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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 12, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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eric fisher on wbz news rear we are fog several-- we are following several breaking stories a woman dead after a flying manhole cover land on her car in the miel of 93. >> in dorchester one person dead and two others shot and police involved shooting. police. >> and a parked plane hit by a van at logan. how quick thinking workers kept worse. >> wind chill warning in places. temperatures are set to plunge lower than they have in decade plus we are tracking snow tonight. updated accumulation maps coming up. >> live, from the channel 4 studios in boston wbz news at
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>> and we begin right now at dorchester. at least one person is dead in a police-involved shooting. gooda noon i am chris mckinnon. >> i am kathryn hauser. to three suspects. from police. bill shields is live on the scene with the latest. what can you tell us bill. >> reporter: good morning. we know very little about what happened up the street here. it's where you see the media gathered at stanwood waiting come speak. there was police activity here and i think we have a little video that was shot by one of our photographers. apparently a police officer had some sort of interaction confrontation if you will with several suspects this about gun -- there were gunshots and we are told there were possibly two victims down in the case apparently this is all conjecture shot by a boston
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two maybe three suspects. we are unsure but this were people on the street who heard and saw some of that activity. >> there was just like a black car parked in the middle of the happened. the doors opened and i don't know what happened so. >> reporter: right now we are awaiting the news conference by police commissioner evans to fill us in but he was doing other work this morning and had to come here to get briefed by officers on the scene. we don't know whether it was a gang unit undercover or marked patrol car with the police involved that way so there's lot of questions but we should have a lot of answers hopefully come mid afternoon. bill shields wbz news. more breaking news a freak accident on 93 sends a manhole cover flying into the air
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this happened right in the middle of the morning rush. >> a manhole cover came flying tunnel. more. it's a terrifying story susie. >> reporter: it's terrifying and tragic and it's very strange. this is something we have been watching develop all throughout the morning. i am sure a number of drivers saw it as well as it caused backups. right now traffic is moving for the first time all day but you can see cones 9 # southbound where reconstruction crews are working to figure out what happened. a manhole cover came loose and fatally injured a female driver this morning at about 7:50. just about an hour ago we did watch as police moved this woman's car. if you look at the pictures, you can see how badly damaged the windshield is where the manhole cover went through and the back of the car was badly damaged. they have had both left lanes closed for several hours. in the middle of the morning
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and police have been careful to leave everything in place including the manhole cover which you can see on highway. as they are trying to figure out exactly what caused this. we have a closer picture of it inside the o'neill tunnel thehole from where the cover cameoff somehow morning. again police still trying to figure out exactly what caused this very tragic accident. we caught up with a driver who caught at least some of the the aftermath. >> it looked like a sewer or electric cover but a big giant manhole cover 2 inch by 6 by 21/2 feet round in the middle of the left hand lane and then just wond that the car with the emergency vehicles around it. >> reporter: y are looking at 93 southbound just as we rolled the video.
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you can see traffic at standstill. they are being very careful as they try to figure out the investigation and going through every step. that is four-hour process they have been on highway here and as you can see completely shut down. right now the woman's identity and make and model the car where she is from everything is being kept secret until police are able to connect with this woman's family and tell them the tragic news. we will follow this throughout the day and bring you updates. for now live in boston, susie steimle wbz news. >> thank you. and this is not the first time a manhole cover has come loose on i-93. in 2007 one broke free on the highway in milton and became wedged under a bus. part of the road had to be shut down to repair the cover following that particular incident the state inspected all covers on massachusetts highways. in 2014 a springfield man was killed driving the bronx expressway in new york what manhole cover came free and smashed into the window. we will have much more on this
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news at 5. and breaking news in arizona two teens were shot in a high school in glendale arizona. it's not clear if the victims were students. the school is on lock down but authorities say there is no active shooter. turning our attention to the weather on this frigid friday, the worst is yet to come that's the bad news i guess. >> we are headed into some possible record cold territory. the big question hold -- how cold are we talking. >> subzero temperatures. you need to be bundled up. wind chill right now is still sitting in the single digits 9 degrees in boston but look at current wind chill well north and west of us back up into central and eastern canada, 30, 40 and 50 below zero right now when you get back up near st. james and hudson bay. this is the core of the arctic air that will push into the northeast east next 24, 48 hours. temperatures 19 in boston.
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the 20s across a lot of the remainder of the region. skies are featuring a good amount of sunshine. the trend will continue over the next couple hours. maybe be a couple flurries that develop here in western new hampshire and berkshires. between now and early evening, clouds thick n but we stay dry. i am watching a disturbance stay dry. i am watching the disturbance ocean. massachusetts. we are between 9 and 11 p.m. areas of snow break out through plymouth bristol county cape early tomorrow morning. but then one more band of scattered snow showers and squalls move through and that's the arctic blast so don't be surprised if you see one line that comes through tomorrow late morning to midday it may visibility. it's a scattered coating 1 to 3 inches of fluffy consistency easy to move from flip south -- plymouth to the cape. tomorrow morning.
