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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  February 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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whoa look at hyannis snow falling on the cape. and we are tracking another round of winter weather danielle. >> it's coming in sideway was gusty wind. latest hour by hour timeline of the storm for the snow and winds. >> primary count down how candidates are spreading their phenyl day before new hampshire voters head to the polls. >> plus a super bowl broncos. field live in california. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this
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>> good morning to you. it's monday february 8th and we have a lot to talk about. a giant storm really a big system moving in i am kathryn hauser. >> another round on it's way i am chris mckinnon. we will look at scituate where the concern is the coastal flooding. we have a team of meteorologist in this morning and we will start with danielle niles good morning. >> we will watch the coastline between now and late morning for minor to moderate pockets of flooding. here is our storm. outer band look how big it is well south and east of new england right now. but we are talking about bands of snow expanding over the cape and island. let's zoom in a little bit and look at infrared satellite pictures. we have had bands of snow coming in we are in the lower to middle 30s in the cape and where the snow is coming down in spots right now from hyannis back down to the vineyard in nantucket. hour by hour the snow expands over the cape and there's been a little snow in eastern massachusetts too. but it fills in between mid to
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up to the new hampshire border by midday and deep blues. moderate to heavy bands of snow blowing and drifting it canly at the coastline to the cape withblizzard conditions and heading into the afternoon that snow will continue and this is an all day event gradually tapering off from south to north around or after midnight tonight. so conditions will deteriorate on the roads. and tomorrow morning some light snow showers right at the coastline and may reslicken things up. and in eastern massachusetts 6to 9 including boston and 9 to 12 from south shore to the cape with locally higher amounts. wind has been howling and storm. >> we are getting sky warn weather watchers peak gusts between 42 and 50 miles perhour a weather watcher 51 miles per hour in plymouth from denise. and we go to yarmouth. winds could gust up to 60 miles
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said and done and we have current wind gusts between 35, 45 miles per hour in most locations coming off the ocean. and because of the wind position because of the high tide, wean 9 a.m. and 1 -- between 9 a.m. and 1p.m. we are experiencing the potential for coastal flood. flood warning in the south and flood advisory to the north. beach erosion expected. we will keep you posted on additional reports coming up later. traffic and weather together now robi. >> reporter: pamela a few issues south of the sit they needham we are seeing slow -- city in needham we are seeing slow traffic there. was police activity on the ramp to highland avenue on 128 southbound but that's clearing. the expressway no hov lane today. right now that's jammed between furnace brook and 128 southbound crawling between 37 and the split. to the north a live look over 93 and summerville. 93 southbound has one slow
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133 in the andover trech. >> thanks very much. 6:0 -- stretch. >> thanks very much. 6:03 a lot of kids waking up happy because it's another snow day. >> and you can see the closings at the bottom of the screen along with delays and we have them on it's no day off for our team here at wbz. we are keeping an eye on all the developing conditions. jim smith where there's a definite concern for coastal flooding but we begin with chantee lans live in hyannis where blippard conditions are expected today. but -- blizzard conditions are expect for today but -- expected for today but right now light snow. >> reporter: that's right. the snow is picking up with the wind. face. i want to show you what the downtown. this is main street and the lamp post is a great indicator out here. state police are advising if
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roads today stay off them. there are 350 troopers that should be on across the state. many starting in the area a little earlier at 5 a.m. as well as the governor alsadviesing people to stay -- roads. we will monitor the conditions and bring you the latest developments as they become available. reporting live, chanee lans wbz news this morning. chris and kathryn. >> thanks very much for the update in hyannis as danielle and pamela mentioned, the high tides is a big concern because that means the possibility of coastal flooding. winds are a big part of the story. >> there's always that concern along the cape and jim smith has been live in sigh wit along the seawall all morning. what's going on there? >> reporter: well, i tell you scituate can't seem to catch a break or get away from the influence of the nor easters
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again we have another storm bearing down. it's still almost 5 hours away from high tide and you can hear the ocean roaring. no snow just yet but we have some high winds. i am concerned about the winds high tide. and also the roads. dwp crews going to head hit the roads. they had a busy weekend. they were getting the gear ready between scituate and contractors, 46 piece of equipment will hit the road in this -- pieces of equipment will hit the roads in this community alone and drivers say they are ready. >> looks like a long duration and we will attack it the best we can. try to save some fresh bodies rotate people in and out. >> the thing we haven't gotten much is it's going to be good to get out there and get-- make some money. >> reporter: so the plow drivers were not too busy three
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they are expected to have a lot of know. they are worried about the -- snow. they are worried about the high tide. jim smith wbz this morning. now back to you. >> thanks very much for hanging in there. we appreciate it. massport warning airline travelers to expect delays and cancellations at logan airport today. if you have a flight you are adviced to call your airline before heading to the airport. many airlines have issued travel alerts allowing passengers to change their flights free of charge. also the mbta telling us they are working around the clock to keep up with this storm and snow. and they hope to have train and commuter rail service running on a regular schedule today. the grown line d branch may experience delays because of a signal problem related to downed trees from friday's storm a quick reminder he keep track of the storm any time with the cbs boston weather a app available in the apple and android stores. the final push for votes ahead of the new hampshire primary tomorrow night.
