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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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a winter weather advisory still in effect tonight for much of the state, as we look at live pictures it is still snowing. strong winds are whipping up the waves on the south shore tonight. people on the coast have concerns about flooding. cruz is spread out across the area clearing the roadways to keep the city up and running. >> the snow will last much of the night and into the morning which explains the delays or tomorrow and some school districts. >> you can see them strolling across the bottom of your screen. behind the storm, plenty of wintry weather to come this week.
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a 24 hour storm system for us, look how far away it is per the center of it is east of nova scotia and we are still dealing with some lingering snowfall out there tonight. over 400 miles away was the closest pass of the storm. the snow is starting to wind down a little bit but the last place along the south shore where we could see some snow showers lingering all the way into tomorrow morning. right now the steadiest snowfall in cohasset down through marshfield around brad., duxbury seeing some of that snow. could linger here on cape and coming in off the water. the main concern is the high tide cycle underway right now between now and 2 a.m. along the south shore and cape cod coastal flood advisories. the usual prone areas, in splash over and some water not as intense as we saw earlier on today for the late morning hours.
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-- winds are. by tomorrow morning the wind gusts dropping off. the surf will be much lower and tomorrow no coastal flooding concerns whatsoever. good news and progress on that point. tomorrow morning bundle up, temperatures in the teens, lingering snow showers tomorrow afternoon we rebound into the low 30s. chance for more snow on wednesday. a lot of cold this weekend, this is our winter week and we have the full forecast coming up in just a bit new pictures justin tonight from cape cod where it is still snowing going on about 18 hours now, wbz's julie long check joins us live now from sandwich where the waves -- waves have been coasting on the coast -- crashing on the coastline >>reporter:as the high tide now comes in, if you didn't think the storm was impressive, and your neighborhood, come on down to sandwich, peak wind gust and
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per hour. by nightfall, and land, monday storm was almost picturesque. >> i love snow. >>reporter:at the shoreline, it was still proving problematic. winds whipped for hours on and turning up the sea and the sand. >> they are pretty wild, you cannot even get out of the car. >>reporter: lisa carbon is right on the ocean and count yourself lucky. >> today was not as bad as the past storms. usually with a bad storm the house is shaking. you hear all the dishes clanking , but today was not bad we did not lose power. >>reporter:sandwiches shoreline has been pummeled the last couple of winters, residents tell me fortunately this particular storm erosion has not been a main concern. aside from this one section on town deck beach, this one section alone was recently rebuilt. some estimate it lost 20-30 feet of dune monday alone.
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wood, that it did not happen here. with each different tide you have sand, or rocks, but the erosion has not been a factor. >> a lot of the beachfront properties everyone is going to. >>reporter:the preliminary assessment tonight, sandwich, fared fairly well aside from erosion. town officials will be back out here at daybreak to take a better look for you they have been spending so much time, money, and effort trying to save all of this. five and sandwich, julie, wbz news. waves. thank you and flooding. we are watching the coast and another hide tide. wbz louisa muller is on the cell site tonight and understandably the people are really anxious right now. >>reporter:not hard to see why, right lisa, it is high tide here and things have changed dramatically in the last hour. around 10 o'clock there was no
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where the water normally hits by those boulders right there, it just keeps coming, and coming. and let me tell you this is the story of the day situate and this -- the surrounding areas. snowflakes continue to stroll through scituate monday evening as a winter storm barreled barrels through. the towns plow trucks in full cleanup mode despite the continually pressed three conditions. gas company workers -- -- continually blustery conditions. a different story for the towns quiet restaurant scene. >> we were open all day on friday, with the storm, and today, i guess people are a little scared off. >>reporter:earlier in the day, things were far from quiet. as a high tide and storm surge sent waters streaming through seaside neighborhoods. rumblings serve a far from gentle reminder of the power of mother nature. >> all of this flooding is coming from the marsh, not the ocean >>reporter:lisa case a daringly
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the water to her home. >> you have to respect the water, be safe, you have to know when to leave >>reporter:maybe it is daring, grant. not everyone deterred by the storm. >> we are going for a walk, even though there is a blizzard. we have to go to cvs to pick up a prescription. >>reporter:the national weather service reporting a two-3-foot storm surge, and 17-foot waves. remarkably, schedule it and marshall police and told me they have had no reports of damage. live in situate louisa moeller, wbz news. >> it is back to school tomorrow, by the way, for boston students after getting a four-day weekend thanks to the two storms. the mayor is reminding drivers that there was no snow emergency issued in the city, that means you cannot use those space savers out on the street.
