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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 11, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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a business assaulting a police officer and then they say he drove off hitting a 65-year-old man in a crosswalk. also breaking former boston mayor ray flynn is okay but was involved in car accident. he was driving near his home in south boston and he was taken to the hospital as precaution -- as a precaution but he is okay. don't walk this way. massachusetts lawmakers say the message is straight on. pedestrian cut the jaywalking. it's a huge problem especially in boston. >> now they want to rev up a paul, theory fine so maybe we walk. tonight at 5:30. >> reporter: this. >> i took shortcut. >> reporter: rather by running or texting apparently means jaywalk? >> i think i did. it's not a habit. >> reporter: jaywalking. >> i jaywalk in the middle of the block where it's coming from one way and that's safe. >> reporter: that's the still jaywalking. it.
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them fine of a single dollar. >> i think that's a joke. leader agrees. after jaywalking was blamed for the death of that of a senior home in her district of worcester and poe posed a bill raising the fine to $25 for first offense $50 for the second and $75 for the third. >> i agree with it. somebody walked in front of my car the other day. i was coming out of the daulton street by the sheraton and someone walked in front of my car. >> reporter: the mayor thursday urging pedestrians to be safe. >> pay attention to traffic signals and stop signs and put away cell phones. >> more power to the legislature if they get it passed i am for it. >> when it cost more money they will stop doing it. lans wbz news. >> this is a major announcement opioid abuse. >> today we are pleased to announce along with the mass dental so the the first in the
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corecompetency for prevention and management of prescription drugmisuse. >> this will send hundreds of training program that teaches them how to prevent and manage prescription drug misuse. now an i-team investigation inside the epidemic. it's a problem that touches every corner of our state. >> for the past few months the i-team has been on the front lines to show us what it's like it. ryan kath has the story from plymouth one of the hardest hit areas in massachusetts. >> what's going on there. >> i think he overdozed? >> is he breathing. >> we go to overdose every day. >> reporter: this is the opioid crisis in real life a man in his 20s barely breathing revived with narcan -- narcan and rushed to the hospital after shooting heroin. these days, it's something thatthe doctor sees all the
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close it was if the ambulance hadn't gotten there. >> he probably would have died. >> reporter: the plymouth area is hit hard and in 2014, 42 people died of overdoses in the town surrounding the hospital. >> i have been involved in emergency medicine for almost 34 years now. and this has never been as complicated as it is now or taxing on the system or as dangerous to our population. it is terrifying. >> reporter: the doctor allowed the i-team to follow him on several night shifts night not unusual for us to have to revive someone from an overdose early in the evening and have them return later on. >> we believe it's an epidemic. >> reporter: police chief is changing how the department is approaching old oid abuse. >> we can't arrest our way out of this problem. >> we have a couple. >> reporter: there's the street crimes unit with binoculars and narcan. officer ross and johnson patrol streets and alleyways trying to
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>> high school kids older people. girls, guys, one of those drugs that doesn't discriminate. >> reporter: on this night, they assisted confused man on methadone and respond to a call for a rehab patient who ran into the woods. >> downtown area. >> reporter: the chief is taking it up a notch. coordinating with health care workers to make house calls after an overdose in a we need to be at the door the next morning and in the last 6 weeks i think we will place people in beds somewhere around 6 to 8 times. so we are happy with that and we feel that's successful. >> reporter: back at the hospital they are making changes. social workers and mental health professionals are embedded in the er to be part of the treatment plan early. this concept is beeping a model for community hospitals statewide and they were awarded a 3.7 million dollars grant to fund the work. liz shows that intervention and treatment can work. the former marine became addicted to heroin after
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hand and is encouraged by the hometown. >> you can't just let a generation die you know. even the generations coming up like it is starting younger and younger and it's more powerful. >> reporter: you feel you can change the problem. >> i think we have to take successes in small bites you know. success the phone calls i get from a parent who says that the best thing that you could have done is arrested my son or daughter because i got them back. if i could have two or three of those this month we have done >> reporter: the chief knows he has his work cut out for him. the number of overdose deaths in plymouth shot up to 23 up from 15 the year before. and david that's after his officers started to carry narcan. the chief says they used it about 70 times last year. >> such a powerful story and the access was incredible that you had. and you are working on another story for tonight. >> reporter: for people the addiction starts after a trip to their doctor.
