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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  February 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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right now at 6:00, digging out and drying out, the storm clean up underway. and we're tracking the potential for even more snow this week. and it's primary day in new hampshire, two candidates have an early lead with the votes. bu and bc spotting it out in the final, the goal that won it in overtime. >> from the channel 4 studios in morning" . . >> good morning, it is 6:00 right now i'm kathryn hauser. >> and i'm chris mckinnon. it's tuesday, february 9, and it's primary day in new
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you covered from all over the state this morning. but first talk about yesterday's storm and the clean up today. >> high tide rolled in to scituate sending water in the area around old dock street. police in scituate and marshfield tell us there are no reports of damage, that's good news. >> and danielle niles has been tracking this, we're out of the woods. >> yeah, absolutely, the flood threat is done for the coastline, couple flurries but -- do yourself a favor and leave with extra time, slippery areas. leftover flurries right now, just a couple spots from ash burn, fitchburg and townsend, a quick flurry coming through. 93 and 293, north of merrimack now in to manchester, a little bit of light snow. 20 in boston, taunton, teens worcester to lawrence.
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colder because of a very light wind leave extra time, no melting, only up around 30 this afternoon. could be a flurry on the cape as we head home. snow showers on the way, but now more info on the roads. we've had a problem on disabled vehicles, wellesley on the southbound side, another breakdown in wotham, the shoulder is blocked to the south a blunch of slowdowns -- bunch of slowdowns, route 3, ponsit circle, 33 to the split. 93 somerville, two slow pockets between 495 and 133 in the andover stretch, woburn between 128 and park street, kathryn? it's back to school for boston students this morning
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thanks to two storms. the mayor is reminding drivers that there was no snow emergency issue for the city, that means you can't use space savers on the street. officials out in sandwich town to survey the damage, seeing peak wind gusts of 50 to 60 miles per hour. a section of the beach that was recently rebuilt may have lost between 20 and 30 feet of dune during this storm yesterday. and winter is far from over, we all know it. but hey, halfway point. traffic storms any time with the cbs boston app available in android and apple stores. the first vote cast in the new hampshire primary. just after midnight, voters in three tiny hamlets were the first in the polls, the rest of new hampshire will cast the votes this morning. >> we have it all covered for you, nicole jacobs following the candidates from manchester but starting with chantee lans live at a polling place in new bedford, good morning, chantee.
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chris and kathryn, polls set to open here in bedford high. pretty soon, just at miebt mooint is -- midnight is when the voting started at three other hamlets. the first votes in the first of the nation primary were dixville notch, a tienly hamlet -- tiny tam let with nine votes. >> four for bernie sanders. none for hint. >> reporter: ohio governor kasich sneaked past donald trump 3-2 among republicans. dixville notch not alone, two other, harts location and smithfield both with under 100 population 319 total across the state, most allowed voting between 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. on the 100th anniversary on the start of the new hampshire primary. state officials expect the total number of cast and ballots to top the records set in 2008. supports say it gave average
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election process but proponents argue it continued to embrace that ideal more than other states. >> reporter: a handful of sites will open at 6:00 a.m. here at 7:00. reporting live at bedford, new hampshire, chantee lans, wbz "this morning ". >> thank you very much, chantee. you see those very, early, early results. the candidates getting in last minute campaigning. >> nicole jacobs live at our primary headquarters in manchester with the closer look at their final pitch to voters, good morning, nicole! >> reporter: goorj to you -- good morning to you, kathryn, chris. a handful of voters who are proving to be game time voters, it's what they're hoping to secure >> you have to get out and you have to vote no matter what! >> reporter: in true trump fashion, the billionaire businessman turned politician points to the polls. his landslide lead over the republican field has proven in iowa to not be strong enough.
