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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 12, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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live from the channel 4 studios in boston, wbz news starts right now. >> we have two breaking stories at 5:30. forced to fire. boston police involved in shooting that killed a man. and a driver killed on the expressway when a manhole cover slammed through the wind shoaled. >> boston police were -- windshield. >> boston police responded to a shooting near stanwood and laredo streets. they saw two men leaving one what gun who the wound and the other a gun. osers told the armed man to
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theythey say they were forced to fire killing the man. investigators are trying to find out if the injured man was hit by police gunfire and a third person suffered a gunshot wound. >> this is such a tragedy. teacher killed when manhole cover flew through the windshield this is caitlin clavette. the cover sits in the 93 south near the o'neill tunnel. emergency inspections are underway on all of the boston major highways. stay with wbz for continuing coverage. at 6 the i-team looks closer at how common accidents like this are a measures the state is taking to prevent them. also breaking here tonight, lowell police are searching for a driver who hit a 15-year-old boy and who took off. police rushed to the scene on this afternoon. we now know the teenage was riding his bicycle when the car
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paramedics took him to beth israel deaconess medical center with serious information. if you have information call dangerously cold temperatures coming our way this weekend. we will see wind chills more than 30 below. that's a situation that can be there's possibility of frostbite if you are not covered up the right way in 10 minutes. >> could be the coldest valentine's day in history. we check back in with eric and fireplace action. >> absolutely. it's a good time to make indoor plans and hunker down and catch weekend inside. if you are heading out and about it's about layers don't want that heading into saturdaya noon and night. here's current weather the open. real harsh cold is behind the front right now is lined up with lake erie and ontario. arriving here around lunchtime tomorrow a chance for a snow shower early in the morning and windy and cold in the afternoon. and temperatures will fall into the single digits and teens
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way below zero for most towns on saturday night. record cold looks likely and the northwest wind at 20 to 40 miles per hour. and then on sunday, pretty dangerous wind chill out there in the mork as low as 35 -- morning as low as 35 below zero across the higher elevation and we can go to 4 bow low zero the the coldest temp going back more than the last 10 years and if we hit 7 below it's as cold as the last 50 years across the city. the question. it's going to be a brutal weekend in the weather department. but warm up next week even chance of 50s. we will talk about that in a few. >> that's going to feel nice. thank you. tonight it's an important question. how does addiction begin. a fact most addicts get hooked on drugs their doctor prescribed. all week long the i-team investigated opioid epidemic in massachusetts and tonight a decorated former police officer tells ryan kath he lost his job and almost lost his life to addiction.
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prescription i took my first oxycontin and i felt a warm wave over my body and i had to say it was like nothing i felt before. it was just bliss. i remember saying wow. i can see how somebody can get addicted to this stuff. >> reporter: addiction was not supposed to ham to tom foy a highly decorated police lieutenant but after multiple prescriptions following surgeries on his shoulders and hip he was hooked. he grew so desperate he started to steal drugs from the evidence room at the police station. >> i had a pharmacy at my disposal. it called my name and that's the disease of addiction. >> reporter: but than he got caught. and after 26 years of putting bad guys behind bars, i was on the other side of the law. >> i put my hands up and i remember thinking, thank you god it's finally over. >> reporter: the popularity of opioid has soared and patients are addicted by the time the prescription runs out.
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5heroin users begin by taking prescription drugs. >> i was going to be using heroin that night. i was running out of pain killers. >> reporter: he says that arrest saved his life. for many heroin is an easy substitute because it's cheap and plentiful. >> they throw the doctors under the bus and we have not done our job. >> reporter: dr. dan muse of brockton hospital trainings first responders,000 administer narcan and he says too much emphasis is put on pain relief without considering the consequences. the number of narcotic pain prescriptions is up 140% in the last 20 years. >> quickly went from using to euphoria and withdrawals because physically they will becoming addictive and we send them to the street without helping them get off. >> reporter: the tidal wave that doesn't discriminate. >> the 16-year-old that gets his wisdom teeth out and not too long after is using heroin.
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prescribe opioids to people that don't need it. >> reporter: state prosecutors are crashing down on physicians like fernando jama accused of billing medicate for illegal prescriptions they say you contributing to the epidemic. he wouldn't respond to the i- tam but governor baker is speak out. >> four people a day are dying in massachusetts. >> reporter: for him part of the cause is evident proposing a limit to prescriptions. >> the rise in opioid and hair wn addiction deaths has traveled hand in hand with the rise and growth in prescriptions. >> reporter: some medical groups worry the limits will go too far. >> it's complicated because there are those that cancer patients, that will make it cumbersome for them. >> reporter: adjusting to life tom believes something has to change. >> it's not a story about someone who makess choices to experiment or whatnot you know bad things happen or whatnot.
