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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  February 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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it now -- right now 569 a arctic blast of air moving n subzero wind chills. >> a school bus driver heading to court today charged in a crash with stewed owns board. what he is accused of doing behind wheel. >> new details on the accident informing former mayor ray flynn. >> and gloves coming off again. we have the big moments from the debate between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. >> from the channel 4 studios
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morning. >> good morning great to have you with us i am kathryn hauser. >> i am chris mckinnon. it's downright freezing outside. >> it is. >> not fun. >> it's not going to get better. >> it's just the start. subzero wind chills and we are forecasting record cold temperatures tomorrow night into sunday morning. the sun will be shining. clear skies overhead right now. don't forget shade as you step out the door. look at real feel. 8 below zero in boston right now. it's 15 below zero in worcester feels like 6 below in familiar mouth and we have got --falmouth and this is just the start. air is coming from the arctic and coldest since last year last february. below zero sunday morning. without the wind factored in. boston and worcester likely to see near record low temperatures sunday morning and
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15 to 35 below he zero saturday night and early on sunday morning. that's why we have a wind chill warning in effect. it's 8 in boston right now. one in worcester. single digit temperatures and the skies are clear. we will see an increase in clouds through the course of the day today. and it's a gradual process and temperatures rebound a bit. wind will subside and it's the strongest this morning. 19 by lunchtime and the clouds increase and thicken up quickly. around 20 for the ride home. i am tracking snow on the way for tonight. i will breakdown details of that coming up. traffic and weather together hi. >> reporter: hi we have an accident north of the city to tell you about. let's look at the map actually. it's on 93 southbound in woburn at montvale avenue. crash in o'neill tunnel before government center that's cleared. to the south let's go to the traffic camera there. we have a problem on the expressway disabled car blocking the center lane at columbia road.
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the car are a -- camera. the backup is to granite avenue. so hopefully they get at that cleared up because that's a busy spot. >> thank you for the update. a school bus driver arrested accused of being drunk when he crashed into a utility pole. >> and there were kids on board the bus at the time. nicole jacobs is live where the driver is due in court. >> reporter: new this morning, we have learned scott poirier bailed out from the police department here last night. of course this accident could have been much worse but the good news is no one was hurt. this is his mug shot 42-year- old scott poirier ice eyes close and intoxicated police say. he was the driver of the school bus the one that crashed into a utility pole thursday. the one that knocked out power to hundreds on hayden pond road and beyond in dudley. it was the frigid night and according to police, it was his
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evacuation of nearly a dozen students simply on their commute home from shepherd hill high and dudley middle schools. no one was hurt but it was a failed field sobriety test that led to his arrest and day in court. power has been restored to all of those areas again he is expected to go before a judge today. live in dudley nicole jacobs wbz this morning. >> thanks very much. 6:04. a man accused of attacking a police officer and running down a pedestrian is behind bars and due in court this morning. police say they found tyson delgado hiding under a relative's bed in dorchester investigators say delgado is the man seen in this sur veil and video driving that white car hitting 65-year-old fred pica and dragging him on the hundred yards. police say they were questioning delgado in a larceny case when he assaulted
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took off. former boston mayor ray flynn is recovering after crashing his suv into a neighbor's house. we are learning more about what happened today. susie steimle is live with thenew details. good morning susie. >> reporter: good morning kathryn. this is flint place the small alley where the former mayor crashed his car. you can see the caution tape in front of the building he crashed his car into. told police he blacked out on yesterday morning. fortunate thely no one was seriously hurt. construction crews spent thursday afternoon boarding up this house in where a suv tore a hole. >> the downstairs and upstairs unit have to leave and we don't know for how long until the engineers tell us it's okay to stay here. >> reporter: kelly lynch and her roommates are forced to sleep elsewhere for the time being but inlike most accidents they know exactly who did it.
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frustrated. >> our neighbor across the way had driven his car into the basement. >> reporter: her neighbor is 76- year-old former boston mayor ray flynn. flynn told police he had just returned home from a morning workout when he blacked out and woke up with his car in the house across the street. >> i know the mayor had his wits about him and was talking to people. >> reporter: flynn was not hurt but went to the hospital for precautionariy measures his neighbors hope he is okay. >> they are great neighbors and we run into them all the time and they are the nicest people i ever methane really that's my first concern was hoping he was okay and was to the hurt. obviously. >> reporter: the former mayor does have a concussion from the accident but expected to be okay. police say no charges are pending. live in south boston. susie steimle wbz this morning. >> thanks. developing right now, secretary of state john kerry says the cease-fire in syria could start in the next week.
