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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 10, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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a quick moving fire claims the life of a woman as firefighters fight back flames to rescue her siblings. >> ready for south carolina after wins in new hampshire. done trump and -- donald trump number one. how the results could change race. >> and track light snow today and tomorrow and an arctic blast of air. i will let you know what it will feel like. it's 20 to 30 bow low zero. >> a live look -- below zero. >> a live look at fenway park. it's truck day. we are live with the preparations for fort myers. >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston wbz news at
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good afternoon to you. here we go another round out there a live look over boston you might not be able to see that but we are seeing some today. along with the snow frigid air. good afternoon i am chris mckinnon. >> i am kathryn hauser. danielle niles is tracking this and has the first look at the very light snow ed. >> i not going to have a big impact in terms of through the remainder of the day today because it's so light. so it looks nice and there may be a couple scattered coatings. temperatures is right around 30 in the city of worcester and low 30s in boston and light flakes but the ground is warm enough and not is coming down hard enough to create an impact. stray flurries along the plymouth and bristol county coastlines and you back up into the 495 belt and flurries in mansfield and worcester. there's some coatings west of route 91 and through
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flurries and light showers along the 128 to newton and in the city of boston through medford and maldin so snow showers. see the deeper blues you may get a brief burst of steadier heavier snow through the early evening hours and the skies look at that. clouds fill back in tomorrow. and we get another round of scattered snow showers that may drop a coating to perhaps as much as an inch. so low impact events but don't be caught off guard and look at this the average temperature should be about 38. we are taking a nose dive as we head into the weekend. it's only going to be 12. that may be generous for a high temperature on sunday for valentine a day. factor in the wind and it's going to be brutally cold. i will look at that wind chill coming up in couple minutes. and, if you want to down load the weather app it's free. we want to look at fenway park. guess what's going on.
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>> it's truck day. wally and his sister tessie on the flatbed. that is sure sign of spring. >> i know danielle talked about the frigid cold air we will be feeling this weekend. this is a welcomed sight. this is ahead of the red sox spring training in fort myersflorida. we are getting ready for baseball season. >> all righty and we will have a live report from susie steimle in a moment but first developing news happening right now. a deadly fire investigation in fitchburg right now. -- fitchburg right now. flames tore through a home killing one woman and another person was pulled out by fire fighters. >> we learned the victims are siblings. nicole jacobs is live in fitchburg following the developing story. what can you tell us. >> reporter: we have learned one man and two women who are siblings were in the home at the time of the fire.
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was found on the second floor. it was just around midnight the call came in fire on walton street in fitchburg. >> it was just you know a chaos right, right from the start. >> reporter: because when crews intense. >> on arrival we had heavy fire out of two windows on the second floor. >> reporter: but there was word two of the three who lived here were still inside. >> we immediately found one victim in the second floor top kitchen. remaining. the design of the home and two victims already in rough shape officials say created challenges for rescue. >> many rooms, many doors, so, it was kind of a guess which way to go to find the victim. they did. on the second floor unfortunately dead. the flames and smoke too much. although it is believed to have started in the rear of the second floor, exactly how is
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and you are taking a live look now at the rear of the home again where fire officials believe the fire may have started a as for the conditions of the two surviving victims we are told they received serious injuries. that's the latest in fitchburg nicole jacobs wbz news. we want to thank the people of new hampshire right? we love the people of new hampshire. >> that's what the political revolution is about. so new hampshire, thank you again. >> riding high bernie sanders and donald trump taking the first primary winning new hampshire. and the numbers don't lie. both sanders and trump had double digit wins over the closest rivals. >> and new numbers are coming in this noon. first, a look at the democrats. bernie sanders beat hillary
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republican side, we have new numbers, let's check out bernie sanders and clinton numbers first. sanders with 60% hillary clinton with 38%. and on republican side, let's look there. you can see donald trump with 35% of the vote and john kasich with 16%. ted cruz finished third and jeb bush fourth. carolina. >> oh wow. >> reporter: donald trump dominated the new hampshire republican primary winning 35% of the vote. he appeared on cbs this morning continue to grow. carolina. we will have at least 10,000 people. >> reporter: ohio governor john kasich placed second with his largely positive message but says he will fight back if attacked. >> i am not going to take a pounding. i am not a pin cushion or a marshmallow. >> reporter: ted cruz came in third followed closely by jeb