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medical process and coming out addicted. >> reporter: opioid depree descriptions are being debate on beacon hill. governor baker's proposal will limit the prescription to 3 day supply but house leader phaser a 7 daytime -- favor a 7 daytime line. >> we will look at a new effort by state police to try to stop the flow of heroin in to massachusetts. >> is this a recognition we need to fight heroin in a different way than other drugs? >> oh absolutely. attack it before it even gets here you know in transit. that's our mission. >> the i-team lauren leamanczyk looks at where it's coming from and goes behind scenes with the troopers as they track users and dealers. stopping the flow of heroin into has shutes the i-team continues the exclusive series tonight on wbz news at 11. how would bill bell check say i love you.
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>> patriots have special volume entine's. >> a high schoolteacher overwhelmed by a birthday surprise. >> every valentine deserves a delicious meal phantom gourmet finds choices from sweet to stylish. don't miss the season premier of the amazing race featuring social media
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on bz feet a texas high school tier told students he couldn't remember the last time he what birthday cake. >> and they got the idea for a big suprise. take a look. >> happy birthday happy birthday to you. >> the students sang to the
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to his room which was all decorated. he was shocked as you can see putting his hands on his head and covering his face and walked to the corner of the room because he was so overwhelmed with emotion. >> i want to know why he didn't have a birthday cake all these years. >> i want to know if aid trick to get cake. >> it works i will try it. >> i never had cake so if you want to bring me some. >> must be really good. trying to find the perfect valentine for the patriots fan. >> the pats are helping you south. they released a series of gifts so you can show your love each of these featuring a different player in action and sweet saying like gronk's my heart spikes for you. there are photo valentine's and a couple with head coach bill i love you. >> i like that. that's romantic. >> really direct. >> and it probably fits something. >> we don't suggest you try that with your spouse. it is what it is, i love you. >> i think it can only work for one guy. if you are looking for a
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out you have luck. >> whoa go to local eateries to find romance sweets and style. >> reporter: like which the art house in the back bay is a stunning space that is part upscale restaurant part cocktail lounge and part art gallery. >> i wanted to bring it into an approachable environment part of every day environment drinking and eating looking at the art instead of being sterile and that's something that you stare at on the wall and i tried to think what i was fashion passionate about art footed and wine and travel and how do i put it in one and here we are. >> reporter: cafe flori puts on a dazzling display of over 100 decadents treats every saturday afternoon for a sweet fantasy known as the chocolate bar. >> we have all you can eat chocolate buffet every saturday september through june and we try to make everything the best we can and over the top and we
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they come through the room. >> reporter: and if you have a tough time getting a restaurant reservation for valentine's day, get tickets to the boston wine expo happening this weekend at the seaport world trade center for more food and fun watch phantom gourmet saturday and sunday 10:30 and 11. >> and that's a warmup because straight ahead we will take you inside a somerville chocolatier getting serious love. you will see why it's named one of the best in the country. >> kills me. 45 minutes to the end of thenewscast and dinner and look at the weather watchers network we are in cold temperatures high today at 25 and brian belmont up to 19 and cut those in half this weekend. the forecast is on the way. >> tonight on the wbz news at 10 on my tv38 are you a fan of the godfather? a boston based auction house is selling must-have memorabilia. make an offer they can't refuse.
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dressing in layers definitely requirement today for anyone spending any time outside and it's going to get colder over the next couple days. i made the comment to eric earlier that the sun kind of warmed things up a little bit today that something that is not going to happen. >> i didn't feel that maybe because i didn't go outside much. >> i thought it was fine personally after the morning once it was cold and i got a little more body fat. >> right that's what i was thinking over here. >> i mean if i wasn't.
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i don't mind the cold that much. >> you didn't wear a jacket. >> hi a hooded sweatshirt. >> oh my gosh. >> i would advice more than a hoodie. >> i want proof. >> call jay at the gym on the north end. 22 in boston 18 worcester a cold night for sure but coldest air is locked up in canada still well below zero and that's the air that is going to be pouring down into the northeast. we will be the coldest spot on the map this weekend. two weather systems to watch. your arctic front is right in here. and we have a storm system off the carolina coast behind and it's the storm off the coast that is going to graze cape cod and islands with snowfall overnight tonight. morning. minor accumulations a light and major issues. but if you are traveling, it could get slick on the cape and a coating to as much as 2 inches of total snow fall. scattered flurries to the north and west. tonight single digits. cloudy skies and the snow
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then tomorrow, our high temperatures are late morning until lunchtime and our high temperatures are not very high. at 11:30, upper teens to low 20s. and then our arctic front will push through. so temps fall during the afternoon and by the time we head towards the -- to the evening a the lot of people out and about. 2 below in worcester. 3 in taunton and plymouth wowed the wind. the wind is the -- without the wind. wind is the main story because that makes cold air dangerous. advisories for cape and island where it won't be as cold but certainly cold enough. and here's the timing. heading into the afternoon it's going subzero and the core of the cold is tomorrow evening. and night into sunday morning and that's where we are 20 to as much 35s below zero with the wind -- much as 30s below zero with the wind chills. you can go out if you are well prepared and heading towards sunday afternoon, the wind chills start to relax because the wind will diminish.
