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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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of overwhelming shock that two people died in the same type of bizarre accident. >> we've been thinking about his family all day. >> friends surrounded the home. he was clearing the backyard ice rink when of tree limb fell from 45 feet. it was late friday night and firefighters happened to be responding nearby to another call when a neighbor ran to them. >> he did not hear it and had no time to react. he died sunday evening. the second death caused by a falling branch in the town. >> six-year-old kaylee died from her injuries on friday. she was playing outside when this -- a tree ran -- a tree limb -- cracked under the snow. >> we tried lifting the tree and it was that dick in
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diameter and it was hard to lift. >> at the play they held a moment of silence. the father was a leader in the hockey program. cantons fire and police chief counted them as their friend. they summed up how many people feel. >>reporter: tomorrow afternoon grief counselors will be here at the elementary school period reporting live in canton. we saw a lot of snow lines today. >> definitely melting going on another storm. let's check with barry burbank. high pressure to ourselves with the southwest wind. the storm is not imminent. what we have coming in tomorrow is an approaching cold front it
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southwest to an east north east. the storm is all on this system down here just starting to develop. this one will intensify explosively, however, it's not going to take a track directly at us but the spiral bands will spring there swing out at us and that's why we are talking about some snow but should not be a direct hit. that's the way looks now three to 6 inches. then three working to 1 inch as you had farther to the north and west of boston. i will have the details for you on the storm coming up. back to you, can. >> thank you, terry. wrecking news now. south korea says north korea launched a long-range rocket. the north is testing band technology. secretary of state john kerry
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korea said it was a peaceful satellite launch. the west says it is assessing the situation. now at 11:00. >> the notion that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. >> there it is. >> there it is, everybody. the memorized 25 speech. >> fireworks as republican hopeful debate before the final time. tonight's debate finished one of the most awkward candidate into since. >> when all seven candidates finally mean it the men fought tooth and nail to sell their points. we have live team coverage in manchester, jim? >> kim, it was awkward. the candidates could not here their introductions because of crowd noise so they bumped into each other backstage. there were no grand entrances
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on stage things got interesting. >>reporter: with the primary only days away seven candidates make their case. donald trump asking at -- answering the questions about his finger on the button. >> i was the one who said don't go and don't do it. i'm not one with the trigger. >> ted cruz raised the -- the concern but saturday night he held the fire. >> he said he does not have the temperament. >> i think that is an assessment the voters will make. they will assess who is levelheaded. >> i respect what ted just said. but as you notice he didn't answer your question. >> the biggest battles were between chris christie and marco rubio. >> i like marco rubio but he does not have the experience to be president. we watched it happen for the last seven years, the people of
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new hampshire are smart. >> i think the experience is not just what you did but how it worked out under chris tracy's governorship they been downgrading the -- downgraded nine times in their credit rating. we don't need to elect someone who has experience in -- destroying credit. >> unfortunately it did happen and it gives us a very good example of certain types of washington ethics. >> bush played up his experience. >> we had eight hurricanes and two tropical storm's and 16 months. the whole state was turned upside down. required a steady hand. >> asic was kinder and gentler on immigration.
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and never get on the path to citizenship and get legalization. >> and on and on it went. it's unusual this late to have this many candidates still on stage at a debate still with viable candidate sees. will we have that many after tuesday's primary x that is anybody's guess. >> jim, i think some people were expecting a kinder gentler debate but it seems like they were more willing to push the envelope. >> it vacillated. a time some of the candidates thought it would be just thought ted cruz tried to be statement like and even donald trump tried to hold back and then it erupted especially between chris christie and marco rubio and then they all sort of when added and that is instructive for voters not to mention interesting for the likes of us expect quickly, jim, do you think any candidates hit a homerun tonight that will boost them?
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not see any really explosive moments or any knockout punches. i think the interesting thing to see is if donald trump wins the primary election. will marco rubio come up and overtake ted cruz? that would be an interesting development going forward. there's a lot of dynamics there but it did not seem as if there was a make or break moment tonight, in my estimation. >> jim smith live frese manchester. thank you. hillary clinton and sanders held get out the vote events. lisa is live in portsmouth. loisa >>reporter: we are down to the wire. we have two candidates that despite perception are not miles apart. what bernie sanders and hillary clinton tried to do is distinguish themselves and of
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>> [ cheering ] >>reporter: hillary clinton's latest event had moments of pure adrenaline and support from senator al franken from minnesota. >> we know what it takes to get things done and that's why we want hillary clinton as our president. to this is a woman whose skills are battle tested. >> i will defend social security against ted cruz and all the rest of them by -- want to end it by privatizing it. >> i'm continually impressed with her intelligence and how she repairs -- and how she answers questions. >> brandon followed hillary in 2008 and eight years later his daughter is with him. >> how are you feeling right now? >> very excited.
