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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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when he hit him. >> this is a disturbing incident involving a career criminal who showed reckless disregard for safety of those around him in our community at large. >> reporter: now police say they are grateful to the fast work of the officers both here and in boston for bringing the suspect into custody again. he was arrested in mattapan this afternoon. police say it was a cat and mouse game before they got cooperation from some relatives and brought him in. beth germano wbz news more breaking news for ther -- form former boston mayor ray flin has been involved in a -- flynn has been involved in a car accident but he is okay. we want to get to ken macleod with the the details. >> reporter: well, we are here on flint place and at the end of the private way there's yellow tape and repairs are being made.
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we are trying to sort out the details of a minor accident. minor except for the fact it involves one of the big political names in boston history. now at about 1 this afternoon paramedics and police were summoned here to flint place war ford suv slammed into the front of the house from the the home former booster mayor flynn you can see the damage in the video. according to the statement flynn was driving the suv and was not hurt but the 76-year- old was taken to the hospital just as a precaution. we don't know what caused the mishap. now flynn was the 52nd mayor from 1948 to 1993 when presidenting about 19-- 1984 to 1993 when president clinton appointed him to the vatican. he has been active on local political scene interviewed many tombs by news crews and crossing party lines to support scott brown back in 2012.
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private way as we come back here live, and some of the neighbors have sort of chased us off to the end of the street. again, former boston mayor ray flynn involved in a minor accident. not injured taken to the hospital as a precaution. we don't know the circumstances surrounding that wreck. live in south boston ken macleod. also tonight temperatures about to take a dangerous drop. many of us could see zero degrees this weekend. and it's going to be brutal on sunday. >> yeah so cold in fact that it's going to be dangerous to be outside for much time at all if you are not covered up. let's go over to eric fish here is keeping a close eye on this. >> introductory chill. snow showers and flurries and activity is diminishing and mainly clear skies. cold pouring in and gusty breezes. beverly a gust up to 32 miles per hour. we are not comfortable of the feels like 7 in boston. a subzero wind chill at three
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feeling like the goose egg. tonight actual air temps zero to 9 above. 10 in the city but wind chill values 5 above to 10 below. so heading out tonight, you will need lots of layers and it's a start of a cold stretch. wind chill watches post aid cross the area for this week -- posted across the area for this weekend friday afternoon until sunday afternoon. that's when we have the core of the cold and chance of a record low on sunday. if we set a record low it will be the first since 1967. more details coming up. >> we will see you in a few minutes. for the homeless. today we got a rare look inside the pine street inn who says they are going to be finding beds for anyone who is looking to get warm. >> they try to help everybody. and i see what they do on the street and i see them packing up out there and getting ready to go out to the homeless at nights with the blearchghts. >> we -- blankets. >> we are full and overflowing
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normally stay out will come in. >> last night they housed 90 for. you can stay up-to-the minute with the weather with the cbs boston weather app free in the google and apel pel app stores. a second woman died after a fire in fitchburg. her sister was found dead in the home. her brother survived but is hospitalized. the fire chief says the fire is not suspicious but they don't know how it started. tonight families of whitey bulger's murder victims are offered more than $800,000 in settlement money and while the extra money would be nice at least one man says it's all too little too late. christina hager has the story. >> reporter: when federal agents busted into the santa monica apartment where whitey bulger was hiding they found 822,000 dollars. and among the household items, high priced jewelry including an 86 stanley cup champ replica
