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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  February 15, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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hashtag be my valentine. at's so sweet. >> it is. >> he has the facebook game on point. >> always family time which is cool. >> nice. >> top stories and weather and traffic ahead on wbz. >> the news at 5 starts right now. >> crews battling a fire overnight how bitter cold temperatures are make itdifficult to fight the flames. >> it's another frigid start subzero real feel across southern new england but i am tracking a warmup into the 50s tomorrow. >> and power problems hundreds without heat. how they are dealing with below zero temperatures and when the power could be back on. >> the search is on for a missing man what his family is doing today to track him down. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. good monday morning it's 5
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us i am chris mckinnon. >> i am kathryn hauser we appreciate be here this monday february 15th. >> president's day. >> hopefully they are watching us or maybe they are sleeping in. but it's cold danielle another chilly start to the day. >> it's lovely. subzero wind chills again. it's not as cold as yesterday because the wind is not as strong. 6 degrees is the current temperature in boston not the 9below like yesterday but it's 11 below in keene and the real feel with the wind factored in makes it feel colder. board. feels like 10 below in chatham and temperatures will gradually this afternoon. skies are clear. ear in for good amount of good amount of sunshine. frigid start and 22 by lunchtime and the wind out of the south southeast about 5 to 10 miles per hour. ride home, 26 but areas of snow winter weather advisory for all
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for cape and islands from 4 p.m. until 1 a.m. overnight for pockets of snow that will transition to a wintry mix and rain. we will get you on the road this morning traffic and weather together. >> reporter: good morning. monday morning commute is underway with no major accidents or problems out there. let's look live over the expressway. we have very light volume on the northbound side. quincy to boston. and looks like the other major routes from the south look fine. let's look at north map. the same there. lots of green on the map. we are seeing slow downs on 93 southbound in medford stretch normal for this time of day. but everything else looks like speed limit rides. breaking news overnight, the bitter cold temperatures causing issues with firefighters in worcester. they say the cold and ice slowed them down as they he battled flames at this triple decker home on preston street. firefighters rescued one person from the first floor. they were not hurt but the icy
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efforts to quickly put out the flames. >> everything is slower and you have to walk slower because your footing is all iced up underneath you and getting the lines in place is slower and we have had issues with freezing temperatures freezing up the equipment and not so much the hydrants we didn't have too much of a problem with hydrants it was the equipment getting frozen up pretty quick. >> this was the third fire of the night in worcester. >> cold weather played a role in fires in weymouth. >> and firefighters have warnings for residents trying to keep warm. susie steimle is live with much more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning as you were saying this is the worst time of year for fires to take place. they are battling the fire itself but the extreme temperatures make everything more difficult. that's the case here in weymouth an unprecedented event. they had three fires burning within 2 hours of each other
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department to handle. additional 12 departments from surrounding areas came in to help exteng wish the three homes. all these breaking out within two hours of each other. two of the three fires ended up being cold weather related a couple people trying to stay warm many one had a chimney fire and failed issue and other was trying to warm up frozen pipes. the fire chief says this serves as a lesson to make sure everything has been checked out and make sure that it's working properly. have your chimney inspected before using it. make sure your carbon monoxide detectors are working and make sure your smoke detectors are working as well and in one case a man was aremember the remember theed to the fire because of working smoke detectors in her home. at this point, the fires are still being figured out as to what caused all of them. a couple of them cold weather related one not exactly determined at this point in time. and homes look lay total loss and fortunately -- likely a
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fortunately no loss. 5:04. cold weather making things difficult for fall river firefighters on the scene of a deadly fire there. the-tire third floor of the house on eastern avenue was engulfed in flames when firefighters arrived yesterday. officials say the regulators kept freezing up and they struggled to keep the tanks working. which meant it was hard to keep sending crews in. one person trapped inside the home was killed. power problems leaving hundreds dealing with subzero temperatures while not having any heat. >> crews work through night to get power back on. let's go to nicole jacobs live in east boston with a update. >> reporter: the good news for the east boston residents is that power has been restored to the rest he dents without it. and that is happening through this generator here but we are told eversource crews have work to do. it was bad timing. severe frustration.
