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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  February 10, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> more my speed right screaming the whole way. top stories straight ahead on wbz this morning. >> the news at 5 starts now. the granite state feeling the burn. bernie sanders with a decisive win over hillary clinton. what he is saying about the primary vct which. >> we are going to -- victory. >> we are going to make america great again. >> and donald trump celebrating a big victory in new hampshire and surprising second place finisher and where candidates go next. we are live with a closer look. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning to you it's 5:00 i am chris mckinnon. >> i am kathryn hauser thanks for being with us on this wednesday february 10th. we will have the late nest a moment. but first we need to talk about the weather daniel is here with -- danielle is here with a check of the forecast and we
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>> a couple snow showers today. there may be a quick coating to an inch in spots. right now temperatures 25 at logan airport. winds light out of the south. real feel is in the teens and actual temperatures are in the teens. 14 in nashua-16 in lawyers and lower 20s from taughton to the cape. radar scopes mostly quiet. light snow is developing on block island and more in western connecticut and southern portions of the berkshires. some snow showers will try to fill in. there may be snow showers briefly heavy but that is from midday onward. notice by noontime squat red snow showers north and west of boston and deeper blues so we may get reduced visibility and some untreated roads will be slick this afternoon and early evening. we come into the 30s. scattered snow showers and they will be steadiest into the ride home. speaking of rides let's get you on the road with traffic and
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>> reporter: good morning. quiet out there -- robi. >> reporter: good morning. quiet out there right now. a car spun out 39 northbound at 128 going away from the morning rush. it's early and that's not causing backups at this time. it was later in the commute -- if it was later in the knew the commute, we would worry about it. voters in new hampshire have spoken the bernie sanders and donald trump celebrating big victories. >> we have complete coverage for you this morning. paula ebben is live at our primary headquarters in manchester new hampshire with acoaster look at big winners and what he next for the candidates. have you gotten sleep? >> reporter: just a little bit. kathryn and chris but great to be with you guys and great to be with everybody on this historic morning after last night's results here in new hampshire. just remarkable. forget the watch party it was a celebration from the start for bernie sanders. cbs news exit polls sanders won
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and the numbers were astounding. he calls it a political revolution. he addressed a crowd of supporters inside concord high school for about 30 minutes and some say it sounded like a stomp speech and it was his stomp speech but the crowd was excited and he told them he needs that energy to win come november and he said this country needs to be based on fairness. >> we will all come together to say loudly and clearly, that the government of our great nationbelongs to all of us not just a few wealthy campaign contributors. >> reporter: now ironically the key to 74-year-old sanders success may be young voters. the crowd of supporters last
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he rallied them to get out and vote but reminded them there is a lot of work and that he needs all of them to help. as for donald trump, he got to do what he couldn't in iowa. getting his first official victory of campaign 2016 and he proved he can in fact win as our cbs news analyst said donald trump is for real. race was called but just after 8 last night when the polls closed. in his favor he finished ahead of his own polling and trump resonated with new hampshire voters on several key issues. trade deals, immigration and unemployment for blue collar workers and opioid crisis. >> the first thing always they mention mr. trump do something. the drugs the heroin is pouring in and it's so cheap because there's so much of it. and the kid are getting stuck and -- kids are getting stuck and other people are getting stuck. we will end it and we will end it at the southern border. >> reporter: trump says he
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and now he has the momentum to go forward to south carolina. that primary is in ten days and right now, he is up 15 points there. so we will see if his lead holds there as well. there was another big republican winner ohio governor john kasich has invested -- had invested a lot of time in new hampshire and talked about he had 100 town holes the most of any candidate and it paid off. >> paula good morning. now governor kasich is thinking more voters will invest in his campaign and perhaps seen more financial contributions after second place finish proved to be not so bad. >> john kasich is the story coming out of new hampshire. >> reporter: it's been said second place is the first to lose. but in this case governor kasich feels more like a winner. >> no he won fair and square but i beat him in dixville notch. >> reporter: the front-runner was set in new hampshire with