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fromauctioning that goes to victims families. >> i don't want nothing of his belongings. >> reporter: the memory of debbie davis murdered in 1981 is inched on steve davis' hand. >> i don't care if he never had a dime. but if he did, it rightfully should be given to the victims families you know people that got hurt you know. you can't put a dollar figure on hurt. and life you can't. >> reporter: but he accused federal official of dragging their feet and went to court urging them to give the money to victims families. he and 15 others got the official letters this week. if they sign papers not to agree-- sue the government by the end of the month the money is coming just as he was running out of feet. >> i am done you know i am in the final rounds of this. >> reporter: nearly five years after authorities captured bulger and took what they
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hurt most finally get a piece of it. in boston, christina hager wbz news. tonight we have new details in the murder investigation of selena cos an 11-year-old who went missing in 2011 and found in the river. new hampshire attorney general says state police were in stewarttown new hampshire look for clues in the case. no arrests have been made. now at 5, an investigation is underway into a voyage that critics say never sh have started. the -- should have started. cruise ship ran into seas so rough it had to turn around liam martin is live tonight with the details. liam. >> reporter: investigators from the national transportation safety board are inspecting the cruise ship in new jersey. as we learn more from passengers about what exactly was it was like to be on board. after a nightmare at sea passengers of the anthem of the seas cruise ship are on solid ground sharing tales of a dream caribbean vacation gone wrong. >> the wind was coming through
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would break the glass. we slept on the sofa because we didn't think we would make it. >> reporter: 200,000 ton liner set sail for bahamas last weekend but got caught in a major winter storm in the atlantic. the vessel battered by 30 foot waves and hurricane-force winds. the water. >> reporter: dennis marr was on the cruise with his family and they he spent hours on lock down in the rooms while the ship's captain navigateed out of the storm. >> my sister and brother were distraught my whom was okay they opened up the meny bar so that was good for her. >> it shouldn't have happened. we have to do better and we can't ask guests coming to us for a dream vacation to experience those conditions. >> reporter: some passengers say they are done. >> i am not going to hold it against them but i will never go on a cruise again. >> reporter: the coast guard will inspec the ship before they sail on the next so iage this weekend-- voyage next weekend. they are reviewing policies to
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as for passengers they will get a full refund and 50% towards a future cruise. that's if they decide they want to do that again. >> yeah we should see. i think a lot won't. thanks appreciate it. tonight in about -- an about face by cleveland who yesterday filed a claim saying the family of tamir rice opened ambulance. cleveland police. rice what air soft gun police thought was real. the mayor apologized to rice's family today saying the family does not have to pay that bill. this is stunning video out of oklahoma a trooper was responding to spinouts on side of the bessy highway when an suv lost control and -- busy highway when an s-uv lost control and slammed into him of we want to -- him. we want to tell you he was seriously hurt but is recovering. campaign 2016 and the frenzy is on. in the last day of registration
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massachusetts 30,000 people used the online system to sign up to vote. we asked what the number was on a normal day and we were told it is only about a thousand. so 30,000 the day before the deadline. it's on the heels of the new hampshire primary which saw record voter turnout. nearly 283,000 republicans voted while the democrats were just shy of 250,000. democratic candidates are in milwaukee for a p pbs debate. republicans are campaigning in south carolina where they will hoed a primary a week from saturday. democrats will follow a week later. the republicans face-off in the next debate this weekend. that's right here on wbz starts at 9 saturday night in south carolina and stay tuned for the wbz news at 11 with analysis from jon keller. congratulations to the president of wellesley college an esteemed doctor who is making history. dr. paula johnson will the 14th president of wellesley college and the first african american
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johnson is the chief of women's health at brigham and women's hospital and professor at harvard medical school and had take over at wellesley this coming summer. coming up next, ionstein predicted it a -- einstein predicted it and now m.i.t. found the holy grail of out of space. this. are you missing on great deals because you are not asking for them? getting in on a shopping secret coming up. >> and don't look down. the new video we have tonight from fenway's big air.
