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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  February 16, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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right now at 4:30 a.m., when the rain is coming in. and as the temperatures warm up, frozen pipes are bursting making a huge mess. what you can do to protect your home. personal attacks on the campaign trail. the bad blood between two republican candidates. and the big winners of the grammy's, and all of the big moments that you saw right here on wbz. from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morn ing. good morning to you, it is 4:30 a.m.
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i am cat rynn houser. >> and--catherine houser. >> and we have a mess out there, danielle. we, it is just a mess this morning. guys, a huge range in temperatures right now, look at this, right at the freezing mark in boston, to 52-degrees in taunton. and in the 40s at the cape. but boston points north and west, a slick start this morning and then pockets of freezing right overnight. everything is kind of caked in ice after the snow came through and then the change over, still some light pockets of freezing rain right along route 2 as well. it is steadier up along 93, manchester into concord as well. so use caution on the roads. hour by hour, between now and 6:00 a.m., the temperatures will continue to rise. so boston comes above freezing. but it is north and west of
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still be temperatures below that 32-degree mark. between 6:00 a.m., 7:00 a.m., the temperatures will be rising. we are mostly in the 40s at that point. by noontime, we come into the 50s, scattered showers today. and then steady areas of rain and some thunder is possible during the evening drive. so between 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. in a lot of spots, it is just going to pour. that is when we are talking about the strongest wind coming that. back to you for you. okay, danielle, thank you very much. and now to a developing story, frozen pipes bursting all over the area causing major damage, newton. guests actually had to be >> --evacuated.
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kate merrill is taking a closer look at the mess. >> we had a big water leak in the basement. >> reporter: a dangerous situation for the guests when a pipe burst, sending four feet of water into the basement of the electrical room. >> when they told us to leave, just come down to the ballroom. so, we came down to the ballroom and we didn't really know anything what when we would have to come back up. so most of us came down just as we are. >> reporter: officials say that weather is to blame and it is the same problem they have been seeing all over the area. pipes are bursting all over the city. and this cvs is closed because water crashed threw the ceiling and covered the floor. and the amc movie theater down
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people forced on to the sidewalk. steve mcdonald with the boston fire department explains it is the extreme cold and then the warm. >> i once it starts to thaw, 245 is a really when--that is really when we see the problems. >> reporter: the water department tries to stop off the water to this brown stone, but at the stanley elementary school, they are too little. >> when we arrived, the water was coming out of the front door. >> reporter: the last of the guests have now been taken to another hotel. new ton fire said they have been dealing with this all day long. and boston fire says for the past two days, they have gone on more than 330 calls for burst pipes and they expect more in the next days with the warm up. kate merrill, wbz this morning. >> so how can you make sure that your pipes to not freeze in homeowners need to run the
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use a hair drier or towels on the pipes. and ohm cabinet doors so warmer air can get around the plumbing. today, city leaders in revere are going meet to talk about a fix for a flooding problem. the city's flood gates froze open this weekend. sherry's yard is an ice rink and under her house is a frozen pool, causing watt tore back up. >> my water has nowhere to go because all of the drains under ground are frozen. >> this is not the first time this has happened. a city city councillor is working to keep it repaired. a funeral will be held this morning forker a milton art teacher. caitlyn was drying to work on
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hit her car. over the weekend, the state expected a stretch of 93, and they did weld some of the manhole covers. there is nothing to threaten public safety. investigators are not sure why friday's deadly dent was cause- - accident was caused. a 7 #-year-old is accused- -a 71-year-old is accused of stapping a woman back in 1974. the georgia man has pleaded not guilty. he was arrested in 2013. and starting today, the coast guard will host a week of hearings. they wan to know why the ship's captain decided to sail into hurricane kaitlyn keen last year. all--joaquin last year.
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over to campaign 2016 now, the republican presidential candidates are not letting up in south carolina. >> he supports federal taxpayer funding for planned parenthood. that same matter [ inaudible ] multi- >> you are probably worse than jeb bush. >> reporter: the feud erupted saturday night, and it continued during a trump press conference. >> he is a liar. he has printed lies. boom, boom, boom, just lies. >> i have never ever met a person who lies more. >> i am the most horrible person in the world because i keep repeating the things he says. >> reporter: in he response, cruzing ising is- -cruzsuggest---cruz suggested
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>> they lied. thiazide this were weapons of mass destruction. >> i want to remind you, labels are for soup cans. >> that was john keller reporting. and now bernie sanders is making his first visit in michigan. he is visiting with families in flinted. also, he went to a rally where he was endorsed by the state's nurses association. and hillary clinton is also making several stops in nevada. she said that republicans are under mining the constitution, thaws they are refusing to confirm a supreme court nominee. republicans are threatening to block anyone the president nominates. and now we are getting new
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supreme court justice. he was considered too weak to have surgery for a shoulder injury. it is 4:38 a.m. right now. today, pope francis is going to be in mexico that n an area that is known for drugs and violence. tens of thousands are expected to turn out to hear him speak. yesterday, pope francis celebrated mass in mexico's poor estate and he talked about- -poor estate and we--poorest state and he talked with families about their struggles. and storms in the south. >> plus, suing facebook, the law one user says that the giant violated and how it could benefit other users.