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negotiating the deal. they would stop president al- assad from fighting his people their arms. kerry says it doesn't apply to the battle against the islamic state group. the bomb that exploded on a somali plane last week was made of sophisticated material that passed through an airport x-ray machine undetected according to report from cnn. investigators say that on the ground. that man was blown out of the plane when he detonated the bomb. since the bombing security is considerably tighter at the airport. pope francis is on his way to cuba where he will meet with a leader of the russian orthodox church. he is trying to bridge the divide between the two religions that started a,000 years ago. it's the first time a pope and russian patriarch will meet. they will sign a joint declaration and the pope continues on a five-day tour of mexico. to campaign 2016 now.
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democratic race for president. bernie sanders and hillary clinton debating for the first hampshire. wbz political analyst jon keller has a closer look at the big moments of the night. >> it is absolutely fair and both of our proposals. >> reporter: hillary clinton came into the debate with a game plan. spread doubt about the price tag of bernie sanders' promises on key issues like health care. >> the family right in the middle of the economy would pay $500 more in taxes and get a reduction in their health care cost of $5,000. >> the numbers don't add up. and many people will actually be worse off than they are right now. >> final thoughts. >> that's inaccurate. >> reporter: the charge stunned sanders who needeled clinton when she described post inaugural tax code changes. >> once i am in the white house we will have enough political capital to be able to do that.
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not in the white house yet. and let us be clear that every proposal that i have introducedhas been paid for. >> reporter: and there was this exchange over the prospect of our first female president. >> i am not asking people to support me because i am a woman. i am asking people to support me because i think that i am the most qualified experienced and ready person. >> somebody who spent his entire life taking on the big money interests i think a sanders victory would be of some historical accomplishment as well. exchange when clinton was press on ties to wall street and observed that president obama took plenty of wall street money when he ran but still took them on over policy and claimed she would do the same. it will be interesting to see american voters in south carolina with a president's high.
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>> and republican presidential candidates are crisscrossing south carolina 8 days before the primary there. all of them chasing front- runner donald trump with a chance to take him on in person during saturday night's debate. you can watch that debate live right here tomorrow night at 9:00 on wbz. by the wait jon keller will haveanalysis peedly after the debate on the -- immediately after the debate on wbz news. coming up on wbz this morning, the secret code names for the presidential candidates. >> and a lawmaker blowing smoke. the point he was trying to make during a congressional meeting. >> a drive through rhode island taking a toll? the new fee only some drivers will have to pay. >> plus you need a play date for your pet? there's an app for that and some are calling it tinder for dogs. good morning danielle. >> good morning chris and everybody. it's going to be a cold weekend down in southern and northern new-land. so if you are thinking about skiing. frigid and lift holds too
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but the better into school monday. i've got an hour by hour look at wind chill as you look over the silty of boston. sun is going to be shining this morning. stay with us, you are watching
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welcome back about 6:14 on your friday morning. tinder for dogs. the app bark and borrow is making canine connections. if you are a dog owner find a playmate and it connects you with personal dog walkers and sitters and if you wish you had a pet, it lets you find a dog you can walk and hang out with. ios version of the app lawn inched boston last -- launched in boston last november. >> it's true my dog has like his favorite and his friends right that makes sense. >> they have a pack they run around with. >> there you go. today is going to be a cold day to do that. it's just downright frigid freezing and i don't know there's a lot of ways to describe the weather. >> that's what it feels like. subzero wind chill and this is the start. 8 below zero is the real feel in boston. 15 below in worcester. 4 below manchester and back down to providence. so subzero across the board.