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we wake up to in terms air temps. everyone is subzero for -- exset for -- except for lower and outer cape and nantucket. single digits and lower teens as cold as anything we saw in the depths of last winter. and when you look at valentine's day the 14th looks like we will be in record territory when it comes to low temperatures and during the day for high temperatures forecasting 6 in worcester and 10 in boston. so certainly looks to be a memorable one at the very least. indoors plans a pretty good play for saturday and sunday. being a youh sen-day, monday we start with more subzero temps and a chance of snow arrives by the evening. the next storm takes a track close to us changes us over to ice and rain on tuesday. our school yard shout out for today is pamela gardner's school visit potter road elementary school in framingham. 80, second gradeers a school of lifelong -- graders a cool of
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>> great energy in the room. >> a lot of school visits. >> the the kid had dance moves. >> thanks eric. the somerville building you are about to see may look like any other building but hosts tasty secret inside. miniature master pieces made of chocolate and they taste even better than they look. eh chocolatier opened five years and a -- ago and it's recognized as the best in boston. >> and now it's ranked as one of the best in the country. >> everything is made in small batches. >> reporter: every day elaine and katherine create tiny edible works of art. if a. >> we bring crafting from old -- we bring a lot of crafting from old style and new flavors. >> reporter: when they stared
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>> awork at admissions office at harvard. >> internist and i practiced medicine. >> reporter: they started small making it for close friends and family at christmas time. >> they were so well received when katherine and i were where we could stop work we thut it would be a great opportunity to do it together. using elaine's initials it was born and at the beginning so gourmet shops featured their creations and a big company order came in. >> i looked at elaine and i said you know who they are she goes no and she is like somebody ordering chocolate from us but doesn't know who we are. so that's kind of like wow. >> reporter: that's also when the customers say. >> i don't know the chott look appears or taste better. >> reporter: they have been -- chocolate appears object taste better. >> reporter: testify been name the best in boston two years running. >> not just one year but two years in a row was phenomenal. >> reporter: "new york times" chose the salted cameel domes the best in box.
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>> have a nice valentine's day. >> reporter: this month u.s.a today declared eh chocolatier one of the top 10 chocolate treats. >> when you give it as a gift or take it for yourself you realize how special they are. >> we put our heart and soul into it and it really-- we make them to make people happy. >> see that smile there he a small retail counter and elaine tells us they are hoping to expand the summerville low -- somerville location is opened tomorrow before the valentine's day rush normally they are only opened during week. go to our website cbsboost oin pop com. >> -- cbsboost oin pom com -- cbs >> our producer went and all i heard was how wonderful they are. >> remember the i love lucy episode they named the conveyor belt lucy.
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doing much more than making people smile. >> how the efforts of three local girls will help sick kids. >> then next at 6, breaking news, a 15-year-old on a bike hurt in a hit be a run and a woman killed on 9 -- and a -- hit a and run. and a woman killed on 93. what the i team found when it
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special shout out to three med middle school students work -- middle school students work hard to help sick kids they are selling carnation racing money for the card at ribbing immediate at -- cardiac pediatric unit and will buy gift card for the patients and deliver them next month. the news at 6 starts now. >> breaking news emergency inspections after a woman is killed by a loose manhole cover on 93. >> there are thousands of highways. but how often are they checked to make sure they are secure in tonight the i-team will show you. >> the coldest valentine's day ever recorded in the area is in the forecast. chilly details and a warmup that follows. >> and he hatched a plan to start his own business. >> i let them out of the coup and check for eggs and check the water and food.
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money by baby-sitting chickens. >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston, wbz at 6 starts right now. >> we begin tonight with such a terrible tramming day woman hit and killed by a manhole that came loose on i-93 the victim a 35-year-old art teacher who worked in milton. massdot launching emergency inspection of manhole covers bigger problem. the govonor called it a bizarre and horrible incident. >> tonight -- accident. >> tonight they want to make sure it doesn't happen again. the woman was driving through manhole became dislodged and flew in the air and hit the windshield. the car kept going and hit the wall and stopped near east berkeley street. we have team coverage beginning with christina hager live in boston. christina.
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alodge the end of the stretchway and it was 58th of a mile where the drain cover went into it. they are looking for excessive ware and damage defects anything to indicate why it came loose. state police have taken the 200 pound metal disk into possession. now focused on figuring out how it came loose and ended up airborne crashing through the front and rear windshields of this car. killing 35-year-old katelyn clavette as she drove through the o'neill tunnel governor baker. >> our hearts and thoughts go out to the family that through an incredibly bizarre event lost someone today. >> reporter: state transportation crews spent the day checking more than 500 other openings on the state highway system within boston city limits. making sure they are secure.


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