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lows. >> probably packing up and going to a hotel unfortunately. turning water on so my pipes don't freeze and packing up and going to a hotel. >> reporter: 200 rest he den in the east boston neighborhood forced -- residents in this east boston neighborhood forced to power through frustration no heat. >> he has a heart problem and is 87 years old. and he is cold. >> reporter: wilma is cold concerned and thinking of alternatives to keep warm. >> the only thing is i could override the pilot on the stove and heat hot water and make tea and i had soup and had to open the refrigerator. >> reporter: manhole explosions brought eversource crews here. they worked for hours trying to repair electrical equipment and restore warmth. >> i have children. i have dogs. i have animals and my husband is sick. at least they can tell us what's going on that way i can look for hotel or something. i can't be in the cold like this. it's crazy.
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another live look here at energy source for the east boston neighborhood. this generator we have been able to see through some of the windows along the street here that people do in fact have power. they are watching television right now again. we are told eversource crews will get back to work at some point this morning trying to completely fix the issue that caused this power outage to begin with. that's the latest from east boston nicole jacobs wbz this morning. >> thanks for the updates. frightening moments for skiers at cannon mountain in new hampshire when the tram they were on got stuck. 48 people were on two trams when they stopped in dangerously cold conditions. it took an hour for rescuers to help each person repel down to the ground. investigators say that a mechanical issue caused the brakes to lock. luckily no one was hurt. the mbta is working to get up and running this morning during the commute, the extreme cold caused several delays yesterday including one on the
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crews had to heat the rails to get trains running again. the t is operating on a saturday schedule today for the president's day holiday. developing news right now today is the family of a missing man plans to post flyers hoping someone has seen him. zach marr was celebrate his 22 birthday with his cussin and went out for a smoke and has not been seen since. his family has not heard from him and his phone goes to voice mail they say it's completely out of character. >> he's got some street smarts and as far as you know, survival skills. so i am hoping. >> marr live in harvard and goes to the qhiewnt college. -- community col gleght body of antonin ska-- college. the body of antonin scalia's body is returning to virginia.
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carries the body to a west texas airport bound for virginia at the request of his family. the 79-year-old supreme court justice pass aid way suddenly over the weekend while vacationing at this resort ranch. a county judge ruled cay ska lea died of natural cause -- cay lea died of natural causes -- scalia died of natural causes. >> one of the things i asked the sheriff and marshal that was there if there were any signs of foul play. and they said absolutely not. >> reporter: on sunday, flags across the country and in the nation's capital flew at half- staff in honor of the long time justice. known for his strict conservative views, scalia was reviled and beloved by his colleagues. in a 2008, 60 minutes interview he maintains des agreements were not personal. >> i attack ideas i don't attack people. >> reporter: here on capital hill and campaign trail the debate is underway over who
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nominateas a successor. >> the president has the right and responsibility to nominate a new supreme court justice. >> reporter: into we can't afford to have scalia replaced by someone like the nominees he put there in the past. >> reporter: the president says he will nominate a successor in due time but senate majority leader mitch mcconnell maintains vacancy should be filled once a new president is in office. don champion, cbs news, washington. >> a new sign this morning late night mbta service may not a be around much longer. t workers didn't get a chance to pick shifts past 12:30 at night for the spring according to the boston globe. t has an access service and they made up their mind without the public's input. the women's hockey player who suffered a spinal cord injury on the ice is tackling her recovery with a positive attitude. in her wheelchair. it was the last time she was on the ice she got hurt while
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that was the same team she played for that was playing yesterday when she crashed into the boards at the winter classic. >> never give up and stay positive and you know when i get down sometimes, i just think it could be worse. it could be worse. i remember being sad that i was worried right when it happened that because it was shorter game. i was worried that i messed up and that they wouldn't get to play the whole game. >> she sha's she is doing better every day and hopes to walk again. yesterday's game was also a fund-raiser for denna. it's 5:11 on your monday morning. coming up, accusations religious bias at local col kneeing why two free professors are taking the college to court in a office perk turning heads. some companies offering free
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and what you need to know before you sign newspaper another frigid start but -- sign up. >> another frigid start. clouds will increase and i am and tomorrow. snow, rain, damaging wind and temperatures in the 50s.