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really with me. those aren't the people that are 20% and they can flip. >> reporter: but is there room for others to make up ground? >> i'm tired of politicians that push down people to make themselves look better. >> reporter: jeb bush, marco rubio, ted cruz kasich all trailing. >> i don't think snow will stop anybody. >> reporter: the same for hillary clinton trailing by double digits in new hampshire, still pushing to reel in the votes. >> for all those of you still deciding, still shopping, i hope i can close the deal between now and the time the polls close. [ cheers and applause ] >> real change never the --comes from the top on down. it comes from the bottom on up. bernie sanders stumping to huge new england crowds welcoming him almost as the hometown favorite. >> 58% of all new income is
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>> reporter: but all eyes tuesday are fixed on that final percentage, the one that determines a winner in our nation's first primary. and this primary could come down to that undeclared voter. of course, we know that is more than 40% here in new hampshire. so by the end of today, anything, anything could happen. we're live in manchester, new hampshire, nicole jacobs, wbz "this morning ". >> very true, nicole, thanks so much. and this could also reshape the race for president, bloomberg announced he is running as an independent, calling the current campaign quote an insult to voters. join us tonight for complete coverage of the new hampshire primary, we will be with the candidates, we're going to bring you live results and analysis all night long. our coverage here on wbz begins at 5:00. developing right now, emergency crews are trying to reach survivors after a deadly german train collision. authorities say two passenger
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head on in munich during the early morning rush, eight people are dead and up to 150 injured. the fbi and police are looking for a bank robber in stoneham. the robbery happened at a bank of america on main street yesterday morning during the snowstorm. investigators released this surveillance picture of the suspect, he handed the teller a note and took off with the cash. anyone with information asked to call police. new this morning, concerning statistics about the number of child abuse cases in hachz -- massachusetts, according to the globe, the state reported the highest rate of neglected children in the country. nearly 23 victims for 1,000 children in massachusetts. the most recent stats are from 2014, officials say the high number reflects an increase in the number of cases reported and increased diligence from the state. while advocates say the opioid crisis is also playing a role. today mbta riders get another chance to sound off on plans for a fair hike.
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chelsea on the. there will also be hearings in roxbury and waymoth, the mb it ta wants -- mbta wants to raise between 6 and 4% to cover a deficit, if approved it could take place in july. we're talking history, the 64 bean pot championship, bc and bu for the 22nd time in the final, take a look at this crazy moment early on, the lights go out with 8:53 to go in the first. and that would cause a half hour delay. back to the action and what a night for both goalies stopping 71 shots. between the two the game would go in to overtime, bc shoots through the traffic, though he never sees it there, the eagles win it 1-0 in ot, this is the first bean pot final and the 20th bean pot championship for boston college. and bragging rights to go along with it. >> yeah, right? what a game. coming up on wbz "this morning", summer is still a few months away.
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out of the water. >> yeah, the number of shark attacks on the rise, the record breaking numbers just ahead. >> a push to learn more about the zika virus, the help the obama administration is requesting. plus a nightmare vacation, video on board a cruise ship battered by high winds and big waves. good morning, danielle. good morning, chris our coastline got battered yesterday. but the seas are gradually going to subvied today. temperature -- subside today, temperatures around 30, a lot of clouds. the clean up continues. i'm tracking snow showers for tomorrow, take you through the time line of those when we come back.
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if you've ever played in a fantasy football league, you know losing among family and friends can be especially brutal! that's what happened o to this guy. -- what happened to this guy. this is jon darcy, the indiana man lost, the first place
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punishment, he held a football onesie and held a sign that said i'm the worst at fantasy football. >> he had the energy, people honking at him. >> i think they could've, that wasn't too bad. >> i'm not all about bringing up the deflated footballs, that would've been good in non-england territory. he brings energy though. >> he does bring energy. i know a lot of people will be like, let's get john in our league. >> yeah, poor guy! so, did you guys have an okay ride to work this morning? >> yeah, my car kudos, he did that for me. >> that's the thing, leave extra time because the sidewalks and the sides of the road are length a little bit of a -- a little bit of a mess just because of additional snow.