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air. but the strongest wind is right now so it will be subsiding through the day today. we are gusting to 35 miles per hour in boston. single digits above and below zero. two below in keene. 8 degrees in boston right now. it's tied for the second coldest morning another one january 5th i believe where we were 8 degrees as well. look at hour by hour forecast. it's slow progress but we get there. gradually rising out of the teens by midday. sunshine will mix with clouds this afternoon and we top out around 23 by 3 p.m. in the cityof boston and most of us will be in the lower 20s today. zoom out the view not a whole lot going on but there's moisture to the south and that's what i am watching for tonight. i stopped things at 10:30 because the snow breaks out over the cape and islands between 8 and 10. and there may be a scattered snow shower for the rest of us for a lot. today expect increase in clouds and the snow that comes over
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predawn tomorrow and we get missed by the ocean storm. there's a ton of moisture with it but sails out to sea and it's all about the cold. there's going to be snow in maine that may clip the outer cape with a couple flurries on sunday as it comes by. high pressure building in with sunday morning. tonight? it's going to accumulate a coating for most but it's 1 to 3 when you get from plymouth back down to the south coast cape and islands it's going to be cold a fluffy consistency chatham back to nantucket could see isolated amounts that top out around 4 inches. only in the teens tomorrow that's it. and we will fall into the single digits quickly. sunday morning, 4 below. this is not the wind chill. these are the forecast lows. 11 below in worcester. single digits on the cape. so the records to beat on sunday morning i think will come close might be a tie in worcester forecasting we beat it in boston. the record three below zero 1934 forecasting a low of 4 below and for that reason, we
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because when you factor in the wind on top of that which is going to gust between 30 and 40 miles per hour, that's really going to add the bite to the air. you can develop frostbite in ten minutes so cover up if you need to be outside. cover up he can posed skin. aid quick rebound 20 on mondays a wintry mix monday night changing to rain as mild air comes in and we turn colder again on thursday. we have got our school visit video of the day pamela. visited the potter road elementary school in framingham and talked to 80 second graderser that a --er that school of lifelong learners and home to the potter road panthers. hope you have a great day at traffic and weather. >> reporter: some were busting out dance moves. that's pretty good. like me at a wedding reception right there. copycat. couple earlier problems causing backups north and south of the city right now. let's check the expressway first.
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that's been pushed off to the side. but now, the expressway north is packed from columbia to adams street. that looks like 17 minutes delay. route 3 northbound is bumper to bumper between union and split. to the north an earlier crash 93 southbound at mountvale avenue cleared but heavy residual between park street and 128. kathryn. >> thanks. you got to give it to a congressman give him credit for practicing what he preaches own if it offends someone. duncan hunter is against to federally ban the use of ecigarettes on planes. most major airlines banned them and the congressman tried to make his point while using an ecigarette and not everyone was impressed. massachusetts rep coughed loudly before voting in favor of the ban. a toll for big trucks traveling through rhode island 18-wheelers have to pay up to 20 dollars to enter the state along i-95. the revenue goes towards fixing
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critics say it puts too much of a burden on the trucking industry. bill was signed into law last night. a holden family is opening up about the terrifying ordeal on board a royal caribbean cruise ship that sailed into a dangerous storm. the 11th floor stateroom flooded and the 200,000 ton liner anthem of the seas hit 30 foot waves and hurricane-force winds. the experience cruise enthusiasts were taking their first family vacation and they have a new baby but as the bahama bound cruise ship became memorable not for reasons they hoped for. >> it was that crazy towed hang on to the bed and wall and each other. we are not big church people but i was like dave we have to pray because i was definitely scared. >> they credit the captain and crew with getting them back safely. royal caribbean gave all passengers refunds and discounsel on the next cruise and -- discount on the next cruise and they are signed up for that.
