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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  February 8, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> every time i am in awe she has it. >> that's for sure. your top stories traffic and weather straight ahead here on wbz this morning. >> the news at 5 starts now. >> right now at 5 a.m. trackinganother winter storm. the impact in new england on through the day today. >> and all eyes on new hampshire. candidates make the last-minute pitch to voters before the primary. >> and broncos are super bowl champions. celebrations. about. in boston. this is wbz this morning. >> good morning to you it's 5:00 i am chris mckinnon. >> i am kathryn hauser. thanks for being with us. it's 5 a.m. february 8th. people may be just waking up. maybe you didn't get a lot of sleep because you stayed up watching the game. >> we have weather to talk about.
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>> you know something is going is up. >> you know something is going on. ocean. we are getting grazed by it but that shows how big the storm is and how much moisture we have to work with we are talking island and cape cod. now. with some light snow from the vineyards stretching back up towards chatham and orleans. advance northward. by far the biggest impact will be through the afternoon and evening hours. the snow works its way northward by 6:30 a couple bands of light snow out ahead of the steadiest shields. that snow works north between now and late morning. pi 10:30 deep blues and ramps up quickly. snowfall rates 1 to 2 inches per hour at times right on through the early to mid
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the ride home still dealing withlight to moderate snow. a enoughyer consistency because temperatures will be in the 20s. the exception is the cape and islands where it will be a little bit pastier. not as heavy as last time and gradually the snow will taper off after midnight but tomorrow morning, there will still be light pockets of snow at the coastline with temperatures running in the teens inland and 20s right at the coast. we may tack on an additional coating to an inch or two heading into tomorrow morning. this is just through the early morning hours tomorrow 3 to 6 inches outside of 495. 6 to 9 for most of metro west including the boston the tip of essex county may be 6 to 9 and 9 to 12 from the south shore to the cape with locally higher amounts possible at the coastline of plymouth county back down to the cape cod canal. the coastline. pamela gardner is standing by and the wind are howling out there this morning. >> reporter: yeah this storm system a totally different
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because we have the wind and coastal impacts. wind gusts between 35 and 45 miles per hour coming off the ocean from the northeast here. vineyard 47 nantucket 47 and p.h. wind gusts at this time winds gusting up to 50 miles per hour day. too. coastal flood warning in effect for the south shore and cape anne and coastal flood advisory for the north shore and up to cape anne from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. this afternoon coinciding with high tide and we expect roughsurf and waves moderate to minor flooding. another look at the 7-day forecast to let you know what comes beyond the big storm. >> reporter: it could be a hairy ride for a lot of you. many communities will not have buses on the road that's going to help a little bit with the side streets did you -- streets but not major routes. the expressway will not have an hov lane.
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hov lane that will not be available throughout the morning commute. >> thanks very much for the heads up. a lot of kids waking up happy today. they are getting another day off from school. >> and just to keep in mind you can see the closings and delays on the bottom of the screen and we have the live updates on cbs there's no day off for us. our team keeping an eye on developing conditions. jim smith is life in scituate but we will begin with chantee lans where blizzard conditions are expected today. >> reporter: that's right. good morning. it's quiet and snow has not started to fall but the wind is going to be a concern. our live truck was pushed driving on the highway from boston to here. i will step out of the way to get a better look of a what it looks like. it's quiet but i want to show you this store front sign since the wind is pushing it a little bit. so, as i mentioned the wind was
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now aside from the salt trucks and flows plows we have seen out here -- plows we have seen out here state police will be at full staff. 350 troopers will start this morning. and that's to work the day shift. another 200 will be working the evening shift. troopers will maintain a strong presence on the highways and they will be out this way on the cape starting the shift two hours earlier at 5 a.m. we will -- they will decide whether or not to close the bridges out here as well. now they also advice if you don't have to be on the roads, then stay off them. now we will continue to monitor the conditions out here and, of course, let you know once the snow starts to fall chantee lans wbz this morning. >> thank you very much. the storm is going to be hitting during high tide which means coastal flood something major concern on the south shore. >> and jim smith is life in scituate with his eye on that situation down there. jim. >> reporter: i will tell you