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>> i think the field will which hadel down and i am a -- wideel down i am a patient person. >> reporter: and marco rubio who stumbled. >> i didn't do well on saturday night so listen to this. that will never happen again. >> reporter: on the democratic side hillary clinton is trying to recover from a brutal loss to bernie sanders who won across the board especially with young people. >> because of a huge voter turn out and i say huge we won. >> i know i have some work to people. >> reporter: the clinton camp released a memo explaining why she expected to do better in southern states where there are more communities of color. sanders is reaching out to minorities and he met with the reverend al sharpton this morning in harlem. weija jiang, cbs news, manchester new hampshire. >> today is the last day to register to vote in
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party registration before the presidential primary that's three weeks away on tuesday march 1st city and town halls will be opened for registration until 8 tonight. in quincy police areinvestigating a deadry crash between 93 and chickatabut roadtwo men were killed. a third person was taken to the brigham and women's hospital. also this noon two men are in the hospital after a police chase and rollover in abington. police say it started with a traffic stop. driver took op and -- off and smashed into a utility pole flipping over. the police say the driver was seriously hurt. in saugus another person killed in a roll overcar there. the early morning crash shut northbound. state police are still investigating. a flight from boston to san diego forced to make an emergency landing overnight. passengers cell phone video
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the plane in denver alaska airlines says the passenger was intoxicate and they -- intoxicate and made several attempts to calm him down when he made another attack to a passenger they landed. >> i thought to put my foot out and trip him. >> the senses are slightly heightened and not always at much ease. >> police met the plane at the gate in denver and took the man into custodych plane took off after that and landed safely in san diego overnight. listen up another round of noon. dimeler and mercedes benz recalling 840,000 models defective air bags. they have caused at least 10 deaths so far. 20 million cars in total have air bags. coming up, oh baby, the
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of a traffic jam on storerow drive. >> and the special reunion 70 years in the making. >> and signs of spring here's a live look at fenway. truck and equipment truck for the red sox just took off for spring training. we will have an update coming
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it may be snowing out there today but here's a reminder spring is just around the corner today. the red sox equipment truck training. >> and susie steimle is where things got going and thought with wally. >> reporter: they he took off without me. people were out here for several hours. the truck took off and took all the excitement and fans with it. we have video here of just a couple minutes ago the truck pulling off with the equipment going to fort myers florida. this is as much a celebration of the return of the red sox as it is cheering on the end of winter.
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year people fluke to -- flock tofenway park. >> this is my ground mog's -- grouped hog's day you know. groundhog's day you know. >> reporter: despite how it looks red sox fans know inside the truck, it's the spring season. >> my body says no but my head and my irrational reasoning tells me yes. >> reporter: this is truck day a tradition celebrated by red sox fans since 2003 unofficially marking the start of spring training. this truck is headed to fort myers floor do to -- more da to meet the rest of the team with 1100 bats, 60 cases of sunflower seeds and a lot of hope from the city of boston. >> it feels good when your teams can back up your smack to being and after the patriot crow. >> reporter: most of us wish we could jump on board and spend the sunshine too.
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to get by with warm thoughts. the crack of the bat a. fresh start for sox and acknowledgement that winter won't last forever. >> snow is falling but i woke up and knew spring is almost here and it's almost baseball season so i figured there's no coming to fenway. >> reporter: right now another one of the moving trucks with equipment and they have a overflow on other moving trucks. new mascot testy is passing out stress baseball and hopefully they don't need them. it's not first game until april 4th and the home opener is april 11th. and we will be waiting for the start of the season and the return of the warmer weather. for now live in boost boston susie steimle now back to you. >> thanks. the stress ball will help us get through the winter right? now.
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problems for people in scituate a young girl had to be taken by boat to get to school. family lives on 10th avenue and tells wbz the area is so flooded they needed a boat to get around. now with temperatures dem pg -- dipping the water has frozen over and they are trapped ed. >> good situation there. >> -- their home. not a good situation there. >> we are talking about more flakes flying. >> i know. it's very light snow. outside. it looks good as long as it's not a huge impact and you talked about big air earlier. live look in boston where you can see a little snow falling and actually, eric fisher is going to be live down in fenway as they practice. the temperature look at this for the live weather bug network. # to in -- 32 in bostonch wind 10 miles per hour feels like it's in the upper 20s. there's the big ramp that's days. and little snow in the sky. not a huge impact.
