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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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million people to vote today and new hampshire voters take their first in the nation status seriously. they lined up bright and early. >> i'm 76. i have been here forever, voting. >> reporter: a wash -- i wash of voters since it opened. >> it's great to be first in nation. >> reporter: so it's awe sense of pride. >> it's exciting to live in new hampshire this time of the year. >> it's a sense of pride, our civic duty, our right that we should participate in what happens in our country. >> reporter: for some societiers, the side sides of -- here in my hampshire >> it was very easy for us to have access to candidateses and because off that, you hear the questions, you see how they react not just on stage, but
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interactions with the audience and i think that helps to give awe sense of the person. >> secretary of state tells us that although people might assume, this is one of the largest fields that ever appeared on the ballot it is not, although there are 58 candidates on the ballot. three republicans and 28 many dids. everyone here, anticipation to see where all of the candidates end up. live, "wbz news," lisa, back to you > >> it's a two person race for the democrats. bernie sander has lead the polls for months, clinton is working to close the gap. >> reporter: lisa as you know, hillary clinton has not lead in a poll in this state since
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endorsement of every democratic big wig up here including the governor and a senator. depending on which poll you go by, she is down somewhere 10-20 points, but she was out trying to convert the undecided voters. after squeaking out a win, some thought she should pull back in new hampshire. but she wanted to stay and fight, believing it was her cannes to get back some of the congresser and women voters that bernie sanders has so successfully energized. in other words, build momentum race. >> >> secret service is doing a security sweep, which is why we are right now. kevin mcclown "wbz news."
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lead in the polls, bernie sanders out of sight. no last-minute stumping for him. he tried to take a walk earlier, today, he was swarmed by reporters. they were asking him all kinds of questions. he would not answer, he said if there is a large turnout, he with do fine. his advisors said he simply needed to get a little air. the watch party here at concorde high school begins at 8:00 tonight. some supporters have begun to show up there is a security sweep going on. as soon as that ends, we will be able to get inside and the party will start at 8:00. kate merle, "wbz news." donald trump has held a double digit lead, but the battle for second place is real
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having the last-minute voters. we'll connect in with the liam. >> reporter: some polls with 48% republicans, saying they could change their minds. grabs. donald trump is the front runner and he is expected to give a victory speech tonight. donald trump comes into tuesday as a favorite. >> we'll be respected as a country. we'll bring back jobs >> reporter: he has tried to improve his more conventional ground game. phone calls and door knocks and he has tried to hold smaller, more intermate events. tuesday, he put his daughter
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at some time, it was thought that marco rubio might catch up to him. but a bad debate and talk that he is not ready for the office has hurt him. now, part of the problem for ted cruz is that he does not have the same buildup here as he did in iowa. values voters. the same dynamic might work in trump's favor. live in manchester, "wbz news." live in manchester, new hampshire with the bush campaign, tonighting the race for second place is an important one, especially for these governors. >> bush, casick, kristi. they have had considerably more time on the ground in new hampshire, the time spent has not translated in polls >> i feel good, i'm a little tired, but i feel good about
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>> reporter: jeb bush needs to finish strong in new hampshire, he knows it. he had his 90-year-old mother at his side and former president bush is appearing in an ad. >> i saw trump this morning i said "i smoked you. he said "you crushed me, 3-2 3- 2 -- >> second place finish -- we'll see. >> chris had been in new hampshire the most, 72 days. saying even if he finishesth his ticket is picked for south carolina. >> we may see only two of the
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>> another republican in the race, carlie fiorina, at an event and ben carson has already new hampshire and is carolina. >> primary days are colorful at the polls. here is some of what we saw. the first one got a little ugly. a man showed up wearing a robot rubio costume. there were some not happy about that. a little scuffle but nobody got hurt and this guy tried to hog the spotlight. he went into the parking lot and right up to the door. no one knew what to make of this the 600-pound pig wandered away from his home and now he
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>> "wbz" is your home for latest. check out our website where we have a live politics blog. we'll be back with analysis starting at 7:00. coverage moves from my tv 38 and we are back lear at 10:00 for the news at 11:00. tonight arborio is back on the system that could bring more snow our way. >> not a major storm. we want to get to eric fisher. >> a pretty sloppy setup. a few storms to watch. one from yesterday way off to the north and east. another one missing us off to the south and east. this will swing down close
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snow tonight, a chance for a snow flurry a lot of clouds. as we head into the day tomorrow, a few scattered areas of snow and snowshowers into tomorrow evening. it will not be concentrated on one particular zone. these will be bursts of snow that will come down heavily at times. quick coating. could happen anywhere across the area. the best chance of it happening across the cape and islands. even though it's a lot of snow, you could get more in an hour or two and that cookery jail spotty areas of travel. it's all about the cold coming up with weekend. details on that coming up >> people surveying damage today said yesterday's storm breached several sea walls. a lot of debris left behind. bill shields has more >> reporter: the ocean has
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anger,est up and down the south shore. massive front end loaders were clearing debris. thrown here by yesterday yesterday's monster waves. lisa was one of few that could get out. show has seen a lot of noreasters, but -- despite the best efforts of dpw crews -- >> overall, we weathered the storm pretty good i mean, we had normal cleanup after the tides. we'll look at the next tide this evening, but we have had cleanup after the high tide yesterday and last fight and again this morning, so, we have
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relatively little snow in those areas. >> the power of the ocean, it's pretty awe inspiring. at the same time, it's something we as new englanders simply have to deal with. marshfield, aye bill shields, "wbz news." overseas, a deadly accident on the rails in germany, trains collide as the morning commute get underway. why the trains were not as packed as usual
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donahue and his wife kim are expecting their second child, a boy, in april. david?
