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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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police say this happened around -- kaleigh. police say she was playing outside her home our katie brace spoke with the family who said she was pinned underneath the large limb that fell on her from 35 feet up. it took her brother and if aer to lift the limb -- father to lift the limb up and she was unconscious and a neighbor came by and performed cpr on her. emergency crews immediately rushed her to the -- rushed to the scene and rushed her to the hospital. her family spoke with us just a short time ago describing the horrifying scene. >> oh my gosh. is my sister okay. i literally ran over with my dad and we tried to lift the tree. and we almost couldn't do it. so, it was really scary. she literally looked like blank and she was pale and it was scarry. i couldn't see her. that's how bad it was. you could just see her hands. >> neighbors thank god came
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her alive until the am bow lance came. so we are very thankful. >> reporter: again just a horrifying scene. kaleigh loves to play outside and we are thankful she is still alive and again in critical condition kn at a boston hospital. police are issuing a warning to people and children in the area to stay inside. there's many large branches and trees that are coming down under this heavy snow. looking for a very dangerous situation. live in canton paul burton. >> it's getting cold tonight paul thanks. as you can imagine there are a lot of power outages tonight as a result. national grid says it has close to 80,000 people without power ever source close to 47,000 and blame the trees. christina hager is live in worcester tonight. christina. >> reporter: and paula that's why trees are just what storm crews are watching right now. this one was in the middle of the road adding to a mountain
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cars were like shreds all over worcester. doug ended up in a stone wall trying to avoid a pedestrian. >> i have a four wheel drive trying to go around the corn and it kept going straight. scary. >> it was. lucky it was dud. >> reporter: sideway slide after sideway slide after sideway slide. yes, the plows were at the ready but they spent much of the morning struggling to get to the jammed up spot. >> they were on it. and. >> reporter: but still. >> still, look. you know you got the police shouting at people and you down. >> reporter: there was a a sliding ups truck and lurching bus and it took a half-hour get off a few blocks. they rushed to move a tree out of traffic and the light post it put down. >> a lot of dead stuff out here and just got wet heavy snow out
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>> reporter: and now the cleanup that is left. there were some serious problems out on the roads. fire and police crews were called from scene to scene. worcester had 340 pieces of equipment dealing with the roads and crews say they did the best they could. in worcester christina hager wbz news david back to you. >> all right thank you. and a fallen tree is blocking the d branch of the green line near the chestnut hill station they are busing passengers between kenmore and newton highlands and there's problem on commuter rail rockport line. bree sison is watching for other trouble spots at massdot headquarters tonight. bree. >> reporter: david, the good news is massdot says things are slowing down and they only have 2200 pieces of equipment out there. i say only but there were 3200 earlier today. so things winding down. so they say there are no major problems to report at this time. and, at 6:00 so just a few moments ago they lifted 40-mile-
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restrictions on the mass pike and ban on transporting propane and tandem towing. so 6:00 mass pike back to normal but there's a major concern about the roads icing over as temperatures drop. don't think we are out of the woods. if you can stay where you are at and wait until tomorrow to run errands. david back to you. >> good info bree thanks. get updates on traffic and weather any time but going tocbs david, now on to the new hampshire primary. republican chris christie getting what could be a big boost to his campaign. the endorsement of governor baker. >> and the very artful smear that you and your campaign have been carrying out in recent weeks. >> divided last night united tonight. bernie sanders and hillary clinton ready for a unity rally. the two candidates will appear together at a rally in concordthis evening. bernie sanders spoke to
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he was suppose to be endorsed by someone the campaign calls a prominent civil rights leader but that's postponed because of the weather. an manchester hillary rallied with supporters and volunteers who are spearhead her get out the vote effort. she urged them to go nonstop until primary day and arfast -- as far as sanders she looks forward to working with him when he remains in the senate. chris christie picking up a endorsement. governor baker and lieutenant governor backing the new jersey governor. they will campaign for him tomorrow in new hampshire. >> the two leads coming out of iowa are not folks who dem straited an ability -- demonstrated an ability to collaborate and work across the aisle and get stuff done. >> now the snow forced donald trump to cancel his only event in londonary and he flew home to new york last night and will hold a rally in south carolina tonight. trump tweeted the news and promised to be back in new
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jeb bush replied with this picture and a message pointing his 90-year-old mother made it out to campaign in new hampshire. the candidates working hard and are exclusive poll tonight shows this race is far from over. >> in particular republican race for second place could be tight. jon keller joins us and what's the polling telling us about how voters look at the gop candidates. >> reporter: well, paula, david, we asked likely republican voters what single word to describe the candidates and when they told us about the top two finishers in the wbz, umass amherst poll trump and rubio was revealing and puzzling. look at the negative terms they used to express their feelings about trump the leader in the gop race. bully arrogant, blow hard idiot not a recipe for political success you would think. but also note the prominence of strong, leader and honest.
