york city. two police officers there shot in the line of duty. >> and two cases of vehicla virus and they weren't bitten by mosquitoes good morning danielle. >> good morning. we are tracking the snow. the rain snow line make progress. boston cooling along with everybody else. and the snow should taper off by early to mid afternoon. the latest hour by hour timeline and teak you through the weekend as you look at natick where the snowfalls sticking to the grassy surfaces. roads okay right now. and they will deteriorate through the course of later on this morning. stay with us.
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video camera on the spot. good morning. it's friday, of:14 right now.
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this is a live look in lexington. conditions have been deteriorating. >> we want to check in with our team of meteor gist pamela gardner but first danielle niles. >> the roads are more wet than white. and we anticipated that to be the case until the snow starts to come down harder. and we are seeing road conditions deteriorate across central massachusetts now. notice moisture extends to the south and west. so we have a ways to go before this storm is said and done. zooming into the live radar. temperatures dropping all morning and we are 34 degrees in the city of boston. and have made the change over to all snow in the city. that rain snow line just south of town. now coming through quincy with wet flakes and extends through bridgewater and brockton into taunton. and in some deeper yellows and oranges that's where we are seeing precipitation come down harder and wet snowflakes mix in as well. new bedford back up to plymouth
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so gib or take. north and west of boston this is the band we are concerned within terms of steadier and moderate snow from the city of worcester back up to paxton so marlboro is back up through lowell and drake so along 495. this will shift a little bit farther to the east over the course of the morning. so we will watch the rain snow line closely and, of course, the wind thankfully pamela not a big issue with the storm but it's a little gusty this afternoon. >> yeah. the wind does pick up later today. but we want to first go to the hour by hour forecast because temperatures play a huge role and looks like we will have some snow transitioning to rain even for our fren to the south. as we get towards the later part of the morning. so that snow will start to pile up in boston in bedford and taunton especially where we get the heavier snow bands. visibility will watch that be reduced later on today. 8:30 in the morning the snow line that freezing line right
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to the south and east. and then moving towards the outer portions of the cape and islands but it's going to be a very wet snow. it's going to compact a lot and with more rain expected that's why totals will be a little less as we will show you. but boston and bedford and taunton we are getting so much snow in long period of time it will pile up and we have higher totals. 2:30 p.m. we will see things clear out from west to east throughout the later part of the afternoon this evening and that evening commute a little easier although a few linger snow showers expected on the cape and islands. in for snow totals we expect anywhere from 4 to 8 inches in boston and 4952 to 4 inch rain to the north and west and lesser amounts to the south and east. wouldn't be surprised if we did see an isolated location getting 8 inches or higher but factor too. >> and it's the west pasty consistency. you mentioned there may be isolated outages that result and 20 to 40 miles per hour at
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see the hour by hour forecast so not strong enough to be a damaging wind threat and there's gust playing through especially from cape anne to cape cod. speaking of tonight we drop into the teens and 20s. so anything untreated is going to ice up overnight tonight as the colder air comes n storm departs weekend still looks good. sunshine a few clouds mixing in for saturday. looks like a nice winter day. gets a little gusty saturday night. sunday here comes a cold front and not a lot of moisture and brings a few passing clouds late in the day. next storm to watch look at that. out over the ocean on monday. this may graze us into monday and then there's another disturbance back to the west that we may have to watch into the tuesday time frame. so a active stretch in the middle part of next week. upper 30s for tomorrow. 42 boston for sunday.
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cooler north and west of town but weekend looks fantastic. accu-weather 7-day colder for the tart of-- start of next week. of the week. a school visit barry had in quincy. the elementary school 183rd,3, 4 and 5th graders were fantastic. look at their smiles and great energy and barry what blast with the guys. susie. >> reporter: thanks. they look happy. looks like they had a good time with barry. reports of an accident in wrentham. blocking the center lane of 495 at route 1a. traffic stop and go from i-95. street and expressway lags from the the split to columbia road. north of town, 93 south is slow from the fellsway to leverett busier. 6:19.
