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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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and breaking right now, a school bus driver was arrested after trashing into the a utility pole, and tonight police tell us he was drunk. the driver knocked live wires on to the bus with 11 students still inside. >> julie loncich is live at the scene where the power was just restored to hundreds of homes. julie? >> reporter: lisa, the utility crews were able to restore the power within the hour. the students, fortunately, the big story here, are okay. their school bus driver is behind bars tonight. 11 students were on their way home on a school bus when it
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hayden road in dudley. the bus driver, 42-year-old scott poirier was intoxicated. the pole came down, resting on the bus' roof. the students were safely evacuated and were not hurt. field sobriety tests were conducted, and officers concluded that poirier was under the influence to alcohol. power to hundreds in the area was knocked out in the frigid conditions, and in a statement, the school superintendant expressing gratitude that the students are okay. we reached out to the bus company a number of times but never heard back. the school bus driver will be arraigned tomorrow. julie loncich. in some spots in the area, the arctic air will make it feel like it's below 0.
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temperatures. let's get right to eric fisher. >> reporter: many would argue it was already cool enough. 6 in boston, and orange is at 3 degrees. the big issue, the winds. up around 30 miles an hour. miles an hour. feeling like 5 below in boston, and 7 below in thalmoth, not evens a close as it -- even as close as it will get on friday. we manage the low 20s tomorrow afternoon, and then the core of the cold will move in this weekend. windchill watches are posted for much of the area here, and as we head into saturday evening, that's when we will really start to feel it. the afternoon windchill, about 15 below 0, and then saturday night, it's 20 to 30 below 0, and that's where the frostbite can become an issue, and it's time to stay indoors, making
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to head out, it will last until valentine's day. this forecast will follow us in a bit. breaking news tonight. former boston mayor ray flynn saying a short time ago he passed out before crashing his car into a neighbor's home in south boston, and we also concussion. just coming in. >> reporter: in a statement released just 30 minutes ago, flynn said he had just spent a couple of hours working out at the boston athletic club, and he was in the process of parking his car when he felt weak and backed out. tonight plywood covered the gaping hole where the bricks used to be before the suv plowed through them, making the house temporarily unlivable. >> a little inconvenient, but what can you do? >> reporter: not much. earlier this afternoon her neighbor passed out at the into her place. >> i don't know how he could be
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alley. >> reporter: the driver aped to be ray flynn, the 76-year-old former mayor of boston who went on to be the u.s. ambassador to the vatican. >> he his wits about him. he was talking to people. >> reporter: he was taken to the hospital for the precautionary reasons. >> my thoughts go out to mr. flynn and his family. >> reporter: neighbors who have seen him and his wife out walking in recent months praised him as a fatherly figure who looks increasingly frail. >> he's very nice. wouldn't ask for a better neighbor. >> reporter: flynn said he was returning from a morning workout, and he passed out. he woke up only after careening into his neighbor's house. it left the house in need of inspection. their thoughts are with him.
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hurt. >> reporter: the former mayor said his doctors want to do many more tests. >> ken, thank you. police say tyson delgado was speeding away from police when he hit fred picco. delgado is facing several charges tonight including assault on an officer and leaving the scene of a crash. >> campaign 2016 tonight, and a high-stakes showdown in the democratic race for president. bernie sanders and hillary clinton debate for the first time since his huge win in new hampshire. elbows tonight? >> reporter: lisa this campaign is not in new hampshire hail, and bernie sanders' approach
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had the pivot for the racially diverse working class. >> it's absolutely fair and on the proposals. >> reporter: hillary clinton had a game plan, spread doubt about the price tag of bernie like health care. >> the family right in the middle of the economy would pay $500 more in taxes and get a reduction in their health care costs of $5,000. >> the numbers don't add up, and many people will actually be worse off than they are right now. >> that is absolutely inaccurate. >> reporter: the charge stoned sanders who needled clinton when she described postinaugural tax code changes she would seek. >> once i'm in the white house, we will have enough political capital to do that. >> secretary clinton, you're in the in the white house yet, and let us be clear that every proposal that i have introduced has been paid for. >> reporter: and there was this exchange over the prospects of
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>> i'm not asking people to support me because i'm a woman. i'm asking people to support me because i think that i'm the most qualified, most experienced, and ready person. >> somebody who has spent his entire life taking on the big money interest, i think a sanders' victory would be of a historical accomplishment as well. >> reporter: another note- worthy exchange was when clinton was pressed with her ties to wall street and pointed out president obama took plenty of wall street money when he ran but took on the financial industry over policy and lisa? >> reporter: john, thank you. the republican presidential candidates are crossing south carolina, 9 days before the next primary, and all of them are chasing front runner, donald trump, with a chance to take him on in person during saturday night's debate. you can watch that live right here on wbz, and john will have analysis immediately after the