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-- kathryn scituate can't catch a break. the sea coast community bears the brunt of the nor easters and that will be the case as-- nor'easters and that's the case as the day goes on. the concern of high tide is at 11 and even though the tide is out right now, you can hear the roar from the ocean. and we have heavy heavy wind gusts and rough seas out there. so concern about so many things down here the high tide and visibility and winds and property damage and of course the roads and dpw crews are going to hit the road as you expect. it was a busy weekend no rest for the workers getting the gear ready. between scituate and private contractors, 46 pieces of equipment will be hitting the roads in this community today. and the drivers well, they say they will be ready for it. >> looks like a long duration storm we will look back at the best we can. try to save some fresh bodies
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>> the thing we haven't gotten much is it's going to be good to get out there and get-- make money. >> reporter: really seems hard to believe that not too long ago only about a week and a half or a couple weeks ago temperatures in the 50s. that all seems like a distant memory now. and once again the concern for mild to moderate coastal flooding coming up later this morning during the time of high tide. we will ride it out together. we will have live reports all morning long. jim smith wbz this morning. back to you guys. >> all right thanks very much. we appreciate it. 5:07. massport warning airline travelers to expect delays and cancellations at logan airport. if you have a flight call yourairline before heading to the airport. many airlines issued travel aall right allowing passengers to change -- airports have dash letters allowing passengers to change -- alerts allowing passengers to change flights. they hope to have train and
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regular schedule but the green some delays today. this is because of a signal from friday's storm. of course you can keep track of the storm with the cbs boston weather app available for free in the apple and android app stores. the fight for new hampshire is in the homestretch now. candidates are in the granite state trying to drump last- minute support -- drum up last- minute support. nicole jacobs is live with the tomorrow. >> reporter: of course one final full day of campaigning before it comes down to tomorrow. nation's first primary one that's proven to be crucial for candidates. in the final hours to get out the message, candidates are hoping that transitions to votes. >> i don't need your money i need your vote. >> reporter: polls show donald trump continues to lead in new hampshire there were other
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>> and then the memorialized 25 second speech that is exactly what the advisers dave him. >> reporter: a positive light chris christie exposing a less than stellar performance. >> the negotiation that barack obama is not true he knows what he is doing. >> there it is the memorialized 25 second speech. >> reporter: a trip to snl for bernie sanders. >> i am so sick of the 1% getting the preferential treatment. >> reporter: shows he can poke issues. the top down. it comes from the bottom on up. >> reporter: he leads in new hampshire now. >> we have a few here. >> reporter: hillary clinton training even after a much debateed trip to flint michigan during the state's water crisis. >> the mayor had been wanting me to come and this is time that worked out for her. >> reporter: her husband absence.
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which day they blame the immigrants they blame the muslims and they blame president obama. >> reporter: again polls have shown for sometime now that trump leads for the republicans and sanders leads for democrats but of course it comes down to exactly what happens tomorrow. that's the latest from coal jacobs. >> -- nicole jacobs. >> stay with wbz for complete primary. we will have results analysis and candidate reaction all night long starting tomorrow night. now to super bowl 50. let's talk about it right? a big game last night. peyton manning is he going out the broncos quarterback celebrating the super bowl win final game. >> steve burton is live in san francisco with a closer look at all the action. what a fun day steve. >> it was and san francisco has
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they didn't have the finish last year's did but it had a story book ending. manning and broncos defeated the panthers by 24-10 and now peyton manning has a chance to ride off into theset on top. that is. and let's look because manning taking the field for what could be the final rodeo but just like in the ncf the defense did damage. vaughn miller with the big strip sack. league mvp newton. jackson recovers and puts denver up 10-0. miller is stripped again. brofngos recovered that too -- broncos recovered that too. that set up a cj anderson touchdown. the game mvp with 2 1/2 sacks and denver had 7 sacks on the night. and after the anderson touchdown run manning threw for two point conversion to put them up 1. broncos won 24-10 and peyton went to second lombardi trophy after the game he still wouldn't say if he is
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but he did confirm some other >> thank you very much. >> i am going to take my kids to disneyland i didn't get to go back in 2006. so, i didn't get to go so i am going this year and it's more fun when you have your kids. >> how proud are you of your >> hello,. >> how proud are you of your dad? >> super. >> just like he did all week along leading up to the game he wouldn't answer whether or not he was going to retire and he probably didn't want to overshadow the teammates but broncos are the super bowl champions. now back to you guys. crazy day. >> thank you very much steve and this morning panthers quarterback cam newton faces criticism for the post game interview. understandably upset over the loss the nfl season mvp spent about 2 1/2 minutes answering questions from the media before abruptly getting up and just walking off the stage there.
