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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 8, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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speeds plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. switch to better. switch to fios. . live from the channel 4 studios in boston, wbz news at noon starts right now. >> this monday we have our eye on the storm as a blizzard blankets part of our region. >> let's get a look a live look right now in hyannis that you can see the roads are snow covered. it's coming down at a pretty good clip. steady snow in much of the area. >> the storm is going to be around for a while. last thing into tomorrow and beappreciate you being here i am -- we appreciate you being
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>> i am kathryn hauser. roads are shut down because of flooding and in scituate angry waves are hitting the shoreline. look at intensity bringing water right on to the streets. we have live team coverage for you from the cape to boston. >> we are waiting to hear from gorgeor -- governor bake here will speak at the statehouse and we will bring it to you live when it happens but first danielle niles who has been tracking the storm overnight into the early morning hours what's going on now. >> just want to confirm a couple minutes but looked at observations out of nantucket and we have verified blizzard conditions on nantucket and parts of the cape. three consecutive hours in a rowwith visibility less than quarter of a mile with gust over 5 miles per hour. i believe we have done that -- over 35 miles per hour. i believe we have done that. this is different consistency than the snow on friday because temperatures are colder. we have had reports of four
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parts of the cape where you see the deeper blues here fromchatham splitting the vineyard and nantucket where we have a heavy band of snow and another little burst that extends through plymouth near the cape cod canal. adviceic is reduced and -- visibility is reduceded and quarter of a -- reduced a quarter of a mile or less. it's a fluffier consistency. a little lighter in eastern massachusetts in 128. outside of that we are talking about 495 bullet moderate pockets from merrimack and westburg and littleton and bolton right now where the snow continues to pile up. so we are in the heart of it. hour by hour between now and remainder of the afternoon, the will continue. notice there will be some little lulls that develop along evening. but conditions on the roads morning and that will be the afternoon.
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off until around or after midnight tonight. 2, 3 a.m. still pockets of light snow. so the main convenient will be done. but i -- event will be done but tomorrow morning there may be an additional coating south of boston maybe up near cape anne with ocean enhanced snow that will come in off the water during the morning hours tomorrow. 3 to 6 inch outside 495. 6 to 9 for cerne massachusetts for 9 to 12 from essex and cape and locally higher amounts possible but it's the wind and we have had a number of reports snow reports coming in all afternoon long. >> it's very tough to get some of the accurate measuresments because of the wind is so strong out there. but, so far we have picked up 5.25 inches centreville. brewster. and these will continue to go up throughout the day. and the other concern with this storm that's totally
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experienced is coastal concerns and multiple reports of flooding so coastal flood warning stays in effect for the next hour to the south and coastal advisory to the north through 1. we are getting the heart of this now. and so that water will cube side -- subside. wind gusts between 25 and 35 and 45 miles per hour coming from the north and east and because of that wind direction we have the ocean enhanced snowfall along with it. and danielle was talking earlier about the verification with the blizzard status there. visibility in addition to the wicked wind out there, does verify in some location. quarter mile or less visibility on the cape. zero in marshfield. more details on the snow totals and also your seven-day forecast coming up later. >> we had pamela and danielle mentioning the cape will bear the brunt of the storm. whiteout conditions. we continue team coverage right hyannis.
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snow and strong winds continue in downtown hyannis. i want to step to the side. plows have been out in full force. this is one right here. >> the snow continues to fall i want to provide a bro update on the forecast and conditions throughout the commonwealth. last night after an 11 call we decided to close state office he is for the nine counties most impacted asking nonemergency executive branch employees that live or work in barnstable bristol essex middlesex norfolk suffolk plymouth duke and nantucket not report to work today. that was due to the desire to try to keep the roads as open as possible so folks that are associated with the highway department would have the opportunity to do their work and completely throughout the day. i have within in the dit --ive been -- i've been in the statehouse since 6 a.m.
