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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 15, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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i imagine the snow that's falling is going to be slippery. >> very quickly it will be accumulating and when we have the freezing rain when the surfaces the rain touches are very cold and because it's been case. freezing on contact so icy travel and into the overnight hours and we have got the snow and wintry mix on the front end of the storm and we will transition to rain as the night tomorrow morning, the temperatures start to warm. and heavy rainfall tomorrow evening with a damaging wind gust threat and could see flooding in areas on the streets because of the rain coming down in short order on a frozen ground and some snow is blocking the areas. look at radar and we have steady snowfall moving on up into the hartford area and lighter snowfall ahead of it. but the main meat and potatoes is 6:30 until 10 tonight. snow will come down at a pretty good clip and we will watch the line work northward. approaching 11 this is where we have freezing rain and sleet for good part of the area. the regular rainfall moves in
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will watch the line move north and west into tomorrow morning. by the morning the spots seeing freeze and drizzle the merrimack valley and northern worcester and ice to start and rain and 50s with a full look at that forecast coming up in little bit. >> thank you. now at 5:30... >> and i just the whole time all i did was huddle close to her and keep her warm because that's all i was thinking. nothing else. >> they were trapped in a tram in frigid temperatures and they had their baby with them. tonight we talked to a couple about their scary weekend trip. they are among the dozens oncannon mountain tram when you can see it stop moving. >> and along with their #-month- old bab -- 8-month-old baby they had to repel down to safety. chantee lans has the story. >> it's scary. >> reporter: during a rescue on a birthday and valentine's trip they were among 45 passengers dangling in the air. >> i have an infant on here and it's really cold. >> reporter: they were trapped
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hampshire cannon mountain. >> started to go for 30 seconds and then boom, it just stopped. >> reporter: he says crews told passengers there was minor mechanical issues and should be up and running in 7 minutes. >> then 15 minutes went by and then 20 minutes went by and they said there was a mechanical engine failure. >> reporter: after the hour the temperatures dropped. >> i was like it's 20 degrees or below on this thing how will i keep my baby warm. >> the people around us were absolutely awesome they gave us extra jackets and feet warmers and sock warmers. >> i don't remember anything else going on. around me because all i could think of is how to keep the baby warm and safe. >> reporter: two hours later, help arrived. >> my wife was the third person and then i hopped in the basket and held the baby in my arms and was lowered down. >> reporter: close call turned into cherished moments. >> i think she was the youngest
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the emergency evac on a cannon mountain. >> reporter: and the louises are back home all though the tram stalled that won't stop them from returning to cannon mountain. in the satellite center chantee lans wbz news. a worcester man is behind bars charged with his 6th oui. auburn police arrested scott tatro in a hit-and-run. they say he was driving drunk with an outstanding arrest warrant and a suspended license. officers say the 41-year-old told them he had not what legal license for 15 years and intended to keep driving because he "didn't care." tonight manchester new hampshire police are asking for help investigating a baby's death and they say they don't know how the child died yet. what they know is that the baby was 3 weeks old lived in an apartment on kimbell street and police are hoping neighbors will be able to remember what they saw right around the time the baby died.
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students are on a mission to save their peers working on projects to reduce stress and prevent tude side one -- suicide. one created a help line and they have artificial light box and there's been 7 suicides in the student community of mit in the past two years and the school gave out thousands of dollars in grant money to pay for projcts addressing mental health. developington air strikes in syria killed as many as 15 people at a doctors without borders clinic. pave patients killed and 8 members of the the hospital staff are missing. several missiles believed to be a russian warplane hit the area destroying the building. also developing investigators in the uk are trying to find out the source of a lacer that forced a new york bound plane to have to go back to london. it went into the cockpit last night and the pilot turned around and went back to heathrow. pope francis spent the day
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thousands of people spent the night waiting outside for mass. and for a chance to greet the holy father. this area is home to indigenous mexicans and they thanked the pope for drawing attention to their land and culture. for the 10th week in row now gas prices in massachusetts are down aaa says a dal of self- serve regular is now averaging $1.73. that's 4 cents less than last week and 3 pennies more than the national average. while many drivers are celebrating the low prices at the pump the recycling business is hit hard. with oil prices low, plastic makers are finding it cheaper to make new plastic from oil instead of recycables. and experts say the price drop cost recycling centers across the country billions of dollars. tonight an i-team investigation no a food mystery and ryan kath is here with a closer look. >> reporter: when you talk about food you don't like to hear descriptions like smelled like chemicals or something along those lines. >> that's true.