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rubio. untrustworthy is not an adjective you want in a hillary clinton. but young is not necessarily a bad word. and in this antiestablishment comment even inexperienced can be positive if it helps brand you as an outsider. but other candidate descriptions were devastating. weak for jeb bush, scary for ted cruz. and bully for chris christie and perhaps the unkindest cut of all topping otherwise positive adjectives for john kasich, unknown. tonight at 11, what new hampshire voters told us they were looking for most in a candidate. david. >> and they called you jon lovely that was the number one word. >> reporter: that's sweet. >> thank you. join us primary night live coverage beginning at 5 on tuesday night. she spent her life helping heal others. >> a young nurse hit by a car and killed. coming up, why prosecutors say
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should have been behind the wheel. >> and... >> we are live from san francisco. earlier today i spoke withpatriots owner robert kraft. what he had to say about tom brady's decision to come to super bowl 50. >> thanks and here are pictures you have been sharing on twitter and facebook. sweet. you can post pix on cbs
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well we are saying the kid were home today right sitting around they need to get out and help mom and dad shovel before the temperatures drop and everything freezes over. >> i can't remember the last time the snow was just so heavy to push around driveway eric. >> this snow is just mud for the area.
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content snow and difficult to move. last winter it was powder storms. every one with light snowfall and if you took moisture that was in the snow today and put it in the storm like last winter when it was 10 degrees it would have been over 2 feet so maybe count blessings tonight. weather watchers network big thank you sending in the reports and it helps us out. taking a look at pictures coming in tonight. it's just been a stunning evening. and this one in from lisa said beautiful amazing billians after the storm. and pale sky andset in randolph. a hugh out there in and peters uploading that and more pictures than i could remember coming into the sunset this evening at the end of the storm and the end is not here yet for cape cod. last place where the snow is coming on down last band moving its way on through. and zooming in that heavier band moving from the mid cape to the lower and outer cape as well as nantucket. some of the heaviest snowfall
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chatham and up to orleans and providencetown and by 7:30 the snow will be moving out and things will wrap up. but treacherous road conditions. we have a gusty breeze. doesn't take a lot when you have the really heavy wet snow out there. you've seen it all day trees snapping and lines down. treat any line down as live one and if you don't have to go out tonight, probably a good idea because we will have fallen trees and limbs at the least avoid walking under tree canopies. quieter times for the weaning as the storm moves offshore. tonight's temperatures cold under the clearing skies and single digits and teens which is why you want to clean up tonight because things will be freezing up and that's also going to make the roads extra dicey. so we look towards tomorrow and good news is melting comfortable air will be up into the 30s and great day for the kids to enjoy some of the snowfall reality first time we have what thick blanket. and you can use the skis and snow sure and southern new
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chewset did -- with a shoeset did-- wachuset did wet well. sunshine returning tomorrow in the 30s. close to 20 saturday night and quiet and dry saturday night. sunday, another nice day partly sunny and little more melting and milder high temps up around 4 2. high temps around the freezing mark in the ski areas. snow showers in northern new england saturday night. new hampshire did vetter than vermont so snow creeping up to the north and east. maine picked up fresh snow too. next week a complex situation but the idea is the winner begins right now. it began with this storm and as we look to the next couple weeks a lot of colder air and a lot of energy diving down into the northeast. now on monday, one storm system is very near nearby. i think it brings snow if it trends farther west which is been the trend with the last couple storms we could be in for a significant snowstorm on monday. so enjoy the weekend.
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i think we see some snow. another system behind it storm number 2 and this one tracks closer to the coast on tuesday. and into tuesday night. that too could bring us snow and then after that, we have got another one that is on the way for friday potentially. so the idea is a busy pattern keep up the changing weather forecast and i am sure there will be changes heading through the next couple days. here's the accu-weather seven- day and looking towards next the 30s. 20s by the end of the week and that friday is just a potential storm for now 7 days out and early valentine's day plans looks cold. hashtag cuddle weather. >> snuggle up. and talk about a different coast to coast san francisco looks gorgeous. >> yeah. steve burton is live. what a sight with alcatraz over your shoulder. pretty cool. >> yeah. guys it's so beautiful out here. it's amazing. we are live in san francisco at fisherman's wharf. we have alcatraz behind me and pan over to the right the golden gate bridge.