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dorchester neighborhood taped off as police investigate a overnight stabbing. the call came in before 1 this morning on vasser street. one man was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. boston police investigating a deadly shooting in roxbury. officers were called to 55 brookledge street before 6 for reports of a person shot. they found a man believed to be in his 20s suffering from a gunshot wound pronounced dead at the hospital. anyone with information is urged to call police. developing news now. two new york city police officers recovering after being shot while patrolling a housing project in the bronx. one officer was shot in the face and another in the stomach. the gunman was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in a apartment there. a second person is in custody. 6:20. new this morning, two people in brazil contracked the zika virus through blood transfusions. experts warn it was possible along with sexual transmission. but the greatest threat remains
6:20 am
in florida mosquito control officials are on alert. the state's warm humid climate allows mosquitoes to breed year- round. it's 6:21 on your friday morning. a snowy friday morning. just ahead a. possible norovirus outbreak at boston schools. >> and we will have much more on the snow falling across the area. here's a live look outside at conditions right now in lexington. stay with us. you are watching wbz this morning. >> this is jon keller. what is that white stuff falling? it's snow. and i've got crucial tips for
6:21 am
keeping our eye on the storm at 6:24 here's a live
6:22 am
as folks wake their way into town. a messy morning commute in spots on this friday. our jon keller wants to make sure you get to work in a safe and timely manner. >> he put together a check list of things to do before you hit the roads this morning. >> reporter: good morning. wait. what is that stuff outside your window? why it's snow. small ice particles known to fall from the sky during winter in new england and sometimes during fall and spring as well. we have not seen much snow this season and while we had more than our fill of it last winter memories are short. and there may be some of you new to our garden of eden unfamiliar with snowstorms. so, here's a quick reminder of with it. first, if you are planning on driving to work this morning, you need to leave extra time for several reasons. you must thoroughly remove snow from the vehicle before you takeit on the road. not just a grapefruit sized through. failure to do so is not only against the law but will earn
6:23 am
especially the one who is get the snow on your roof deposited on their car when you hit the brakes. then, there's the driving itself which will be slow going. you see, snow is wet and wet roads are slippery roads. trust me on this. if you're planning to take the t you might also encounter delays. see the mbta has been designed and maintained to run smoothly in all weather conditions. that might occur in san diego. new england weather not so much. and a final tip. when you shovel lift with your knees not your arms or back. and get it cleared away fast before it freezes and don't think you can leave it for spring to take care of. there's no telling when that may arrive. talk back to me at keller at or via twitter atkeller at large. >> he is funny giving that advice. lots more coming up in the next half-hour including an update op casino project in everet tot.
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hitting the campaign trail and highlights from last night's democratic debate. >> and let's look live outside really a messy morning. we have got snow in areas and this is in natick. take your time we have an update coming up in a few minutes. living well your immununsystst rks s rd to keep you
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right now at #:30 returning to winter. many of us waking up to snow this morning you are looking live at electrickington right now along 128. big question how much snow will we have to shovel danielle. >> looking lite like 4 to 8 and we are tracking the snow line we will let you know when the back edge comes. >> new hampshire is campaign central. highlights from last night's democratic debate. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good friday morning to you. it's 6:30.
6:27 am
>> i am kathryn houser we -- hauser. we made it to the end of the workweek and it's snowsy note and let's see what the conditions are like. that is live look at the expressway. it's been pretty busy. decent amount of cars on the the road this morning. >> and this has switched over quickly and you can see in some areas it's snowing hard out there. so, want to check in with our team of meteorologist. pamela gardner but first danielle niles who is tracking this. >> roads look mostly wet but see reduced visibility that we have ben seeing all morning. rain snow line make southeastward progress. we have a ways to go before the storm is all said and done. snow extends back into northern new england. south shore. we have had wet flakes mixing in marshfield and made the change and that's southward along route 53 almost route 44 cutting it from west to see the east from split plymouth and
6:28 am
east from plymouth to taughton. some of the deeper blues and shading incates where the snow is coming down -- incates where the snow is coming down -- indicates where the snow is coming down at the a steadier clip. snowing from harvehill to lowll and flakes across eastern essex and beverly and the wet snow combo is there and they have made thefully to snow. the tweet came back from there rain cape-island and we will make the transition and pamela is tang by with a look at the timeline. >> slowly that rain and know line -- snow line pushes to the south and east. with the main headlines we are watching that transition too but expecting the plowable snow here rain changing to snow between now and mid-morning and 4 to 8 inch range for many locations because we expect a pasty and heavy snow we could be dealing with some power outages out there.