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there's a deal tonight to compensate the victims of whitey bulger's victims. the federal government is offering the 16 families to split $800,000. the money is from the cash found inside of his california apartment and the proceeds from an auction of his belongings. however, under terms of the deal, the families must agree not to sue the government. the parents of a cambridge infant who died in the care of her irish nanny are now suing the nanny for wrongful death. the nanny returned to ireland shortly after prosecutors dropped all the charges. there was the video that people have been talking about. new at 11, a local mom who was rocked by rough seas on a cruise ship is sharing her stories. katie brace is live tonight. i think it's interesting the
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this, they will cruise again. >> that's right, and the family from holding just returned home to describe what it was like, the fear of being on the cruise ship and why they will sail again. when the ship returned to new jersey, the coast guard went over, and some are calling for the ntsb to investigate. >> yeah! >> she slept through the whole thing. >> reporter: 9-month-old sophia was one of the few to tune out the chaotic scene on the cruise ship. >> this is a brand new ship. it's like the titanic. what are we going to do. >> reporter: it was their first vacation as a family of 3. in a few hours it was memorable, but not for the reasons they hoped. >> it was getting rougher and rougher and the planter started to fall over, and like amy said, the water was rushing in the doors. >> oh my goodness, i hope they have a baby life jacket. >> reporter: the royal caribbean storm sailed into a
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ever experienced. >> water started to gush into the room through a vent under the closet. at that point, we knew it wasn't normal. >> reporter: they stayed in their 11th floor estate room. >> we had to hang on to the other. we are not big church people, but i was like we have to pray. i was definitely scared. >> reporter: they checked out the damage on monday with broken win -- windows and damage to the ship. they are back home and already planning their next family cruise. >> as scary as it was, he got us back safely. >> the wiggins are hoping to sail with the same captain and crew because they were so good during the storm, and they have already rebooked their next cruise on the same ship. royal caribbean offered all
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discount off the next cruise. katie brace. >> yeah, 50% discount. not bad. this is our number of the night, 24 million, despite some rough cruises making headlines over the last few years, the industry gets bigger each year, and by 2018, 24 million people are expected to take a cruise. >> that's staggering. >> a daring rescue next at 11. family members braved the flames to help a family member who was too scared to escape. we are using 80% of the world's pain medication, and that's pretty shocking. people going through a medical process, coming out addict. i became a liar and a thief over this thing. >> it takes your soul away. >> the roots of addiction. our series continues, minutes away. of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood.
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how does addiction really begin? most addicts get hooked, believe it or not on prescription drugs recommended by their doctor. >> all week we are investigating the opioid addiction in massachusetts. we talk to a former officer who lost his job and almost lost his life to addiction. >> my wife tooked up the first oxycodone. i remember saying i knew how someone could get addicted to this stuff. >> reporter: after multiple surgeries, he was hooked. he was so desperate, he was stealing drugs for the evidence room at the police station. >> it was a pharmacy at my disposal it called my name.
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after 26 years of putting bad guys behind bars, he was on the other side of the law. >> i put my hands up, and i remember thinking, thank god, it's finally over. >> reporter: the popularity of the opioid addiction to painkillers is rampant. >> i was going to be using heroin that night. i was running out of painkillers. >> reporter: he now says his arrest saved his life. for many heroin is an easy substitute because it's cheap and plentiful. >> throw the doctors under the bus. we have not done our job. >> reporter: dr. dan abuse trains first responders how to use narcan. he says the number of narcotic pain prescriptions is up 140% in the last 10 years.
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for the euphoria to going into withdrawals because they are becoming addicted. we stopped giving it to them, and we sent them to the street without help getting them off the pills. >> that's another story that we hear of the 16-year-old gets his wisdom teeth out, and not too long after, he's using heroin. >> reporter: the states says you have been prescribing the opioids to people who don't need it, even with a history of overdoses. >> reporter: the state is cracking down on doctors like this one who are accused of writing prescriptions and billing medicaid. the state says you're contributing to the epidemic, what's your response? he wouldn't speak out, but the governor is. >> four people a day are dying many massachusetts. >> reporter: for him, part of the cause is evident. he's proposing a limit to the prescriptions. >> the rise in deaths has traveled hand in hand with the
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groups worry the limits will go too far. >> it's complicated because there's those for example, the cancer patients, and it would make it very cumbersome. >> reporter: adjusting to life back home, tom believes something has to change. >> this is not the choice that someone chooses to experiment and bad things happen. people are going through a medical process, and they are coming out of it addicted. >> reporter: the prescriptions hill right now. the governor's proposal would limit the prescription to a 3- day supply, but house leaders favor a 7-daytime frame. >> our special series on the opioid addiction continues tomorrow at 11. >> this is a recognition that we need to fight heroin in a different way than we have done other drugs. >> absolutely! attack it before it even gets here, in transit.
