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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> we can show you the late the for third place right now. very tight. 70% of the precincts record. the iowa was closed for the democrats, but not -- was close for the democrats, but not in new hampshire. bernie sanders finished way ahead. kate merrill is live. bernie sanders won with democrats across the board. >> it was a huge win. bernie sanders came out in front of the crowd, calling it a political revolution, speaking to again nor half an hour, and the crowd loved it here at concord, high school. this was all called when they were done. sanders said the government belongs to the american people,
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come november, and he spoke about the issues like immigration and infrastructure, and this is a country that needs to be based on fairness. >> we will all come together and say loudly and clearly that the government of our great nation belongs to all of us, not just a few wealthy campaign contributors. >> reporter: the crowd here tonight was young, and they were under 30 years old, and they were very excited, and that's why he won. he was able to rally the young voters to vote for him. he reminded them, there's 14 caucuses and primars, and he
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>> reporter: catbrier rail -- kate merill, back to you. right to trump headquarters, and lian is live. >> reporter: the yes headed into today, could donald trump do here in new hampshire what he couldn't do in iowa? he put the doubts to rest early. there was potentially -- finished ahead of his own poll numbers headed into today, and he addressed that in his victory speech. ''we learned a lot about ground games in one week, suggesting they did not know much about it before iowa, which could help explain why he was upset by ted cruz, and he resinated with the new hampshire voters on certain issues and addressed many of them on the trade deals among blue color workers, and he
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days leading up to today about the opioid crisis. >> the first thing, mr. trump, please do something about it. the kids are getting stuck and other people are getting stuck. we will end it. we will end it at the southern border. >> reporter: trump has proven after the months of speculation that he can, in fact win. i was looking aid head 11 days to south carolina, up 15 points or so, and the average of the polls there. there. the roadblock for him will be if one establishment candidate can knock off the others and make it a 2 person or 3-person race, but as for now, donald trump has momentum headed into
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john kasich was in second place. he invested a lot of time in new hampshire, and it paid off. >> the fire there is crowded up tonight. >> absolutely. second place is a very important spot in this race, and it was a tight one for the second spot, and it's what john kasich supporters hoped for, and that's what they got. when he came out and took the stage, he told supporters don't worry about it. it's clear that he feels his strategy of focusing on new hampshire and taking the momentum to the rest of the country has paid off. >> this campaign has changed me. the people of new hampshire, the wonderful people of new hampshire have changed me, but as we got closer and closer to those hundred town halls, the 106 we finally finished on,
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and feel safe. >> reporter: and he is clearly very proud of the connection he made with the people here in new hampshire, and now it's time to set his sights to the south, and his campaign is recalling him the leading governor in the case and the chance. the last thing he said, if you don't have a seat belt, go get one. telling his supporters to just hold on for the rest of this race. >> concord, new hampshire, christina hager. hillary clinton as mitted she has more to do. >> the field house here at
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very, very quickly. hillary clinton was the first to the stage. she had beenbeaten by bernie sanders. she argued she has the solutions that people are hungry for saying what sanders is promising is unaive chiefen pie if the sky.
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-- john keller, and john, donald trump, bernie sanders, it says a lot about how people feel about washington. >> david, lisa, consider the context, okay? nearly 15 years after 9/11, we are more worried about terror than ever, and the international situation is in turmoil. nearly 8 years after the economic collapse, we are still seeing too many stunted opportunities for growth and
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that are an epidemic and safe drugs are too expensive and the theme flint cannot drink their water without getting sick. no wonder there's anger in both parties, and that's what you are seeing. >> the real question, could they turn out the vote? neither one of them was really experienced with a broad ground game. bernie sanders has been in office for 30 years, but even he doesn't have the experience of a national campaign. what do you make out of new hampshire tonight? does that translate to new england. >> times change and generations change, and the way in which voters can be motivated changes. both trump and sanders, for starters understood how to use the media and social media in a way that none of their competitors seem to.
