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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  February 6, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz "this morning". >> good morning, everybody, thanks for being with us on this saturday, i'm carrie huddle along with carolyn gardner, at 5:00 in the morning, and it still felt snowy, despite the roads being great, but be careful with icy patches. >> yeah, that's the theme of the morning, staying well below freezing and a lot of icy spots develop because of that. but thankfully, road crews have been out, treating the crews, especially when we get to the other areas, it's okay but the suburbs is where we have icy patches.
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anywhere from six to nine inches of snow, at least on particular on this map. wbz weather watchers reporting nine inches of snow in sutton, boston rounding out 6.8 inches of snow, and no additional snow for this weekend. however, i am tracking winter storm monday, maybe tuesday in to wednesday. more about that in just a couple minutes, current temps running in the 20s or teens, seven in nashua, 25 in boston. way colder compared to this time yesterday. 20 degrees colder in boston, we have the fresh snow pack. but here's the deal, nothing moving our way, we're clear, a few passing clouds later today. high temperatures in the upper 30s. more details about that next winter storm, potentially in just a few minutes in your full forecast. carrie? >> all right, pamela, thank you. we start with a very sad story this morning, the weight of the snow caused a tragedy in canton, a little girl killed while playing in her card, katie brace talked to those who saw it happened. >> she loved the snow.
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could not wait. >> let's make a snowman and snow angels. >> reporter: the wet snow was perfect for playing but also packing on weight on the tree limbs above. did you hear it crack? >> yeah. and the thing my dad and i kaleigh! >> reporter: kaleigh who turned 6 in january was in the backyard of her family home. a large tree limb fell from 35 feet up, landing on kaleigh. her father, older brother nicholas were nearby. >> oh my gosh, is my sister okay? i ran with my dad and tried to get off the tree, branches coming off, it was hard to lift t it was really heavy. >> reporter: hearing screams, the mother and daughter living next door ran over and both performed cpr. >> devastating to see it happen. >> reporter: paramedics rushed her to the hospital. her family asked for prayers. >> just pray for her. she's a baby, she needs it. she's strong.
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accident, canton police used social media urging people to stay indoors because of the number of tree branches falling. news. this morning, there are still thousands of homes without power from yesterday's storm, utility crews have been working pretty much nonstop to repair power lines brought down by trees. risk. power crews in canton tweeted out this video of a live wire fire in the snow yesterday. that line was brought down by the heavyweight of snow. we all know how tough it is to drive in this mess. this is worcester where cars, police cruisers struggled to get up and down the hill. the mbta was mostly trouble free, but a tree fell on the chestnut hill station, shutting down parts of the 'd' branch on the green line. service back to normal today. and a developing story now, rescuers have been working
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damaged buildings after a major earthquake in taiwan that leaves seven people, including an infant and a 10-year-old were killed after at 6.4 magnitude quake struck at 4:00 in the morning, nearly 300 people have been injured, 249 rescued from heavily damaged buildings. many were pulled out of the 17-story apartment building that pancaked during the tremor. a number of other buildings remained standing at eerie angles. and a deadly crane collapse in new york city, new video shows one of the survivor, a massachusetts man pinned underneath the heavy metal. rescuers were able to free tom o'brien from that car. he's got a bad gash on his head, but he will survive. ken macleod spoke to his neighbors in easton. >> reporter: he shovelled his own walk only doing the same for his injured next door neighbor. >> yeah, we stepped up to help him, he'd be the first one out here to do for somebody else, that's tom.
