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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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it seriously, and it's great none to have all -- fun to have all the candidates come through and the media and hype. >> reporter: in new hampshire, taking it seriously means meeting candidates sometimes more than once, and weighing all sides, because they know the country is watching. >> great day to be an american, believe me. not every country has the right and freedom to vote. >> i feel like i accomplished something today. >> reporter: when the vote counting begins tonight, the spotlight shines bright. >> i think it brings new hampshire a lot of pride. i think it's exciting to be part of this movement, i think it's great for kids to see any candidates. i've lived in other states and it's never been like this. i've never had a similar experience. >> reporter: all we had heard about the last few days was the importance of last minute undecided voters and only they know who gets to head out of the granite state tomorrow in the coveted second, third and fourth finish places and that
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the secretary of state here predicted the voter turnout today will smash the record set in 2008, last two contested races that happened with the republicans and democrats. we have a team of reporters spread out tonight covering each candidate as they wait for the results of tonight's voting. julian is live at trump headquarters in manchester. >> reporter: paula, good evening. this line has been forming behind us here for some time. this has been the theme at donald trump's events, lots of volcano supporters, but -- vocal supporters, but his test today was to turn that into votes. >> february 9th go and vote. >> reporter: if the polls are right, getting out that vote is all donald trump will need for a victory here. >> we did a lot of calls yesterday because it was raining.
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to play catchup, building a ground game and he's tailored his plan to new hampshire, from the illegal immigration to the opioid crisis. he put his daughter onto the stump hoping she can help rally the troops. senator ted cruz, meantime, surprised trump in iowa, besting him by four percentage points, but he's slipped back in polls here. marco rubio comes into tuesday clinging to second place in most polls, but with three percentage points separating him from fifth. >> to get as many delegates as we can. >> reporter: speaking of those delegates, they are awarded proportionally in new hampshire. if you get 20% of the vote, you get 20% of the delegates.
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every single one of those will count. lee martin, wbz news. >> reporter: i'm covering the other half of the candidates, from the bush headquarters, where the race for second place is as important as perhaps first, especially for these three governors. bush, kasich, christie, the time spent chance translateed in -- chance translateed in the -- hasn't translated in the polls. >> i'm tired, but i feel good how we closed. >> reporter: he's taking ownership of the family name, he's had his 90-year-old brother at his side and former president george bush is appearing in an ad out. >> i said i smoked you trump. he said, yeah, you crushed me, 3-2. we feel good. we're having a good time.
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dixville notch and is betting his campaign on new hampshire. >> second place finish -- [inaudible] -- second place finish -- we'll see. >> reporter: chris christie has been in new hampshire the most, 72 days. even if he finishes sixth, he said his ticket is booked for south carolina. still it's likely we will only see two of these governors move on from new hampshire. paula, back to you. the democratic race has become a heated one. the gloves have been coming off as bernie sanders has differented his impressive lead in the polls and hillary clinton has tried to make a comeback. he's go to kate merrill at the sanders campaign. >> reporter: we're at concord high school where bernie
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party later tonight. for most of the day he's been out of sight, no last minute stumping like the rest of the candidates. the only time he appeared was to take a walk in concord. he wasn't trying to grab last minute votes. when he appeared he was swarmed by reporters. he only would answer that he hoped there would be a good turnout. his advisors saying he needed air, but no word on why there were no events today. the event gets under way here at 8:00. supporters are starting to arrive. his rival, hillary clinton, did get out today to meet with voters. for more on that, let's go to ken mccloud live with the hillary clinton camp tonight. ken. >> reporter: kate, during hillary clinton's first bid for the white house in 2008, the primary polls here in new hampshire showed a guy named barack obama beating her by 8
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but clinton wound up winning by 2.5 points. to pull off a similar reversal against sanders would be an even more impressive chore. sanders is a senator from neighboring vermont. he has a strangle he had on young voters and 10 to 30-point lead in polls. clinton has not questioned sanders' adeals, but she and her husband have proposed his fixing unachievable, calling him pipe dreams. while he frames himself as a democratic socialist, she describes herself as a progressive who can get things done. we are outside the field house here at southern new hampshire university. this is where the clinton campaign will be setting up shop tonight. now the secret service is inside doing their customary sweep.