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tracking the storm overnight you can watch wbz starting at 4:30 a.m. tomorrow morning for the latest forecast the travel conditions and the list of delays and cancellations. together, the candidates have spent hundreds of days crisscrossing new hampshire, to portsmouth. >> the most important trip is the candidates to make. primary voters start heading to the polls tomorrow morning. heated battle is the race for the latest polls show donald trump with a commanding lead who comes in next is anybody's guess. after tomorrow, some campaigns may be over. wbz's leah martin is live in >>reporter:the day began with another war of words between jeb bush and donald trump. it ended that way, as well. donald trump fight to hold onto that top spot with the rest of the field appearing to be vying music playing ] donald trump packing the verizon arena in manchester, flaunting a double-digit lead in the polls >> the people that are with me
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those are not the people that are 20% that they can flip >>reporter:the billionaire businessman knows he needs to do here what he cannot do effectively in iowa, translate the polls and these crowds into votes. >> tomorrow, you have to get out, and you have to votes, no matter what. >>reporter:trump took aim at his rivals especially jeb bush who attacked him monday. calling him a whiner and a loser >>reporter:-- >> listen to this about bush, he's in favor of common core, number two, bush likes common core >> i am tired of politicians that push down pushed down a group of people to make themselves look better >>reporter:bush, meanwhile, is one of four candidates now jammed behind trump all within five points of one another. that marks a disappointment for marco rubio, who was in a clear second place before stumbling in saturday's debate. >> we are going to do very well >>reporter:it is a pleasant surprise for governor john
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moderate gop voting block here in new hampshire than the one in iowa. so, the fight for second, third, fourth, and fifth places appears to be very fluid right now. chris christie is in sixth in the polls but even he could move up. there are five or six tickets out of the state. >> thank you. on the democratic side hillary clinton spending the final hours just trying to chip away at the sizable lead that bernie sanders has built in the polls. paula evan's live in manchester as well tonight, both candidates out there tonight really reminding voters of their differences? contrasting those differences are you bernie sanders has really captured voter anger to spark what he calls a political revolution. while hillary clinton highlights her experience, and political skills as the real answer for solving the [ music playing ] >> hello. >>reporter:daughter chelsea,
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last-minute push for the last- minute votes. >> i am deeply proud to be my mother's daughter. >> i respect the anger, the apprehension and the anxiety that so many americans have >>reporter:at this rally in manchester, hillary clinton founded a speech even in the face -- faces of polls showing her losing to bernie sanders. >> i do not think a little snow is going to stop anybody, do you? >>reporter:the former first lady, senator, and secretary of state appeal to new hampshire's a famous way. >> for all of those who of you who are still deciding, still the deal. between now, and the time the polls close. the top on down. it comes from the bottom on up. >>reporter:it has been a whirlwind closing for senator bernie sanders from saturday night live [applause]
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getting this preferential treatment. [ laughter] >>reporter:to rallies all over new hampshire. during big and enthusiastic crowds and hammering home a message he calls revolutionary. >> 58% of all new income is going to the top 1%. >>reporter:hillary clinton has been managing expectations since erwin and iowa, leaving her the ability to sneak up on sanders with a stronger-than- expected second place finish, while bernie sanders tries to turn his impressive lead in the polls into votes. live in manchester, new hampshire, paula evan, wbz news. the first primary votes in the nation coming up in 48 minutes and 30 seconds. not far from the canadian border opens as polls right at midnight, a tradition since 1960 it famously has just nine registered voters, to other towns hart's location and mills failed also vote at midnight
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brings us to our number of the night, 72, that is the combined number of registered voters who can cast their votes in those three small towns. >> join us tomorrow night for complete coverage of the new hampshire primary. we will be with the candidates up and you live results and analysis all night. our wbz coverage begins at 5 o'clock. this could reshape the race for president, tonight for the first time, former note -- new york city mayor eiko bloomberg says he is thinking about running as an independent. bloomberg calls the current campaign and insulted voters. a bad storm shakes up passengers. >> this was a terrifying voyage on a cruise ship. we will show you a trip so dangerous it forced the captain to turn around. a trip to the casino takes a dangerous turn for passengers and their bus crosses along the interstate. are the candidates talking sense, or talking trash? we will get you closer to the substance behind the rhetoric.