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consisted mostly of one word responses. he did say the broncos outplayed the panthers and that his teamjust made too many mistakes. >> that's got to be tough after a loss and frustrating. >> yeah. >> and facing the media. coming up a. tragedy in canton the town rallying behind the family of young girl killed by a fallen tree limb. >> school officials try to comfort her classmates. good morning danielle. >> good morning. we are tracking the snow that will move in between now and late morning. snow continues through the day today. temperatures into the 20s. so it will be a fluffier consistency we will be back
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5:16 on your monday morning. we will take a live look at scituate. the seawall there as residents on the south shore get ready for some potential coastal flooding out there. >> i was noticing on the drive in how wendy it is out there. this early hour. that's another concern too. danielle this is going to be a different storm than friday. >> a lot of different impacts. so not only the snow but we get the wind and coastal concerns as well as we approach high tide later this morning. but i agree notice the wind early this morning even though
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in most spots so the monday storm impact in terms of traveling and commuting it's a low to moderate impact because the snow is going to be starting to advance in from south to north. it's on the cape right now and islands. and then after that, it's a high impact right on through the afternoon and evening. and because the snow intensity is going to be one to two inches. because conditions will deteriorate heading throughout the course of the afternoon. doppler radar 32 in boston. temperatures have been dropping all morning. that trend is going to continue as well. 36 on the vineyard with areas of light snow and that extends back up to chatham and seeing light snow here as well extending back up towards eastham and nantucket light snow. so we are not concerned with mixing. you see the green south of the island temperatures on the cape and eyeland will be dropping over the next several hours. so hour by hour between now and mid to late morning the snow will continue to advance over the cape and watch what happens. it fills in here between late morning and midday.
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in a couple spots and steadier snow moves in rapidly. 20s for most of us and including boston so the consistency of the snow is different than last storm on friday. it will be a lighter fluffier consistency for most of us. the exception the cape and islands. 1 p.m. notice the band of moderate to heavy snow blizzard conditions at. at the coast. gusts over 40 miles per hour now. through the evening, light to moderate snow continues and we will gradually taper look at midnight tonight. this is an all day event once it starts going early tomorrow morning the bulk of the steady snow is well to the north. look what happens, we get additional pockets of light snow and snow showers at coastline so that may reslicken roads in spot and bring an additional coating or an inch or two at the coast after today.
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to 6 inches outside 495 and could be more like 9 to 12 back cod. 9 to 12 with locally higher amounts. amounts over a foot can't be ruled out here by the time all gardner is standing by. we have the wind and waves and lots to cover. >> we do. and multiple advisories and warnings at this time. blizzard warning in effect for our friends in plymouth county on the cape and islands. this has to do with the wind sustained or gusting for three hours or more low visibility 35 miles per hour. until 7 p.m. a.m. from boston to fitchburg and winter whre advisory for our fends -- weather advisory for our friends in new hampshire. you live. take your time if you are heading out if you don't have to, don't go out. coastal flood warnings in
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advisory father to the north coinciding with high tide from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and this is before and after. with the chunk of time with the high tide anywhere from 11 a.m. to noon today. wind gusts between 35, 45 miles per hour but we are getting peak gusts of 49 miles fer hour in plim -- per hour in plymouth. and because of the wind and the pastier consistency of the snow to the south and east we expect power outages tree damage and even downed branches. might see isolated power outages farther to the north as well but a coastal concern here and all the snow will stick around for sometime and gets icy tonight danielle. >> yeah good point back in the teens and 20s overnight tonight as the snow tapers off and highs tomorrow right around or just over 30 that may be a little generous here with pockets of light snow that may linger in eastern massachusetts. check out the accu-weather 7- day a threat for snow each afternoon at the coastline