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>> reporter: he's talking about tom o'brien, in this cell phone video with his head bleeding, trapped in his car on a manhattan street after a gigantic construction clain collapse -- crane collapsed this morning. >> you heard the boom and look at the windows, i see a crane falling on the street. >> reporter: it buckled and fell as workers were trying to secure it during a windy snow squall, it landed on top of a desk in a nearby office building. but a harvard educated wall street trader was killed. still, the mayor says the construction crew saved lives. >> as they were lowering the crane, we're in fact keeping people away from the site and keeping traffic from proceeding down west broadway. >> reporter: but o' broeubrien was among those injured in the horror. >> he was shaken up, had a head injury of some sort and was
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it was nerve wracking just to see it. >> reporter: he was park ond that street waiting for his adult daughter to exit an office, she was not hurt and neighbors tell us he'll be okay as well. the cell phone video ends with rescuers trying to nudge the mangled metal off his crumpled car. >> you can't explain that sort of thing, can't plan for something like this. >> reporter: apparently that crane had just been inspected on thursday. but the mayor ordered some 400 other cranes around the city to remain secured until investigators can figure out what happened. in the satellite center, ken macleod for wbz "this morning". today, rhode islanders will be able to pay respects for a famous and infamous native son, buddy cianci will liez in the -- lie in the pose today and tomorrow, he was forced from office twice because of felony convictions. he's also remembered as the man who revitalized the providence water front and helped put away
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during his time as a prosecutor. funeral services are on monday through the city. in super bowl news, yet another high powered act is joining the show, bruno mars beyonce. he's no stranger to the stage, he perform ted big game -- performed at the big game two years ago. and we don't have to tell you game day is tomorrow. while you're busy stocking up on chicken wings and nacho fixings, plenty of preparation going on begins the coverage from san >> reporter: yeah, good morning, home of super bowl 50, the panthers and the different bron crow cos and -- broncos and people are just fired up, the game cannot get here soon enough. a lot of celebrities showing up are here now. we'll make this over 24 hours away from kickoff and
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happening at le lie staid -- levi stadium, we got to speak to greg gumble, i asked him, in the game against the panthers and broncos can live up to the year-long build up. >> that's part of the problem of the two-week span between the championship games. i think guys startd to -- start to run out of things to talk about and write, and they build the game up and we went through a stretch, years ago where the super bowls frankly weren't very good and i began to wonder if all the time off had existed if they couldn't live up to the hype, but then came a series of good games. and not always the best team that plays in the super bowl, it's the team that plays best. and, it, it's hard to live up to as much hype as this game gets. but it's by and large, they've done a good job of it over the years. >> reporter: so that's the story here at super bowl city at the moment. more and more fans are piling in here as the game cannot get here soon enough. steve burton reporting from san francisco, guys back to you.
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and most of the fans in super bowl city right now came to be there long before they knew who was playing. jamie continuing our coverage this morning, good morning to you! >> reporter: good morning, carrie. i have to tell you, here in super bowl city, the coolest thing about it is that it's free. so families can show up and they can experience all the exhibits here in super bowl city for nothing. probably the cheapest thing they can possibly do here in the bay area. so many activities including all the music that's been happening, alicia keyes will take the stage tonight, last night one republic played, they are having so much fun. definitely more than just the team to have been practicing. yesterday we got to see a little rehearsal from lady gaga, and thousand people can see and tweet and talking about what is
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nfl wants to keep so many things so secretive out there, but when you have a rehearsal as gaga singing the national anthem, it it's a big deal. we heard about it, got video of it. and it was a special day for the st. francis football team who got to run plays on the field. how fun is that! it was part of a check rehearsal for the cbs crew to make sure cameras are in the right place that the timing was right and that there were tho surprises. >> i can't believe it, it never hit me until like, this is happening. >> it's a once in a lifetime opportunity and to a great group of kids. >> reporter: and it's so fun to see so many of the kids here between here and super bowl city or the nfl experience, it's something you have to pay for, $30 for adults, around $20 for kids. and if you shop at the nfl store there, the cheapest thing you
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a quarter, kerry, the cheapest thing you'll walk away with. but of course, you have to buy something here in san francisco in order to take this bag home for a quarter. >> oh, quite stylish though, jamie! it's looking good! >> reporter: thank you! [ laughter ] thank you. >> thank you, thank you for that update. save me one! and you can watch all the action in super bowl 50 tomorrow at 6:30 right here on wbz. the new hampshire primary, meanwhile, is now just three days away and with the republican debate out tonight, not all the gop candidates are having public events today, governor charlie baker will join new jersey governor chris christie in bedford. baker will formally endorse christy tonight. governor kasich has two scheduled stops this afternoon, one event in new hampshire this primary season. what about jeb bush? jeb bush will hold a town meeting in bedford this morning at 11:00 a.m., his mother
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campaign trail yesterday at 90 years old. and ben carson will have a meet and greet at his campaign headquarters in manchester at 10:00 this morning. donald trump, meanwhile, ted cruz, and marco rubio have no planned public events, a republican debate tonight at 8:00 p.m. at st. anne's college. now to the democrats, bernie sanders will be at a get out the vote rally in ridge at 11:00 this morning and hillary clinton has three events today. the first one in concord at 1:00 this afternoon. and of course, you can stay with wbz for coverage of the primary next tuesday and beyond as we get you closer to the candidates. the voters, and the issues that will decide this election. it is 5:12 right now, working out is spoed to help you -- supposed to help you get healthy, right? getting you sick. and at 5:30, police say a prostitution sting caught a professor at a local school, we'll have details on the investigation, pamela?
