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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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and that's spreading across connecticut rhode island and we will watch the next line where it changes to sleet and freezing rain. that is working northward tonight. so far it's mainly been a lighter snowfall and many reporting a coating to a half inch and flakes from lowell and magnolia seeing a little snow. and steadier stuff into new bedford and towards the vineyard but notice the line work northward heading through the evening. running through the cold air 22 boston. closer to the freezing mark on cape cod. we will watch the warmer air tonight. steadiest snowfall is 6:30 through 10 this evening. see a solid blanket of snow across the region. be extra cautious if you are traveling. heading towards 11 and midnight. the warmer air starts to make its way in. we change over to rain in southeastern massachusetts. but there will be sleet and freezing rain for many areas inside 128. so all the way into early tomorrow morning interior parts of the state and into new hampshire there will be
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i think the temperatures for tomorrow morning on the computer model are probably too warm. still in the 30s in the usual cold spots merrimack and connecticut river valley and northern worcester county. snow is on the lighter side but will cause travel concerns. arfor lingering ice -- as for lingering icy spots merrimack sally and new hampshire it's dicey to start tuesday. tomorrow's story is about warming into the 50s. heavy rain in the afternoon and evening and strong wind gusts. we will talk about that in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. david. >> thanks the weather has firefighters busy during the cold stretch. in dedham a fire burned a home on bridge street this afternoon. the good news is no one was hurt. there have been close to a dozen significant fires in the greater boston area over the past few days. >> in revere the problem is ice a safeguard designed to protacet neighborhood from flooding failed over the week -- protect a neighborhood from flooding failed over the weekend.
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>> reporter: if it was warmer right now, the yard in front of the home would be under a pool of water. but, as it is, instead, it's under a thick sheet of ice. this is what happens when a flood meets the arctic temperatures we have had in the last couple days. it's not easy to pull a garden hose out of a mass of frozen salt water. >> yeah it's frozen in there. >> reporter: this is sherry's front yard. her car. >> i had to breakthrough some of it to pull out. i had a really good friend come and plow and salt for me. >> a floodgate is supposed to prevent the tide from flowing over the gully and gushing into the neighborhood. but it was so cold this weekend, it froze open. it is why the trash barrel is frozen in place and the gape to her back yard not opening any
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frozen pool under the home is causing water to back up through the floors. >> my water has nowhere to go. because all the drains underground are froze en. >> we have had problem. >> reporter: city counselor john powers is working to get the flood gate repaired. >> until it is repaired it hab to be closed. >> reporter: -- it has to be closed. >> reporter: is it closed now. >> it is now i spoke with dpw be a they assured me it's closed. >> reporter: in fact we hiked a trail through a revere harsh to check for ourselves. we found it closed holding back the tide we are told until spring. that city counselor says this is not the first time that floodgate has malfunctioned and it has had problems recently but this is the worst by far e plans to meet with other city leaders tomorrow to work on a permanent fix. chris tona hager wbz news -- christina hager, wbz news. >> i feel terrible for them. the cold weather adding
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missing man in boston. zach marr was at the bell in hand and stepped outside and never returned. paul burton is live in boston with the latest. paul. >> reporter: well david the family is desperately searching for zach marr and posting flyers across the city trying to draw people's attention. he was last seen at this bar outside this bar and he's within miss -- he's he been -- he's been missing ever since. >> devastate. >> reporter: distraught family members are quareied about zach marr. he has not been seen since. his cousins spent the day posting flyers of the missing college student. >> we are worried sick and heart broken. >> reporter: he was celebrating his birthday friday with his cousins and disappeared when he wentout side for a smoke without a jacket. no tex phone calls or nothing amanda was with her cousin that night. >> we got picked up his coat for him and then we stepped
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know in my gut i knew something was not right. >> reporter: these are the last sur veil and images of zach taken from across the bar at1:40. >> work 40 hours a week and -- working 40 hours a week and going to school full-time and you know, the stress of our grandmother passing awhich. >> the plans to get as much information out as we can and hopefully someone will have seen him or he will see it and get in touch with one of us. >> we are -- he was like a brother to me like my brother and we would spend so much time at his house with his parents. and it's just crazy that he would vanished so suddenly. >> come home. >> reporter: ants family says he is not -- and the family says he is not familiar with the boston area and would have checked in by now. they are he searching shelters and anyone with information is asked to contact boston police. live in boston tonight paul burton wbz news now back to you. >> thank you.