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>> scary but glad they are okay. just ahead uber settle a pair of class action lawsuits. >> customers with the ride sharing company, will they see money. >> a warning before you hit the
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welcome back. 6:23. uber wants to pay 28.5 million dollars to set two class action lawsuits one concerns the safe ride fee you beer's charges customers. suit says it was notly -- the suit says it was not legit because they never did background checks on drivers. a judge needs to approve the deal. payout could be split between lawyers and 25 million riders. you don't have to
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physicallic to know einstein was smart. researchers and some from m.i.t. are proving it. 100 years ago einstein predicted existence of gravitational waves so basically a rip in the space time fabric it took 100 years but scientists detected evidence of the waves. they recorded the sound of two black holes colliding. a key part of einstein's theory of relativity. a historic hire at wellesleycollege. they will have an african person president for the first time -- american president for the first time. dr. paula johnson is the chief of women's health at brigham and women's hospital and teaches the -- teaches at harvard. this summer she is the 14th president at wellesley college. new hampshire voters seat record. the secretary of -- set a record. secretary of state's office says more than 538,000 ballots were cast. smashing the old record set in 2008. there was a record number of
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more than 284,000 ballots cast. some presidential hopefuls getting secret service protection and along with that comes a special code name so yesterday we learned that bernie sanders code is intrepid chosen because of his stand against wall street banks. and other candidates have fun names donald trump is mogul and ben carson eli a reference to hillary clinton evergreen. names. >> our producers can say. we have done this once in while hit the snooze button but researchers say when you snooze you lose. >> a stanford university sleep specialist says it confuses the body and brain and can cause what the national sleep foundation calls sleep inertia the yogee feeling that -- groggy feeling that can last up to 90 minutes. >> what you can do get up when
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so you have to get up to turn it off be consistent getting up at the same time and get yourself into a healthy rhythm and try going to bed earlier to get to sleep. >> i hit the snooze button all the time. >> i am one of those. >> you don't right? i need to stop. lots more coming up in the next half-hour including the daily talker. >> the study looking into dating at work and the results might surprise you. >> also ahead, all students and teachers out there, the app that says it can give you advance notice of a snow day. >> heading to break four things to know as you head out the door on this friday morning.
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right now at 6:30 the ruling in a defamation case against bill cosby here in massachusetts. what it means for the comedian's wife. >> and a school bus driver arrested after a crash with
6:30 am
the charges he faces. >> this is jon keller. danielle eric and all our weather people how do i love thee for the winter thou has correctly forecast? let me count the ways coming up on wbz this morning. >> from the chapel 4 studios in boston -- channel 4 studios in boston this is wbz this morning. >> good friday morning 6:30 right now i am chris mckinnon. >> i am kathryn hauser. it's cold out there. you will feel it when you head out. bundle up this morning. that's probably the best piece of advice. >> you don't need us to tell you that. but it's a important reminder to cover up the exposed skin when the wind chill is this cold. how about cold weather facts. coldest in boston all time cold was 18 below zero 18 below zero without the wind factored in in february 1934. and last 50 years the coldest temperatures 7 below in january
6:31 am
the coldest was last february, zero in boston. we are forecasting a low of 4 below saturday night into sunday morning. now the real feel right now is subzero from northern new coast. feels like 6 below in falmouth so be bundled up. 8 in boston. winds will subside but at least the skies cleared and the sun is going to be shining. grab the shade as you head out. we will get clouds that mix in. rise coming up in about 15 minutes from now. and a few clouds again through the afternoon and 19 by lunch hour and we top out in low 20s today and clouds will increaseand thicken up quickly for the ride home. i am tracking snow on the way for tonight and it will accumulate in spots. details on that coming up. now on the roads with traffic and weather together hi. >> reporter: hi. an accident north of the city and slow downs to the south. the crash is in wobeen 93 southbound at mountvale avenue. second time an accident there this morning. shoulder is blocked back up is to 128.
6:32 am
the leverett connector. to the south packed between furnace brook and route 3 northbound jammed from union kathryn. >> thanks. a school bus driver arrested accused of being drunk pole. >> be a there were -- and there that time. nicole jacobs is live where the nicole. >> reporter: this was not your typical commute home from school on the school bus. this is one that ended with a crash and that bus driver arrested. of all things, oui. look at his mug shot here. poirier. police say there were 11 students on board the bus and according to them, an intoxicated poirier slammed into eu pillet pole on hayden pond road and the pole fell on the bus and students were evacuated without problems or
6:33 am
but power was knocked out to hundreds of people on hayden pond road. the power has been restored but it's going to be a day in court for poirier. he is set to go before a judge this morning. live in dudler nicole jacobs wbz this morning. >> irish nanny who is charged with killing a baby and cleared is being sued by the baby's parents. ashley and brady mccarthy spent more than two years in -- spent more than two years in jail and returned to ireland shortly after her release in august. according to the globe the baby's parents are suing her for wrongful death. the baby's mother told the pape eater suit is the only way to make sure she doesn't make money of a their daughter's death. bill cosby's wife will have to answer questions under oath in a civil suit filed here in massachusetts. but a federal judge ruled yesterday that camille cosby can refuse to testify about any private conversations she had with her husband. her deposition is part of a
6:34 am
against the comedian by 7 women assaulted them. decision. former mayor ray flynn recovering after crashing his suv into a neighbor's house. susie steimle is live in south boston where it happened. >> reporter: good morning. this is flint place a small yesterday afternoon. you can see it's narrow here where neighbors say they were surprised there was so much damage to the building which you can see is still roped off. 12:45 p.m. former mayor ray flynn says he was on his way home from the gym when he started to feel weak and then blacked out. when he swobbing up he found his car in -- when he woke up neighbor's house. the people living here couldn't stay here because the damage was so bad but they stay say they like the mayor and were worried about his well-being and are glad he is okay.