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of those weather watcher reports, bitter cold temperatures out there because of that fresh snow pack, temps running colder than what they would otherwise be, otherwise a clear sky. michael in hudson, seven degrees, [ indiscernible ] has 22 degrees and pierre reporting 20 degrees. colder temperatures stick around for the morning but then warm up this afternoon. the next chance for some snow,
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5:17 now, pamela is here giving us our forecast. looks like it's here. >> yeah. >> reporter: with no escaping it. >> yeah, overnight and then it just became winter. what a difference a day makes. we'll have time to dig out from the snow the next couple days, a little bit of melting too, temperatures near 40. however, i'm tracking another potential for snow, actually, a couple different systems could give us some snow monday in to tuesday. i'll show you the latest information on that and what we're thinking, so far in just a minute. want to get you to some weather watcher reports, we had some pretty decent snow totals, 11 points, kingston, 10.4, reporting 10 inches of snow in shirley, that fresh snow and the back edge of ha storm moving -- that storm moving out just before sunset created just gorgeous pictures, a flood of photos coming in to our wbz storm tips mailbox.
5:18 am
admiral hill, chelsea sent this in via twitter, gorgeous red sky and here in framingham, rich pink. reflection off the water there, amazing color and beautiful after we had quite a hectic day yesterday, nothing had calm down the melting process begins for hours. icy to start the day, prior to the sunrise, 25 in boston, 16 with the wind from the west at eight miles per hour, colder from the actual temps, seven in nashua, 19 worcester, 12 taunton and many slick spots expected on the road there. be careful as you head out early today. hour by hour forecast, not going to warm up too much until we get that sun higher in the sky here. we'll be in the 30s for this afternoon, 36 degrees by the noon hour, and then stopping with a high of 38 degrees. because of the fresh snow pack, a lot of the energy from the sun
5:19 am
going to go in to some of the melting process. 38 degrees plymouth, 39 taunton, 37 new bedford. lows tonts back to -- tonight back to 20s, another icy cold one, below freezing in all spots. and now, to our next system. hour by hour timing starting here, sunday, subd evening -- sunday evening, 8:30 p.m. an great lakes. these two systems will combine going in to monday and tuesday. the big question, where that low morning. and this particular point, it does look to be close enough to us that we'll get some snow mt back edge -- in the back edge of this. the big question again, snow totals on this. and it's, this kind of season is very difficult because of those temperatures playing a huge role, you know, a lot of these forecast models not agreeing with the exact track. we'll keep you updated as soon as we get the latest information. not going to snow totals just yet but it looks like we'll
5:20 am
from that and that second system too in to tuesday, maybe wednesday. couple potential snows monday, tuesday, big potential for snow, wind, and even coastal concerns still too early, stay tuned everybody. seven-day forecast just to give you the breakdown. snowy few days once we get through this weekend. temperatures right around the freezing mark. kerry? >> all right, pamela, thank you. six figure salary with a 4% raise, nice work if you can get it. coming up, why you don't have to look farther than boston's city
5:21 am
well, good morning, new figure on how much the city of boston is paying workers. according to the boston globe, the city's payroll last year was $1.6 billion, yeah, billion, with a 'b'. a big chunk of it went to buying out unused sick and vacation time for retiring firefighters. and overtime for police officers, that topped $100,000. the highest paid city worker was a public school employee who settlement. well, tom brady and other pats it stars -- pats stars may be in california but they'll be thinking of one of their youngest fans, the club in
5:22 am
half his life fighting a rare tomorrow of cancer. a few months ago, he and his family learned it was no longer treatable. his story went viral on social media with strangers all over the world using #bestrong the boxing event starts at 11:30. wow. well, gronkowski's antics can make the grumpiest fans smile, he may have met his match against a tiny internet sensation. we'll explain. and [ indiscernible ] today, let's see who you share it with on this february 6, comedic actress kathy najimi, 59, i messed that up by my producer, actor [ indiscernible ] 59, fabian is 73 and rose from
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birthday was the fourth, how old were you? 42.
