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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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fortunately filly starting to dial it back a little bit. that trend will continue heading through tonight. let's look at what we are tracking for you. if you are checking in coming home from work and wondering how things will wrap up we are talking about snowfall that's going to be increasing across the area this evening. most of it is light to moderate but it filled n many areas will look at 1 -- in. many areas will look to add 1 or 2 inches of plymouth county and south shore and inland you are talking about heavy snowfall in middleboro and hansen and this is going to be persistent all night long. it should start to make the way toward the upper cape also. now north of boston on the north shore, especially cape anne snow here will also be a little morepersistent because we have winds off the water and helping tone hans. you see beverly down into marblehead and the bottom line is it's a long duration storm and we will have snow in the air at least until midnight and things will taper down after that.
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cape anne at 4 1/2. peter said the heaviest snow is falling boston logan at 2.2 with likely a couple more in. at the least going to -- inches at least going to fall. widespread one to three and here plymouth county parts of the south shore could see 3 to 6 inches of additional snow if the band could be persistent into the evening. we will see ocean efent bands into tomorrow morning -- effect bands into tomorrow morning. travel will improve because the winds will be less of an issue. barry burbank is watching the storm from the studios and has an update on how things are progressing tonight. >> thanks eric. everybody let's look at what's going on for the tides in the early morning hours. that's the next high tide cycle midnight. so between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. coastal flood advisory. that means there could be pockets of minor coastal flooding as opposed to the coastal flood warning which was up this morning causing areas of moderate coastal flooding
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we still have the wind blowing but it's going to decrease during the evening and that's good news. and we will drop down later tonight to light feeds going through the night but it's so much wind causing it to feel like 8 degrees out there. temperature won't change much tonight. and in terms on of the they are momture but it won't -- thermometer but won't feel as bad later on. now back to you david and lease ooh. >> see you then. flood something a always a concern in sit wi especially around high tide and there were problems recall yr-- earlier in the day. bill shields joins us live now. >> reporter: he keep thinking about friday that -- i keep thinking friday the storm we had heavy wet snow and power outages. this time we have more snow but aid lighter fluffier snow and outage. however, i think i guess the down side is we have had a lot
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from the high tide combined with the northeast winds. lisa case has lived on the ocean for three years. she learned this jeep is the only way in and out during a winter storm. >> this is worst than the storm in january of last year. >> reporter: this nor'easter made south shore roads impassable. but for people like lisa case, it's an acceptable trade-off. >> well, if you look at it as you have 9 months out of the best place you can possibly live and you have to be smart and you have to follow the weather and you have to respect the water, be safe you have to know when to leave. >> reporter: but this nor'easter combined with a 10 1/2 foot tide roads from duxbury to scituate flooded marched in pushed by 50-mile-an- hour wind. this is sititted to -- scituate
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>> that's standard for this time year. >> yeah. i walked down here through the lighthouse park and i came down here and it was little bit but not too bad. >> we want to go to mayor marty walsh talking about the the city's response to the storm. >> we see high win and periods of low visibility all day. and bands of snow that have come through the city. snow is expected to taper off sometime around midnight. the storm didn't call for a storm or parking ban -- park ban but the department of public works has been busy with 500 vehicles on the street clearing and treating roads and they da good job pretreating the roads this morning for the commute in. we also want to make sure that the condition that we have will stay on top of the storm. currently the focus on maintaining safe road conditions we ask people to stay off the road as much as possible so our crews can get the work done. we are confident the boston
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we have boston public school plow contractors cleaning up parking lots and custodians are cleaning the sidewalks in front bus contractors are working overnight to be ready for the morning ride and mbta will be on a normal schedule. center for youth and families opened the doors this morning from 7:30 to 6 p.m. to -- p.m. this evening for kids 7 years old and over. on friday when we had the snow day we did the same and 800 people, 800 families made use of the if a tilities and -- facilities and we are on pace to beat the number today. public library system closes at 5 and tomorrow will reopen during normal business hours. we have ongoing safety concerns to be aware of. the high winds resulted in a number of fallen stress and -- trees and downed tree limbs and whoa know how dangerous that can be it canly in the surrounding towns of boston. there was two tragedies over weekend and we want people to be careful when you are out in the yard and clearing the yard.
