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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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temperatures work north and westward heading through tonight. main idea is it's snowing from now through the evening and steadiest between 6:30 p.m. and 10 p.m. and that's where temperatures are cold and will coat the roads and heading later into the night warmer temperatures start to work their way in. now we are seeing above freezing air moving up across southeastern massachusetts and a lot of icing will develop across the interior so we will be freezing rain and sleet and that's going to linger into tomorrow morning. in terms of snow it's coating to one for boston south and east. one to three inland and then topping all that with ice for tomorrow morning's commute especially inland areas. we will look at that forecast in the 50s and the rain coming up in a bit. david. >> thanks. we have breaking news emergency crews responding to a flooding situation in the stanley elementary school. the superintendent telling wbz there's sprinkler -- a sprinkler leak and crews are cleaning up the mess. reports of the dang is pretty bad.
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we will bring you updates whenthey come in. people are dealing with burst. here's how it look in the sheraton in needham what pipe burst there. the fire tweeted the pirstures -- pictures showing the water on the floor and part of the ceiling gone. and 6 patients had to be moved out of the hospital in peabody what pipe burst and flood patient areas. trouble. floodgate froze in the open position and that sent water rushing into the streets and into homes. but that's not the end of the story. the water then froze coating the area in a thick sheet of ice. christina hagueer is is live tonight -- hager is live tonight and how is the community dealing he with this. >> reporter: this has been hard and it's strange concept. this is what happens when aflood meets the arctic temperatures we have had in the
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and if it were warmer it would be in a pool of water. but this is ice and it can be even more destructive. >> this is ocean water. >> reporter: yes. this is all the -- nosh a yes this is salt watt -- yes-- >> yes this is salt water. >> reporter: her frond yard and trash barrel night not going anywhere. >> reporter: encased in ice. her hose. >> oh, yeah it's frozeen in there. >> reporter: a floodgate is supposed to prevent the tide from flowing over the gully and gushing into the neighborhood. but it was so cold this weekend, it froze open. turning yards into crunchy salty ice rinks. and what's worse it built a frozen pool underneath the home. >> all the pipes underground are frozen. >> reporter: because of this, the running water in her home has nowhere to drain. water backing up through her floors. >> we have had problems with it. >> reporter: city counselor
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floodgate repaired. >> until it is repaired it has to be closed. >> reporter: is it closed now. >> it is closed now and i spoke with the dw. pw and they assured me it's close -- dwp and they assured me it's closed. >> reporter: we hiked a trail to check for ourselves and found it closed holding back the tide we are told until spring. well it's not the first time there have been problems with the particular floodgate. we are told it malfunctioned recently but nothing as bad as this. city leaders plan to meet tomorrow to talk about permment repairs. -- permanent repairs. christina hager, wbz news. >> at least it's some melting tomorrow. thank youch the t kept trains inside stations -- thank youch the t kept trains inside station and tunnels to protect them from the temperatures. most trains why on time today. there were some delays in the red and green lines but it's
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skyeye over fire and ice in dedham. temperatures pick aing-- making putting out the fire difficult. all the water froze over making it dangerous. but the fire is out and no one was hurt. and another scene in newbury where the house was destroyed. you can so the black smoke the cause is still under investigation. firefighters in worcester say the cold caused equipment to freeze and made the road and sidewalk dangerous as they battled the fire at a home and again no one was hurt. the storm that is beginning to affect us here in new leaning nd is dropping snow -- new england is dropping know in the mid atlantic and washington, d.c. who has three inches. they could get another # inches before the -- 6 inches before the storm moves out. and that same storm is going to bring snow and freezing rain to new york city. the snow on the east coast and bitter temperatures are as you can imagine causing delays and cancellations at logan airport.
