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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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pedestrian in woburn yesterday allegedly dragging 65 year ed pica on the hood of the car for several hundred yards. del guardo was being questioned in a larceny case but he took off and led to this. >> by the time i saw the car it was on me dead september and i just -- center and i just got on the hood and held on. >> reporter: p p ica suffered a broken foot when the windshield wiper he was holding broke off and he fell. police say delgado is is a career criminal with a violent history. but today he gave up. >> the arrest was uneventful and he was cooperative and located on wilcox street in dorchester. >> reporter: police had canvassed the area for hours but it was cooperating witnesses who led them to boston. fred pica is well aware he's fortunate man. >> i was thinking of punching out the window and trying to grab him but i said if i let go i am a dead man. people they don't have courtesy
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>> reporter: he has a long road to recovery. police say delgado was in woburn at the office of a former employee trying to caught deal for money he stole. when police were alerted they say he became desperate because jail. he will be in court tomorrow. >> thank you. the temperatures are changing and we have arctic air on the way. >> we are looking at incredibly cold weather. wind chill watch in effect on saturday afternoon. eric fisher is tracking the forecast and when does it get here. >> it arrives heading into saturday. especially around lunchtime. pretty cold in the meantime, before we get there. the core of it saturday and sunday. and the wind chill watch is out statewide. the wind chill may not be as low but the weather service may add that in as we head into the next 48 hours. temperature wise tonight, falling back into the teens as part of berkshires in the single digits. a very cold thursday night.
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some towns close to zero factoring in the wind zero to 10 below heading out and about. you see the trend. we are in right now probably what is going tonight harshest part of the winter. we are looking at highs in the low 20s tomorrow and teens on saturday. and just reaching 10 on sunday and 20s on monday. but then you can see the light at the end of the tunnel by the time we get towards tuesday. headlines is this is straight from the arctic and it's the coldest air since last february and potentially cold as january 2004 and we are looking at below zero temperatures for valentine's day morning and records in boston and worcester wind chill values at 15 to 30 below zero. we will look at the cold forecast and a warmup that follows coming up. >> thank you. we have breaking news in south boston. former mayor ray flynn taken to the hospital after a car crash near his home. and ken macleod is live with the details tonight. ken. >> reporter: lisa that suv hit a house at the end of this
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been told they won't be able to stay tonight. they are waiting for inspection stoves make sure the house is okay. we will show you the video we shot at 1 this afternoon. when paramedics and police were summoned here to flint place where a ford suv slammed into a front of a house across from the home of former boston mayor ray flynn. you can see the damage in the video. according to a statement from the city and witnesses, flynn was driving that suv. apparently he was not hurt, but he was taken to the hospital as precaution. flynn was the 52nd mayor of boston serving from 1984 to 1993 when president bill clinton appointed him ambassador to the vatican a position that flynn held until 1997. a few minutes ago he spoke with greg mcquaid who said he heard the impact and scrambled outside. >> appeared to be healthy was the most important thing and i note mayor had his wits about him and was talking to people e
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narrow way in there and he might have been in drive thinking he was in reverse and i had a couple close calls. >> reporter: again we don't know for certain what caused this accident but former mayor flynn was taken to the hospital just as a precaution and we are told that he was not hurt. live in south boston tonight. ken macleod now back to you. >> glad to hear he is okay. tonight price of justice. the families of whitey bulger's victims getting an offer from the government that comes with a catch. the families would accept the deal won't be able to later sue the government. as christina hager tells us it's coming from the cash taken from whitey bulger's california apartment. >> reporter: when federal agent busted into the santa monicaapartment where he was hiding they found 822,000 dollars and among the items high price jewelry including an
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ring now the money from auctioning that goes to victim's families. >> if they are going to hand out money i am going to reach out and take it. i am not going refuse it or turn it down but i mean, don't tease people. >> reporter: the memory of debbie davis murdered in 1981 forever inc.ed on -- inked on steve davis' hand. he went to court urging them to give the money to victims families and he and 15 others got the official letters this week. if they sign papers agreeing not to sue the government by the end the month, the money is coming. >> i would like to see the whole family with nothing. nothing. what he wanted and took from all the other families, nothing. after authorities captured bulger and took what they found, some of the people he
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of it. so how much will they get? one victim's wife says she will get 51,000 dollars. and davis hopes to learn a dollar amount from his attorney this woke. and families -- week. and families say by the time they divide it aid small amount but it's about the principle more than the money they say. lisa. >> especially after all this christina thank you. a woman pulled out of her burning home in fitchburg has died. she lived in a house on walton sister. the fire chief and police officer rescued her brother and he is hospitalized tonight. her sister died in the fire. and investigators are still trying to figure out tonight how it started. tonight there's an apology to voters in the new ham ruer -- ham sure pry -- new hampshire primary they said they are sorry for the traffic. they polls had to stay opened late so everyone can vote. town leaders say they are going to look to make improvements before november's general election.