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wednesday and thursday features flurries and we turn blustery and cold to enin the 20s on friday and watching the storm for saturday that may graze by and brings arctic air in the teens for highs by sunday. traffic and weather together good morning. >> reporter: good morning we can see reduced volume as many people who are able to work from home will probably betelecommuting. for those heading into boston from the south we have something to tell you about. hov lane will be closed today on the expressway northbound due to the winter storm. and if you are taking the t they want you to know they are operating on a regular schedule today. a regular schedule if you are taking the buses and trains but of course because of the storm make sure to check the t's website or twitter. they have a good twitter page and will update you on the status of the trains and buses. chris and kathryn. >> thanks very much. 5:21. the town of canton dealing with two tragedies this morning. a 48-year-old man and 6-year-
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separate incidents when tree limbs fell on them. kaleigh kenyon was playing in the snow when a heavy branch dropped 34 feet and hit her. grief counselors were at her school yesterday a gofundme page has raised nearly 30,000 dollars for her family. buddy cianci will be laid to rest. he his pod yea was lying in repose all weekend. the body -- casket will be taken to cathedral of peter and paul. he was 74 and will be bur yod atst. ann' sem kir -- buried at st. anne. >> how officials are trying to use the celebration to raise awareness. >> and a live look in hyannis. chantee lan it is there and says snowflakes are starting to fall. >> we will stay on top of this storm for you and get you ahead of it.
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swing despite the zika virus which spreads through mosquitoes. they are handing out fans and t- shirts with pictures of mosquitoes to raise awareness as scientists in brazil found traces of zika in saliva in iewn and they say it -- urine and they say it raises questions about how it spreads. every chipotle in the country will shut down for four hours today. this is for a company wide staff meeting to talk about food safety. in december there was an outbreak of norovirus tied to the chipotle and cleveland circle there's e.coli in other parts of the country. at the meeting they will review new food safety procedures and how it's being adopted. 5:26. still to come in the next half- hour a closer look at this latest round of winter weather. we have got live reports from across the area. >> plus more on the big game. steve burton is live in san francisco with how tom brady was greeted at super bowl 50. danielle good morning.
5:25 am
everybody. and we are tracking the snow. temperatures will fall into the 20s this morning of the in the city of boston with snow around 8 a.m. or so in the city. it's going to ramp up from there and we will have the hour by hour timeline and wind and
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right now at 5:30, tracking another storm. big one out over the the ocean. latest hour by hour snow timeline and the latest amounts. >> plus a final push in new hampshire. what the candidates are doing to win over voters before tomorrow's primary. >> and a big win for broncos on the biggest stage. more from san francisco on super bowl 50. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning. it's 5:30 we have a lot to get to and i am kathryn hauser. >> i am chris mckinnon. it's monday february 8th and we are talking about another batch of winter weather and let's kick it off with danielle
5:28 am
>> you like this satellite and radar. >> there's a lot going on. >> it's a scary storm. >> it does. it's huge one out over the ocean. you can see the counterclockwise spin to the center of the storm is going to pass well south and east of nantucket and it's so large we get a lot of moisture and bands of snow will be advancing in over the course of the morning hours and in terms of where it is snowing right now not for most of us it's 32 in boston and temperatures have been dropping but a band of snow has been advancing out over the cape and islands. so light snow stretching towards the outer cape and chatham. light snow on nantucket that dropped to 34 degrees on the vineyard. it was 37 a couple hours ago. between now and mid to late morning, we may get a couple snow showers and flurries at the coastline. but notice what happens. snow shield fills in between late morning and the early afternoon. and ramps up from there. some deeper blues indicate moderate to heavy pockets of snow. blizzard conditions from plymouth to the cape throughout the course of the afternoon a
5:29 am
snow this time around with temperatures in the 20s and it will be a fluffier consistency than friday. for most of us the one exception is from the far south shore to the cape where it will be stickier and notice on through the evening hours, still bans of light snow that wrap up right around or just after midnight tonight. tomorrow morning there will be leftover pockets of light snow right at the coastline that may reslickent roadways for -- reslicken the roadways. 3 to 6 inches outside 495 and 6 to 9 for most of eastern massachusetts and 9to 12 from the tip essex to the south shore and cape cod with locally higher amounts possible. this is not the only concern. wind and coastline as well and the wind has been howling out there this morning pamela. >> reporter: yes you can feel it in the air. that is something is -- yes you can feel eye in the air that is something that is coming our way. the winds are strong along the came and islands. gusts between 35 and 45 miles per hour in a lot of spots
5:30 am