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getting a special treat for valentine's day. >> free makeovers eu neck sell salon and beauty and main in wellesley hosted events hoporring families of those deployed overseas as well as those who lost someone in the line of duty. salon owners say it was their privilege to spread a little love. for valentine's day. >> being pampered is always good. we need to check your forecast. we have got another cold frigid starred this morning danielle. >> we are coming into the a -- 50s tomorrow. >> isn't that remarkable? only in new england. >> it's amazing. we have temperatures that were obviously nearly 60 toe greece cold in -- degrees cold in terms of record and this morning another frigid start. we are 6 above in boston right now. and 9 behoe in nashua. 11 below in keene. a bit of a wind not nearly as strong as yesterday. but it feels like 3 below zero in boston. 15 behoe the cold -- below thecolder spots in worcester.
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exposed skin. to the south we are tracking areas of snow impacting dc and down through virginia and north carolina and back through eastern tennessee as well. this is the moisture we are watching. it's going to work northward during the day today. what does it mean for us? with the transition to cold air to 50s tomorrow, there's going to be some wintry mix in between. so what you will notice today is the cloud increase. they thicken this evening. by 7 p.m. areas of snow have been breaking out across the berkshires and connecticut and worcester hills. that snow fills in between 7 and 10 p.m. for lot of us but look at quick transition we go over to rain. a little if any snow on cape cod. 1 a.m., notice a long and north and west of 128 dealing with pockets of snow transitioning to sleet and freezing rain. those are the areas you see shaded here in pink. so if you are doing any traveling tonight, that's when there's going to be slippery travel on the roads. that rain snow line will press northward tomorrow morning and by tomorrow, we will be in the
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in the morning, hours as the warm air pushes in. scattered showers during the course of the afternoon especially inland and look at what happens by tomorrow evening, your commute will be impacted with pockets of showers and turning to a steadier rain. look at the band. red, purposeels in here and heavy downpours and maybe rumbles of thunder and it pushes offshore right around probably just before midnight. clearing comes in after that wednesday should feature a good amount of sunshine and temperatures in the 40s. so let's break it down. snow first coating to ionch for most of eastern massachusetts and a little ifing in along the south coast and best chance of picking up one, two, perhaps three inches comes to the merrimack valley to the worcester hills and southern new hampshire a lot of that will be washed away because tuesday we see the rain come in. during the afternoon the blue indicates half an inch to maybe an ich and a half in spots. likely higher amounts in some of the heaviest downpours in the the western part of the state. wind is going to be an issue as well a high wind watch is now out from the coast of maine
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all the brown shading you see here. so, gusts to 55 miles per hour from noon until 9 p.m. tomorrow. that may be strong enough to cause isolated pockets of damage in far eastern massachusetts as the wind comes in from the south. today it's a gradual process. but our temperatures will slowly rise into the 20s. look at this, 30s overnight tonight. so temperatures rise and then tomorrow, 50s for high temperatures. as that warmth comes in and comes with the rain wednesday in the 40s, cooler to end the week. but fairly quiet. could be light snow flurries. had a school visit barry what great visit. the third graders from lowell and as a part of the community service they actually gave a donation to wednesday's child. love their smiles there. traffic and weather together robi. >> reporter: let me tell you ihad to walk four blocks saturday night to go to a concert. >> did you have -- i hope you are bundled up.
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far and everybody's faces were red and that's all anybody talked about. >> i know it was brutal. >> reporter: 20 degrees feels like a warmup joy know -- you know how bad it is and tomorrow 50 is what i am looking forward to. t is ol rating a-a -- is operate evening saturday schedule. checking at 93 over somerville. snow slow downs. other major routes from the north are trouble free. to the south as we check the map lots of green and expressway getting busy. quincy to boston but moving along. route 3 north looks fine out of hingham. 24 north and 95 north are speed limit rides. >> thank you. it's 5:19. two professors have filed tis crimination -- chris him in --discrimination complaints after speak about the lack of jewish perspective. globe reports the professors alleged school administrators
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of racism. boston based school denies allegations and say it's committed to workplace free of discrimination. >> more employees are offering employees genetic testing but privacych the test is handled by a third party company and your boss is never supposed to see the results of this. employees get a kit in the mail return a is a slieiva sample and -- saliva sample and wait for the results. access to the health information but reduce the barriers for employees to be able to receive this vital information. >> if you are concerned about privacy, review your company's policy before signing up for the test. the results could be confusing and genetic counselors say go over the results with a medicalprofessional. 5:20 on this monday. bruins make history. >> the goal landing the black and gold in the record books. but was it enough to get them a win? >> isaiah thomas representing
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dan roche has highlights next
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wbz sports driven by bmw. test drive at your massachusetts bmw center or visit us at bmw welcome back. isaiah tomis a makes the mark in the first all star appearance. >> and the bruins making history in detroit. dan roche has more in the morning sports.
