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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  February 11, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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. breaking now is right now at 4 clp 30 a mess on the mass pica truck hits a bridge in sturebridge the efforts to clear the road before the morning mouth. >> i just held on for dear life. >> a man hit by a car clings to the hood as the driver takes off. this morning the victim is talking about the terrifying ordeal as police still look for that driver. >> but thing in. the new way the city of boston is trying to get smokeers to clean up their act. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston. this is wbz this morning.
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cathen hauser. >> i am chris -- cathin hauser. >> i am chris -- kathryn hauser. >> i am chris mckinnon we are rolling through the weekend doesn't it feel good. >> it does but it would be better if were friday. >> temperature right now is 27 in boston. we are 18 in nashua 20 in worcester. there's a bit of a wind that incrows through the course of the day. feels like 7 in worcester right now and 17 when you come to logan airport. the skies did clear out overnight. we have what few scattered clouds in the cape and islands. and snow showers back along the south coast of connecticut. we don't have to worry about those yet but just like yesterday, we will see some popup snow showers and squalls that come through i say any time from late morning right on through the early evening. so aid cold front coming -- it's a cold front coming in. deeper blues in here. the wind kicks up and snow
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a quick coating to as much as a inch or two in a few communities today. we start with sunshine in the upper 20s by lunchtime. scattered snow showers reduced visibilities topping out at 30 and 22 with a slight chance of a snow shower heading into your commute home. we have a arctic chill on the way and we will talk more about it in couple minutes. >> thanks. we are following breaking news. part of the mass pike shut down after a struck slammed into a bridge abutment in sturbridge the drive was flown to the hospital with serious injuries. massdot inspectors are checking for dang and traffic say loud on the overpass and all -- damage and traffic is allowed on the overpass and all lanes are opened from we are hearing from a man who clung to a hood of a kang and a windshield wiper. it was terrifying moments. he was fighting for his life. the crash sent him to the hospital.
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track down the driver who put him there. julie loncich spoke to the victim and his wife. >> when i saw the car it was dead center on me and got on the hood and held on for dear life. >> reporter: fred pica is well aware he's fortunate man. >> i begged and pleaded, please just stop and let me off the car. >> reporter: the 65-year-old man had breakfast with his wife when he was struck by a car driven police say by tyson delgado. surveillance cameras captured the incident. >> i was thinking of punching out the window and trying to a grab him but i said if i let go i am a dead man. >> reporter: pica clung to the hood for several hundred yards as delgado reached a high rate of speed. >> was he looking a at you while you were riding. >> he was talking on the cell phone roz. >> reporter: pica says he felloff when the windshield wiper he was holding broke.
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canvassed the area for hours he is a suspect in the a larceny and assaulting a police officer earlier. >> the doctor says i'm very lucky person. >> reporter: he has a broken foot and weeks of recovery. >> i thank god that i have him with me i don't think i could go on. he is my best friend. >> people don't have no courtesy for nobody else. >> reporter: the suspect is still out there. he faces a number of serious charges so if you know anything police want to hear from you. >> three-- there me in -- three men in custody following a tense stand off. they robbed a store clerk in dorchester and barricaded themselves inside a home nearby a hostan negotiator helped -- hostage negotiator helped to enter the stand off all three face armed robbery charges. wareham. police found a 7-year-old man dead in his home on glen
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officers say john williams had been shot several times. police say they don't believe there's any threat to the public. police in maryland say two sheriff deputies shot and killed at a panera restaurant outside baltimore may have been targeted. one deputy was killed inside the restaurant and the other in a gun fight with the #-year-old shooter who -- 68-year- oldshooter who was also killed. passengers stuck on a cruz ship -- crows ship rocked -- cruise ship rocked by wild seas are back. don champion was there as they returned to port. >> reporter: after a nightmare at sea, passengers of the anthem of the sea's cruise ship are on solid ground sharing tales of a dream caribbean vacation gone wrong. >> the wind was coming through the doors and we thought it would break the glass. we slept on the sofa because we didn't think we would make it. >> reporter: the 200,000 ton liner set sail for the bahamas
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atlantic. the vessel was battered by 30 winds. >> i was on deck 8 and could see the water coming up. >> reporter: dennis was on the cruise with his family and they spent hours on lock down in their rooms while the ship's captain navigateed out of the storm. >> my sister and brother were distraught and my mom was okay. i mean they opened up the mini bar and that was good for her. >> reporter: royal caribbean officials say they are reviewing the storm avoidance policies to make sure a incident like this never happens again. >> it should never happen. we have to do better. we can't ask guests coming to us for a dream vacation to experience those conditions. >> reporter: some rattled pass injuries say they are done. >> i am not going to hold it against them but i will never going to cruise again. >> reporter: the coast guard will inspect the ship before it heads out on the next voyage this weekend. don champion, cbs news, new jersey. >> what a story. 4 clp 36a -- 4:36.
