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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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in and a long duration of event. this is a slow crime to the storm. it will stick around until midnight but will continue along plymouth county and south shores. heaviest bands moved outside of the city trying to move back towards metro west and pretty decent band of heavy snow. since it's fluffy it will stack up quick and we will see additional several inch as we head through the night and the wind off the water will keep snow bands focused like cape anne and cape cod. so we will continue to have a crews on the road trying to keep up with additional snow. could see 3 to 6. [audio not understandable] we can say bye to this storm. coastal flooding here a significant issue earlier on today when you had the high tide circle. barry burbank is back in thestudio and deja vu winter
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this is the second verified blizzard in song new england. >> we knew when we gave the winter outlook it would be a tough second half of the winter. no question about that. and here's what's happening with the wind. windy in plymouth where eric is gusting over 30 miles an hour but starting to drop off. strongest wind along the coast and we have had a burst of strong wint early this morning before the wind started. that's the push of arctic air coming from the north that period of time. now it feels like temperatures are in the single numbers. it feels cold but the wind will decrease and that's good news in terms of the coastal friends earlier today. there's a coastal flood advisory up meaning pockets of minor coastal flooding when there's warning that means
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it don't be as severe. it happens between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. brighter day without much snow. maybe the sun will peak through. the rest of the being a you weather forecast in a few minutes. south shore dealt with blizzard conditions and flooding for most of the mork. >> -- monk. >> you can see the water whipped around by the wind in scituate. bill shields has been in scituate throughout the day. things getting better there bill? >> reporter: a little bit. in terms of the wind. not as bad as noon today. dropped off 10 miles an hourch the problem around here up and down the south shore has been the wind out of the northeast all day combined with a 10 1/2foot tide creating degree. >> reporter: the new sea walls in marshfield were put to the test. >> over last couple years we
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million dollars-- 6 1/2 million dollars on sea walls. >> reporter: lisa case has live here for three years and learned the jeep is the only way in and out during a winter storm. >> this is worse than the storm in january of last year. >> this made many roadsimpassable but for people like lisa case it's an acceptable trade-off. >> well, if you look at it as you have got 9 months to the best possibly place you can live you have to be smart. >> reporter: this is scituate scene. weeks ago. >> it was good waves and it was constant and pretty good build up. coming one after a another but not too bad. >> reporter: not too bad. he is right but i hope i hope
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another february like last february. in fab rolled around and we are scarred by that and steven d from centreville you were right. reporting live from scituatebill shields. >> settling some bet with steven d. storm hit not just at high tide but an astronomically high tide at water flooding the treats. this was nantucket and you see the water coming up to the homes and parts of cape cod dealt with flooding and we want to go to beth germano. >> reporter: here they have been hit hard by powerful winds that continue to gusts. came cod communities were pummeled today. damage in this area where we are in sand wish is limited but the winds had an impact. >> sometimes you can see 50 feetsometimes you can't see nothing. >> reporter: the wind blowing and drifting creating whiteout conditions in sandwich. local emergency management
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an hour that had residents concerned about coastal erosion. >> recently the beach has been filled up and we have been blessed but now it's all going away again. last storm we lost 8 feet. >> reporter: shoring up the beach is credited with a limitedflooding the storm brought as high winds whipped up the ocean at high tide. this treat was a washout, previous storms have been far worse. >> obviously with other storms that are coming in and they will he be checked after the storm goes by and start all over. >> reporter: it left homes cased in snow and came with bonus for charlie gill. the snow is plentiful but manageable. >> so we tend not to lose the power as lopping as -- lock as the snow -- long as the snow is not wet and heavy. >> reporter: icy snow seems to have pecked up a little bit. you can see the roads improved crews have been able to get ahead of itch the power lines
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outages in the area have only been scattered. beth germano. >> that's good news. thanks. the problem at logan airport today was the wind. airlines canceled a lot of flights and some of the flights that are still on even tonight are delayed as much as 2 1/2 hours. >> silver lining is it's not that thick snow as friday and at last check 500 homes without power in our area. boston mayor walsh spoke in the last hour about the city's pond. currently our focus is maintaining safe road conditions we ask people to stay off the roads so crews can get the work done. we are confident the boston public schools will be opened tomorrow. >> boston certainly didn't get the worst of the storm. the mayor didn't have to declare a snow emergencies. >> most people seemed to be having fun in boston this. >> i. brie sisson is live in copley square tonight. bree. >> reporter: i feel like i won the lottery out here tonight. boston doesn't have a whole lot
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no snow emergency or parkinban. we didn't have enough snow to be space savers to be warranted but kids don't blame messenger but you are back to school tomorrow. foot traffic in copley scare is a trickle cared to this -- week. >> there was a lot of people and birds. it was ray more energy but as you can see, things change quickly. >> reporter: roads are slushy but little cars thanks in part to canceled schools. what do you say when you go down the hill do you scream. >> i say ahh. >> reporter: little tatum and her pals can chalk up sledding time to jack. a few days ago we asked him about the mild winter. >> 50 degree weather is killing me. >> reporter: now this peddler of snow shovels and rock salt admits he might be to blame for the blustery blizzard. did you do a snow dance to make this happen.
