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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  February 13, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz "this morning". >> good saturday morning to you, thanks so much for joining us, i'm chris mckinnon, karen connelly has the weekend off. and this weekend, you may just want to stay inside. the coldest air we've seen all kirnt descending on us today. expect win factor, chills in the below zero area. i'm not the meteorologist, we'll check in with pamela in a second. mechanical problems, running
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overnight to keep the engines on and functioning hopefully. and a special warning for boat owners, the coast guard says prepare for freezing spray that can cause damage especially to fishing boats that don't pull in for the winter, the cold the big story of the weekend. of course, pamela gardner here, the big expert, what are we expecting? >> just brutal cold, can't stress that enough. you'll feel it as soon as you head out the door, the wind not as big of a factor, once we get in to the afternoon, that's when it will pick up. current temps in the single digits, worcester 12 degrees, 21 boston. this is really the peak of the day here in boston. wind chill temperatures already below zero in worcester, one below 12 degrees in boston. things just get worse. later this afternoon, all the way in to sunday afternoon, wind chill warnings, wind chill advisory and wind chill warning means it will feel like 20 to 30
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our afternoon temperatures will be in the upper teens. wind pick up, it's going to be brutal out there, and a few flurries develop as well. but, most of us will stay dry under partly sunny sky. and then the cold is here to stay for valentine's day. i'll have your forecast for that. plus, we'll take a look at that seven day forecast. when we'll see some warmer temperatures on the way. chris? >> all right, pamela, we're looking forward to that. here's a friendly reminder to you to stay up to date on the cold and any storms with the cbs boston weather app, it's free in the google play and apple app stores. right now, crew are working to finish up inspections on man hole covers on 93 they've been out all night, mass-dot will look to expand that to other state roads. these inspections are the result of yesterday's tragic accident where a man hole cover came loose near o'neill tunnel and
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>> reporter: inspectors fanned out across the state highways making sure all man covers were secure. >> the man hole covers looked very scary in the middle of the road and the state trooper and then, when you, just beyond that, the ambulance was just coming there. >> reporter: terry was driving on 93 south during the morning commute and came up shortly after accident. >> didn't take long to put two and two together, it was the man hole cover. >> reporter: a man hole cover weighing 200 pounds went loose, became airborne, crashing through the windshield of this car t it came to a car -- it kale to a stop. driver caitlin clavette was killed. >> what a tragedy for her family. >> reporter: the man hole cover labeled boston drain came near this tunnel exit.
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incredibly infrequent event. >> reporter: our eye team found that five accidents with man hole covers and storm drains occurred less than a week, this accident on 128 was one of them. since then the state says they inspect them every two years. the one ha came loose friday morning was last inspected in june of 2014. >> a freak accident like that, just a terrible tragedy. >> reporter: the results of the inspections are expected later today. and depending on what crews found, inspections could go to it other highways outside the city of boston. in boston, katie brace, wbz "this morning ". >> caitlin clavette, the woman who died was a teacher at groefr elementary school -- grover elementary school, julie loncich continues the coverage on her life. >> reporter: she was full of life. >> you don't expect that, it's
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>> reporter: by day, the 35-year-old arlington woman shared her love of art teaching students at an elementary school in milton. >> she just really had a passion for teaching art, you could tell by the way she taught that she really enjoyed it. >> she was always in a positive mood. >> reporter: but outside of work, clavette loved to compete, the tri athlete worked for hours with her wheel works teammates and they loved her as if she was family. >> she was a laugh a minute, this woman was just a good spirit, i mean, there's, there are no words to describe how nice and kind she was. >> it's an awful shame, and i, it will take me awhile to comprehend it and, you know, that's why it's unfair. this is just one of the worst things that can happen to such an amazing person. >> reporter: clavette was on her way to worng friday -- work
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her car, she died instantly. >> i saw the picture and i thought god, that's horrible luck. and then i found out it was her. some things just don't make sense. we'll really miss her. >> reporter: one of her friends told me she actually drove him to the airport when the city was in lockdown mode following the marathon bombings because nobody else would. in milton, julie loncich, wbz "this morning". boston police say they had no choice to shoot a man they say refused to drop his gone, a kai oto-- his gun, arriving to find an armed man carrying a friend who had been shot in the leg. they told the man three times to drop his gun and instead, he threatened the officers. >> nobody likes to take a life, but if you're going to point a gun at one of our officers, in the way he did, obviously, we're going to protect ourselves. >> officers killed the man with the gun. two other men are hospitalized this morning.