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so the next story we have to stay up front may make your brain hurt a little bit. it did to me. supercool and super nerdy and incredibly important. >> i got the text and he he think i looked at it 2 or 3 times and wait. m.i.t. discovered what it is call the holy grail of physics and as bree sisson tells us it's something einstein predicted a hundred years ago. >> reporter: einstein was right something nearly impossible to detect does indeed exist. listen closely. did you hear it? try again. that short sound is the echo of two massive black holes colliding 1.3 billion light-
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the discovery ushers in a new era in astronomy. >> imagine that you only ever been to a silent movie and then suddenly you go to a talking movie. >> reporter: one of a thousand scientist is seg greating ligo observatory that detected gravitational waves from the black holes. >> reporter: no this is notconfirmation of the big bang but it's on that level of scientific importance. 1 hundred-years after einstein wrote the theory of general relatively we can prove it. >> his notion was it was sosmall no one could detective. >> reporter: to matthew evans one of the scientists involved the possibility is he can lend. >> we hear the largest thing nature could protours and we are barely not death we are starting to detect things and as we make more and more detectors we can hear a larger variety of things happening in
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>> reporter: they detected the black hole collision but in another year think the say it's possible to tar -- they said possible to hear 5 to 10 other cosmic events to we heard the largest thing neigh cur to pro- - nature can produce. >> you want to hear it again. >> how do they know it again and not just someone breathing in the mic. >> think about the background radiation in the universe a few dick decades ago we said all right big bang that's legit and the little things create the huge ideas in science. >> super interesting. >> it's fascinating and you can tell how excited they were. >> think about ripples in a pond you throw a rock in and the ripples are spread out over billions of light-years. >> my brain hurts a little. >> it expanded. >> like a brain freeze in the forecast. let's talk about cold moving in. stats to impress your friends with or make them hate you
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in the last 10 years what's thecoldest temperature? 3 below zero which was last year. and in the last 50 years what's the coldest temp 7 below in january of 2004 and the all timecoldest temp is 18 behoe zero. which one -- below zero which one do we have the shot at the last 10 years. we haven't set a record low since 1967 in boston. shot out to dative ebbstein for digging up that stat. a cold front is moving through tonight. this is the start of colder air working its way in. 22 in the city. 14 in worester and pittsfield is down to 9. -- worcester and pittsfield is down to 9. most activity is diminishing. most clear and cold. 2 in fitchburg and plymouth down to 6 degrees and teens towards the cape and islands. wind very gusty right now and that will continue through the first half of the night. as we head towards tomorrow to subside. so as we head into friday, the factor.
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and heading into the afternoon southwesterly bringing ocean effect snow showers from a southwest wind which is something you don't see across the cape and south coast. tomorrow morning cold sunshine sunrise at 6:45. single digits to start. midday sun and clouds and 20 tees gee. maxing out in the low 20s and tomorrow evening snow showers -- degrees. maxing out in the low 20s and tomorrow evening know shower -- snow showers developing. low a mid-- low to middle 20s across the region. 10 below the average this time of year. we start with beautiful sunday on friday. day. and keep an eye on tomorrow evening a burst of snowfall a sick lie -- is likely especially in the southeastern part of the state. that will linger into saturday morning. not a huge thing but it will be cold and the snow could stack up to 1 to 3 inches again in the southeastern corner of the area so enough to send a plow crew out or shovel out of the driveway saturday morning. weekend is all about cold.
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teens around 20 on saturday. and the winds start to pick up as the day goes on and temperatures fall during the afternoon. sunday we are in the single digits to low teens outside which is a day we haven't seen in a while around here and when you look at sunday morning air temps well below zero for much of the region. the only place that stays above zero is getting towards the mid nantucket. records on the line worcester is 11 below zero and that's the forecast boston record is 3 below zero and we are forecasting 4 below the mark. and valentine's day highs singledigits to lower teens and a wind all weekend long is going to create the dangerous part of the forecast. mainly saturday night into sunday morning. that's when we have the strongest winds. wind chill values 20 to 30 below deero -- zero. you want to make sure pets are not outside for very long. as whoa head into the time -- as we head into the time frame. we start subzero monday morning
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by tuesday evening part of the coast could hit 50 degrees going from snow to ice to rainfall. lots of ups and downs. >> that's a nice way to end the story excellent. thanks and take off where eric left off we are getting big air at baseball oldest park. >> eric showed us a bit of this yesterday. a snow border doing pretty cool moves. the extreme competition kicks off at fenway and sis susie steimle got a preview. >> reporter: it's fenway park with a twist. and inverted multiple rotation twist off the ski jump in the middle of the oldest ball park in the country. >> this is awesome. >> reporter: this is big air fenway. the first ever free style skiing and snow boarding competition at fenway park.
