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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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now at 11, a teacher killed when a manhole cover flew into her windshield, the emergency inspections to make sure you're safe on the highway. plus, an urgent search to find the driver who hit a teenager on a bike. tonight we've learned that boy was targeted. but first, extreme cold moving into our area. dangerously low temperatures. >> with the windchill, we're talking 35 degrees below zero. eric fisher is tracking it all. could this be the coldest valentine's day on record. >> after the warmest's christmas eve valentine's day. it is cold. just yet. it's
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we move to the weekend. a snowy night in south eastern parts of the state, steady for a few hours yet hay cross cape cod and the islands, a couple of inches of snow there. if you want to shovel out of the way, early in the morning is the way to go. our front moves through midday. warmest temperatures around midday and they're around 20 and then we'll fall through the afternoon. that's also when the wind start to pick up. the wind is the big story this weekend, not so much just the cold but the windchill values will reach dane russ levels, 30 to 35 below zero and the core of that is tomorrow night, windchill advisories will be in place. you start to feel it after lunchtime tomorrow, but tomorrow night, that's the core of the cold, and 20 to 35 below zero than gets us into the dangerous temperature.
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if you're outside. pets, bare minimum time outside. and on sunday the wind will diminish heading into the afternoon and windchill around zero. and tuesday. . >> now at 11, horrifying and tragic, loose manhole cover goes through her windshield. >> this is an amazing person. >> tonight hofd ones say they lost an irreplaceable friend while the state launches emergency inspections to make sure drivers are safe. that horrible accident happened in the middle of the morning commute on the southeast expressway. >> we're live in milton tonight where caitlin clavette taught art class. >> reporter: every one i spoke with tonight told me how much they
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a testament to this woman and how she lived it she loved life. >> you can't expect someone like that to have an accident, it's just not fair. it's tragic in any way. >> reporter: the 35-year-old arlington woman shared her love of art teaching students at an elementary school in milton. >> she really had a passion for teaching art and you could just tell by the way she taught that she really enjoyed it. >> she was always in a positive mood. >> reporter: but outside of work she loved to compete. the try athlete spend hours training. >> she was a laugh a minute. this woman was just a good spirit. i mean, there's -- there are no words to describe how nice and kind she was. >> it's an awful shame and it will take me a while to comprehend it and life is unfair and this is just one of the worst things that can happen to such an amazing person.
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to work friday when a manhole cover hit her car on 93 south. she died instantly. >> i saw the picture of the accident first and, and, you know, i said, god that's horrible luck. and then i found out that it was her. some things don't make sense. we'll really miss her. >> reporter: tonight one of caitlin's friends told me she drove him to the airport when the city was in lockdown mode following the marathon bombings because nobody else would. . >> thank you. our team coverage continues with katie brace near the scene of the accident. >> and highway crews are doing emergency inspections right now, is that right? >> reporter: that they are. and transportation crews are expected to be all night making sure that the manhole covers are secure.
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clavette's car went into her car right here. it stopped down the 93 south over here to my right and inspectors tonight are trying to figure out why that manhole cover was loose. inspectors fanned out across the state highways in boston making sure all manholes were secure. >> it's scary in the middle of the road and just beyond that, the ambulance was just coming there. >> reporter: terry granahan came up shortly after the accident. >> it didn't take hong to put two and two together that it was the manhole cover. >> reporter: it became loose and it became airborne crashing through the front and rear windshield of this car. the car came to a store along the barrier wall. the driver was killed. >> what an incredible tragedy for that woman and her family and what
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>> reporter: 500 manhole covers were checked within boston city limits. the manhole cover came from this hole near the tunnel exit. >> this is an incredibly infrequent event. >> reporter: our i. team has learned since 2007 five accidents involving manholes occurred in less than a week. since then the state says they inspect manhole covers every two years. the one that came loose friday morning was last inspected in june of 2014. >> a freak accident like that is a terrible tragedy. >> reporter: and depending on what transportation crews find tonight, the check could be expanded to state highways outside the boston. . >> we should know that soon, thank you, state highway officials expect to get results from today's manhole inspections tomorrow. we'll let you know what they found. we'll have the latest on line and on the air starting at 35:00 tomorrow night.
