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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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. right now police looking for the driver behind this very terrifying hit-and-run crash. as the victim goes flying on the hood of the car. >> whitey bulger's settlement. new deal for the victims of the mobster and what it could mean for the future. >> and tracking snow showers and squalls. the hour by hour timeline through the evening and when dangerously cold wind chillreadings arrive. >> after 30 years behind bars a massachusetts man is released. the evidence in the case credited how he is feeling now. >> live from the channel 4
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noon starts right now. >> right now at noon police are looking for the driver behind a frightening hit-and-run a man slammed by a car goes for a terrifying ride. >> i just got on hood and held on for dear life. >> that man begged and pleaded for the driver to stop. good afternoon i am kathryn hauser. >> i am chris mckinnon. police say that driver assaulted an officer just before the hit-and-run. nicole jacobs is following the story from woburn. >> reporter: fred pica said he held onto whatever he could for as long as he could because he knew if he let go he would be a dead man. detectives inside the woburn police department are searching for the man responsible. he winces in pain. >> they said i am a lucky person. >> reporter: now the terrifying ordeal is over. >> by the time i seen the car it was dead center on me.
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after a split second encounter had him in the grip of his life. >> i just got on the hood and held on for dear life. >> reporter: it was wednesday morning, surveillance cameras captured the driver's careless act. pica clung to what he could and pleaded. >> please stop just let me off the car. please stop. >> reporter: please falling on the ears of tyson delgado. police say he was the driver the same person who was the subject of a larceny and assault on a police officer hours earlier. him. images etched in his mind. phone. >> reporter: p. ca lost the -- different-- pica lost his hold and delgado took off police searched for him but only found the car. courtesy for nobody else. >> reporter: a cruel encounter that's left this 65-year-
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mental scars not soon to be erased. at this hour no arrest has been made. anyone with information as to the whereabouts of delgado is urged to contact police. in woburn nicole jacobs. >> turning to the weather we will look live outside over the city of boston. the camera wiggling around a little bit. not too bad weep saw some flurries flying around earlier today kathryn and it's chilly out there to say the least. >> yeah danielle is tracking it for us. it's gray day so far, but some snow squalls you are tracking. >> a little bit of everything. just like yesterday we have the scattered snow showers coming through. it's kind of pretty. not amounting to a lot not a big impact which is good news. temperatures 26 degrees in the city of boston right now. 19 in worcester and we have the scattered snow showers that are in eastern massachusetts for most of us here through the merrimack valley and back down to the cape where we have steadier areas of snow showers. there may be a dusting in a couple communities here this afternoon. and don't want you to be be caught off guard if you see
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the wind is gustier and it's colder than yesterday. so that's why there may be a quick couple slick spots developing through the early evening. and temperatures dropping into the teens north and west of boston any leftover snow shower activity should be dwindling by the time we get to 7 or 8. and then the skies clear out tonight. we drop back to 11 single digits in most of the suburbs and wind is going to be gusty as well. the weekend is looking privilege it's and we -- frigid we have a shot of cold air from the arctic coldest since last february beach. morning. that's without -- below zero without the wind. with the wind factored in that means dangerous wind chill values of 15 to 35 below zero saturday night and into the first part of sunday. we will talk more about that all of that and the next storm we are tracking in a couple kathryn back to you. >> thank you.
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investigation of selena cast the new attorney general says they were in town looking for clues. families of whitey bulger's murder victims have been offered a financial settlement. 16 families could split 822,000 dollars found in his apartment and proceeds from auctioning off the mobster's belongings. if the families accept the money they can never sue the government. the families have until february 28th to sign the deal. developing right now at oregon wildlife refuge could come to an end. the last four armed occupants say they will turn themselves in today. this seized control of the build willing at the beginning of january. use policies. last night federal agents arrested cliven bundity father of amon bendy the man who started the protest. over to campaign 2016 tworepublicans dropped the bid
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hampshire primary. chris christie and farley -- carly fiorina are out. some insideers warm this battle could it be insiders warm this battle-- insiders warm battle could continue to the convention. last night bernie sanders celebrated his sizable win in new hampshire on late show with stephen coby a who -- colbert who had advice about winning in south carolina, his home state. >> this wins me south carolina. >> yes if you like boiled peanuts it will give you a leg up. >> republicans face-off in the next debate this weekend. watch it right here on wbz starting at 9 saturday night in south carolina. stay tuned for the wbz news at 11 with analysis from jon keller. three men are in custody after a tense stand off. they robbed a store clerk in dore chest erin barricaded themselves inside a home. a -- dorchester and then barricaded themselves inside a home.