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candidates with just one full day of campaigning left before the polls open up tomorrow. most candidates will be holding event in the granite state today. >> some of them need a strong finish to keep their campaign alive. nicole jacobs is live with more. good morning nicole. >> reporter: good morning to you. good morning chris. there's one final full day of campaigning here in new hampshire before the big day tomorrow but of course we know that it comes down to that phenyl vote and push which everyone is up for. in the final hours to get out the message candidates are hoping that transitions to vote. >> i don't need your money i need your vote. >> reporter: polls show donald trump continues to lead in new hampshire there were other candidates in the spotlight sunday. >> the memorialized 25 second speech that is exactly what the advisers gave him. >> reporter: a positive light shown by christie exposing a
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by senator marco rubio. >> this notion barack obama doesn't know what he is doing is just. >> there it is. there it is. the memorialized 25 second speech. >> reporter: a quick overnight trip to snl for bernie sanders. >> i am so sick of the 1% getting the preferential treatment. >> reporter: shows he can poke fun and get back to poking the issues. >> real change never comes from the top on down. it comes from the bottom on up. >> reporter: he leads in new hampshire now. >> we have a few people here. >> reporter: with hillary clinton trailing even after a much debated trip to flint michigan during the state's water crisis. >> the mayor has been wanting me to come and this is a time that worked out for her. >> reporter: her husband handling the stomping in her absence. >> there's a blame party. depending on which candidate and which day they blame the immigrants. they blame the muslims and they blame president obama.
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show donald trump leading the republican side here in new hampshire and bernie sanders for democrats. but it all comes down to exactly what happens tomorrow. we are live in manchester nicole jacobs wbz this morning. >> thanks very much. and join us on primary night for complete coverage and analysis of the results. live coverage starts tomorrow night at 5:00. coming up on wbz this morning the broncos celebrating a super bowl win. >> you saw the action right here on wbz last night. we will head out to california for a live report with our sports director steve burton. >> panthers licking their wounds. why carolina quarterback cam newton is taking heat over his post game interview. danielle busy morning. >> it is busy. we have got a lot to track. the snow and winds and coastal concerns. it's not snowing for host us. but later this morning and afternoon bands of moderate to heavy snow. we will talk about the timeline and how much to expect as you look live at highanas where the
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view of the action that's just out of this world. astronaut scott kelly took this peckture 17,000 hives above levi's stadium. he and five other astronauts watched the game on a small >> that's so neat. and from space this morning they are going to have a good england. now. >> this is hyannis where the snow has begun to come down and you can see the wind is whipping it up a little bit. >> the wind is a big part of this issue the storm system danielle and pamela here. danielle we start with you. what's the biggest concern. >> conditions will deteriorate quickly through the course of the morning and midday. it's not snowing in most spots right now that's confined to the cape and island. the snow will fill in. there he's concern for the coastline for flood and wind gusts of the monday storm impact for traveling and commuting, from mod it to a high impact by midday and on through the evening hours -- moderate to high impact by
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evening hours. doppler radar pretty quiet in a lot of spots. temperatures have been dropping all morning and it's 30 in boston. 23 in worcester and bands of moderate to even a couple heavier pockets here all the way from east ham to the deep aer blues here snows let up a little bit in intensity on vineyard andnantucket a brief lull but it's advancing to the canal and buzzard's bay. snow continues to expand northward. there's been a couple flurries in eastern massachusetts reported. and that's going to fill in between now and late morning. by lunchtime, rain snow line is back up to the mass new hampshire border. a different consistency because temperatures are colder. so a fluffier consistency to the snow for most of us. the exception is the far south shore to the cape. a little pay they -- pastier with temperatures around freezing. still talking about bands of moderate snow at the high of