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welcome back, you don't have to be a patriots fan to enjoy gronkowski, dancing, spiking the ball or pitching. but he couldn't get a smile from one tough fan, he got to meet grumpy cat in super bowl city. the real name of grumpy cat, tartar sauce, not impressed. look at that grumpy face. just days before the new hampshire primaries, the candidate will be putting on the miles all around the state, at least some of them will. the surprising list of who won't be meeting with voters before tonight's republican debate.
5:27 am
coming for a marine who had to
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>> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz "this morning" . . >> yes, it's in. good morning, everybody, 5:30 on this saturday morning, you made
5:29 am
konl connoll -- kerry connoly along with pamela gardner. >> yeah, i wasn't prepared today, we very wet snow and once the temperatures drop to below freezing and once that sunsets, it is instantly froze. so it's just a sheet of ice out there. untreated surfaces. temperatures running in the teens, single digits, or in the 20s depending on where you are, 25 boston, seven degrees nashua, 19 worcester waking up to 12 in taunton. it's a beautiful scene, if you don't have to be out and about too much, all the branches out there, the trees covered in the snow, we didn't have a lot of wind to knock it off, and it is just glorious out there. 24 hour temp change, you see temperatures running way colder compared to this time yesterday in all locations. and we'll have a brilliant sunrise, once that sun gets high in the sky, a clear sky on satellite and radar and nothing heading your way, the hour by hour forecast except
5:30 am
afternoon, temperatures in the mid to upper 30s, thanks to is that snow pack out there. coming up, our next chance for snow. when that may arrive in just a few minutes, kerry. >> all right, pamela, thank you. right now a look at some of our other top stories beginning with the very sad story, yesterday snow's storm has taken the life of a little girl. kaleigh kenyon died after being struck by the branch of a tree. the 6-year-old was playing in the backyard of her canton home when the branch suddenly collapsed under the weight of the heavy snow. after the deadly accident, canton police used social media urging people to stay indoors because of the number of branches coming down. the man killed in a crane collapse in naunt was a har graduate. he was on the sidewalk when he was suddenly killed. workers were trying to secure
5:31 am
crashed across two city blocks. it's been a nonstop rescue effort in taiwan after a major earthquake there at least seven people including an infant and a 10-year-old girl were killed after the 6.4 magnitude quake struck at 4:00 in the morning. at least 249 people have been rescued from heavily damaged buildings. many were pulled out of the 17-story apartment building that pancaked during the tremor. three days until that new hampshire primary until now, hillary clinton and bernie sanders have been pretty civil to one another, but the closer we get, the more that's changing. our coverage begins with louisa moller. >> reporter: energy surged through manchester's verizon center friday night. the sound of the 6,000 person event galvinizing new hampshire's -- galvanizing new hampshire's democratic party. a final push for hillary clinton and bernie sanders before the
5:32 am
and it's safe for them to speak to a safe and eager audience. >> new hampshire's never quit on me and i'm not going to quit on you! >> reporter: repeat the beliefs. >> so, i say to the billionaire class, we are going to create an economy that works for working families, not just to the people on top. >> reporter: to find who they are. >> because you are a president who will roll up her sleeves and make a difference in your lives! >> reporter: for fond passion. about her, she's the most qualified to be president. >> reporter: with more pick. want everything done. >> reporter: the question, which narrative will win out,
5:33 am
politician or the political revolutionary? we'll have to wait until wednesday, louisa moller wbz "this morning". the candidates are doing what they can to separate from the very large pack. even if it means going after one another, kate merrill continues our coverage. >> reporter: the snow didn't stop days before the primary. ted cruz had [ indiscernible ] [overlapping] accusations [ indiscernible ] in iowa, telling voters ben carson had dropd out. meanwhile -- dropped out. meanwhile, marco rubio had a pre debate where he introduced his family and tried to fend off attacks about his accomplishments. >> thank you guys. >> reporter: one of those attacks came from jeb bush who spent friday campaigning with his mother and former first lady barbara bush. summing up rubio's nothing. and chris christie, who picked
5:34 am