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a bad accident in the middle of today's snowstorm, 30 people were injured on a tour bus in a crash in connecticut. the bus flipped on i-95 in madison it was heading from new york city to the casino. right now, thousands of passengers are on their way back to port after their cruise ship sailed right into a violent storm. >> this is one of the terrifying videos that has been posted online from one of the passengers who was stuck at sea. we are talking 20-foot waves, 100 mile-per-hour winds. it's the same storm system that just hit us. it forced the royal caribbean ship to make a u-turn near south carolina at one point the captain told everyone to get back to their cabins. >> at one point, people were falling over and they said, you know, hold the wheelchair, so
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over holding the wheelchair so they were not flying around. >> the national weather service is alert for strong storms were sent for days before the cruise ship ran into trouble. some questions about why they went out in the first place. >> that just seems like negligence. is terrifying. >> is interesting, because eric fisher has been talking about how big the storm system has look at it. >> if you are in the middle of the ocean. there are people out there, along with the fish who are selling our vessels on doing a lot of work out in the seas, imagine the storms that they sees -- they see on the -- they do not have to go on a trip through that. really nasty storm that was seen days in advance. for our part of this, storm well out to sea, still impressive snow. highest total on the cape at 11. brewster at nine, plymouth up to eight and counting.
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moving at toward the coast. similar numbers in fitchburg, as well as east freetown also towards the south coast just shy of 5 inches of snow. overall, pretty decent storm especially in the southeastern corner of the state. lizard conditions did verify on nantucket, martha's vineyard, and plymouth. poor visibility and a lot of wind. that storm is way out to see n ow, it's amazing to think it's off to the south and east of nova scotia. there are a couple of storm systems behind it. one storm would hit i would would slide out below. that's still what we are talking about right now. on our live doppler radar, the snow is tapering down. the last place that will be dealing with the snowfall lingering into tomorrow morning right along the south shore along route three. a pretty tough grow. winds coming off the water this is where we will stack up additional inches of snowfall before things come to an end to my morning. overnight, coastal flooding, high tide happening across the area until 2 a.m., along the south shore and the cape, coastal flood advisories and
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but we have blessed when with it will be local road closures of the same areas that often deal with these sorts of things in coastal events. as the winds i downed the wind chill less inviting -- biting. a north breeze of five-10 tomorrow morning. snow showers still lingering. arty at lunchtime, flurries toward the cape and the islands but not accumulating. a snow shower or a flurry, but no major activity for our tuesday. high temperatures from the upper 20s to lower 30s, we will be just a touch of melting going on tomorrow. the next storm system, slides out underneath the flow of this bigger storm. on tuesday we get missed by that one. then another trailing storm, this one should bring us some snow early on wednesday morning. right now i am thinking a one-3- inch snow system for us. a few more snow showers lingering on thursday. it is a very wintry week for
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temperatures below average for this time of year. our best chance of accumulation is on wednesday morning. a clip or low is going to dive down and touch off some more snow on saturday, that is not set in stone yet. but what is a lot of big league cold as we head into valentine's day weekend. look it at those we can temperatures, on saturday plus winds and the as we look toward sunday single digits and teens. david and lisa, not so comfortable for the upcoming weekend. >> thank you. after months of campaigning in new hampshire, the first voting in the primaries begins in about 40 minutes. >> joan keller gets us closer to the candidates and where they stand on three critical issues. jobs, taxes, trade >>reporter:it was no surprise that our wbz amherst poll last week showed jobs, the economy and trade at the top of the list of most important issues to both parties. but with taxes, a major offshoot of that discussion. we took a closer look at what
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balancing the burden. >> jobs. >>reporter:millions of decent paying jobs. they are all talking about job creation, but is anyone talking sense of? >> this entire series of debates has been pandering, i have not heard any intelligent discussion >>reporter: boston university economics professor is a fellow of the american academy of arts and sciences and a research associate at the national bureau of economic research. he cringes at the mantra he hears from the democrats. some are closing corporate loopholes, deductions >>reporter:while they are both for raising the minimum wage, clinton vows not to raise taxes on those earning less than $250,000 a year. >> the rift -- of the rich can take their money and move it anywhere in the world, taking the workers. >>reporter: meanwhile, the