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with mema and state and local officials and the national storm. snow is falling later than originally forecasted, but the storm is expected to have the same impact. it will be slow and steady all day and in many parts of massachusetts will be snowing midnight. the heaviest accumulation will afternoon. as i said, it's going to keep snowing and accumulating until around midnight and many parts of the massachusetts. so far the current models we have show the heaviest accumulation is spec to be across southeast mass and the cape and islands and a foot or more of snow is possible along with blizzard conditions. the way i have been describing this was to say if you are south of the turnpike east of worcester you are probably going to get somewhere between 8 and 15 inches depending on how close you are to the coastline.
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appears to be what i would describe as the big winner in this storm most likely to get somewhere between 12 and 18 inches there. 6 to 10 inches are likely and possible across the rest of the eastern massachusetts and parts of rhode island. and 4 to 8 inches expected extending back across northeast connecticut and central mass. wind speeds will vary but it's bristol, barnstable and plymouth likely to see the highest winds probably up in the 50 to 06-mile-an-hour -- 60- mile-an-hour range but there's going to be 25, 35, 45 mile gusts elsewhere around massachusetts. the d.o.t. mass massdot has 1900 piece of equipment and nearly 550 employees doing cleanup on the roads. but almost half of this is currently active in district 5 which is bristol county. road conditions are
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southeastern part of the state. and especially in plymouth and plymouth county and cape and islands traffic volume so far is light. visibility on those roads is reported to be poor in many areas with strong winds down wires possible wind hazards throughout the day and heaviest snowfall in many parts of massachusetts is yet to come. do you to the worsening weather conditions the speed limits just have been lowered to 40 miles per hour on the mass pike from warren to westboro. we appreciate the public appears to be taking the storm seriously and staying off the roads. we appreciate if you continue to do that through the rest of the day and into the evening informs you must travel. this is not only a public safety issue but will allow our road crews to continue to clear the snow quickly. the forecast is set to bring high wind chills and frigid
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cause freezing and icing overnight. if you can get out and shovel during the day do your part by clearing driveways sidewalks and fire high drandz in your neighbor -- hydrants in your neighborhoods and if you can help elderly neighbors and those in need around you. the national weather service advised us strong winds will result and coastal flooding along the east coast south of boston cape cod and nantucket for the high tide late this morning. to the north of boston, coastal flooding should be minor. we just passed the 11 a.m. high tide and will continue to monitor our coastal communities throughout the day. whoa expect downed trees and wire lines with scattered power outages likely especially in southeastern mass and on the cape and island due to the strong winds and heavy wet snow. although at last check, i think there were 17 had been hub -- 1700 homes without power but people are paying very close
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as the snow gets lighter and fluffier toward the northwest travel will still be dangerous due to the whiteout conditions the mbta and commuter rail reported no major incidents and are running a regular schedule know fight verse been activated to clear the tracks. riders are encouraged to check for scheduling updates. massport announced 30% of flights have been canceled at local airport -- logan airport that has to do with the wind than the snow. folks should call the airlines ahead for scheduled flights as the day goes on mema reported some power outages as i said before and will continue to remain in constant contact with the utility companies to ensure that we are doing everything we can to return power to the communities as quickly as possible. we remain in contact with the cities and towns and encourage municipalities to reach out if
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i do know that lieutenant governor talked to 15 or 20 local official this is morning. and obviously secretary has been here being badgered by questions and observations and really bad advice from both lieutenant governor and me throughout themost of the morning. with that said, happy to take questions. >> what should commuters expect as far as getting-- as far as so far so good now but when the rush happens and they go home what can they expect? >>i think the relatively light volume on the commuter rail and transit system and on the roads means that we are able and in a position to spend a good part of the mid part of the day continuing to clear off the roads and also to continue to clear the tracks associated with the commuter railing with the t but i would ask secretary if she would like to speak to
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>> we have been listening in to governor baker updating us on the storm and just a couple points to note that mass d --massdot has 1900 piece of equipment and speed limit has been reduced to 40 miles per hour. >> and we are talking about 30% of flights canceled check flights before you head this. we will be back with more on the storm as it continues to rage on.
