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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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alodge the end of the stretchway and it was 58th of a mile where the drain cover went into it. they are looking for excessive ware and damage defects anything to indicate why it came loose. state police have taken the 200 pound metal disk into possession. now focused on figuring out how it came loose and ended up airborne crashing through the front and rear windshields of this car. killing 35-year-old katelyn clavette as she drove through the o'neill tunnel governor baker. >> our hearts and thoughts go out to the family that through an incredibly bizarre event lost someone today. >> reporter: state transportation crews spent the day checking more than 500 other openings on the state highway system within boston city limits. making sure they are secure.
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morning as clavette headed southbound. police say the cover labeled boston drain came from a hole just at the tunnel exit. after it hit, the car continued out into the left lane of the expressway. eventually hitting a wall along the shoulder. we spoke with terry granahan who was in the rush hour traffic. >> the the state police were blocking us so no one would hit the manhole cover and there's steel i imagine if it hit the car it would have hate person it would do some serious damage. >> reporter: of course there are surveillance cameras all along the expressway and people are going through the footage particularly before this incident look for anything that might point to why that cover was not secured on the hole. in boston, christina hager wbz news paula david back to you. >> thank you. early this morning the womanwas killed was likely on her way to work. >> she was a teacher in milton
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is live with more on her life and who she is beth. >> reporter: you can well imagine how difficult it was to receive this news just at the start of school this morning. just as teachers were arriving. the superintendent of schools here in milton tells me she gathered the faculty together immediately to talk about this beloved teacher who was probably on her way to school here this morning where she has worked as an art teacher for the last 4 years. now the superintendent says the faculty was drawn together and the news was shared and they returned to the classroom with their students which she says was the utmost professionalism at a difficult time. they were trying to gather more information before they could share the news with parents with staff and finally at 3:30 they sent out an e-mail to let everyone know and it reads in part please know that we as a school system feel the enormity of the tragedy caitlin's death caused it's tragic loss for family and staff and also for the students and the families whose lives the gifted and talented teacher touched over
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we know that you will join us in sending your thoughts and prayers to caitlin's family and friends. now not only was she a beloved teacher but she is a sports enthusiast and has been training with a multisports team in the boston area. school here at the glover elementary will be opened from 11 to 12 tomorrow for any parents who want to come in and gather and talk to counselors. there's concern because everyone is disbursing for february school vacation week there won't be a support system in place so that's why the decision was made to gather the parents here tomorrow in the hope that they will be able to discuss this tragic loss with their children. reporting live from milton, beth germano wbz news now back to you. >> thank you. unfortunately this is not the first time we have seen an accident like this. i-team has been looking at records lauren leamanczyk is here with what she found. >> reporter: there are thousands of the manhole covers on massachusetts highways and the incidents are not as uncommon as you think.
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inspected every two years and an emergency inspec was done on more than 500 of them today massdot and state crews performing a emergency inspection check more than 500 manhole covers after one becamedislodged this morning killing a driver. this is not the first time massdot has undertaken the project n2007 there were 5 incidents -- in 2007 there were five incidents where cars were hit by manhole covers and storm grates including this horrible scene on 128. >> out of extreme caution we are inspecting the roadway mass highway is he inexpecting -- is inspecting the roadway completely to make sure the same event couldn't occur again. >> reporter: since then they say they have inspected manhole covers every two years. manhole involved in today's incident was last looked at on june 12th, 2014. manhole events are far from common but they happen just
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cover caused a school bus accident. last year a springfield truck driver was killed in new york when a manhole cover flew through the windshield. now manhole covers can become dislodged for any number of reasons and sometimes it's because of issues underground. back in 2005 a study in massachusetts showed an average of 69 manhole incidents per year of course most of those do not impact the roads. lauren leamanczyk wbz news. >> thanks stay with wbz news as we learn more about why this accident happened and we will bring you the latest as soon as we get it. we have more breaking news tonight out where police are investigating a hit-and-run. boy was on his bike when i was -- when he was hit on lawrence street and the driver kept going. he is hospitalized with severe injuries and police are trying to track down the driver. we are tracking dangerous cold this weekend we are looking at wind chills as low as 25 below zero.