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robbery charges. underway in wareham. police found a 70-year-old man dead in his home on glenn charley road on tuesday. john williams had been shot several times. police say that they don't believe there is any threat to the public. after 30 years in prison a massachusetts man is free. george perrot was released yesterday awaiting a new trial. he was convicted of rape in 1985 even though the victim claimed someone else attacked her. the key piece of evidence was a single strand of hair found at the crime scene. but the method the fbi used to link it to perrot has since beendiscredited. after 30 years in prison he admits he lost hope. >> absolutely of course i been there 30 years for a courtroom i didn't commit of course i lost hope. >> i am so happy he got another chance to live his life and start over again. >> prosecutors argued perrot's record of drug use and fights in prison should have been
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e has been granted a new trial but it's up to the district attorney to decide if the case will move forward. caught on camera, a new hampshire convenience store robber. massed man came into the -- masked man came into the market on tuesday showing a gun. at first the clerk cooperated and started to empty out the register but the thief came closer and the clerk realized that gun was fake. >> right then and there i it was kind of turned the tables where i know this guy is just probably nervous too and he is in a panic but, i am not going to put up with what he is trying to do. so, than i ran over the counter and i tackled him and got him pretty good a couple times. >> this was the first it would have robberies on tuesday night the second minutes later at another market a mile away. the suspect descriptions are similar detectives are trying are related. a former weymouth middle
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1/2 years in prison for the rape of a 15-year-old boy. janelle foley pled guilty and prosecutors say she assaulted the boy during thanksgiving and new year's parties at his family's home. look at this. a dog on the loose in methuen lexi was spotted walking in traffic on 495 yesterday. state police and massdot shut the road down to get lexi back. after some effort a trooper lured the dog into the back of the cruiser using a granola bar. she is now back home with her owners. hitting it out of the park. a look a live look at fenway where baseball has give way to extreme winter sports. we will take you inside coming up next. >> also ahead, back on dry land. what passengers are saying about a cruise gone wrong that left them in the middle of the storm. >> and cutting it close, the
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i look like a -- it looks like a.but this slope is taking over baseball's oldest park. the stomping grounds for the boys of summer has given way to
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>> big air is underway with the slope four times higher than the green monster. susie steimle is there with hi susie. >> reporter: hi guys. you know i've been having so much fun watching these athletesin action. and this is really known as the big air event. it is living up to its name and highlighting fenway park in a way like never before. [ music ] it's fenway park with a twist. an inverted multiple rotation twist off a ski jump in the middle of the oldest ball park if the country. >> this is awesome. >> reporter: this is big air fen wait first ever free style skiing and snow boarding competition at fenway park.
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140-foot ski ramp where people are doing all sorts of tricks. >> reporter: the best skiers and snow borders are here from around the world. >> i am from belgium. >> switzerland. >> reporter: most are olympian hopefuls. >> i won the last olympics. >> reporter: stage won -- sage won in 2014 and in 2018 big air will introduced as a new event. he is hoping to take it on then. it. >> it looks scary to me. it looks sewage. >> reporter: the talent inside the ball park has kids across the-- huge. >> reporter: the talent inside the ball park has kids across the country hopeful someday they will get air of their own is that you someday. >> i hope so. it's awesome. >> reporter: the competition kicks off at 6:00 tonight. the finals are tomorrow at 6. and there are still a lot of tickets left. this event is partially successful because what they wanted to do was to get kids excited about skiing and snow border and -- boarding and
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public arena. you saw the man's snow borders but there's skiers and ladies skiers and snow borders as well and don't doubt they are tricks as well. susie steimle wbz news. slope. >> i know what fun. >> she keeps saying no way there. and what a day to make you feel like you are on the slopes. >> i keep imagining at the bottom putting on the brakes. >> there's shortstop and that he not a lot of ground to put on the brakes. >> we want to put the brakes on the 7-day. >> i know but the cold is a short stint that comes in, in terms of the arctic air. >> that's not bad. >> she has been talking about mental preparation for a few days. >> that's true. hey, nice shot outside the city right now because you can see the light snow that's falling across the city of boston. reducing visibility a bit out there and there are the snow showers doppler radar showing
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worcester and look at this. you zoom in and right over boston back through cambridge and somerville and we have flakes that extends north into chelsea and are veer and farther north through southern new hampshire. areas of reduced visibility and deeper blues. that's where we are talking about maybe a quick moderate burst of snow that comes on by and dust the roadways in spots. we have more too out over cape cod bay clipping the outer cape right now. the south shore just cross over route 3 all the way from hingham and sit wet and -- scituate and hanover towards norwell as well. we are talking about snow showers between now and early evening. and then tending to taper off after that. other than that, the wind is gusty over 20 miles per hour occasionally and that's adding a bite to the air. the real feel in worcester is 3 degrees. 3 degrees in worcester. it's 15 in boston. so there is a chill to the air. but it's to the north we have a chunk of cold air that's coming down as we head into the weekend.
