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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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how this 200 pound metal disk that says boston drain on it ended up airborne crashing through the front and rear windshield of this car killing the woman behind the wheel is what state police are focused on. state transportation crews checked more than 500 other openings along the boston highway system making sure they are secure. in we decided to send the highway crews out -- >> we decided to sen the highway crews out to inspect every opening a great or -- grate or manhole cover and whatever it is on the metropolitan highway system road ruers it happened before 8 as the woman drove southbound through the o'neill tunnel the cover over a drainage system became dislodged at the,it of the tunnel. of a it hit the car continued out in the left lane of the expressway. be a eventually hitting the -- eventually hitting the wall
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harry granahan who was in the traffic. >> police were blocking it so no one would hit the manhole cover and there was a steel i could imagine if it hit a car it would have -- it could hit a person and would do some serious damage. >> reporter: transportation officials insist it's a rare situation but because it was so tragic they won't leave anything unchecked. police have taken the drain cover into inspection to inspect it for defects or excessive wear or anything that might indicate it was not secured the way it should have been. christina hager wbz. >> news now back to you -- wbznews, now back to you. the 35-year-old caitlin clavette. >> for her colleagues and student it's terrible loss. beth germano is live in milt
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>> reporter: well, a gifted and art teacher is how they describe her here. i spoke with the superintendentof schools in milton and she says the news hit very hard. this morning faculty were given the news and given time to process it and returned to the classrooms and continued with the studies which she doled the utmost professionalism at the most difficult time a. students left not knowing the news but at 3:30 this afternoon an e- mail was sent to parents which says in part please know that we as a school system feel the enormity of the tragedy. caitlyn -- caitlyn's death is a tragedy for the stewed he and families whose lives she touched over the past four years. we know you will join us in senning thoughts and prayers to her family and fren. all this comes of course as february school vacation week is about to begin. so there's concern the support system is not there. so the superintendent says the decision was made to open the
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and 12 so parents can come and talk with counselors and they are home hope parents will be able to discuss it with their children. reporting leave, beth germano wbz now is. >> terribly sad. thank you. stay with wbz for teng coverage of who are -- continuing coverage of the horrifying accident. coming up at 6, we look back and found out this is not the first time a manhole cover has come loose on the expressway. the i-team is digging into the safety of the road and that report is coming up tonight at 6. now at 5, it's dangerously cold. a live look over boston but it will get worse than we are right now. we are talking about the coldest temperatures of the year. >> so here's what to know if you are going out. it's going to be so cold unless you are bundled up you could get frostbite in 10 minutes. your pipes could freeze and burst so keep a trickle of water rupping in the sink and it's possible -- running in the sink and it's possible your car won't start so run it for few
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for he can actly how cold -- exactly how cold it will get let's go over to eric fisher. >> in the a couple fun d -- not a couple fun days. wintry day but we are looking at air mass up above canada. you can see lots of subzero temps. the arctic front is approaching the great lakes and moving south and east. you can see that marked by a line of snow squalls that are moving through the great lakes. there's a storm off the carolina coast. we are missing most of that but some snow will movep across the cape and islands tonight. we could see a little accumulation there. otherwise single digits and low teens. a cold night. not too much wind. winds pick up midday tomorrow wind chill warnings this area in blue wind chill advisories for the cape and islands. it will be bitter but not as harsh and advisories for the sea coast and main coast. tomorrow afternoon is when the wind pick up and temperatures are crashing during the afternoon. so it will feel like 5 bow low
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as we head into the evening it's valentine's weekend at 9 we will look at wind chill values at 15 to 30 below and that's where we will get into posed skin. so be extra bundled up and just the eyes is what should be showing. heading into saturday night and sunday morning, that's the harshest and pulling into sunday afternoon the wind begins to diminish and it gets easier to take as wind chill values head up closer to zero. looks like it should be the coldest valentine's day recorded across the area. this is impressive stuff. 11 below in wore star which would tie the low and 4 below in boston and the first now mark in -- worcester which would tie the low and 4 below in boston and the first new mark there. now back to you. the commuter rail
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trains will be running off and on throughout the weekend to keep the equipment warm and ready to go. cold air is about the worst they have to look out for. stay with us on the app. it's free in the googeling and -- goggle and apple app stores. one person is dead in a police-involved shooting. officers say they were forced to fire when man pulled out a gun and tonight two other people are injured. let's go out to bill shields with the breaking details on the investigation. bill. >> reporter: this started one block away here from stanwood which is part of the investigation. still active. this started one block away when police responded to a call for a shooting. it escalated dramatically. >> they observed two individuals one carrying basically a assisting another leg. >> reporter: police were called
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columbia road. when they arrived they saw a man with a gun helping another leg. >> over the police radio everyone could hear throw commands drop your gun drop your hands. at that point it was an exchange of gunfire. >> drop the gun. shots fired. down. >> reporter: police were adamant the guy with the gunpointed his weapon at police. >> nobody likes to take a life but if you point a gun at one of our officers, in the way he did, obviously he was going to protect ourselves and neutralize the threat. >> reporter: the suspect who was killed has been arrested 57 times. three times for gun violations. in as recently as two years ago allegedly told friends he wanted to kill a cop. even community activists say
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>> i got a gun i am a bad guy officer has a gun. officer is obligated to do what he must do and they did. there's no evidence of an overreaction excessive force. >> reporter: in neighborhood quiet for sometime, the shooting left many frightened. >> i mean it's crazy just to be like right in the middle. >> reporter: even though police apparently did nothing wrong at this juncture the district attorney's office has appointed a special prosecutor to investigate this. reporting live from dorchester bill shields wbz news. >> thank you. a school bus driver is driving drunk behind the wheel students. 42-year-old scott poirier appeared in court. he was said to be four times the legal limit. no one was hurt. he was released today on house arrest.