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and this is no joke. >> no this is about as cold as it gets. so i look at these types of days days we have big severe weather and it's a short amount of time where you pay attention to the weather and treat it with respect and move on next week things will warm up. as we look towards saturday and sunday, wind chill warnings for the area and advisory for cape cod and islands and wind chills will not be as harsh but cold enough. here's the arctic front the leading edge of the coldest of the code pouring down out of canada and they will arrive right around midday on saturday. so as we look towards tomorrow, the morning is cold but we don't have too much wind after lunch that's where the winds increase and wind chill values drop and by the time we head towards dinner we are looking at 20 to as much as 30 below zero for the wind chills. you can see frostbite in 10 to 15 minutes in conditions like that. avoid extended amount of time outdoors and exposed skin if you are heading outside and making sure the pets are indoors for as m as possible. sunday morning in the core of that cold and then as we head
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day it's very cold but windy minimum ishes and the wind chill will be less of a factor at that point. looking at -- diminishes and the wind chill will be less of a factor at that point. sunday we are in the freezer for lookly the coldest valentine's day in the area. monday snow arrives by the end of the day. so wintry forecast with a full look coming up in a few minutes. >> appreciate it thanks. commuter rail trains will be running at odd hours or actually idling through the night because of the cold. they say keeping the equipment running will prevent mechanical issues in the cold weather. coast guard warning fishermen. temperatures this low will cause heavy freezing spray off the water which can be dangerous to the fishing boats. the biggest threat is to boats closer to shore. a developing story in dorchester where a man was killed in a shoot out with police. police believe the started -- this started with an incident in apartment where two men were shot.
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and then came upon a man with a gun carrying another man who had been shot in the leg. officers told the armed man to drop the gun three times. instead he opened fire. >> nobody likes to take a life. but if you are going to point a gun at one of our officers, in the way he did, obviously we will protect ourselves and we are going to neutralize the threat. >> the man's name has not been released but he had a long record. 57 arrests. tonight there's a new lawsuit trying to stop the everett casino not from boston but somerville. suit says the wynn resorts project is too big and will water front. somerville challenging the casino. up next a bumpy flight. >> and it never got off the groundch the airport accident that put some travel plans on hold. >> a 10-year-old entrepreneur. north shore bow who -- boy who business.
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a jetblue plane parked and waiting for take off was damaged when it was hit by a fueling van at logan this morning. a passenger told wbz the driver of the van had just gotten out plane. no one was hurt and the passengers did have to be taken off the plane and put on another flight. a robot built by the ocean graphic institute will be used to search for data recorder for el faro. the robot can can produce high quality maps of the ocean floor and the data recorder he could explain why it sank killing 33 crew members. several with ties to new england. a another skimming device on a gas pump this time at a shell station in quincy.
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wired and so the credit card numbers scanned could be down loaded remotely. this is at least the 4th gas station where skimmer has been found. well it's going to be tough to step outside of the car to get gas. >> standing this and people will be happy it's legal now to get the clips. >> the problem is not every gas station has the clip that automatically locks it in place so you drive around in circles until you find it. >> i fueled up and i am not going outside. it's going to be brutal and making sure the gas tanks are more than quarter full are a good idea because sometimes cars not starting is probably going to be an issue heading towards sunday morning. look towards valentin tine's day wore -- valentine's day worcester and boston pho forecasting freezing temperatures. of all the years this could be the coldest valentine's day that we have experienced in the boston area. we will share it together.
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18 in worcester and 19 nashua. chilly for the most but the cold stuff the source of it is up towards the arctic and that air is making a move towards us tonight and arrives around midday tomorrow. and right now you can see the arctic front lined up with the great lakes and a storm system along the delmarva peninsula bringing snow up across the area during the overnight hours. so chance for snow showers and best chance for a period of steadier snow say cross the cape and islands. not expecting big total but slick travel possible during the overnight. it's gone by tomorrow morning. accumulations of a coating to a couple inches and scattered coatings inland is what we expect overnight when it comes to the snow. some just brushing it aside by tomorrow morning. overnight low temperatures in the single digits. and then tomorrow we track the arctic front as it crosses the region. so many have asked if i will run with the boston marathon running who would i go outside tomorrow morning. it's not going to be pleasant but it will be in the teens. but the wind is not strong yet. i would finish by noon because
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winds start to funelling in from the north and west and temperatures fall during the afternoon when usually we have the highs. and by the evening we are on either side of zero by 8 p.m. and that's without the wind. so it's going to be very cold night for any of your saturday night valentine's day plans and when you add in the wind we are looking at wind chills from 20 to 30 below zeroch the worst is tomorrow evening -- zeroch worst is tomorrow evening tomorrow -- zero. the worst is tomorrow evening tomorrow night into sunday morning. the winds will start to decrease and as we head past lunchtime wind chill values are closer to zero. not nice but the danger not nearly as high on sunday afternoon. looking at air temps. well below zero region wide on sunday morning. only area that stays above zero lower outer cape as well as nantucket and only by a couple degrees. and the high temps in the single digits to lower teens on sunday. so indoor plans a great thing certainly and if you are taking care of the pets let them outside briefly and get them back inside. looking towards president's day
