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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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deep freeze blamed for several fires and frigid air put being fire fighters in danger. >> a swing from the the record cold to 50s on the way tomorrow. snow, rain and damaging winds. >> stuck in the hair the adventure gone wrong for dozens propelling down. washington. fight after the death of a supreme court justice. >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston wbz news at noon starts right now. >> right now at noon the bitter blast will soon be over. this is a live look at boston a
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starting to rebound after record breaking cold and tomorrow, it's going to feel more like spring we are in for couple days. good afternoon i am kathryn hauser. >> i am chris mckinnon all this as we keep an eye on the storm that's heading our way. danielle niles has it all in the first look at the accu- >> going from record cold to temperatures in the 50s. something has to happen in between and we are in the transition today. real feel is still rupping in the sippingel digits and feels like 9 in boston and 4 in worcester and temperatures start. now. 20 in taunton and we will only continue to rise over the next 24 hours as well. and including overnight tonight. then turning to the south, areas of snow, the sleet and freezing rain and downpours and thunderstorms through the gulf all of this moisture going to be working in our direction. let's time things out. first thing to deal with is the snow arriving later today.
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and may see a few more between now and 2 or 3. 4:30 steadier light snow pushing along the south coast advancing northward between 4 and 6 p.m. up to the mass turnpike and then to the new hampshire border by 7 p.m. so, as you head out to the evening drive or out this evening, there are going to be slick spots that result because of this. temperatures will only be in the 20s at that point. and the ground has been so cold for a few days there will be some icy spots and snow covered roads. that rain snow line works northward during the late evening and overnight so midnight tonight raining in a lot of spots but north and west of boston there will be pockets of sleet and freezing rain that mix in. look at this tomorrow morning. we will be waking up to temperatures in the 40s very mild start and we come into the 50s with scattered rain showers and then a steady area of rain moving from west to east during the evening hours. so lots to track the damaging wind threat and generally coating to an inch but one to three north and west of the boston. i will tame out the rest of the
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>> thanks very much. we are following breaking news out of gloucester firefighters just put out a house fire. >> we should note this is the third fire in the last 24 hours in that area that had crews battling incredibly difficult conditions. nicole jacobs is live for us. this has been dangerous for >> reporter: of course because when you couple the cold temperatures and narrow road it is about a quarter of a mile down the road here a few hills here and there and when the water hits the surface firefighters have to work on very slippery surfaces creating a challenge. it's frigid day across the state. north shore showing signs of struggle considering calls for fire. >> i spent a couple days worth of fires for us fortunately most of them have been small. >> reporter: but the one monday morning on nashua street was big fully involved by the time
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coupled that with the single digit lows. >> we now it was well underway -- knew it was well underway the question was if anyone was trapped in the house. >> reporter: no one was inside at the time. confirmation from a neighbor who housed it on the weekend. >> this weather and we are looking at the cause and look at heating devices. >> reporter: the cause is under investigation here. crews gingerly work on thin ice and cold temperatures to fight flames. i should add dpw was called to the scene to sand the areas that were icy. no one was injured in this situation and again no one was in the home and firefighters have not been injured either. we are live in gloucester this >> thank you. a similar scene in worcester. crews dealing with a number of fires in the extreme cold. susie steimle is there live with an update. what can you tell us susie.
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afternoon kathryn. as you know it's been a difficult day for firefighters across the commonwealth and we heard nicole talk about three fires in glawft erin there were three in weymouth and three in worcester here as well. this one has been deemed a total loss leaving behind some ready impressive images but they won't be here for long as the building will be torn down today they say bad things happen in threes. if you didn't subscribe to that theory before overnight events offer some evidence. night. >> reporter: both cities had three heavy fires. deeming homes and apartment complexes inuninhabittable. crews were fighting mow nature in more ways than one. >> hypothermia but the bigger issue is slips and falls. everything is covered with ice and so as a result everything is slowed down. >> the heat was intense. you can feel it from over here.