we had a wind gust earlier in the vin card of -- vineyard of 51. 41m p pt in boston and -- 41mph in boston. coastal flood warning to the south and coastal flood advisory to the north. high tides between 11 a.m. and noon and that's going to give us decent impacts along the coast. friday. we just had the snow now we have coastal impacts and wind. high impacts with the snow and visibility issues. impact. damage and outage moderate we expect scattered power outages once we get the snow to accumulate and way down -- weigh down the power lines especially. traffic and weather together nowrobi. >> reporter: slow out there right now perhaps people choose to being work from home if they have the looksry we have an issues -- luxury. we have a issue 93 southbound
5:31 am
blocked there to the south, the hov lane will not be opened on winter storm. 128 southbound bumper to bumperbetween route 37 and the split. the mbta says the t will operate on a regular weekday schedule but check the website and twitter pages for updates as this will undoubtedly >> thanks very much. we want to keep you up-to-date on the storm the latest round is expected to hit the cape particularly hard. >> blizzard conditions are expected later on. chantee lan it is live in hyannis. what are you seeing right now. >> reporter: i am seeing plenty of snow started to fall about 5 minutes ago or so. so the snow is here and wind also picking up as well. i will step out of the way so you can see. we are on main street in hyannis but this is the lamp post because it gives you a indicator of what the conditions are like out here with the snow and the wind. now aside from the salt and
5:32 am
police will be fully staffed 350 troopers will start this morning. and that's for the day shift. another 200 plus will be working the evening shift. and now they will maintain a strong presence on the highways they say. now they will be out this way on the cape starting two hours earlier. they should be on right now at 5 a.m. and now they will decide whether or not to close the bridges to the cape and now state police along with the governor is asking all people to stay off the road if you do not have to be. now in the meantime, we will continue to monitor the conditions here on main street in hyannis. reporting live from the cape, chantee lans wbz news this morning chris and kathryn. >> thanks very much we appreciate update and a big concern with any storm is the south shore. we are talking wind and coastal flooding. >> james smith is life in scituate and what do you see this? -- there? >> reporter: well he, no snow yet -- well, no snow yet but by the historic lighthouse in the town of scituate, we have some
5:33 am
ocean roaring even he though high tides are not going to a.m. so many concerns down here and high tide also property damage and also power failures because last week from that other storm many communities on the south shore did not have power. some folks without electricity for a couple days and people really worried especially those who live right along the water and we want to show you some of the preparations that are going on all weekend wind waves and blizzard conditions a real concern for homeowners on south shore and cape cod and coastal areas throughout new england. many people boarding up the homes covering up the windows and working with the dpw hoping to prevent any damage to all of those sea walls and some of the homeowners were kind enough to share some tips with us. >> wherever the water can come through, you always want to make sure that there's no obstruction and if it's going
5:34 am
wind and higher than average tides you want to leave. >> reporter: so once again no snow yet down here in scituate but a lot of high wind and they are expecting foul weather. high tide about 11 a.m. stay away from coastal sections unless you absolutely have to be there. so, should be a wild ride as usual down here in scituate. live along the beach, jim smith wbz this morning now back to you. >> thanks very much. he's pro and know what he is talking about. >> one of the things you should talk about is the high winds arethe snow is coming at an angle and sideways. >> yep we will keep you posted all morning. we are getting you closer to super bowl 50. >> steve burton is back on another what a title means to peyton manning and how tom
5:35 am
the nfl big night ending with a big win for peyton manning and broncos. denver celebrating another super bowl championship. >> but was it peyton's last big game. steve burton is live with much more. there steve. >> it's been great and you asked that question is it his last game it's a question he was not willing to answer especially last night. it's funny when he led the league in passing he struggled to win the big game last night he wins without being asked to do too much but denver's defense was too much for
5:36 am
bowl 50 but a -- by a score of 24-10. as for manning he is taking a field for what could be the phenyl rodeo. but denver's defense did the damage. vaughn mill wert strip stack of cam newton jackson recoughed for a touchdown to put denver up 10-0 like that late in the 4th, newton is stripped again. broncos recovered that one too. and that set up a cj anderson touchdown run to clinch it. miller was game mvp and denver had 7 sacks on the night. and anthony anderson touchdown run. manning threw for the two point conversion poo put -- to put denver up. broncos win 24-10 and peyton wins the second lombardi trophy but won't say if he is going to retire. i asked talib about the emotional pregame speech he gave. >> he he talked to the team half the night he got choked up didn't he. >> he did.
