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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  February 14, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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eric fisher on wbz news most of us are waking up to dangerous temperatures outside. it is the most dangerous we have seen in deck saids. strong winds are expected to bring bone chilling cold. pamela is here with our valentine's day forecast. it is downright frigid for us
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>> oh, my goodness. this is the actual temperature out there, not windchill. i'll show you the windchill in just a minute. we actually reach add new record -- reached a new record low. notice we are still even colder than this. it is 9 below in boston. the old record in boston blown out of the water. it is 3 below in the 1930s. so we have really gotten bitterly cold out there. you factor in the windchill and it is dangerously cold. 44 below in wooster. here. we'll continue to have that effect. the wind on top of this is brutal. we will warm to a high of 9 degrees this valentine's day. we'll keep a chance for a few
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soon we will have a warm up. when we'll see some 20s and when we could see 50s in just a bit. >> we are strapped in and ready to go. extra precautions around the city. it is to keep them operating. warming centers are open. not everyone was getting out of these frigid temperatures. >> it really doesn't take too much time for you to actually feel the windchill. >> he says he has been homeless five or ten years. on a dangerously frigid saturday night he decided he did not want the stay in a shelter, instead spenting the overnights out in the elements. >> what are you spending the night tonight? >> it really doesn't matter. >> outside? >> more that be likely. >> you want to go inside there?
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in the -- not in the street but with the type of people that are in there and how crowded it is. >> reporter: these people the lucky ones scurrying to warm dust nations but still feeling the chill. >> ice cold, honestly. i want to go like this. >> is it fighting cold? >> it is horrible. the wind is awful. we need to keep going. >> not that bad at all. hat, gloves, do what you got to do but don't stop living. >> reporter: police will keep an eye on put anybody out in the cold who need help. he says years on the street is taught him to get by. >> reporter: are you worried about tonight? >> of course not. >> you'll be all right in. >> of course i will.
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encourages to take advantage because the conditions outside are too brutal. jim smith,wbz this morning. the debt of supreme court justice. he was on a hunting trip in texas when he die offed natural causes. he was the lodgest ajest. we have more now. >> from the moment president reagan appointed him he was a stop. conservative who wound up being a woman with polar opposite views. >> i think they decide the kales fairly and honestly according to their likes. >> reporter: he was raised in new jerseya schoolteacher no,ma'am whose work ethicked carried him through hear record law. he voted to let states outlaw
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it cured his fellow justice. >> you know, as much adds they would say i would like to strangle him he was still there in many ways. >> he labored over the pros. agree with him or disagree with him they are all good reads. >> away from the bench he enjoyed hunting and playing the piano. it made no apologies. >> i'm not driven. i enjoy what i'm doing. as soon as i no longer enjoy it i'm out of there. >> reporter: the supreme court was contemplating suing him.
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but in the end it was all about the lieu. >> he law. >> he loved the lieu and institution. -- the law and institution. president obama offering his family. the president called him a larger than life presence on bench. >> he influenced the generation for judges, lawyers and students and from foundly shaped the legal landscape. he will be remembered as one of the most consequential judges
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>> the president said he would appoint a justice. the senate will have to confirm that choice. they have already said the president should lead the decision for his successor. it gives you an idea of howdy vied washington is right now. >> it's up to mitch mcconnel. it is called delay, delay, delay. >> we are one justice away. >> we will have a full recap of the debate and analysis coming up at 5:30. john dickerson will have trump, and sanders to face the nation
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ahead, the effort to make sure manhole covers are secure. doctors say they know why ray flint blacked out behind the wheel of his car and it here is a look at your winning
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good morning. windchill values running that 25 to 35 degrees below zero. here in boston we are 9 degrees below zero. we just shattered the record.
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head out for afternoon pampering. tons of sunshine and high of 9 degrees. soon we'll have a bit of a warm- up. 20s and 50s coming up in your forecast, chris. >> thank you. they were checking manhole covers. they want to prevent another horrible accident. mass d. o. t. says crews inspected more than 900 manhole covers. 65 of those were repaired out of being called an abundance of caution. a manhole cover came loose and crashed through her windshield. they are try to go pin down exactly how that happened.
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and triathlete who spent many hours training. an update now on former boston ray flin after he blacked out from behind the wheel. it lead to a drop in blood pressure. he planted that and the former mayor is expect today make a full recovery. you need a visual reminder of how cool et is outside? turning water into snow by tossing it into the air. the quarterback for the patriots is 44. british actor is 48 today. carl turned 72 today. mrs. brady turns 82 today. make sure you have a great big
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this is something you have to see. they threw a pot of boiling water.
