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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  February 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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right now at 6 a.m. bitter cold this morning. but a huge warmup. 50s tomorrow and snow and rain. >> the extreme cold creating tough conditions for firefighters across the state. they are battling mutt pel fires including one where someone tried to thaw out frozen pipes. >> and this wasn't not the -- was not the adventure that skiers was looking for. wait until you hear how they had to get down from a ski lift. >> a young man is miss after celebrating his birthday at a boston bar. his family's plea for answers this morning. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning.
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thanks for being here with us i am kathryn hauser. >> i am chris mckinnon. it's monday february 15th and kick off school vacation week. >> a lot of people enjoying the time off going away. >> a lot of trips down south going somewhere warmer i am sure. >> just in time. >> good time to do it. >> but we have big warmup for tomorrow. today it's another frigid start. it's remarkable. >> the temperatures what's going on. >> changes up and down. look at boston skies are clear and seeing color come over the horizon. the wind is not as strong as yesterday but check out the real feel. it's brutal this morning. feels like 7 below in boston and 19 behoe zero in wore -- belozero in worcester. it's 5 in boston right now. and it's 9 below in nashua. 2 below in worcester. 13 behoe in skean. and -- behoe in keen -- below in keene. clouds will increase here and pretty quickly during the afternoon.
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lunchtime and areas of snow will advance in during the eveninghours. that's the storm we are watching coming in tonight and tomorrow with snow transitions over to rain but -- transitioning over to rain and we have a winter weather advisory impacting cosh new england ex-- impact willing southern new england except --impacting southern new england except the cape. the routes. live look over the tobin bridge normally it would be parked. we have a disabled car blobbing the right lane on the -- blobbing the right lane but that's not causing a slow down. the rest of the routes from thenorth are sailing along. all green and not even seeing any issues on the expressway. that's how you know it's a holiday. guys. >> thanks very much robi. bitter cold temperatures causing issues for fire fighters in worcester.
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them down as they battled flames at this triple decker home on preston streets. they pulled out one rest den from the first floor and the person was not injured. this was the third fire of the night in worcester. >> a similar situation in weymouth. susie steimle is there live with the massive effort to battle the fire and ice. good morning susie. >> reporter: good morning kathryn and chris. massive effort is right. they had to call in 12 other departments to help handle the three fires that broke out here in weymouth in a matter of two hours. it was some significant damage to the three homes too as the firefighters had their hand full not only of course dealing with the fires but the cold weather making it difficult for them as well. now about 12 or so hours later we know a little more about what caused the fires. two of them are cold weather related. one person had trouble with the chimney and the other person with trying to warm up
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the third still not determined but the fire chief saying there's a lesson in this for people. make sure cash on monoxide detectors are working and -- cash op monday objection -- carbon monoxide detectors were working and your smoke detectors are working and have your chimney checked before lighting a fire. this can be a lesson because no one was hurt. it's a lesson and in the a tragedy all though the homes had significant damage at least total loss. live in weymouth susie steimle >> thanks. 6:04a closer look at how the mbta is rig to prevent -- is trying to prevent problems from the cold weather. trains were kept inside the station and tunnels to protect them from the bitter cold. this weekend crews had to heat the rails to get trains running again a reminder this morning the t is operating on a saturday schedule today for the president's day holiday. power problems leaving
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temperatures without any heat. imagine that. crews have been working through the night to get power back on. let's get to nicole jacobs live in east boston with a update. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. and good news here in east boston. residents here the 200 without power for hours now have power and it is being sourceed by the generator but we are told eversource crews still have work to do. it was bad timing. >> severe frustration. >> reporter: as if there's any good time to be without heat in subzero lows. >> probably packing up and going to a hotel unfortunately. turning water on so my pipes don't freeze and packing up and going to a hotel. >> reporter: 200 rest den in the east boston -- residents in the east boston neighborhood foressed to -- forced to power through frustration was no electricity which means no heat. >> he has a heart problem and he is 87 years old and he is cold. >> reporter: wilma is cold and