5:37 am
and made us laugh and it was heartfelt we felt how much he wanted it and felt how much he wanted it and we felt the energy in the room and got it for him. >> you think he is done? >> if he is done what a career. what a career. you finish over .500 two super bowls and 3-1 against tom brady and afc chips he got to go down in the conversation as the best. >> and speak of tom brady the pats quarterback arrived with his wife on the gold carpet and he was on hand for the special pregame ceremony to honor past soup he bowl -- super bowl mvps they booed him and he gave the thumbs up and must have been the bronco fans. no one wanted to see denver win but i will say this the season is over and denver wins and now the patriots gear up for 2016 that's how much we are looking ahead. now back to you. >> eye on the prize always.
5:38 am
appreciate it. hey that's a great point. patriots next season. >> i like that. i didn't like what they did to tom brady. >> sour grapes. >> get over it. coming up, latest storm track and time-lapse and check on the road. >> a live look outside in hyannis you can see the snow is falling and it's a little dark but it's falling. and we assure you chantee lan it is there and we have pamela gardner and danielle niles. two meteorologists keeping this all on track for you.
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hazelnuts and cocoa, the delicious taste of nutella takes pancakes to a whole new level.
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good morning to you it's 5:46 on your monday morning. you are look live at scituate the lighthouse there. we expect snow to move in later this morning. >> so what's the timeline that's the big question for many of you at home. let's find out danielle niles is tracking the snow. >> it moves in between now and late morning. it's snowing in the cape and islands but will fill in quickly especially by later this morning and the steadiest snow 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and you took a look at scituate where things are quiet but we will watch the coastline as we approach the late morning high tide. minor to moderate pockets of coastal flooding. blizzard conditions and southeastern massachusetts and the wind an issue gusting 25 to
5:41 am
miles per hour possible near the coastline. the wind is howling. here's a live look at the doppler radar where the snow is expanding over the cape and islands and deeper blue. and that's the only spot right now. temperatures have been falling too so it's 26 in worcester and 32 in boston. consistency of the snow is going to be a little different this time around than on friday because we will be colder. a little fluffier and the one exception is immediate south coast over to the cape. between now and 9 a.m. couple flurries and light snow showers firing up in eastern massachusetts and between 9 and 11 the snow spills in the mass new hampshire border. a heavy clip through the afternoon. 1 to 2 inches per hour in the heaviest bands. temperatures in the 20s for most of us. lower 30s on the cape and this is going to snow on through the evening and into the first part of the overnight reduced visibility and conditions detee
5:42 am
wraps up around or after midnight. leftover lingering snow showers and light snow right at the coastline. tomorrow morning may reslicken roadways in spots and otherwise breaks of sunshine across theinterior. expect know tomorrow morning 3 to 6 outside 495. 6 to 9 for eastern massachusetts including boston and could be higher amounts for the tip of essex county 9 to 12 back to the south shore and cape. locally higher amounts over a foot possible where the heaviest bands set up with ocean influence as well. so from kingston to plymouth to the cape cod canal. your reports are huge on days like today and pamela gardner is saying bye with a look at weather wafters. >> yes -- watchers. >> yeah weather watchers reports coming n as the day progresses we will watch for the reports to roll in here. and we will head as far south as we can get according to the weather watcher reports. denise has 35 degrees from plymouth. no snow and says she spent 15 minutes outside and it's wicked. winds gusting up to 51 miles per hour.