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welcome back. the storm is going to pack a punch today on the cape.
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have been reported down there. we continue our team coverage with chantee lans in hyannis. how is it look. >> reporter: chris and kathryn good afternoon. visibility is much lower than when i spoke with you earlier today. i am going to take a step to the side to get better look. this is downtown hyannis on main street. there's a plow over to the left there. plowing the sidewalks. there were lots of plows downtown here all throughout the day and i spoke with folks some are pleased with the storm and others not so much. whipping wind at empty ferry and fishing boat docks a similar scene at nearby beach. blizzard like conditions monday make it difficult for drivers. plow. >> reporter: john say mong nearly 2,000 others operating snow equipment across the state. he says he will be clearing roads for one to two days. >> the snow is going to be in >> reporter: yes. horrible conditions.
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but a relief for others. >> winter is my favorite time of the year. so this is absolutely pristine for me. >> reporter: john foster and his girl friend are heading to the store. they left the vehicle at home due to car trouble. they say with no taxi service available they walk. >> is that a bit of a-- is that a by the a headache. >> a little bit. >> i am used to the snow cape coders get too nervous about this. >> we are going out and frolicking in the snow is not a big deal. >> reporter: the governmentor and mass state police say if you don't have to-- the governor and mass state police say if you don't have to be on the road don't. chantee lans wbz news. update. this was the scene in chatham this morning with winter waves crashing onto the pier. >> serious concerns on the south shore this noon about coastal flooding. many roads shut down.
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the situation is getting worse there. >> reporter: well first of all the situation is deteriorating. i have to tell you the wind is absolutely blowing sideways here in scituate and i want to show you something. we have got a serious problem right by scituate harbor. in fact flood waters have actually surrounded the harbor masters office. that pretty much sums up how the gay is going -- day is going. the morning high tide was scituate. huge waves smashing into the seawall and the homes behind it courtesy of the storm. that is enough for mark who is getting out while he can. >> i didn't realize until i went out back how bad the waves are over the wall. they are hitting the back of the house and i am boarded up out back but if it's coming through the boards and windows so it's going -- i am going plug and i got everything off the ground but i am going to pack it up and take the truck and go. >> reporter: the tides surged into the neighborhood in
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result is flooding which threatened to block streets but locals are taking it in stride. >> this is exciting. is fun. >> reporter: okay. >> and we are all boarded up on the oceanside and now we will ride out storm and the energy terrific. >> reporter: this started slowly but is now here in full concerns. >> i am afraid it's going back to what happened we are off to a quiet start and then looks anger out on us. >> reporter: and that's when's going on high tide back around quarter to 11 this morning and you can see that we still have serious flooding by the harbor and good news is obviously the tide is going out and we still have the flood waters the next concern is tonight's high tide sometime after 11 p.m. but they are used to it. they will get through it but it should be an interesting 24
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live in scituate jim smith wbz news. now back to you. >> quite a scene. thanks very much for the update. you heard governor baker talk about this concerned for the power outages. every sauce is calling customers warning them about out badges because -- outages because of the storm. there are about 3,000 outages four point neighborhood and you can see the water is come up along the harbor walk we are live in copley square with how the city is dealing with snowstorm. >> reporter: good afternoon there are schools that are canceled today yet other things like the library across the street is still opened today. so not as bad certainly as what we heard from jim smith a few moments ago. and copley square people are talking-- walking around the
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like snow that is hitting people in the face food traffic is down but when there's gust good. it on. >> i was complaining about it a lot but now i miss it and i am glad that it is snow except i am going to hate shoveling. >> reporter: last week it was in the 60s did you think it would be in a blizzard. england. >> reporter: at this time there in the city. however, they do want you to down load the boss 311 app that will keep you up to date for information they have as far as any snow emergency parking bans that sort of thing and you can report problems to them. from that app boss 311. to you. >> thanks very much. appreciate the update. and we are talking about just a deteriorating situation.