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for the weekend and i am tracking another storm for the start of next week. minutes. >> thanks very much. remember to get your weather any time anywhere with the the cbs boston weather app with current conditions and forecast from danielle and the alerts. it's free in the google and apple app stores. developing right now, adudley school bus driver facadjudge charged with driving drunk and crashing -- a -- faced a judge charged with driving drunk and crashing. he was drunk when he hit a utility pole. no one was hurt. he was released and will be under house arrest. he must stay away from kids and alcohol and he is going to be back in court in march. also developing a a plane at logan airport -- developing at noon a plane at logan airport damaged when it was hit by a van. massport says a ground operation van hit the jet blue flight while parked at the gate. passengers say the plane jolted up and down and the baggage
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plane. passengers were forced to get off the flight. >> luckily they got it stopped before it hit another airplane. we have aircraft damage and we will deplane because this plane is not going for a while. i apologize. >> the plane is now out of that damage. the passengers who were on the original plane on the way to tampa have been rebooked on other flights. massport authorities have investigating. also this noon former boston mayor ray flynn says he passed out before crashing into a south boston home. mayor flynn says it happened on yesterday morning. flynn says he suffered a concussion in the crash and will undergo some medical tests. a man accused of attacking a woburn police office erin running down a pedestrian is -- officer and rung down a pedestrian is in court. tyson delgado was found under a
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he is accused of hitting a man and dragging him on the hood of yards. police say they were questioningdel dado in a larceny case when he assaulted a police officer and took -- delgado when at that-- in a larceny case when he assaulted a police officer and took off. candidates face odd of of a -- faced off in a firery debate. >> reporter: hillary clinton and bernie sanders squared off with each claiming to be the right choice to succeed president obama. >> senator sanders said president obama failed the presidential leadership test and this is not the first time that he has criticized president obama. i don't think he gets the credit he deserves. >> madam sergeant that's a low blow -- secretary that's a low blow. one of us ran against barack obama i was not that candidate. >> reporter: the candidates are sending that message to african american voters who make up a large percentage of the south carolina electorate.
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our economy, a lot of those poor people are african american. >> the affordable care act helped more african americans than any other group. >> reporter: on the republican side the attacks were aimed at one man, donald trump. >> negotiating a hotel deal in notforeign pole. >>i you can push down donald trump by electing someone that's a solid conservative. >> all the guys i am a conservative person bush says i do not believe he is a true conservative. these people are stupid. >> reporter: the republican candidates are prepping for more face-to-face attacks as they meet again for the cbs news gop debate. this saturday night. weija jiang cbs news greenville. >> and you can watch the republican's bat -- republicans battle it out with all 6 candidates on stage for the debate. see it here on wbz tomorrow night at 9. and immediately after the debate stay tuned for the wbz news at 11.
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wrap of the day's events and jon keller will be in for a fullanalysis of the republican debate. coming up, breaking barriers. the meeting between the pope and another religious leaders that's making history. >> and a nightmare vacation to tell you about. a local couple describes the terrifying cruise through a massive storm.
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we have been following break news this noon. a woman is dead after a bizarre accident on i-93 south. a manhole cover went flying this morning right in the middle of the morning rush. and hit a woman's car killing her. police are investigating the accident. we will continue to follow this for you. today pope francis is on the way to cuba to meet with the russian orthodox church are leader.