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metal flew off a truck crashing into a car. a driver and two passengers suffered minor injuries. the truck driver faces a number of charges including leaving the scene of an accident. investigators in fitchburg are looking into the cause of a fire that killed a woman and badly injured her brother and sitter. the surviving siblings are at umass medical center in critical condition. the develops are in their 50s and #0s. the chief says the-- the victims are in their 50s and 60s. the chief says the fish is not suspicious. two men tried to sell more than 200 grams of heroin to aundercover trooper. they were under investigation since last october and will be in court next month. a push to curb jaywalker the senate majority leader wants to increase fines for people who violate the law. the current fine for jaywalking in boston is 1 dollar. the proposal would raise that
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50 dollars for a second violation and $75 for any further violations that year. boston police tell the globy walkers are rarely -- globe jaywalkers are rarely ticketed. under the law officers would be asked to enforce the rule. there he a new way to keep the streets of boston clean of cigarette butts it's called neat streets launched by the mayor yesterday and the receptacles will be installed by the end of the month at busy pedestrian areas. at the top is a question like this which says which superpower do you want, below there are two choices flight or invisible. smokers choose the super hero power by disposing a cigarette in one of the two holes and if you think this sounds fun the for more receptacle questions. tweet them with the hashtag neat streets or neat streets bos and you have until march. >> i keep want to say no butts about it but we move on.
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heating up and heading south. >> authorities turning their attention to south carolina. jon keller will look at the remaining candidates. >> and bernie sanders crashing the late show with stephen colbert. the host from south carolina imparting southern wisdom. >> and the push to limit just how small airplane seats can get.
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well dom back -- welcome back a fast-food giant is hoping to be the king of the hot dog. >> and efforts to keep airline seats from getting too small. and good news about airfares. jill wagner joins us live with today's money watch. and jill we are talking about interest rates again. >> reporter: yeah. that's right good morning. fed chair told lawmakers that weakness in the global economy particularly china could slow the feds man to raise interest rates this year as planned but she ruled out cutting rates any time soon. that sparked a afternoon sell off. nasdaq gained 14. for months we have been
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robert profits and finally those savings are trickeling down to passengers. the department of transportation says domestic airfares are at the lowest point since 2010 with the average round trip costing 372 dollars. and here's plan to make sure airlines don't squeeze anymore people into coach. a tennessee congressman introduced a bill that asked the faa to put an oligs -- official limit on how far they can shrink seats because there are health issues at play. burger king is adding something. hot dogs. the burger change steamed up with oscar mayer to produce 100% beef hot dogs. it comes when other chains are adding salads and other options but burger king they tested the items and it was a huge success. >> if you didn't know i give chris a hard time about the way he says hot dogs so for
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>> reporter: really? >> i apparently i say haut can't do anything right around here this morning jill. just kidding. >> reporter: i think it sounds okay. i will take your side on this sorry kathryn. >> all right. >> reporter: i come as a long islander who is pronunciations are getting made fun of. >> i am from long island too. >> so we are in the same boat. >> she says will you pick me up a coffee on the way into work. we will see you next hour. >> reporter: i knew it well. >> funny. i have nothing but love for you. team chris okay. all right. >> watch out me. >> so sometimes it comes out that's the continual debate. >> i ask him to say it say it again. >> the other day we had the dictionary website up and we were playing the audio of how
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pronunciations. hey weather to watch subzero temperatures through the weekend. it's a cold snap here that we are in for the next three days. there's going to be a few snow showers today just like yesterday and again on saturday morning. but no big storms no organized storms in the forecast and the coldest air since last year is going to come in this weekend near record low temperatures possible sunday morning subzero temperatures as you wake up and wind chills colder than that. 27 degrees in boston right now. wind out of the west at 10 -- winds out of the west at 10 miles per hour. real feel at 17 along with the dew point. the wind will kick up during course of the day. 18 in nashua. most of us in the lower to middle 20s. and the clouds are going to build back in after they cleared out briefly overnight. they will fill back in over the next few hours and spend snow showers in eastern long island back through connecticut but most of that activity is going to miss south of the islands but we will get an additional scattered snow shower today
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front that's coming in from northern new england. so notice from mid morning onward just like yesterday not everyone sees one but scattered snow showers and that may be because of the wind stronger. and brief squalls come in. briefly reduce your visibility and they kick up the wind behind the front as well. there may be a quick coating to as much as a inch or two just like yesterday if you come in don't be caught off guard because temperatures will be colder than yesterday. there may be slick spots that result. skyeye -- skies clear out tonight and the sun will be shining but chilly. temperatures in the 20s but winds not as strong. clouds increase during the second half of the day. another round of scattered snow showers not until about 8 do we get some of these to come in and this is the arctic front we have been talking about all week. it slides through friday night into very early on saturday at the seam time there's a big storm over the ocean but they combine to late to have a