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hour a times. even 11:30 tonight bands of light snow that will gradually let up around or after midnight. pockets of light snow showers early tomorrow morning. they will will be light coming -- they will be light coming off the coastline. expect snowfall through early tomorrow morning 3 to 6 inches north and west of boston. 6 to 9 for most of eastern massachusetts including metro west and the city of boston. eastern essex county to the south shore and cape it's 9 to 12 with locally higher amounts not out of the question. we get ocean enhancement here coming off plymouth county down to the cape cod canal. the wind the other aspect and it's howling out there. it has. >> the wind gusts are strong. between 45 and 50 miles per hour at times. and kind with the -- combined with the wind and heavy snow we have multiple advarieties ris and warnings. winter storm warning in boston in the counties of pink until 7 a.m. on tuesday. and winter weather advisory in
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tuesday and we have the blizzard warning to the south. south shore along cape cod until 7 p.m. tonight and this has to do mainly with the wind as opposed to how much snow we are going to get. sustained winds frequent gusts 35 miles per hour or greater. and for 3 hours or more visibility quarter mile or less and we also will be dealing with that considerable falling blowing drifting snow. wind gusts between 35 and 45 miles per hour in most location peak gusts are from sky warned weather watchers 57 miles per hour in rockport and edgartown. coastal flood issues too with the particular storm. this is different from what we had on friday now we have the coastal issue and wind to deal with. flood warnings out for the south shore and cape and then coastal flood advisory to the north. 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and later this afternoon. danielle temperatures are going to get icy cold tonight so travel is going to be tricky still. >> reporter: it's going to be tricky use caution and leave extra space between you and car in front of you.
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with the cleanup is going to be slick. teens and 20s tonight as the snow tapers off. we should be around or just over 30 tomorrow but still pockets of light snow right at the coastline. and wednesday, mid-30s with snow showers. thursday could still see a couple flurries floating by. toned the week. storm threat on saturday could pass to the south and east and much colder arctic air in the teens for highs by sunday. traffic and weather together robi. >> reporter: not too bad right now danielle. south of the city pressway northbound bumper to ump between furnace brook parkway and in a ponceit circle. 128 northbound we are seeing heavy transit between great plain avenue and highland avenue. >> thanks. it's 6:18 right now. super bowl 50 is history. peyton manning celebrating another championship in what may be the final game.
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is live in san francisco this morning with a closer look at all the action from super bowl 50. hey steve. >> reporter: hey, guys, yeah thanks very much. look at the headline one of the headlines in the san francisco chronicle. old man and the d. peyton manning is the well the first starting quarter or i should say oldest starting quarterback at age 39 to win at super bowl guess hoe beats out? his boss john elway. manning's 39 and elway did it when he was 38. broncos beat panthers by a score of 24-10. let's show you how it went down. speaking of manning take the field for what could be the final rodeo that's what he calls it perhaps. but just like in the afc championship game the defense did the damage. first quarter mill wear strip sack of league mvp cam newton. jackson recovers for the touchdown and miller strips
6:20 am
cover that and that set -- recover that and that set up a touchdown of the miller was game mvp with 2 1/2 sacks and denver had 7 sacks on the night. after the anderson touchdown the manning threw for the two point conversion to put them up 14. maybe the last pass of his career. broncos win 24-10 and peyton wins the second lombardi trophy. after the game he wouldn't say if he is going to retire but he did confirm other future plans. >> go broncos. >> i am going teak my kids to disneyland i didn't go back in 2006 so, i didn't get to go so i am going to go this year and>> how proud are you of your >> hello,. >> how proud are you of your dadhad? -- what? >> super -- huh? >> super. >> with the win peyton gets another 2 million dollars for championship game and for the super bowl.