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80% of all narcotic medication and when the prescriptions run out, many patients are hooked and turn to the streets to get more drugs. tonight we hear from a highly decorated police officer who ended up on the other side of the law after getting addicted to pain killers following surgery. >> this is not a story about someone who makes choices to experiment or whatnot and bad things happen or whatnot. this is you know people going through a medical process and are coming out of this addicted. >> reporter: so tonight david you will hear what the addiction did to that former officer's life. and the i-team traction down a doctor accused of writing prescriptions for patient was history of drug abuse. >> we look forward to seeing it ryan. thanks so much. that story tonight i-team digging into it tonight at 11 the opioid crisis and connection to prescription drugs. >> thank you. breaking news tonight, a 6 week long stand off at an
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today the four remaining occupyers is under remembered -- surrendered to police. late last night federal agents arrested clicen bundy they calm hill the ring leader and he is the father of a ammon bundy who started the protest. the map of 100 safest towns south and number one is wayland with a crime rate of less than a half of a%. it's the second year in row theygrabbed the top spot next nor fobbing and the list based on fbi crime data. if you are interested to see where your town landed go to cbs up next at least on the face this sound like a really terrible idea. >> would you book a trip on the titanic 2 when it sets sale? -- sail. >> plus the popular act to get rid of when you want phone battery to last longer. >> paying attention to the cold air that is starting to work
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starting to feel it tonight a preview of what's coming this weekend. be a -- region starting to feel. it tonight. a preview of what's coming this weekend. it's going to be a frigid night
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we begun the wbz feed with this would you sail on a ship called titanic 2. >> a replica of the ship will make the first voyage in 2018. an australian billionaire is behind the project and it will be able to carry more than 2,000 passengers and equipped withmodern evacuation procedures. titanic 2 will sail from china to the united arab emirates and i am thinking no ice bergs on that route.
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ability to get -- you want to put that up high. >> the selling point is do you think it could happen again? it can't. >> boom. >> what are chances it happens again. tonight one of the most creative video. >> all rock band shot this in zero gravity. take a look. don't know where your eyes are but they are not doing what you said don't know where your mind is but you better. >> wow. that is not a special effect. no wires or green screens. okay go took 20 flights on a russian f-7 airline flight in waitless condition. the treadmill music video went viral in 2007. >> they are so talented but no one says i love that okay go song it's always the videos. they could be singing about anything. >> i will say i love the song and i love the video too. tonight ultimate price is right fail.
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a woman was a bit too enthusiastic about spinning the big wheel and there she goes. >> oh. >> she was not seriously hurt which is why we can show it and buzz feed put it out with the caption when you wake up and decide you will try today but the universe tase you -- tells you to give up. >> we don't know what the spin ended on. >> i hope it was a dollar. >> i hope so. >> just once i worry when they spin it too hard it comes flying off. >> and that would be a double whammy and you are on the ground and it flies off. next it was not just the buzzer beater shot by a story that broad the -- brought thecrowd to their feet. >> i sit down with marty wall hoosh defend the plan to lift the tax and on charter schools. some parents and teachers union accused you of promoting charter schools at the expense of the traditional public school in that's not fry. that doesn't make sense and
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that's not true and that doesn't make sense and anybody can say that. >> what do does he think that hillary clinton can do to turn her campaign around? we will see you at 10. >> we want to give you a look
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shot of a lifetime with second to spare a very special high school basketball player shoots and hit nothing but net. that shot brought the whole crowd to its feet. >> it gave us a lesson tonight that sports is a lot more than just winning or losing kathryn
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>> reporter: inside a tennessee high school gym, it doesn't take long to see how much 19- year-old robert lewis loves basketball. the manager for the school team he even has his own nickname. >> money my nickname is money. >> he works hard at everything he does. >> reporter: robert has down syndrome and last friday night he was at the game when a head coach invited him to suit up andsub in. >> i played basketball. >> reporter: not only that but the opposing team sent robert's brother matthew to guard him. and then robert got the ball. >> i got the ball and full court i was-- [audio not understandable] >> reporter: there was five seconds left on the clock which explains the delay on what happened next.
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was storming the court and picking me up saying i just love it and i love to play. gone viral. it. >> i never seen so much love in one gym in my life. >> reporter: robert he knew it. in. i was about to jump up and down. i was so happy that i got that reaction. >> reporter: if it was not clear before friday night there is no doubt there is more love here than just for basketball. kathryn hauser wbz news. >> wow. >> that's pret -- he is pretty grade at basketball. >> and the picture at the end. what a great story and i love the confidence just let it go. >> he has swagger. >> he knew it was swish. >> he practiced. >> good stuff.