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taken to the hospital for stress. and new this morning, former patriot aaron hernandez settled a lawsuit accusing him of shooting a fwrd in the face. bradley claimed hernandez shot him in the eye after the two argued at a florida nightclub in february 2013. according to the globe, bradley's attorney filed paperwork saying the matter has details released. bradley reportedly with hernandez when prosecutors say hernandez killed two people in bradley granted immunity in the upcoming trial on those murder charges. a convicted child killer will get a new trial. joseph cousin convicted in 2009 for shooting prasad in the face while she played on a playground. his attorneys at the time had a conflict of interest because his firm was representing two boston police officers in a civil suit. a judge granted the new trial
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this morning, some big developments in campaign 2016. on the republican side, one candidate threatening to sue another. donald trump argues that ted cruz is not eligible to become president because he was born in canada. now, trump is threatening to take that claim to court unless cruz drops the negative ads his campaign vuning. the -- running. the two in a tight race one week before the state's republican primary. of course you can expect fireworks tonight when the six republican candidates hold their next debate. it will take place in greenville, south carolina. you can watch the debate here at 9:00 on wbz. and right after the debate, jon keller joins us with highlights and analysis on the debate with david and lisa on the wbz news at 11:00. if you are taking the green line this weekend, here's something you need to know. green line service will be suspended between park street and hay market in boston directions. because both directions, rather, because crews need to do track work there.
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get beyond those stops this weekend. well, how cold could cold be? pamela is back at 5:15 to let us know. and also ahead, forget the kindle, why the good old fashioned bookstores are making a comeback. and what to get the patriots fan in your life for valentine's day, how about a personalized message from your favorite player? and in our tech minute, how to make sure your digital camera is ready for your valentine's day. recording cold temperatures but nothing like what we had in store for you, later tonight or even in to sunday morning. and we're also tracking some snow. denise in plymouth has 17 degrees with just a light dusting of snow overnight. we have some snow showers moving across cape cod. how long those will stick around
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[ music ] >> oh, man, wish we could just let that play all morning long. if you're the type to
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new camera is a great gift. today's tech minutes and tip on how to prepare for that picture perfect shot. >> reporter: once you've taken the camera out of the box, set it up properly before you go out to shoot. attach the strap securely as detailed in the instruction manual to avoid any mishap. set the time and date to make sure each photo has the right data on it. this makes sorting and searching for photos easier at a later date. then fold out the memory card and camera to make sure the camera sets up the right directly structure. make sure to turn on extras like image stabilization s on the lens or the camera body to help keep your photos blurry free. now it's time to change detect fault settings. most cameras will automatically be set up to shoot at a normal image quality. shift this to high quality jpeg or format for the most flex yiblt when edit -- flexibility when editing. move from single shot to
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you'll be photographing fast moving subjects. in san francisco, i'm lexi sa brks lexi sabides. >> i just use my phone. . [ laughter ] >> you're smart! no outdoor photography, it's too cold! if you're doing that, just prepare yourself, brace yourself. wear those layers if you're heading out the door. we have brutal cold, i can't even stress it enough. you know, below zero, we have low temperatures below zero. it's just awful out there. we could be tracking some record lows this weekend. not for today, we're not going to hit that record here in boston, but many locations we're getting single digits. so sunday, tomorrow morning we're going with five below in boston. the record is three below set in 1934, that record may be in jeopardy, monday the record will be safe.
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we're still going with zero. and here's the kicker. when we get the wind factored in here, that's when it becomes cold, dangerously. wind chill value from 10 to 30 degrees below zero all the way through sunday. temperatures in the teens, 20s, and single digits for some. nashua seven, 21 boston, that's one of the warmer spots here. chatham, 21 degrees there. real feel values here in the teens but we already have worcester reporting one degree below zero. hour by hour forecast for boston, you'll notice temperatures are going to feel fairly steady this morning in to the afternoon, we'll be in the teens. 17 degrees through noon, through 1:00 and then 18 degrees, actually later this afternoon. highs elsewhere in the teens, not really warming up much, even though we'll have some bursts of sunshine later today, just sure. then lows tonight. we'll flirt with records here. way below zero, five below in boston, 10 below, plymouth.
