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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  February 10, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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eric fisher on wbz news new hampshire i want to thank you. lot. we won't forget you. >> trumping the republicans. donald trump delivers a big win. how the other gop candidates finished and where they go from here. turnout. and i say huge. we won. >> burning up new hampshire bernie sanders beating hillary clinton. we have complete coverage of the primary result. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this
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>> good morning it's 4:30 right now. wednesday, february 10th i am kathryn hauser. >> i am chris mckinnon we have have new hampshire primary results and hear from the candidates in a minute but we have to check the weather. >> we have snow to talk about danielle. >> a couple snow showers. it's not going to amount to a whole lot. temperature right now 24 degrees in the city of boston. the wind is light from the southwest. about 7 miles per hour right now. creating a real feel of 16 degrees in the city. and we are in the teens in in the suburbs. 18 the temperature in worcester. 17 in lawrence same in a taunton. 19 falmouth so aid chilly start but notice the radar scopes aregenerally skyet. we have a couple light -- quiet. we have a couple light showers in the berkshires and western connecticut. we may get into a couple of them during the day today. hour by hour, notice between now and mid to late morning it's along and west of route 91.
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but then a couple scattered snow showers in the metro boston area including the city through the afternoon and deeper blues for the evening commute may get a equally that comes in -- gal that comes -- squall that comes in and we rise into the 30s so not a big impact on the road we will take you to the real code arctic air in a couple minutes. voters of new hampshire have spoken. bernie sanders supporters feeling the burn. the vermont senator with a double digit victory over hillary clinton. >> republican winner donald ovation. and repeating his campaign slogan to the crowd. great again. >> and john kasich winning the race for second place a huge
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no candidate ever won the part's nomination without coming in first or second in new hampshire. >> so let's get to the numbers. first the democrats. bernie sanders with a big win at 60% to hillary clinton's 38%. and republicans easy win for donald trump. >> he had 35% of the vote john kasich second with 16% and wbz liam martin has reaction from the republican winner donald trump. >> the question heading -- >> reporter: the question heading into the primary was could donald trump do in new hampshire what he couldn't do in iowa turning the poll numbers into votes he put the doubts to rest. among gop voters they chosedonald trump and he was declared the winner at 8 yesterday and he polled or had better results than he did in his own poll numbers. he addressed that in his victory speech last night and said "we learned a lot about
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suggesting they didn't know much about ground games before iowa which could explain why he was upset and really resonateed with new hampshire voters including the opioid crisis. >> the first thing always that they mention to me mr. trump please do something the drugs the heroin it's pouring in and it's so cheap. because there's so much of it. and the kids are getting stuck and other people are getting stuck. we are going to end it. we are going to ep it-- end it the at -- at the southern border. >> reporter: he proved he can win and south carolina is the next primary for the republicans 11 days away up more than 15 points in the average of the polls there. in manchester new hampshire liam martin wbz this morning. >> john kasich campaign reenergized by the second placefinish. he expects an increase in campaign contributions after a strong showing.
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republicans iowa winner ted cruz finished third with 12% followed by jeb bush at 11 percent marco rubio got 11 purse and chris christie with 8%. new jersey governor told supporters he is heading back to his home state to take a deep breath and reconsider his struggling bid. bernie sanders is celebrating a big win. >> and exit poll shows he won with democrats across the board. kate merrill has more from the sanders campaign. >> reporter: bernie sanders coming out tuesday night saying it's the beginning of a political revolution. for a packed crowd at concord high school he came out to thank his supporters and hillary clinton for her campaign and proceeded to talk 30 minutes about why he wants to be president and why the people are supporting him. people are still packed into the high schools long after the speech is over. thr so excited -- they are so excited it was called extremely early, earlier than they
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things hes would saying the government belong to all of the american people and they need this energy here in new hampshire to win across the country. sanders said we serve notice that america if people won't accept a corrupt society and he talked about issues from immigration to prescription drugs and benefits for seniors to infrastructure and went on and on all the people support him for and they couldn't get enough. take a listen. >> we will all come together to say loudly and clearly, that the government of our great nation belongs to all of us not just a few wealthy campaign contributors. >> reporter: interestingly enough most of the crowds and faces are young people 35 and under are here and that's really what propelled him to first place in new hampshire the support of the young people
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you new hampshire it's onto south carolina and nevada and all the other primaries we have a lot of work to do. with the sanders camp kate merrill wbz this morning. >> as for hillary clinton her campaign says she will perform better as the race moves onto racially diverse states. >> here's what the former secretary of state said to supporters during her concession speech last night. >> fight for every vote in every state. we are going to fight for real solutions that make a real difference in people's lives. >> so what have we learned from the new hampshire primary? >> and what can we expect next. those are the big questions. jon keller takes a closer look for us. >> reporter: good morning gang. so, what was last night all about? obviously affirmation for bernie sanders and donald trump who sold passionate antiestablishment messages with expert use of social media to
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don't buy the clinton campaign's spin that sanders unduely benefited from being from next door he mopped up all over state and trump proved you don't have to play by the party's rules an though it helps to be a billionaire outsider. what happens next the campaign leaves the relatively narrow confines of iowa and new hampshire and enterers a new arena -- enters a now arena of diverse lect rites and marco rubio has a chance to rebound and john kasich will find out how many moderates left and jeb bush has friends in south carolina and florida and hillary clinton, she noted last night, she has been down before and has a way of coming back. but without more support from women, that looks like one giant hill to climb. i am jon keller at large wbz news, back to you guys. >> we will see if the results last night end up thinning out the gop field.