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over the next few hours. forecast. notice there's -- they are scattered in nature and may drop a dusting to perhaps as communities. but they are tapering by 6, 7:00 for most of us. skies clear out tonight. look at overnight lows. dropping into the teens on the cape and islands. single digits for the rest of us. with the wind factored in it will feel like below deyear in some communities -- zero in some communities. tomorrow afternoon won't be as windy. the sun will shine in the morning and clouds will increase. so it's a bright kind of first half of the day. and we start to get a light southwest wind that clouds move in and it will look like snow evening. and then scattered snow showers will indeed come through. and early saturday. it's going tonight big ocean storm that stays out over the ocean but may clip the cape and islands with a little light snow overnight on friday. and then there's the blast of
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temperatures behind it drop pretty rapidly as we head into saturday and factor in the wind on top of that. real feel is subzero as early as saturday late afternoon and then 15 to 35 below zero when happy valentine's day it's going to be chilly and we look at the start of next week. high pressure is still in control on monday. next storm did is-- is going to of mexico. we could drag in mild air and get rain at coast and perhaps awintry mix depending on track and we should be in the lower kathryn. >> thanks very much. now at noon the ntsb is in new jersey to veaght cruise ship involved in a nightmare right caught in the middle of the week's storm. tossing and turning with thousands of people on board. don champion reports. >> reporter: after a nightmare at sea, passengers of the anthem of the sea's cruise ship are on solid ground sharing tales of a dream caribbean
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>> the wind was coming through the doors. we thought it was going to break the glass. we slept on the sofa because we didn't think we would make it. >> reporter: 200,000 ton liner set sail for bahamas last weekend, but got caught in amajor winter storm in the atlantic. the vessel watts beat -- wasbattered by hurricane force waves and winds. dennis was on the crews with his familiar -- cruise on his familiar i and they spent hours -- family and they spent hours on the lock down in their rooms. >> my sister and brother were distraught and my mom, she was okay they opened up the many bar and that was good for her. >> reporter: royal caribbean officials say they are reviewing the company's storm avoidance policy to make sure an incident like this never happens again. >> it should never happen. we have got to do better. we can't ask guests that are coming to us for dream vacation to experience those conditions. >> reporter: some rattled pass injuries say they are done.
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against them but i will never go on a cruise again. >> reporter: the coast guard will inspect the ship before it heads out on the next voyage this weekend. don champion, cbs news. >> back here at home massachusetts lawmakers trying to crackdown on jaywalking by increasing fines. >> under the current law the fine is 1 dollar and the new propose posals pushes it to 25 for the first 50 for the second and 75 for more violation that is year. >> a lot of people would get it. >> a lot of jaywalking going on. still ahead a. local teacher learning something special about his students. >> how they are lending a helping hand when it comes to save his life. >> and here's a look at what's
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if you are looking to travel now might be the best time domestic airfares are at thelowest point in 6 years. the average price now stands at 372 dollars. experts say the dip is due to the expansion of low cost airlines plus plunging jet fuel costs as well. a man who dedicated his
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much he means to his students. >> shepherd hill high schoolteacher matt morway found out he has kidney failure and when his current and former students found out they set up a gofundme page and put out the word. >> putting it on twitter mr. morway type 0 blood needs a kidney. >>i don't know if i should have this much attention for this type of thing. because i really don't have anything big or special planned. i just want to stay here. >> the students raised 15,000 dollars so far. morway teaches history and psychology and he has never taken a sick day. story. >> great story. >> it's nice thing up. next diner with a view. >> and up close and personal
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coming up today at 5, it's an easy way to get a great deal but shoppers don't seem to be take advantage of the bargain. how you can get in on the shopping secret. that story and more today on wbz news at 5. talk about an unexpected dinner guest. >> a sea lion surprises
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take a look. by taking a seat right at the table. sea world came to get the seal that was malnourished and dehydrated. it's recovering. dwindling food supplies and unusually high tides have led to more sea lion rescues. this year. >> i was thinking like big sea you know that's a little baby. >> yeah. >> literally at the table. >> so we have had a couple snow showers today. it's a little chilly. tomorrow won't be as windy and low 20s for highs clouds will increase and the arctic front blast in friday night into early on saturday. and then the temperatures take a tumble and we will be in the teens on valentine's day wind chills 15 to 30 below in the morning. >> that could be generous. >> yes. >> single digits for some spots. but it's quick rebound. >> good thanks very much. that's it for us today at noon. join us for the next newscast today at 5 see you tomorrow at 4:30. >> big air live at fenway.
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