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definitely out. 4:00 p.m. tonight, all the way through noon sunday, wind chill warnings for all of us, boston through worcester, wind chill advisory for our friends in the cape and islands, but no matter where you live. real feel forecast, the keel coming through, tonight all the way through sunday morning, 23 degrees below zero here in boston, and in fact, frost bite could set in less than 10 minutes if you have exposed skin out there. and as we look ahead, to valentine's day, this is tomorrow, heading out for morning blunch -- brunch, bundle dinner. and also a few showers, in the cape and even up to plymouth accumulation. the thing is, we might continue to see some light snow showers on the outer portions of the cape and island due to ocean
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through tonight in to sunday morning, picking up maybe another dusting for our friends in the outer cape. the rest of us will stay dry and just brutally cold, 18 degrees today for the high, again, feeling more like 20 to 30 degrees below zero. sunday a high of 10, this evening sunshine, monday, 29 degrees. but there's hope on the way, my friends. 40s for tuesday and wednesday! a little bit of a wintry mix changing to some rain, a few flurries late wednesday night in to thursday morning. but we'll take it. awesome. once we get through this weekend, we're done, chris! >> all those cold hearts valentine's day! bookstore sales are surprisingly on the rise, the u.s. census bureau reports that sales of books at brick and mortar stores rose 2 and a half percent. the popularity of e books and
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been hurting the published book, there was a decline in e book sales last year. what secretary of state madelyn albright says she really who don't support hillary
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welcome back. u.s. airlines will soon have routes to cuba, beginning tuesday, u.s. carriers will have
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the move starts the process of bringing airlines examine travellers a -- and travellers a step closer to planned flights between the two countries for the first time this 50 years: the u.s. and cuba expected to sign an agreement soon, 100 daily round trip flights to cuba. albright is apologizing for female support for hillary clinton. albright raised eyebrows in new hampshire last week when she said quote there is a special place in hell for women who don't help each other. now in a new york times op ed piece, she wrote it was the quote, wrong time and wrong context to use that line. she said the battle for gender equality is not over and electing a female president would help that cause. we have much more ahead for you in our next half hour, including an update on that coming our way. but you can warm up with a
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welcome back. if that pats fan in your life nedz something extra to move on from the super bowl, here's a thought for you. the team just released a series of gifs so you can show your love, each showing a different player in action like gronk's my heart spikes for you. there are also valentines, even a couple with head coach belichick if you can imagine that. oh my gosh. it is what it is. i love you. there you go. do your job. is it gif or "jif"?
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newsroom right now. jif, is what i'm hearing. a potential break in the search for a hit and run driver. accused of hitting a driver on a bike and never stopping for help. the pope is on the ground in mexico and preparing to make history. i'm adriana diaz in mexico city
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from the channel 4 studios in boston. this is wbz "this morning". >> good saturday morning to you, it is 5:30 right now. thanks for waking up with us, i'm chris mckinnon in pour kerry who's feeling under the weather, it's a good day to be sick. stay inside, bundled up. >> she's smart. if you don't have to be outside these next couple days. >> yeah, don't do it. >> don't do it, if you have to, be smart about it. make sure you have no exposed skin because frost bite could
5:30 am
that's all it takes when we get these dangerously low wind chill values, that's why there's a wind chill warning in effect. from sunday afternoon, wind chill values between 20, and 35 degrees below zero. this is just crazy cold. temperatures running technically in the 20s, teens in the single digits, for now it's tolerable if you head out. it just gets worse, and temperatures stay fairly steady, 21 in boston, feeling more like 12 degrees, and it feels like one below in worcester. here's $12 degrees, and it feels like one below in worcester. here's the day $21 in boston, feeling more like $12 degrees, and it feels like one below in worcester. here's the day planner, in the teens for the rest of the day, following by 12 degrees by 5:00 $500 a.m., and then the wipd -- wind picks up, running 20 to 25 degrees below zero but then getting worse overnight tonight. there's hope on the way when we'll see a warm up and then potentially some rain coming up chris? >> pam thank you very much.