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ken, thanks so much. the polls are set to close in a little less than an hour, 7:00 in some locations. and then at 8:00 and others, and soon after 8:00 the results will start to come in. we have our team of reporters throughout new hampshire and at wbz covering all the candidates for you tonight. here is how you plan your evening. are you ready? we'll be back with live results and analysis starting at 7:00 here on wbz. then our coverage moves to my tv 38 at 8:00. you can join us back on wbz for more new hampshire primary coverage at 10:00. and then for the news at 11:00, and a quick programming note for you, if you are looking to watch limitless, that show will be seen on my tv 38 tonight at 10:00. all of this will be clear to you throughout the evening. this is where you have to be for all your new hampshire primary results.
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in the studio. >> one other programming note, we're all well caffeinated for the evening. thank you so much. the other big story, the weather. the snow may have stopped for yesterday's storm, but the ocean nasty today. sky eye over marshville, splashing over the wall. >> wintry week. snow is falling from southern canada to georgia and alabama tonight. we're expecting some of that snow from the mid-atlantic to move into new england tomorrow. couple of snow showers here and there possible. mostly focusing on mid-morning tomorrow into the early evening. scattered snow showers. some of these briefly heavy. looking at scatterings of a coating to as much as 2 inches in the heavier snow showers. biggest impact on travel. little more snow thursday. a lot of cold this weekend.
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eric, thank you. this was the scene yesterday along the south shore. blizzard conditions. you can see the high winds kicking up against the surf, which led to flooding. bill shields went back to the areas hardest hit today for a closer look. >> reporter: utility crews were keeping up with the downed lines, but erosion happened despite the best effort. >> overall, we weathered the storm pretty good. we had normal cleanup after the tides. we'll look at the next tide this evening. but we've had cleanup after the high tide yesterday and last night and again this morning. so we've had that cleanup going on. but relatively little snow in those areas where we had the flooding. >> reporter: the ocean has calmed down today, but still seething.
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and down the south shore. massive front end loaders were cleaning debris from central avenue. >> i keep thinking, the air field is on the right, keep the water on the left. >> reporter: lisa case was one of the few people who could get out. she's seen a lot of nor'easter and this one was just about average. a nuisance. >> all anybody needs here is just, you know, as soon as the storm stops, get the roads clear. >> reporter: the ocean is pretty awe inspiring, despite the damage it does. but it's something that we as new englanders, we simply live with. bill shields, wbz news. thank you. emotional announcement from the officer who was nearly killed in the shootout with the boston marathon bombers. >> it was a tough decision, but i had to come to the realization my lingering
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doing the job at 100%. >> announcing his retirement. he nearly bled to death after a bullet severed a major artery. the 36-year-old says there's lingering pain 24 hours a day, but looking forward to april when he and his wife are expecting their second child, another baby boy. congratulations goes out to the two of them. still to come tonight, space saver graveyard. a look at parking spot junk. where you need to go if you want it back. >> a surprise delivery, when a baby just can't wait. his mom in labor, and stuck behind a fiery crash. >> a pig sty at the polls. one voter who was a bit out of
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dear fellow citizen, i know how it feels to save for retirement and college - times two. i get that it can be overwhelming, because i' m living it. but i always tell people - saving' s not that complicated. you just have to work with what you have. if you have a question
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sincerely, alex payne. fellow dad and fellow citizen. there has not yet been a snow emergency in boston this winter, but you would never know it by this picture. city workers have picked up
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all across the city, road cones, chairs, crates, all of them brought to south boston. dartmouth police posting this picture on their facebook page of a wanted fugitive named jack frost. he's suspected of creating a system of interconnected tunnels all over southeastern massachusetts. they say you should be on the lookout and not for nothing. that's a little spooky, you know? he'll be back tomorrow. let's check in with eric. >> you read that story like you're reading to your boys before bed. the voices. that's critical for good story telling. not too much snow. but the snow capital of new england so far is cape cod. more than concord. more than albany, more than burlington. more than cleveland and detroit so far this winter. we're still below average for snow across much of the area. temperatures tonight falling back through the 20s.
