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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  February 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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right now at 4:30 a live look over boston. a lot of wind and we have a team of meteorologist in tracking the winter weather. >> we will have the hour by hour forecast. the big storm moving south and east the latest hour by hour on the wind as well. >> primary counsel down -- count down. how the candidates are spending their phenyl day. >> and super bowl sell brag for the broncos. big moments on and off the field. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning to you.
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february 8th i am kathryn hauser. >> i am chris mckinnon. more snow on the way. we will start with danielle niles. >> look at this shot and look at the counterclockwise spinch the storm center is well -- spin. the storm center is well over the atlantic. the ocean and wind coming off the water. p so bands of snow will develop and move from south to north during the course of the mork. morning. a little light snow coming down on the islands and cape and this snow is going to back up and move in from south to north over the next several hours of the as it does so temperatures will col and we have blizzard warnings up for plymouth county back to the cape. let's go through hour by hour. the snow vans gradually northward and maybe a couple snow showers ahead of the steadiest snow with the onshore flow. through late morning the snow fills in by midday and there's deep blues in here. so snowfall rates 1 to 2 inches per hour at times.
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will be a lighter consistency compared to the last storm. it won't be as wet and pasty snow. cape. 5 p.m. still bands of snow that rotate point. we are going to continue with areas of snow into the first part of the overnight even into very early tomorrow morning. the bulk of the snow will lift north and leftover snow showers and flurries coming in off the ocean as we head into tuesday morning. so he snowfall accumulations we are looking at 3 to 6 when you get outside of 495. 6 to -- 9 including boston and most of metro west. 9 to 12 out of boton time cape and islands and -- boston and the came and islands. and there may be some bands in canal. last storm we didn't worry about wind or coastline but pamela gardner is standing by and the wind is howling.
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and wind gusts between 35, 45 miles per hour in some spots. 45-mile-per-hour gusts coming off the ocean. 51-mile-per-hour gusts on the vineyard and wind will continue to be an issue. with the potential for power outages and also some wind damage. peak gust projection mostly on the came and -- cape and island is where we will have the wind but it's going to be pretty strong as we get to the north be a cape ann. we will keep you posted on any developments throughout the day. wind damage if we have any if we have power outages and snow totals once we get them. now back to you. >> thanks very much. a lot of kids waking up happy on this monday morning. another snow day for many communities. you can see the closings and delays along the bottom of the screen. >> they will be updating throughout the morning. as danielle and pamela mentioned with high tides today, some moderate coastal flood something likely. and that's always a concern along the cape and south shore. jim smith is live along the seawall in scituate for us. good morning jim.
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kathryn. certainly high winds and high tide a concern down here in scituate and i can confirm that yes indeed the wind is howling. we have high wind gusts fortunately right now. the tide is not an issue but as you mentioned later this morning 11:00 we are looking at a high tide and it should as luck would have it should be the highest tide of the month. so we have concerns about wind and visibility and, of course, the roads so plow crews down here in scituate and throughout the south. south shore are rate. ready to hit the road they get the equipment out even as we speak. no rest for workers in thecommunities. they are getting gear ready and everything all set between the town and private contractors, 46 pieces of equipment will be hitting the roads today here in they are ready. >> locks like a long during-- looks like a long duration storm so we will attack it. people in and out.
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much is going to be good to get out there and get-- make money. >> reporter: so many concerns down here in scituate and all along the coast here in massachusetts and down to cape cod and power outages during the storm. last the week that was a major issue and we had several towns down here without power. and some people for a couple days and we hope that does not happen. but it's not good news hearing that some of this snow at lowest might be of the heavy variety and they are getting ready for high tide and we will have complete coverage. gem smith wbz news now-- jim smith wbz news. >> mass mort warning airline travelers to expect cancellation and delays today. if you have a flight you are adviced to call the airline before heading to the airport. many airlines iniewshed travel -- issued travel alerts allowing passengers to change their flights and mbta is working around the clock to
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they hope to have the train and commuter rail service. green line d branch may experience some delays. this is because of signal problems. related to downed trees from friday's storm. and we should mention robi is monitoring the road and trains for problems. we will check in with him at the top of the hour. and you can always stay on top of this storm any time with the cbs boston weather app available in the apple and android stores. the final push for votes ahead of the new hampshire primary. a busy day ahead for the candidates with one full day of campaigning left before polls open tomorrow. most of the candidates will hold events in the granite state today. >> some of them node a strong finish to keep their campaign alive liam martin bins our coverage. >> tom brady. >> reporter: marco rubio holding a super bowl watch party sunday after a less than soup are debate performance --
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>> -- super debate performance. >> and the 25 memorialized speech. >> reporter: the florida senator offered the same quote four times. >> and this notion about a rock he knows. 25 second speech. the message. >> people think it's a bad thing i will say over and over barack obama is trying to change america. >> reporter: christie hoped that will boost him from the 6th place standing in the new hampshire polls. >> there was a march among some of the chatter in class to anoint senator rubio after last night i think that's over. >> we will do well. >> reporter: in fact all three governors in the race had strong showings at the debate all three desperately needing a strong finish in new hampshire. polls show donald trump was widening the gap before saturday's debate. questions remain about his ground game. >> i don't need your money. i need your vote.