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ofalternatives to keep warm. >> i could overright the pilot on the stove and heat hot water and make tea and i had soup and i had to open the refrigerator. >> reporter: it was manhole explosions we are told that brought eversource crews here. they worked for hours trying to repair electrical equipment andrestore warmth. >> i have children and dogs and i have animals and my husband is sick. and at least they can tell us what's going on so i can look for hotel or something. i can't be in the cold like it's crazy. >> reporter: and you're looking live here at the generator that putnam street. in progress. we are told eversource crews at some point will get back to work to try to fix exactly what caused the power outage to begin with. live in east boston, nicole jacobs wbz this morning. >> thanks very much. a brake problem left nearly a 50 people stuck on tram cars at
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hampshire. 48 people were on two trams when they got stuck in dangerously cold conditions. it took an hour for rescuers help each person repel down to the ground. investigators say a mechanical issue caused the brakes to lock. no one was hurt. developing news today, the family of a missing man plans to post flyers hoping someone has seen him zach marr was celebrating his 22 birthday at the bell in hand and went out for a smoke and has not been seen since. his family has not heard from him and his phone goes right to voice mail. they say this is totally out of character for him. >> he's got some street smarts as far as, you know survival skills. so i am hoping. >> lives in harvard and goes to college. the body of antonin scalia
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after his death. a battle heating up over who should replace him. don champion has the latest. >> reporter: a white hearst carries the body of scalia to a west texas airport bound for virginia at the request of his family. 79-year-old supreme court justice passed away suddenly while vacationing at this resort ranch. a county judge ruled scalia died of natural causes after consulting with his physician and sheriff investigators. >> one of the things i did ask the sheriff and the marshal that was there if there were any signs of foul play and they said. >> what did they say? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: on sunday flags across the country and in the nation's capital flew at half- staff in honor of the long time justice known for strict conservative views he was reviled and beloved by his colleagues. in a 2008, 60 minutes interview he maintains disadpreements were not personal. >> i attack -- disagreements
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>> i attack ideas not people. >> reporter: the debate is underway over who president obama should nominate as scalia's successor. >> the president has the right and responsibility to nominate a new supreme court justice. >> we can't afford to have scalia replaced by someone the nominees he put there in the past. >> reporter: the president says he will nominate a successor in due time but senate majority leader mitch mcconnell maintains any vacancy should be filled once a new president is in office. don champion cb is s news washington. -- cbs news, washington. elliot spitzer is under investigation this morning. our sister station wcbs reports the nypd is looking to an alleged assault involving spitzer and a russian woman. the incident happened at a new york city hotel on saturday. police sources say the woman claims spitzer pushed her and put his hands around her neck. they have known each other for several years ep resigned in
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prostitution scandal. some massachusetts police departments are sending back military grade equipment given to them after riots in ferguson missouri. the boston globe reports the federal government is ordering norfolk west springfield and clinton and state department of corrections to send back equipment like grenade launchers armored vehicle and bayonets. move comes after the president asked for study of heavily armed officers. coming up on wbz, ride sharing drivers could face new rules. >> ahead the city set to vote on a measure that some say will improve safety for all riders. >> and also ahead an inspiring return to the ice. the hockey player injured at the winter classic with a message of hope this morning. >> plus the grammy count done is on and this morning we have a special guest coming knot studio for closer look at who would win music atop honors good morning. >> good morning. it's another cold start in the
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zero but we rise into the 20s gradually hour by hour today as the cloud increase as well. i am tracking snow and rain and gusty wind and 50s for tomorrow. all the details coming up next.
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it's about 6:14. tom brady was feeling the love on valentine day. posting this picture on his facebook. he add i love my girls. hashtag be my valentine. that's sweet. day. snuggling. that's what was happening for a lot of people. >> we will find out in nine months. >> boy. >> all right. >> that's fantastic kathryn. >> over to you danielle. >> so about the weather. 5 degrees in boston right now. again. 9 below in nashua 13 below in keene not as cold as it was yesterday morning and a little bit less wind.