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have put the complaints online about a snack everyone is familiar with particularly those with kids. you probably have some in the kitchen. we are talking about graham crackers. some customers say they are opening the packages and are hit in the face with a overpowering odor. >> wow. >> oh. >> wow. >> it smells like paint. >> reporter: so what exactly is causing that smell and what is the company saying about it? i-team sent the crackers to a lab and we will have the results coming up tonight at 11. and just to give you a little whiff. >> you said the entire studio stinks with the smell of these. >> reporter: that's what we hear it stays with you. >> we can move them out but we look forward to the story thank you. and if you've story you want the i-team to check or sniff out send an e-mail to i-
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doesn't know it's an old trick carry crackers and just kidding. tonight we have a better idea of what catholics are giving up for lent. maybe bad jokes like the one i am telling. google put together a map of the u.s. with the most popular lent search term in massachusetts many are trying to give up social media in connecticut and rhode island cutting down on tweets and -- sweets and new ma'am sure and vermont sex. they are giving -- new hampshire and vermont sex alcohol in maine and i am giving up graham crackers. >> those in particular. they have sold millions of copies. >> kanya west says he is in financial ruins. hoe thinks should bail him out. plus... who he thinks should bail him out plus. >> there's been so much support strangers i don't know friends and family. it's incredible. >> staying positive after a horrific accident on the ice. hockey player denna laing opens up about her recovery. >> and a four legged friend
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dancing her way into our hearts. >> and don't miss a minute of music's biggest night. we have grammy awards tonight
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on the bz feed kanya west money trouble. >> he tweeted out he is 53 million dollars in debt. and that's not all he is asking mark zuckerberg for billion dollars to invest in his ideas. west is said to be worth about 100 million. west delayed the full release of the album asking fans to sign. up for the streaming service to hear it first and people asked what do you mean how are you possibly broke and that is when he said i have money to buy my family things food and houses and things like that but doesn't have money to back some of his business ideas. so he is not really broke.
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not going to get a lot of sympathy. >> that's kanye. one girl came to a harsh realization she may be too young for love. >> check out quinn's exchange with her mom. >> i think i am too young to have a boyfriend. but, it's like he looks so happy and it's just i don't want to break his heart i guess up. >> quinn's mom asked her how she felt about boy and quinn answered i feel different. her mom says she thinks her daughter and boy will be fine post break up. like my son telling me wasn'ted to get married to have a lollipop rings and i am like you can have the ring. >> that's the cutest little girl i have seen and who knows maybe it's true love and maybe we will do a story on them 20 years from now. >> we will let you know. one rescue dog in orlando danced into a new home.