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back at home recoveringa doctors gave him a defibrillator. flynn passed out while driving home last week and crashed into a neighbor's home. doctors diagnosed him with an irregular heartbeat but he knows he is lucky and what happened could have been much worse. >> can you imagine if i conked out on the highway you know and not knowing where i was and not able to control the car. so that was kind of scary to me so i still think about that all the time. >> the former mayor says he is hoping he can resume the regular life and activities which includes coaching special needs kids in baseball and soccer. new at 6 a woman's generosity inspiring others now to do good as well. she is a single mother who won 200 dollars on a scratch ticket. >> but she didn't spend the money on herself or her family. bill shields shows us what she did instead. >> family is not defined by blood. it's the people around you.
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>> reporter: it kind of snowballed. in her heart. sophia wanted to give a homeless guy change but she thought about the 200 dollars she won on the scratch ticket. she also thought about the brutally cold weather. >> and i knew that god put him in my path for a reason there was a reason why i met him and knew the money was not mine and that it was begin to me to help somebody else. >> reporter: so she picked this motel in wareham paid for three nights and brought glen here a man homeless for three years. now had a bed, and a warm room. and it cost sophia a scratch ticket. but the single mother of three gained a lot more. >> i want my kin this -- children to know about compassion whether someone has a million dollar or one dollar treat everybody the same. everyone deserves respect. >> reporter: a single mother of three, you know sophia could use the money but instead, she
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do a lot more good with it. in wareham bill shield wbz news. >> oh imagine how good it felt for the man to be inside on such a cold night. >> that's true and her kids won't forget that. >> great job. up next huddling up. >> why the mbta packed the tunnels with as many trains as it could overnight. >> and baking up a new plan krispy kreme's new england comeback. >> we had no idea and every day it brings us new prices -- surprises. >> from the granite state the new hampshire native helping
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i feel too young to be this old. i just want to be her mom, not her full-time job. i'm the boss of me, but sometimes i need a little help. if you or a loved one has masshealth, call commonwealth care alliance to find out about senior care options.
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dear fellow citizen, i know how it feels to save for retirement and college - times two. i get that it can be overwhelming, because i' m living it. saving' s not that complicated. with what you have. if you have a question about saving, ask me. sincerely, alex payne. fellow dad and fellow citizen. krispy kreme will try again to expand in to new england. they signed a deal to open four stores in new hampshire and 3 in maine. krispy kreme launched an aggressive expansion in massachusetts about 13 years ago but all of the stores failed within a few years. and check out the pictures.
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it's the t's way of trying to stay ahead of the cold. it's filled the tunnels with trains to protect them from the elements. so did it work? at least three he trains died on the red and -- three trains died on the red and green line but they are not sure if it was the cold. there weren't too many other delays and it's the cold weather that's worse for them because ate freezing the air pressure line. >> now we are running into the problem you get that frons and we will have wild temperature swing and sometimes when things warm up that's when things burst. >> sometimes you've frozen pipe and when the water preess -- freezes it expands and puts pressure on the pipe and joints and can be compromised and when it thaws the ice at work is a blockage up until that point melts and you see some of the damage left behind by the freeze. keep a close eye on the pipes. tonight's story snow is to freezing rain and sleet transition from south to north tomorrow's story about heavy rain especially during the evening and strong winds.
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areas of fog and temperature drum ped70 toe greece warmer than what some towns saw recally this -- earlier this morning. there's a warm track for us bringing in warmer air. here's the radar picture. and that steady snow across connecticut and long island. most of it is light to moderate and stetiest -- steadiest is across the cape south coast and island. the heaviest is on martha's vineyard but there's the mix night goes on. temperatures very cold across the interior. air. it's dense and doesn't like to budge and that's going to hold on for a while tonight and even as temperatures warm above our heads and mel the snowflakes you will evened with up sleet pellets and rain. we have got steady snow across the region heading towards 8, 9, 10 and then after 10, bring in the warmer air.