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>> a look at where the heroin is coming from as we go behind the scenes with troopers tracking users and dealers. stopping the flow into massachusetts, the iteam continues its exclusive series tomorrow night at 11:00 here on wbz. i want to talk about the dangerous weather that is headed our way. i couldn't believe when i went outside tonight. i thought the really bad stuff was later, but this seems bad. >> we should point out you're rarely cold this guy goes out without a coat all the time. it's really cold. >> wade was eating a popsicle in a snowstorm on most occasions. it it's going downhill as we head to the weekend. making indoor plans? problem a good bet for saturday and sunday. looking at the coldest days in boston over the last several years. the last 10 set last winter in the last 50 years. 7 below, and of course it's colder in the suburbs. the all-time coldest temperature is 18 below 0, and
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13 in the city. 6 in worcester, and 4 in burlington, vermont. the really cold stuff is around hudson bay. saturday, cold enough as it is. windchills mainly below 0. a lot of layers if you have to travel in the overnight hours, and all bundled up for friday morning. a westerly breeze, but it's not nearly as gusty as what we have right now. midday, a mix of sun and clouds into the low 20s, and for the evening, clouds will increase, and a chance of snow breaking out headed into tomorrow night. there's the high temperatures, mainly in the low 20s across the area a good 10 degrees the year. we start with beautiful sunshine, and during the afternoon, clouds start to increase, and during the evening, we will see snow breaking out, and the snow will morning. you can see the really heavy stuff is just far off to the east. this could be plowable by
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in particular, 1-3-inch snow totals. the highest snow totals will be powdery snow because it's cold outside, as i'm sure you know. the watches are out across the area, and they will be upgrade to advisories and warnings tomorrow as we get closer to the cold. the big story this weekend, not just the temperatures, but the wind that comes with it. saturday, the high temperatures late morning to around lunchtime, right before the front, and then falling through the single digits, and that's where the winds are stronger. valentine's day, it's real feel temperatures below 0. saturday afternoon this is where it will really become bitter outside. saturday night, it's valentine's day weekend. if you're going out to dinner, make sure you are layered up. you don't want the bets to be outside for very long at all. that's where we will see the core of the cold.
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just below 0 windchills. the wind will die down a bit and become more tolerable. i think the only spots above 0, mid-to outer cape and down on nantucket. worcester's record is 11 below. we are forecasting negative 4. if we hit that mark it will be the first february low temperature set since 1967, and your valentine's day highs in the single digits to low teens. here's your accuweather 7-day. another cold morning, and rebounding into the 70s. on tuesday, the storm rides up the coast, and we will go from snow to ice to rain and a shot for 50 on tuesday night. >> you have everything on that 7-day.
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stunning footage shows a firefighter bravely going into the flames to rescue a dog. the dog was scared, and she was pulled from her hiding spot. there she is. they carried her to safety. she was reunited with her owner on the sidewalk, outside. great job by those firefighters! >> she was okay. coming up next in sports, the bruins are fighting back. >> we will show you the unexpected player throwing the bunches when we return.
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well when you lose 9-2 in a hockey game, you better show a lot of fight in the next game. >> boy did that pay off for them. >> i guess we are all wondering how they would respond to the loss to the l.a. kings. we got our answer. they came out playing nose to the grindstone in hockey, and it was the perfect way to kick off the 6-game road trip. 1:38 into the game, and that sets up berjeron. lawson doing damage. on the breakaway, that's nifty.
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period, and we have drama. blake wheeler slashing. the feud! dropping the gloves, and that's only his second fight of his career. just the seventh for wheeler. blake would land on top of him. he didn't play much in the early 3rd period, but when he was out there, they made it count. the bruins win 6-2. the celtics feel good after the solid win against the clippers. today on 98.5 the sports hub, danny was asked if any player was untouchable. >> there is obviously a lot of guys we love, and, you know, they are sort of the identity of our team. we are certainly not looking to trade, but until we become a championship caliber team, i guess no one is not ever not traitable, but there's a lot of guys on our roster who we have
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check out the new uniforms for the new england revolution this is called the primary kit. the new home jerseys were inspired by the jackets over the revolutionary war era, but this hat is not included. big air snow boarding competition getting underway at fenway park tonight. if you sign up, you're a winner in my book! this is frighten and awesome. connecticut's julia moreno won for the women. the big air tomorrow. one more bruins' note, the goalie will be out for at least
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geico for your boat.
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it is easily one of the best music videos you will ever see. the old rock band okay go shot the video in zero gravity you don't know where your eyes are, they aren't doing what you say. you don't know where your mind is headed, but you're better off without it >> i just want to try that, no wires, no green screens, no special effects here. they took a total of 20 flights on a russian flight for weightless conditions, and their treadless video went viral in 2007. >> i think they are lip syncing.
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>> ere sick -- eric is back
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tomorrow is cold and then getting much colder. >> the good thing about that? you have to go back up the other side. after that, we are at the bottom, and you have to go back up. >> we are going back up after that! thank you for joining us. >> colbert is next! captioning sponsored by cbs ( band playing "late show" theme ) (cheers and applause) >> stephen: hey everybody, welcome to "the late show", i'm


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