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tonight, be sure to check your flight. you can stay up to date on the weather any time with the cbs boston weather app with current conditions and get the forecast radar and any weather alerts out there. it's free and it's available in the google and apple app stores. developing tonight a troubling question what happened to zachary. family and friends of a missing harvard man are look for answers after the 22-year-old disappeared. saturday morning zach marr went for a cigarette outside the bell and hand tavern. >> his love ones were putting up flyers hoping someone will seeing him. paul burton is live with the paul. >> reporter: i can tell you he was seen outsighted the popular bar -- yowl side the popular bar -- outside the popular bar celebrating with his family. the police continue the investigation and search, the family is sending out flyers and asking for public's help. if you've seen zach marc marr
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>> we are worried -- marr to call police. >> we are worried. >> reporter: family members are devastated. he was seen outside the bell and hand saturday morning. his family says they have not seen or heard from him sincehis cousin spent the day posting flyers. he was celebrating his birthday with his cousins friday night and went outside for a smoke without his jacket and when the cuss ns he was with that night came out after closing he was gone. >> he was outside for 10 minutes and i feel he didn't have his coat and he wasn't planning on staying out it was freezing. >> reporter: the last images were from the business across the bar on saturday morning. >> we were up with him and he was like a brother to me and we would spend so much time at his house with his parents it's crazy he vanished so suddenly. >> he means everything. he is like a brother you know our family just grew up close
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devastating for all of us. >> plan is to get the picture in as many places we can hoping someone saw him or has seen him since or check the shelters. >> i hope wherever he is, he come home. >> reporter: and the family says zach is not familiar with the boston area. he should have and would have reached out to somebody by now. anyone with information is asked to contact boston police. live in boston tonight, paul burton wbz news now back to you. >> we hope he is found safe. thank you. tonight is the wake for the art teacher killed in manhole accident. caitlin clavette was driving what air bonn manhole cover smashed into the windshield and through the car. today's wake will go until 7 atthe church in winchesterch funeral will be held tomorrow winchester. the funeral will be held tomorrow. the state inspected manholes
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dangerous but they welded some covers shut as a precaution. investigators don't know yet why the manhole cover broke free on friday before killing clavette. today funeral preparations are underway for supreme court justice antonin scalia as the battle is heating up over the seat in washington. liam martin is here with more. >> reporter: he passed away this weekend while on a hunting trip in texas. his doctor confirms he had a history of heart problems and other illnesses and scalia was the first italian american justice a staunch conservative on the bench and his absence leave the court anly split that has a political battle brewing with republicans saying a new appointment should happen after next president takes office and democrats disagree. >> the president under our constitution has a duty to send forth a name to be considered by the senate. >> i don't think president obama should do that at this point he is at the end of the term and allow the next president to do that.
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make a selection when the senate returns from a recess so no recess appointment. mitch mcconnell vowed they will fight the selection regardless of who he is and this is the second time in more than 60 years a justice has died while serving on the bench. david and lisa. >> liam thanks. what does happen next? what could be the fall out. jon keller is here with us now with a little back ground. >> reporter: yeah, keep in mind now the supreme court does have the option of ordering cases be reargued and some experts believe they are likely to do that but in the wake of justice scalia's death there's the prospect of 4-4 ties that leaves standing any lower court ruling that is being appealed to the supreme court. that could be mix bag of outcomes from pending case which the court is believed to be split for instance a challege by religious nonprofits to the obama care requirement that theyoffer
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control could be rejected while a lower court ruling knicksing executive action on immigration could be left standing. now, as for the politics of all this, consider the pressure on several senators if the president nominates attorney general loretta lynch to the court. republicans facing tough reelection fights like kelly in new hampshire would have to explain their resistance to a well qualified woman who they voted to confirm for attorney general. you can bet governor maggie has hot is challenging her would make a issue with that. >> if he puts a moderate ford it changes it. >> reporter: very much so. >> thank so jon is tackling the issues important to you will of -- to all of us. tomorrow at 5 a closer look at income inequality. watch jon's piece on sharing the wealth tomorrow at 5. lisa. david, former boston mayor ray flynn now has a defibrillator. boston doctors blame an irregular heartbeat for the car
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he passed out and crashed. in three days after the accident, flynn is telling us about it. jim smith has the interview all new at 5. >> i am feeling fine now i had a rough time but feel better now. >> reporter: he is back home. former mayor ray flynn reliving a terrifying accident last thursday when he passed out behind the wheel crashing his suv into a neighbor's house.what do you remember about what happened? >> not a lot. i was working out at the boston athletic club and driving home what nice workout and driving home and just pulling into the yard here and the next thing i conked out and woke up i don't know how many minutes later. and my car had crashed into the house next door. >> reporter: the vehicle was totaled flynn suffering a concussion and a banged up shoulder. turns out an irregular
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the blackout now-- you remember failing faint. >> slightly weak but the next was too quick to respond and than i passed out. >> reporter: if you look at thehouse you go see -- you can see the damage from the collision. as for the mayor he is glad it's not more serious. >> no one was around thank god. no kids. there were no people around so nobody got hurt. >> reporter: doctors at mass general implanted a defibrillator to regulate the mayor's house and prognosis good. looking at the vook he -- vehicle he considers himself lucky. >> i try to stay on the right side of god and this is good enough reason to thank him more because he was looking out for me. >> reporter: jim smith wbd news -- wbz news. >> we are counting down to the grammys and up next breaking into the music business with the help of a sneaker company. >> we will tell you about the rare and free opportunity for boston area musician. >> plot scaling a sky -- plus,
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heart stopping climb caught on camera. >> and subzero temperatures 40 feet above ground with an infant. new parents telling us about
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i feel too young to be this old. i just want to be her mom, not her full-time job. i'm the boss of me, but sometimes i need a little help. if you or a loved one has masshealth, call commonwealth care alliance to find out about senior care options.