5:31 am
an arctic chill is descending on new england right now. experts say anyone spending time outdoors today should cover all exposed skin, including your face and lobes. the wind chill is expected to drop well below zero and frost bite and hypothermia can set in. the pine street in will extend hours to keep the homeless out of the freezing temperatures. a teacher has been killed after a man hole cover crashes through her windshield. 35-year-old caitlin clavette was an elementary schoolteacher, the man hole that sits at the edge of the o'neill tunnel, right now inspections are underway on all of boston's major highways. and republican candidates square off tonight, and this one may be heated. that's because donald trump wants to stop ted cruz from running negative ads about him. trump says the texas senator is
5:32 am
president since he was born in canada. trump has threatened to bring his ineligibility in to light. louisa moller reports there's no sign of a hit and run driver. >> there was a bunch of glass. >> reporter: bike parts were strewn in loll friday afternoon, evidence of what police are calling an intentional hit and run. >> one of the witnesses said the truck came over to strike the kid on the bike. >> reporter: a 15 -year-old boy was riding his bike here when he was struck by this white chevy truck. the boy flung in to the air, the majority of his bike dragged away by the truck. >> officers in the area found the bike up at the end of bolt street. at the other end of bolt street, we found the truck we were
5:33 am
>> reporter: shockingly, they say the teen was targeted. possibly the result of a verbal fight. >> there's information there may have been a conversation between this kid and another kid prior to this. >> reporter: he was airlifted to beth israel hospital with serious injuries. now police are searching for the person or people who did this. that teen was transferred from beth israel to boston children's and is listed in serious but stable condition. in lowell, louisa moller, wbz "this morning". and that school bus driver charged with drunk driving with kids on board and crashing the bus in dudley is now spubding. -- suspended. he's pleading guilty, he backed in to a utility pole, he claims he'd only taken cough medicine jie a love triangle now blamed for a murder in wareham. 70-year-old witty shot and killed jon williams after
5:34 am
affair with his girlfriend. that girlfriend died recently, and witty learned about the affair when he found a love letter in her belongings. a strange accident to tell you about in logan, a refueling van accidentally left this drive hit a jet blue plane as passengers boarded it. no injuries reported but the plane was taken out of service for repairs. pope francis in mexico city this morning ready to make history. this week he'll visit the u.s. border with mexico and take on controversial topics including immigration, drugs, and violence. adriana diaz has more on the pope's plans, including a mass for 15,000 people. >> reporter: an mariachi band greeted pope francis at mexico city airport. they used flashlights to welcome him to their country. outside the national palace, workers made sure everything was perfect for saturday's official welcome ceremony. here in mexico city, the visit is all everyone's talking about.
5:35 am
some of mexico's biggest challenges. putting drugs, violence, and poverty. francis will also be the first pope to visit the u.s. mexico border. more than 200,000 people are expected to attend a mass in juarez next week. new mexico bishop cantu will be there. >> it was his insistence the site of the mass be right close to the border >> reporter: on the flight from rome, a mexican journalist gave pope francis a pope-themed sombrero. she said it would protect him brutan sun. he made a quick stop in cuba to meet with the head of the russian orthodox church, the first of a meeting in 1,000 attacks against christians. now it's on to mexico, home of the second largest catholic population. >> and the state has taken action against the largest craft
5:36 am
the alcoholic beverage's control commission says the craft brewers field of everett spent $120,000 on kickbacks to local bars who agreed to carry its beers and freeze out the competition. abc has suspended the distribution for 90 days, craft brewers say customers will not see any impact from that suspension. a massachusetts college administrator will be the next head of washington in lee university. william dudley the next president at the virginia college. dudley has been the provost and philosophy professor, dudley at that take over washington and lee next january. big air and big bruises. coming up in sports, some of the best moments and the best competition. hey, pamela. very, very cold temperatures come over us for this afternoon.
5:37 am
wind chill values 25 to 35 yikes! soon, there's more on the way, up. weather trivia time first. first of the morning, what is boston's coldest temperature on record? a 16 below. b 18 below. c 20 below, or d, 22 degrees below zero, the answer in my seven day. something delicious is happening at dunkin'.