6:29 am
continue to see the snow line pushing to the south and east. reaching the cape and island late this morning around 10 a.m. wet and heavy snow on outer cape with the rest of us dealing with snow. snow piles up for the lunch hour and beyond. 2:30 p.m. light showers of snow in bedford and boston and everything moves from west to east by 6 p.m. fueling rain showers or flurries on cape. other than that we are done with accumulation. overnight tonight icy as temperatures fall and we have clear skies expected. who are's what we look at 4 to 8 inches from boston to 495. outside 495 some smaller amounts 2 to 4 inchs from the cape and island as well. more rain expected to mix in and that snow later on in the the morning. so traffic and weather together now with susie. >> reporter: mother nature knows when to start when the commute gets busy. h-ov of 93 is closed while they
6:30 am
and a crash blobbing the center lane of 93 south at med foreatroosevelt circle and a second crash blocking the shoulder in the same area. you are slow all the way to the leverett connector. it's slow going on the mass pike coming into town. we are seeing stop and go traffic from the west end barracks and route 3 is backed up is to derby street and expressway is slow from the split to columbia road. it's getting bad. chris and kathryn over to you>> busy morning thanks. the snow is starting to pickp across the area. this is a live look at lexington as many drivers hit the roads getting to work. we should snow note school closings. >> hundreds closed right now. you can see those along the bottom of the screen. we have crews in boston and natick and no school in either community. chantee lan it is live in copley square but first nicole
6:31 am
and there's a reason there's no school, snow. >> reporter: there's good reason or kids think it's good reason. i can tell you right now new information from massdot they have more than 2,000 crews out on the roadways. if you look here, you can see cars are moving at a pretty good clip. what they are telling us is is the road temperatures are dropping. so, of course they expect the conditions to worsen. i did speak with a tractor trailer driver who just got off the mass pike. here's what he had to say. >> i was on a tractor trailer. >> reporter: how are you. >> it picked up pretty quick. yeah. >> reporter: you are on the mass pike. >> yeah. >> reporter: what's your route. >> i am going to boston 95. >> reporter: and what's it like? >> bad. yeah. driving about 50 mills per -- miles per hour. >> reporter: slushy. >> yep. it's pretty bad. >> reporter: and they he expect the slush to change a little bit. again, as temperatures on the roadways continues to drop we
6:32 am
posted here along the mass pike in natick as the snow continues to fall. but for now, back to you chris and kathryn. >> thanks very much. appreciate it. and despite the snow in the school closings a lot of people are going to have to go to work. >> you got it let's go to chantee lans and how are the streets and sidewalks there? >> reporter: it is a little less windy snow coming down. happy friday and it's also going to be a helpy friday for thousands of -- happy friday for thousands of boston students that don't have to show up to school. at copley square i am seeing a little dusting. we are seeing people out and about their cars out. we have seen salt trucks and sand trucks and plows and we want to mention the city is saying there's no parking ban. however, you cannot use space saveers yowsm can't shovel out the spot and put something to reserve the spot. we caught up with a man on copley square who says this is
6:33 am
we had a big run and it's no bigdeal. >> we were due. we had a good run. we had a good run so i figure, yeah, i hate winter but it figures. >> reporter: would you-- but you live in boston. >> i love boston. boston is the most awesome city in the world. >> reporter: okay. >> and i would not live anywhere else and i will take the winter. >> reporter: okay. >> i don't like it but i will take the winter. >> reporter: and he definitely has a good spirit. parents although kids will be out parents will still have to go to work and they will be commuting in the weather. reporting live, chantee lans chris and cathen. >> thanks very much. and as we mentioned, boston public schools are one of hundreds of school systems closed due to the storm and that's good for the city becausecrews are trying to clean several schools there. the boston health commission was notified after 50 students and staff at three schools got sick with some stomach illness. health officials are
6:34 am