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6 behoe in taunton and 6 below in falmouth and skies are clear and we are in for sunshine clouds will increase quickly and clouds come out ahead of snow. and snow and ice and rain developing storm senter in the southeast united states is going to work up the coastline and we will get a period of snow that mixes in here during the course of the evening hours and then into overnight tonight. let's time things out hour by hour. through the afternoon, we rise into the 20s so there's a bit of a rebound. wind won't be that strong today. 22 by 1:30. clouds thicken up areas of snow and a couple scattered snow showers by the time we get to 7 or 8. but steadier snow is between 8 and 10. steady snow in lot of spots. notice the green changeover impact little if any snow from plymouth to the cape and that rain snow line advances northward and warmer air comes in overnight tonight. so even by 2 a.m., most of us wrapping up and we still have some pockets of sleet and freezing rain mixing across the far interior along and outside
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overnight and tomorrow morning, we are in the 40s a very warm start couple scattered rain showers but the steadier rain arrives west to east late afternoon and evening. in fact watch what happens. the steady rain wow. look at that. reds oranges and it's going to absolutely pour tomorrow evening and even some rumbles of thunder in there possible. damaging wind gust as the line comes through and then we gradually cool through the 40s and 30s overnight as the skies clear out. so a lot of active weather in the next 12 to 36 hours. breakdown the snow first coating to ionch for a lot of eastern massachusetts. a little if anything. keep in mind it's a sloppy coat to an inch that gets washed away. one to three, 495 merrimack valley into son new hampshire. most falls late this evening into the first part of the overnight. rainfall tomorrow steadiest during the evening and blues indicate half an inch to an inch and a half. with that many down pours and poor drainage flooding and
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high wind watch is up from the coast of maine back to eastern massachusetts and all of southeastern massachusetts from noon tomorrow until 9 p.m. gusts up to 5 5 miles per hour especially in the downpour that is come in may cause pockets of damage that occur in eastern massachusetts. and then 40s and 30s to end the week still pretty quiet. we should be in the 40s this weekend too. no big storms after tomorrow in the forecast. by the way no kids are on vacation this week including these ones. the green out school barry had agreat visit 90 of the third graders a part of the community service they give a donation to wednesday's child which is fan tastedic. have wonderful -- fantastic. have wonderful say coition. >> reporter: people -- vacation. >> reporter: people have the day off because of holiday and school vacation and we are seeing light volumes on a the road. expressway is the expressway. cruising along braintree to boston no backups. other major routes from the
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north map is clean you can fly down 93 southbound from andover to boston if we could pop up the north map and see for yourselfs. the north right now. chris and kathryn. >> thank you. it's 6:18 right now. in money watch this morning, president's day. but overseas markets are opened and japan stock market has big gains nikkei finished up more than 7%. up as well. uber and lift drivers -- lyft drivers could be financinger printed in austin texas voters will decide. ride sharing drivers would pay 2% higher fees to the city. the woman's hockey player who suffered a severe spinal cord injury is tack ling recovery with a positive attitude. denna laing got on the ice in her wheelchair. it was the last game for the national women's hockey looing's boston pride team the same team they are playing when she crashed into the boards at
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>> never give up and stay positive and you know when i get down sometimes i just think you know it could be worse. it could be worse. i remember being sad that i was worried right when it happened that it was shorter game and i was worried that i messed up and that they wouldn't get to play the whole game. >> denna says she is doing better and hopes to walk again. yesterday's game was also a fund-raiser for her. in a -- it's 6:19. ahead on wbz this morning one of the biggest drug busts in history. >> 900 million dollars worth of liquid meth uncovered. the creative way the accused smugglers tried to hide it. >> and grammys stage is set. music abiggest night is -- music's biggest night is up. a insider sharing predictions for the top prizes.
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welcome back. tonight is the biggest nice for the music. here to talk about the show and share his predictions is tj and you probably recognize his voice tj from amp 103.3 and you are on every morning nice and early so we will talk about the top three categories and your predictions there. >> sure. >> let's go through and we begin with the nominees are for best new artists courtney barnettjames bay sam hunt and nantucket native who are you thinking. >> megan trainor five hits on would have album is huge she is going tonight win are cint imagine another one. >> she has catchy songs i love
6:24 am
>> yeah we have to root for her even if she is not she needs to win we need to root for her. >> all right. that's what we will cheer for. also we need to talk about record of the year nominees are really love deangelo and vanguard uptown funk and thinking out loud and blank space taylor swift you can't feel my face which i listen to every summer on the radio at some point. >> i would say uptown funk the song was so huge it was every where on every radio station and you hear a song and it takes a few listens to get used to it this one i heard first time and i loved it and that's shocked if anyone else won. >> what about it. >> it's fun for everybody. it's hard for a song to cross it. >> super bowl they had this song going on too. i think bruno mars is one of the most talented artist and it's a tough call. >> that's my vote.
