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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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schools in londonderry and others have already announced school delays tomorrow. barry, how long lowe will the temperatures go tonight? >> it could go even lower than this morning. we have a radiational type cold. it's a still cold, without any wind.
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drop rapidly, because we have already dry air. some of these spot mace be close to 15 below zero, some of the usual cold locations and valley locations in metro west here, some places maybe as much as 20 below zero, but not 20 below in boston. we have wind chills around 8 below right now, but that wind is dropping off. winter weather advisories up tomorrow morning through tuesday. we'll have rain and a big warmup in my full forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> we had power problems leaving many dealing with those subzero temperatures without any heat. electricity was knocked out to dozens of families in boston. jim? >> it has been an absolutethly
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hundred people here in this east boston neighborhood, and unfortunately it's not over yet. take a look here behind me. they had no power and heat for hours, all day long, and most of the night. then not too long ago, the power came back on, but now, it is out again. >> severe frustration. >> frustrated and cold, and icy east boston neighborhood plunged into darkness by a power failure, stretching into the night. it all a began with a couple of manhole explosions, and left about 200 people with no lights and no heat. >> probably packing is up and going to a hotel, unfortunately, turns water on so that my pipes don't freeze, and then backing up and going to a hotel. >> reporter: has anybody told you anything? >> nobody, nobody. >> reporter: we were curious how you were doing how your husband was doing. >> he's cold. >> reporter: just across the street, wilma was worried about her his band. >> he has a heart problem, and he's 87 years old, and he's
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thingcy could override the pilot on the stove, and make hot water and make some soup i had in the refrigerator. >> reporter: crews working to try to fix the electrical problems. >> at least they can tell us what's going on. that way i can look into a hotel or something. i can't be in the cold like this. it's just crazy. >> reporter: a bus was brought in to warm up anybody who needed it, and plans were because made if this goes on even longer. and you wouldn't recommend anybody sticking it out and trying to stay in there? >> no. if you don't have heat, call the mayor's office. you can reach out to them, give you information. the city does have several warming centers open. >> reporter: and unfortunately the situation is this here in this east boston neighborhood, right now, again, no electricity, and hence no heat in these homes, with temperatures like this, that adds up to a very serious situation.
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they're going to be working all night. looks like they brought in some extra equipment. they are certainly trying to iron this out, hopefully things will get better soon. back to you. >> well, that cold weather making things difficult for fall river firefighters on the scene of a deadly blaze tonight. the entire third floor was engulfed when fire fighters arrived. investigators say regulators stopped freezing up, so they could send new crews in. one person who was trapped in inside did not make it out alive. >> frightening moment for skiers today. take a look, the trams they were on got stuck. 41 people on one tram when it stopped in the dangerously cold conditions. seven were on the other tram. they were within 50 to 75 feet of the terminals at the time.
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crews to help each person repell down. no one was hurt. police in boston and the town of harvard are searching for a missing man. zachary morris's family said he went out for a smoke army saturday morning then vanished. when the 22-year-old walked jacket. we spoke tonight with his distraught neither is afraid something horrible might have happened. >> reporter: zack was last seen celebrating with family. he vanished early saturday morning. one of his cousins is leading the search to bring him home. >> all of these descriptions are adding up. >> reporter: the living room has become a command center. >> he has some street smarts, so i'm hoping. >> reporter: zack celebrated his 22nd birthday friday with his cousins, and disappeared. nothing.
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>> reporter: amanda marr was with hire cousin that night. >> he texted me and said i'm going outside for a smoke. >> reporter: they were at at boston. he texted the bar was closing and he couldn't get back in. attar two unanswered phone calls, all calls to zack went straight to voice mail. >> i knew in my guilty something wasn't right. she worked the phones and internet trying to find him. they tried to find surveillance video from nearby businesses. these are the latest videos of him. he said he is clean cut, stressed, but happy. >> working 40 hours a week, going to school full time, taking five classes, and, you know, the stress of our grandmother passing away. >> reporter: the family says he's not familiar with boston, and agree he would have reached out to someone by now. they hope he is somewhere warm tonight. home.