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we have seen a lot of protest candidacies flourish in new hampshire and then wither on the vine. i can't put it beyond the candidacies into march, april, and may. >> the big winners trump, sanders, and kasich as well. the biggest loser? marco rubio or hillary clinton? >> a tough week for rubio after all the expectations out of iowa. i think he will continue on, albeit with a lot of work to make up for what happened here, chris christie, an obvious loser, he's out as of tomorrow, i suspect. all of the signs are there, and hillary clinton is in big, big trouble, and when you come into a state, loaded with a history of supporting both clintons, loaded with hillary clinton supporters, with an almost all female democratic establishment that is rallying behind you,
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buying this stuff he came from vermont. bernie sanders cleaned her clock, and on the eastern rim of the state. it was not just a border phenomena. >> a place where she did very well in 2008. >> and in fact, she ran about as well tonight as she did back then, and yet it wasn't nearly enough because it's not even so much about hillary clinton's shortcoming as it is bernie sanders having caught a wave. >> this is interesting. john keller, thank you. >> sure. speaking of the wave it looks like a record number of voters turned out for the primary. >> paula evan is live. >> reporter: lisa and david, new hampshire had massive voter turnout, and people were forced to wait in long lines at the polling places and times for more than an hour. there was a traffic issue,
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some polling locations, and the worst was in merrimack. the town was down from two polling locations to one. the time was extended. the moderator thinks it was the trump effect. >> i think there's been so much more interest in this race because of the dynamics one republican candidate threw in with his presence here. we all know who that is, donald trump. >> reporter: no firm numbers from the secretary of state until tomorrow. i have to say speaking to voters over the last week, the number one word they mentioned to us, change. it has to make you feel good about the democracy. people were engaged in the process and turning out to the polls, and new hampshire added to its argument it should have a special place as the first in the nation primary. i'm paula evan, wbz news.
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as we head to break, we want to look at the new hampshire results tonight. first with the republicans, donald trump with a big win, his first official win with this victory in new hampshire followed by john kasich. third and 2004 are cruz and bush. >> bernie sanders, actually fifth and sixth, rubio at 10%. obviously not a good night for him. he said it himself. chris christie said he's going back to new jersey to take "a campaign." clinton 39%. 39% is what she had 4 years ago or was that 8 years ago? 8 years ago, good enough then, but not tonight.
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we want to look at the numbers. starting with the republicans, donald trump, big win going to south carolina with the momentum. bernie sanders very optimistic. it seems to have worked. >> on the democratic side, bernie sanders had 60% of the vote. interesting to hear his speech tonight. almost as a reintroduction, perhaps to the rest of the country. as he moves forward, hillary clinton is leading in the polls in most of the states where there are primaries coming up. >> from first in iowa to third in new hampshire. ted cruz said he is still optimistic tonight. >> we want to check with the other candidates. lisa muller is live. >> reporter: david, lisa, ted cruz took the stand to tell voters essentially his third place tie in new hampshire made history. he said it was a shock to the
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cartel, and he said it's evidence to the fact that his ain't conservative establishment style is resinating. >> the voters will have a choice. do we want a campaign conservative, someone who talks a good game but has not walked the walk or do we want a consistent conservative with a proven record? >> reporter: on to south carolina tomorrow, and he already has a campaign stop in myrtle beach. lisa hughes. >> i'm julie loncich. jeb was energized when he said his campaign was not dead. he said tonight's speech is not a concession speech but rather another stomp speech. >> they said it was a three-
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the reality tv star is still doing well, but it looks like for that, i'm really grateful. >> reporter: bush's camp said they needed a top tier finish, and it's up to them to decide if fourth, maybe third place, was enough. julie loncich, wbz news. and i'm lauren leamanczyk the rubio campaign said it was a disappointing finish. today he promised to do better. >> our disappointment tonight is not on you. it's on me. [ cheers ] it's on me. i did not -- i did not do well on saturday night, so, listen to this. that will never happen again. >> reporter: pretty clear. a weak debate performance did hurt rubio here, but he has a national organization, and he said he is on to south
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back here in november as the party's nominee. live in manchester, lauren leamanczyk. i'm live at christie headquarters. he is not going on to south carolina tomorrow as previously scheduled, instead he and his family are going home to new jersey. he said they were going to "take a deep breath and evaluate the future of the campaign." >> we will go home to new jersey tomorrow morning and make a decision on our next steps forward, based upon the results that coming in here, were completed here in new hampshire. >> reporter: chris christie saying by wednesday morning or wednesday afternoon they should have a good idea and be able to make a decision, so quite clearly tonight the white house
