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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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and we begin with breaking news right now at 6:00. from the united states supreme court. veteran conservative justice antonin scalia has died. the 79-year-old was found dead in his hotel room in texas during a hunting trip. right over to katie brace in the satellite center with all the breaking details. >> reporter: and ken justice scalia was not feeling well before he went to bed last night. that according to cnn. he died of natural causes and the u.s. marshals is investigating this.
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the -- justice scalia was the longest serving member of the current united states supreme court. he was the stun chest conservative justice of the current court and his ideology was to interpret the constitution as the original authors intended. now scalia does have ties to this area and he went to harvard law school. we just got this many. chef -- in. chief justice said he was an extraordinary individual and jurist and admired and treasured by his colleagues. his passing a great loss to the court can the country he loyally served. now the death of scalia means president obama will pick his replacement. which could change the balance of the court between conservative and liberal thinking. the republican run senate though would have to approve the appointment. president obama has already appointed two members to the current supreme court. now as you can imagine this will have a big impact on the current presidential race. and it will certainly be a
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republican debate and weevil have much more on that coming up. reporting live, katie brace, wbz news. >> our other top story tonight is the life-threatening cold out there. temperatures are crashing towards zero and tomorrow could be the coldest valentine's day on record. it is just unbearable out there tonight. face numbering temperatures combined with a biting wind payback for the warm december maybe. beginning with meteorologist barry burbank. >> we've had some extremes over the last couple of mountainous question about that and boston's temperature just dropped three degree in the last hour down to 9 as a real feel temperature is 10 below zero thanks to the wind blowing at 20 miles per hour and some gusts at 30 miles per hour around the region and may be some gusts of 45 miles an hour later tonight. as things are setting up light now. so these are the real feel temperatures way below zero as you can see. obviously the national weather service has a windchill warning up because at times it's going
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overnight and first thing tomorrow morning. so it's straight from the arctic coldest valentine's day on record. below zero many locations tomorrow morning with new records in boston and worcester with those dangerous windchills. lot more of the forecast and i'll see you with that in a few minutes. ken? . the cold temperatures have triggered alerts on several months. >> the t. is taking extra precautions. and warming centers are open in several spots for folks that need them. jim smith is live in cambridge tonight with that part of the story for us,. >> reporter: ken i tell you with you had better get good and ready for this. we are in cambridge and this is already a very frigid windy spot be the bad news is it's going to get even worse. >> not that cold. we're in new england. >> reporter: at harvard square some people seemed totally carefree but others already seemed frigid. prepping for the deep freeze. we're talking serious cold. >> gee i think it's going to
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tonight. hopefully not. >> i think there's ade dog night. get -- three dog night, get all the dogs in and everybody stay warm. >> reporter: warm centers are in the area for anybody who needs shelter. here in brockton there are four of them. >> our reports are telling us we can see windchills as cold as 30, 35 below late night tonight early sunday morning. so you know i believe these are life-threatening conditions and we want to be prepared with all of our emergency agencies to try to keep people safe. >> reporter: back at harvard square two different geographic perspectives, first a guy from the ukraine. are you a cold weather person? >> not at all. you can tell. i'm kind of blue at this point. kuwait. what does this feel like to you? >> it feels like -- pretty much opposite of where i live. degree. >> reporter: almost like another planet? >> yeah. >> reporter: in the end put on of it. >> i have no choice.
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>> reporter: not a bad saturday night. valentine's day eve. >> happy valentine's, that's what it's about. >> reporter: it's certainly a very good idea to stay in tonight and certainly early tomorrow morning if you possibly can. but there are serious concerns on a number of fronts and one of the most serious, people worried about the plight of the homeless tonight. so we'll have an update later on at 1:00 to see -- 11:00 to see how everybody is doing. i'm ken smith, wbz news, back to you ken. >> stay up-to-date with the cbs boston weather app with current weather conditions and your forecast and plus any weather alerts that might pop up. it's free in the google and apple app stores. some other news now. safety inspectors were back out on the roads today taking a close look at manhole covers grates and electrical panels and trying of course to prevent another horrible incident like the one on 93 yesterday.