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beautiful forecast. >> tell us it's going to be warm. >> next week. >> i have some tips nice story. weekend. you want to remember lots of layers if you heading out and b no he can posed skin because we are -- expod skin -- exposed skin. check the tire preace your and battery and warm up before driving the car. and winter safety kit in the trunk is not a bad idea. and aid 3p's people, pets and plumbing keeping an eye on into the weekend. 22 in boston. but 14 in worcester as well as orange and colder air is pouring into this. this is the beginning of the slide into the coldest period of the winter coming up over the next 4 days. good news is it doesn't stick around for too long. but looking at radar tonight a couple flurries here and there most of the snow squalls have been to the north up toward the portland maine area but wind is outside gusting over 30 miles per hour and so wind chill
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7 in manchester and providence and falmouth 6. it will be a cold night. wind chill basically on average 5 above to 10 bow low overnight. -- below overnight. air temps 0 to 9 and boston about 10 degrees. tomorrow there will be less wind and we will have brilliant sunshine and rebound into the 20s. it's chilly but wind won't be a big factor in the friday forecast. the morning plenty of sun to start the day. cloud will move in -- clouds will move in heading into the afternoon. snow tomorrow evening and tomorrow night. manual across the south coast and cape and island. best chance of seeing accumulating snowfall there into early on saturday morning. and a few snow showers as the arctic front moves across the region. snow totals a potential for 1 to 3 inches of total snow. tomorrow evening and saturday morning with the highest risk over cape cod for the potential plowable snow. it's about the cold win chill watches out across the state
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you too might be included. as the weather service upgrades these moving forward. the reason being we have the core of the coldest air that's been steeping across the arctic and moving over new england. and in fact the trope sphere will be a hundred feet up. looking at saturday temp in the teens to around 20 and windy and colder heading into the afternoon and then on sunday it is single digits and lower teens for highs temperatures and this is what we wake up to on valentine's day morning. good reason to stay indoors and snuggle up for little bit. lows near 10 below in fitch bur. hyannis one degree and that's the coldest in a while. we could be -- fitchburg. highanas one degree and there's the coldest in a while. if we seat record it's the first time we seat record low in february since 1967.
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since we put a record in the books. the wind is the most important part of this because that makes it dang rouse. wind -- dangerous. 20 to 30 below zeroch the core is saturday evening into -- zeroch the core is saturdayevening into sunday morning. into sunday the wind chill values biting in the air but less danger out there in the afternoon because winds subside. good news on the front. believe it or not we look towards next week and after a cold monday morning, the next storm is a cutting cutting inland away from the shoreline. that means for us as we likely start snow he and ice but change over to rain and some shoreline spots may hit 50 degrees on tuesday evening. if you can believe that. wild swings ahead. there's the full accu-weather seven-day. watching the next organized storm and next week doesn't look nearly as harsh as this weekend. mccarthy middle school is theschool shout out. 225, 5th graders.
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goes to pennies for patients with leukemia and lymphoma society a great class. >> i love it. >> looks like pajama day. >> it was. and that's wan of my favorite spirit days in school. >> that's a great idea. >> and then the day you get to wear a hat. >> wonder if we can have pajama day. >> we have to ask upper management. >> depends what you wear to bed. >> thanks. tv friendly. >> does it seem like your phone battery is draining too fast delete the facebook app a pape are decoys -- discovered removing it saves 15% of the battery life. earlier test found take it off androids saved up to 20%. you can access the social network using the regular web browser on your phone. >> great advice. up next a surprise guest at the san diego restaurant. >> the cutest nonpaying customer you will find sleeping in a booth. and next at 6 breaking news. on arrest in the hit-and-run where the suspect tried to hide
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>> and former mayor ray flynn in a car crash. we will hear from witness who
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clientele says a lot about a restaurant and that tells us a spot in san diego is petition. >> a sea lion made himself at home and took a seat at the table. and sea world came to get the sea lion that was actually malnourished and dehydrated. the sea lion is recovering tonight.
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supplies and unusually high tides have led more sea lion rescues this year so it is starting off like a fun story and then kind of a sad story. >> but he he knew where to go for help. we have much more still ahead. the news at 6 starts now. >> breaking news. the man wanted in this hit-and- run busted in boston. and former mayor ray flynn taken to the hospital after a car crash. >> whitey bulger's money. the plan to give it to the families of the victims. and why this offer comes with a catch. >> frigid cold on the way and we may seat february record for the first time in half a century. >> two lives lost in tragic winter accidents. tonight a town's touching tribute. >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston wbz news at 6 starts right now. >> under arrest the man wanted for attacking a police officer
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is behind bars and police say under a bed in dorchester. >> they were looking for him since yesterday morning. they say he attacked a police officer and then you will see he ran into a guy in a crosswalk driving down the road hang off the hood. beth germano is live with more. >> reporter: police are very pleased to have delgado in individual and what he is criminal act. information they say led them to boston where he couldn't hide longer a game of cat and mouse for some 24 hours. but police finally caught up with 29-year-old tyson delgado in dorchester this afternoon. they say he was hiding under a bed in a relative's home. be a they were relieved -- and they were relieved to bring him in. >> very disturbing involving a career criminal who showed reckless disregard for the safety of those around him in our community at large. >> reporter: this is the stunning surveillance video
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pedestrian in woburn yesterday allegedly dragging 65 year ed pica on the hood of the car for several hundred yards. del guardo was being questioned in a larceny case but he took off and led to this. >> by the time i saw the car it was on me dead september and i just -- center and i just got on the hood and held on. >> reporter: p p ica suffered a broken foot when the windshield wiper he was holding broke off and he fell. police say delgado is is a career criminal with a violent history. but today he gave up. >> the arrest was uneventful and he was cooperative and located on wilcox street in dorchester. >> reporter: police had canvassed the area for hours but it was cooperating witnesses who led them to boston. fred pica is well aware he's fortunate man. >> i was thinking of punching out the window and trying to grab him but i said if i let go i am a dead man. people they don't have courtesy


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