endorsement told the town meeting in dover to not reward those who don't show up in new front runner donald trump. and trump did not make it to the granite state. he blamed the weather for not making his appearance. instead, he rallied voters in south carolina. and the republicans all have a very busy week ahead in new hampshire. trump telling us he'll be adding more events throughout the week, keep up with his rival's ground game, something he did not do in iowa and it cost him. in milford, new hampshire, kate merrill, wbz "this morning ". >> and wbz is your election station, our liefk coverage live coverage of the new hampshire primary begins at 5:00 on wbz. pleading not guilty to charges she hit and killed a runner while she was high on drugs, 32-year-old amanda russell, a nurse at beth israel
5:35 am
she died a few days later. kathleen pa it tello of hanson was under several drugs was driving. a professor in a sex ring arrested using an online ad to try to hire a prostitute. bill shields has the story. >> reporter: he's a 63-year-old professor at northeastern, dr. shapiro has now been charged with soliciting sex. >> [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: it happened last night at this back bay hotel, police say earlier in the day, dr. shapiro was online trolling, and came across an escort website. he arranged a meeting at the hotel. but the so-called escort was a boston undercover cop. according to the police report, shapiro told the escort that he wanted the girlfriend experience
5:36 am
shapiro issed a professor of if i loss -- is a professor of philosophy at northeastern, where school said the status will be investigated. in boston, i'm bill shields, wbz news. and from now on, no one under 18 will be allowed to use tanning beds in massachusetts. governor baker signed the bill in to law, saying it will help reduce the risk of skin cancer in young people. words of wisdom from an nfl hall-of-famer to his son, coming up, jackie slater shares the advice he gave to matthew shaiter about play -- slater about playing football for a living, pamela? we have an icy cold start to the day, no new snow accumulation expected for the rest of the day, and we'll have filtered sunshine helping to start the melting process. temperatures above freezing impact highs 38 degrees today, tracking the next potential for snow early theks week though -- next week though, we'll go through the latest info in just a few minutes, trivia time, when a glass pain is -- pane is
5:37 am
moderate moist air, what type of frost performs, invection frost, rind, white frost?
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how do you reimagine "banking"? you start with this... then you make it... nothing like this. you make a capital one caf\. someplace more relaxed. with free wi-fi and banking advice... without all the "double talk." and checking accounts with no minimums... or fees. then you design a top-rated mobile app that makes banking as easy as this. that's banking reimagined. what's in your wallet? well, good morning, everyone, welcome to san francisco home of super bowl 50,
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denver broncos, all the big names starting to show up. hall of fame luncheon. one of the legends at that event yes, hall-of-famer jackie slater. i asked him what it's like watching his son play in the national football league. >> i should've told you before that i did everything i could to discourage him playing football. but, you know, he's grown, and he has an unbelievable determination, always has, and i just sit there like any other parent would, and i hope that he gets up and i hope he's doing well and, you know, when he's hurting, nick, he doesn't talk to me very much. [ laughter ] i can always tell when something's bothering him, i don't hear from him. >> reporter: robert croft also at the hall of fame event, devastated by andreas and talked
5:40 am
for the pre game certify mroen -- ceremonies calling itselfless and a good representative of the pats and the players. goodell gave the speech and spoke for about 45 minutes all aspects on the nfl. fall. and whether or not is the nfl will again suspend tom brady if that ruling is overturned. >> this is not the, an individual player issue, this is about the rights that we negotiated in our collective bargain agreement. we think they're very clear, we think they're important to the league going forward and we disagree with the district judge decision. we are appealing that which is part of the legal process. i'm not focused on it right now, i'm not going to speculate what we're going to do dding on the -- depending on the outcome. we'll let the outcome be dictated by the appeals court. when it happens, we'll deal with it then. >> reporter: roger goodell, let
5:41 am
remember, wbz is the only place to see super bowl 50 kickoff between the broncos and panthers, that's 6:30 on sunday night. how about them celtics? how about them celtics? taking on the caves last night -- cavs last night, from a deficit in the 1st quarter, time running out of the game and bradley gets the buzzer winning to win it for the celtics, 104-103 the final. that's eight wins and nine games for the surging celtics. oh, man, just can't get enough. super bowl 50, that's more than just 24 hours from now. that's the story here in san francisco, i'm steve burton, guys back to you. >> all right, thank you, steve. right there. you know, if they say you push right here, it makes your sneeze, did you know that trick? >> or watermelon.