6:25 am
about album of the year nominees are sound and color alabama shakes, tampa butterfly kendrick lamar and taylor swift and beauty behind madness the weekend that's a big category. >> it's tough but i would say taylor swift has to take this 1989 was huge huge album and over 6 million almost 6 million sold and her tour was sold out across the country and it was huge i would say she has to get it. >> and she is the opening act >> yeah. >> for a lot of people they used to hissening to you and today they see you on wbz this morning tell us about your radio show. >> it's my dream come true and i always wanted to do a radio show in the morning and we have great success and think we have the best show in boston. give it a shot. listen to it give us a chance 5:30 to 9 we love to have you listening if you don't know or have another showdown load the pod cast and it's on instagram at radio tj. >> so great to have you thanks
6:26 am
i appreciate it i get to see you in person. it was great for me too. again, grammys remember watch the grammys only on cbs starting tonight at 8 right here on wbz. tj thank you. >> thank vow -- thank you very much. >> sound good. thanks so much for coming in this morning. i think he has the right picks. we have a lot more in the next half-hour including a reason to be more generous this week. it's the daily talker. pope francis drawing huge crowds in mexico. the next stop on his visit today. plus, the new clue that it will soon be last call for late night service on the t. and as we head to break this morning, here are four things to know as
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we're leading the way toward the solution... because more energy means lower energy supply rates for you.
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6:30. raging flames bitter temperatures and the firefighters. >> the tribute ahead of the 13th anniversary of the station nightclub fire. >> and heading back to sea. what passengers are saying about boarding the cruise ship that was rocked around in rough weather.>> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning to you thanks for joining us at 6:30 i am chris mckinnon. >> i am kathryn hauser we appreciate you being here on a monday. president's day out there and it's still cold in case you are wondering. >> sorry. yes, one more day and this is it and we are going to rise today. it's not going to be cold as yesterday. wind won't be as strong. >> that's better i guess. >> yesterday it was brutal and this morning it's bad too.
6:31 am
least it's bright and beautiful start if you are up early. live look at boston right now with the color over the horizon. real feel is 7 below zero in boston. 19 behe in worcester -- below in worcester. feels like 20 bein in portland maine -- below in portland maine. it's 5 in boston at logan airport. 13 below keen set coldest spot across southern new england. skies clear for the time being but the clouds will increase during the day today and temperatures will gradually rise. through teens in fact by late morning and midday. clouds advance in from the southwest and they will thicken as we head into the evening hours especially at the same advancing across connecticut for the evening drive and that 10 p.m. notice it transitions to rain from south to north during the
6:32 am
and lingers longest as the windry mix outside of 495 after midnight you will notice and then continues to lift northward during the predo you know tomorrow. snow to aren'try mix transitioning to rain. heaviest rain tomorrow evening damaging wind gusts and quarter inchp flog and temperatures in the 50s. lots to breakdown details in about 10 minutes. let's go on road with traffic and weather together. >> reporter: i can probably keep this short because there's all of the light volume with no reported backups. look at the mass pike in brighton live super easy ride. eastbound from framingham no issues westbound. south map would normally have tons of red but basically all the major routes are moving along and same with the north not even backups on 93 southbound coming are andover. breaking news overnight, the bitter cold temperatures causing issues for firefighters in worcester. they say the cold and ice
6:33 am