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manhole lids were inspected and 65 of them were repaired. 35-year-old caitlin clevette was killed on her way to work friday morning when a manhole cover went airborne and crashed through the windshield. investigators are trying to pin down what happened. she was a beloved art teach they are milton and also a -- teacher in milton and also a triathlete. grief counselors were at the school today and helping families deal with this tragedy. an update now on former boston mayor ray flynn. who was involved in a car accident this week after blacking out at the wheel. doctors at mass general now say it is likely that flynn developed an irregular heartbeat that led to a drop in blood pressure. he suffered a concussion in the recover fully. former patriot and convicted killer aaron hernandez has settled a lawsuit accusing him of shooting a friend in the face. alexander bradley says hernandez shot him in the eye after the two argued at a
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of -- nightclub in february of 2013. his attorneys have now filed paperwork saying the matter has been settled but no further details were released. bradley was reportedly with hernandez when prosecutors say hernandez killed two people in boston's south end. bradley has been granted immunity in the upcoming trial and is expected to be a key prosecution witness. tonight, the remaining half dozen republican presidential hopefuls will take the stage right heroon cbs. the death -- here on cbs. the death of scalia will likely be a talking point. craig boswell reports. >> reporter: before the debate tonight in greenville, john kasich -- and jeb bush continue to work the campaign trail in south carolina. >> i hope you will vote for me next saturday. >> reporter: this state has been good to the bush family. both his brother and father won here. but bush and the other republican candidates are all trailing donald trump in the polls. the new hampshire primary winner will be center stage
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the two men continued to attack one another. >> find out where he gets his money. >> it's all a smoke screen to hide from his record. >> who has the most pressure on them tonight to perform? >> i think it's rubio. >> reporter: gop political consultant dave woodard says rubio must do better tonight. >> this notion that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing is just not true. he knows exactly what he's doing. >> there it is. memorized 25 second speech. >> reporter: woodard says is pressure is not just on rubio and this could be a make or break moment for any of the candidates the primary just a week away. what is the impact of this debate? >> great. i mean, four years ago, newt gingrich won this debate down in myrtle beach and four days later he won the primary, it's just very important in the presidential primary to do well in the debate. >> reporter: candidates with a poor showing in the primary could be forced to drop out of the race. craig boswell, cbs news, greenville, south carolina.
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right here on wbz tonight at 9:00 and immediately after the debate, stay tuned for the wbz news at 11:00. david and lisa will have a full wrap-up and jon keller will also be here with a closer look at the impact of justice scalia's death. fighting fire in ice. that's what firefighters in lawrence found themselves faced with this morning. and that story is just ahead. >> we're definitely in a cold corner of the country is right now no deabout that with subzero weather just about the corner, my accuweather forecast is coming up. >> they say you can't put a price on love but this valentine's day gift is a fortune. >> and we are continuing to follow breaking news. the supreme court justice antonin scalia is dead. 79-year-old was found in his hotel room during a hunting trip in texas. we will continue to follow this story and if bring you up --
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breaking news right now at 6:00 from the united states supreme court. veteran conservative justice antonin scalia has died. the -79d-year-old was found dead in his hotel room during a hunting trip in texas. scalia has been on the court since 1986 and is considered the justices. school. it will impact the presidential race and probably be a topic tonight at the republican debate on cbs. we will continue to follow the story and update you as we get them. but now at 6:00 a frigid fight in lawrence. where a fast moving house fire and the elements were the enemies. but the structure of the house also created some problems. as paul burton explains. >> reporter: a frigid february fire breaks out in lawrence.
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residents out in the cold. >> freezing. i know. it's -- like i'm just cold. >> reporter: fire officials say blaze broke out saturday morning on the third floor of the home and fortunately injuries. floor. unfortunately this is a cut up building and very well made building and strong but also a lot of fine architecture. they used tongue in groove wood on the ceilings and really put our operations in the cold. >> i'm just in shock. >> reporter: santiago was on the way home when she saw the flames and smoke billowing from her house. >> worried about everything was -- in there we have like nothing right now. no clothes. no home. nothing. >> mostly the cold. they're worried about where they're going to live tonight and where they're going to stay and they're worried about their clothes and worried about each other. >> reporter: firefighters also had to battle frigid temperatures and the cold. >> aim afraid of the slip and fall.
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will start to freeze and we'll slip and fall. it's also difficult for the ladders having to put the ladders on the ice. >> reporter: fortunately most of the fire was contained to the third floor and no word on a cause just yet. a total of 15 people have been displaced being assisted by the red cross. the fire remains under investigation. in lawrence, i'm paul burton, wbz news. well, barry burbank is about to talk about windchills around minus 30 and barry, that's serious stuff. >> it really is. got to watch out this is dangerous cold. coming up ken, no question about that. so some of the cold weather tips obviously these -- just make a lot of sense. obviously cover up and wear gloves and warm hats and several layers. and even face masks under these conditions. check your tire pressure of course the weaker car batteries, some cars won't start in these situations late tonight and tomorrow morning and don't forget the pets either. you want to keep them warm as well. what's going on across the country? first of all out west really warm on the west coast, san francisco will be 75. 80 the next few days and los