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water into ice crystals immediately. >> amazing. >> that is pretty cool. >> that is incredible. >> from boiling to frozen just like that. >> ice, ice, baby. the front door was encased in ice because it was so cold. >> it is incredibly cold out there and dangerous too. it is just brutal. these temperatures are unbelievable. we are hitting records this morning. just after midnight hour we had 4 below reported at lobegan airport. it is the record low. starting off bitterly cold. old record was bitterly cold. wooster here, we are talking
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we are 15 below. the old record was set in 1979. other temperatures are sub zero. 15 below in wooster. we are 12 below to bedford also getting weather watch reports zero. i'll make a graphic of that and show you some of the reports we 0 degrees there. it is. per hour. it is creating windchill fact fors from 30 to 44 degrees below zero. here. it won't be quite as bad if
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afternoon we'll have deceiving sunshine. it will help to warm us up just a today in getting above zero. it is 9 degrees but it could be a record low temperature. the record is 14 in boston. it is 6 degrees in wooster. lows tonight below zero. manchester 8 below. providence going 1 below. single digit numbers there. here it is. 9 degrees except for the catcher. degrees. it will feel fantastic. a chance for flurries on the
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there is that temperature. >> all right. in for a roller coster ride. it is a public health country city killing every week. they digging into the drug problem than those we faced in the past. as you hear here story i understand why. >> people say you don't look like. >> reporter: his bunt a likely heroin addict but it spun out of control when she finally came home.
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first time i did that. the power of it was overwhelming. it takes away -- it that doe and every. >> part of her story shows the power of addiction. she was in the er for an overdoe dose. she talks about it after it's ban few open. it's not like i woke up and side oh, yeah, that's a good chase. >> i think people are realizing
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it helps doctors, lawyers, news, again, there is a citing ally way. the other person lives next door. >> reporter: today she is one of those neighbors, building a home as the manager. her addiction is with her every day. it's a lens she yous to sharpen her view of the future. >> i think about it and think i never thought i would be able to have all of these wonderful things i oftentimes take for while the majority of overdose deaths were people between 25 and 44 during the
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were over 55 years old and tree can't get a. coming up, how a teenager
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it's not what he bought but for whom. he got all of the girls in utah class a flower. hi says no girl should field excluded on valentine's day. well played v. day. 450 bucks. now the crew is wonders why he
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fighting fire in action action. that's tighting fire. they found themselves faced with yesterday. how they are coming coming up. so, the nissan leaf s only gets 84 miles on a charge. but the 2016 chevy volt gets an estimated 400 miles or more on a full charge and a full tank of gas. woah! how's that for
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it is sunday, february 14th.
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have the bitter cold. aam vision in for pam. hey, cathy. she facebook messaged me. there are the south sectionals. i said i hope the door is indoors. >> and i hope inis indoor. temperatures are well below sea r zero in all locations. in between some of these locations where you have some of the temperatures. we are down to 16 and 17 degrees we of below. it is 15 behe in wooster and we break the record how of 3 below. it feels like 34 below in boston and 28 in tantum. we have a windchill warning until noon. once we get past the noon hour or winds will start subside
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we have ocean effect showers. those flurries will continue for the next coupleover hours from tea downtown to chat ham. the clouds hang around thea, 9 degrees i'll be it for valentine's day ! i ray. >> words of key cons e key lenses are nowing from after the beth of condition seventive fries touter. president obama called him a great legal mind. they say he brought an intellect, good judgment and wit to the group. they found drain an grits and other highway equipment. a woman was killed when a 800- pound man hold cover flew
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they say there's no other ran topee they are in danger of feeling. feel -- flinn drove his vehicle into a home. he is expect today make expected to make an appearance. >> reporter: more than a dozen residents out in the cold. >> owe, like i'm cold. en. >> reporter: it broke out on the third floor. everyone made it out safely with no injuries. heavy fire on the third floor. it is a cut up building, strong
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they used tongue and groove on the ceilings. it really harperred our feelings. >> she was on her way and she saw the flames abdomen smoke billowing from the air. you we have nothing right where they worried about their clothes and each other. >> reporter: they that had to battle the blaze and also spray jedd temperatures. >> i'm afry the water will slow down. instead of freezing we'll start to slip and full.
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been dis. the firemans wbz. and the last face off. weigh bos well among those stiletto the presidential opinion by district attorney. president obama announced he will nominate a replacement. they argued it should be up to the next with the. >> i would like for the president to for once put the country font. >> reporter: it quickly turn toddies agreements. he is so wrong. >> reporter: things got it thatted between bush andty next. that's beg foot debate. that one was.
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to keep us safe. >> reporter: they must above with my dollar. >> he has long reason. they will be felling as. later crews took on donald trump. >> he supports federal tax mayer funding for planned parenthood. i disagree with limb. >> you're a bad liar. >> cbs news, greenville, southbound southbound. in the shout who whiled. john keller than by cats the race for us. >> good morning. who had a good night? last night's debate?