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definitely looking for any information, and they will begin posting flyers around the city tomorrow. in boston, wbz news. >> today in rhode island, a memorial for the 100 people killed in the station nightclub fire. this afternoon's service marked 13 years since the tragedy. organizers of a planned memorial say they have raised more than three quarters of their $2 million goal. they hope to complete the project by october. flamings in half staff tonight in honor of supreme court justice antonin scalia. the white house said that president obama will announce a successor to the justice in due time. obama said he will not appoint someone during the recess, leading republicans, as well as the gop presidentialle hopefuls say the president should leave the nominating process to whoever wins the election in november.
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>> >> the royal caribbean set that had to come if early has set sail again. anthem was awful the coast of the carolinas when it encountered 75 mile an hour winds and nearly 40 foot waves. the coast guard inspected the vessel, and declared it to be seaworthy. now at 11:00. >> i get down sometimes, i just worse. >> and that positive attitude is helping u.s. hockey player danna lang through one of the touchest times in her life. the 24-year-old suffered a severe spinal cord injury while playing at gillette stadium the day before the winter classic. big strides. we spoke with her today. >> reporter: this is the final home game for the boston pride. it's also known as denna day. the hockey star knows she has a very long road ahead of her,
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time with a positively attitude and a mileth smile on her face. the says her home, and this boston pride pack is her family. she is a member of the national women's hockey league. on sunday, she took the ice with her boston pride teammates. that was her skates, but in a wheelchair. >> i'm doing hard, work -- i'm working hard, fighting every day. >> reporter: she suffered a spinal cord injury during the outdoor classic. >> i was worried when it happened that i messed up up and wouldn't get play the whole game. >> reporter: she spends her days now at spalding hospital. >> i'm so proud of how far she has come in such a little time. difficult, bust she keeps us all going. >> and i get down sometimes. i just think, you know, it
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>> reporter: today's game was a also a fundraiser to help raise money for the family. her two younger sisters dropped the puck. >> this is denna day, so we're really proud of her, and proud she she could come out and go on the ice with her teammates. >> she's working so hard and staying so positive, it's hard not to stay positive with her. >> she's determined to get better every day, and that's inspiring to us all. >> i just want to thank everyone so much for all of the support. it's meant so much. >> reporter: and you believe you will walk again? >> i hope so, yes. >> reporter: denna lang, a fighter, competenter and a friend to so many. i'm paul burton, wbz news. >> hamilton fans won't have to wait for it much longer. >> straight ahead, meet the new
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sure the cast is perfectly lit for the grammy debut. and massive swings in the temperature here over the next day or so. how low will we go tonight, and how high on tuesday? my forecast is just a few minutes away. >> and we have a busy sports final at the bottom of the hour. we talk celtics, and trade deadline with maxwell, and a little bruins, a little more from denna lang. all of that and more at 11:35
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the gram area awards right here tomorrow on wbz tv, and it's great for fans of the broadway musical hamilton. >> hamilton isn't your average musicalle. >> reporter: how does the biggest broadway show in a decade get even hot her? >> just when you think you can't get any bigger, they announce you're doing the grammy awards live from the theater. >> reporter: hamilton, the hip hop musical about founding father alexander 4578 illton is
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nominated for a grammy for best musical album. sandy has the daunting job of lighting the creator and star, who plays hamilton. what do you think about bout them performing her for the grammy audience with millions and millions of people, how does that make you feel? >> it's super are exciting, totally exhilarating, and also very scary, because you want everything to work and be perfect, and you just hope nothing goes wrong. >> reporter: even for big stars you be bitter believe the grammys are a thrill. george washington are wouldn't tell a lie. >> a little exciting. i knew what a grammy was before i knew what a tony was. when i drew up as a kid, hat was in the pinnacle. it's very exciting. >> reporter: it means a few adjustments. so the lights goring to changed they'll alter the lighting a
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opposed to stage lighting. >> reporter: sold out until next fall, it's impossible to get a ticket to hamilton, so watching the grammies will be the only way for fans to see a live glimpse for now, and sandy will be lighting the way. >> we do this live 8 times a week, but this grammy is like a whole other situation. lots and lots of people are going to see this. >> reporter: sandy says it comes down to just the with of them, show light alexander hamilton will sing along with the casts, and the grammy audience will see everything. coming up tomorrow night on wbz news at 6:00, how sandy went from a small new england town to a big career on broadway. >> and don't miss the grammys
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night. >> can't wait for the show tomorrow, that will be awesome. how about the weather show? it's something else. going up and down. >> it's crazy. >> we're in a roller coaster. this is crazy stuff. so many extremes so far, but take a look at this picture today. and we got several from people today. thanks for sending in these arctic shot hears. this one from sonia, looking out over the hasher and looking at that smoke. the harbor steaming, because the water around 40 degrees, and the air over that is just so cold, it steams and smokes like this. interesting pictures. no doubt about that. we mad a record low last evening, actually, just below midnight, to establish the first record low temperature in boston in the month of february since 1967, and we did it all over today, of course, and smashed the record by a whopping 6 degrees when it went
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morning in boston. we will not have a record low tomorrow morning in boston. we would have tow go all the way down to 14 below, and it's not going to be anywhere near that. but we are living in historicalle times right now with these temperatures. in boston, we didn't make it up to the record low, so we have a new record record lomax mum temperature for the high today. boston was only 12 degrees, so the coldest valentine's ever. randolph at 11 below. most of the rest of the nation is looking so nice, especially down south, so we're definitely in the cold corner, but that is all going to change big time as we have this swath of snow first to introduce some much, much warmer weather coming our way. shine coming over us tonight. that is going to cool things off very quickly.