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favorite but the battle was for the tightly clumped remaining field. and it was kasich who seemed to secondly charm the hearts of new hampshire. >> this campaign's changed me and the people of new hampshire the wonderful people of new hampshire have changed me. >> reporter: with a top finish in the iowa caucus, ted cruz would be the one to round out the top 3 in the granite state. >> the real winner is the conservative grass roots. >> reporter: followed by jeb bush marco rubio and chris christie who needed a strong finish in this run heading into south carolina. but a shift in the momentum here. >> there's so much going to happen if you don't have a seat belt go get one. we are going to take the country. >> reporter: with the outcome in new hampshire it's anybody's race. would other development that -- one other development that could come out of the new hampshire primary is governor chris christie who says he will go home and take a deep breath
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he will stay in the race. paula. >> nicole jacobs thanks so much see you later. back to the democratic race and hillary clinton says she still loves new hampshire and always will. but she was disappointed in the way her race ended here in the granite state. clinton addressed her supporters last night at southern new hampshire university. and she argued that she has the solutions people are hungry for and what bernie sanders is promising just isn't achievable. with her husband former president bill clinton and daughter chelsea at her side she asked the crowd who is the person for the job? and they answered. >> thank you so much. >> what is the the best way to change people's lives so we can all grow together? who is the best change maker? >> you are. >> and here's what i promise. here's what i promise i will work harder than any one to
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make your lives better. >> reporter: so clinton admits she has a lot of work to do especially with young voters young women in particular. and a campaign adviser tells message soon. there have been talk about a shakeup in the campaign. days. so what have we learned from the new hampshire primary, what can we expect to happen next? look. >> reporter: good morning gang. so, what was last night all about? well-offously afirst -- obviously aformation for trump and sanders who sold passionate antiestablishment with expert use of social media to disinfected voters ready to buy. don't buy the clinton campaign spin that sanders unduely benefited from being next door he mopped up all over the state and trump prove you don't have
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though it helps to be a billionaire. they leave the confines of iowa and new hampshire. and enterers a whole new arena -- enters a whole new arena of lect rites and interests. rubio has a chance to rebound and john case like quickly find out how many moderates are left and bush has friends in south carolina and florida. and hillary clinton, she noted last night she has been down before and has a way of coming back. but without more support from women that looks like one giant hill to climb. i am jon keller at large wbz now is back to you guys. >> so last night results could thin out the republican field at this point. as we say waiting to hear what chris christie says after he he jersey today. they have a little time to next contest. here's with a we look like in
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carolina a week from saturday on february 20th nevada caucus is on the 23rd and then comes super tuesday. march 1st. 12 states including massachusetts will hold primaries or caucuses and the alaska caucus that day is only for republicans. the colorado caucus is only for democrats. and massachusetts voters have to remember, today is the last day to register to vote for super tuesday. you have to get on that today if you plan to vote. you will have -- we will have much more on the primary coming up. so, we got to get back to you chris and kathryn for more other news but certainly a lot to chew on in the political world this morning. a lot of people are reeling. >> that's very true paula thanks very much. we will check in in a little bit. we have breaking news overnight. >> a deadly house fire in fitchburg. the race to try to rescue two people trapped inside. >> also ahead a sure sign of spring. red sox gearing up for big move today.
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>> i love seeing the truck. don't we. and yeah, it doesn't feel like spring. temperatures in the teens and 20s this morning. we come into mid-30s but i am tracking scattered snow showers that will be around for the bus ride home for the kids from school. i will take you through the
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new hampshire voters expected big crowds yesterday but maybe not this big. >> take a look a pig wandered into the pelham high parking lot as people lined up to vote. police figured out that the 600 pound visitor haded with aeled away from a nearby -- wadeled away from a -- had waddled away from the farm he wanted to vote. >> a pig in primary goes hand in hand. >> i guess. >> that's a big pig. >> danielle you are gigeling. >> the -- giving. >> and it's a -- giggling. >> at least weather turned out and today we are tracking scattered snow showers. temperatures 25 in the city of boston. we get teens. 14 in nashua. 16 lawrence and same in keene. there's just a bit of a wind in a couple spots making it feel a touch colder.