6:35 am
we run into them all the time and they are the nicest people concern hoping he was okay and he was not hurt obviously. >> reporter: ray flynn was the mayor of boston for three terms before being promoted as the ambassador to the vatican. he does have a concussion from the accident but is expected to be okay and police say no live. [ no audio ] >> that was susie steimle reporting. massachusetts leaders taking action in the opioid crisis. >> today we are pleased to announce along with the mass dental society the first in the nation set of dental education core competenceies for the prevention and management of prescription drug misuse. >> governor baker talking about a program that will send hundreds loaf cal dental students through a training program that will teach them how to prevent and manage prescription drug misuse. what if you could know
6:36 am
most likely to be canceled. one app is promising that. snow day calculator lets you put in your zip code and information about your school like whether it's public or private and how many snow days you have had and then it tells outlikelihood your school will close. the developer says he uses the same algorithms when he was in middle school to figure out or not. speaking of snow days jon keller has a special message for the wbz weather team. >> and will you agree with him? >> reporter: good morning. ive avenue got a conphysician -- i've got a confession and i am not ashamed i love wbz chief meteorologist eric fisher and course. because every thing they predicted about this winter has so far been right on the money. eric and the gang said it would be a relatively mild winter and it has been. they said that while we would get storms they would tend to be mixed precipitation events that wouldn't bury us under 10 feet of snow and ice and that's
6:37 am
and they said whatever accumulation we did get wouldn't hang around forever like last winter and again, they were right. i double checked with eric last night and he assures me the nasty shot of cold we are getting the next few days will be temporary. followed by a nice warmup. and while we are due for a fair amount of storm activity the rest of the month, it should follow the pattern. we all know from experience that once we get to march, nothing that happens will last very long. i am sure i speak for many of us when i say this has been akin to being called into the boss's office expecting the worse and did -- worst to be told you getting a promotion or raise or a or getting set up on a blind date by your aunt fearing a nightmare and in walks the person of your dreams. we needed this winter to be lenient needed it badly. as edgy as we new englanders are i was afraid we would go over the edge if this had
6:38 am
so thank you eric danielle barry and pamela. i love you all at least until next winter. talk back to me at or via twitter at keller at large. >> 6:38 on your friday morning. time for the daily talker and with valentine's day romance is on just about everybody's mind. >> very true. you may be surprised to hear that some of those lovers exchanging valentine's are in your workplace. robi is here to explain. meteorologist. >> i did. >> reporter: that worked out well and we are talking office romance a practice many feel is taboo and it may be against company rules but a survey shows that more than a third of workers have gone out with someone in nearby cubical. 37% of workers polled say they have dated coa coworker a third of those led to marriage. 23% said they went out with
6:39 am
than them at work and the boss or supervisor. i totally bet they didn't tell hr and perhaps the most scandalous 17% of workers said they went out with someone who was married at the time. basically had an affair with a coworker and pollster says that number may be higher because people don't want to admit that and they may have lied or withheld the information during the polling. here's what folks are saying on the social media platforms. jewels says it could be awkward and risky but you never know. it could work out. and meant to be. and marie on facebook says work is the best place to get to know someone before diving into a relationship almost 29 years of marriage later, and he still ranks as my favorite boss ever. look at marie marrying the boss and together for 29 years. congratulations number of ways to comment website twitter and facebook let us know what you
6:40 am
comment all day long you lovers out there. >> thanks very much robi. this year's grammy awards will open with a bang courtesy of taylor swift. >> the recording academy announced show starts with swift performing a song from her album 1989 and other perform nsers adele and luke bryan and joe walsh of the eagles and cast of the musical hamilton. the grammys air this monday night at 8:00. see it here on wbz. >>i can't wait to see what adele does. >> she is the go-to coming up a. check of your day's top campaign trail where republicans are this morning and highlights from last night's democratic debate. good morning danielle. >> good morning. checking in with weather watchers this morning it's a cold start out there. the wind is blowing too and that's creating a chill. it feels like 7 below says peter in cambridge. 14 below in worcester.