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>> nice get steve with peyton's son. a cute moment. thanks very much. panthers quarterback cam newton facing criticism for the post game interview. >> understandably upset over the loss the mvp spent about 2 1/2 minutes answering questions from reporters. after the game he got up and just walked off the stage. the questions did he answer by the way consisted mostly of one word responds and did say broncos outplayed the panthers and his team made too many mistakes. it's 6:21 on your monday morning. ahead of this morning, hold the guacamole. >> why chipotle restaurants across the country will be closed. >> and let's look live outside in hyannis. twoar tracking the latest -- we are tracking the latest round of winter weather. we have danielle and pamela and live crews in the area.
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welcome back. 6:24. former providence mayor buddy crflt ianci will be laid to rest today his body was laying in repose all week at city hall. his casket will be taken to the cathedral of peter and paul by horse drawn carriage. hes was 74 and will be buried at st. ann's cemetery in cranston. canton dealing with two tragedies this morning. a 48-year-old man and 6-year- old girl both killed in separate incidents when tree limbs fell on them. kaleigh kenyon was playing in the snow on friday afternoon what heavy branch dropped and hit her. grief counselors were at her school yesterday and a gofundme page has been set up and raised nearly 30,000 dollars for her family. every chipotle in the
6:23 am
this is for a company wide staff meeting to talk about food safety. and in december there was an outbreak of norovirus tied to the chipotle in cleveland circle and there's been casess of e.coli. they will review the new safety proceedured adopted. it's 6:26 -- 6:26. lots more coming up in the next half-hour including the most popular super bowl commercials. >> and tom and gisele spotted together at the big game. we will head back live for more on super bowl 50 and brady's pregame mvp honor. >> there's a live look in hyannis where the snow coming down the cape. one of the spots getting snow danielle will be up next with a look at how this will impact our day.
6:24 am
right now at 6:30. more snow heading to new england. these are live pictures from
6:25 am
the weather team has you covered. >> and time is running out for the presidential candidates in new hampshire, we are there live with the final push before the primary. >> and a super sunday for peyton man and broncos. we will head live to california. steve burton is breaking down the win and post game action. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. it's 6:30 i am chris mckinnon. >> i am kathryn hauser. we have a lot of weather to talk about. let's look live in hyannis. one of the areas where flakes are falling and the wind is a big part of the weather story this morning. we have a storm on the way and danielle and pamela are tracking it we will start with danielle. >> what's impressive is the storm center itself is nearly 500 miles south and east of new england right now.
6:26 am
stopple. storm are y pacting the cape and island and will work northward this morning. temperatures dropped all morning long across the board. we are down to 43 -- 32 on vineyard and the snow is advancing on the south side of cod canal. we have deeper blues in here orleansstretching to walpole. the brunt of the storm will be massachusetts with blizzard morning. the snow fills in pretty quickly too between now and late morning all the way back up to the mass new hampshire border. a fluffier consistency than friday's storm because temperatures are colder. running in the 20s for most of us low 30s on the cape and that's where it will be stickier and especially at the coast back down to cape cod. early afternoon still snowfall rates one to perhaps as much as two inches per hour especially on the cape and the snow is going to continue through the evening. this is an all day event once
6:27 am
midnight tonight. lingering light snow showers at the coastline for tomorrow morning may reslickening things. 3 to 6 outside of 495. 6 to 9 for met row west and 9 to 12 from essex and south shore cape and island. the wind another business aspect of the storm and it's been hauling this morning all morning long. >> it has and we are getting peak wind gusts up to 57 miles per hour acoring to sky warned weather -- according to sky warned weather watchers n boston gusts 40 miles per hour. the vineyard 40 but over the duration of the next several hours winds will pick up in intensity at times potentially gusting between 55 and 60 hyles per hour -- miles per hour and we anticipate power outages getting some reports from the national grid of some minor outages but these numbers could increase throughout the day. tree damage as well. especially to the south and
6:28 am