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traffic moving, that puts us at 29 in worcester, 23.6 at logan. still a little bit shy of the average that we would typically see for snow today both in boston and in worcester. but still plenty of season to go. 20 degrees in boston right now. 15 worcester. a cold start. and while the wind isn't as strong there's still a bit of breeze making it colder. snow showers and flurries, in through southern new hampshire, not a big deal, real feel though is nine. what it feels like in boston, two degrees in worcester, eight in lawrence, the wind not as strong. all it takes is a slight wind to really make it feel colder and add that bite to the air. highs do come up around 30 today, we'll get a little bit of melting, just above the freezing mark from flim oth down -- plymouth down to the cape, teens and lower 20s, couple snow showers and tomorrow i do anticipate some at least melting
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upper 30s, but there will be a couple snow showers that come through too. we'll talk about that in a second. in the meantime, it paints a picture too. if you looked out it at the zoomed out view, from the mid-atlantic through the great lakes, scattered snow showers, clusters here. there's no organized storms but several areas of low pressure that will come through. watch what happens today, peeks of sunshine, flurry or two, clean up, no big issues. tomorrow in the morning, a little area of low pressure to our east, another to our west. upper level energy, instability in the atmosphere. so kind of like summer time thunderstorms. we get scattered snow showers tomorrow. may get a quick coating an inch or two in spots. the risk is along the coast. may slow you down briefly but not everyone will see it, maybe a couple inches in to northern new england. another area of low pressure, couple showers come through, a dusting but not a big impact.
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unsettled over the course of the next several days. accuweather forecast, mid 30s wednesday for tomorrow. breezy thursday. 31 high. the real feel around 20 degrees, teens at times. saturday could be early morning snow, arctic front coming in. bitterly cold air, sunday we don't get out of the teens. record morning lows, not quite as chilly for the start of next week. traffic and weather together, robi in. accidents and break youns all over -- breakdowns all over the place, medford, medford square, also a disabled truck, 93 southbound at the lever connector, also the andover stretch between 495 and 133. and woburn between 128 and park street. sot south, the -- to the south, expressway jammed to the split, a 20 minute ride, route 3 between derby street and the
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to get sluggish from stoughton up to 128. on the roads. the slick condition blamed for this accident in connecticut. 33 people hurt when a charter bus rolled over on the i-95 on madison. heading from new york city to mohegan sun casino, shut down parts of the road for hours. scary moments when a cruise ship sailed in to a violent storm. several passengers posted videos online of the conditions. 20 foot waves and 100 mile per hour winds forced a royal caribbean ship to make a u-turn from south carolina. at one point the captain ordered everyone to stay in their rooms. 2015 will go down as a record year for shark attacks, worldwide there were 98 unprovoked attacks with six deaths. that's 10 more than the last the most attacks with 59, experts say the number of attacks will continue
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president obama's asking congress for more than $1.8 million in emergency funding to help fight the zika virus. shouldn't panic, the virus is spreading rapidly through several countries. women who are pregnant are being urged to avoid travelling to countries affected by the virus. the oscars three weeks away and yesterday the nominees gathered for the annual oscar luncheon ahead of the award show, as they arrived they were greeted by a group of protesters holding up signs with the #oscarsowhite called out for the lack of diversity for the second year in a row. coinan o'brien -- conan o'brien headed to harvard, the lib rat arts education talk.
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graduated from harvard in 1985, you do need tickets to attend the event, it will be streamed live on the university's website. 6:20 rng, this morning, take -- 6:20 this morning, a closer look at the campaign issues. and jon keller looks at job creation taxes and trade. plus, casey anthony back on the spotlight, why the florida mother acquitted of her daughter's murder is making
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one day a rider made a decision. the decision to ride on and save money. he decided to save money by switching
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insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud.
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after months of campaigning is underway. >> jon keller gets us closer to where the candidates stand on three critical issues, jobs, taxes, and trade. >> jobs, jobs. >> millions of decent paying jobs. >> creating more good jobs.