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shelter called the pup ginger but it's awesome. when one of the workers said hi to her she hopped up on the hind legs and did a dance. the video went viral and one animal lover was so impressed that she decided to adopt her. might be one of the things where you get her home and say do that thing you did. >> -- thing. >> and the dog is like no. i was get yowing to adopt me now -- getting you to adopt me. president's day with a former president. what abe lincoln would think about the state of politics. >> that ought to be good. look at the weather watchers network. cold temps but on the read bound. heading to new hampshire 18 in troy and dan is sending in the report and says light snow starting to move in and that snow will increase tonight and we will look at the forecast coming up. >> coming up tonight at 10 the fight between ted cruz and donald trump is nastier. lawsuits now threatened and looming response from the the
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again? >> i hope so. >> that positive attitude is helping denna laing through one of the toughest times in her life a month and a half after being rush to the hospital she is talk about her recoverych she suffered a severe spinal cordinjury. yesterday she was on the ice in her wheelchair. this was the last game of the season for the national women hockey league boston pride. she says she is is work hard to get back the mobility she lost when thee crashed into the boards in -- when she crashed into the boards in foxboro. >> be positive and stay positive and when i get down
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be worse. i remember being sad that i was worried right when it happened that it was a shorter game and i was worried i messed up and that they wouldn't get to play the whole game. >> her teammates say that is just like denna to put concerns about other people in this case her team ahead of herself. >> love her smile and see how emotional it was for her to be there at the rink. >> seeing the last game and so progress. >> can't wait for the next talked to eric about the weather and i doesn't know why this is satisfying but we broke a record over the weekend. >> not just once or twice. >> to know it was that cold you want something more. >> exactly. >> we have two records because it got so cold on saturday night, right before midnight we hit 4 below and set the saturday record and kept on falling and 9 below on sunday the coldest temperature since all the way back in 1957. if you can believe that.
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northeast this weekend. ahead. it was so cold after a few days to increase. ice started to increase. east ham and megan sent in that picture and icy harbor is showing up again. but maybe short-lived although it's very cold out there right now, you see the warmer air starting to make inroads. nantucket up to 32. vineyard 28 and this storm system that's gearing up across the southeastern states, it's going to take a westerly track and that's going to bring in a lot of warmer air as we head through the next 24 hours. before we get to the warmer air we will deal with a snowfall increasing across the region. steadiest snowfall is across southern connecticut and down towards new york city. zooming in closer and you notice we have had lighter snowfall dusting up the ground but there's the mixed line starting to move its way northward. that's going to continue to make progress. so hour by hour our steadiest snowfall up until about 10 tonight. so you see solid snow covering the area. heading deeper towards midnight we will see the mixing line
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going to be sleet and freeing rain creating icy conditions on top of that snow that's fallen. we are traveling tonight all the way up until tomorrow morning and it's going to be very slick out there on the roads. now in southeastern parts of the state, we head past midnight and temperatures jump up above 40s. so snow and ice melt and conditions are ease year deal with. by tomorrow morning, and i always think computer models are too warm in this situation, they warm it up too fast so tomorrow morning in the 30s hampshire and northern worcester county which is the last spot to get rid of ice and heavier rain arrives tomorrow afternoon. for wintry stuff a coating to ionch. 1 to 3 across much of the area. causing slick driving conditions. turning to the ice tomorrow morning will had it be -- where had it be tricky in? areas in pink. it had hold on longer in the merrimack and connecticut valley areas.
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just a couple rain showers for most of the day. all of our rain is going to come in one strong band. you see it moving in between 4 and 6 p.m. and you can see thunder and lightning in the band. quick inch of rainfall moving through and moving fast so by the time we head towards 9 p.m. it's working its way offshore. and it will be centered on the the evening drive. so i think it could cause hazardous driving conditions. a chance for strong winds in that band and high wind watches are out for gusts 40 to 65 miles per hour as that moves through. so we could see outages going along with all that. plus, the warmup by the afternoon. these are our highs well into the 50s for most locations about 70 degrees warmer than what we saw on sunday morning. rest of the week quieting down. cooler drier air moves in and maybe a snow shower on thursday morning. but otherwise the weather excitement dies down for a little bit. accu-weather 7-day. cool are air by thursday returns with highs in the 30s and same for friday. and rain and snow showers on saturday.
