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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 15, 2016 11:30pm-12:05am EST

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eyewitness -- wbz news boston happening now. >> and the snow and ice turning to rain. tonight, this wild weather is sparking big problems from fires to bursting pipes. >> and breaking now, a newton hotel evacuating. hundreds of guests have been forced out of their rooms after a big water pipe burst. >> and a big thaw tomorrow could actually make things worse. >> but the right now, the issue is treacherous roads and snow out there. eric is tracking it all. eric? >> we had our snow first, 1 to 3 inches of it. now we're in the icy phase of this. and freezing rain has been the biggest issue over the last couple of hours. that line has moved its way all the way up to the new hampshire border turning to sleet.
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little bit of a break here in metro west. things will become more spotty as we head through tonight. and farther off to the south and eats, no issues for the cape. temperatures have been rising. but still freezing rain from brockton to fall river -- taunton and fall river. that cold air is very stubborn. most of what falls tonight will be areas of freezing rain. so some really treacherous travel leading into tomorrow morning. most the day tomorrow, not much is falling out there until the heavy, heavy rain arrives for the evening commute. so tomorrow morning out the door, where will it still be icy? northern wooster, far eastern massachusetts, new hampshire, and the river connecticut of the state. we won't be dealing with any ice. and then the heavy rain developing for tomorrow evening along with wind. we'll talk about that coming up. lisa? >> thank you, eric. breaking tonight, frozen pipes bursting are causing
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>> and making a huge mess at the merrit hotel. kate? >> it's a dangerous situation here at the crowne plaza hotel. the power has been cut. pitch dark here. guests are relocated. fire crews are still on the scene to make sure this is a safe situation. but this is a problem all over the place today. >> what's happening is we had a major water leak at the hotel in the basement. >> reporter: a dangerous situation for the guests of the newton crowne plaza. all 250 of the guests were evacuated to the ballroom. >> whenever they told us to leave, they said, could everybody just come down to the ballroom. so we came to the ballroom. >> yeah.
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we are. >> reporter: officials say weather is to blame for the burst pipe and it's the same problem they've been seeing all over the area the past two days. pipes are bursting all over the city. in downtown crossing, the cbs is closed indefinitely. and you can see why. water crashed through the creel -- cvs is closed indefinitelily. you can see why. water crashed through the ceiling. and the amc movie theater down the street had to be evacuated. people forced onto sidewalk when their pipes burst. >> they freeze. >> reporter: it's the extreme cold with the sudden warmup . >> once it starts thawing and all the pipes really start to thaw out, that's when we really see a lot of problems. >> reporter: the water department tries to get ahead of the problem by shutting off the water to a brown stone without heat. they hope this will prevent another disaster. but at the stanley elementary
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>> when we arrived, the water was coming out the front door into the streets. >> reporter: back now live. the last of the guests have just now left. they've been relocated. this is not a safe place to stay tonight. newton fire telling us they've been dealing with this all day. and boston fire telling us within the past two days, they've gone to at least 331 pipes called, which is a huge drain on their resources and more expected in the next day with the warmup. we're live in newton tonight, kate merrill. back to you. >> thanks, kate. well, the state says you should run your water to melt any ice that may have formed. use a hair drier or apply towels soaked in hot water to the pipe. or open your cabinet doors so warmer air can circulate around your plumbing. it's been a brutal 24 hours for these firefighters.
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fortunately no one was hurt there. in newberry, no way firefighters could save this house. you can see the flames shooting out the windows and the roof there. the cause of the fire under investigation. >> and a neighborhood here had its floodgates freeze. it sent sea water into the streets and homes. it's not the first time it's happened. so the city will meet tomorrow to talk about permanent repairs to that floodgate. >> and we'll be tracking the snow and the rain overnight. watch wbz news starting at 4:30 tomorrow morning for the very latest forecast, the travel conditions particularly for commuters and any delays or cancellations. the family of a missing harbor man is asking for help tonight. he disappeared over the weekend after celebrating his birthday. we are there with luisa where he was last spotted on surveillance video. >> reporter: yeah, and their family is doing everything in
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they put posters up all over the area. they also reached out to area shelter. >> reporter: zachery mar's family and friends took their desperate search to the street monday posting fliers in the -- flyers in the popular areas hoping someone will recognize this grinning face. >> the plan is just to get as much information as we can out and hopefully someone will see it or he'll see it and get in touch with one of us. >> reporter: he was celebrating his birthday with his cousins friday night. when family members say he simply went outside to have a smoke j. like that, he vanished. >> zack's never taken off. he's never -- he's always been in touch with one of us, always. >> reporter: the only evidence he was even outside the bar that night, an image captured by surveillance video at a nearby business. >> he was like a brother to me. and by "brother," we'd spend so
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parents, it's just crazy that he'd vanish to suddenly. >> reporter: a young man with a full time job taking classes on the side just gone. those closest to him doing their best not to give up hope. >> i honestfully have no -- honestly have no idea. i honestly have no idea. i hope wherever he is, he knows that we love him and just to come home. >> reporter: earlier today, bellenham said they gave their surveillance video video to mars' family and there was other video showing him by the garage there. anyone with information is asked to contact boston police or harvard town police. >> thank you, luisa. we're getting new details on the death of u.s. supreme court justice antonin scalia.