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11 in worcester and skies are at least variable cloudiness over us right now. clouds are going to increase and we have a couple snow showersdeveloping across western connecticut and southern portion of the berkshires and these scattered snow showers will come over ahead today and there may be briefly heavy snow squalls or showers i should say that could slicken the roads in a few spots. think the greatest threat is going to be from midday into the afternoon. notice how things fire up here. even including the city of boston metro west through the early afternoon. and temperatures at that point should be above 32 degrees so, i am not anticipating huge impact or a high impact on the road but you may get briefly reduced visibility in the very that come in. it canly during the early evening and they push offshore around about 8 p.m. so it's general map because thunderstorms not everyone is going to see the snow showers but this may be scattered coatings to as much as inch of snow he in a few communities
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store hills. -- worcester hills. that moves east tonight and tomorrow there's a little leftover energy and left over instability and we have a scattered brief snow shower tomorrow and i don't think it will be as feisty as today. tomorrow is quiet highs in the low 20s and look at this friday night cold front comes in and storm out over the ocean they significant impact in new england but there may be pockets of light snow friday night into early saturday before the storm departs and behind that what a cold ?ar of -- snap of air. we have a shot out of the arctic that almost in to the sunday. we are talking about an arctic blast with frigid temperatures sunday. so that will be quite a change. mid-30s today not too bad right? sun is bet -- sounds beter when -- perspective. tomorrow will be cooler than today and breezy. around 20.
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morning. turning windy and temperatures will be below freezing and sunday morning and will feel cold wert wind. we rebound for the start of next week barry had a visit yesterday afternoon. look at them. these are the third graders in lowell massachusetts they talked about weather tools and weather as well. barry had a blast. traffic and weather together robi. >> reporter: my favorite weather song is clarence cree water revival. >> which one. >> reporter: ccr who will stop the rain. >> i will look it up that's a good one. >> reporter: credence by the way freezing on valentine's day. >> it's going to be cold. >> reporter: you think people will not go out because that's a huge night for restaurants. >> i know but the wnd chill will be 20 or 30 below zero. >> reporter: restaurants with fireplaces big business. a bad accident let's go to the
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over route 1 in saugus a rollover you can see the car on the left hand side of the screen at the bottom on route 1 northbound in saugus near the entrance to the home dough poe. depot. looks like one lane is squeezing by. that's a busy stretch for the morning commute. so we will keep you updated on that one. chris and kathryn. >> thanks very much. we are following two breaks news stories. one person dead and two more seriously injured at a fire at that fitchburg home. it started in the back of the two-family house and it was fully involved by the time crews got to the scene. one person inside was able to make it out on his own. firefighters found a second person unconscious on the second floor near a window. the body of a third person was found nearby. no word what started the fire. breaking news in quincy. two people are dead one in the hospital right now after a crash on route 28.
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morning between route 93 andchickataubet road. the vehicle eruptedded in flames after the the crash -- the crash. carry moments -- scary moments on an alaska airlines plane from boston they made a unruly passenger after one passenger threatened another. the unruly passenger was intoxicate and taken into custody in denver. plane landed safely in san diego overnight. the officer who was nearly killed in the shoot out with the boston marathon bombers has decided to retire. transit police sergeant dick donahue nearly bled to death after a bullet severed an artery. the 36-year-old says he still lives with pain 24 hours a day 7 days a week. >> it was a tough decision but i had to come to the realization that my lingering physical injuries would prevent me from doing the job at 100%. >> donahue says he will miss the job but is looking forward to the spring.