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contest. south carolina primary is going to be on february 20th be a the in a vad vada caucus be -- nevada caucus. and 12 states including massachusetts hold primaries orcaucuses the alaska caucus is for republicans and colorado is only for democrats.>> and we are following breaking news. >> ahead a deadly house fire in fitchburg. the race to rescue two others inside. >> and new this morning, an unruly passenger forcing a emergency landing. we have video from on board the plane plus reaction from passengers. >> and it's one of the favorite signs spring is on the way. red stocks geared up for spring training today. stay with us. you are watching wbz this
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welcome badge ikea recall. plus the retailer going gender neutral for kids bedding noon how much do americans spend on valentine's day. >> jill wagner is live with overnight market numbers. >> reporter: good morning.
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day the nikkei dropped 2% china stock markets are closed for thelunar new year. here on wall street stocks finished well for a third day in a row but the losses were not terrible. the dow fell 12 and nasdaq 14. eye wa is-- ikea is recalling two ceiling lamps the plasticclip that holds it could break and it could fall and shattered. over a million sold in the united states and canada. target is moving beyond the labels when it comes to bedding. pillow front collection is meant to appeal to all kids and there's themes like bikes and tropical tree houses and the line is trying to move away from eye themes are matchy matchy. millenial men want to spoil their sweetheart. nerd walletture surveyed thousands of americans and americans celebrating plan to spend about 180 dollars.
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more than that. 300-- 371 dollars on everything from gifts to meals and more than half of americans think men should pay for the entire bill on valentine's day date. 371 dollars that's a lot of money. is that just me. >> i think that's a lot. that's a really nice dinner if you really wanted to-- that would be a super expensive dinner. >> it would be a very expensive dinner. >> a lot of us. >> your 371 dollars starbucks gift card will be in the mail. >> reporter: i will take it. >> they were okay. really. >> yeah give or take. >> there we go. thanks very much we will see you next hour. >> we need to check the weather this morning. we are talking a little snow today. >> but danielle said not too bad because temperatures are not that bad. >> we are coming into the mid- 30s so it's not like we are going to see temperatures below freezing but there may be coatings to perhaps as much as
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comments this afternoon. not everybody. let's talk it 24 degrees in boston. 18 in worcester. teens in the suburbs and a bit of a wind in spots. it's light this morning but it creates a real feel so it feels like it's 7 degrees in worcester right now. feels like 16 in the city of boston. and we have had partial clearing that came in overnight but clouds are filling in and just like yesterday, when we took a look to the west, there are scattered snow showers here pretty light but there's deeper blues in here as well. and there's upper level energy that needs to swing through and instability in the atmosphere. what does that mean for us. just like summertime thunderstorms, we are going to get the snow showers today and not everyone is going to see them but where they come there u -- through they will be pasty. watch what happens. not a whole lot. as we head into late morning and midday a couple scattered snow showers fire up. there's deep blues in here. we may get briefly reduced visibility especially late this afternoon and evening 5 p.m.