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beencleaning areas in public spaces. ever source responded to pratic power outages. inspection of services building exp perts are available around the clock and the emergency management officer is working to make sure we are all on the same page. 311 is taken over 1400 -- has taken over 1400 calls. anyone who is watching today 311 is the new phone number for the city hall to be able to connect with city hall. and if you have a smart phone down load the 311 app. boston public health commission outreach teams have checked on homeless emergency shelters are opened 24 hours a day and overflow shelters are accessible for the new shelter at 112 south hanson street. i want to thank everyone in their efforts and everyone who shoveled the sidewalks and checked on elderly neighbors on friday and today. we ask you to continue to do that. heading towards very cold
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mind your safety and the safety of everyone around you as winter continues. we have got cold front coming in and behind every storm with very cold temperatures this weekend so we are monitoring the situation as we move forward. and i want to say one other thing. use before i get asked about the use space savers we are not having space savers in the city. there's not enough snow. if you put a space safer public works will take it and if you have concerns about any questions about anything, we invite the residents to call at 311 or use barson 311 mobile app or boss 311 if you have questions on the safety or concerns and at this point i will open up to questions you may have. >> whys would not it a -- why wasn't it a snow emergencies. >> we have been listening to marty wash in boston talking about the storm. so far it doesn't sound like there's too many issues pointing they don't have a snow emergency so no parking restrictions.
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what's happening in boston. meantime, some of the worst conditions are on the cape. this is the view down on the cape. you can see much worse than what we saw in bostonch the snow really blowing -- boston. the snow really blowing around. some areas could see more than a foot by the time it wraps up. beth germano is live with a look at how things are going there. beth. >> reporter: well david, the winds have been row lentless. a lot of blowing and drifting making for difficult driving conditions today. and you can see behind me we are along route 6 a.m. in and -- 6a in sandwich this is down to the pavement a marked improvement over earlier today. but they are hoping that they can hopefully put the worst behind them really the story down here has been the winds. the winds were whipping up thecape blowing and drifting that created whiteout conditions. >> they are wild. you can't get out of the car. so i give you credit. >> reporter: the sea was churning at high tide. and while there was some local
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match the intensity of previous storms as the torn shored up the beach. >> there's enough to protect it. >> reporter: residents were concerned about further erosion. >> our beach has been filled up recently so we have been blessed but now it's going away. last storm we lost 8 feet. >> reporter: the relentless snow was a challenge for road crews make repeated runs to storm. >> it's hard to see and the wind is blowing and snow coming off the trees and power lines. >> reporter: now the good news is it was not the damaging inprevious storms. around mere. me the businesses have been closed for the day and not to many people out and about unless they had to be or they were curious about the the storm. reporting live from sandwich beth germano wbz news david.
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in nantucket the streets are covered with water. you can see big ice and the water surrounding several homes but no reports of any serious damage so far. lisa. about 30% of the flights in and out of logan are canceled today. mostly because of the strong winds out there at the airport. check with the airlines before you leave or if you are picking someone up. right now there are fewer than 500 homes in the area without power which is pretty good. keep your eye on the storm on the website you will find live radar and snow totals and you will find a place to upload your viewer pictures and we would love to see who at >> and we have cool music. >> exactly. straight ahead, preparing for the primary. >> some polls in new hampshire opened in -- open in less than 7 hours at midnight. the presidential hopefuls spending every minute on the campaign trail. >> and continuing coverage of the storm here's pictures from the damage and water coming close to the homes.