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140 food ski ramp where people are doing tricks. >> reporter: some of the best skiers and snow borders from around the world are here. >> i am from belgium. >> switzerland. >> reporter: most are olympic hopefuls or in some cases repeat hopefuls. >> i won the last olympics. >> reporter: sage won the man's slope side in 2014. and in 2018, big air will be introduced at a new event and he is hoping to take it on then. >> it looks scary to me and looks huge. >> reporter: the talent inside the ball park has kids across new england hopeful that someday they will be here getting big air of three own. you. it is awesome. >> reporter: this event has been partially a success because a lot of what they want to do is get kids excite about- boarding. there are tickets for the show tonight that starts 569 p.m. and the the finals tomorrow night at 6 p.m. as well.
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>> thanks so we gave you a great view what have it looked like from the ground. this is what it hx like when you go -- looks like when you go down the ramp. one of the athletes strapped a gopro camera and captures the heart stopping moment as he flies down and then a few spins and sticks the landing. ready incredible i i wonder how you try it the first time right. >> and how many injuries you have you know i don't want to think about that. safety is a big factor when looking for a place to call home. >> where does your neighborhood stack up? a new list is just out. >> and a moment on the court that had one student well setting a memory his community will never forget. >> coming up new at 6, a show of support. >> people saying why? how could this happen. >> volunteers put together a simple but powerful tribute to a little girl and a father who died in shocking wintertime
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if you are lock to buy aplane ticket ghost he can airfares dropped to the -- domestic airfares dropped to the lowest points if three years. the dip is due in large part to the expansion of low cost airlines and the plunging jet fuel costs. everyone likes a good deal. >> shoppers may be missing out on an easy way to save money as kathryn hauser shows us all you have to do is ask. >> i tried to -- try to always
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or coupon. >> reporter: shoppers don't always need a sale or coupon. >> they may not advertise but a matching policies. >> reporter: find an item for online. and many big chains will honor the lower price. >> we found it was very easy. >> reporter: sent mystery shoppers to put the price match policies to the test. and they found for the most part, it was not a hassle to get a better deal. >> we thought we would run into problems doing this. extraordinarily easy. >> reporter: but it seems plenty bargain hunters never ask for the lower price once they reach the register. >> it's estimated that less than 5% of customers take advantage of price matching policies. >> reporter: here's the possible savings. 70 dollars when bed bath and beyond matched amazon price on vac unit best buy cut $140 over the price of a sound bar to
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sold a tool kick for lowe's price and extra 10% off but at home depot checkbook found shop hers to put in extra effort. >> home depot we always had to get a manager on the scene and sometimes our mystery shopper had to explain to the manager what the store's own matching policy was. >> reporter: a little more time in the store that could pay off in a big way. >> it takes two seconds and saves money. >> reporter: when you are comparing prices it's for the exact same item. and the price match policies do vary but they can be found on the company's websites. kathryn hauser wbz news. this is one of the things that makes boston boston. >> one lawmaker wants to see less of it. jaywalking. >> and they have done it again. what it took to create a music video that's out of this world. >> and we want to give you a live look outside. drop. when we could see near record
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eric is back in a few minutes. >> it's a epidemic claiming lives every day we go to hospitals to see what they are
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live from the channel 4 studios in boston, wbz news starts right now. >> we have two breaking stories at 5:30. an arrest in a hit-and-run in woburn yesterday. police take tyson delgado in custody in dorchester today.
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a business assaulting a police officer and then they say he drove off hitting a 65-year-old man in a crosswalk. also breaking former boston mayor ray flynn is okay but was involved in car accident. he was driving near his home in south boston and he was taken to the hospital as precaution -- as a precaution but he is okay. don't walk this way. massachusetts lawmakers say the message is straight on. pedestrian cut the jaywalking. it's a huge problem especially in boston. >> now they want to rev up a paul, theory fine so maybe we walk. tonight at 5:30. >> reporter: this. >> i took shortcut. >> reporter: rather by running or texting apparently means jaywalk? >> i think i did. it's not a habit. >> reporter: jaywalking. >> i jaywalk in the middle of the block where it's coming from one way and that's safe. >> reporter: that's the still jaywalking. it.


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