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the rest of the weekend is dry but bitterly cold. we are talking about temperatures only in the single digits and low teens on sunday. so today's highs mid to upper 20s for most of us. and the real feel with that wind kicking up is running in the phenes for most of us during during the day -- teens for most of us during the day tomorrow. not as much wind tomorrow 20 on saturday and single dejts by saturday evening. only -- digits on saturday evening. 20 to 30 bow low zero it will feel -- below zero it will feel like on sunday morning. >> fantastic. thanks very much danielle. over to campaign 2016. 6 candidates remaining in the reyou be can field. chris christie and carly fiorina dropped out following the poor finish. as for democrats they will debate in milwaukee tonight. >> for both parties the race for votes is onto south carolina. jon keller has more. say you are on a revolution >> reporter: donald trump in
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air from the big new hampshire win. but with victory comes risk. >> i am not going to spend my time trying to trash other people. >> reporter: john kasich may be taking the highroad but south carolina voters are used to sharp elbow politics. >> the only way to beat donald trump. >> reporter: and ted cruz wasted no time ridiculing trump. >> i got the trump action figure. >> what will he do. >> he pretends to be a republican. >> reporter: and jeb bush is targeting trump as well. >> unless i am caught with a camera i didn't see i won't use profanity in the public not lying is unbelievable. and i guess it's-- >> the lying is unbelievable. >> i know i have work to do. >> reporter: after her new hampshire debacle hillary clinton's campaign arranged a call with civil rights leaders
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>> that was jon keller reporting. bernie sanders made an appearance on the late show with stephen colbert last night. sanders joined colbert for part of the monolog and later coby a gave him a tip on how to winvoters in his home state of south carolina introducing the vermont senter to -- senator to boiled peanuts. watch the republican debate saturday starting at 9 on wbz. a massachusetts man freed from frizzon -- prison after 30 years. >> the flawed evidence that led to his release and the next steps in the case. >> thieves targeting pricey
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breaking overnight a truck driver flown to the hospital with serious injuries after slamming into part of a bridge on the mass pike in sturbridge. massdot inspectors are checking the overpass for damage. right now traffic is allowed on the overpass all lanes on the pike are back opened. and it's #:52. -- 4:52. police in woburn are trying to find a driver who hit a man and took off while the man was holding on to the car. >> i got on the hood and held on for dear life. i was thinking about punching out the window and trying to grab hem but i said if i let go of the hood i am a dead man. >> the whole thing was caught on camera.
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onuntil a windshield wiper broke he has a broken foot and few weeks of recovery. police are trying to track down the driver, 29-year-old tyson delgado is who is also wanted in a assault on a police officer and larceny. george perrot was released yesterday in new bedford. he was convicted of rape in 1995 even though the victim claimed someone else attacked her. the key piece of evidence was a single strand of hair at found at crime scene but the method the fbi used to link it to perrot has since been discredited. after 30 years behind bars, perrot admits he lost hope. >> absolutely of course i been in 30 years for a courtroom i didn't commit of course i lost hope. >> i am so happy he has another chance to live his life and start over again. >> prosecutors argued the record of drug use and fights in prison should have been enough to keep him behind bars. but the district attorney will
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again. a guilty plea for a former middle school lunch lady charged with raping a 15-year- old boy. prosecutors say janelle foley assaulted a boy during thanksgiving and new year's parties. at the family's homech the weymouth woman pleaded guilty to five counts of rape and faces up to 4 1/2 years in prison. just a warning for bu students if you have a jacket like this, thieves may be targeting you. boston university police say they have received more than a dozen reports of clothing theft since september. and most involve the canada goose jackets. the jackets can cost as much as $1300 and most of the thefts happened in the gym. caught on camera, a new hampshire convenience store clerk fights off an armed robber. the masked man came into the 61 market on maple street in manchester on tuesday and showed a weapon. take a look. at first the clerk cooperates and starts emptying out the register and then the thief
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realized the gun was a fake. >> right then and there i was kind of turned the tables where i know the guy is probably nervous too and he is in a panic but woint put up with what he's trying to do and then i ran over to the counter and i tackled him and got him pretty good a couple times. >> and you can see the thief took off. this was the first it would have robberies in manchester tuesday night. the second minutes later at another market a mile away. suspect description are similar and detectives are trying to figure out if the two crimes are related. a man who dedicated his life to teaching is learning how much he means to his students. shepherd hill high schoolteacher matt morway learned he has kidney failure and when the current and former students found out in dudley they set up a gofundme page and put out the word he needs a transplant. >> putting it on twitter and
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needs a kidney text me if you know anyone. >>i don't know if i should have this much attention for this type of thing because i really don't have anything big or special planned. i just want to stay here. >> so far the students have raised $15,000. morway teaches history and psychology and has never taken a sick day. what a story. >> glad to hear wants to stay right there continuing to do what he does. making big impact on the kids' lives. a dog giving police a run for their money. >> up next, the pup who darted onto a busy massachusetts highway and how officers
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a state police got to play dog catcher in methuen to help a pup in dangerous situation. this is the lexi the german shepherd spotted walking in track on 495 yesterday. police and dot shut down the road for safety. >> after some effort would trooper lured the dog back to its cruiser with a granola bar. this morning lexi is back with the grateful owners. and lexy is cute. time. that's funny. i am glad the dog is okay. >> glad lexi is back home safe. your top stories weather and traffic. >> the news at 5 starts now. >> breaking at 5, a mess on the
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in sturbridge.
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