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when you watch the grammys tonight think about this.
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for an award caught a break along the lines. >> and now here in boston it may be easier to launch a music career and it starts with one easy e-mail. >> [ music ] >> reporter: chuck taylors immortalized in songs and now boston based converse is taking a bigger step into the music business. with its own recording studio. this is rubber tracks in the boston headquarters. it's a state of the art studiooffering up sessions to musicians and it's free. >> too good to be true. our first release reported in the basement and that is step up. >> they were so hospitable and nice and friendly and helped us out so much. >> we are rolling. >> reporter: they offer the space for the entire day, but also the instruments equipment and engineer to make the mix sound perfect. no string attached. >> there is not a catch. >> reporter: the brand has been worn by musicians for decades.
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its way of giving back to the community. >> musicians are the beatingpart of us and to help them and be useful is is a logical next step. >> reporter: hundreds of bands like bathhouse have now taken advantage of robert tracks since it opened last summer. >> being able to in studio is a unless you make it. >> reporter: to get in they have to fill out a online form all music styles are welcomed. and yes, demand is high. but converse encourages musicians in boston and beyond to apply. have you ever been there. >> they are supporting the music scene in unimaginable ways. >> converse a cool brand. >> sweet. >> wet. -- sweet. as if the free studio is not enough they kicks in a free pair of chuck taylors for every musician that comes through. >> i love the story and i will
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>> you can play -- chucks more proudly. >> you can play the guitar. >> watch the grammys tonight starting at 8 on wbz and then stay here wbz news coming up after the grammys for a closer look at all of the day's big stories and, of course, the wild weather. >> weather is a huge story so cold and then so warm tomorrow and when you think of pipes bortsing you think of the cold but it's worse when they thaw. >> it's the quick change from one extreme to the other. we will see a 70 dough free temperature swing from sunday morning to what we will talk did -- degree temperature swing from sunday morning to what we will talk about. a heavier band of snow is moving into southern connecticut and that's the main band we will watch heading into the evening. so most of the snow showing up right now, many writing in reporting lights and flurries not adding up to too much. there's the leading edge of the more significant snowfall moving in. but the steadiest snowfall down the expressway good news on a
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less volume on the roads school vacation week and people out of town it was quiet out there earlier. hopefully it will make things easier on the roads. the storm system developing towards tennessee cold air locked in along the eastern seaboard will take a while to completely scour that out. it's been so cold outside. 22 in boston which is the warmest since lunchtime on saturday. 15 in worcester and now warmer temperatures are moving up across the cape and islands. and that's the trend heading through tonight. so the main areas of snowfall 6:30 tonight to about 10 or 11 and as the snow comes down, easily going to stick because it's been so cold. so be cautious if you are heading out and b visibilities are decreasing. as we approach nid night, warmer air floods southeastern massachusetts changing over to rainfall. but in the interior models are trying to warm up. they are always terrible at this and it's an issue in computer models. and i expect sleet and freezing rain to hold on into tomorrow morning. in particular around the
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worcester county it will be colder than this computer model is showing. keep that in mind as you make plans for the start of tuesday. but by lunchtime everyone gets into the warmer air. we are looking at 50s heading into tomorrow afternoon. in terms of the snowfall a coating to ionch boston area south and east. most 1 to 3 and the snowfall first and then the freezing rain on top and again that rainfall as it comes down and freezes on surfaces it will do it easily because we have been subzero for the last couple nights. tomorrow morning the areas to watch around the merrimack valley connecticut river valley and spot they freezing drizzle. then the warmer air as the day goes on. scattered showers out there until the afternoon. most of our rain tomorrow cops in one big band that's moving through between 5 and 8:00. with that band downpours and quick inch will move through and maybe rumble of thunder and we are going to see strong wind as that crosses the area. for that reason we have high