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tonight final push in new hampshire the primary of coursetomorrow. some holes opened -- polls open at midnight candidates trying
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get them into their corner. latest poll shows bernie sanders leads the democrats. >> and donald trump has a big lead over the rest of the republican fields so with the gop it may be a close battle for number 2. we have live team coverage in manchester where donald trump sp going to hold a rally but we start with paula ebben in man cheter. paula. >> reporter: -- manchester. >> reporter: paula. >> reporter: we are here at cbs news campaign 2016 headquarters. people hard at work as are clinton and sanders campaigns crisscrossing the granite state. appealing to the last-minute undecided voters despite the snow to get out the vote and push them one step further to the nomination. new hampshire front-runner bermy -- bernie sanders hitting the main themes as hard as he can. >> nothing, nothing that we cannot accomplish that is what this campaign is about. >> reporter: sanders asking
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what he calls his political revolution. >> you ready for a radical idea? >> yes. >> all right. together we are going to create an economy that works for work families and not just the top 1%. >> people might miss the fact that i am as outraged about what's going on in our country as anybody. >> reporter: in a one-on-one interview with wbz today hillary clinton who lost a big lead in the polls in new hampshire over the last year insist that she gets it. she understands voter frustration. >> but i believe what i i am put -- i am putting forth has a better chance of actually producing the results that will give people confidence we can turn this around. >> reporter: and coming up at 6, more of that one-on-one interview. the strong contrast hillary clinton draws between herself and bernie sanders and where the democrats will wind up the
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for now live from the cb sflt news campaign headquarters, paula ebben. >> thanks. it appears a third of the republican voters are supporting donald trump giving him a double digit lead over his nearest challengers in the poll. tonight his pourers -- supporters will pack verizon wireless arena where we find liam martin tonight. >> reporter: and they aring -- expecting the advise -- are expecting the center to be full. people are waiting in line. it was true for donned trump in iowa. his events were packed and he was up in the polls and couldn't translate into enough votes to actually win the caucuses. this week he has changed a little and holding more smaller intimate events trying to connect a and personal level hoping to correct missteps and is riding a wave of support here that was larger than in iowa up double digit in the polls in every -- digits in the polls in every poll heading into tomorrow. a bunch of candidates are
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trying to held onto second place and it looked like he might be able to pass trump and that's not the case. numbers dipped after the debate performance he was all over the losses. on his heels is ohio governor john kasich who move in the average of polls up to third place some polls have him in second place and he had big endorsements that helped him hang into tomorrow. he helped throw mall -- held thee maller events in barrington raymond and manchester. senator ted cruz dropped to 4th place and he had the evangelical voting block in iowabut doesn't have it here. it's much more moderate voting block among the g-op voters here in new hampshire and jeb bush is hoping for a late push just four points separate him in 5th place from second place marco rubio to show you how bunched up they are. he has been going after trump
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thinks that's the path to jumping up a few points. trump responded in kind attacking the political correctness of the establishment candidates. >> so look, these are politicians. okay. i heard jeb bush is a total light weight i heard hmm say before -- him say before marco rubio is a good friend of mine. i said he is. >> the friend of yours. he is not friend. he hates him. why does he have to say he is a friend of mine? >> reporter: in the #th place candidate is chris christie. he is -- 6th place candidate is chris christie hoping new hampshire will help him stay alive and jump afew places tomorrow. this starts at 7 for donald trump and he has vocal supporters who are waiting in line but the test tomorrow remains can he take the support and the big events like this and turn it into votes storm. david. >> all right probably better to get the snow today a not tomorrow. liam thank you.