a triple decker on preston streets firefighters pulled one rest den from one floor and this was the third fire of the night in worcester. >> it was a similar situation in weymouth. susie steimle is there with the mat he have efforts to massive efforts to battle-- massive efforts to battle snow and ice. >> reporter: what happened is unprecedented for the community. they had three fires all break out within 2 hours of each other and it was too much for just one department to handle. they ended up calling in support from 12 different fire departments can and surrounding areas all to extinguish the three fires at homes that there. we know a little bit more about what caused the fires. two are cold weather related. one from frozen pipes someone trying to thaw them out the other tried to light a fire in failed chimney. and the fire chief says peopled
6:34 am
detectors are working a in one case a man was able to get out safely because his smoke detector alerted him the fire was taking place. check the carbon monoxidedetectionors and make -- detectors and make sure your chimney has been inspected before lighting a fire at this time of year. aid difficult thing for families and firefighters when it's this cold outside. and in terms of the homes in weymouth the damning was significant two considered a total loss but no one was seriously injured. susie steimle wbz this morning. >> thank you. you heard her talking about the cold making things difficult for fall river crews also on the scene of a deadly fire. the entire third floor of a home on eastern avenue was engulfed in flames when firefighters got there. the regulators kept freezing up and they struggled to keep the tanks working making it hard to
6:35 am
one person trapped inside was killed. power problems dealing with subzero temperatures. let's get to nicole jacobs live in east boston with an update this morning. nicole. >> reporter: chris, very good news for the east boston community. power has been restored and they are using the generator behind me to do that. it was several hours more than 200 residents went without power but it has been restored this morning. i want to get you to video of crews working overnight it. started with a manhole explosion we are told. eversource crews have been hard at work but still frustrated residents had to bear the cold. some telling us they chose to pack up and head to a hotel as last night was one of the coldest days we have seen so far this winter. let's listen. >> i have children and i have
6:36 am
and my husband is sick and i wish they would tell us what's going on. it's crazy. >> reporter: it's unbearable for some residents as they waited at home to figure out what was happening but the generator you are seeing now is sourcing heat-electricity to the homes on putnam -- heat and electricity to the homes on putnam street but they have work to do to repair what caused the power outage to begin with. nicole jacobs wbz this morning. >> thank you very much. that cruise ship rocked by aa powerful storm set sail again. people on board or people bored royal caribbean anthem of the seas in jersey yesterday days after it entercountered hurricane force wind and 30 foot waves crashed into the ship.
6:37 am
declared it was sea worthy. >> the pope will visit one of the most poorest areas. he will provide over mass in three native languages thanks to a vatican decree approving the use of them inly the are ay -- liturgy. the pope urged leaders to build a society with equal opportunity for all. it's one of the biggest drug busts in australia's history. take a look. police seized 900,000 dollars worth of liquid smith smuggled from hong conhidden in silicone bra inserts and art supplies. investigator busted part of the shipment in december and led them to a storage facility where they found more of the arrested. the band playing at the tight of the -- night of the attack in paris will return to paris for a concert. eagle of death metal were performing when gunmen attacked the crowd killing 89 people.
6:38 am
about what happened and says when he was making his escape he came fame to -- face to tase with a terrorist. >> and i thought -- face-to- face with a terrorist. >> i thought i was dead and when he went to pull the rifle down and barrel of the gun hit the door frame thank god and when it hit the door frame i hit the door and opened the door and he started firing and his rounds shut the door behind me as the bullets pushed the door shut behind me. >> shoes says the experience is raw for the band. people in rhode island remembers those killed in thestation nightclub fire. a hundred people died when a pyrotechnic show sparked a fire in 2003. last night survivors held a memorial and say they raised 1.6 million dollars to baled permanent memorial at the -- build a permanent memorial at the site in west warwick. late night mbta service may not be around locker.