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expecting their second child another baby boy in april. congratulations to them. >> that's good. aid sure sign spring is coming -- it's a sure sign spring is coming. >> red sox equipment truck is leaving for the spring training home. how about that. susie sometimeel is live more on the excitement. doesn't feel like spring but it's going to be a welcomed sight susie. >> reporter: that's very true. i don't know about you but in the dead of winter when it's cold it helps to dream of spring and know that spring is coming. and that with that brings baseball season and that's kicking off. this celebration today is known as truck day and it's an unofficial celebration for the boston red sox. and it's been going on here at fenway park since 2003. they will load up the equipment truck with everything they need for spring training and head to fort myers florida and they will load up around 7 this morning and then that driver who is taking the truck -- who has taken the truck the past 18
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it's a lot of stuff. 20,000, dr dr 20,4-- 20,400 baseball. 200 helmets 20 case of bubble gum and 60 cases of sunflower seeds because you can't have baseball without sunflower seeds. that's so much stuff maybe they won't report a live reporter or two hanging out doing live shots from florida. i wouldn't hate that. we will see if we can work out something as they show up later this morning. but for now, we are live in boston susie steimle wbz this morning. back to you guys in the studio. >> that's a lot of bubble gum and sunflower seeds. >> we may see her tomorrow in fort myers. thanks susie. up next a familiar face returns to the garden. >> former bruins star back in boston. but who ended up on top?
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wbz sports is brought to you by massachusetts bmw leaders visit for exceptional offers. >> 5:24. celtics lose a heart breaker on the road. >> and familiar face returns to the garden. levan reid has more in the morning sports. >> good morning everybody.
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thought of the bruins lucic's traded to the kings and last night he was back in the garden with his squad. bruins fans gave him a standing so vation when they played a tribute -- ovation when they played a tribute video. he kept it together and gave a smile. he is king third period lucic find the back of the net. 13th goal of the season and kings beat up the bruins 9-2 after the game luc thanked the fans. >> thanks to them for making this a special night for me individually and thanks to my teammates for making-- for getting a big win. >> good for him. celtics milwaukee boston down 18 in the 4th. kelly hitting the free-throw tagging the game with 1 second and appears we are headed to overtime but when the bucks inbound the ball bradley no. oh they put him on the line. he hits the first and misses
5:22 am
the try and no. c's lose 112 to 111. the eagles are undefeated at 30- 0. 30-0. that's sports this morning. i am levan reid for wbz sports. >> i love levan's passion. no. he is so funny. >> that's bad but hey, whatever. on to the next one. still to come in the next half-hour, more on new hampshire primary. >> hear from the winners as we look ahead to what's next for the cap dates. >> reporter: this is jon keller what happened in new hampshire last night may be more than you may think. my take is coming up on wbz this morning. >> and i am tracking scattered snow showers. temperatures coming into the mid-30s. i will let you know the impact on the road later this afternoon as we time them out
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right now at 5:30 the votes are in donald trump getting a
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how the other republicans finished. >> thank you new hampshire. >> fettle the -- feeling the burn in the granite state. bernie sanders celebrating a big win. live from new hampshire with the primary results. >> from the channel 4 stewed crows in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning it's 5:30. welcome back i am kathryn houser. >> i am chris mckinnon. we have your primary results covered from new hampshire but of course we like to start with a check of the weather. >> a little bit of light snowtoday. >> okay. >>i don't know it will be a big issue but there's snow showers so don't be caught off guard if you see the flakes flying at times. and there may be localized comes through briefly. 25 in boston. wind out of the south at 7 -- winds out of the south at 7 miles per hour. real feel is 17 right now. and there are some teens for actual temperatures north and
5:26 am
16 in lawrence. 14 in nashua. radar. we are seeing pockets of light snow filling in across the lower connecticut river valley and moreover block island. we may get pockets of light snow that lift over southeastern massachusetts here. over the next couple hours may coat grassy surfaces in spots. there may be some slick spots that result. greatest risk is through the afternoon and evening when it aid general coating to perhaps as much as an inch of snow in a few communities this afternoon as snow showers wrap up as we head into the ride home. speaking of rides let's go on weather together. it's been a serious issue robi. >> reporter: the crash we told you about in saugus earlier turned no a fatal. -- into a fatal. lax look at the traffic camera. the roll over is at the bottom left but it's multicar
5:27 am
near the entrance to home depot state police confirm one person died. the two right lanes are closed only the left lane getting by. any time there's a fatality involved and accident they have to have accident reconstriction and this is going to be there for sometime. route 1 northbound in saugus near the home depot. 5:32, we are following overnight. part of route 28 in quincy shut there. state police say that crash happened around 1:30 this morning. between route 93 and chickataubet road. two people killed in that accident and one rushed to the hospital. a rover yowl crash sent two men in the 20s to the hospital. one with potentially life- threatening injuries. a suv slammed into an electricpole and rolled over. drivers are urged to avoid bedford street during the morning rush from 1 39 to the -- 139 to the weymouth line.