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everything. >> reporter: neighbors on preston street had to be evacuated because the house next door has to come down. >> you can't stay no one can stay there. there's -- they are saying it's unstable because the house is going to collapse soon. >> reporter: the extremes of hiewmg flames and frigid -- huge flames and frigid temperatures leave behind impressive images. everyone inside the homes made it out okay. >> i want to thank the firefighters for waking everyone up in the neighborhood. it was something i think if they weren't here, i think we would have lost their lives most definitely. >> reporter: firefighters had their handsful not -- hands full with not just fires but they get calls about everything cold weather relate and they have trouble with burst pipes and chimney issues they are calling about and that takes up a lot of their time as well. they and all outdoor crews are looking forward to the warmup we know is on the way. live in worcester susie steimle
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>> thanks very much -- wbz news now back to you. burst. water flooded patient areas. 6 patients were moved to other hospitals. and look at this mess at the sheraton a pipe broke in tweeted out the pictures showing water on the floor and parts of the ceiling missing. no one was hurt and the main lobby was affected and no guests had to be evacuated. this afternoon it was a very cold 24 hours but the power is finally back on in an east boston neighborhood. hundreds had no heat last night as temperatures dipped to single digits. neighbors say the power went out following manhole explosions yesterday. crews worked through the night and got things back up and running this morning. the mbta kept trains inside station and tunnels to try to temperatures.
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up the rails to get trains running again. a quick reminder the t is on a saturday schedule today for president's day holiday and, of course, keep an eye on the forecast any time down load the cbs boston weather app and get the latest conditions forecast and any weather alerts. it's free in the google and apple app stores. a scary situation at cannon mountain in new hampshire. 50 people were stuck on two problem. took an hour for rescuers to help each person repel down to the ground. a mechanical issue caused the brakes to lock up everyone was okay. right now funeral preparations are underway for supreme court justice antonin scalia who died over the weekend suddenly. during a texas hunting trip. even before his burial washington has begun the fight over his replacement. weija jiang reports. >> reporter: flags are flying
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supreme court today in honor of justice antonin scalia a. his body was carried to the airport hunting trip. a county judge determined the natural causes. >> one of the things that i did ask the sheriff and the marshal that was there if there were any signs of foul play and they said absolutely not. >> reporter: scalia was a conservative titan defending constitution. his opinions sparked controversy. >> i could be charming and combative at the same time. >> reporter: still, he maintained deep friendships with liberal justice like ruth baiter ginsburg who said they were best buddies. the death leaves behind an evenly split court with four conservative and four liberal supreme court justices
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appoint scalia's replacement. but republicans include mitch mcconnell say the appointment should wait until after a new president is elected. >> i do not believe the someone. reporter: the death marks the second time in more than 60 years that a justice has died while still serving on the bench. weija jiang vbs news, the -- cbs news, the supreme court. and breaking in syria an air trike on a doctors without borders clinic kills 7 people. authorities say up to 8 other people might be dead. four missiles hit the area destroying the building it believed they came from a russian warplane. and developing right now, investigators trying to find the source of a laser that forced a new york bound flight to return to london. that laser shot right into the virgin atlantic cockpit. the plane turned around and went back to heathrow rather than making the flight. there's no answers for the family of a missing man they plan to post flyers hoping
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this weekend he was celebrating his 22nd birthday with his tavern. he went out for a smoke around 1:40 saturday morning and has not been seen since. his family is not heard from him and his phone goes straight to voice mail and they say it's totally out of character. >> he's got some street smarts as far asy know survival skills so i am hoping. >> he lives in harvard and goes to a community college. anyone with information is harvard police. beloved milton art teacher killed in freak accident on 93 will be remembered a wake for the caitlin clavette will be held. she died when a manhole core craferred through the windshield on the way to work. students say she had a passion school students. today pope francis is in
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where the faithful gathered to see the pope through the night. 300,000 people yesterday. violent suburb. he urged leaders to build a society with equal opportunity for all. thanks for staying with us. coming up back on the ice, how a local hockey player is overcoming her injuries by staying positive. >> the cold weather has many of cape. vacation now. >> and if you take the t late at night an upcoming vote may
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the woman hockey player who cuffed a spinal cord injury at winter classic is tackling her recovery with a positive attitude. her wheelchair. it was the last game for the national woman's hockey team the pride the team she played board at foxboro. >> never going to give up and stay positive and you know when i get down sometimes i just
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it could be worse. i remember being sad that i was worried when it happened that it was a shorter dream. i was worried that i messed up and that they wouldn't play the whole game. >> denna says she is doing better and hopes to walk again. yesterday's game was also a fund-raiser for denna. a sign late night mbta service may not be around longer. t workers didn't get a chance to pick shifts past 12:30 at night for the spring. globe. the t has not officially axed service and vote at the end of the month but critics say they made up their mind without the >> switching gears to the weather and we are talking pretty much everything about >> it's bizarre. >> well you know. >> true. a lot of folks are okay with the 350*s but going from the record -- 50s but going from
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to be a transition and that's later today. i want to show you the snowfall map because there will be slick spots resulting through the afternoon and the evening and especially because it's been so cold and ground so cold. live look at boston where the clouds have been in increase and thickening up. school vacation week and that helps out we have got sunday river ski resort and a live look with the weather bug network. live cam looks busy. temperatures 12 degrees real hour. not nearly as gusty over the course of the weekend and yesterday especially. another frigid stop we dropped to 12 below in we were 4 bough ive in boston and we have made some progress we are 17 in the city most us in the teens 20 intaunton and temperatures will continue to rise over the next several hours and into overnight tonight. doppler radar shows we have
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flurries that came through springfield from wareham to south bridge. we have will see some reaching the ground but it's sign of what's to come over the next several hours. it's all a part of our storm. look at moisture down to the gulf coast states where we have severe weather there's moisture with the storm and it's going to take a track to the west. warmer side bringing in the warm air as we head into overnight tonight and tomorrow. so hour by hour wean now and 5 p.m. snow is going to break out along the south coast advancing quickly up to the mass new hampshire border by 7 p.m. that's why conditions aren'troad will deteriorate because the ground is cold and sticking. moderate snow at times even deeper blues in here. notice the rain snow line progresses northward between 10 p.m. and midnight. pockets of pink indicates sleet and freezing rain and outside of 128 right around midnight you wake up tomorrow morning and we are in the 40s.