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florida will be cooling off they're around 70 and you know folks have been taking off the last few days to go on vacation this upcoming week is around 70 or so around orlando today. but none of the weather is coming here that's for sure. more than a week ago we knew there was going to be a chunk of chill released from canada and was going to some into the northeast and boy is it here now. the temperatures dropped three degrees in the last hour in boston is now down to 9 and summit of mount washington. it is 35 below zero right now. and the zero line is now moving into portions of worcester county. orange now is 1 below zero. so as you can see, so we're right in the shaft of this axis of real chill coming out of the arctic and right into new england for now and fortunately not going to be around for too long but it's going to be fast and furious. and it's going to be meaning something as we go through tonight. the all-time low ever in boston was 18 below back in february 1934. the last 550 years, 7 below in january of 2004 and last ten years the coldest in boston was last year. we never really actually had any individual record low
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while it got down to 3 below zero. the last time we had a record low in boston was way back in 1967 in terms of the month of february. i think it's going to go down to a record low of 12 below tonight in worcester and i predict it's going to be 6, 7 below in boston and it's going to go down lower than the record low for tomorrow. so make it the cold valentine's day on record. why should temperatures as we go through the night now it will be mostly clear but snow showers in the outer cape may be there once in a while overnight tonight. boston will be down to 5, 7 below by 7:00 in the morning and again 10, 15 below in worcester county and going to warm up to the single digits in most places but possibly 12, 10 tomorrow as we go through here and then drops back down below zero tomorrow night. with no wind tomorrow night. and then monday starts to cloud out and warms up into the 20s, 30-degrees with snow late in the day. the windchills are going to be definitely going to 20, 35 below zero tonight. as as the chunk of real cold moves away and then the warmup
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that warmup we get snow coming in monday evening. but actually it's going to turn so warm it may actually go over that? the past. we've had extreme cold and all of a sudden flip the switch and the other way and it warms up. look at the seven day accuweather forecast. 10 tomorrow after 7:00 below in the morning. 30 on monday. up to 50 or so on tuesday with the rain. wettest in the afternoon. so lots of changes ahead. that's it i'll see you later. barry thank you. the bruins are true road boston.
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well, the bruins continue to do well on the road but it helps up against a struggling team and the wild struggling just a little bit. >> really struggling but bruins
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all right some sometimes in sports you just can't explain things. the bruins are under .500 at home but away from the garden and they have the second best record in hockey. a very impressive 17-5-3 heading into today's afternoon affair in minnesota. bruins doing it the hard way today. brad marchand continues to be red hot. he takes the feed from krejci. his 27th of the season. it's a shorthanded goal. and it's 1460 bruin -- 1-0 bruins. and it was that way until period. loses track of the puck and under his pads and into the net and we're tied at 1. but not for very long. >> now krejci toll break up ice for the bruins, back to him back door and the net came off the tag. >> it should be a goal though. that was needer ryer that slid off the peg. >> it went off him and hit. to it?
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ice. >> and krejci gets the bruins the lead. >> yeah just 35 seconds after the wild tied it krejci untied it and you can see on the replay clearly that it was in off the goalie of minnesota. bruins with the big answer to retake the lead. then in the third period, they would get a couple more. louie eriksson on a break away. the 200th goal of his career. and the bruins have themselves a two goal lead at 3-1. then the dagger, char row with the long empty netter the bruins win again away from home. this time without bergeron. just the 23rd coach in nhl history to accomplish that feat. the bruins win it 4-2. >> yeah we started the road trip the right way. you know, that's how we wanted to come out and respond and especially losing bergeron for tonight and the way that we regrouped and played and especially in the third period
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we came up with weigh win. we have to be happy. let's talk baseball and spring training is now a week away for david ortiz, his final camp as he begins the fare well tour in florida. we know what his dad meant to the sox lineup over -- bat has meant to the sox lineup over the years. hook key bets was asked if they want to send david off with a bang. >> i mean yeah, definitely go out with bang. you know, obviously we want to win the world series for his last year. you know, with being a teammate of his it's been a blessing and on honor and you know, i thank god for that opportunity to be a teammate of his. and everything that he's told me and everything that he's been through you know, he's shared and you know, give us try and put us two steps you know in front of everybody else. job with that. well, lots more of that coming up later on this week. it's a good looking guy will be heading down to fort myers. thursday.
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carat solitary ring perfect for the valentine's day engagement plans. >> it's a lot of time and effort goes into it but it's for such a special sociation, it's going to make somebody very, very special happy today hopefully. >> the cake by the way is a chocolate and vanilla sponge cake in a chocolate oren. with a ring -- orb. all right one more look at the very, very cold forecast with barry. >> kind of dangerous cold coming up tonight with that strong winds will be below zero in boston by 11:00. and up to around 10 tomorrow but againway below zero and feeling like 30 below at times. >> we have breaking news. supreme court justice antonin scalia is dead. the -79d-year-old was found in his hotel room during a hunting trip in texas. this will likely be a big topic at tonight's debate on cbs. we will have much more tonight at 11:00 after the debate including jon keller's take on the impact justice scalia's death will have on the
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that does it for us tonight at 6:00. hope to see you tonight at 11:00. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email:
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>> axelrod: breaking news, supreme court justice antonin scalia dead at 79. the high court's conservative anchor found inside his room at a resort in texas. the stage is set in south carolina for tonight's cbs news republican debate. the final six candidates in their last face-to-face showdown before a crucial primary. a deadly pileup on an icy interstate as temperatures in the northeast plummet toward record lows. and why these kids from the class of 2032 have a million reasons to be thankful. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news."


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