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snow dance and all my employees do a snow dance. >> reporter: only the hardware store impies right? and everybody enjoy your time and you need to shovel off sidewalks that you have businesses out all day long and the city reminds to down load the bos311 app to report a problem. now back to you david. >> nice job thank you. stay up-to-the minute with the storm and any other storm we get this year with the cbs boston weather app free in the >> trumpp lashing out. >> he is like a spoiled child. >> polls show hmm ahead with the real gop batel in new -- battle in sek place. >> as we head to break we are keeping a close eye on the winter storm. this is another live picture
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getting a snow ban now. windy there and places on the cape have seen 9 inches of snow. we are back after this. accomplishments? [stopwatch ticking] even his own supporters can't name one. santorum: the bottom line is, there isn't a whole lot of accomplishments. announcer: we tried a rookie senator with no experience. and we can't afford that risk again. marco rubio simply isn't ready for the biggest job right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. what would you do with five minutes to kill, and a smart phone? check the scores. probably post a pic. text a friend. how about register to vote? really? you can. five minutes online and a massachusetts drivers license is all it takes to register so you can vote for our next president. go to it's that easy. done. i just registered.
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we continue to keep an eye on winter storm. tonight this is snow and wind throughout area. that is shot of the mass pike from brighton you can see the folks on the left hand side headed out of the city. it doesn't seem like anyone is going into the city right now. >> probably a good move to stay home and he joy the night. look at four point channel a busy neighborhood in boston typically but the waves whipped up by the wind flooded out the harbor walk and after a little break just an hour ago the snow is coming down in most places. >> yeah check back in with our team of meteorologist beginning with eric fisher live in plymouth where the wind has been whipping and it's been hard to hear you the winds whipping so loudly. >> reporter: i will try to geb
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the forecast -- give you a wind screen and whyster the forecast -- whyster a -- whisper the forecast a woman said the winter is weak and i need to feel the stream and she let me check out her room in the balcony and knew what room and wanted to watch the waves and power and that's the storm tourism if you l she came out and said her whole day was fulfilled by watching the huge rollers coming in. interesting take on the weather wouldn't you think on this cold windy night. let's look at what's going on. big storm system out to sea. and this was any closer -- and if was any closer we would have big issues. the storm is 420 miles towards the east and we are well remove from the center of the thing. if it is about 150 miles farther west this would have been a widespread major blizzard. so we are fortunate tonight but still that storm being powerful compared to high pressure in eastern canada, that squeeze play is giving us the strong wind tonight. and now steady snow filled in all across the boston metro as
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catch up here. aid long duration storm and snow moving in this morning and it's going to continue well into the night starting to taper off after midnight tonight. but the most persistent areas are here plim out county and south -- plymouth county and south shore and cape cod and towards the island. so we are not done yet. in fact the snow bands will likely still be around in areas tomorrow morning. and so a lot of the crews will still be out throughout the night still gusty wind and that's going create additional accumulation getting us to the storm total. 1 to 3 west of boston. 3 to 6 possible towards the north shore as well as the south shore. and even the cape we could see a few isolated totals that would be up over 3 inches total there. barry is back in the studio and we are getting the latest reports and some are saying a loot lat couple hours a couple freshen. of snow. >> we -- fresh inches of snow. >> we got that from lexington. that beats all the snow over the day.
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mount up as if you will like much of came cod now. 7 to 10 inches. much of southeastern massachusetts 4 to 7 inches and much of central massachusetts now 4, 5 inches except northwestern worcester county individual ports through wesfitchburg with 4.5 inches. again 4 to 7 inches over parts plymouth county and bristol county as well. you go worcester is at 4 inches so we will add or more during the night. closing in eric showed outbig storm at sea. but look what we have behind it. -- you the big storm at sea but look what we have behind it another one behind it. this won't develop into a major store. -- storm. that is moves out two other storms will move underneath us and there's the next one almost a total miss during tomorrow into early on wednesday. and upper level energy may come through this weekend to produce snow showers but for the most part it's not going to be anything significant coming up through the week. thursday may still have snow
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week it may be something different. let's go back to eric and he will tell us what may be happening here as we get into the weekend what's going on there eric. >> reporter: we were chatting and looking at models saying that looks cold look towards valentine's day weekend. if you want to cuddle up with someone, the weather will be appropriate for that. coldest air since last winter which is diving down out of canada. so here's the setup. we have a clipper as we dive down off to the south and that's something to watch for friday night into saturday morning. that may develop quickly and give us another shot of snow kibe off the weekend. -- kick off the weekend. that's not set in stone but the cold is s as we head into saturday -- is. as we head into saturday and sunday harsh air. if you are going outside you don't want exposed skin or pets outside for very long either. in fact highs likely staying in the single digits for some on sunday and subzero temperatures across the area. which is not something we have seen at all this entire winter.