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the primary was a record breaker. secretary of state's office in new hampshire ace -- says more than 538,000 votes were cast smashing the old record set in 2000--2008. republican candidates will debate saturday in south carolina. i want to let you know you can see it live on wbz at 9. and then stay with us for the wbz news at 11. with analysis from jon keller. this is beyond belief in the saddest possible way. tree limbs in one town. >> we will tell you about the volunteers coming together to give comfort and support to the grieving families. >> plus, a historic announcement at wellesley col kneeing and what is it -- college. >> and what is it like to ride down the big air ramp. we will take you on a thrilling
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touching tribute after two shocking deaths last week two people in the town of canton were killed by falling tree limbs. >> kaleigh kenyon was hit in the backyard and another man died on saturdaythey found a colorful way to pay tribute and bill shields is live with the story and effort in canton. bill. >> reporter: everywhere you look in the town you will see the pink and green ribbons. this is town hall but everywhere you look up and down washington street you will see the ribson -- ribbons on utility poles and trees to honor a 6-year-old girl and 48- year-old father of three. >> grab a bag. >> reporter: this is what it looks like when a town tries to heal. volunteers with bags of green and pink ribbons and fanning out across canton virtually every utility pole will have a ribbon to honor two residents who died last friday.
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of them throughout the town and show them that we love them and care. >> reporter: k aleigh kenyon and tom gunning both died in last fright's storm after tree branches hit them in separate incidents. two people in one small town. >> tragic tragic accident and why? we don't know. and brought a lot of people today and good things if something good can come out of it it brought the community close. >> reporter: pink was kaleigh's favorite color and green is is the town's color and wherever you focus your eyes here you will be reminded of them. >> i was touched by what happened and affected by the community that came together and i wanted to do anything i could. >> reporter: back live aid small gesture but in a town like this in a small town it means a lot.
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and means a lot to the people around here trying to heal from this. reporting live, bill shield wbz news. >> absolute -- shields wbz news. >> for the first time wellesley college has an african american president. it's the latest feather in decorated cap for dr. paula johnson. this summer she is the 14th president at wellesley. >> this summer when subzero temperatures will be a distant memory it's going to be a cold weekend. >> eric knows i like the graphic icon that's pulls out almost the emogy of the weather. and -- emoji of the weather and this old man winter one kick canning tonight i don't like him. >> he is too close to the head. >> he is whispering in your ear. >> whispering in my ear. >> thank you. it's the connoisseur of weather graphics and we have the old man winter and penguin and we brought them out for the
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so coldest days in boston. last 10 years three below zero last february and the same exact time it was on the 16th of february and the last 15 years the coldest was 7 below in january 2004 all time coldest is 18 below zero and that's safe this weekend. we are at 19 right now. 11 in worcester and orange. colder air pouring in today. this is the start of an avalanche of the coldest stuff pouring down as the freezer door opens this weekend. you see the the pink across canada and that's the colder air lurking and starting to make its presence known. wind gusts 33 miles per hour at boston. 37 miles per hour in worcester and then nantucket up to 33. a chilly thursday night. lots of layers and zero to 9 for air temps. wind chill 5 above to 10 below heading through the rest of thetonight. wind gusty after the midnight hour. tomorrow morning calling down abeautiful sunshine and chilly beginning heading towards midday and we managed the low
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that feels more comfortable and tomorrow evening snow showers will begin to develop as we head into the overnight. so taking a look at highs 24 in boston manchester up around 22. now as we head towards tomorrow evening we will watch a little onshore southwesterly flow and get ocean enhanced snow showers on a southwest wind which doesn't happen across the south coast the cape and islands and this could end up being plowable for few communities at the very least i think they will have the shovels by the time you get toward saturday morning. snow totals 1 to 3 inches and maybe an outside chance of a 4 inch snow amount up until saturday morning. so most of this happening during the overnight hours and not a huge storm. just a little more to move out of the way. then this weekend we have wind chill watches across the area and this is where we get more dangerous part of the forecast and you want to take it seriously when you have wind chill values more than 20 below it's danger to be outside. so saturday we reach a high temp late in the morning but we fall through the single digits during at afternoon. that's when the wind picks up and sunday we are in the single
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and still plenty of wind blowing out there. and sunday morning temps well below zero across much of the region. i think the only place above zero is parts of came cod and island threatening records in worcester and boston. if we go 4 below in the city it's the first in the month of february since 1967. you have to go back half a century. and the wind part by saturday night we have plans. going out to dinner valentine's day weekend. 20 to 30 below zero. as you head out lots of layers and not extended amounts of time outdoors and bitter wind chills will last until the first half of sunday. here's the 7-day looking towards monday another cold morning but a better finish in the 20s. lots of sun and then on tuesday, a mixed storm here. we go from snow to ice to rain and a shot at 50 by the end of the day. so david and lisa, big changes next week. >> all right. looking forward to the change thanks. the bruins had the 9-2 loss and have to feel like okay,
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>> 9-2 in hockey is not good. >> if it was me old man winter logo that eric uses would be over the bruins blowing them out of town. what's the remedy after a loss. leave town. tonight they take on the jets the first of a 6 game road trip and first contest after the 9-2 beat down on tuesday night. they understand they have to play better. >> so much history here and you can't really change it yourselfit was a tough loss and a tough night but no one had feel sorryfor ourselves so we have a chance to win 6 games and take it one by one but we have to wake newspaper that's right. we are at the all star break and numbers for your boston celtics are impressive. they have won 10 of the last 12 games and they are 9 above .500 and sitting third.