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crash in germany happened during the morning rush. the trains crashed head on, killing at least 10 people and injuring dozens of others. >> hundreds of emergency responders carefully sift through the mangled scene where two trains collided in southern germany. here one of the train cars is barely recognizizable. investigate ors say the trains crashed head on as the impact was getting underway. at least 80 people were hurt. a steady stream of am bow lances were seen rushing to the scene. some of the more severely injured from flown to hospitals. german news agency report the rail line is used by commuters that work in munich -- rescue efforts ran along the rivers, which complicated rescue efforts. german news agencies saying the
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school kids in that area, but they are currently on winter vacation. things could have been much worst. i'm sure there was a courageous crew onboard, but the question is why did it sail into the storm? >> a lot of people asking that question. four people suffered minor injuries. the cruise line is refunning passengers fares and giving
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let's talk a little bit colder. >> we have the arctic air that has made its way down to florida. it's pretty cold, manatees, pretty cold. a big clump of manatees together, trying to stay warm. it can turn out to be a sad story. what a video, seeing them gathered together. >> >> the coldest we have seen so far. it's probably going to end up the coldest stretch of our entire winter season. get through this, we are done. and moving towards spring.
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saturday and 10 tor a high temperature by sunday. this was kind of interesting after a storm yesterday, uniformed snow over southern new england so far there season. snow capital. 22 inches of snow. more than concorde, more than burlington vermont, it's more than cleveland, detroit so far this winter and still below average for most of our area. it has been a weird winter so far. very sloppy pattern across the a few disturbances. clearly. this is the one we'll watch as we head into the day, tomorrow, starting to exit, alot of snow has been diving its way down. all the way down to central parts of georgia, macon and columbus. >> >> tomorrow, we are watching the area of low pressure moving
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a little area of instability stretching across southern new england, very scattered. when we see a snowshower, it can couple down for short amount of time those are the types of snowshowers that cause traffic accidents. that's our focus for tomorrow. more scattered snowshowers are likely there then another cold front approaches as we head towards friday. in terms of snow totals tomorrow, scattered, quick coatings, two inches of snowfall, the best chance in the southeastern part of the state. tomorrow morning, snowshowers begin to develop after the morning commute. good news there. mid-day, areas of snow and locally heavy bursts of snow and for the evening, snowshowers will gradually come to an end. highs mainly low to mid-30s. we head towards friday and the area of low pressure tries to form friday night into saturday
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the biggest question as we head toward the weekend. right now, leaning more towards a snowshower, but something we will watch over the course of this week and then it's all about the frigid air that moves in this weekend as we head into saturday night, wind u wind chill values -- highs will fall back in the afternoon on sunday, we'll likely have wind chill advisories, highs near 10 and the higher terrain will stay in the single digits, a frigid stretch this weekend. cold still here on monday. if you are a photographer, its a great day for sea smoke. areas that are not frozen and another storm to watch tuesday, wintery mix. busy times. >> >> how would you like to own a piece of superbowl history? you may have seen the skittles
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a portion is being auctioned off. not a lot of the artwork that is edible. >> >> conan o'brien will visit harvard to talk about the value of a liberal arts education. he will take questions from students. he is a graduate of harvard back in 1985 and a brookline native. coming up all-new at 6:00, we have been stuck in traffic, but lady not having it, stuck behind a burning car, the rush
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a bed ford woman car-jacked waiting for her husband in a gas station parking lot. they are telling this story tonight only to "wbz." the suspected carjacker is behind bars. >> the couple said in some ways, they actually feel sorry for the man. this is a "wbz" exclusive. >> i see my wife diane going by
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sullivan's attorney said he is an iraqi war vet struggling with ptsd -- it was a quick thinking bill who alerted police to their direction and officers stopped him three miles away. >> i had no idea how serious it might get i was looking at the worst and it was scary. >> the couple still shaken by the several minutes that were the longest they can remember. in bed ford, "wbz news." mbta riders get another chance to united states off on a fare hike in 30 minutes. a hearing scheduled in chelsea. they want to raise rates 6-10% to cover a $242 million budget deficit. if approved, the fare hikes could take place in july. >> >> leading the nation in the number of child abuse statistics. >> find out why some state leaders say it may not be a bad
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>> no one knows new hampshire primary history like he does. >> >> finally, new hampshire voters speak. what to watch for, how candidates react when "wbz news" continues. what is going on? today we're going to run a slalom course. not down the mountain, but up it... that's terrifying.
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