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18, 5, 3 the bruins road record heading into yesterday's matinee affair in detroit. that's the second best road mark in the nhl trailing only washington but the b's without bergeron who missed the second straight game with an injury after taking part in fight with blake wheeler on thursday night. bruins got off to a fast start. the fastest start in team history. brad drills one into the net the 28th goal of the season. 8 tick the into the game. bruins have been around since 1924 and never before scored a goal so quickly to start a game. the 13th in the last 13 games. but the wings tied things up before boston retakes lead. 14 seconds after detroit made it 1-1. trotman had the 2-1 lead and in the first they got another. >> he couldn't handle the pass inside the zone and here's four men on attack. he a tip and score.
5:24 am
on the pass from david and he has goals in 4 of the last 5 and the bruins are up 3-1. >> detroit scored the next 4 and right await b's got back into it. 22 seconds after making the switch, the first goal in 100 games and it's 5-4 game. and third period now detroit on the power play watch him streak towards the puck chase it down and go behind the net and another short-handed goal and bruins claw back into it tying the game at 5-5. but, another face-off and another goal. this one by detroit. the 12th of the season makes it 6-5 and that's how this game would end. nba all star game isaiah thomas representing the celtics getting in on the scoring. in transition pulls up on the 3- pointer and he's done it so
5:25 am
later a jump ball and runs it down controls it and flips it in over bryant. 9 points for tom a as the west beats the east 196 to 176 in kobe's final all star game. that's the latest in sports. i am dan roche wbz sports. >> 5:26. still to come in the next half- hour an update on breaking news we are following. >> officials battling more than flames in worcester. how the cold temperatures are making it difficult for firefighters. >> plus remembering those killed in the station nightclub fire. steps being taken to build a pelment memorial. >> good morning. -- permanent memorial. >> good morning. some kids in southern new hampshire waking up heading toschool with temperatures subzero. i am tracking a big warmup that comes with snow and rain on the way for tomorrow. we will breakdown the details
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so, what moves me? it's the journey. the feeling of doing. it's making choices for a healthier me, a healthier us. i'm on my path and i love it. the path to a healthier you starts with nature's path pumpkin flax granola. crunchy clusters of delicious organic oats, flax and pumpkin seeds, with all the goodness to nourish you and your family. nature's path granola. t enjoy your path. breaking news right now at 5:30.
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and ice in worcester. how the the weather made this battle so much harder. >> power problems leaving hundreds without heat in below zero temperatures. >> a local family asking for help tracking down the missing son. the plan today to try to find him. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good monday morning everybody. welcome back i am kathryn hauser. >> i am chris mckinnon. 5:30 on monday february 15th. a lot of people sleeping in because it's school vacation week for massachusetts. >> good keep the covers up stay warm as long as you can. 50s tomorrow. >> did we break records? >> we did. >> let me tell you it felt like cold. i never felt before. >> yes. we may have done the bowling water outside the window to turn it into snow we did it and it works and it was kind of cool.
5:30 am
we do have a warmup on the way. by the time we get to tonight the temperatures are going to rise tomorrow will be in the 50s. remarkable given the fant the temperatures 6 in boston right now. wind from the northwest at just 5 miles per hour. does create a real file of 3 below zero at logan and real feel is colder in worcester for example 15 bow will he zero what it feels -- below zero what it feels like. 10 below in chatham. temperatures dipped below zero in lot of spots. so be mindful of the fact you want to bundle up. skies cleared out and so we are talking about sunshine out of the gates this morning. and then the cloud lynn crease. so between now and late morning, we should rise into the teens. so we make a rebound. low to mid-20s through the early afternoon. and it's going to start to look and feel like snow by the evening and in fact, areas of snow fill in between about 4 and 8 p.m. between 8 and 10 in the city of boston and notice it changes
5:31 am
coast and the rain snow line presses north around or just after midnight tonight. still pockets of wintry mix across the interior and we are dealing with areas of rain. wintry mix transitioning from rain south to north. heaviest rain comes tomorrow night along with the damaging wind gusts threat. drainage flooding and areas of fog but temperatures jump into the 50s. so there's lots to talk about we will get you on the roads. traffic and weather together. >> reporter: the t operating on a saturday schedule today with the holiday. now let's check the roads. take a live look over the expressway lighter than normal volume for a monday. probably due to school vacation and president's day. the other major routes from the south are trouble free. to the north normally we see 93 south getting busy from andover stretch but route 1 south is fine coming from peabody route limit drives. chris. breaking news the bitter cold temperatures causing issues for firefighters in worcester.