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run in lowell. police say someone crashed into a teenager on his bicycle and then sped away. tonight inspectors found the car but no sign of the driver yet. we're live in lowell tonight. and police say that this teen was actually targeted. >> reporter: police are saying this was not a random act but they do have that truck and now they're on the hunt for the driver. >> i just always -- this was some broken glass over there, a bunch of people, cops standing around. >> reporter: bike parts were strewn on lawrence street in lowell friday afternoon, evidence of what police are calling an intentional hit and run. >> one of the witnesses said the truck crossed over to the other lane to strike the kid on the bike. >> reporter: 15-year-old boy was riding his bike here when he was struck by this white chevy truck. the buy flung into the air. the majority of his bike dragged
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>> officers in the area found the bike up at the end of bolt street on meadow croft. at the other end of the street they found the truck they were looking for. >> reporter: shockingly they say the teen was targeted possibly the result of a verbal fight. >> there's some information there was an argument between the people in the truck and the teen prior to this. >> reporter: now police are searching for the people or person who did this. now, we learned that teen was transferred from beth israel to boston children's and is listed in serious but stable condition. . tonight boston miss say they had no choice but to shoot a man who refused to drop his gun and this was a chaotic scene in dorchester. officer arrived to find an armed man carrying a friend who had been shot in the leg. they say they told the man three
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threatened them with it. >> nobody likes to take a life, but if you're going to point a gun at one of our officers, in the way he did, obviously we're going to protect ourselves. >> now officers killed that man who was pointing the gun. two other men are hospitalized and four officers were taken to the hospital for stress. the school bus driver charged with driving drunk with kids on board and crashing in dudley is suspended. scott pourier pleaded not guilty. his blood alcohol level was more than four times the legal limit when he hit a utility pole yesterday. he claims he'd only taken cough medicine. a love triangle is being blamed for a murder in wareham. the 70-year-old suspect faced a judge. police say john witley shot and killed john williams after learning williams had an affair with his deceased girlfriend. he learned about the affair when he
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belongings. a refueling van accidentally left in drive wound up hitting a jetblu plane as the passengers were getting on board. no injuries. campaign 2016, donald trump is taking his feud with ted cruz to a whole new level. trump is threatening to sue cruz claiming he's ineligible to become president because he was born in canada. trump says he's drop the threat if the texas senator pulls his negative ads. they're in a tight race in south carolina heading into the primary next week. six republican candidates are hold their next debate tomorrow night in greenville, south carolina. you can see it live right here on it wbz and cbs starting at 9:00. right after the debates john keller joins us with highlights and analysis. pope francis is back in
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america in mexico for a five-day visit. it's his first trip to that country as pope. you can hear the cheering there. 2 million people are expected to turn out to see him. the extreme cold is causing chaos in one neighborhood. >> coming up next at 11, the miss happen that mishap
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. it is a war that state police say they must win. we're talking about the battle
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>> it's killing four people in our state every day. as part our series we go out with a new team working to stop the flow of heroin into massachusetts. >> pulling in the lot. >> heading out of town, picks up her piece. >> reporter: when the troopers pull her over the 25-year-old mother from the suburban town shakes as she grabs her i.d.. she has a gram of heroin and a thousand dollars cash. >> he hits you up. >> reporter: she tells the sergeant she initially got looked on percocet. she had been trying to get herself clean. >> you need to get yourself right for you and your kid. >> reporter: a sad story but one he hears all the time. >> if you set up around the city early morning and just sat there and looked for people coming in from the suburbs, you'd be able to spot them for hours. >> reporter: the streets of lawrence
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that spans all of new england feeding a region with an addiction problem. >> the car in front of us directly is a known drug trafficker. >> how are you doing? >> reporter: this suspect was arrested weeks ago with a large amount of fentanyl. they say they can only scratch the surface. faced with an overwhelming crisis they're trying a new tactic. >> is this a recognition that we need to fight heroin in a different way than we've donor to drugs? >> absolutely. >> reporter: sergeant jim bruce works with the drug transportation unit. their goal is to keep heroin out of the state, tracking how they cross the border from mexico, making their way to the new york area and
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>> we're looking for people with ties nationally and internationally transporting drugs into the area. >> reporter: the unit is knew but has had major seizures already. every week large quantities of heroin and fentanyl are smuggled in. these drugs are hid ern in compartments of cars and trucks. it's brought over the road by mail, through the air. there's so much heroin on the streets the price is one-third of what it was a few years ago. >> i think it is an epidemic. >> is it a fight you can win? >> we're not ready to wave the flag yet but we've had victories and we're a going in the right direction. >> reporter: the cdc says massachusetts a the second highest fentanyl seizures in the country. . >> and the i team special investigation into the epidemic continues tomorrow night at 11:00.