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talking about job creation, but is anyone talking sense? >> this entire series of debates has been pandering. i haven't heard really any intelligent discussion. >> reporter: boston university economics professor lawrence cot is a fellow of the academy american sciences and at the bureau of american research and he cringes at the mantra he hears from the democrats. >> tax on wall street speculation. >> closing corporate loopholes, deductions. >> reporter: and while they're both for raising the minimum wage, clinton vows not to raise taxes on those earning less than $250,000 a year. >> the rich can take their money and move it to anywhere in the world. it's hitting the workers, it's really a tax on workers. >> reporter: meanwhile the republican job growth debate has increasingly focused on trade. >> we've lost anywhere between 4 and 7 million jobs because of china.
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in our country and takes our people's jobs. >> reporter: but cot says the high tariffs trump and others favor ignore the reality of other markets. >> i think china is trying to take our jobs and we're trying to take china's jobs, that's the nature of competition. >> we need to be very careful. >> reporter: says marco rubio and some of the republicans agree. >> do you think that the chinese if they had a 45% tariff imposed on all their imports wouldn't retaliate? of course they would. this would be devastating for our economy. >> reporter: the free trade pact divides the gop with marco rubio, and bush backing it, carly fiorina and ted cruz on the fence and trump opposing it. and for a closer look at the keys in this issue, keller's analysis, you can head to our website, younger voters have been vocal of their support for bernie sanders. >> and last night, the democratic candidate was serenaded by students at the
6:24 am
a song called "the burn" take a listen. feel the burn feel the heat in our hearts the burn. the bu feel the burn before the song, sanders urged the students to come out and vote today. it is 6:26 right now, lots more primary coverage in our next half hour, we'll head back live to new hampshire. and the unique portrait of aerosmith's steven tyler up for auction. and a brand new bathroom getting a lot of attention in
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to figure out most checking accounts can now cost you hundreds every year. but a dcu free checking account is still well... free right now, at 6:30, ham voters heading to the -- new hampshire voters heading to the polls. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren raising big bucks. how much money she's bringing in even though she's not up for reelection this year. plus, startling new numbers
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registered in the united states. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz "this morning" . . >> good tuesday morning to you, i'm chris mckinnon. >> and i'm kathryn hauser. thank you for being here with us. you're going to want to give yourself a little bit of extra time this morning to clean off the car, the driveway, whatever you need to do from all the that snow yesterday. >> additional snow last night, scrape the windshield, clean out the car, take it slow on the roads, partial clearing, early snow showers and flurries and there are a couple that are still around in through new hampshire, travelling along 89 and 93 when you get from concord to the tolls and then new london, new hampshire, couple flakes out there. 15 worcester, 20 boston. it's a cold start in the upper 20s to chatham.
6:28 am
out of the question but i think we see peeks of sunshine, blue sky, a lot of cloud cover. temperatures in the upper 20s through lunch time, mainly cloudy through the cape, more scattered snow showers, timing them up. first, traffic in together robi. danielle, an accident on 93 causing back ups, the crash is on medford, 93 northbound at mystic valley parkway. total traffic network says the car is off in the woods there, causing a delay on the southbound side as drivers on 93 southbound are slowing down to take a look, backing down to stoneham. route one southbound hang up between main street and 99. to the south we go really quick, express way crawls, at least a 20 minute ride, from derby street to the split, 128 northbound sluggish between great plain avenue and route nine. it is primary day in new
6:29 am
votes have already been cast and counted. off with the lead. we have it all covered for you this morning, nicole jacobs following the candidates at the manchester. but first with chantee lans in a good morning, chantee. >> reporter: good morning, chris and kathryn, the polls set to open, but voting across the midnight. now, there was actually a drawing that was held in one tiny hamlet of dixville notch to see who would cast the first vote, bernie sanders won all four democratic votes, kasich took three of the republican with two votes. now, we have results in from the other two hamlets that cast votes overnight in hart's location, sanders beat clinton 12-7, kasich finished first for the republicans with five votes,
6:30 am