5:32 am
slowed them down as they battled flames at the triple decker home. firefighters rescued a person from the first floor. no word on what sparked the fire. checking other top stories the power is back on today for hundreds of residents in east boston. two manhole explosions left about 200 people without heat and electricity. eversource worked through the night to repair the damaged electrical equipment a bus was even brought in to warm up residents. a generator on the scene is now powering electricity to that whole area. the familiar-- the family of a missing man will post flyers today hoping someone saw him. zach marr was celebrate ies his 22nd birthday with his cousin at the bell in hand and went out for a smoke and has not been seen since. his family is not heard from him and his phone goes to voice mail and they say it's completely out of character for him.
5:33 am
to a community college. the band playing the night of the terror attack in paris is going to return to paris tomorrow for a concert. the eagles of death metal were performing in november when gunmen attacked the crowd killing 89 people. the band's front man jesse hughes is opening up about what happened. he said when he was trying to escape the theater he came face- to-face with one of the terrorists. >> i thought i was dead and i just waited for the shot to hit me and when he went to pull his rifle down, the barrel of the gun hit the door frame. thank god and when it hit the door frame i hit the door and opened -- frame i hit the door and i opened the door and he started to fire and the rounds shut the door behind me. the bullets pushed the door shut behind me. >> hughes told swedish television the experience is still very raw for the entire band. people in rhode island remembering those killed in a station nightclub fire. a hundred people died when pyrotechnic show during the
5:34 am
the fire in february 2003. last night's survivors held a memorial service and say they raised 1.6 million dollars to built a permanent memorial at the site in west warwick. it's just about 5:35 on your monday morning. still ahead, the biggest names in hughesic getting ready for -- music getting ready for the grammys. >> performers getting in last- minute rehearsals and how this year's awards are going high tech. good morning robi. >> reporter: good morning. didy know it's random acts of kindness week? will you participate? does that defeat the purpose of being random?
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welcome back. some of the biggest names in music are getting ready for the grammys. >> and this morning we are looking at what musician take home. alabama shake took the stage to practice the southern rockers rup for album of the year. closing act is under wraps but each trophy will be fitted with a camera. how cool is that and this year the grammys features a special performance from the cast of the broadway musical hamilton. >> it's unusual for a broadway show to perform at the grammys but as paul' ebben shows us hamilton is not the average musical. >> >> reporter: how does the biggest broadway show in a decade get even hotter? >> whenh you think you can't get bigger they announcey are doing the grammy awards live from the theater. >> reporter: hamiltonton the hip-hop musical about alexander hamilton is nominated for a
5:38 am
the entire cast performs live on stage from broadway in new york during the grammys on cbs. >> one of the lights is it. >> reporter: new hampshire native has the daunting job of lighting the creator and star who plays hamilton. >> when you think about them performing here, for grammy audience with millions of people how does that make you feel. >> super exciting and totally exhilarating and scary because you want everything to work and be perfect and you just hope that nothing goes wrong. >> reporter: even for big stars, you better believe the grammys are a thrill. george washington wouldn't tale lie. >> exciting i knew what a grammy was before i knew what a tony was i grew up as a kid that was the pinnacle and i knew the oscars and grammys and it's very exciting. >> reporter: it means a few adjustments. lights will be changed for the grammy performance. >> yes.