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and another winter system starting to approach. we missed another storm today. that's off to our south and east. you see it in there, to the east of nantucket. another piece in the mid- atlantic, we're watching for tomorrow. another one in the great lakes, and that arrives thursday. tonight overnight lows mid-and upper teens. tomorrow morning we'll watch the snow showers arrive. i think most of them begin around mid-morning. shouldn't be a big impact for the morning commute. it's a smattering of snow showers, but they're convective, almost like thunderstorms. so the biggest concern for tomorrow is not big snow or issue for shoveling, but more about driving around. you get into a heavy snow shower, snow stacks up quickly
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coating to as much as 2 inches. likely from boston southward. be on the look out. if you are traveling around, could see poor visibility. high temps tomorrow, low to mid- 30s. not terribly cold to go with that snow. southerly winds tomorrow. thursday another cold front passes through. more scattered snow showers likely. on friday a quiet day before the next front arrives. that is an arctic cold front and that one we are all going to feel this weekend, no question about it. if you were thinking back to last winter and the fond memories of february, this is the type of air we're talking about. we'll keep a close eye on this. the trend has been farther east, giving us a few snow showers, but something we have to monitor. behind it all the cold air pours straight down out of the arctic and we could see sub zero numbers even into boston. it's only happened nine times in the last 21 years. sub zero temperatures region-
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saturday, highs near 20 in the morning. wind kicks up, through the teens into the single digit by saturday night. most towns stay in the single digits sunday. boston, coastal areas lower teens. but a very frigid valentine's day. windchill values 20 to 30 below zero saturday night. as we look to next week, cold doesn't stick around too long. warms up monday. chance of wintry mix by tuesday. wade, over to you. thank you. this car fire last night caused big backups and many headaches. for one woman, there was no waiting. she was in labor and her baby was ready to greet the world. paul burton has the story new at 6:00. >> reporter: this car fire late monday night made for an extremely close call for a mother in labor stuck in all this traffic, with the offramp closed, dad jumped out of the car and signals for help to a
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>> it was pretty intense. she said, it's coming out. >> reporter: when the emt's arrived they got mom out of her car. >> it was apparent she was currently in labor, contractions about 30 seconds apart. >> reporter: both shawn and rodney said it only took 6 minutes and three big pushes for mom in the ambulance and the baby's head was ready to show. >> i realizeed then we weren't going anywhere. >> rodney was there to catch the baby. open the air way, baby started crying. dried him off. >> reporter: austin was born 6 pounds, 15 ounces, happy and healthy. >> i asked the father if he would like to cut the umbilical cord. he said, absolutely. >> congratulations, job well done last night. >> reporter: both shawn and rodney were given certificates of appreciation. >> it was a beautiful sight.
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this and experience basically a true miracle, there's nothing baby. >> reporter: mom, dad and baby are doing well. still to come, back on his old turf, how the bruins and boston will react. >> a big in pelham heading for the polls, giving voters a big
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bruins at the garden tonight. it's the game on everyone's calendar. taking on the l.a. kings and welcome back lucic. he played eight years in boston and one of the more popular players on the team. this is his first time back on the garden ice since the trade in june. this season with the kings just
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promises to be an emotional night. >> i'm excited. i think just exciting for him to come back. done a lot of great things here and lived here a while. it will be fun to line up against him. >> he's got a lot of friends in that dressing room, including us as a coaching staff. we always liked him. we need to play hard and do what we have to do against him and his team. but off ice respect will always be there. two games left until the all-star break, celtics continue to grind. won nine of the last 10 and tonight in milwaukee to take on the bucs. short and sweet. back to you. thank you. we head back to new hampshire for, believe it or not, a pig at the polls. and it's the robot vs. the republicans. see what happens when a so- called robot heckles the
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s awesome.
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>> reporter: live here at cbs news campaign headquarters in manchester, new hampshire, where the polls will close in less than half an hour. things went pretty well. there was one incident we wanted to show you involving a robot. this is video posted on you tube, shows marco rubio supporters. saturday night in the campaign someone criticized him for using the same attack line over and over. and voters in pelham were greeted by a 600-pound pig. the pig escaped from a nearby farm. it was there 45 minutes before
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our team of reports will be back all night for you, coverage moves to my tv 38 at 8:00. limitless can be seen at 10:00 on my tv 38. >> great job. see you a little bit later. captions by: caption colorado, llc. (800)775-7838. email:
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