5:28 am
dead two more injured in this house fire. own. firefighters two others inside. no word on what started the fire. now to campaign 2016. and the new hampshire primary results. bernie sanders and donald trump celebrating a win this morning. both winners they have been waiting over voters. >> paula ebben is live with complete coverage of the primary winners from last night. long way to go paula. >> reporter: oh, we are just getting started. chris and kathryn great to be with you this morning. good morning everybody. no question about it. donald trump is basking in the victory and says under his leadership, america will be winning again. now trump told supporters last night that he will be the "greatest jobs president that god created" he also talked
5:29 am
>> i think one of the things that really caught on is very important is self-funding my campaign. everybody on both sides and you know i was saying two weeks ago i said i don't think people really appreciate it. because i see all this money being poured into commercials and it's not their money it's special interest money and this is on both side on the republican democrats side. money just pouring into commercials. these are special interests folks and lobbyists and people that don't necessarily love our country and don't have the best interest of our country at heart. we are not going to let it happen we can't. we have to do something about it. >> reporter: everyone wondered what would happen with the governor who is would come second in the race and ohio governor john kasich finished second in the republican primary. kasich's campaign manager says he expects an increase in contributions after governor kasich's strong showing. interesting to point out as the
5:30 am
he was second by a lot. but it will be interesting to see what happens to the kasich campaign from here. as for bernie sanders, he will celebrate his win with a special meeting this morning. according to the associated press, sanders plans to meet with the reverend al sharpton over breakfast in new york city. sanders called his win last night as he has along the campaign trail part of a political revolution. he addressed his crowd of excited supporters last night saying that the government belongs to all of the american people and cbs news exit polls show sanders won with democrats across the board. >> our campaign is about is thinking big not small, it's about having the courage to reject the status quo. >> reporter: the crowd at the sanders rally was young. most under 30 years old and he
5:31 am
work left to do. meantime, second place finisher hillary clinton admits that she really needs to work on drawing younger voters a clinton campaign advisers tells wbz we can expect a redefined message from her soon. so look for that. our political analysts john keller has a message for all -- jon keller has a maysage -- message for candidates and what they need to learn from the primary. >> reporter: good morning. the votes are in and message is they are sick and tired of thestatus quo in washington. i can hear the self-assuring razzation of the status quo right now. all we have to do is tweak our messages as the campaign wears on voters will be weary of putting a socialists or real estate developer in charge. we are changing agents too and sooner or later these angry people will realize that maybe that will prove to be true i seen a lot of protest candidates come on strong early
5:32 am
but maybe not this time. keep in mind a lot of the trump and sanders support comes from younger people. generation xers and millenials they are backing baby boomer candidates. they are the victims of the failures of the boomers. the questionable foreign policies and the stunted job opportunities. and the governmental incompetence and they are mad and have every right to be. marco rubio and ted cruz are not baby boomers. perhaps over time one of them will steal trump's thunder. but it's not about electing one of their own. sanders won women under age 30, 84 to 15%. trump speaks the online language of young people better than his competitors. the sanders and trump messages are simplistic at times crude. but playing pretend aren't going to get the establishment back on track. last night, needs to be a learning experience for them followed by soul-searching and message revision.