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addict from that suburban middle class background that typifies how this is affecting people from all walks of life. >> you don't look like a heroin addict. what should an addict look like? >> her story of despair and hope. tomorrow at 11 as we continue this exclusive series here on wbz. approaching our coldest weekend in a long time, look what the weather can do. it was so cold in pennsylvania overnight that a water main broke spraying water 20 feet into the air and causing even bigger problems for homeowners who woke up to houses and cars encased in ice. take a look at that. >> the numbers that eric is throwing around here. i'm not quite sure -- how do you hand it will? what do you do? -- handle it? what do you do? >> you could go outside, walk the
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prepared. no exposed skin, lots of layers. they do it in parts of minnesota and wisconsin. we don't have weather like this very often here in southern new england. we look to valentine's day, not only record lows possible, in worcester and boston, but daytime highs, 6 in worcester and 10 in boston. ta day looks in the cards. temperatures colder where the clouds single digits. the cold front we're watching is moving into central new york and behind that the push of the really cold stuff, old man winter, chasing that front into new england tomorrow. ahead of it some snow falling here across the cape and the islands, pekting a coating to calm of inches overnight. light and fluffy snowfall, that will greet you on saturday morning. don't blame you if you don't want to
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morning we'll have the least wind. you'll have less wind. late day hours, the cold front blasts through the wind increases and temperatures fall during the average and by the time -- afternoon and by the time we head to the evening and dinner plans on valentine's day weekend, subzero without the winds, as you go out, just be prepared. lots of layers, no exposed skin if you're going to be outdoors. take a look at our windchill warnings, region wide, particularly nasty in ski country, windchills 40 below zero over the weekend. tomorrow night is the core of the cold. 15 to 30 below zero with the windchills. that's when you start to get into that territory where you can see frostbite. sunday morning, same idea. and then as we head in the afternoon, the good news is the wind
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afternoon and our windchill values while still cold are much less dangerous. sunday morning well below zero, starting to think our record in boston is going to and hock and if we set that record it's the first record in february since 1967. high temps in the single digits to middle teens. and as we look toward monday, watching the next storm approach. on president's day, temps in the 20s and snow by the end of the day. and in ask air question, has boston ever recorded a subzero high temperature that has not happened since records back in 1872. even worz has only seen two of teem in their entire period of record. the snow comes on monday and rain on tuesday. as you look at your seven-day, after we go subzero on monday morning we could touch 50 on tuesday afternoon in parts of the area. big changes coming next week.
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and we have our number of the night, negative 18. that's the lowest temperature on record in the city of boston. it happened in february of 1934, which, oh by the way, was the coldest winter on record. >> and last winter also has a special distinction. >> it was number two. >> yes, eric told us that at 10:00. >> it was a bad one. >> it was. braving the cold to catch big air. >> twists, turns, and a few wipeouts at fenway park.
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. celtics have been on fire going into all-star weekend and there's a couple of fun events this weekend. >> it's the cold and valentine's day don't do it to for you or the dunk competition or three point competition. >> a month ago the celtics record was 19-19, since then they are 13-4 for a season high, 9 games over .500 and you can thank thomas for a ton of that. they take part in the skills competition tomorrow and he'll be part of the game on sunday. a couple of his teammates in toronto tonight for the roger's star game. olynyk was watching smart. marcus got the team u.s.a.
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board with the first basket of the game. check out this pass from smart to anthony towns, that is called simply pretty. nice lob and smash. aboslutely no defense being played in this game. team usa beat team world 157-104. hockey, and the bruins had the night off. in minnesota getting ready for tomorrow's game against the wild and they might have to play this one without bergeron. he had a fight with willer last night and willer fell on him. after that bergeron didn't see much ice team. the word is he's not feeling right. to the big air event at fenway park. the skiers hit the slopes and honestly it was just nuts. the liftoff, the twisting, turning, landing, some people not landing. everybody got up, no fear. check this out. on the slopes, check out the
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goes williams and there goes the photographer: look at this from this point of view and that's remarkable. how do you keep the camera steady? camera. this event. speaking of fenway, our dan roach will be heading to fenway, live spring training reports begin next thursday. players are down getting in place. best says defense is always the key. >> oh, man, yeah, take great pride in defense because that's what's going to win the games. hitting wins games, but being in the out field withoretney, taking away hits and giving the pitchers confidence to throw the ball over the plate. >> baseball is right around the corner. >> right.
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a high school senior with a heart of gold. >> coming up, the smooth move that he made that won over every girl
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. guys, we have to give you the head's up now, just give up. 17-year-old boy beat us all in the day. >> it's not what he bought, it's for whom he bought t everyone.
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girl in the school a carnation. he said no girl should feel excluded on valentine's day to which we say well played young man. >> he will have a date or two or seven for the prom. >> stickers are going up on his hocker right now. up next, eric takes an another
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. going to be a cold weekend. >> yes, it is, absolutely. [ laughter ]. >> the coldest we've seen in a while. i think this will rival january of 2004, 7 below zero, that's the really harsh cold outbreak and i think that's the temp we might touch on sunday morning in boston.
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>> if only you knew the things that we talk about during the breaks. >> why is lisa crying near the of the newscast. republican debate. good night. band playing "late show" theme ) captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: hey, hey. ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: welcome to "the late show." >> stephen, stephen, stephen! stephen, stephen, stephen! stephen, stephen, stephen!


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