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school yard shout out is a bit of a redo we have different video last week. this is in louell massachusetts. big group of third graders. barry burbank went out and said they were an excellent class and enjoyed his time there in lowell. >> they are smiling and eric you have a special mondayor -- honor over the weekend. >> i am okay with being a geek and he say if anyone calls you a geek that's a compliment. and so the weather channel has a show called weather geeks every sunday like the reliable sources for weather and they were nice enough to name meet geek of the week. meteorologists across the country and world. and i am fortunate to work with smart and magazines passionate coworkers. >> you get a trophy or wedgy. >> it was an honor no trophy. >> nice recognition. while the race for the white house heats up, this president's day brings back a look back. >> that's right thousands of
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learn about the presidency with some very special guests. >> is it always this cold here in massachusetts? >> yeah. >> yeah. >> reporter: there's stove pipe hat and all honest abe. >> look at those fancy hats like mine. >> reporter: and president john adams with the first lady showing kids what they would have worn when they were in the white house and inviting them to sign the declaration of independence. >> today we celebrate all the presidents we have had and since george washington to president obama. >> reporter: the jfk library waspacked with young people wanting to do that. some looked dapper in lincoln style hats they made themselves. others painted portraits of past presidents and presidential hopefuls. >> i love history and i love like learning about the olding times. >> reporter: adults got a kick out of the presidential hello,. >> i am very pleased to meet you i am abraham lincoln because he is one of the
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>> reporter: the past presidentsweighed in on the current state of politics. >> if you are asking me if in your time these elections are nastier than my time i would say most assuredly they are not. >> reporter: and lincoln offered wisdom for all candidates. >> one of the secrets of being a good arguer is listening and thealmighty had a foresight to give us two ears and one mouth. >> former president thomas jefferson was scheduled to appear at today's celebration but we are told he had trouble with the horse drawn carriage and sent regrets. learn. very visual. movie lovers have the the the grammys. >> and dog lovers celebrating the start of the cutest competition around. >> then coming up next at 6, we the weather. all over the place. we will show you some of the biggest trouble spots and why
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and a wbz exclusive. the musical hamilton is a hottest show to hit broadway and i will introduce you to the new hampshire woman you never see on stage but who play as crucial role on show and you
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right now nearly 3,000 dogs are competing in the most prestigeous dog show in the country.
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to strut their stuff the hounds and nonsupporting and herding dogs today and tomorrow sporting working and terriers and top dogs faced off in the best of show competition. that's coming up tomorrow night. love this dog show. much more still ahead tonight. the news at 6 starts now. >> snow to ice tonight tomorrow tracking 50s and a chance of thunderstorms. some wild springs in the forecast. >> homes and cars encased in ice. the mistake that froze a neighborhood and is creating problems inside and out. >> a single mother wins 200 bucks and spends it on a stranger. the act of generosity that could change a life. >> a wbz exclusive back stage at ham i will tonight hottest show on broadway. coming up, the new hampshire native whose work you will see when the cast performs live at the bramies. >> live -- grammys. >> live from the channel 4
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6 starts right now. >> first at 6, breaking news the extreme cold causing problems everywhere. in waltham a sprinkler pike burst inside the stanley elementary school flooding the lobby and damage in the basement. the school was closed because of vacation. >> there are problems in boston. we have pictures from cbs on somer street and downtown crossing where a pipe burst inside. you can see the water washing downwindos a few blocks away. another leak may have triggered common theater. that forced evacuations there. >> and tomorrow's warmup may make things worse. >> after starting the day below zero we are going to soar into the 50s, this is going to be a wild stretch of weather. snow, heavy rain and even believe it or not thunder. we will see it all eric fisher of -- weather. >> it's not boring and we start with the snowfall that is moving up from the south as we
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and that's spreading across connecticut rhode island and we will watch the next line where it changes to sleet and freezing rain. that is working northward tonight. so far it's mainly been a lighter snowfall and many reporting a coating to a half inch and flakes from lowell and magnolia seeing a little snow. and steadier stuff into new bedford and towards the vineyard but notice the line work northward heading through the evening. running through the cold air 22 boston. closer to the freezing mark on cape cod. we will watch the warmer air tonight. steadiest snowfall is 6:30 through 10 this evening. see a solid blanket of snow across the region. be extra cautious if you are traveling. heading towards 11 and midnight. the warmer air starts to make its way in. we change over to rain in southeastern massachusetts. but there will be sleet and freezing rain for many areas inside 128. so all the way into early tomorrow morning interior parts of the state and into new hampshire there will be


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