to gust between 55 and 60 miles per hour. more pasty snow consistency to the southeast as well leading to more chances for power outages there. and tree damage. coastal flood warning in effect to the south and coastal floodadvisory to the north coinciding with high tide between 11 a.m. and noon. so minor beach erosion and mine to moderate coastal flooding. up-to-date on snow totals and we will look at the 7-day in a bit. traffic and weather together. >> reporter: it appears people are telecommuting because there's light volume on the roads with few backups. slow downs are south of the city expressway northbound jammed between east belt and square and neponset circle. no hov lane today. 95 northbound heavy traffic between mccanic and route -- mechanic and route 1 in the cairn stretch. this latest -- karen stretch. this latest round will pack a punch on the cape. >> blizzard conditions are expected later today. chantee lans is live this
6:29 am
what is it like out there right now. >> reporter: chris and kathryn good morning. wind and snow continues to pick up. good news is the snow is not sticking. i am going to step to the side and you can get a better look ated ground. -- look at the ground. rick is going to show you. it's moving inn at wind is moving good -- in and the wind is moving good. you can get a better look at the wind condition. some people have been walk downed here -- down here and we have seen salt and plow trucks and i caught up with driver on a his way to work. >> it's long and just miserable. night. we all have regular jobs and we do this and have to do the regular job when this is all over so it's just extra money. >> i probably won't be out for a day or two days so you have to do what you've got to do. >> reporter: and both the
6:30 am
urging you if you don't have to be on the roads stay off them. reporting live chantee lanes. >> thanks very much and, of course, the wind and coastal concern. >> jim smith is live in things there jim. >> reporter: well when we don't have snow but we certainly have some high winds and we also have some seas and i want to show you what we are looking at right now. it's a little dark out on the ocean but you can make out wild waves and heavy surf and we are over 4 hours away from hide see white. [audio not understandable] and heavy waves that's a big concern. homeowners get ready and they were getting ready all weekend
6:31 am
real concern for people living along the coast on the south shore and the cape of course. many people busy boarding up the homes on saturday and sunday covering up the windows and they are working with the dpw. everybody hoping to prevent anymore damage to the belying leaguered sea walls. some homeowners were kind enough to share some tips with us. >> wherever the water comes through you want to make sure there's no obstruction if it's a full moon a northeast wind, higher than average tides, you want to leave. >> reporter: back here live in scituate there it is one more time you see a lot of white water some heavy serve and -- surf and high wind and no snow but the big concern the high tide coming up will ride it out day long. live in scituate jim smith wbz and kathryn. >> we appreciate your report
6:32 am
and from the snowstorm to a political storm of sorts, it's council. time for the candidates in new hampshire with voters heading to the polls tomorrow. and nicole jacobs is live at man chest wert the last-minute primary push. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you kathryn and perhaps this right here is the calm before what we know will be a storm tomorrow. the nation's first primary and it's an important day today for all condition dates getting out and getting the last phenyl psh ahead of tomorrow's big election day. that primary day. want to get you to video right now to show you exactly what candidates were doing over the weekend. i can tell you according to polls donald trump continues to top republican side although it's marco rubio getting quite a bit of attention over what some consider to be a less than stellar performance during saturday night's debate. bernie sanders leads hillary clinton. he had laughs on snl before getting back to the issues and
6:33 am
michigan during the state's water crisis. here are more from the democratic front-runner as well as more on the tough hit rubio took. >> real change never comes from the top on down. it come from the bottom up. >> the notion barack obama doesn't know what he is doing is not true. >> there it is the memorialized 25 second speech. >> reporter: and again, polls show donald trump is leading the republicans bernie sanders leading the democrats but of course it all comes down to exactly what happens tomorrow and we know anything can happen. we are live in manchester new hampshire nicole jacobs wbz this morning. >> all right thanks for the update we appreciate it. it's 6:38. join us for primary night for complete coverage and analysis of the results as they come in. live coverage starts for you tonight at 5:00. a lot going on today.