5:33 am
england that's true. but this storm has been brewing for a long time. and it's not going to blow over quite so easily. we want to hear what you think write me at or reach out on twitter at keller at large. and our thanks to our jon keller who has done yoeman's work especially last night and leaving that for us this morning. we have much more coming up on the new hampshire primary plus what's next for all of the candidates coming up and so chris and kathryn back to you in the studio i talked about how john kasich finished second by a lot to trump with bernie sanders and hillary clinton 60% of her voters were over 50 and 60% of sanders voters were under 50. so it seems in this race none of the rules that you expect apply. aid new ball game. >> it's going to be so interesting as it continues. >> over the next few weeks and we will keep you covered on wbz. >> thank you so much. we appreciate it.
5:34 am
welcome back. americans in the red this valentine's day may surprise you how much americans are spending on valentine's day. >> aid lot. but fares big -- it's a lot. but fares big recall. jill wagner is live with today's money watch. good morning jill. >> reporter: good morning. ikea is recalling the high b
5:35 am
-- recalled. over a millions have been sold in the u.s. and canada. millenial men want to spoil their sweetheart. on average, the americans were celebrating will spend about 180 bucks. millenial men will shell out more than that. 371 dollars on average from gifts to meals and more than half of americans think men should pay the entire bill on valentine's day. chris and kathryn. >> things we do for who have been it happens. >> yeah. >> reporter: i may have to date younger men i am thinking. >> good for you. >> oh, boy. >> thanks jill we appreciate it. >> reporter: nothing chris? >> nothing. >> he pleads the 5th. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: i get it. >> i get it. coming up we have a check of traffic and weather together. >> plus a look at the top stories including a big test for the candidates in the race for the white house.
5:36 am
primary results from new hampshire. clear. >> reporter: it's truck day for the boston red sox. that's when they leave for spring training every year. so how much stuff does it take to get the team there?
5:37 am
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welcome back. we will have much more on the new hampshire primary in a moment. but first a check of the forecast. >> that's right.
5:39 am
look at what we are dealing with. >> we get snow showers on the way today. and speaking of snow we have had numerous storms where actually the most snow has fallen on cape cod. so it's impressive if you look across new england burlington vermont 20.6 inches and falmouth had more than parts of northern new england concord new hampshire under 20 inches and albany new york 6.8 so cape cod the snowcap tal of southern new england and back to northern new england as well. 14 in nashua and 25 in boston and another round of light snow showers coming through during date today. there's additional moisture to the west. it's not a organized storm but i stability in the atmosphere. so watch what happens between now and mid to late morning. light snow pockets of that shouldn't amount to a lot or morning commute. and any time after lunchtime notice they get feisty here deeper blues in eastern massachusetts with scattered snow showers coming through.
5:40 am
heavy burst that come in briefly from west to east during the late afternoon and evening. and that may drop a quoting to as much as an inch of snow in a few communities but the impact will be all that great because the ground will be a little warm later on this afternoon. if it comes down hard enough that may slicken the roads in spot. so be aware of that later this evening especially. that low departs tomorrow and brief snow shower i don't think it will be as greatest or numerous as today and friday quiet chilly ento the week a cold front friday night into early on saturday morning and there will be pockets of snow that develop with it. there's a storm out over the ocean that kind of link up and develop a little too late to have a significant impact in new england. we will watch it closely either way it's behind the front that a blast of arctic air comes in i feel like we need a few days to mentally prepare for this. real feel forecast. saturday night into sunday, 20
5:41 am
and don't focus on the number but this is dangerous cold that comes in. a little chunk of the polar vortex that comes down briefly. that makes today feel better. 36 degrees in boston most in the mid-30s that's pretty normal for this time of the year. dropping into the teens and 20s tonight. tomorrow colder and winds active. real feel is in the teens to low 20s. there's the chill we don't get out of the teens on sunday for highs. we rebound heading into the start of next week. traffic and weather together. >> reporter: we want to update you on the crash. look live over route 1 in saugus a multicar crash with a rollover. you can see the car flipped over on left side. route 1 northbound before the parkway near the entrance to home depot one dead and two right lanes are blocked. another crash this one in redding looking at the north map 128 southbound at route 93. left lane is blocked there to the south expressway hangs up