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well, good morning, everybody. a month ago, the celtics lost to the knicks, 19-19, since then, 13-4, season high games over 500 and you can thank isaiah thomas for a ton of that! isaiah isn't too hot to take part in the skills competition tonight and he'll be part of the all-star game tomorrow. couple of his teammates in toronto last night for the rising stars game, [ indiscernible ] who is canadian, getting the team on the board, usa first basket of the game in! then shut out, smart to call anthony, tick tack! and the loudest call absolutely no defense being played on this game. 157-154. the bruins had yesterday off, the team is?
5:41 am
getting ready for the wild, they'll have sto play -- to play this one without patrice, he had a fight with wheeler, and wheeler fell on him, the word is he's not feeling right. to the big air event at fenway park, hitting the slopes and honestly it was just nuts. lift off twisting the turning the landing, some people not took another turn. out. williams is on the slope and check out the brutality who got [ indiscernible ] [ cheers and applause ] everybody has [ indiscernible ] truly remarkable, how does he keep the camera steady as he's filming? so impressed with everybody in this event, great job. fenway, heavy, fenway stops, to cover fort myers, the training
5:42 am
some of the red sox players are down there getting in shape, including mooky. he says defense will always be the key. >> oh, man, yeah. you take great pride in defense because that's essentially what's going to help in the games, hitting, hitting wins games and what not, but being in the outfield with jackie, it's been great. being able to take a bunch of hits and take guys off base and give the confident to throw the ball over the plate. >> and right around the corner. let's get you to your riddle. what is full of holes but can still hold water? what is full of holes but can still hold water? hey, that's sports this morning for wbz sports. >> hmm. >> ponder that one. >> i think i have the answer. so 6:00 is when we reveal the answer. >> sounds good. whenever you want, chris! [ laughter ] >> i know, i'm like, i'm just a guest here, pamela, take it away. >> we're just hanging out this morning! cold. >> happy to be indoors, that's for sure. >> that's for sure.
5:43 am
>> can you bring it here? >> i know, i should. leg warmers, that's what kerry and i do. leg warmers, i don't have them on right now but i'll need them later. just a frigid, arctic weekend. could be the coldest valentine's day on record. below zero temperatures sunday morning, worcester nearing record lows. i think we're going for the record, worcester might tie it. dangerous wind chill values, 15 to 35 degrees below zero, saturday night in to sunday morning. and we do have wind chill warnings out because of the dangerous cold, we expect 4:00 p.m. tonight through noon on sunday. wind chill warning in effect for almost everyone here, wind chill advisories right along the coast, the cape and islands but still brutal cold no matter where you are. temperatures running right now in the single digits, teens, or 20s. we're a little milder here in boston and chatham. 21 degrees in both spots. worcester, 12.
5:44 am
starting off with seven nashua. today's high temperatures only peak in the low 20s, we're hitting those high temperatures in a couple spots right now. we'll slowly fall throughout the day until we hit lows tonight, well below zero in a lot of spots. we have single digits for the outer cape here. five below boston, 11 below worcester, 12 fitchburg. but it's going to feel even worse when you factor in the wind from the northwest. wind gusts up to 45 miles per hour at times. and therefore, it's going to feel more like 25 to 35 degrees below zero, overnight in to sunday morning. heading out to early church service on sunday, prepare yourself, make sure the car has enough time to heat up before you head out. or if you're walking to service, make sure you have plenty of layers on, any exposed skin could get frost bite very quickly out there. and sunday afternoon, we start to modify just a little bit. the wind subsides ever so slightly, still feeling like below zero though.
5:45 am
valentine's day day here in worcester and boston. not too excited about it. but record low max actually is seven degrees in worcester. we're going inform that record. the record low maximum temperature for boston is 14 degrees. we're going with the high of 10. and those lows, talking about records there too. tying the record for worcester, boston we're going for it. forecast is five below, the record is three below. satellite and radar picture want to show you really quick that we have a minor area of some snow here, enough to make the roads quite slick as you head out on the cape and even along the south shore. some locations reaching maybe a dusting of accumulation. your hour by hour forecast for today, we'll keep it partly sunny for you. but there's the potential for some ocean effect flurries or light snow showers tonight in to sunday morning and this is primarily for the outer cape, could accumulate a dusting of snow, the rest of us dry and bracing ourselves for the cold that will take over tonight and the wind the main issue here.