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we will start off cold and the clouds will increase and there's a chance of snow by the evening. and the next storm system that we are tracking is a potent one but the track looks to bring snow to ice and rain on tuesday as many areas will be warming through the 40s. here's the accu-weather 7-day forecast and next week a chance to thaw out from a high of 10 on sunday and 46 on wednesday. so ups and downs in the forecast. david and paul. >> that's the opposite of what you think. you think tomorrow is cold but that's when he says you should go running. because then it's going to be too windy. >> we can make it easy i am not i mean. >> we won't have to worry about that but hockey weather. >> levan reed the only -- reid on tv. >> i won't run outside either. that never will happen thanks paula. [audio not understandable] why did the b's play on the
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when they play on the road they are 17-5-3 and think the bruins like the away jerseys. last night the team was in winnipeg and this is how you start a 6-game road trip. they put biscuit in the bass kit 6 times -- bass kit 6 times -- basket 6 times. bergeron filled it up 2 goals on the night and the bruins get a must needed win and beat jets 6-2 the team is off tomorrow and they will take on -- the team is off tonight and in minnesota tomorrow and bergeron is not scheduled to play. he is questionable. hey man you are an all star. celtics guard isaiah thomas is in toronto for the all star weekend and received the jersey a couple nights ago at the garden and is ready to represent. this is his first all star appearance and he promises to take it all in. isaiah will take part in the skills competition tomorrow night. so we did a poll in the sports office and what else can they
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how about a running of the bulls. have the big steers line up. running off to the field. and i am being serious and anything is possible after watching this big air competition take over the old barn. last night snow borders took to the sky julia marina won the women's event and matt row took the trophy for the men. it's extremely cold and windy at the top of the half pike and as the kids would say, that's naturally dude. skiers will take to the air tonight. and speaking of fenway dan roche will head to fenway south to comfort sox in fort myers live reports again next thursday and some players are down this getting in shape. defense will always be the key. >> oh man yeah, you take great pride in defense because that's essentially what wins the game hitting wins games and whatnot but being outfield with jack is
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away a bunch of hits and keep guys off base and give pitchers confidence to throw a ball over the plate. >> i could go for a crashup derby. back to you. >> naturally sportscast. cbs evening news at 6:30. >> scott pelley joins us live from new york with a preview. hi scott. >> hey paula david great to be with you in boston. now there are only 6 republican presidential candidates. one dark horse dropped out today which means there will be 6 podiums at the cbs news night. a very consequential debate as down. we will have john dickerson who will be the moderator tomorrow. that and the rest of the world news all coming up on the cbs minutes. >> we will see you in few. scott thanks. up next here, making pocket money by baby sitting chickens? the young man whose work is
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tonight hatching a plan. meet a 10-year-old whose launched his own chicken sitting business. you heard is house sitters and dog sitters but chicken sitters. >> for a entrepreneur it's a fun and profitable business filling a need and the fresh eggs are not bad either. >> reporter: keeping chickens in the backyard is a growing pastime in massachusetts. but what do you do if you go away? enter 10-year-old michael piper and his 9-year-old sister katrina from marblehead. >> i like chickens because they don't really try to hurt you or complain. >> i think we might be the only like kids that are chicken sitting. >> reporter: chicken sitting was michael's brainstorm. >> i thought they were cool. >> they are happy when you feed them as most things are.
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looking to pick up a couple bucks. >> i don't get allowance. >> reporter: last summer's business was hatched. >> i come in the morning and i let them out of the coup. >> reporter: for a small fee he makes sure the chickens have freshwater, and fresh food, and he and katrina will collect the fresh eggs. >> i like all animals because i think we are animals too and family. aretawrng profit. >> my -- turning a profit. >> my mom says save up so that's probably what i am going to do. >> it's become a thing. >> yeah fresh eggs. >> to have your chickens to have fresh eggs and we have a sales guy with his own chickens and the eggs i bought off a him are great. >> and they are businesslike. >> chicken -- very good chicken sitters. tough to stay on television without getting in trouble. there are dozens of
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new hampshire primary. >> still ahead some of the
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tom brady if he decides to go into politics he should start in new hampshire. >> the secretary of state office released list of write- in votes tom brady received 3 two on reyou be can side and one democratic. and bill belichick received one and so did brad stevens. they were not the only famous names kanya west bill murray and willie nelson received votes. >> some of it is random. >> willie is interesting. >> you left this part out paul' ebben 14 votes. >> i wish. i would be-- >> shook a lot of hands and talked to people. >> true met a lot of voters in the diners and they want to be left alone to eat. they want people to go away. >> what's the deal when does it get like really dangerously cold. >> heading towards tomorrow
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by tomorrow night if you are going outside it's just the eyes cover up every thing else. >> no polar plunge. >> i highly recommend it. >> leaving you with a picture from fenway. big air going on.
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>> pelley: republicans fight for the christian right and prepare for our cbs debate. tempers flare between the democrats. >> madam secretary, that is a low blow. >> pelley: also tonight, a low blow of cold in much of america. the pope's pilgrimage to mexico. greyhound racing may be neither the end of its run. and steve hartman at a museum of love. >> i built it for other people to see, but it's for me, too. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: now, there are six.


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