clinton beating sanders, cruz with nine, followed by trump with three votes. voting will start at 7:00 a.m., most polls in the area will close tonight at 8:00 a.m. reporting live, chantee lans, wbz "this morning ". >> thank you very much, appreciate the report, you saw some of those early morning results on the screen there, of course we will keep you updated throughout the day here on wbz. the candidates getting in last minute campaigning. >> nicole jacobs live at our primary headquarters in manchester, a closer look at our final pitch to voters, nicole good morning. >> reporter: good morning, it all comes down to this, over the past several months and of course they got out in major force yesterday with those final messages, the final push to voters here in new hampshire. want to get you right to some video, showing you exactly what the candidate were up to yesterday. but so far, polls have shown a pretty clear front runner on both sides, donald trump has held the consistent lead over
6:31 am
same could be said for bernie sanders and continues to lead hint by double digits. it may be an uphill battle for those trailing and trying to make up ground today. >> i'm tired of politicians that push down a group of people to make themselves look better. >> i don't think a little snow is going to stop anybody, do you? >> reporter: and this primary could come down to that undeclared vote, we know that is more than 40% here in new hampshire. so by the end of today, the numbers we've seen all along those leading, that could change. we're live in new hampshire, nicole jacobs, wbz "this morning ". >> all right, thank you very much. be sure to join us for complete coverage of the hamdz prime rirks we'll -- new hampshire primary, we'll be here with the candidates and bring you live results and analysis all night long, the coverage starts here on the wbz news at 5:00.
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won't face reelection until 2018 but she's already bringing in serious campaign money. federal election records show the massachusetts democrat earned $2.7 million in contradictions in 2015 and ended the year with less than $3. million in her campaign account. those donations from every state in the country. logan airport workers rallying at the state house pushing to raise their minimum wage to $15 an hour. a hearing on a bill to increase logan's base pay will be the focus this afternoon. recently airport workers protested at the airport pushing for those higher wages. casey anthony is opening her own business. paperwork recently uncovered shows the florida mother is launching a photography business in west palm beach. the company is also owned by a private investigator, a man the anthony family hired to look in to the death of daughter anthony.
6:33 am
civic, you might need to wait, honda recalling 45,000 new civic models from this year because the engines can stall while the car is in motion. drivers can't sell the cars until the problem is fixed [sic]. well, these guys are getting a lot more crowded. the faa says there are now 325,000 registered drone owners in the united states. that's more than the number of licensed pilots. the faa says the number is, for the actual drones is higher than that number because most drone operators have more than one. a unique art auction underway and it's your chance to own a colorful portrait of steven tyler. the picture of the aerosmith frontman is made of skittles, a replica portrait auctioned off to support janie's fund, a nonprofit that helps support girls who have been abused and neglected. 6:36, time for our daily talker. this is a good one.
6:34 am
massachusetts, a city known for great universities, kiosks with newspapers from all over the world. >> but something they haven't had until now, a public restroom. a grand opening celebration, robi with more. >> we've all had this experience, you're out shopping or sightseeing and suddenly, you get the call of nature. you ask the store clerk if you can use the restroom, they say sorry, employees only. you'll have to go somewhere else. that's been an ongoing problem, behold, a free standing ecofriendly public toilet. here's your sneak preview before it's unveiled friday at noon. soon you can sit on the throne at mass avenue and church street. built as a sturdy, graffiti resistant toilet that flushes, no hole in the ground. fashioned after the portland loo in portland oregon, took years of planning and was necessary after the only nearby public
6:35 am
to close down because they had problems with people dealing drugs o or over-- overdosing in the stalls what do you think of the porta potty? anyone who has reached their mid 60s and knows how the bladder shrinks as the miles on the odometer grow knows they need a restroom, i'd be more than happy to do the cutting. another says maybe an out of towner misunderstood when someone says there would be a potty in cambridge. that's brilliant, like a porta potty! very, very good there. couple excellent comments. you can join in on the conversation on our website, twitter, or on facebook. comment all day long, just doesn't have to be during the morning show. share your thoughts 24/7. >> we love it. >> waiting for our invites to the grand opening.