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region that could top 60 mile per hour gusts. high temps into the 50s. fog a hugh change compared to what we have been dealing with and the high wind watch from the sea coast and main coast across southeastern massachusetts from 4 0 to 65 mice per hour as the band -- miles per hour as the band moves through. heaviest rainfall between 5 and 8 and it will move out quickly. heading towards the evening drier air moves in for rest of the week. as we go towards wednesday, thursday and friday, there's the accu-weather 7-day. 40s on wednesday. a little colder on thursday but no major travel issues into the weekend. and the weekend looks a lot different than the one we just left. david and lisa over to you. >> thanks. one of the things we know about eric is he doesn't like heights so perhaps you may want to look ahead for the next deal look away because it's cool. >> cameras were rolling as three russian daredevils sneaked past guards in china unlocked doors and began to climb and untethered up one of the tallest buildings.
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this skyscraper is is more than 1200 feet tall. so what do they do when they got to the top? they took a selfie of course. >> that is making me a little nauseous. >> especially when you see the view from the top. >> did they get arrested. >> they are from trouble -- they are in some trouble. a shocking confession -- from kanya west he saysness debt. >> you won't believe who he is asking for a bailout. >> cranberry juice is and you acure for a common rob almost but can be problem but-- common problem but may not work. >> reporter: back stage at hamilton the hottest show onbroadway. meet the new hampshire native
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tonight brazil is trying to new campaign the military and thousands of health workers are spreading information about the mosquito born illness called operation zika zero. the virus is spreading through south and latin america. zika has been linked to serious birth defects in newborns. also tonight cram bernie juice is a -- cranberry juice is a popular go to for a infection but dr. mallika work. people try it. i hear it in clinic but more than 3 million americans develop urinariy tract infection are or called a uti every he year. most women and up to 30% of women have recurrent utis and that's why they look for quick
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tablets can help produce the risk ofbladder infection the juice does not because there's not a lot of pure cranberry in the juice. and the compounds responsible for preventing uti is gone by the time it reaches the bladder. consider tablets and some say a probuy sot he can may help -- probiotic though not proven may help. if you have symptoms you have to get it checked out because they can turn into something more serious. >> great information doctor. thank you. >> thanks. david. facebook chocolate coffee and more. what are new englanders giving up for lent? we will take a look. and the surprising business getting crushed by the falling gas prices and. >> when we got on the tram we started to go for 30 seconds and boom it stopped. >> they were trapped on a tram with a baby a local couple
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live from the channel 4 studios in boston, wbz news starts right now. >> eye on the storm tonight at 5:30. snow tonight changing to freezing rain and we may get thunderstorms. all because of a wild swing in temperatures. below zero this morning, and then into the 50s by tomorrow. >> there's only one thing to say about the weather it's new england. let's check in with eric.
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i imagine the snow that's falling is going to be slippery. >> very quickly it will be accumulating and when we have the freezing rain when the surfaces the rain touches are very cold and because it's been case. freezing on contact so icy travel and into the overnight hours and we have got the snow and wintry mix on the front end of the storm and we will transition to rain as the night tomorrow morning, the temperatures start to warm. and heavy rainfall tomorrow evening with a damaging wind gust threat and could see flooding in areas on the streets because of the rain coming down in short order on a frozen ground and some snow is blocking the areas. look at radar and we have steady snowfall moving on up into the hartford area and lighter snowfall ahead of it. but the main meat and potatoes is 6:30 until 10 tonight. snow will come down at a pretty good clip and we will watch the line work northward. approaching 11 this is where we have freezing rain and sleet for good part of the area. the regular rainfall moves in


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