5:39 am
little bit so it is good for the television cameras as opposed to stage lighting. >> reporter: sold out until next fall, it is impossible to get a ticket to hamilton. so watching the grammys will be the only way for fans to see a live clip for now and sandy will be lighting the way. >> we do this live 8 times a week but this grammy is like a whole another situation. lots and lots of people will see this. >> see the gamies -- grammys and all performance on wbz kicking off tonight at 8:00 and it's sure to be a huge show this year. >> i can't wait to watch that. that's really nice piece. coming up at 6, music insiders will share his predictsfor tonight's grammy. >> weather, traffic and top stories including a new development in the flint water crisis to tell you b the medical coverage the governor
5:40 am
clear>> reporter: an unprecedented event. three fires in weymouth breaking out within two hours of each other. some of them cold weather related. details coming up. >> reporter: it was a chilly night with no power here in the boston neighborhood.
5:41 am
5:42 am
with cold temperatures
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>> but if you are dreaming of a vacation on the cape you may want to consider book now. real estate agents tell the globe they are seeing a big influx of reservations a warning of places are renting this summer are more expensive than they were last summer. i got to do that. >> yeah you have to get on that early. i was hoping you had booked it so i could crash on the weekend. >> my family we are trying to get a house. >> i know and that includes me and danielle. we are your family and robi can come on down we will make it. >> ding-dong hey guys. >> can you see me robi and danielle packing into a vw van and show up. >> it would be fun. >> we would have a lot of fun as long as the weather cooperates. >> no pressure. >> you know i would bring the good weather you bring the vacation and i will bring the sunshine many hope you had a great weekend. it was cold but record cold in fact and it's another subzero start this morning.
5:44 am
5 below in taughton and -- taunton and 6 above in boston. the wind is creating a subzero real feel feels like 10 behoe in chatham. clear skies -- below in chatham. the sun will shine in a hour from now. clouds increase quickly out ahead of moisture to the south. we run into areas of snow and rain so this developing area of low pressure is what's going to move west of us tomorrow. drag in the warm air and between today and starting in the single digits below zero and 50s i am not joking 50s for highs tomorrow. there has to be a transition in between. and that will come later on today into overnight tonight. dry. through most of the day today until this evening, snow advances between 4 and 8 p.m. in western massachusetts and pockets of snow in the worcester hills and between 8 and 10 it fills in. steadily.
5:45 am
contact and there will be slippery areas that result. notice the quick transition to rain little if any snow rain-snow line advances northward between 10 p.m. and about midnight or just after that. 128 points north and west areas of sleet and freezing rain will mix for a brief period transitioning to rain. rain will let up a bit heading into tomorrow morning. this is leftover showers. tomorrow morning. can't rule out a shower through the course of the afternoon but steady rain that will fill back in west to east during the evening hours tomorrow so your evening commute will be impacted but i think the heaviest rain holds off until the tail end of the commute tomorrow. but look at that rain. deep oranges yellows and reds, and heavy downpours and embed thunder not out of the wet. damaging wind -- question. damaging wind gusts and after
5:46 am
coating to ionch of snowfall. most this evening into the first part of the night. one to three outside 495. a lot of that is washed away but because of that, we've a winter weather advisory for all of massachusetts except for the cape and islands. rainfall will top out either side of an inch. blues indicate half an inch to an inch and half. going through the wind gusts forecast briefly because tomorrow afternoon that wind will start to increase out of the south. gusting over 30 miles per hour over 40 by hate tomorrow afternoon gusts 50 to perhaps as high as 60 miles per hour on the cape. think we will see pockets shall i-- cape i think we'll see pockets of -- cape. itch think we will see pockets. and weekend looks dry a couple rain or snow showers on saturday. traffic and weather together. >> reporter: you can so tell it's a holiday and school vacation week because there's very light volume on the roads right now. look at route 1 a live look
5:47 am
barely any cars on either side. 93 southbound normally busy is smooth sailing. stot south all green on the -- to the south all green on the map. no backups on the expressway onor 128. 24 north and 95 north are dispg along. people are -- zipping along. in. power problems leaving thecold. >> the deep freeze leads to shore town. here are your top stories on this monday morning. >> reporter: good morning i am susie steimle live in weymouth where the cold weather proves difficult for firefighters this weekend. at one point yesterday, three fires broke out within two hours of each other. it proved to be too much for just one department to handle. they called in help from 12 different municipalities and two of the fires were cold weather related. one was a broken chimney and the other was someone trying to thaw out frozen pipes. the fire chief here in weymouth