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has focused on trade. >> we lost anywhere between four and 7 million jobs because of china. >> 70 dumps their product, in our country, takes her people's jobs. >>reporter:he says the high -- ignore the reality of global markets. >> i think china is trying to take our jobs and we are trying to take china's jobs. that's the nature of competition >>reporter:some of the republicans agree. >> you think that the chinese have they had a 45% on all their empires would not retaliate, of course they would. that would be devastating for our economy. >>reporter:the cot -- the controversial -- [inaudible] ben carson, chris christie, ted cruz, and carly fiorina on the fence, and trump opposing it. >> who has a right? new hampshire make that call tomorrow.
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three weeks. now, for a closer look at the key issues in this election. the candidates stances in my analysis, go to our website, a winter classic at the garden center. >> beanpot history, the
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there was drama in the beanpot final even before we got to the end of the game. which was amazing >> this is one of my favorite sporting events of the year and this one lived up to the hype >> great action especially in regulation it was kind of b oring, no, this was a blast. the beanpot final at the garden tonight 22nd time they are playing for the championship. it is the first time -- time since 2012 that these two squared off in the final.
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lights go out in tv garden with a 53 to go in the first period. that led to a 29 minute delay, but eventually got going again and it was a wide open hockey game back and forth. what a secret here in the third period, ryan fitzgerald on the breakaway. john mcguire maguire makes one of his season-high 41 the action goes right back the other way here. jordan greenway on the rest, makes one of his 30 saves, and takes the big bump himself or the goalie -- one of them had to lose. two minutes into ot, throws it on, gets other traffic, maguire never stops, the eagles when it one-zero. the first one-zero beanpot final in tournament history. boston college wins its 20th beanpot championship, six in the last seven years. big night tomorrow as well, returns to face the bruins for
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traded to the la kings. it will be an emotional night for both him and his former teammates. >> is a great friend and a great teammate, it was tough to see him go. i am sure he will get a nice ovation. i know how much he was loved here in boston. then we get to see him again. >> he has been here a long time. we became really good friends. we stay in touch. obviously it's going to be tough, he's a really good p layer. so, it will be good to see him. >> it's really well. isaiah thomas made bc conference player of the year today. average 20 points, seven assists, 4.5 rebounds per game.
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what a great beanpot it was tonight at the garden. so much so i need to take a break. we will be back right after
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you played in fantasy football leagues. you know that losing among family and friends can be very tough >> such was the case for john, the indiana man ended up last and his fantasy league this year, and the first place finisher got to pick the punishment. oh, lord, john had to wear a football onesie and hold the sign that said -- i am the worst at fantasy football. he's a brave man if he comes back after that. >> that is awesome.
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"you can trust sanders because he doesn't owe his political career to the financial overlords." the nashua telegraph declares: "he's not beholden to wall street money." the valley news says, "sanders has been genuinely outraged about the treatment of ordinary americans for as long as we can remember." i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. what would you do with five minutes to kill, and a smart phone? check the scores. probably post a pic. text a friend. how about register to vote? really? you can. five minutes online and a massachusetts drivers license is all it takes to register so you can vote for our next president. go to it's that easy. done. i just registered. that was easy. register today. now it's new hampshire's turn, and all america is watching to see who we choose in this dangerous time. one man stands above.
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he's steady, he's tested and proven. he's a president, which is what we need to make us strong and safe again. for america, jeb bush.
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going to keep snowing often on?
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