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the mailbox. >> when you redo a bathroom, it always seems like it takes cutting. to go. police officer making sure stay. >> the department sharing the pictures on its facebook page. when officer perry came to help a woman in distress, he found out she was homeless and hungry. he bought her groceries and helped her get a hotel room. the price of gas in the bay state now the cheapest since january of 2009. aaa says the gas is selling here for $1.77 a gallon, that's down $.04 from last week. and $.40 lower than this time last year. >> 6:39 now. a concerning data breach to tell you about, hackers published contact information for 20,000 fbi employees on twitter yesterday. that leak comes just a day after personal data from homeland security employees was posted,
6:37 am
investigating and officials say it does not appear the hackers got access to any private information like social security numbers. meanwhile, more and more americans are giving up their u.s. passports. a new analysis by cnn shows 20% of passport holders turn their passports in last year. experts say it's proof that more americans are living overseas as a result of new tax regulations. unlike other countries, u.s. citizens are taxed on all income no matter where they live. 6:40, tharvgs for -- thanks for being with us, up next a check of the top stories. >> including a commuter train crash in germany overnight the latest on that developing situation. also this morning, it's mardi gras and the good times are rolling down in new orleans today. good morning, danielle. doorng good morning -- good morning, kathryn, all your weather reports, temperatures running in the teens and 20s, south of boston where it's 22
6:38 am
plymouth, 22 in randolph. and peter says you measure 6.4 inches of snowfall, slick spots on the roads, tracking more snow
6:39 am
welcome back, the party's underway in the french quarter, it's mardi gras. fat tuesday, the celebrations kicked off for the big parade down bourbon street last night, new orleans filled with people trying to get their fill of fun before lent kicks off on ash wednesday. all around good food, drinks, the works. >> benoits. >> food driven on this morning show. >> can you tell i'm hungry! [ laughter ] back at home, danielle, we're talking about yesterday's storm. people cleaning up for them a lot. >> you know who would love a benoit, i bet ethan would! oh, yeah, ethan! happy birthday. his first birthday, kathryn, did you have to take like 50 pictures to get this one? >> i did. >> he's so photogenic. >> thank you, danielle! >> i'm having a moment.
6:40 am
an ear infection and he still put the smile on? >> yeah. >> aw! >> he's so adorable, kathryn. >> i don't know where a year went, every partners -- paisht says -- parent says it flies, it does. >> happy birthday, ethan congratulations, kathryn, busy year! it's a cold start, slippery sots this morning -- spots from the clean up, it came down, leave extra space on the main roads, it's the side roads, the real feel is one degree, obviously not as strong but it just takes a little bit of a breeze to add the bite to the air, five degrees when it feels like in the city of boston. today's highs up around 30. we don't get a whole lot of melting, maybe south of town, temperatures right around the freezing mark from plymouth down to the cape. a couple straight flurries. tonlt a chance of -- tonight a
6:41 am
cloudy, 21 boston teens in the su burntsz -- suburbs and tomorrow scattered snow showers as well, melting, kind of like summer time thunderstorms. just like in the summer time, we get scattered snowstorms, not everybody will see them. back to our west clusters, scattered showers of snow and mixed with rain at the coast. but we're cold enough any snow showers that come through tomorrow may drop a quick coating to an inch. tomorrow morning, big upper level energy coming through. there's instability in the atmosphere. scattered snow showers any point in the day may thicken, and another area of low pressure coming in, that may mean a low brief shower, not big events the next couple days but something to watch for sure. tomorrow morning especially. here's the map, notice generally light snow, that may reslick in areas and create slippery travel. north of boston, look at this through the afternoon.