5:42 am
got to work, that's the one. >> whatever it takes. so it's quite chilly out there this morning, quite icy as well, it if you're going out, even if you're running out to take the dog for a quick walk, be careful. >> very icy out there and roads pretty good, actually in boston. the main roads definitely okay, but it's really in the suburbs once you get in the back roads where we have icy patches. we had some good plowable snow yesterday, hopefully we're able to keep up with the snow accumulation and hopefully you were able to shovel the driveway, et cetera. from the storm yesterday. 6.8 inches of snow in boston, worcester recorded 12.5 inches of snow so far this season, we're below the average numbers for both city locations. here in boston, so far 17.2 inches of snow below average at this point in the season. 24.8 is where we should be. but, it looks like we'll get another shot at some snow, coming up monday in to tuesday. i'll show you the timing of that in just a minute. temperatures running in the
5:43 am
couple single digits out there too. nashua seven degrees, 25 in boston, taunton 12, 21 in chatham, the fresh snow pack overnight and a clear sky allowing for most of the heat to escape from the atmosphere. that's the way temperature -- that's why temperatures are so brutally cold. wind chill temperatures running in the teens and single digits here. feels more like seven degrees in worcester, 16 in boston. and later today, we'll get a little bit of a wind shift coming from the southwest, helping to increase temperatures just a little bit. but also, helping to keep the wind a little bit gusty later today. feeling a little uncomfortable at times, hour by hour forecast, temps in the 30s, 36 degrees by noon and high temperatures will be in the mid to upper 30s across the board. lows tonight, back in the 20s with some teens likely in the suburbs, again some icy spots expected. and our next big question: when are we going to see snow and from what system? it looks like we have two chances in your hour by hour forecast.
5:44 am
it's going to stay dry the next couple days. sunday 8:30 p.m. starting here. the low pressure system right off the coast here. another low pressure system in the great lakes, monday morning, we're going to be wedged in between the two. but the one of concern for monday, afternoon monday evening is this coastal low here. if this tracks close enough to us, which at this point it looks like it will, plowable snow accumulation right along the eastern coastline and the cape and islands. and we will see some snow, showers developing in the higher elevations as well going in to tuesday morning as the second low pressure system starts heading our way. so, we'll be watching the time frame of this very closely, especially with the latest forecast model updates coming up r coming out, we'll give you the latest information. big potential for snow, wind, and coastal concerns too. stay tuned, we'll put snow totals on this pretty soon. but for now, your seven day, we keep it dry, sunny tore today and tomorrow. 40 degrees, the warmest day of the next seven and then back to
5:45 am
the early part of this next week. weather trivia time, this one comes from dave in milford, our friend dave. when a glass pane is exposed the very cold air on the outside of warm moderate air on the inside, what type of frost can form? what do you think? >> sfil wait -- still waiting for my hint, checking my e-mail, not seeing any. let's go with 'd'. >> oh, it's 'a'. >> oh, rats! burn frost. yes. yeah. meteorology. >> spurn frost. i guess i missed meteorology >> it's okay! [ laughter ] well, their friendship was forged in a war zone. coming up, our cameras are there as a marine reunites with a dog love this!
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welcome back, 5:53. no matter how many times we cover them, we never get sick of seeing soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines reunited with loved ones after a combat tour. sometimes those reunions extend beyond the families ajulie lon -- as julie loncich found out. >> reporter: the wait was agonizing, former corporal smith
5:48 am
-- duschka was back in his arm, she was 2 months old when she were trait spraited -- separated in november, he found the puppy while clearing, fed her and decided to keep her. spca international sought to it that he did. their operation baghdad operation pups was able to get duschka out of iraq and reunite her with her hero as they have for hundreds adopted by aw branches of the mill -- all branches of the military. what was it like tonight when you saw her? >> great, really. missing her. she always follows me around, she followed me around to our camp one day, i just kept her. built a dog house. >> everywhere one -- every one of them tells the same story, gets them through day to day, having to leave her behind is really not something that anyone can think about. >> reporter: we waited six hours to see christopher smith come through those doors, i have
5:49 am
friday night she and christopher smith were off to dracut to see family and friends before eventually heading home to vermont. at logan airport, julie loncich. a private potty with its own following on social media, what's so special about this very functional installation,
5:50 am
well, when you got to go, now you can go to cambridge. >> uh-huh. >> and the city missed all -- a new toilet, called a portland blue. portland, oregon, was the first to debut the model and it's bare bones. there is no running water inside or a mirror and baras the the top and bottom that allow police to make sure only one person is using it at a time. interesting. >> and all of those measures are to discourage illegal activity that sometimes happens in public bathrooms and it opens on friday. d new lu. there you go. and top stories and an update on the accuweather forecast coming up at the top of the hour and on this citizen morning. you're watching wbz news. stay with us.
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