could be the norovirus. the presidential candidates getting the message out in new hampshire with four days to gountil the primary. last night two democratic candidates faced off in another debate weija jiang is on the campaign tail. >> reporter: gloves came off as hillary and bernie sanders faced each other for the first time in debate sparring over progressive values. >> if we are going to get into leables i don't think it was it canly -- labels i don't think it was particularly productive to vote against the brady bill or to give gun makers and sellers immunity. finance reform. >> in my view it's undermining american democracy and allowing campaign contributors. >> reporter: clinton is trailing the vermont senator in new hampshire at a post debate rally in durham the former secretary of state said she won't give up. >> we will work as hard as we can between now and tuesday. >> reporter: republican
6:35 am
have the sights set on a win in the granite state holding the first of the nation primary this tuesday. political experts say win in new hampshire is not indicative of how the rest of the country will vote but it's important. >> it serves as signal to party officials about sort of the first sense of what voters will do. sends a signal to protension donors about whether the money is being well invested or not. >> reporter: after stronger than expected third place fin initial iowa. macko -- marco rubio is on donald trump's heels putting florida senator ahead of ted cruz. weija jiang cbs newsman chest another and stay with wbz for coverage of the primary next tuesday and beyond as we get you closer to candidates voters and the issues that will decide the election. 6:39. new details in the mysterious death of a 3-year-old boy in roxbury. kani
6:36 am
with serious injuries and died two days later. his cousin kevinon -- kevon young is convinced it was not a accident. >> his head was enormous like it was bruised up on the right and i could tell somebody has beaten him you know. >> investigators are awaiting for autopsy results to reveal the official cause of death. you could call it a win- wynn the state ening battle over the wynn casino project. they approved a deal between the city and the casino giant. under the agreement boston dropped the lawsuit and wy. this n agreed to pay an extra 4 hup had been,000 dollars totaling 2 million in compensation per year. lawsuits from are a see is pending. there's excitement consider- - lawsuits from are a veer is >> there's excitement.
6:37 am
on conditions out there. here's a live look in lexington. flakes continue to fall.
6:38 am
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6:40 am
>> thundersnow in new york city. so over the next two hours the snow he fall intensity is going to pick up and conditions on the road will deteriorate. satellite and radar shows the snow and the rain tracking the rain-snow line as we zoom in coming on the north side of plymouth. so you will see the wet flakes mixed in soon. south duxbury especially west of 3a near white horse beach it's all rain. over an inch in plymouth and southeastern massachusetts. that rain snow line cutting back down along 24. wet flakes mixing in fall river and it's snow in taughton and right on the other side of the rain snow line is where the big fat flakes start to come down when you make the transition over. live radar north and west of town shows light to at times moderate snow and there is a little rain mixing in believe it or not from beverly to dan changeover. temperatures have been falling southeastern massachusetts on the cape and islands where the
6:41 am
now and mid to late morning. the weather watcher reports have been fantastic. pamela gardner standing by with updated snowfall totals. >> starting to see snow accumulation here and it's mainly outside of the boston area to the north and west. so i will pop up the totals quarter of an inch in lexington according to jack. westminster a quarter of an inch. over half in belmont new hampshire worcester half and clinton at half an inch of snow as well. and things will deteriorate as we see in the hour by hour forecast danielle that the snow will pile up for the next several hours. >> by the way happy national weather per's day pamela. >> back at you. appropriate we are tracking the storm. fantastic. and the rain snow line is going to press south and east. so between now and 8 a.m. it makes its way to the upper cape and to the outer cape by the or -- 9 or 10.
6:42 am
nantucket. once you make the change over -- chatham and nantucket. once you make the changeover look at that. the back edge comes through worcester around 2 p.m. into boston between 3 and 4 and lingers longer in the outer cape until the evening hours. but the intensity is lighter and clearing comes in after that. snowfall totals 5 to 8 inches. a wet pasty consistency. in some highest totals you may see isolated outage that may rut. 2 to 4 well north and west of boston back up to concord new hampshire and that tapers off north and west. more like 2 to 4 on the cape and coat to 2 on nantucket. it takes longer to make the transition over. overnight tonight, we drop back into the teens. and 20s so it's clear skies that means we will ice over in some spots. and you want to make sure everything is treated and watch your step tomorrow morning.