6:34 am
>> storms, super bowl wrap-up and. >> primary tuesday ahead. >> busy day. the halftime show at the super bowl. >> a team effort from bruno mars and coldplay and beyonce. highlights and the star that kicked off the world tour. >> and let's get a live look in hyannis. we are bracing for a snowstorm. there are blizzard warnings in effect for the cape. a lot going on. we will keep you up-to-date. stay with us. less isn't more. less is dull. but more... find fantasy shows. more is amazing.
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the nfl big night end with a big win for man and broncos. denver celebrating another super bowl championship. >> what this pay the pay the -- peyton's last game steve burton is live from san francisco. >> good morning. thanks very much. manning with the win last night becomes the fourth quarterback with 200 crore wins and surpasses brett with 19 the as broncos beat the carolina panthers by a score of 24-10 and let's show you how it went down. peyton manning taking the field for what could be his final rodeo. but just like in the chapel iion shep game defense did the damage. miller with a strip sack. league mvp cam newton. jackson recovers for the touchdown and puts denver up 10- 0. hate in the 4th miller strips newton again. broncos recovered that and it
6:37 am
miller was game mvp with 2 1/2 the night. manning threw for 2 point conversion to put denver up 14. career. broncos win and peyton wins the second whom barredy trophy but won't say if he will retire. i asked talib about the emotional precame speech he gave to the team. >> peyton manning talked to the >> he did. he kind of just took us back to his crore and made us lava little bit and it was heartfelt you know. we felt how much he wanted it and we felt the-arey in the room man and went out and got it for him. >> you think he's done if he is done -- >> if -- you think he is done? >> if he is done what a career you finish over .500 and 3-1 against tom brady in the afc chips he is in the conversation
6:38 am
>> and speak of tom brady he arrived with his wife on the gold carpet. he was on hand for the pregame ceremony for past super bowl mvps. the crowd booed hem but he gave the thumbs up. must have been all the broncos fans. broncos are the 6th team to win a super bowl without even throwing a touchdown pass. we are moving onto 2016. and hopefully the patriots will be there again. that's the story from san francisco, guys back to you. >> steve thank you very much. appreciate the reports this morning. >> he has been having fun he was zip lining and he did great coverageway -- coverage. we appreciate it. here's a live look at hyannis where the snow has picked up there over the last hour. >> starting to stick and it's very windy out there too danielle. you can see the snow going sideways. >> that's issues. wind swept snow. and yes it's starting to stick
6:39 am
notice it's along the south coast. boston 30 and 22 now in worcester so the temperature has been dropping all morning. it's the deeper blues here that we get all the way from east ham wellesley and over cape cod bay and hyannis and towards woods hole am moderate band of snow coming down that will work northward a couple flurries flying on south side of plymouth that let up on nantucket temporarily but between now and mid morning watch what happens. we get additional flurries that fill in and steady snow filled in too. back up to the mass turn peek by 9 or 10 to the mass new hampshire border by midday. in through southern new hampshire as well. and notice it snows from there. this is remainder of the day event once it starts to snow. snowfall rates an inch per hour at times. we will come down through the mid-afternoon snows on through the evening and that's why the conditions on the roads right now are the best they will be once the snow starts it will go downhill. blizzard conditions down to the coast and cape.
6:40 am
northeast right around or after midnight tonight but, i want to teak you through tomorrow morning because additional light snow showers will come in off ocean tomorrow morning. and it's not going to be a huge swath of snow like right nowit's the onshore wind and lingering snow showers may reslicken the roadways inside 128 for tomorrow morning's 3 to 6 inches outside 495. 6 to 9 for most in eastern massachusetts and locally higher amounts from eastern essex to the south shore and cape 9 to 12 and there may be spots to top out over a foot and very localized for the heaviest bands. your reports are kiwi love getting them and pamela is standing by and we will get weather watchers and especially as the storm wears on. >> reporter: yes they are coming in and we are getting reports from plymouth of light flurries and also a wind gusts of 51 miles per hour. zooming into a couple location here temperatures in the 20s or 30s. and in fact in east boston
6:41 am
and he sent a message where's the snow. it's not there yet. in boston or in worcester or to the north. but as danielle showed us it's on its way. so over the course of the morning things will deteriorate and in between the snowstorms, we love to go to school talks and one school i visited on thursday last week was in lynn and the kids were wonderful and they asked lots of questions about tornadoes and earthquakes and another question was about el nino and effect on wibter -- winter we are having and how about snow days can you work your magic? and you know what kids i think we delivered for you. right danielle? >> know days are the best. >> yeah they are fun. >> tough do your homework because you infer know. current wind gusts pamela pension can -- never know. can't wind gusts pam what mentioned -- current wind gusts pamela mentioned howling. gusts isolated over 50.
