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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 9, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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primary day in new hampshire and the votes are rolling in. hundreds of thousands turning out and what's expected to be an incredibly busy day. there is no slowing down for these candidates, a quick pace for the presidential hopefuls in a last-minute push to win new hampshire tracking another round of snow, the latest timeline and how it will impact your wednesday morning commute. a simple act of kindness, how one woman's run-in with police and it with a powerful
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the first in the nation primary underway, the first new after midnight and three small communities including knots. polling places across the states are open and there's a steady stream of voters. new hampshire officials are expecting a large turnout today. >> thank you for being with us on this primary tuesday for new hampshire the candidates are o ut, greeting voters, in the we have live coverage are you this afternoon from the post of to the campaign trail we will start with bedford new hampshire, a busy morning there? >>reporter:that is right, good afternoon, voters are filing in here in bedford, i'm going to step to the side so you can get a better look for yourself. this is what it has been looking like all morning, officials predicted a strong turnout for this year's new hampshire primary. as the doors open, more than
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inside bedford high school gym. >> a lot of people do take this extremely seriously. they should >>reporter: continuing the hampshire being the first primary in the nation. >> it puts us in the spotlight for a couple of days. >> i have lived in lots of other states, and it's never been like this. i've never had a similar experience. still on the fence. voters? >> i have been wrestling with it in the car, the booth, so yeah, >>reporter:a deeper meaning for others >> i'm proud to be an american, my mom, who just passed away recently, was an immigrant. only had a third grade e ducation, never missed an election to vote. my mom always voted. that's what she taught me. >>reporter:polls will remain open across the state until 8 p.m. tonight. reporting live in bedford, wbz news.
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time in new hampshire. to greet voters. it does not stop there, many nicole jacobs is live in manchester with a look at the intensive lineup. good afternoon, nicole. >>reporter:good afternoon, polls here in new hampshire have shown a pretty clear front runner for both republicans and democrats, but our wbz cameras follow the candidates around today, those who were trailing in this race, do not seem to be with only hours remaining, new hampshire voters to have their say, candidates take advantage of every greeting, every handshake, hoping they turn into votes. evan or john kasich starting out the morning strong, winning a couple of -- >> i saw trump this morning and i said i smoked you, trunk, and he said yeah, you crossed me three-two. spirits knowing his climb is an
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-- candidate donald trump. that is the case not only for case that, but other republicans trailing. jeb bush hoping to helping to push on tuesday >> a captures of people's fears, and about the future. i get up and we need someone who can actually solve a >>reporter:even governor chris christie trying to make his new momentum. >> second place finish that has made a president. we saw with bill clinton and finish makes presidents. >>reporter:marco rubio in the final hours reeling on who he hillary clinton, too, she is in a double-digit deficit to bernie sanders >> i am looking for a great election day, as many people who can turnout, express their opinions, be part of this process. >>reporter:a crucial crunch of our candidates as new hampshire could determine how, or if many of them move on.
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of course, the undeclared voters here in new hampshire. they make up more than 40% of the vote. of course, it will be very interesting how they decide to vote once they get to the polls for you and all of the candidates, right now, hoping they can grab just a few to add to their final number. live in manchester, new hampshire, nicole jacobs, wbz news. >> thank you very much. wbz is your home for primary coverage for the latest election coverage anytime today, check out our website where we have a life politics log which is going on all day long. dryness tonight for complete coverage of the new hampshire primary. we will be with the candidates and bring you live results and analysis all night long. our coverage begins at 5 o'clock this evening. by the way, this race could get more interesting in the next few weeks, michael bloomberg confirms he is now thinking about running as an independent. bloomberg, a massachusetts native because the current
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we are getting a little bit of a break today. that is a good thing. >> let's take a live look out side over the city of boston. you can see the skies are gray out there, it may not be now, but danielle niles is chance for snow. this is going to be hit and absolutely, the next couple of days you have a chance of a snowfall -- snow shower or flurry for the next few days. it is snowing now in baltimore, snow advancing into philadelphia. it's a piece of this disturbance that will be working overnight and especially for our wednesday. yes, the clouds are stuck in place, we have had light snow showers on a couple of floors from time to time. not amounting to a whole lot, but slick spots remain from yesterday snowfall, as well. melting today. 25 boston, right at the freezing mark in chatham, while the wind may not be nearly as strong as yesterday, just a
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creating a real feel that is running in the teens right now from wester it feels like 17 degrees in the city of boston right now. let's take you through hour by hour to show you what to expect for the rest of the day today. a stray flurry particularly on the cape, temperatures go through the 20s and into the teens and some of the suburbs there will be a lot of clouds to worry about. scattered snow showers through connecticut and the south coast. just like the summertime thunderstorms, we get scattered snow showers tomorrow, where they do come through they may drop a quick coating to 1 inch or so in some communities. notice the temperatures will be running above freezing the roads may be wet. i don't want you to be caught off offguard as the snow even into the evening hours north and west of boston there that result.