6:42 am
but scattered snow showers come through, briefly reduce visibility but the evening as well. maybe mixed with a couple of raindrops on the cape. we'll be above the freezing mark and actually closer to 40 degrees tomorrow on cape cod. breezy on thursday, leftover flurry or snow shower, not a big deal on thursday, the wind chill in the teens to low 20s. quiet but chilly to end the week, the wind not as strong on friday, friday night in to saturday, skirted with a little bit of snow as that arctic front comes in and boy do those tums tum -- tumble this weekend, teens on sunday, subzero start in the morning. not quite as cold, traffic and weather together, robi. danielle, lots of back ups north and south of the city. let's start with the south and a live look at the expressway, jammed from colombia road down to the split about a 25 minute delay. route 3 northbound heavy and slow from hingeham up to the split. 93 southbound packed now from
6:43 am
back up of at least 25 minutes there. a crash in lexington coming in 128 northbound, not seeing any back up tli just -- there just yet. 6:47, checking our top stories, digging out from another blast of winter weather. >> and flooding to coastal streets but police there and in neighboring marshfield say there are no reports of damage. sandwich, getting a closer look at the shoreline, a section of the town neck beach that was rebuilt, may have lost 20 to 30 feet of dune, wind gusts 50 to 60 miles per hour. at least eight people are dead after two commuter trains crashed, some are stuck against one another. up to 150 people are injured. primary day in new
6:44 am
-- first votes were cast overnight, dixville notch, democratic side, bernie sanders took two of the three hamlets. for the republican, kasich got two, cruz was a surprise winner, he had nine votes followed by donald trump with three. here's a live look inside one of the polling stations this morning in bedford, new hampshire. all polling locations will be closed by 8:00 tonight. and of course, keep it right here on wbz as the vults come in -- results come in, with the candidates, analysis all night long from our team, the wbz coverage begins at 5:00. still to come, the buzzer beater you just have to see. >> one college player's trick play but would it end in victory or defeat? and a lights out sway at the garden, literally! the all time thriller between bu and bc in the bean pot championship. that's terrifying. one of these. sweet the chevy silverado offers a combination of 4wd and an exclusive "auto-locking rear differential" let's do this.
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wbz sports brought to you by your massachusetts bmw dealers. visit today for exceptional offers. >> the 64th bean pot championship in the book and talking history. bu and bc for the 22nd time in the finals, at that take a look at this, crazy moment. the lights go out in the first, half hour delay. back to the action and what a
6:47 am
stop 71 shots between them. the game going in to overany time, that's when bc's alex shot through traffic and scores, eagle winz it -- win it, by the type, 1-0 bean pot final and the final championship for boston college. >> what a game there. super bowl 50 one for the record books. the murch between the -- matchup between the broncos and the panthers the most watched tv event in u.s. history. nielsen estimates 112 million viewers, live streamed to just under 4 million people, the most ever. people watching. missing a shot in basketball could cost your team the game. >> but for the university of rochester led to a last second win, check this out, samberg smith, he intentionally misses the shot, his teammate nabs the
6:48 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> one way to do it. >> yeah! >> there you go. and the crowd goes wild! 6:53 right now, a closer look at 7:00. >> let's check in with nora o'donnell, good morning. >> good morning, chris and kathryn ahead here on cbs this morning, your election coverage from new hampshire. also talking with jon dickerson about the negative campaigns. what if we can detect cancer before it appears? one company says they can do that. we're investigating the claims. the news back in the morning, we'll see you at 7:00. need cuteness in your life this morning, kathryn? this might be the cutest video of the day, a famous panda making moves with mama bear by
6:49 am
[ music ] . possibly, a 6-month-old panda learning how to climb a tree. this is bei bei, the newest panda cub at the smithsonian zoo in dc, she this trouble getting
6:50 am
there to lend a helping hand. but bei bei, it's cold outside. >> that was good! [ laughter ] >> cold out there, right? >> what are we talking about, bei bei? [ laughter ] yeah, a little bit of snow through our nation's capitol and heading our way tomorrow with snow showers that come through. take it slow, slick spots obviously this morning and breaks of sunshine, we'll be up around 30, no real melting and scattered snow showers tomorrow. >> a busy day, new hampshire primary day, a live look at polling taking place right now. polls open there in bedford, have a great morning, everybody! with hood, cottage cheese can be pineapple on a waffle. or cucumber and dill as a dip. with 8 delicious flavors of hood cottage cheese, the possibilities are endless.
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