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start frigid, but we're going to have clouds rolling in after snow. of this? enough to cause a winter weather advisory, because the snow will goal to fleet and freezing rain, and a coating to maybe up to an inch, up toward the north, and one to three inches in here, and then 3 to 6 over to rain. as we go through the night. i think some inland spots may go down to as much as 15 to 20 below zero, but the wind is going to be calm. radiational cooling. then as we warm up tomorrow, we go into the 20s, and then we have that changeover tomorrow night. temperatures go in the 30s tomorrow evening, a little bit of prizing rain in central massachusetts, some light ice in the neighborhood, not a big deal, and then we go into the middle 50s tuesday afternoon, and a strong cold front coming through here, which may cause a belt of heavy rain here tuesday evening with maybe some thunder and lightning with some potent energy with this. so we'll have to watch it
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so we go from 27 by late tomorrow afternoon, to 30s tomorrow evening when that snow switches to rain, to the 50s on tuesday, with a few scattered showers, but heavy rain, possible thunder, late in the day and evening, and then it's kind of quiet the rest of the week, and more typical of what we would expect for the third week of february. so all over the place the next couple of days, and then it kind of peaceful after that. now back to you. >> crazy february vacation for all of those kiddos. some military family got a special treat this valentine's day, free makeovers. unique hair salon hosted today's event. salon owners said it was their privilege to spread love to those whose loved ones are not here to do it themselves. >> the nba's all stars take the court. >> and the bruins make hockey history.
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bruins got off to a fast start tonight. in fact, the fastest start in team history.
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drills one into the net, just 8 ticks in. the bruins have been around since 1924. never before have they started a goal so quickly. but the wings quickly tie it up before boston retook the lead. 14 seconds after are detroit makes it 1-1, and zack trotman gave boston the 2-1 lead, and in the first, they still got one more. >> abdicator into the boston zone, tipped, score! ericcson tips it in, on the pace from kregic, and the bruins are up 3-1! >> but detroit scored the next four goals, and rask was pulled, and right away, the b's got right back into it. 22 seconds easter making the switch, sidenburg with his first goal in 100 games, and it's 5-4, and then detroit on
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watch marchand, going behind the net, and then buries it. the bruins claw themselves back into a 5-5 tie. another faceoff, another goal. it ends 6-5. in transition here, pulls up hits a three- pointer as the celtic were there in action tonight. isaiah will turn it over and flip it to kobe bryant. nine points for thomas, as the west beats the east 196-173, in kobe's final all-star game. now let's go to some golf. sounds good, doesn't it. phil mickelson steps up and sinks this birdie to get into a
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but this short putt lifts out. there you have it. >> a memorable first for a polar bear cub. >> up next, do you remember the
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to get any sandwich for $2.99 after 12:00 p.m.
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it was a polar bears very first snow day. this is the 3-month-old cub playing in the fresh powder for the first time. she'll spend more and more time outdoors to get her used to hire new home. how cute is that? >> oh, i just want a camera on her all the time.
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eric fisher on wbz news they're in a great spot. near winning basketball. they're tough to play, because they're 12 deep, and they clearly have a lot of decisions two. when you look at them compared to other teams that are quote


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