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possible. more flurries for thursday and then an arctic blast of air that comes in after that. and sandwich, town officials are surveying the damage from yesterday strong winter storm with peak wind gusts of 50-six demos per hour. a section of town the beach that was recently rebuilt may have lost between 20-30 feet of dune during the storm. winter is not over yet, we all know that, but remember you can track storms anytime with the cbs a boston weather app it is at least nine people are dead after a head-on crash germany. the trains slammed into one another during the morning rush hour. the force of the crash derailed people were hurt, authorities say an automatic safety system this just in, president obama has sent his eighth and
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congress a 4 trillion-dollar plan includes a new oil tax and more funding for cancer research and opioid abuse programs. little chance of passing. meanwhile president obama is also asking congress for $1.8 million in emergency funding to that money would go towards learning more about the zika virus. the mosquito borne virus has been linked to birth defects in babies, pregnant women have been advised to avoid travel to countries with outbreaks of the zika virus. this is a feel-good story, a police officer being praised a woman ahead of yesterday's >> they share these pictures on facebook or you officer . officer perry got a call to help a woman in distress. that is when he found out she was homeless, and hungry. he bought her groceries and helped her find a hotel room to ride out the storm. >> officer perry has been praised on the facebook page
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>> a great thing. of duty. coming up, vacation nightmare. the cruise ship caught in the middle of a massive storm. the investigation now underway five years after being equipped -- acquitted of her anthony is back in the headlines. what happens when a happy meal is left out for six years?
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welcome back, casey anthony is opening her own business. paperwork recently uncovered launching a photography business in west palm beach. private investigator. the anthony family hired to look into the death of a 2-year- old kaylee anthony in 2008 sales of the new honda civic are on hold because of a recall. what a 5000 new civics from the 2016 model year are involved. the company said the engine can install all the cars in motion, dealers cannot sell the cars until the problem is fixed. this guys are getting a lot more crowded, the faa says there are now three and a 25,000 registered drone owners in the us. that is more than the number of licensed pilots and the faa says the number of actual
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than that. most drone operators are more than one. a concerning data breach to tell you about, hackers published contact information for 20,000 fbi employees on twitter yesterday. it comes to -- the justice investigating. officials say does not appear the hackers got access to private information like social security numbers. more and more americans are a new analysis by cnn shows 20% of passport holders turn in their passports last year. experts say it is proof, that more americans are living overseas as a result of new tax regulations. unlike other countries, us citizens are taxed on all income no matter where they the snow making a mess on know, slick conditions blame for this accident in connecticut. 30 people got hurt when a in madison. heading from new york city to
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it closed parts of the highway a us senators calling for an investigation after a cruise ship, out of new jersey, ran massive storm system. several passengers posted videos online of the conditions. hour winds, at one point the captain ordered everyone to stay in their rooms. , and was heading back to new jersey. we were dealing with that yesterday here on the coastline. >> they were 15-25 feet off the coastline. the winds has shifted directions. there is another threat for snow during the day tomorrow. >> we are in it. >> we are in the heart of winter here. tracking a few disturbances over the next couple of days, 25 in boston right now, it is 22 in worcester, 30 in nashua there is a bit of a wind out
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in the city of boston i do think we will manage to come up around 30 between now and 3 p.m. the skies will stay mostly cloudy, we may get some partial clearing this evening for a brief period and then dropping back into the upper 20s between seven and 9 p.m. tonight. the real feel is running in the teens for most areas. you want to be bundled up. boston 17, 30 west are and there has been a little bit of light snow out there. if you zoom in here there has been some ocean enhanced snow showers that have been trying to come in off the ocean. scituate back down towards marsh sperry. some light snow has been reported on the island of nantucket over the last hour or two. there is several different things going on in the weather map. it looks like scattered snow showers here or there. but there is an ocean storm spinning to our south and east.