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fairly quickly washing away your snowfall and across the interior here outside and along 495 where the cold is going to stay put into tomorrow morning. out the door early tomorrow and that is computer model and they are terrible in situations like this. when it comes to rushing out the cold they are too fast. so i think tomorrow morning will be in the 30s and southern new hampshire and merrimack valley into northern worcester county and then we are going to start our warmup as the day goes on. snow totals not huge. they are on the lower end the scale but we will cause slick travel especially because the roads are so cold after the last couple days. and then the areas of freezing drizzle lingering longest. the connecticut river valley into merrimack valley southern new hampshire where we have to deal with icy areas for tomorrow morning's commute. than we start to bring in the warmer air. and just a few showers for most of the day and the majority of the rain all comes one big band between about 4 and 8:00 and it's really going to come down in this band. we could have thunder and lightning and some street
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it's over the evening commute. and then it will push towards the east and gone by 9:00 tomorrow night. with-the band, you start to mix down really strong winds. so high wind watches out for parts of the area. 40 to 65-mile-per-hour gusts out of the south. that could lead to areas of damage as well as scattered power outages. that's the other big element to track for tuesday. otherwise temps rising way up into the 50s during afternoon and we will watch the storm system drag in all the strong southerly winds and then move off to the east as we head into wednesday. so the rest of the week is quiet. in the 40s on wednesday and breezy and partly sunny. quick rain or snow shower on thursday and chillier and friday looks like a nice end to the week. chance for snow and rain mixed together friday night into saturday morning but all tolled the weather pattern takes a breather after tomorrow and coming weekend looks warmer than what we endured last weekend. david and paula back to you. >> all right thanks. so this is about that time people enjoy seeing spring training picturesthe green grass and blue skies.
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>> steve burton tell us more. >> dan roche had tell you more three days and counting until red sox pitchers and catchers officially report to fort myers. many players have arrived to get early work in and they know they could use it. especially after the last year. betts found time to hit the links with shaw but they cut it short when the golf cart ended up in the pond. he tweeted this pic along with the caption no more driving for me. this monk he told wbz radio what happened. >> i thought i parked it on the hill and it rolled down to water and i went to get my club and didn't drive into the water. whatever i mown, hey, when you get mad you know you are more issues that's more of a funny thing you know nobody got hurt so, we can look and laugh about it. >> i am sure the golf course was not laughing about it. but you won't have to worry about dan roche he is all
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us live reports from spring mind you. and basketball celtics isaiah thomas made the all star game debut last night. 27-year-old had 9 points and three rebounds and assist andsteal in 19 minutes. highlight of the night came in the 4th when he juan jump ball with stef curry collected it kobe bryant. the west won the game 196-173 points. speaking of celtics the trade deadline is this thursday afternoon at 3. and there's lot of rumors floating. names like kevin love al horford howard and cousins linked to the green but will they make a move? dan asked that on sports final to cedric maxwell. >> you think you will make a final. >> i think it will be a move but i don't think it will be a major move. he thinkance larry move. look at david lee's contract 15 million dollars out there, and
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get off the salary caps so you might want to make a move that way. so he has some pieces but you look at one thing crowe are trying to get and you are trying to get the someone star to put you over the hump. >> that's max. we shall see. bruins news how about brad. he was the third star of the week after 7 points in 4 games. the b's seat new team record in detroit for fastest goal to start a game just 8 seconds into the contest. the 27-year-old scored a goal in 7 straight games and has 13 goals in the last 13 games. he is on fire. b's are off tonight and continue the 6 game road trip tomorrow incolumbus against the blue jackets. that's sports for now in a thank you. -- now. >> thank you. you never see her face but she play as starring role in the biggest hit. the new hampshire native
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cbs evening news is at #:30. >> scott pelley joins us live with a preview. hi scott. >> paula david great to be with you in boston. we will lead the broadcast with some supreme court justice antonin scalia. this is going to be one of the most consequential supreme court battles in modern times. determining who the replacement will be. the president has been having discussions today about who to nominate while the republicans in the senate have said that they are determined not to let the president have his way. we will have that story and the rest of the world news coming up on the cbs evening news in 20 minutes in 10 minutes. thank you. taking center stage. tonight a wbz exclusive new hampshire woman who is playing a big part in the hottest show on broadway. when the grammy awards air tonight here on wbz, musical theater fans will get a special
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out hit show hamilton performs live. >> the spotlight is never on her but no one would see the performance of alexander hamilton with the new england native whose work has her at the epicenter of broadway. >> i am past patiently waiting and. >> reporter: how does a small town girl from merrimack new hampshire find herself in the middle of the hottest show on broadway. >> i never said no. i just kept going. >> reporter: and going. the former physics and theater major found that mass and art meet in lighting. >> i worked on producers and phantom and le and now hamilton. >> reporter: hamilton the hip- hop musical about the founding father is a grammy nominated creation of star lynn manuel miranda who plays hamilton.