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history of heart trouble, blood pressure, and too weak to undergo surgery for a shoulder surgery. funeral arrangements are still being worked out. the future presidential candidates are not letting up on their attacks on one another in south carolina. and donald trump is leading the charge. john, it all got uglier after saturday's debate. >> reporter: uglier and uglier, lisa, especially between trump and ted cruz. with the name-calling escalating to new heights -- or depending on how strong the stomach is, too lows -- to lows. >> that's a matter of principle. >> you're the biggest liar. you're probably worst than jeb bush. >> reporter: the ted cruz feud erupted and the lava flow continued today during a trump press conference. >> i think ted is an unstabled guy. >> he's the biggest liar. >> he lies. >> he boom, boom, boom, lies.
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that lies more than ted cruz. >> i'm the most horrible person in the world because i keep repeating the things that he seize. [ laughter ] >> reporter: in response, cruz suggested trump is feeling the heat and wilting. >> i guess the only explanation one can have is his internal poll numbers in south carolina must be plummeting following that debate. >> debate. >> they lied. they said there were weapons of mass destruction -- >> reporter: after trashing bush's brother during the debate, the former president spoke out. >> i want to remind you what our good dad told me one time; labels are for soup cans. >> reporter: trump today threatened to sue to keep cruz off the ballot because of alleged questions about his citizenship. he said he might run as an independent over complaints about party procedures. more red meat in a campaign that's getting progressively bloodier. david? >> all right, john. thank you.
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trapped on a tram with a baby in frigid conditions? tonight, we're hearing from a massachusetts family about their weekend ski scare at cannon mountain. 45 people were trapped on the tram halfway up the mountain new hampshire. george and sabrina lewis along with their 8-month-old baby had to propel to safety through a hatch in the floor. >> my wife was the third person. i hopped in the basket, held the baby in my arms, and was lowered down to safety. >> everyone did get down safely. investigators say the mechanical issues with the braking system caused the problem. for a lot of people, it was the moment they were waiting for tonight, adele's grammy performance. [ music ] nothing left to know -- meet the local doctor that
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>> and icy weather tonight. but tomorrow, talking downpours, thunder, and strong winds in the forecast.
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and the grammy goes to -- let me do this. meghan trainor. >> she may have heard the applause all the way from massachusetts tonight! >> the nantucket native accepted the award with a pretty emotional speech on stage [ crying ] and my mom and dad for always believing in me. and donna for making me an artist.
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thank you, grammies. i love you so much! >> meghan went to high school on the cape and was voted most likely to leave a legacy. she certainly did that tonight. congratulations to her! >> yep. >> and adele also stunned on stage tonight in the grammy's in a highly anticipated performance. [singing] [ music ] take me by the hand. oh, what we do for love, ooooh painful secret that threatened her career. wbz is outside with julie. >> reporter: a doctor that's become the go-to for a-listers. hello from the other side >> reporter: that voice. [singing] >> -- that unmistakable,
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belting out power ballads in the privacy of our own vehicles [ music ] >> reporter: that voice was saved in 2011 by dr. steven zytell, the vocal surgeon at massachusetts general hospital. >> i've used this approach for steven tyler, keith urban, lionel richey. >> reporter: overuse contributed to a pollup on adele's vocal cord. the doctor has treated several celebrities but says they make up only a small percentage of his patients. >> what happened to adele, it happens every day to schoolteachers, coaches, maybe the parents of those children rooting at the game. but this is an extremely common problem. [singing] when we were young >> reporter: the one that superstars bring attention to.
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i think she's positioned for a long and successful career when we were young >> reporter: adele was so grateful she actually thanked her doctor for, quote, bringing back her voice in her grammy acceptance speech a couple years ago. >> that is one really good doctor. julie, thank you so much! [ laughter ] >> really great tonight! we're making the switch over to rain. but, boy, what a sloppy night! >> yeah, and there are inches of snow out there now, eric, turning into this frozen slush! >> it's such a mess! most saw 1 to 3 inches of snow first. north redding. and lynn, around 1. 1 outside the wbz studios here. the storm we're watching will take a track off to our west. however, when you got so much cold in place like the arctic cold we've had over the last couple days, cold air is a bully. it always wins.