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conference standings. last night was probability best win of the season. for the third game they came back interest 5 point down in the final minutes of regulation. clutch. converted on a 3-point play and hit a jumper with 5 second left to sen the game into overtime. thomas finished with 36 points 11 assists and phenomenal. in the he can -- extra evan turner scored 7 points for the green and celtics got the win 139 to 134. >> keep fighting. that's what the team is b we never give up. continue to fight no matter the circumstances and at a point in time our backs why against wall like the it seemed like the game was over but we kept at it and made plays and came out with a win. >> we haven't played well all the time but we have had games we played well but we have been consistent in fight and coming
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stunning to come back and -- stung and to come back and play 53 minutes and win is a good thing. >> for now we-- you know, keep the momentum going that's the biggest thing. >> there was a down side to last night's kelly collided with deandre jordan in the second quarter and left and didn't return. he has bruised shoulder. danny ainge says this morning that it's not serious and kelly should be ready to go after the all star break. he field questions about possible deals being made before next week's trade deadline. >> i have been reaching out to teams for ideas and have had feedback and which is kust marchy at trade deadline but there's nothing imminent. >> let's not forget about paulpierce. former celtics captain left
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last visit to the garden? >> could be you know. you know i am not 100% sure but like i was saying the last two years i am going to take it year by year and this possibly could be. >> one of the best captains one best nicknames love the truth guys. >> all right thanks so much levan. cbs evening news is at 6 k34r07b. >> and -- 6:30. >> and scott pelley joins us live with a preview. boston. we will continue our expanded coverage of the zika virus. zika has now been connected to miscarriages and our dr. will look at whether u.s. olympic athletes will be in danger when they travel down to brazil. that and the latest campaign news all coming up on the cbs minutes. >> all right scott thanks. up next m.i.t. discovers the holy grail of
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einstein predicted it.
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einstein was right and today scientists announced a discovery that could unlock secrets of the universe. >> 100 years ago he predicted existence of gravitational waves as part of the theory ofrelativity but it's now scientists using a super observatory called ligo have proven the ripples if the universe are real. >> what we have just done is opened up a new way of looking at the universe. with the gravitational waves. gravitational waves are a part of einstein's theory and a messenger and they are bringing us encoding information about distant parts of the universe and we are detecting that. >> scientists described it as a window on the universe and
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revolutionize astronomy and physics as well. >> we will talk about this forever. >> i will be trying to figure it out forever. if that didn't make your head spin this will. >> what it's like to take the incredibly terrifying thrill
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even if you are driving by on the highway you can see the big air ramp night impossible to miss. and tonight we will give you an idea what it's like to ride down it. >> oh. no lyon farrell wore a gopro camera. the competition begins tonight. finals are tomorrow night. >> this is what he is putting on his instagram and i put on pictures of my eggs and this guy is flying above the city of boston. >> yours are nicely composed. >> it's cool.
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>> they lay down the baseline too so you have the lines on either side and home plate and batters box and it's so cool. >> awesome. thanks for being with news see you back here at 11. with us.
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for clinton and a warning about nominating trump. >> we're going to be destroyed in the general election. >> pelley: also tonight, will u.s. olympic athletes be endangered by the zika virus? a rare one-on-one interview with the head of the c.i.a. isis has access to chemical artillery shells? a college president's scheme to rid his school of struggling students. and a story brings sheer joy to a child. not the words, it's the voice. >> then elsa accidentally hurt anna and both girls rushed...


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