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beautiful than that? we are nearly 48 hours away from kick off pay patriots owner robertkraft was in town and i spoke aboutw him about tom brady's decision to attend the ceremony to honor past mvps and he said it was a reflection of his team first character. >> i chatted with him about it i thought he was selfless self. by saying he represents all the players and the team and coaches and new england market and without that sense of team he wouldn't have gotten the mvp awards. >> meanwhile commissioner goodell did the state of the game and spoke for 45 minutes on all aspects of the nfl. including the recent statements regarding finding no violation in psi data collected this season.
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he was asked about the looing's lack of transparency -- league's transparency on the matter. >> we conduct random checks. we make sure the clubs understand we will look at that type of procedure and make sure there are no violations of that. we did that in a limited basis. but we don't disclose all the specifics on that because it's deterrent. if you tell everybody how many times you are check and which games you are checking, it's not much of a deterrent. so the intent what have we were doing was in the -- was not a research project but to make sure the policies were followed as we did in other areas of operations. >> please really? really? we are interested to see if they release the data. we have the broadcast super bowl for you kick off between broncos and panthers as 6:30 here on wbztv. sufficient fox and cavs tonight celtics looking for 8 win in the last 9 games.
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that movie was filmed behind me. guys this is beautiful here. >> perfect. there's plenty of time. bring us the sourdough bread from fisherman's wharf it will last until monday. >> i will try if i don't eat it ahead of time. >> say hello, to the sea lions. >> that's right. >> thanks. >> thank you. the cbs evening news is coming up next at 6:30. >> scott pelley joins us live with a preview tonight. scott. >> hey david and paula great to be with you in boston. well, our steve hartman found the super bowl story that you have not heard. it's a story of one of the super bowl coaches who is giving the game his all despite enormous odds. a wonderful way to enter the broadcast tonight before that we will have all the world and national news on the cbs evening news in about 10 minutes. >> we will see you then. scott thank you. up next, a massive crane collapses in new york city. and the harvard keck to the man
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tonight hanson woman meade not if they that she hit and killed a runner while high on drugs. she was running ---- kathleen -- prosecutors say kathleen vitello was under the influence of several drugs including methadone while she was behind the wheel. the man killed in crane collapse in manhattan was a harvard graduate. david wick immigrated to the u.s. and graduated from harvard. he was a wall street worker on the sidewalk when he was killed. workers were trying to secure the massive crane when it fell. there's a new lawsuit which is trying to block a trifle casino in taunton which has been filed by the future neighbors of the casinoch they say the department of the
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awarded the land to the tribe. the lawsuit is reportedly being funded in part by one of the men behind the plans for a brockton casino. still to come, singing for a snow day. >> the creative plea to a
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so we know this every kid hears the snow in the forecast and hopes for a day off. >> but some kids in natick did more than hope for it. i heard there was a storm ahead and boston already canceled it
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think you should cancel too. >> those are the kid from the walnut hill school for the arts pleading to the head of the school and it worked and there's no way to know if school was canceled because of the video or because of the actual snow that fell but i have to give them credit they mentioned boston canceled school which means theyshot that after 5 last night and put it together quickly. >> threw that together. >> and they are in the information loop and maybe they are news viewers. >> they were watching you. very talented group. >> saw some. >> -- awesome. >> will we see more snow days. >> enjoy the weekend. it's going to be nice and quiet and a chance to clean up and kids to use shreds they got for christmas. and next week, chance for snow both monday and tuesday. two coastal storms nearby and certainly something we will update over the course of the the next couple days. >> wow could have a 1, 2 punch. >> things look busy and we go from spring into the depths of winter. >> some of this melt tomorrow. >> yes melting over the course of the weekend but since it's high water content snow it
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to melt. >> all right thanks. >> a little icy tonight. thanks so much and thanks for watching. >> have a great friday night. hope to see you back here for the wbz news at 11. puffs knows winter... hard on your nose there's the endless runny noses. the sneezes that just won't quit and of course, the biting cold of snow day play. that's why puffs is soft. puffs plus lotion tissues... ...are gentle on skin. they help soothe irritation by locking in moisture better. so you can get out and enjoy winter a nose in need
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