6:39 am
to pick shifts past 12:30 for the past spring. this is according to globe. the t has not officially axed the service but voted at the end of the month but critics say the t made up their mind without the public's input. time for our daily talker if you see people doing exceptionally nice things don't be surprised. >> that's because it's random acts of kindness week. here is the always kind, 365 days of the year, robei with much more. >> reporter: very sweet. i wrote that. >> we delivered it. >> reporter: you nailed it. first of all we have to admit that random acts of kind neds -- kindness week is a oxymoron they are asking people to schedule something that is supposed to be spontaneous and sincere but if it makes people nice we shouldn't complain. anyway, a global app called scout that helps people expand their social circle conducted a national survey to see if folks
6:40 am
and here are some of the results. 83% say they randomly do something kind for someone at least once a week. and most people don't want credit for it only 4% of those do-gooders say they perform the acts because they are seeking accolades from family or friends. that means 96% do it purely out of goodness of their heart. and you don't have to do these deeds in person. a bunch of people say they do random acts digitally. 67% claim to have someone else's day and making someone else's day online. such ascertaining an unexpected text or post a compliment about somebody on facebook. so we want to know do you practice random acts of kindness? what do you think of this idea? maybe you do it all year long like yours truly. two viewers rebehinded us that not every -- reminded us that not everyone is nice. kate said one of the worst experience is middle school random act of kindness week a act of defiance perhaps? middle school nothing happens
6:41 am
steve posted act of kindness? i offered my wallet to a guy so i wouldn't get mugged and i get a rim shot from the audio guy. okay. here we go. thanks for commenting a number of ways to do it during the act of kindness week. our website twitter or facebook. a lot of cynicism out there this morning. >> i know. thanks robi. 6:41. up next , a check of the day's top stories including a mishap on a new hampshire ski mountain. >> and a family's worst nightmare coming true. their son goes missing while celebrating his birthday. how they are hoping to get word out. >> it's school vacation here in massachusetts. but we are looking ahead at summer vacation. why? you may want to book now. >> coming up the legacy of supreme court justice scalia and fight over replacement. and the candid interview with charlie rose and a back stage look at tonight's grammys. >> are you all ready?
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with the the cold temperatures summer really feels like a lifetime away except when you look at these pictures. it's coming eventually but if you are dreaming of the vacation on the cape you might want to consider booking now. >> i need to do that real estateagents say there's a big influx of reservations places are renting for the summer pretty much faster than last
6:45 am
>> a little more expensive too apparently. >> yeah. >> hey, kind of expected right? >> make sense when you've winter like these days you can see how they would. >> get online and book right now. >> doesn't looking at that video make you warm. >> it does. >> coming you know. >> the woman with the hat overher face laying down. >> a nice tan soaking up the sunshine. so we will have sunshine out of the gate a beautiful looking start to the day and it's bitterly cold. not as cold but 5 above zero in boston 2 below in worcester same in lawrence 130 below in keen -- 13 bemow in keen -- below in keene but somewhere like worcester a it up of wind making it feel colder. 19 below worcester. real feel 7 below in boston. subzero back down to the cape. another morning to be covered up the exposed skin. clear skies for now but clouds will increase and clouds come out ahead of snow. freezing rain and sleet and plain rain.
6:46 am
across alabama and mississippi. eventually the moisture will lift northward along with the warm front so, there's going to be some sort of transition in between the subzero temperatures this morning and 50s tomorrow. and that transition comes in late this evening and overnight tonight. now by 2 p.m., we will be in the 20s. we make a decent rebound. cloud increase and thicken and look at that areas of snow move in. between 4 and 8 p.m. in a lot of spots. may take longer when you get into southern new hampshire but we may get a quick transition over to rain along the south coast. that rain snow line lifts northward during late evening hours as the map at 11 p.m. 34 in boston and we made the change over to rain but 32 at bedford and areas of snow transitioning to sleet and freezing rain outside 128 and 45. snow lingers longest in southern new hampshire and transition to wintry mix as well. and it tapers off overnight temperatures. they are going to be rising all the while through the 30s overnight.
6:47 am
it's going to be a warm start to the day. and then scattered showers will be off and on during the afternoon. and the steadier rain and downpours arrive from west to east and it will pour embedded thunderstorms not out of the question tomorrow evening. the evening commute will feature reduce visibility because of the rain poor drainage flooding and into the 50s will be remarkable and clearing skies coming in after that. snowfall first for the evening and tonight a coating to an inch. most watches away 1 to 3 north and west of the boston and rain is generally around half an inch to ionch and a half. damaging wind gusts possible tomorrow afternoon and evening with the wind gusting at times to 55 miles per hour and cooling to end the week into the 30s. 40s in the week. how is it looking robi. >> reporter: very light volume out there right now because of the holiday with no reported backups on any of the major routes but we have one breakdown to tell you about.