6:43 am
looks great. sun and clouds and temperatures a little above average. lower 40s on sunday. next storm to watch is two big ocean storms on monday that may graze us and the next disturbance coming in time frame to watch monday into tuesday and temperatures will be running in the mid-30s through the middle part of the week. traffic and weather together. >> reporter: 40s is not bad. we are having truck trouble as people get ready for the commute. driving conditions are nasty. there is a disabled vehicle blocking the center lane of the expressway northbound at exit 12. and we are still seeing residual delays from an earlier accident as well as usual volume out there. from the west mass pike is stop and go from the western barracks through newton center. north of town two accidents on 93 thought and you are slow to the leverett connector.
6:44 am
weather. >> let's check the conditions across our area. >> reporter: good morning i am nicole jacobs live in natick where we have seen a convoy of salt trucks and plows on the mass pike. picture. we don't see this much. once the snow has settled for wentry picture. i can tell you more than 2,000 crews are on the roadways according to massdot treating the roads and making sure they are nice and safe. we will keep you update as conditions are expected to pick up in natick and elsewhere. that's the late of the from natick. nicole jacobs wbz this morning. >> reporter: good morning i am chantee lans at copley square. i will show you what the weather looks like. snow is coming down mixed with rain on the square. dusting. snow is starting to stick.
6:45 am
ban but you are not allowed to have space savers or shovel out your spot and put something reserve it. we caught up with some people and they say it's okay and it's not sod with a. -- bad. the winter they say has been good. we will bring you the latest details as they become available. it's expected to pick up later on the square. reporting live in boston, morning. up next tom brady is going to the super bowl. >> okay. so he won't be playing but we have details about the the halftime honor. >> let's look at conditions in lexington for you on # 28. you can see there's a decent a cars and looks more wet than white but conditions will
6:46 am
super bowl 50 almost here and tom brady will be at big game. >> steve burton has details from super bowl city in san francisco. >> good morning. the big news in san francisco the big patriots news tom brady
6:47 am
he will take par in the pregame ceremonies to honor past mvps. and speak of san francisco and super bowl city san francisco is exactly that. i tested out the zip line and this thing flies. for anyone worried about what reception brady might get on super bowl sunday. fans here know he grew up in the bay area and they love him. >> go patriots tom brady we love you. go patriots. >> that's the story here in super bowl is city in san francisco. what a place. back to you. >> wbz is proud to be your super bowl station hive reports from california. bronx aos and panthers sunday night at 6:30 on wbz. >> -- broncos and panthers sunday night at 6:30 on wbz. >> i wouldn't to go.
6:48 am
time for a look at what's coming up on cbs this morning. >> let's check in with nora o'donnell. good morning. >> good morning. ahead on cbs this morning former first lady barbara bush bad for women. my conversation with barbara and jeb bush and how super bowl halftime show evolved from marching bands to a spectacle that sometimes grabs more attention than the game itself. the news is back in the morning and we will see you at 7. the presidents' day sales event is on now at your new england ford dealers. save big on america's best-selling trucks for 39 straight years. now with additional presidents' day bonus cash... get up to $7,050 total savings on the history-making f-150... the future of tough. and super duty, the rougher the going, the tougher the truck. hurry in for up to $7,050 total savings...on ford f-series... or lease f-150 for just $249 a month...just $249...
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morning's storm. we will look live at natick kathryn. >> coming down at at -- at a heavier clip. let's get a last look with danielle. >> the snow will continue to pick up. we will track it all morningjust about to come through plymouth stretching along 495 over the cape cod canal within the next hour and it's snow for a lot of the rest of us. wet flakes mixing from danvers and essex county we made the change over to snow. while a lot of the roads are more wet than white. conditions go downhill. mainly rain but that transition notice hour by hour, as the colder air comes in we snap the rape snow line south and east
6:52 am
may take a touch longer from chatham to nantucket and the snow had taper off early to afternoon. weekend looks fantastic. the 7-day widespread 4 to 8 inches for a lot of us. 2 to 4 on the cape and well north and west of boston. weekend gets melting and we will be around 40 and the next time frame to watch is for monday and especially on tuesday. >> you got a break and back to tracking. >> exactly. >> thanks danielle. >> cbs this morning is next on wbz. see you in 25 minutes. >> have a great morning
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