6:41 am
what about 15 to 30 below zero. that's the wind chill we are talking about for the weekend.
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i can refinance? current student loans with one new loan and save money on interest. it is easy! from that in-flight magazine. or save up for a new car, a wedding the home of your dreams. have a question about how much you can save? at 1-866-999-0253 or visit breaking news at logan airport a plane set to take offis damaged after being hit by a vehicle. this happened at a gate in terminal c a passenger says they were told to deplane because of that damage. we have a crew at the scene right now. we will continue updating you
6:44 am
information comes in to the newsroom. >> some of the passengers tweeting about the experience. we will keep tabs on that. but in the meantime, another big story is the cold out there. and it is with the wind chill we are talking single ticket temperatures. >> it's brutal and this is the beginning -- single digit temperatures. >> it's brutal and this is just the beginning. feels like 8 below in falmouth. couldn't-- doesn't mat areer with you are -- matter where you are but it's cold out there. the wind will ease through the day today that wind gusting occasionally over 20 miles per hour. and you're right temperatures in the single digits right now. 8 in boston. we had another day that was 8 degrees in the morning back in the beginning of january. but other than that, we are tied for the coldest morning of the the season so far. skies are clear so grab the shade and it may be cold but you will need that. the sun is shining brightly this morning and through the afternoon too before the clouds increase.
6:45 am
the south. i stopped things later on today and this evening because i anticipate areas of snow developing between 8 and 10 p.m. on the cape and islands. there may be a scattered snow shower for the rest of us. but it's pockets of snow that will continue until about 4 or 5 a.m. tomorrow morning on the cape and come to an end. it's going to be a fluffy consistency. notice the storm passing well to the east. and we are missing that one. this moisture is over the ocean. and we get the cold that comes in and wind whips out. gusts up to 40-mile-per-hour inland and 50 cape and islands. the outer cape may get clepped by a couple flurries on sunday -- clipped by a couple flurries on sunday afternoon. high pressure building in. so snowfall accumulations tonight scattered coatings with snow showers but one to three inches of snow from plymouth to the south coast. cape and islands. there may be as much as 4 inches in a couple localized spots. the greatest risk is from
6:46 am
but it will be very easy to move around and again most of 10 p.m. tomorrow morning. tad's -- today's highs 20s. it will feel like the teens. tonight we drop back into the single digits. 13 in boston and tomorrow we don't get out of the teens and we drop very quickly into the single digits. and we go below zero. sunday morning records to beat 11 below moisture forecasting a tie three below in boston forecasting 4 below sunday morning that will break the old record set in 1934 and for that reason, combined with the wind the national weather service has issued a wind chill warning. so, when you are out, for as little as ten minutes in this cold, you can develop frostbite. that's why we say bundle up exposed skin and wear layers you don't want to be out for a period. saturday night and sunday
6:47 am
we don't get out of the single digits for highs on sunday afternoon a quick rebound in and out of here not as cold as monday. we will watch the storm on tuesday and may start as a briefwintry mix and change over to rain still in the 40s on wednesday and turning a colder but bright 28 on thursday. traffic and weather together how is it looking. >> reporter: overall not a bad commute this morning. with only a few bumper to bumper rides and maybe they are lovers with an early start on the valentine's weekend. yeah. okay to the south the, pressway packed between the split and columbia road. a 25 minute ride and route 3 northbound crawling between union street and the split. and checking the north looks like 93 southbound jammed from medford into the leverett connect canor a 12ment delay but rest of the north map looks green. chris and kathryn. >> thanks. 6:47 is the time on your friday morning. checking top store yeas school bus driver is heading to court today. >> he is accused of driving
6:48 am