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>> a different narrative playing out. he is new to them. his ideas are revolutionary despite more than two decades of service and congress. >> what you have seen over the last 30 years is a massive we -- redistribution of wealth. >> sanders hopes his a fresh image can take them to victory on tuesday. >> just to give you an example of how important new hampshire is, in a university national poll clinton and sanders are neck and neck. 42%. wbz is the place for all of your primary results. join us for live coverage on tuesday all night long. football finest heading out with hollywood stars. the red carpet was out and steve burton was there in joins us live from san francisco.
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steve? >> we're live at football on the eve of super bowl 50. this is the fifth year the nfl has done the of -- this event. the big award mbp cam newton won the award over brady, he came in second tied with carson palmer. is it the big night before the big game? yes. it's big. big time celebrities. just like the oscars for the football world. i was asked -- was able to ask one of brady targets what it was like to get the red carpet treatment? >> it's great. i enjoy it. all these great players i adore being here. it's a blessing for me to play the game and do the things i've
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done to take after these guys. >> it was good to see him on the field and he will be on the phone -- on the field along with tom brady. there you go and we have much more coming up back to you. >> don't miss super bowl 50 right here on wbz. you can also watch the game online. cbs is streaming the super bowl for free on and use the app to steit -- stream with roku or apple. still to come, frightening moments and bedford. >> a carjack picks a pickup truck with the woman inside. >> new developments on a midflight explosion and what we just learned about the blast that ripped open a jetliner. >> the races onto save lives after strong earthquakes.
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be a super storm over the oceans. very intense. not look like it's went to england. details on my forecast and i will see you in just a minute. now it's new hampshire's turn, see who we choose in this dangerous time. one man stands above. he's not flashy, not rude... he's steady, he's tested and proven. he's a president, strong and safe again. for america, jeb bush.
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from postal workers to nurses... he's been endorsed for real change: bernie sanders. endorsed by friends of the earth action as "a bold, fearless voice for the planet." the nation endorses bernie saying, "you can trust sanders because he doesn't owe his political career to the financial overlords." the nashua telegraph declares: "he's not beholden to wall street money." "sanders has been about the treatment of for as long as we can remember." i'm bernie sanders
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buyer and best -- fire investigators stick careless smoking caused the deadly blaze. a woman in her 60s was killed on park street. no one else was on -- home. a quincy man charged with carjacking -- carjacking. the wood victim was waiting in the truck while her husband when in. police stop the truck just a few minutes later. a developing story. a somali official says it was a bomb that caused this hole in a jetliner. the blast killed one person very likely the bomber himself and forced the pilot to make an emergency landing. people have arrested six people based on surveillance issues captured -- surveillance pitch
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tom o'brien a retired schoolteacher was in the big apple to visit his daughter. he was killed by a crane and they will access the computer to figure out what what -- what went wrong. in taiwan a rescue team searching for survivors after powerful earthquake. the quake turn -- killed 18 and more than 130 are missing. most were sleeping when the 6.4 earthquake hit. so far search cruz pulled nearly 250 people from the rate here. nine buildings collapsed in the quake. barry joining us to talk about the next storm coming in and then good news is not like the one we just went through. >> we lowered the boom as we go through the week. terrible.