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that started a,000 years ago. it's the first time a pope and russian patriarch met. they will meet at the airport and will sign joint declaration and the pope continues an five- day tour of mexico. a holden family is opening up about the terrifying ordeal on board a royal caribbean cruise ship that was caught in storm. the couple is taking the first swaycation as a familiar -- vacation as a family of three. the 200,000 ton liner anthem of the seas hit 30 foot waves and hurricane-force winds. >> it was that crazy you had to hang on to the bed and wall and each other. we are to the big church people but i was like dave we have to pray because like this is-- i was definitely scared. >> they credit the captain and crew with getting the back -- them back safely. royal caribbean gave pass injuries refunds and a discount on the next cruise. the wiggins family signed up for one. >> all right. and it's that time of day where
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see what's going on as far as the weather and it's cold. >> cold. >> all about the chill. and we talk about it but when it comes down to it you don't want to mess around with this. you can get frostbite in as little as 10 minutes when the temperatures and the wind combined make it feel like it's 20 to 30 below zero. this morning it was cold without the wind. bedford 2 and boston 8 degrees for a morning low if you thought the morning was cold, we have a little ways to go. 19 in boston 25 in nashua and 21 in taunton. still teens out there falmouth to lawrence and there's a bit of a wind. it's not nearly as strong as yesterday but blowing and creating a real feel of 1 below zero in worcester. sunshine over the next couple hours. it's going to be fading away. we are seeing some increase in clouds north and west of boston. this trend is going to continue. we have got moisture that's
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coastline and develop into a storm and we have the arctic front from the west. this is what happens between now and the evening the cloud thicken. it's between 9 and 10, 11 that some areas get snow. southeastern massachusetts clip us around midnight. it is overnight tonight and a scattered snow shower for the rest of us. tomorrow morning mid to late morning it sweeps through that the front itself. see the deep blues don't be caught off guard if you see reduced visibility briefly and a quick coating on the roads. even in community including boston metro west. during the morning hours as the front comes by. but the fluffy snow tonight and it will be fluffy is cold and will be oozy to move around. a inch to plymouth and three for the mid and outer cape of nantucket. so plows will be out. overnight tonight we dip into the teens andn boston but single digits in suburbs and we don't get out of the teens tomorrow. but the highs are going to be
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day and that blast of cold air comes in. so sunday morning records to beat. record cold temperatures 11 below zero we are forecasting we tie that. 3 below in boston we forecast 4 below and that would break the old record set in 1934. and keep in mind that's without the wind factored in. you bring in the wind that's gusting 25 to 45 miles per hour and number one you may get isolated pockets of damage and number two, it creates the real feel running 15 to 30 below zero late saturday evening and night sunday morning 9 a.m., feeling like 17 below in boston feeling like subteens back down to the cape. so that's why the national weather service has issued the wind chill warning. it comes into effect late tomorrow afternoon. and last until noon on sunday and it's a wind chill watch along the south coast to cape cod. sunday afternoon, we don't improve either. we come up to about 10. and then next week, a quick rebound. cold comes in and out and it's not like it will stick around for a while. next storm is on tuesday.
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will likely be periods of snow that develops monday evening and night before changing over to rain and it's going to be a warmer storm heavy rain that comes in and then turning colder again on thursday. guys back to you. >> all right thanks very much. we do want to update you on the breaking news. one person dead in police involved shooting in dorchester. commissioner evans addressed the media bill shields is there. what did he tell you? >> reporter: well he got finished talking with the media. this started with a call for shots fired on devin street. when police arrived on stanwood they saw two guys limping along one apparently had been shot. the other was holding a gun. they ordered him to drop the gun. three times they order him to drop the gun. carry about that i got -- sorry about that they got work to do. thee times they ordered the suspect to drop the gun and three times he didn't and then he fired at the police
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suspect and the other guy was on the ground wounded. but again this started with a shoot out at an apartment on devin street. this are people wound there had and now a guy dead on the street in stanwood and another injured man. so you have at least three people shot one dead one in the apartment over on devin street but the police officer is okay. reporting live from dorchester bill shields back to you guys. >> thanks for the update. tonight at 11 our special series on the opioid crisis continues. the i-team lauren leamanczyk gets a look at a new effort to stop heroin from getting into massachusetts by state police. >> this a recognition we need to fight heroin in a different way than we have done other drugs. >> absolutely. attack it before it even gets here you know in transit. that's our mission. >> she will have a look at where the heroin is coming from and we go behind the scenes
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track users and deals dealers. i-team continues the, collusiveseries tonight at 11 on ww. -- wbz. it's been dubbed the super bowl of music. >> why the opening act of the
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welcome back. we are three days away from the grammys. today we learned the show is
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thanks to taylor swift. >> she said to open the grammys with a song from the album 1989. which is up for best album of the year. other grammy performers including adele and one of our favorite nantucket native nan trainor. and the cast of the broadway show hamilton will be perform. you can watch grammys this year on monday at 8 on wbz. >> should be gooed. up next a final -- good. >> up next a final check of the record breaking cold.
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coming up tonight at 5 bonns bons and bars and clusters inside somerville's chocolatier recognized as having the best chocolate treats in the country. >> yeah. >> sound good to me. >> yep. >> coming up tonight at 5. >> sound good. >> time for val en's tine's day -- valentine's day. >> it's going to be cold but you will be fine as long as you cover up exposed skin. wind will be strongest tomorrow afternoon and until sunday morning and a quick rebound next week. so get through it and it won't stick around too long.
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>> join us for the next newscast at 5. we will see you monday morning at the 4:30.
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>> victoria: excuse me, mr. abbott. but you know, it' s not every day so, um...i hope you' re not gonna get all traditional on me and say that you' re the one that wants to do the asking. come on. please. let' s just do it. let' s just get married. please. let' s get married again. i was thinking maybe valentine' s day. maybe you don' t like the idea at all. >> billy: you kidding me? how could i not want to be married to you?


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