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now david lisa if you are snowballing. we have what couple storms and keep going. it looks to be the case. once we head into next week things warm up a little bit again. >> i am thinking about the red sox. forget about winter. >> spring training. >> we are moving on. >> next we are we are almost there. -- next week we are almost there. >> now at 512 hours to go -- 5, 12 hours to go. republican and democratic candidates making a push before the votes are cast. tradition calls for votes to be cast at midnight but most polls open tomorrow at 6. >> and just a week after the closest iowa caucus ever for the democrats, the candidates are trying to make the most of every appearance even tonight it's critical for both parties. we begin our team coverage tonight with liam martin live in man chaster with the latest -- manchester with the latest on the republican race. >> reporter: donald trump is set to hold an event here at the verizon center in manchester at 7. people have
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and trump unlike in iowa is hoping he can turn that into turn out. >> you going to be at verizon. >> reporter: ahead of what's expected to be a massive rally monday night. >> you grabbed a lot of people into the ven you. >> reporter: donald trump is holding smaller intimate events hoping to correct the missteps in iowa. and he is riding a wave of support here in the granite state up double digits in every poll. >> i am going to be a president of the united states of america. >> reporter: marco rubio meantime, is now trying to hold onto second place. his numbers dipping after a poor debate performance. ohio governor kasich could pass rubio by tuesday. benefiting from a moderate gop voting block here than in iowa. >> the media are not going to pick the republican nominee for the -- or next president of theunited states. >> reporter: that dynamic hobbled ted cruz who needed evangelical vote in iowa to price trump. >> thank you all very much.
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hoping for late push. just four points separating him right now from second place. he is hoping going after trump could give him a lift. >> i am tired of politicians that push down a group of people to make themselves look better. >> reporter: there was a war of words between trump and bush today. bush calling trump a liar a loser and a liner. trump fired back calling bush pathetic and saying he spent 110 million dollars on a campaign that currently has him 5th in the polls. if the past is any indication that will come up again at this event tonight. >> liam martin thanks. democrats making a final push. we will give you a live look at durham new hampshire where bernie sanders is holding an event. for more on the democratic race we go to paula ebben live in manchester. paula. >> reporter: well, david, hillary to wbz referred to herself as political pinyatta today. talking about the attacks that she has sustained over the
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she wants democrats to know she is the leader they need in washington and bernie sanders shows she has a real challenge ahead of her with his consistent lead and he acknowledged his campaign has come a long way. >> you guys ready for a radical idea? >> reporter: sen forebernie sanders who has gone from a dark horse to a warhorse asking new hampshire voters to propel hem forward. >> together we are going to create an economy that works for working families not just the top 1%. >> hello, and if i could earn your vote tomorrow. >> reporter: for hillary clinton the underdog it's about beating expectation and finishing close to sanders. >> i believe i have the you know the ability and the experience and the judgment to do all it is expect of the job. >> reporter: in a one-on-one interview today clinton says she gets the frustration but insist she is leader who can
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>> aingeer is not a plan. -- aingeer is not a plan what -- anger is not a plan what will we do to fix it? >> reporter: and so david as youbernie sanders wrapping up an early evening finishing his day at a student for bernie concert at unh wanting to safely hold on to the lead and wrap up the night. hoping voters will get out tomorrow. secretary clinton will be joined by former president clinton and chelsea at the get out the vote rally tonight. and she of course hoping if she can't win as in 2008 she will have a strong second finish like her husband and be the comeback kid. paula ebben david back to yew. >> and -- back to you. >> wbz has coverage of the primary for you. join us tomorrow night for live team coverage. we will bring you live analysis and results all night. coverage kicks off at 5. arch rivals are set to face- off in a winter classic. up next much more on the bean
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the second february in monday a special night. 64th bean pod at garden seems like the teams always haver battling for the bean pot title but it's the first time since 2012 that they are squaring off in the final. >> it's been a dream of mine to play them in the finals and it's kind of how you draw it up and we owe them after a few weeks ago. so, we are definitely excited to play them. >> what would a champion mean. >> i grew up watching it and to finally be in it is something special. >> all about the kid and bragging rights tonight. david and lisa. >> all right dan thanks so much. >> we are keeping ion on a long -- eye on a long duration storm. >> and this is one of the best pictures sent today. here it is. huge wave over a seawall in marshfield. people saying it's all worth it in the supper. -- summer.
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hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together [ cheering ] i've got some real estate here in my bag counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america all come to look for america all come
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i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message.
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