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the average of the polls has domed trump up 16 points with rubio in second and cruz third and those three governors bunch closely behind. in manchester liam martin wbz this morning. to the democrats kate merrill is covering that race from manchester new hampshire for us. >> reporter: bernie sanders stepped on a portsmith stage greeted by a rock star. it comes hours after his quick trip to new york to be on saturday night live where he had fun with the message. >> i am so sick of the 1% getting the preferential treatment. >> reporter: and he he was back -- and then he was back at it for real. >> real change never comes from the top on down. it comes from the bottom on up. >> we have a few people here. >> reporter: for hillary clinton a quick run in now ham sure before leaving the state to head to flint michigan where they are facing a water crisis. before she left, she defended the timing.
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me to come and this is the tile that worked out for her. >> reporter: hillary was away her husband did stomping for her not shying away from the scandals including benghazi explaining to the crowd she takes responsibility and then fired back at republicans. >> there's a blame party. depending on which candidate and which day they blame the immigrants they blame the muslims and they blame president obecoma. >> reporter: hillary met with supporters when she returned sunday night saying she was glad she made it to flint but now it's time to focus back on new hampshire. both camps sanders and clinton have a very busy day later today kate merrill wbz this morning. >> and join us on primary night for complete coverage and analysis of the results as they come in. our live coverage starts tomorrow at 5:00. just will 4:40. coming up on wbz, the broncos
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>> and panthers licking their wounds this morning. carolina quarterback cam newtonis taking heat over the post game interview. >> and let's get a live interview we have changes to tell you about. a snowstorm is on the way. we have a team of meteorologists coming this and
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keeping our eye on storm for you this morning. taking a live look at scituate and we are talking about high tide coastal concerns with this storm that's coming in this morning. >> i think the biggest thing a lot people will wonder is how will it impact morning commute. we have school closings right that's updating throughout the morning and we have a team of meteorologists and pamela gardner and danielle niles. what is the timeline here? what can we expect. >> the snow is going to fill in between now and mid to late morning for most of us. and then the steadiest snow is coming down between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. so while the early morning may be okay in terms of the road conditions and snow not even falling in some spots it will
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of the day today and your absolutely right there's more impacts in terms of the coastline and blizzard conditions in southeastern massachusetts with blizzard warnings up minor to moderate pockets of coastal flooding from late morning to midday high tide. gusts 25 to 45 miles per hour inland and up to 65 miles per hour isolated at the coastline. live look at radar right now. temperatures 29 lowll and worester. we have -- worcester. we have observations of light snow from the vineyard to nantucket and a little on the cape too from chatham and back up to highanas. is many we will see if -- -- hyannis. that snow is going to be confined to the south coast between now and mid morning. but a couple of bands of snow showers coming in off the ocean will be the story between now and mid-morning. by 11 a.m. look at that. the snow shield fills in here. temperatures will fall. we are going to be running in
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so that's a big difference with this stormch the consistency -- storm. the consistency of the the snow is a lighter fluffier consistency mainly across boston and interior. temperatures around the freezing mark from the south shore to the cape it will be wetter. from southeastern massachusetts back down to the island. 3 p.m. notice still snowing. and at the height of the storm we are talking about snowfall rates of 1 to 2 inches per hour it's going to continue to notice on through the evening hours so this is an all day event once it starts and intensity and the covering of the snow -- coverage of the snow will taper off around midnight and notice tomorrow morning there will be pockets of light snow right at the coastline with some ocean effect bands coming in and enhanced coming in off the oh n. an exexpect -- expected know fall totals 3 to 6. in southern vermont 1 to 3. 6 to 9 in metro west including boston higher
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county and back down to southeastern massachusetts. 9 to 12. but there may be locally higher amounts. if we get some bands that come in off the ocean at 1 to 2 inches per nor snowing -- per hour snowing all day there may be amounts over a foot. blizzard warnings are in effect and other warnings as well pamela. >> multiple warnings and blizzard warning is the wind and low visibility and this is located on the south shore cape and islands. winds will be sustained or gusting up to 35 miles per hour with 3 hours in that chunk of time. so it doesn't have anything to do with snow but the snow making things worse. that goes until 7 p.m. winter storm warning until 7 a.m. tuesday in pink and winter whread advisory far -- weather advisory farther to the north a west. coastal issue here. coastal flood warning in effect to the south coastal floodadvisory in the brighter green from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
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high tide and we expect minor to potentially moderate coastal flooding. beach erosion et cetera the typical stuff we experience with the coastal storms and winds off north eat at -- northeast between 35 and 45 miles per hour in most locations. we are getting wind gusts reporting pushing 50, 51 miles per hour on the islands. here's the forecast wind gusts this afternoon, extremely strong winds especially along the coastline, 5 p.m., winds start to take a turn a little bit coming from the north. later tonight and the winds start to subside. thanks to the friction of the land. but overnight lows tonight is going to get chilly and it's going to be icy. >> cleanup underway. overnight lows in the teens and 20s for most. high temperatures in the low 30s in a lot of spots and snow showers at the coastline you will see it here in the accu- weather seven-day forecast. today is the storm but look at light coastal snow tomorrow, leftover snow showers on
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may be a couple flurries around and really cold air comes in blustery to end the week and there may be a storm that scrapes by on saturday and arctic air in the teens you to you. >> a lot going on thank you very much danielle and pamela. super bowl 50 is history. winner. broncos quarterback celebrating another championship in what may have been his final game. denver's defense stopped the high powered offense. >> steve burton was on the fold for the celebration and has highlights from santa clara california. >> good morning. yes, we are here at levi's stadium in santa clara california with super bowl 50 in the books. manning and broncos defeated cam newton and panthers by a score of 24-10. for manning it's the second timing in four tries and perhaps the last and final game. broncos defense keep making big plays.