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own in several exchanges. rubi dis overit is particularity there a slug fest trump's overly aggressive performance had accusations. the biggest danger are for trump hem his planned plant hood. that let's tout putt it this way prize you then nothing will. sjbc, this morningen and playing the night i age aim is talking
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crowd k killed. he was trying to flee out a back door and one of the gunmen saw him. >> i thought i was dead and waited for the shot to hit me. when he went to pull the travel the door frame. when it hit door frame. i opened. he told swedish television he is still a raw of nerves. the terrorist group is taking responsibility. the troupe says it was targeting western install generals official. they killed the bomber before the pilot landed safely. it shows airport workers
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thousands of e-mails from when he was secretary of stale. he is using a private e-mail server while in office. almost 46,000 e-mails have been released. two coming up next, the more coming up on this chilly saturday. have you seen these before? oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles
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technology there is.
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it should be a goal. i think it went up. the question will be was the net knocked off before that? >> 35 seconds and he tied it on the replay. it was clearly off. bruins with a big answer to retaining the lead. third period they get a couple of more. on the break away. 200th coming at you. they have a goal 3-1. bruins win again away from home this time without an injured.
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win, just the third to accomplish that. the bruins win this one 4-2. >> yeah, we started the road trip the right way. we wanted to come out and respond. he kept it tight and came in with a big win. let's focus on the next one. college hockey tied up four. the eagles grab a 5-4 lead. meramec ties it. ties it at 5. they go through overtime scores and they end at a 5-5 tie. great game. last night the skills competition, three point contest, dunk contest and the
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thomas easterly won his first round and went up in the second round. he won that without too much difficulty as well. in the finals against carl anthony he need today knock town one more 3. io sayah comes close but he falls just short. all right. harvard having a tough year holding jail. struggling in much like last night. they had a tough one. a 12 point win. the bulldogs we main undefeated. 8-0 after a 67-55 win. harvard falls to 10-14 overall. that's it for now.
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stay tuned for that coming up later tonight. get ready salute the biggest stars in music. also the pope's visit to mexico and why always have time for young members of the church. >> we have temperatures running well below zero. it feel much worse with the window day. full sunshine. a bitter warm up. all of that coming up in just a bit. the rule restricting allows breed? chihuahua? the answer is coming up. the feeling of doing. healthier me, a healthier us. i'm on my path and i love it.
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dozens of brave souls took yesterday. they may seem a little crazy but this sponsored event is for a good cause. olympics. hopefully they got right inside and warmed up because -- >> brave people.
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>> so brave. i admire every one of those people in. my gosh. crazy . >> record low from wooster to boston and across many locations too. some of our weather watchers are reporting 19 below in new hampshire. we have 15 below. lee called and she said it's 11 below there. hopefully you can stay inside, bundle up and have a hot cup of coffee. if you have a book we would love to put on your temperature. we are talking record lows. boston is 9 below for the new record. so far we might click down a couple more degrees. i'll give you that later this morning. the old record 3 below. wooster 11 below.
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beloose roy in all locations. 11 below but it feels much worse because we have a sustained wind feeds out there, 10 to 20 miles per hour. wind gusts are 20 to 30 miles well. combined with the wind, temperature and it feels like 34 degrees below zero. it is 44 below in wooster. dangerously cold. so cold that the national water service continues the windchill warning until noon today. we'll have a couple of single digit readings but low numbers on valentine's day.
5:51 am
degrees in norwood. warmer spots today. lows tonight below zero. boston 1 below. satellite and radar showing you a few clouds out there right now. it is producing light snow expected from churr. those will continue to move out over the course of this afternoon. a few flurries and a few left over clouds. the rest of us enjoying east of monday morning. some good news. promising temperatures by more expecting that. it is changing to a bit of a cleat and rain mix. we soaing. there is hope on the way, my friends.
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just bundle up. we'll get through it,. this is a pet question. it is the breed of dog expected to raise during. >> . >> i am reading numbers and now i'm roading words words t. i do it rot used what breed? >> labara dower door retriever. >> they used the poodle. >> really. >> yeah. and that have the rules wereway told they had to -- >> those tool its. are.
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his first full day in millions of people warmed up. he spoke and can bement bishops to avidly lens and corruption. it is during a procession of the basilica a little boy walked up to him. the pope stopped and kissed the child. we are one day away. the stars are performing ton big stage. luke bryan will be part of it and taylor swift hasn't said what song she'll be tomorrow night at 8:00. all right. so what was the number one gift for valentine's day in
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you bought at the pharmacy down the street.
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nearly $200. valentine's day is the second biggest valentine's day of the christmas. almost $2 million are expected to be spent on rises and flowers. they will buy 75% of the 110 million roses sold. chocolate also big. more than three quarters dollars but the number one gift is jewelry. four and a half billion dollars is spent on wrings, jewelry and necklaces. still so much more to come. the latest on the bone chilling forecast and how this is being remembered today. that's in your top stories coming up at the top of the hour. this is here watching wbz this morning.
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good sunday morning. it is also valentine's day.


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