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we will be with you all nighttomorrow on wbz and my tv38 from the moments the polls close. good evening from plymouth where we have been battered by the rain and wind and snowfall and blizzard conditions did farevie here-- verify here and the islands all verifying a blizzard. good job by national weather service for getting the warnings out. hazardous travel and a lot of accidents considering the snowfall has not been tremendous and the rates have not been that strong outside of far southeastern massachusetts. a lot of wind is out there this evening still. let's look at storm set up. we have a big storm that's spinning well-off to the east. we are talking about 400 miles offshore and actually formed a eye today many if you want a weather phrase of the night it's warm seclusion when warm
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it's warmer in the middle of the storm than outside it in a way very similar to a hurricane. people sues the phrase belies a cane when you have a situation like this. throwing mostture in new england and we have light to state. and all the way back into southwestern parts of connecticut and the snow continues at lod to moderate clip until midnight. an additional 1 to 3 inches of important thing. certainly not the type of storm we had on friday with that heavy wet stuff region wide. this is fluff and easy to move. in the south shore in cape anne and plymouth county 3 to 6 inches. and another high tide cycle between 10 and 2 a.m. there's coastal flood advisories in southeastern mass and it won't be nearly as intense as earlier on today. we had the high tide waves were coming up to the second story
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across the parking lot covered in water and the road was shut down and all the things you significant coastal storm. earlier today. good news is as winds subside the water level worries also subside and we have an overall lower tide coming in later tonight compared to one this morning a bury burbank is looking at -- berry -- barry burbank is in the studio and so much participation in the storms people sending in numbers and pictures. >> helps out the now cast and in the forecast as well. as you know, for sure. weather watchers all checking in with temperatures all in the lower 20s for the most part right now. in terms of the amount of snow which has fallen it's variablethat 3 1/2 to 4 inches is a report in many areas. way up in belmont new hampshire they haven't had much but guardners at 112 to 2 inches and that's northwestern worcester county 1 or 2 inches and around the rest of the region, worcester had 4 inches
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and shirley has been 2 inches so they are out of the pretty much out of that as well. plymouth coming in with 7 inches so you see the higher amounts over southeastern mass where as only about 2 inches around hollis so we will look at temperatures holding about steady tonight and snow tapering off eventually after a few moreinches in some locations a quiet day tomorrow without wind with temperatures around 30 degrees. that's the forecast. we will have a lot more in the next half-hour. >> quiet sound bites. boston public schools announcing they will have school tomorrow. already made the announcement. >> plan accordingly. some watched the super bowl for the game. >> others for the commercials and which ads came out on top plus... >> emotionally this is horrible. >> she is fighting hepatitis c and an insurance company says treated. up next the man coming to her
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as john kasich has risen, rubio and bush have gone negative. doing "whatever it takes to win," is not presidential. john kasich did cut ohio's taxes. cut state spending. turned a deficit into a surplus. brought back jobs from mexico and china. that's john kasich, that's conservative, and that's presidential. new day for america is responsible for the content of
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a wrung woman fighting hepatitis c and her insurance company won't pay for treatment. >> apparently because she is not sick enough. after the i-team told the story a viewer found a way to help and lauren leamanczyk has the story. >> reporter: a weak dmosh a weak ago i didn't feel any hope. >> reporter: when nicole told the story to wbz she didn't know where to turn she was infected with hepatitis c by a man who abducted her. but while that suspect received life saving treatment in prison, nicole was left with this letter. >> therefore your request has been denied. >> reporter: her insurance company refusing to pay for a drug that would cure her because they say she is not sick enoughyet. >> the insurance companies want me to be in stage 3 liver scarring. aside from the physical, emotionally it's horrible. >> reporter: the drug harvonive was a 95% cure rate. but it cost 84,000 dollars for
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that's 1,000 bucks per pill. way too much for nicole until mark saw the story. >> putting myself in the shoes of a feaive with three kids and disbelief and shock and sad. and upset. >> reporter: mark is the financial officer at all car police specialty pharmacy. >> i saw the story and know this is something our patients face offer a daily -- on a daily basis ies. >> reporter: he made a couple calls to contacts with a competing drug with within hours he secured nicole's cure for free. >> and i want to thank everybody who helped out and thank you for sharing my story. >> reporter: now with the second chance nicole vows to fight for others in her shoes. denied the drugs they need. >> i didn't think that i would be able to move on from what happened to mow and that is gift i will never forget. >> reporter: a attorney general
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the maker of harvoni accusing price gouging and threatening a legal action. for the i team lauren lamack check. >> and when we return our eye on the storm coverage thins. >> this is not just affecting people on the cape and south shore how people north of next. what is going on? today we're going to run a slalom course. not down the mountain, but up it... that's terrifying. one of these. sweet the chevy silverado offers a combination of 4wd and an exclusive "auto-locking rear differential" let's do this. so, if a rear wheel starts to slip, the axle automatically locks to provide better traction. feels like a beast. grips great. dude, that was awesome. current qualified competitiver lessees can get this silverado all star v8 forr around $269 a month.
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full size truck in new england. the first job of a president is to protect america. our next president must be prepared to lead. i know jeb. i know his good heart and his strong backbone. jeb will unite our country. he knows how to bring the world together against terror. he knows when tough measures must be taken. experience and judgment count in the oval office. jeb bush is a leader. he'll
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