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spots that remain during the predawn in southern new hampshire. whoa rise quickly into the 50s tomorrow. you will want to have umbrella or raincoat maybe not the umbrella because the winds will be gusty but scattered showers turn to steadier rain. between 4 and 6 watch what happens it will pour. this band of heavy rain look at the oranges and reds in here comes in and during the evening commute and is going to be gusty wind and rumble of thunder as it comes by. purse off the coastline by 9 or 10 clearing comes in after than we have a little bit of everything over the next 12 to 24 hours and coating to an inch of snow 1 to 3 and north of boston that's the evening and that's why the winter weather advice are is inee text from 4 p.m. today to overnight tonight. projected abe fall tomorrow is between a -- projected rainfall tomorrow is half to a inch poor drainage flooding is concern and standing water big ponding water on the roadways tomorrow evening. high wind watch is in effect
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of main to the south -- maine to the south coast. gust at 5 5 miles per hour may cause isolated pockets of damage tomorrow hate afternoon and evening. and don't think it will be that widespread but we may see gusts near 60 miles per hour. is sun is back on wednesday breezy and we turn cooler to end the week. should be in the 40s you guys this weekend. back to you. >> you ready? >> i am ready. >> ready to rock. >> ready to rock. >> we are. >> still ahead a grammy night preview. the big acts and ll cool j tells us why this year will be different from any other year. >> looking forward to that and here's what's hot on the website cbs right
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we might be in february but now, it could be the best time to think about your summer have ication if you -- vacation if you plan to stay at the cape. consider book now. real estate agent tell the globe there's a influx of reservations. places are renting for more compared to last year. some of the biggest names in muse ribbing getting ready for -- music are getting rade
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>> -- grammy awards. >> performers took to the stage to practice taylor swift and lady gaga and pit bull and adele and kendrick lamar and others will be performing. host ll cool j says this year is a new view of the awards show. >> we will have a grammy cam so for the first time ever you will be able to see the point of view of the artists on stage and you will be in your favorite artist hands being in- - looking at the crowd being back stage. >> you can watch the grammys only on cbs starting right here tonight at 8 on wbz. and ahead of grammy night possible big problems for kanya west. >> he announced he is 53 million dollars in debt. this weekend he tweeted about his personal finances and asked facebook founder mark duckerberg for investment of a
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delay of his album asking them to sign up for streaming service. >> he is always stirring up something. taking love to new heights. >> the record breaking valentine's day show just got
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love was in the air this weekend and for some couples they took that literally. >> 50 couples in latvia got married while riding in hot air balloons but because of the snowy weather the love could only fly a few feet from the ground. that's neat. >> our producer should take me up in one and push me off. and the basket tips over. >> have you been on one. >> no but it looks fun. >> it would be fun. >> not when it's snowing but a beautiful sunny day. speaking of snow we have some that's coming down in western massachusetts right now. so it's going to be a burst late this afternoon and evening. and it transitions to a mix and then rain tonight and tomorrow we come into the 50s and the rain is going to come down so hard tomorrow late afternoon into the evening hours. the winds will pick up too and we may see pockets of damage tomorrow afternoon. >> someone tweeted mother nature needs a mood stabilizer because there's a lot going on. >> confused.
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