5:42 am
mountain square. route 3 north stop and go between route 3 and the split. and 128 stalls between 37 and the split. it locks like a record -- looks like a record novel voters turned out for -- number of voters turned out. some waited in line for an hour or more. opened late to accommodate vote he is stuck in the long lines. bernie sanders and donald trump morning. >> paula ebben has a closer look at the bin winners in man shiest your -- manchester new hampshire. >> reporter: good morning to you. good morning. new hampshire democrats were feeling the burnch the senator from ver -- burn. the sen forefrom vermont beat hillary clinton by double digits last night. >> the people want real change. >> reporter: and sander supporters were showing their
5:43 am
the crowd there at concord high school made up of mostly young voters under 30 and some say his address last night sounded more like his stomp speech and he went on for a long time. he says they need to keep up this energy and excitement if they plan to win come november. >> we are going to make america great again. >> reporter: and republican winner donald trump repeated the campaign slogan to his supporters last night and he did what he couldn't do in iowa celebrating his first official win of campaign 2016 and proving that he can turn the poll numbers into votes. now for the republicans it was a race for second place finish in ohio john kasich surprised many by taking over the position. nicole jacobs is here with
5:44 am
>> reporter: polls show cleared front-runners leading intotuesday night with sanders and trump with a comfortable lead and with so many in the republican race second could have gone to anyone but it was governor john kasich who walked away as the story coming out of new hampshire or that's how the camp is seeing it. he finished 8th in iowa and made up major ground in new hampshire. where the democrats although hillary clinton just squeaked by in the iowa caucus, she could not overcome a double digit deficit behind bernie sanders in new hampshire who proved to be the clear favorite. coming up at 6, we will take a closer look at republican race who made a comeback and who lost footing. paula. >> reporter: all right nicole thanks so much. so, the democrats the two democrats will debate tomorrow in milwaukee and next republican debate is saturday night right here on wbz and chris and kathryn, this much we know this morning, because of the criteria, released by cbs
5:45 am
saturday night, we do know that chris christie and carly fiorina will not be on the stage never mind what christie decide. you had to finish in the top five to be in the debate. so, the crowd is getting thinner on republican side. down to 2 on democratic side and it's onto the next set of primary states. live here from manchester new hampshire. now back to you. >> thanks very much. we will keep an eye on it. miss g said winter was sticking around but this morning we have a sign of spring. >> that is good thing. red sox making a move today. susie steimle is live outside fenway park with more on all the excitement. susie there has to be a lot going on later today. >> reporter: there will be. they will be loading up bringing all that equipment down for spring training. if you are like me and found danielle's forecast a couple minutes ago mildly depressing negative 20.
5:46 am
in the dead of winter. it's the unofficial start of spring training called truck day a celebration the red sox participated in since 2003. team is going down to fort myers for spring training since 1993. they load up all the equipment they need for the next month and half before the actual season starts in april. and coming up, at 6, we will have the details as to what it takes to get the team down there. one statistic is the baseballs on the truck. susie sometime neil she is going to hang on to the bumper on the way down. >> still to come a uniquetherapy. >> the volunteer helping residents put a spring in their
5:47 am
this is not something you expect to see in a nursing home but a kangaroo in utah is a regular volunteer. >> this is charlie and he's real hit among residents. he's therapy kangaroo so he lets residents hold him and they bottle feed him but he has to retire because he is growing. so in a month he will be sent to farm to live with other kangaroos. >> that's nice. >> that's so cute. look at the bottle feeding. it's cute. >> early retirement. >> i think my son would be like what's going on if i was bottle
5:48 am
deal with this. role reversal. >> that's cute. keep it here to wbz top stories are straight ahead. stay with us.
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