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>> no we had no idea and every day it brings more surprises. >> reporter: like the parade of celebrities at every pr formerrance. >> more celebrities than i imagined i would see ever. >> reporter: sandy perch. >> this is my view. >> reporter: above the stage she sees the show every night. while lighting hamilton itself. >> aid show for everyone. it packed in so many information so many lyrics into the show it's amazing. >> reporter: sandy's role is part of what makes team hamilton so suck testful. ask -- successful. ask george washington how crucial is it to have someone of sandy's caliber. >> they can't see and hear you and they lose interest and can't follow the story so it's imperative. >> she is there for you. >> always. >> reporter: how is it different to perform live at the grammys. >> this is what we do they come out of the grammy awards and there we are my light on lynn. >> reporter: you wants the lights to be on the money. >> choreographed to a t and without the lights they won't be seen. >> reporter: and this
6:25 pm
>> you have to have a stern face all the time and never look like you are happy. do your job. it is what it is. >> it's remarkable. a hamilton is sold out until next fall. so the only way to see the performers life and sandy's work is to watch grammys tonight here on wbz at 8. then of course stay with us for wbz news david and lisa afterwards. and sandy says and i agree down load the album until you get a ticket sometime next year or the year after. it's one of the most creative things i've seen. >> and opening number tonight. >> they will do the entire opening number of the broadway show and it's 4 minutes long during grammy broadcast. so you don't want to miss it. >> it doesn't sound like it would be great hamilton rapping but supposed to be awesome. >> we think of a play about the man who sustained the banking system and it was rivetting so it's great. still to come tom brady hits the slopes.
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tom brady is hitting the slopes and scaring daylight out of noons posted this picture -- out of fans. >> he posted this picture saying it's safer than cliff jump pg. fans not thrilled some comments get down now. don't make us come up there. and couldn't you plate video game for crying out loud and posting this picture is like and tying niecessing your little -- antagonizing your little brothers 5 million brothers not cool. so many bad things could happen with him up there. >> maybe he is sticking to the bunny hill. >> that doesn't look like the beeny hill. >> those are big mountains. my wife was an athlete in college and you are not allowed to go skiing. so don't know what's going on there. >> he likes to have fun. >> he has to crackdown on that. >> woo ha are we looking at tonight. >> snow over the next few hours changing to freezing rain and slick trouble through the overnight and tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon we are into the 50s heavy evening rain
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night's drive home. >> incredible. >> you think the patriots will be okay with that. >> no i don't. >> hey don't forget the grammys here at 8. >> that's right. and we are on the news after the grammys see you then. >> pelley: the supreme court after scalia. with a senate battle brewing over his successor, will the court be gridlocked? also tonight, trump and cruz keep firing at each other. jeb bush looks to "w" to put him in the win column. first the freeze, then the storms and plenty of accidents. and the odd couple. opposites on the bench, best buddies in life. >> we agree on a whole lot of stuff. we do. ruth is really bad only on the knee-jerk stuff. >> this is the "cbs evening captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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