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bracelet and stay away from kids and alcohol. he will be back in court in march. a love try aingeel may play a role in the murder of a 7 a -- 70-year-old man in wareham and louisa moller is live with the details. this was one that shocked a lot of people. >> reporter: oh, yeah. the district attorney just told us lisa that john witty was driven by gel sigh to brutally murderer's man he knew for several years. -- jealousy to brutally murder a man he knew for several years. john witty faces charges he murdered a man he knew for jeersion williams -- john williams. witty agreed to be held without bail. motive a love affair. >> i think this is a complete shock to them and probably one of the last things you would think would happen to a family
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>> reporter: williams bullet riddled body was found tuesday at east wareham home. police looked to witty after learning of a love triangle. according to williams childrenthe radio and airplane enthusiast had a long time affair with witty's live-in girlfriend who pass aid way last month from cancer he he learned of the relationship from a love letter he discovered this week going through her belongings. >> this is not random and it's done by this individual because of jealousy. >> reporter: police discovered the gps in witty's car showed him on william's street multiple time and they linked him through a batch of beer. the same production number found on the beer in witty's house and crime scene. >> the police the defendant in this matter was very disturbed did this activity last monday evening during the snowstorm.
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court documents the woman at the center of this did file a restraining order against witty. >> thanks. scare on the tarmac at logan. massport says a ground operation van hit a jetblue plane. they worked -- the bagage crew worked fast to to stop it. >> the plane started to shake and the flight attendants started to run out of the plane to see if everyone was okay out there. >> the plane is out of service and is inspieed -- inspected for damage. passengers have been rebooked on other flights and massport authorities are investigating tonight. lisa. three stories developing at 5. first in arizona where police are investigating the shooting death of two 15-year- old girl at a high school outside phoenix. the 10 g graders were found -- the 10th graders were found next to each other dead of a
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around police are not -- nearby and police are not looking for a suspect. police are trying to figure out if if a violent rampage is related to terrorism. 4 people were hurt in the machete attack the suspect led police on a car chase and was killed by police officers. and a test for the zika virus may be week away -- weeks away. world health organization addressed growing concerns explaining there may be a test there probably will not be a vaccine for 18 months. the steeka virus is -- zika virus is suspected of causingsevere brain damage in babies and pregnant women are warned not to go to travel areas where the people are infected. who says it's close to officially linking it to the birth defects. the loss of her twin babies had her taking life one step at a time but a native woman says she will run the boston marathon in honor of her children. also ahead a. crystal ball for snow days.
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massachusetts to predct ahead of time -- predict ahead of time when schools will be closed. and an i-team investigation the
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now to the arctic blast in boston already bitterly cold out there. temperatures are just going to drop further. this weekend, i got to say i didn't think today and maybe i am crazy for saying this, was that bad. >> you are crazy for saying that. >> the sun gave us something. i felt the sun was doing something. >> but when you went out you talked about how unbelievably cold it was. >> first thing this morning before the sun warmed up my hands were freezing. >> i was in my car and inside and that's it. >> today is not the cold day this weekend is the cold weather. this is a appetizer on what's on the way. >> cold appetizer. >> yeah. >> shrimp cocktail. >> crab cakes. here's headlines strict from the arctic air coldest
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well below zero sunday morning. and dangerous wind chills at 15 to 35 below zero and that's as cold as it gets. teens to low 20s right now. a chilly february night. two sis peps the -- we are watching to two systems. there's a strong storm developing towards carolinas that will graze us as we head into the overnight hours. some of the snow working its way farther northward like we have seen the snow across the cape and islands. otherwise mostly cloudy and a cold one in the single digits and lower teens and we will follow the snow best chance brushing up over martha's vineyard. it will be a light and fluffy snow because it's so cold and heading into tomorrow a couple quick snow showers as the arctic front passes. in terms of accumulation we could see a coating to as much as two inches and the best chance towards the outer cape and nantucket if we see decent accumulation showing up. now as we look through tomorrow we start the day cold and high
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day and that's when we spike to 50 to -- 15 to 28 degrees. as the front moves through watch the numbers start to fall as we head through the afternoon. and central massachusetts, we are in the single digits heading towards 4 and then for dinner time, lots of plans big holiday weekend right, 8:00 we are subzero in worcester and orange and boston falling through the single digits and single dig heading towards the canal. that's without the wind and bring in the wind and wind chill warnings are across all under an advisory. dangerous cold here. so that kicks up tomorrow winds increase. and tomorrow night, this is where we have the worst of it. chills. higher elevations worcester and into the berkshires could be as low as 35 below zero and it's very cold on sunday morning. a good cause to stay in bed longer and inside and in terms of the pets making sure they are not outside for anything