5:46 am
the wind chill values. monday, 25. we start to warm up a bit, compared to what we'll have, that's going to feel like a heat wave. and then man, close to 50 for tuesday. wintry mix changing to rain and 44 for wednesday, a heat wave! weather trivia time. first question of the morning, speaking of the cold, what is boston's coldest temperature on record? what do you think? >> hmm, i wasn't paying attention the first time. i'm going to go with b, negative 18. >> oh my gosh, right on the money! [ applause ] too! >> some of our -- live local tv studio audience. 18 below. >> 18 below! >> yes. so even though we're talking about record lows right now, that's not getting that one. >> no possibility. but the wind is the big factor, you said the wind chills were the one that were going to kill us. >> dangerously cold, yes. so once we get in to the later part of next week, 40s return.
5:47 am
>> thank you very much. the eye team special opioid crisis investigation will continue at 11:00, a story on a recovered addict from a suburban middle class family who typifies how this is affecting people from all walks of life. >> people say to me, you don't look like a heroin addict. well, what do they look like? >> an upyoeud -- opioid addict hope. the exclusive series here on wbz. coming up, cruise ship passengers are recovering from a nightmare on the seas, the ship that saled -- sailed in to that massive storm, is ready to turn around and hit the ocean, let's hope it gets better this time. and awards season isn't over
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we're following a developing story this morning, the u.s. is sending more patriots missiles to south korea in sons to the rocket launch and suspected nuclear test, as early as next week, talks with begin on whether or not the u.s. will send a more sophisticated system known as thad. we can't say for sure whether passengers will be ready, but the coast guard says the royal caribbean anthem of the sea ship is sea worthy again and ready to set sail this
5:51 am
ship sailed directly in to a mace -- massive winter storm with hurricane and waves 30 feet high. four suffered injuries and one of the propellers was danled. the -- damaged. the coast guard given the all clear. the now indicted former drug executive who became the drug of corporate greed in america ha made an usual request. he wants kanye west to release his new album exclusively to him, $10 million, $2 million for the sole copy of a wu tang album. west has yet to talk about the album, the ceo faced security fraud charge now. no comments from taylor swift who's got more on her mind than a supposed twitter battle
5:52 am
lyrics on that very album that we were just talking about. coming up, a look at swift's chances and the rest of the competition in monday night's grammy awards. mornings. they' re bad breath, bad hair
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help you pull it together. they' re showering, shaving, and shuffling. and bathrooms that get big families out the door. they' re number ones, number twos, and a number of ideas for three. s morning madness. and comfortable, organized
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it is the biggest night for music and it's almost here. suzanne marquez shows us what's in store for the grammy award. >> reporter: audiences can say hello to adele, the british superstar returns to the grammy stage to perform a song from her record smashing album, "25". taylor swift will open the show for the second time in three years. she's up for seven awards, including album of the year, record of the year and song of the year. she goes up against kendrick lamar who leads with 11 nominations, country star chris stapleton, the weekend, and southern rockers alabama shakes. lady gaga slated to give one of the night's most highly anticipated performances, a tribute to the late david bowie. >> she has something very cool planned and been rehearsing off
5:56 am
>> reporter: ll cool j hosting again, it's not to be missed. >> i think people will be, um, i think they'll be blown away [ music ] >> reporter: the grammies are also a forum for new artists, including soul singer andra day, with ellie goulding. >> the day of, yeah, it's going to happen, yeah. >> reporter: she's also up for two grammies, suzanne marquez, cbs news, los angeles. >> it is for sure going to be a fun night of celebrating music. your top stories and an update on your accuweather forecast are coming at the top of the hour, stay with us, you're watching wbz "this morning". what can it mean to a day dream
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from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. good saturday morning to you. it's 6:00 right now. thank you so much for wab waking up with us. i'm chris mckinney. this weekend will be a good one to stay inside. don't take it
6:00 am
of meteorologists. we'll check in with pamela in just a second. first, the coldest air is descending on us right now. painfully cold wind from the arctic will pick up throughout the afternoon and evening. expect a wind chill factor below zero. trains have been running at odd hours and idoling over night to keep the engine functioning. the coast guard said prepare for heavy freezing spray that can cause damage, especially to fishing boats that don't pull in for the winter. the cold is the first big of the weekend. pamela is in this morning. definitely want to bundle up. >> that's for sure. dangerously cold. we have hill -- wind chill warnings in place 4:00 p.m.


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