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west to east may cause reduced visibility but also slippery spots on the roads as they come on through. by 8 p.m. they are shifting offshore so it's an afternoon to early evening and this is kind of a general map but this is a general snowfall with scattered coatings to an inch where the steady he have snow showers come through. that low departs as we head into overnight tonight. tomorrow, another brief snow shower with a weak disturbance coming in so i don't think it will be as impactful as later today and friday looks quiet high pressure building to the south. and we have a cold front comingin for the weekend. arctic blast of air comes in behind it. and there's going to be a storm out over the ocean. looks like they combine too late to have a significant impact here in new england. but overnight on friday, we may get pockets of light snow kind of transitioning into the cold air. it's all because of the jet stream with a little bubble of cold air that comes down from central canada right out of the arctic and that means
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not get out of the teens for sunday. sunday morning we are talking about the wind chill. 30 to 40 below zero. 30 to 40 below zero in parts of new england on sunday morning. prepare for that. today's highs in the mid-30s. right on the mark. overnight tonight, teens and clear out. tomorrow will be a little cooler than today and it will be windy. so we will be around 30 but it's going to feel like it's in the teens to lower 20s and friday less wind but colder high of 23 and saturday again a chance of a morning snow shower and then temperatures will be falling really late in the day and winds will kick up too a frigid wind only 12 that may be generous and we rebound heading into the start of next week. chris back to you. >> thank you very much. one person is dead two seriously injured in a fire at a fitchburg home. firefighters say it started in the back of this two family house and was fully involved by
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person was able to make it out on his own. firefighters found a second person unconscious on the second floor near a window. the body of a third person was found not far away. no word on what started the fire. and more breaking news right now. two people dead following a crash on route 28 in quincy. police say the car crash happened around 1:30 this morning between route 93 and chicka talket road. a third person was rushed to the hospital. area is closed down and could be for several hours. an unruly passenger forced a flight from boston to san diego to make a emergency landing. a passenger recorded this individual yost man being removed in denver. alaska airlines says the passenger was intoxicated andmade attempts to -- they madeseveral attempts to calm him down and when he threatened another passenger the pilot
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airport. >> trying to think what i shoulddo and best i could come up with is put my trip out he's came forward. >> everybody's senses are slightly heightened and they are not always at as much ease. >> police met the plane at the into custody. the plane took off after that and landed safely in san diego overnight. a bedford woman car jacked waiting for her husband at a gas station parking lot. this morning, the couple is sharing the frightening story. diane who didn't want us using her last name was in thepassenger seat of the pickup when michael sullivan jumped in and giving a story he worked for the gas station and believed him until he turned on route 225 and heateded towards carlisle -- headed towards carlisle. >> i had the tray with the coffee and i see diane. >> my car. >> what are you thinking. >> i am thinking how do whoa stop this? i can't and he can because if i
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ignite the guy. >> michael sullivan was arrested 3 miles down the road prosecutors say he had just been released from a rehab facility and needed a way home and his attorneys say sullivan is an iraq war veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder in addition to an addiction. the office a here was nearly killed in the shoot out decided to retire. transit police sergeant dick donahue nearly bled to death artery. the 36-year-old says he still lives with pain 24 hours a day 7 days a week. >> it was a tough decision but i had to come to the realization that my lingering physical injuries would prevent me from doing the job at 100%. >> he says he will miss the job but he is looking forward to the spring. he and his wife kim are expecting the their second child and another baby boy in i'm. forget about groundhogs the
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happens today. at noon the red sox equipment truck begins the 1400 mile trip to fort myers florida. last year it looked like wally missed the ride remember that. but this year he and his sister who is joining the gang will have their seats on a flatbed in the front of the caravan. >> that's going to be a welcomed sight. >> look at that last year it was snowy too. >> they will have more of the same today. >> ahead this morning much more on the new hampshire primary results. >> hear from the winners and trump and sanders and some of the problems at the polls. >> and chipotle facing more fallout from the norovirus
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voters of new hampshire making their voices heard overwhelmingly backing donald trump npt republican side and bern -- on the republican side and bernie sanders on the democratic. >> the voter turn out was high. >> here's a choser look. donald trump got 35% of the vote. john kasich was second with 16%. iowa winner ted cruz finished in third place with 12% and followed by jeb bush with 11% and mikeo rubio behind with 11% and chris christie finished with 8%. now to the democrats.
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at 60% to 38% for hillary. and here's what two winners had to say during the victory speeches last night. >> our campaign is about is thinking big not small, it's about having the courage to reject the status quo. >> congratulations to bernie in all fairness we have to congratulate him and we may not like it, but i heard parts of bernie's he speech he wants to give away our country folks. he wants to give away we are not going to let it happen. we are not going to let it happen i don't know where it'sgoing with bernie we wish him luck but we are going to make america great again but we are going to do it the old fashioned way we are going to beat china japan and we are going to beat mexico at trade. we are going to beat. >> many new hampshire voters were forced to wait in long lines. some for more than an hour of foot traffic flow what was --
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one of the worst spots was merrimack. town has 18,000 registered voters and recently consolidated from 2 polling locations to 1. polls stayed open past the 7 p.m. closing time to accommodate voters stuck in the traffic lines. other news the mbta will car plan backed by governor baker to privatize certain departments of the t's. its one of the issues on the agenda tonight at the fiscal control board meeting. it would outsource 50 fair collector jobs and the t says it would save millions. a boston woman is suingo poll tay -- chicago -- is suing chipotle over the norovirus. she was the third earn to go after the company for damages following the december outbreak that sickened 136 people. as the red sox trucks take off for spring training today. >> others are enjoying winter at the ball park.
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to the services you need in the setting of your choice. call 1-844-422-6277 or visit getting ready to soar. some of the top skiers and snow borderers in boston preparing to take on a slope four times monster. fenway big air kicks off tomorrow where they will ride down 140 foot ramp coming to a stop near home plate. >> i want to do that but i don't think i could. looks like so much fun. >> you should get a saucer and
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>> more my speed right
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