the bus. police say scott poirier was drunk when he crashed into a utility pole. no one was hurt but the accident knocked out power to the neighborhood. power was restored late last night. >> former boston mayor ray flynn says he passed out before crashing into a home in south boston. mayor flynn says this happened on his way home from working out yesterday. no one else was hurt. flynn says he suffered a concussion and will undergo medical testing. the two presidential hopefuls on the democratic side battling it out in a debate last night. hillary clinton attacked sanders proposals saying they wereunrealistic and sanders says big ambitions are courageous. >> i've been very specific about where i would raise the money and how much it would cost and how i would move this agenda forward. >> let's be clear that every proposal that i have introduced has been paid for. >> this is the last democratic debate before super tuesday when voters in massachusetts
6:49 am
republican presidential candidates are crisscrossing south carolina. 8 days before the primary there. all of them chasing for donald trump with a chance to take him on in person saturday night on the debate. watch that tomorrow live at 9. jon keller will have an alsis immediately after the wbz news at 11. bruins jetting off an road trip. >> coming up the b's fighting back after a bad loss. >> and the new view of the big air competition and this one might make you a little dizzy.
6:50 am
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with bz sports is driven by bmw test dry a bmw today or visit us at the bruins fighting for win against the jets just a minute 38 into the game. he sets up bergeron and it's 1- 0b's and second period goes to drama there. right here he slaps at bergeron and he drops the gloves with wheeler and this is only his second fight of his career. hey, there he goes he goes down and doesn't win the fight but this is the important thing the b's win the game 6-2. >> if you are afraid of heights you may not want to look at this. we have a unique view of what it's like to scream down the
6:53 am
ramp at fenway park. snow border wore a gopro camera here it is and the jump. snow boarding competition was last night and ski competition is underway tonight. so school. dan roche will head to fenway south to cover the sox in florida. the live spring training reports begin next tuesday. from winter to spring in two stories. it's 6:53 time for a closer look at what's coming up at 7 on cbs this morning. >> let's check in with nora o'donnell. >> good morning. ahead on cbs this morning we will look at democrat dike bait and pre-- democratic debate and preview the gop debate. and we go on a journey with nominee cam and the news is back in the morning.
6:54 am
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6:56 am
from a political storm to a snowstorm. >> a nightmare vacation and a trip down south here's a look at the week that was. >> it comes down to this. >> a celebration from the start for bernie sanders. donald trump is basking in hisvictory a we want to thank the people of new ham-- >> we want to thank the people of new hampshire.
6:57 am
done. >> wind and snow continues to pick up. it's wicked fro surveillance video of a hit-and-run. >> passenger stuck on a cruise ship rocked by back seas are back on dry land. >> should never happen. >> prosecutors are deciding whether to retry a man freed after 30 years in prison. >> someone said there will be a party in cambridge. that's brilliant like a port-a- potty. >> my goal to disappear and be >> no. >> can't do anything right around here this morning. >> we had a bachelorette party in new orleans. >> beignets all over the place. >> valentine's day has a heart but says bitter. >> oh my gosh. >> another week and we are following breaking news at logan airport. a plane set to leave boston for tampa this morning was damagedafter being hit by a vehicle at the gate.
6:58 am
and we have a crew at the scene and will continue to update you throughout the morning. passengers were saying they were getting on another plane to head to the destination. >> all right. >> that's good news there. >> the cold really a big story of the morning. even the weekend too. >> subzero win chills feels like 8 below and through weekend it's going to get worse. temperatures won't get out of the teens tomorrow. we will drop below zero saturday night to sunday morning. high of only 10 on valentine's day. not bitter. >> fun to love. >> yeah. all right cbs this morning is next we will see you in 25
6:59 am
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, february 12th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." hillary clinton and bernie sanders battle for the minority vote in a heat debate. republicans sharpen their attacks before tomorrow's face-off. >> donald trump says the pope does not understand america's immigration issue. we are in mexico ahead of the pontiff's visit. and controversy crashes a massive surf competition. why no women are paddling into these waves. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener."


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