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but freezing rain for most of us tonight. and the regular rainfall haze moved across the cape and the islands giving way to the warmer air first there toward the cape. so freezing drizzle to hampton, 95. cape anne seeing the freezing drizzle. further to the south, lightly out over the boston area. to the west, a break between batches of steady rain. fall river through taunton and bridge water and eventually the warmer air will take control slowly tonight. we see plymouth is at 42 degrees. boston is at 34. there's a coastal front right in here. you notice that lighter blue shading? actually feels amazing outside. 34 never felt so good. i walked outside a while ago. but the cold air across the interior will be tough to budge. so tomorrow morning, especially in the northern parts of wooster county, middlesex county. connecticut, river valley, if you're headed there. the last places to warm up.
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and icy out the door for your tuesday. the good news here and the saving grace, everything will be spotty overnight. so lighter freezing rain accumulation not enough to cause power outage concerns or bring down trees or limbs. travel still treacherous. then we get a break. mostly tomorrow, a couple showers. all the rain comes in one batch with the cold front moving through. it'll really come down between 4:00 and 8:00. could be lightning, thunder, torrential downpours, poor drainage. so the commute looks messy into tomorrow evening. however, it'll be much warmer compared to today. high wind watches are out for much of eastern massachusetts. could see 40 to 60 miles per hour. and our strongest gusts will be along the line of heavy rain and just behind it. so hour by hour, pretty gusty in the morning. but our heaviest stuff is as that line is tracking eastward. we could see damage because of the stronger winds as well as scattered power outages.
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50s. this in issue for the bursting pipes. the dramatic change from sub serotypes into the 50s, even close to -- sub zeros into the, even close to record highs. -- into the 50s, even close to record highs. partly sunny. on thursday, chillier. low to mid-30s. saturday. but david and lisa, after tomorrow, things much quieter in the weather department. >> whoa! >> glad to hear that. eric, thank you so much. an unlikely subject for an investigation, graham crackers that smell like chemicals. >> but when a viewer called for concerns, we find out she wasn't alone. >> it smelled so bad i couldn't possibly get it to my mouth. >> reporter: not what you'd expect from a package of graham crackers. >> whoa, it smells like paint! >> reporter: that's what her teen daughter described the snack when she took a bite.
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mouth, she said the taste was horrible. it smelled like chemicals and she felt nauseous, wanted to get sick. >> reporter: as a mom, what are you thinking? >> i'm thinking, oh, my god! are they poisonous! >> wow! >> wow! >> oh, wow! >> reporter: customers told us they definitely don't pass the smell test. >> ooh, it smells like a construction product. >> this smells like saw dust. >> it smells like my uncle's basement actually. >> reporter: the company says the problem is vanessa's crackers were opened 10 months past their best used by date. they're to indicate to consumers the time period they can ensure an optimal experience. >> rancid. >> reporter: but he bought his before the date. >> i think it's wrong with the product. >> reporter: and so do others
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they found nabisco customers using descriptions like, hideous smell, like poison, stung my mouth, and wreaked of chemicals. there's even a facebook page called, stinky crackers. we took these to john truffa who runs a food lab. products like graham crackers are known for having a long shelf life. >> reporter: so crackers opened past the best of date, should they smell like that? >> no. they should not. nowhere from the package or box do i smell what would be called graham crackers. >> reporter: the team asked him to test the crackers to get some answers. and parents like vanessa brown can't wait. >> you give those to your kids. and you're concerned. what's going into this system? what's going into their bodies? >> reporter: the test results are in. and they showed a high level of a chemical found in foods gone
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they say it's found in products usually like spoiled meat and they were surprised to find it in graham crackers. how bill bill czech's bad day led -- bill belichick's bad
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welcome back, everybody.
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today that the cleveland browns fired bill belichick even though they led them to many victories. the browns were moving to baltimore to become the ravens. team owner odell thought the coach would overwhelm the city. to basketball, nba trade deadline is almost here. be exact. celtic fans are hoping they can demarcus cousins is always a name in the trade rumors. maxwell said, no, no thank you. >> not even a bag of doughnuts, hot rocks, i don't care what it [ laughter ] >> i would not give you anything for boogie cousins because i think what he does is he's a very talented guy. but i'm not sure chemistry- wise. your lead dog, he doesn't really show me what it takes to
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even brax stevens asked me about him. he said, what do you think other than his attitude? i said, i can't get past his attitude! he seems to have the chip on his shoulder. i think it's me first instead of team first. >> huh, and that'll do it. that's sports for now.
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new at 11:00, we have some dolled up doggies. [ laughter ] >> hundreds of doggies dressed up for the westminster dog show. >> only one will be best in show! this top contender is a german shepherd. the winner will be announced tomorrow night. we'll have the results right
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