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>> vair vied blizzard in -- verified pliesard in a couple can -- blizzard in a couple spots. >> so you see jim's live shot isflooding and chantee has whiteout conditions it depends >> highly variable. so the blizzard keep in mind has to be 3 consecutive hours in a row. so if there's official terms in terms of verifying quarter mile visibility or less 35-mile-per- hour winds sustained or frequent guest so hyannis and more spots will continue for hours in spots as the bans of moderate to heavy snow continues to pivot in. doppler radar shows the snow extending into western massachusetts but there are lulls in between the steadier bans. and it's a different feel compared to friday because it's colder. wind is whipping in. wind chill is brutal and bans notice deepers blues fromorleans stretching towards chatham and to nantucket and
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and the bans some of the deeper blues have been dropping one to two inches perhour including south shower from plymouth along route 3 so crns deteriorating: in boston there's lighter blue and up along i- 95 and essex county and ramps up outside 128 and back to the 495 belt too. from kingsboro and lowll and we have a i was -- lowell and we have a ways to g eric fisher has been live in plymouth and will look at conditions what's it like out there now. >> reporter: we are in plymouth right along 3a and i am in someone's unit here at the hotel this they booked the trip and came up from western mass to see a blizzard. we are on the second floor and they are getting their money's worth. look out the window and you can see the tremendous wave action. huge waves crashing ashore.
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because of the wave action. we are a little past high tide an hour past it at this point. a a lot of it will we cede but there's strong winds and dangerous travel and power outages also a issue. that's what we are looking at here. the wind will start to die down this evening but until then a lot wave action and coastal fluting. >> thanks you can hear the wind turning the seas so let's go hour by hour between now and remainder of the afternoon. bans of moderate to heavy snow at times reduced visibility gets some lulls in the action along the south coast this evening. but the whole thing doesn't start to wind down until around or after midnight from southwest to northeast. and keep in mind early tomorrow morning i mentioned this earlier there may be a couple spots of light snow showers hugging the coastline. nothing in terms of what we are talking about today but there
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# to 6 fluffier snow outside 495. 6 to 9 for most of eastern massachusetts with 9 to 12. south shore to the came locally higher amounts in the heaviestbands this is rockland at kill by closed because of flooding that's from hingham police department and this is the scene in coastal communities with high tide water will recede after 1 p.m. this is national weather service in boston tweeting that. wind gusts 30 in boston. and gust to 52 miles per hour on nantucket. that wind will stay strong through the afternoon and then loll subside as we head throughout the evening hours air. look at real feel. oh one below in worcester and feels like 2 in boston right now. accu-weather 7-day 30 tomorrow and coastal light snow and wednesday and nursey -- flurries on thursday and we will watch the potential storm threat on saturday and in the
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the count down to the new hampshire primary. >> we have the latest last- minute granite state crisscross for the presidential candidates coming up next. turn, and all america is watching to see who we choose in this dangerous time. one man stands above. he's not flashy, not rude... he's steady, he's tested and proven. he's a president, which is what we need to make us strong and safe again. for america, jeb bush. pnright to rise usa is responsible
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welcome back. counting down to the new hampshire primary we are less than 12 hours away until the first vote is cast.
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minute push across hillary cline -- across new hampshire the hillary clinton will rally in manchester and we hope to speak with her one a one. bernie sanders spent the morning in gnashu -- nashua. >> conned trump was in salem and will be in manchester and marco rubio was stopped in nashua this morning. and he is heading to manchester concord and and we will have complete coverage of the primary join us tomorrow for analysis and results. coverage kicks off at 5:00 for you. and right now we are dealing with a major winter storm out there. >> we are. let's look in scituate where the storm is creating coastal concerns. see the flash over the seawall. final look at forecast with
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hyannis near zero advice hibility. they have verified blizzard conditions for three hours in a a row. >> we are in the thick of it
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