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very intense ocean storm. it gets nervous when we see something of that magnitude but it doesn't look like we will have anything out of that. a beautiful shot from yesterday, this is beautiful and thanks to everyone for sending all the pictures and another stunning shot here with hundreds and hundreds here. in this morning when the sun came out, what a beautiful moment to take a picture. 37 degrees and that was the average high. we only made it to 35 so a little bit below average. the record for the state 57 back in 1909. boston temperature 31 degrees and wind out of the southwest and 9 miles per hour. that's the warm weather wind direction. we are warming up for tomorrow at least a half a dozen degrees higher than it was today. spots in low-lying locations and some of the deeper valleys
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going to go down too much more. if you spots may be down to the lower 20s and lower -- up to 42 or 43. during the afternoon we see another area of high clouds that are pushing up to the south much like we saw this afternoon. sort of a beautiful sunset today so we will see that off and on tomorrow night and the storm at sea will be coming up here but it may be warm enough to have some rain in the kink. mid 30s they are so sticky wet snow and then this man start to pivot northwestward during monday morning so it's snowing and busting mid to late morning and may move up to extreme southern new hampshire and expand into massachusetts. that should be about it. most of the energy is spent way out at sea. maybe monday night or tuesday
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about 3 inches around boston in five or six as you head over to parts of plymouth county and down towards the cape. that's the way it works for monday and tuesday and this is the storm that's big with all the energy tied up with it. we have number two and three here but those only produce periods of light snow on tuesday and still concerns about snowfall wind and coastal flooding and there may be coastal flooding. even though we won't get a huge amount of precipitation. i still have low confidence on the precise outcome. we have a pretty good handle on being not a big storm at all. we have a coastal flood watch upper morning through monday afternoon as well but we are watching is a buildup of extreme cold air in canada. frigidaire is plunging southward and that will get here coming up this week. let's take a look at that once
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again. the forecast we are looking at forecast in the lower fork it -- lower 40s tomorrow and 32 and we watching the storm as the snow comes down but only 3 inches of snow seem likely and then an appearance of light snow flurries on tuesday. the primary should be pick up there either and next weekend is really cold. >> don't talk about it. we don't want to hear about it. >> very, very cold. >> straight ahead warm temperatures and the bruins are back on guard could they be the sabres for the second time in three days?
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welcome to nfl owners night, everyone. if tonight honors are any indication of how the game will
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go may be a tough time. coach of the year ron revere. mvp cam newton. tom brady and carson palmer come on tied for second. great night all the way around san francisco. panthers and broncos were safely in their hotels resting up and they both had final walk- throughs levi stadion opposed for team photos. they had selfies taken today. no awards for the patriots it tonight. we have a quick hello from bronk. cronk did get to present an award with ms. universe. >> i said i would do anything to meet ms. universe, the producers told me all i had to do was come out here and read
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i thought how tough is that. >> apparently, it tougher than you think. expected miss universe -- miss universe just take a shot at ground? the play of the year went to the green bay packers. a proud product of st. john's of shoes vary who may have had the line of the night. >> i really don't have much to say [laughter] on the other rogers on the team so [ laughter ] i will leave it out to aaron. [ cheering ] [ pause ] the night. well done richard rogers. tom brady will be here tomorrow and joined by other past mvps of the super bowl along with his former team out -- teammate branch.
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brady and why tom is taking the time to come there. >> he's a fighter and overall these guys are pulling for him and they did everything they could do -- they could to leave their captain to the super bowl but they came up a man short and it's back to the drawing board. i enjoy it. >> that's dion for you. we have the game here to around -- tomorrow night kickoff is it 6:30. danny, from the streets of san francisco a back to you. >> bruins at the garden on the backend of a home, boston taking the first. no score 1st period bruins with the great forecheck. david founds -- finds louis erickson and he puts it home 1-
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period the fuller -- buffalo and the game would go to overtime tied 1-1 in the overtime brasch -- brad gets grabbed and take a closer what -- look, -- tough call and would lead to a penalty shot. he beats leonard with the rear penalty shot and game-winning goal in overtime. 24th and 9th gold -- goal and bruins win it to-1 period bruins take on the l.a. kings. >> hoodie. in the super bowl? >> i like the panthers. >> i agree with you. >> if that means anything. >> get ready for cuteness overload. >> trade ahead.
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you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store. right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number. this is the cutest thing it we've seen in a while. look how fast this cup is growing. this is nora. she was born in november and she's 18 pounds at and walking around. her name is a combination of her parents. she looks like her dad. >> kate wants that bear and the worst way. >> it's going to stop growing today right?
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>> yet. >> and i sunday coming up. it doesn't look like a big storm. >> that does it for us on this saturday night. >> live fixed -- live picture from san francisco.
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announcer: an ambitious freshman senator. can you name any accomplishments? [stopwatch ticking] even his own supporters can't name one. santorum: the bottom line is, there isn't a whole lot of accomplishments. announcer: we tried a rookie senator with no experience. and we can't afford that risk again. marco rubio simply isn't ready for the biggest job right to rise usa is responsible
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