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governor may just be coming to an end. live in nashaw, new jersey, i'm jim smith. >> jim, thank you. it's on to south carolina and nevada for the rest of the candidates, and then 3 weeks for now, super tuesday. >> that's when 12 states will cast ballots. if you want to vote, by the way, the voter registration deadline is tomorrow. switching gears after a night of talking politics, all we can say is thank goodness the big snowfall came yesterday and not today. >> we just happened to sandwich in the big day. no weather issues or drama for the weather department. it's in the teens, the city of boston milder. the cape, down to the upper 20s, and this is a spin to atlantic city, and it will be moving up across southern new england. overall, a lot of snow on the maps, down into alabama and georgia this afternoon. for us, we are watching the snow showers developing towards
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if you're going west into connecticut. they will start earlier, otherwise, it's 18 with scattered snow showers on and off throughout the day, and into the afternoon, even the early evening. not terribly widespread this is like the thunderstorm version of showers. travel will be impacted. scattered showers to a quick 2 inches. there could be very low visibility. the roads will be covered in snowfall. high temperatures tomorrow, mainly in the 30s. noter itfully cold to go with the snow showers, and it will move off to the north and east, and another one is behind it. the cold front moving through on thursday, and that will usher in wind, and another chance of snow showers, not a big storm system, but just flakes in the air, and on friday, the next system is
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in the arctic sold for the weekend. before that happens, one last storm system to talk about here, and this one will develop to the east on saturday morning, and then the trend has always been a little farther east. right now, look like a chance of snow showers on friday morning. the bulk of this out to sea, and then it's all about the arctic cold moving in behind it, and not just, oh, it's winter a cold weekend. it's next level cold. it's dangerous to be outside, and you don't want your pets outside for long either. 20 in the morning, falling into the single digits by saturday night. windchill digits much colder saturday into sunday, and most towns outside of boston, the single digits on sunday. you factor in the wind, a big night. many have plans for the valentine's day weekend. windchill values 10 to 30 below 0. good morning to sleep in on sunday. by the afternoon, the windchill values still 10 to 20 below 0.
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it's all about the cold this weekend, and it's a 3-day step. it's not as cold as we look into next week. into the 20s on monday, and the 30s on tuesday, and another storm system headed into tuesday, and also a vacation week. david and lisa, a lot going on with the weather suspect. i feel like i could use a vacation. >> , no you get yours in march. >> thank you. the officer who was nearly killed in a shootout with the boston marathon bombers has decided to retire. richard hughes nearly bled to death. he says he lives with pain 24 hours a day 7 days a week. >> i had to come to the realization that my lingering physical injuries will keep me from doing my job 100%. >> he is going to miss his job, but he and his wife are expecting a second baby boy
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he's a great spokesperson, too, for the american red cross and donating blood. >> coming up in sports, the former star is back in boston,
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thought of the big, bad bruins,milan's name came to mind. he was given a standing ovation when the tribute was played to number 17. he gave a smile, but he kept it together. the kings had a great night. the 3rd period, he finds the back of the net for his 13th goal of the season. the kings beat up the bruins, 9- 2, and after the game he thanked the fans. >> thanks to them for making this a special night for me, individually, and thanks to my teammates for getting a big win for us here to start off this road trip. >> the celtics and milwaukee, boston down in the 4th. the free-throw with a second left, and it appears we are headed into overtime, but be the bucks inbound, brady, no! that's .2 seconds left.
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one, and then the second, and jay crowder hitting the moon ball, and that's 112-111. oh! finally, boston college beating north eastern 4-0. the eagles are undefeated at 30-0- 0. >> david? lisa? hot in the spotlight from the new hampshire primary. >> we will show you more from the already crowded polls. you have to stick around for
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>> this pig or hog as someone corrected earlier, went into the pelham high parking lot as people were voting today. >> no one is particularly concerned. >> that's what i don't understand. >> the police figured out -- look at that, everyone is welcome in new hampshire. the police figured out the pig ran away from a nearby farm, and we understand tonight the animal is home safe. >> i would be delighted if a pig were in my polling place. that's so cool! it doesn't happen every day. check this out, bro.
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one final look at the results for the new hampshire primary tonight. we start with the republican race, donald trump with 34%, and john kasich, big surprise in second place with 16%, and third and fourth place, basically a tie, although ted cruz has jeb bush right now by 600 votes. let's go to the democrats, the longest serving democrat in congress, bernie sanders, caucusing with the democrats,
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