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and wind die down on sunday afternoon. and with that, wind chill values closer to zero. a little more tolerable. air temps 4 below in boston. 11 below in fitchburg. will only place above zero is outer cape and nantucket. high temps in the single digits to lower teens which is as cold as it gets on february 14th. so looking at the records, forecasting a tie in worcester and break in boston that record would be the first february record low and almost -- in almost 50 years and in terms of highs looks like we will have a record lomax temperature in worcester as well as boston by a fairly wide margin. things change heading into next we. monday to tuesday the time frame to watch. we are looking at temps in the 20s on monday. snow develops as we head towards the end of monday and thumpp -- thump of snow changes to ice and rain. some areas could hit 50. there's a lot going on. >> we are glad you are on it
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what if you knew when school was probably going to be canceled? one app promises to do that many we talked about this the other daych the snow day calculator developed by an m.i.t. student lets you put in the zip code and information about the school district and use the forecast and algoe rhythm determines the likelihood your school will be closed. algoe rhythm and determines the likelihood your school will be closed. i don't think he gets the credit he deers is noofs madam secretary that's a low blow. >> firery debates bernie sanders and hillary clinton going after it squaring off in milwaukee. each making the case they are the better choice. on republican side it's all in tomorrow night all 6 candidates qualified for the debate. this will be the 9th republican debate. watch it right here on wbz tomorrow night at 9:00 immediately after the debate
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i will be here and lisa will be here and jon keller will be here for full analysis of the the debate and, of course, eric well. the boston marathon. >> still to come a. local mother talks talks about what's driving -- talks about what's driving her to take the challenge. >> and a look inside the most luxurious florists how many roses they are prepared to deliver. >> meet the north shore's youngest chicken sitter. >> they don't try to hurt you or complain about anything. >> the 10-year-old who launched his own unique business. >> they are happy when you feed them as most things are. >> and he is bringing his little sister along for the ride. >> i like all animals because i think we are animals too, so,
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so, what moves me? it's the journey. the feeling of doing. it's making choices for a healthier me, a healthier us. i'm on my path
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the path to a healthier you starts with nature's path pumpkin flax granola. crunchy clusters of delicious organic oats, flax and pumpkin seeds, with all the goodness to nourish you and your family. nature's path granola. t enjoy your path. overcoming heart break andinjury. >> a local mother is rupping the boston marathon in memory of her twins and as paul burton shows us she so submitted to the cause she says she will crawl across. >> reporter: when it cops to home hope rosa wants people to know don't give up when everything seems hope flows we named our children and i had dreams and everything. >> reporter: she and her husband's dream came true in the fume of a boy and girl in 2004 but in tragic twist of fate medical error she says she went into preterm labor and
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>> reporter: matthew alexander born 1 pound 10 ounce and caitlyn elizabeth was delivered at 1 pound 6 ounces rosa got to see matthew one time and he passed away later that night. 18 days later kala passed away in surgery. >> i will never forget the day or feeling you know walking out the elevator and leaving children empty-handed. >> reporter: today they have two healthy children michael and kristin. >> as a small tribute i thought if i were to get a boy and girl again, i would name them as such that the initials would be a tribute to the twins. >> reporter: and in honor of all four this spring she will run in the boston thayer monday. she will run with brigham and women stepping strong foundation. the goal is to raise 10,000 toars. >> the message i -- dollars. >> the message i want to send to people is not to lose hope really that's what the stepping strong fund is about. >> reporter: she got a stress
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most training is cardioand weightlifting and hopes to be back on the road at the end of february and knows running the marathon will be a challenge but she also knows she is not running it for herself. >> i will be thinking about everyone who has helped me in terms of their donations for stepping strong and michael and kristin who will be watching at the finish line and also about matthew and caitlyn who will watch from above. >> reporter: paul burt op. >> the stories remind me the strength -- burton wbz news. >> the stories remind me of the strength of people. >> and a purposeful tribute. >> we will root her on. the count down is on valentine's day two days away. >> is that this weekend. >> yeah. >> expect it to be a busy weekend for polices including winston flowers which expects to sell up to 400,000 roses over the next couple days. >>i bet that room smells amazing. did you know the best of the best valentine's treats in the
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boston. >> we believe in the beauty of the chocolate. >> inside the kitchen at eh chocolatier. >> we are using 80% of the world's pain medication and that's shocking. >> people going through a medical process and coming out addicted. >> i became a liar and a thief over this thing. >> it can happen to anybody. it takes your soul away. >> roots of addiction.
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live from the channel 4 studios in boston, wbz news starts right now. >> we have two breaking stories at 5:30. forced to fire. boston police involved in shooting that killed a man. and a driver killed on the expressway when a manhole cover slammed through the wind shoaled. >> boston police were -- windshield. >> boston police responded to a shooting near stanwood and laredo streets. they saw two men leaving one what gun who the wound and the other a gun. osers told the armed man to


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