6:48 am
westboro on the mass pike eastbound before the plaza a broken down suv blocking the shoulder out there. that's not causing any slow downs just yet. chris and kathryn. >> thanks very much. breaking news overnight, the bitter cold temperatures causing issues for firefighters in worcester. the cold and ice slowed them down as they battled flames on preston street. firefighters pulled out one resident from the first floor. that person was not injured. this was the third fire of the night in worcester. and it's 6:48. our other top stories a major weymouth as well. >> much of it is related to the temperatures. fire crews had to battle three house fires at the same time two of the three caused by people trying to keep warm and lighting fire in a nonworking chimney. crews from 12 other communities were called in to assist weymouth fire crews. no one was seriously injured.
6:49 am
people struck on tram cars at cannon mountain in new hampshire. 48 people were on two trams when they got stuck in dangerously cold conditions. took an hour for rescuers to help each person repel down to the ground. and investigators say a mechanical issue caused the brakes to lock up and no one was hurt. the family of a missing man will post flyers today hoping that someone saw him. zach marr was celebrating his 22nd birthday with his cousins and went out for a smoke around 1:40 saturday morning and has not been seen since. his family has not heard from him and marr lives in harvard and goes to a community college. keep it here on wbz. just ahead, east meets west. >> that's the all star game and highlights and contributions from the cell, isaiah thomas. >> and bruins making hockey history. stay with us. you are watching wbz this morning.
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"saya thomas represented the celtics at nba all star game and if you like seeing baskets it was your game. celtic guard played well in the first all star game hitting a 3- pointer and off a jump ball he runs it down controls it and flips it over and kobe 9 points in all for thomas. west took this one 196, 173 and it was kobe bryant's final all
6:53 am
start off fast and steady yesterday. >> real quick one and it was the fastest start in their history only 8 seconds into the game when marchand scored the quickest they have scored but the ending as predicted. not good as the beginning. detroit scores and beats the bruins 6-5 and b's play in columbus on tuesday. there was an iffy goal there you know i am mad about that one. >> yeah you and ice hockey. now to california pebble beach the 17th hole and mickelson is two shots back of the leader. he sinks the birdie and that gets him within one of the lead and one hole to play and he has a 5 foot put putt on 18 to force a playoff and hadn't missed any putt under 6 all week and he lips this out. vaughn taylor gets the first win in almost 11 years. the weather looks nice there just noticing thatvery nice.
6:54 am
time for a look at what's coming up at 7 on cbs this morning. >> let's check in with charlie rose. >> good morning. ahead on cbs this morning scalia's legacy and the fight over who may replace him. plus one of my conversations with the justice. and attorney david boyce is here arranging major case including bush v gore and all that the news is back in the morning.
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some of the biggest names in music are getting ready for the grammy awards. >> tonight. exciting. this year get a chores look than ever at -- closer look than ever at the winners performers took the stage to practice now the closing act is under wraps but this morning we have learned each grammy award trophy will be fitted with a camera. >> oh. >> when the grammy award is given to an artist you will literally be in the hands of your favorite artist. you will see their point of view and their perspective. >> even if artists don't take home a trophy everyone is invited to the back stage gifting lounge where they can choose anything from clothing to cocktails and jewelry and it's like trick or treat for the celebs. >> i guess the invite was lost in the mail. >> watch the grammys on cbs
6:58 am
>> i feel like some will be doing crazy stuff because they know the cameras and grammys you know what i mean holding it up and doing selfies. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> i am ready. that. >> so 50s tomorrow. what a change we have over the next 12 to 24 hours. we are tracking rain heavy during the evening and night. before that we get snow in the evening and damaging winds risk tomorrow so lots of weather going on. >> you are going to be busy thanks very much. cbs this morning is next on wbz.
6:59 am
pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy,z watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, february 15th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." the supreme court loses a conservative titan. justice antonin scalia's death has a battle over his replacement. >> trump donald trump has a commanding lead in north carolina but jeb bush's brother expects to hit the campaign trail today. >> and what we expect to see tonight at the grammy awards. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener."


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