5:43 am
for the duration of the day. and it's going to potentially give us coastal issues with actually a flood warning coastal flood warning in your location there along the south shore. but, i had a school talk and we do lots of visits throughout the week and last thursday i went to lynn on thursday 5th graders loved talking about weather. they had a few questions about tornadoes and earthquakes and how el nino is affecting the winter and danielle they asked how about snow days do we have any. well here you go kids. right? you gave them a present that's so nice of you. a lot of snow days today. a lot of kids out playing absolutelych the wind is gusting over 40 miles per hour boston to plymouth gusts as high as 50 miles per hour. there may be isolated gusts that to out near -- top out near 60 miles per hour from the coastline of essex back to the south shore and cape cod a
5:44 am
so that i am anticipating to continue through the afternoon with pockets of damage that may result from the strong wind. wind piles up water which piles up the waves and we have reports of 10 to 15 foot seas just off the coastline. so a coastal flood' advisory up for -- flood advisory up for boston and southern maine for minor pockets of coastal flooding. coastal flood warning from cape cod with moderate pockets. high tide around 11 a.m. so it's two hours either side of that that we will watch the coastline. teens and 20th tonight and tomorrow left -- 20th tonight. -- 20s tonight. leftover snow showers on wednesday. flurries to end the week and blustery too. in the 20s on friday and cold they are weekend. teens for highs and we will watch another storm potential on saturday. traffic and weather together robi. >> reporter: a couple issues to tell you about south of the city. first the hov lane will not be
5:45 am
and right now the expressway north is stop and go between east milton and. and then needham police activity 128 southbound at highland total traffic network tells me part of the ramp to highland avenue is closed due to the police activity. disabled vehicle in needham 193 southbound at route 125. shoulder is blocked and if you are taking the t they are operating on a weekday schedule. check online for updates. >> good advice thank you very much. we will check in in a little bit. 5:51. this latest round of winter weather expected to hit the cape hard. >> we are expecting blizzard conditions there today. chantee lan it is live in hyannis. how are the conditions doing now. >> reporter: you can see the snow swirling in front of my face. the wind is picking up a bit
5:46 am
i will step to the side so you can get a better look. we will go up to the light postbecause that's a great way to see what the wind and snow is looking out -- looking like this way. according to the governor and police you are asked to stay be on them. we will continue to monitor theconditions and bring you the latest developments as they become available. reporting live on the cape, chantee lans wbz this morning. >> appreciate it. the storm hitting during high tide and that moons potential for coastal flooding a major concern for the south shore. >> the wind is a big issue this morning. jim smith is live in scituate this morning with a check ofconditions there. good morning jim. >> reporter: good morning. you have that right it's not snow at this . there's no snow in scituate but we certainly have a howling wind gusting maybe to 40 miles an hour pier outcally and you can hear the ocean roaring even though we don't have high tide until
5:47 am
morning out here by the lighthouse. everybody hoping the big boulders can do their job one more time and hold back the sea at least partially as we get to that high tide point. property damage obviously a big concern and power outages we had some of those last week during the other storm and here's hoping that doesn't happen again. but they are getting ready down here high tide right around 11 a.m. and no snow but the wind is howling. live in scituate jim smith wbz this morning. now back to you guys. >> thanks very much. campaign crunch time in new hampshire. candidates trying to drum up last-minute support before the big primary. >> nicole jacobs is live with a closer look at the final push. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you kathryn and chris. candidates are making their presence known here at new hampshire. for sometime donald trump led in the polls on the republican
5:48 am
was another candidate marco rubio really holding the spotlight after what some consider a less than stellar performance during the saturday night debate. bernie sanders leads hillary clinton. he had laughs on snl before getting back to the issues and clinton spent sometime in plint michigan during the water crisis. coming up at 6, more on what to expect from the candidates ahead of tomorrow's primary. live in manchester new hampshire this morning, nicole jacobs, wbz this morning. >> thanks very much. we have much more straight ahead on wbz this morning.
5:49 am
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big superstars for super bowl halftime show. >> coldplay was joined by bruno mars and beyonce. for many on social media they said she stole the show and beyonce announced a world tour and tickets go on sale next week for the stop in boton. wee we will keep you update on the the snowstorm.
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