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disturbance back to the west. what that means for us is we there is a lot of instability in the atmosphere tomorrow. that will spark some scattered snow showers. everyone is in it. it's not a big swath of snow. there are some deeper blues that here. an inch or two where the study are snow showers come in. early afternoon, mild enough we may mix with some raindrops in the outer cape especially. by 3 p.m., one batch comes through an additional round of scattered snow showers north and west of boston could slow you down just a bit for the evening commute. although temperatures tomorrow should be in the mid- 30s that would mean the roads, especially if they are well treated will be more wet than white. it's not like everybody sees this, anywhere has a threat for dusting during the course of the day tomorrow. there goes one storm that departs, here comes our storm
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these toe interacts, then on thursday another area of low pressure coming in. that means a brief snow shower, on thursday as well. that should not amount to a whole lot. on the backside the winds kick up, the real feel will be running in the teens and or 20s but that is nothing compared to the weekend. overnight tonight, teens and lower 20s, tomorrow we do manage to get a little bit of melting. the snow showers come through but we will get melting in a refreeze overnight. watch for some slippery spots as we head into thursday morning. and of the week, less wind on friday, temperatures in the mid- 20s, on the weekend we may get light snow friday night into saturday. that is an arctic front that comes in, we may be talking about record low temperatures saturday morning. and temperatures do not get out of the teens, chris, on sunday for valentine's day. indoor valentine's day plans may be? >> thank you. 2015 was a record year for shark attacks.
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deaths, which is 10 more attacks than the last record year. the us have the most attacks the number of shark attacks will continue to climb and shark populations continue growing. it might catch your eye in the supermarket we are talking about asparagus, looks a little different. the fresh grocer so -- shows us that asparagus can be good if you know what to look for. >>reporter:i do tips on green asparagus all the time, white now is fairly expensive. it's more expensive than the green asparagus. because the sun never hits it. it's grown under the mound, or under a canopy. the asparagus, the chemical reaction does not take place so it stays white. white from top to bottom, right
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bit of yellowing that is okay. make sure it is free from any cracking whatsoever. bring it home, i would throw it in the refrigerator. the best way to enjoy it, you take a nice sharp knife or a peeler iq would peel a carrot, you peel the very top of the asparagus to get the asparagus is fairly tough. when you peel it back, now it becomes tender. white asparagus, in the market, it's expensive this time of y ear. it's not locally grown, white asparagus, there's plenty out there. and stay healthy. menu. shocking experiment with a >> jennifer love doll says she bought the mcdonald's happy meal in 2010 and let it sit on her desk for six years. she posted these pictures on facebook showing what the meal looks like now.
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rotted, molded, or decomposed. and now smells like cardboard. experiment to show her patient how unhealthy fast food is. she is urging them to eat real fast food like apples, bananas, how about that? for sure. back to the -- why one famous brookline native is
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welcome back, the big easy ready to party, here is a live look at all of the action going on right now today. new orleans marks the celebration of fat tuesday and the and of mardi gras. several parades are being held throughout the city. thousands of tourists, all there for all the action. fat tuesday is the day before ash wednesday which marks the beginning of lent for catholics. >> we were talking about one place i have never been that i really want to go.
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you will not be disappointed. conan o'brien heading back to harvard. he will visit the cambridge campus on friday. he will be talking about the value of a liberal arts education and take questions from students. o'brien a brookline native graduated from harvard in 1985. you will need tickets to attend university website. the next one is a sweet piece of art and it can be y ours. >> the skittle portrait of aerosmith front man steven tyler was featured in a super bowl commercial on friday. now a replica portrait is being auctioned off to support a nonprofit who supports the girls who have been abused or neglected. dream on. there you go. getting by with a little helping hand. >> the heartwarming video of a mother and her cub as he goes out on his own.
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the first job of a president is to protect america. our next president must be prepared to lead. i know jeb. i know his good heart and his strong backbone. jeb will unite our country. he knows how to bring the world together against terror. he knows when tough measures must be taken. experience and judgment count in the oval office. jeb bush is a leader. he'll keep our country safe. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible
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this next video is sure to put a smile on your face. six -month-old panda cub baby is learning how to climb trees, his mother is right there to give him a helping hand. a.b. is the newest panda come -- cub at the smithsonian zoo in washington, dc.
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>> happy birthday, mia. snow showers tomorrow, other this weekend for highs. >> be sure to join us tonight for primary coverage. there may come a day when i can't care for my daughter. with transportation, in-home care, preparing meals. where can i turn? resource for elders, caregivers, with disabilities of all ages. we link you to the services you need to live independently in the setting of your choice.
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