5:48 am
6:00. for now live in weymouth susie steimle wbz this morning. >> reporter: good morning. i am nicole jacobs live in east boston where residents here spent several hours with no heat in one of the coldest nights of the winter so far. heat has been restored power has been restored and using the generator here it started with manhole explosions we are told. eversource crews have been hard at work still frustrated residents were buried in the cold and chilly temperatures last night. some telling us they chose to pack up and head to a hotel taking another live look at this generator working all the magic this morning coming up at 6 hear from the residents who powered through the chilly temperatures. nicole jacobs cbd -- wbz this morning. there's a new development
5:49 am
governor snyder wants to expand medicaid coverage to pregnant women and people under 21. a lack of corrosion control caused lead to seep into the water exposing the entire population there to elevated lead levels. crowds are gathering in one of mexico's poorest cities where the pope will visit today. yesterday, the pope celebrated mass before 300,000 people in one of the most violent suburbs. the pontiff urged leaders to build a society with equal opportunity for all. more than 2 million people lined the motorcade route before heended his day. a new video of a earthquake in new zealand. it hit christ church taking -- shake the cars. no reports of -- shaking the cars. no reports of serious injuries or damage but scientists warn of aftershocks.
5:50 am
powerful storm set sail. the new passengers say they are confident the cruise will be fine. coast guard inspected the vessel and declared it sea worthy. hollywood award season is in full swing and revenant is celebrating big wins. it won best picture at the brit shall academy of film awards. and movie star leonardo dicaprio took home besting ator. he is up for a 6th oscar nomination. the academy awards are later had month. kate winslet won for the role in steve jobs and dedicated her award to women who have been put down and told to overcome obstacles. 5:51 on your monday. time for the dealy talker -- daily talker. if you see people doing excessively nice things don't be surprised. >> that's because it's random acts of kindness week. here's always kind 360, 5 days a week robi with more on this. >> reporter: you are off the hook now. >> good. >> reporter: for that lovely introduction.
5:51 am
random acts of kindness week is an oxymoron right? seriously. they are asking people to schedule something that's supposed to be spontaneous and sincere but if it makes people do nice things for each other like christopher did we shouldn't complain. anyway a. global app called scout helps people expand social circle contacted a survey to see -- conducted a survey to see if people are randomly nice. 83% said they randomly do some kind of act for someone something kind once a week. and most people don't want credit for it. 4% of those do gooeders perform the acts because they are seeking accolades from family or friends. that means 96% do it purely out of the goodness out of their hearts. and you don't have to just do good deeds in person. a bunch of people do their random acts digitally 67% claim to have made someone else's day online such ascertaining an
5:52 am
compliment about a friend on facebook. so, do you practice random acts of kindness? what do you think of this idea during random acts of kindness week? marie posted this on facebook i do. because it is the right thing to do. if i needed help, i would want the same compassion. and i guess also karma what you do comes back on you. thank you marie. and kathy wrote this my son surprises me with the thing he has done offering a homeless man to buy him a coat. that's very nice. >> that is. >> reporter: let's get out there random acts of kindness weeklets us know what you think on our social media plat forels and let's see what you come up with. two very kind people all the time chris and kathryn. >> we are busy complimenting you on facebook so just check. still to come a. memorable first for a polar bear cub. >> the reaction to seeing snow
5:53 am
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a very cute polar bear cub at the toronto zoo got a treat. >> the zoo released the video of the 3-month-old cub playing in the fresh snow she will spend more and more time outdoors to get used to her new home.
5:56 am
still doesn't have a name. the cub weighs 17 pounds. >> absolutely adoreddable. i feel like we have had polar bear weather right here in boston. >> i think so you are right. >> keep it here at wbz top stories are straight ahead.
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right now at 6 a.m. bitter cold this morning. but a huge warmup. 50s tomorrow and snow and rain. >> the extreme cold creating tough conditions for firefighters across the state. they are battling mutt pel fires including one where someone tried to thaw out frozen pipes. >> and this wasn't not the -- was not the adventure that skiers was looking for. wait until you hear how they had to get down from a ski lift. >> a young man is miss after celebrating his birthday at a boston bar. his family's plea for answers this morning. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning.


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