6:42 am
wet pasty nature of the snow means scattered outages. the current wave height red by the byies 14 -- buoys 14 feet here. and we have some 16 to 18 foot waves off long island and south of nantucket. so the seas are churned up and waves are building and that means as high tide approaches we will watch the coastline closely here. coastal flood advisory is up for boston back up into southern maine joshing county for minor pockets. coastal flood warning to the cape are for moderate coastal flooding. this scituate and chatham and inn tucket especially. -- nantucket especially. so between 9 a.m. this morning and 1 p.m. this afternoon. overnight tonight teens and 20sch it's going to be slick on anything untreated. up around or just at 30 around the coast accu-weather 7-day a chance of snow with snow
6:43 am
flurries on thursday and we turn colder and blustery to enter the week and we will watch potential storm on saturday that may skirt by and drags in act he can air and in the teens on sunday. traffic and weather together. >> reporter: a lot of drivers apparently heeding the warning to stay off the roads. if they can because we are this morning. only reported slow downs are to the south expressway jammed neponset circle. hov lanes not opened 95 northbound heavy to who had rit -- moderate sharon up to 128. >> thanks very much. still to come, what were your favorite super bowl commercial nos we will look at the ads that generated a lot of buzz last night. >> and here's a live look at hyannis and we will have a final check of the forecast before you head out on this monday morning. stay with us.
6:44 am
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some superstars for the super bowl halftime show. >> coldplay was the main act with bruno mars and beyonce joining them. many took to social media
6:46 am
[ music ] after the performance she announced plans for a world tour that includes a stop at gillette stadium on june 3rd. tickets go on sale one week from today. a lot of people liked to watch the super bowl because of the commercials. >> this is true. usa today is out with the annual list of the most popular ads and hyundai took the top spot take a look. >> oh. you look good. >> thank you. >> hey. you taking my little girl out huh. >> yep. >> why don't you tack my new car. >> the commercial feature kevin hart as an overprotected parent got most votes. [ music ] >> we talked about this yesterday too. up next the ad featuring a stampede of weiner dogs going
6:47 am
>> and there's your beautiful baby any day now. >> really you are eating dore receipto's -- doritos. he is eating doritos at my ultrasound see what i have to deal with. >> i know. >> that's coming in third a baby who really wanted to get their hand on doritos a 30 second super bowl spot cost up to 5 million dollars this year. >> oh man. >> those are fun to watch. i love the hot dog one. >> that's hilarious. we got a sneak peek of that yesterday morning. time for choser look at what he coming up ona at 7 on cbs this morning. >> let's check in with charlie rose. >> ahead we have all your super bowl coverage and gayle's oval office interview with president obama and only on cbs this morning behind the scenes of nasa's new mission to mars. all of that and more. the news is back in the morning.
6:48 am
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we are keeping a eye on the store. the snow is flying on parts of the cape and we have a slushy coating. wind whipped conditions and
6:51 am
coast where the seas are churned. we have got 10, 15 to the seas off the coastline approaching high tide at 11 a.m. later today pockets of minor to moderate coastal flooding. on scituate and sandwich and chatham and nantucket are the key spots to watch for moderate coastal flooding. >> if you don't see the snow out your window yet the wind is whipping up this morning. >> yeah the wind are gusting now and late morning. and we are talking about a widespread 6 to 9 tore eastern massachusetts. >> thanks very much. cbs this morning is next on wbz and we will see you back herefor a local update.
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