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coatings here and there and light snow along the mass turnpike from brookfield and gets steadier in the deeper blues from the southwest side of paxton to south and west of worcester. light snow showers and flurries from boilston to clinton a few flakes light. belmont arlington newton seeing a couple of those out there and a few flurries in southeastern massachusetts. not amounting to much but you will see a few flakes out there same on the east side of nantucket. where do we go from here through the remainder of the afternoon? there's a couple disturbance that is have to come through us so let's go hour by hour today. notice through the mid to late afternoon, some additional snow showers will pop up. they may be briefly ahead of me as they come by but aside from a coating to perhaps as a as much as an inch we won't see much and skies clear out after 8-9 tonight. building in tomorrow morning. and there's another disturbance coming in and like today, not
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but there may be scattered snow showers again a little more punch to them here through southern new hampshire and back down along the south coast. once again maybe scattered coatings to a half an itch to a few grassy -- inch to a few grassy surfaces. briefly reduced visibility and results. otherwise, the wind is going to kick up tomorrow. it's going feel cold and won't on friday. especially in the morning. and then the clouds increase out ahead of this arctic front and this front means business. it comes through friday night over the ocean. and what does it mean for us? pockets of snow friday night into early on saturday morning. and it comes together a little too late to give us significant snowfall in new england. but we will watch it closely and either way it opens the floodgates to arctic air and it's going to come streaming in for the weekend. in fact we need mental prep because we have not had temperatures this cold and just
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february so over that, the wind will kick up. look -- winds will kick up. look at real feel temperatures. it's going to feel like 20 to 30 below zero. this is dangerous cold. i want to playthings through sunday afternoon. valentine's day of course still will feel like it's subzero at the warmest time of the day on sunday. makes the next couple days seem not so bad. 30 tomorrow and a few snow showers. chilly and less wind to ended week. we don't get out of the low chance i may be generous on sunday a rebound and a chance of rain maybe some inland snow back into the mix but tuesday. kathryn. >> thank you very much we are following breaking news right now at noon. police are asking for the public's help in finding a person involved in a hit-and- run in woburn. jim smith is live with the latest. what can you tell us? >> reporter: well we are still trying to put all of this together. but it's certainly an active scene here in this woburn neighborhood. we are talking about garfield
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search going on. in fact we can show you right now briefly you can see a state police cruiser driving down the here live. this is what's been going on literally all morning long as we said. authorities searching for the suspect. now we can show you video we shot earlier as well. in addition to the state police cruisers there were also k-9 units is searching the neighborhood. we understand this began on union street. there was some sort of a call possibly for a larceny and then police responded and as we are getting information we understand a pedestrian was struck and police responded and there are reports that as the suspect was fleeing on foot a. police officer was assaulted so state and local police were called in from a number of communities and that's what is going on now as we speak here in woburn they are searching from yard to yard house to house trying to catch up with the suspect. what we don't know right now we are trying to put together is
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hit by the vehicle and possibly the condition of the officers if in fact there was an officer assaulted. we are getting a number of reports and hopefully will have an update as we investigate this throughout the day. live in woburn jim smith wbz news now back to you. storyappreciate it. a unhe can sped sight -- unexpected sight for voters.
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this gives new meaning pork in politics now ham sure a pig. pelham police figured out 600 pound visitor came from a home. well fighting through traffic can be a real pane on storrow drive but a arrival wouldn't wait. >> mother in labor on the way to the hospital was stuck in traffic because of a car fire that caused delays. the soon to be dad quickly realized they needed help and jumped out and flagged down a state troop here called in emts. >> i realized right then and there we weren't going anywhere and the baby had to be delivered right there. >> rodney was there to catch the baby.
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started to cry and dried him off and wrapped him in a blanket. >> mom dad and baby were taken to mass general. we are told they are all doing well. >> that's great to hear. >> beautiful. just ahead, a love story. >> reunion that took-- the reunion that took 70 years.
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to the ears of all pregnant women out there. go ahead and eat chocolate if that's your cave. tonight dr. mallika marshall weighs in on why it could be beneficial for mom and baby. there you go. now a love story spanning decades. >> yesterday world war ii vets norwood thomas got a chance to have a second chance at love. he reunited with his wartime girlfriend he met in london 70 years ago. they went their ways after the war but didn't contact with marriage and lost touch until last year when the two connected on skype. >> it's about the most wonderful thing that could have happened to me. >> yeah. >> oh. by the way, after hearing of the couple's high tech reunion on skype hundreds of people donated so they could meet in person and will spend two weeks together in australia but no words if they will stick around beyond that. >> they are adorable.
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>> a little snow. >> a little snow. light snow today and tomorrow. >> have a great day. there may come a day when i can't care for my daughter. with transportation, preparing meals. where can i turn? resource for elders, caregivers, and individuals with disabilities of all ages. we link you to the services you need in the setting of your choice.
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