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up 3-0 miller strips cam newton jackson falls on the ball making it 10-0 in the first. fourth quarter panthers down 6 looking to drive. newton he gets strip sacked by miller and he is everywhere. denver recovers down at the carolina 5 yard line and anderson two yards out blast through the defense and that puts the broncos up 22-10 and peyton throws a 2 point conversion pass broncos go onto win super bowl 50, 24-10. peyton manning didn't say just yet if he would retire. >> it's been an emotional week and emotional night and the night is just beginning i look forward to celebrating with my friends and family and i think i will take sometime after that and like i said i am going to enjoy tonight and take it one step at a time. >> vaughn miller was super bowl mvp picking up where he left off against the patriots. now back to you.
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panthers quarterback cam newton facing criticism this morning for the post game interview. understandably upset the nfvmvp spent 2 1/2 minutes answering questions from the media before abruptly getting up and walking off the stage. the questions he did answer consisted most will have. ly of one word responses he did say -- mostly consisted of one word responses he did sayoutbankos outplayed him and -- out-- did bankos outplayed them -- broncos outplayed him. the police try to track down a suspect. >> chipotle restaurants across
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welcome back. it's 4 clp 53 right now. you're looking -- #:53 right now -- 4:54 right now. you are looking live in scituate. there's wind and snow and coastal concerns because of flooding today. we have danielle and pamela watching this for you. so we will have an update in a few minutes. >> the team of reporters is out there ready for the storm. former providence mayor cianci will be laid to rest today.
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at city hall all weekend. later today his casket will be taken to the cathedral of st. peter and paul by horse drawn carriage. the funeral mass will be at 10 a.m. he was 74 and will be buried at st. and hee-- ann' cemetery. cranton dealing with two tramming days 48-year-old man and a 6-year-old -- two tragedies. a 48-year-old man and 6-year- old girl killed when the tree limb fell on them. kaleigh kenyon was killed when she was playing in the snow. grief counselors were at her school and a gofundme page has raised nearly 30,000 dollas for family. of-- shall every chipotle will shut down. in december this was a outbreak of knowo virus and there have been cases e.coli connected to the restaurant in other parts of the country. at today's meeting they will
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procedures it has adopted. a lowll police officer is on adstraight he have live after shooting a suspect. police were called to a home invasion on pine street and say suspect timothy berry .ed a gun at police -- pointed a gun at police one officer fired multiple rounds and wounded him. his alleged accomplice was arrested on the scene. police recovered handcuffs and fake police badges. detectives believe the men were impersonating officers. police need help finding a bank robber and his accomplice. the robbery happened at the chelmsford stop and shop. they passed a note and got into the get away car they think it's blue toyota rav4 and the woman driving was wearing a pink sweatshirt. lucky dog recovered thanks to rescuers in weston. the dog fell through the ice in a small pond a firefighter put on a survival suit and jumped in the frigid water and pulled
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animal should be okay. >> that's scary. >> yes. up next the halftime show at the super bowl. >> it was a team effort from coldplay to bruno mars and beyonce.
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even a first dog getting in on the super bowl excitement. bo and sonny supported panthers and broncos jerseys and they were presents from gale-gale king -- gayle king. some people watched for the super bowl commercial and others for the halftime show. >> coldplay was the main act with bruno mars and beyonce joining them. many said between b stole the show. [ music ] >> right after the performance she announced plans for a world tour including a stop at gillett stadium on june 3rd. tickets go on sale one week from today. >> she owns it every time. >> yeah.
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>> every time i am in awe she has it.
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