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eric fisher on wbz news the top dogs at westminster competing for best in show tonight. nearly 3000 docks are in new york city for the biggest dog show in the country. today, the sporting group, working group, and terriers
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the hundreds, non sporting, and herding dogs competed yesterday. >> i keep trying to teach my dogs types of tricks but he is not having it. well, the smart shows to help your posturer and a facebook user is take the company to court. >> yes, jill wagner is live. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. oil prices are surging on board that members are meeting today to talk about cutting oil production. an oversupply combined with less global demand has set the prices lower. on the bright side, show, prices at the gas pump are at decade lows. well, markets in asia jury was duly sworn and impaneled again
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-jumped general today as the markets stabilized. and a man is saying that facebook is sending him text message. the man wants--messages. the man wants $1500 per message. and now look at these smart shoes, it is part of samsung, the sensors are going to look at balance and posturer. this information is sherbet to an--post-ier. that information is severe weather center--posier. it is then sent to an app. >> thank you, jill. well, the same system is dumping a mix on new england
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three possible tornadoes touched down in florida and mississippi. neighbors used a chain saw to get a woman out. and a school was damaged there as well. >> oh, wow. >> the weather this morning, it took me a little bit by surprise, just the icy conditions on the roads this morning,. >> yes, here is a live look right now, you can see the roads are definitely wet, and icy in spots out there. and we have got pretty much everything that you can imagine going on today, danielle. yes, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, right now, this morning, in massachusetts. so it is a huge range, you guy,s but it is slick, you are right about that one. you need to watch the they are mom tore, the ground may be colder than 32-degrees and we are right at that 32-degree mark at the city of boston right now. north and west of town, 245 is where it is colder. 30 in wooster right now, 25 in manchester. and then we are in the 40s to
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so south of boston, for the most part, we are not as worried about icy condition because the temperatures are above freezing. a couple of icy areas, because of freezing rain that continues to come down as well, right on the east side of nashua, most of eastern massachusetts has been drying out. but there is still some drizzle and freezing drizzle are where it is below 32-degrees. and steadiest freezing rain is northern new england. so between now and the tail end of the morning commute, the slickest spots will by far be north and west of boston. that is where a winter weather advisory is up until 9:00 a.m. this morning. and it is all a warm front that is lifting across the area. so we are into the 50s this afternoon. the storm center itself is still down across virginia and north carolina right now, notice the heavy rain, a line of some thunderstorms down across the carolinas, all of this moisture is going to lift
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so the temperatures are slowly rising. north and west of boston is slick through mid to late morning. and then the rain is come in between 4:00 p.m.--is coming in between 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. and it is going to pour. watch what happens here, there is maybe thunder in here, so the evening commute will be impacted with areas of rain, poor flooding, some ponding of water on the roads. by 7:00 p.m., 8:00 p.m., the front is pushing offshore. the cape and the islands will be hang orange to the rain until 8:30 p.m.,--hanging on to the rain until 8:30 p.m., 9:00 p.m. and we have get half an inch to an inch and a half in most areas. maybe some high raiments. and we ask--higher amounts. and we have a wind advisory. the southerly wind may gust as high as 60 miles per hour right
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the strongest wind comes in late afternoon into the evening. this is just a depiction here of the hour by hour wind gust forecast, a lot of gusts between 40 and 50 miles per hour. so what you need know about that is that there pay be some outages and damage that may result from that later this afternoon. 40s, the sunshine is back tomorrow, still breezy, and then cooler to end the week. maybe a couple of showers and the grammy goes to, let me do this. megan trainer. [ cheering and applause ] >> trainer may have heard the cheering all the way from massachusetts. she won the grammy for best new artist. >> yes, undular march got the most gramnies--and taylor got the most grammy's.
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>> reporter: stay swept opened the 58th annual grahammy awards and ruled the show, winning the top prize, swift's 1989 earned the singer her second career grammy for album of the year. she urged young women to not get nay sayers get in the way. uptown funk won record of the year. stevie wonder teased song of the year nominees before announcing ed sheeran as the winner. >> and my mom and dad. >> reporter: this year's grammy's stirred up a lot of emotions with performances paying tribute. and lamar sent a powerful
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rap. audience was brought to its feet by tributes to earth, wind, and fire, and bb king. [ music ] >> reporter: and lady gaga brought david bowie's work to life. cbs news, los angeles. >> what a fun night. >> i know. great performances. well, there was a few first time grammy winners last night as well. >> chris stapleton, alabama shake, and justin bieber all took home awards. >> yes, and megan trainer, so great. ahead, the local lottery winner sharing her winnings. >> and picture police want you to see of a robber this morning. >> plus, we are hearing from a family trapped on a ski tram with their 8-month-old baby.
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checking the top stories on this tuesday morning, temperatures are rising, frozen pipes are thawing, and that is creating huge problems across the area.
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crown plaza in newton, sending electrical room and basement. guests had to be moved elsewhere. officials warn to expect more pipe problems throughout the state today. today, city leaders will be talking about a fix for a flooding problem. this the city's flood gates froze open this weekend. the city council is working to get the gate repaired. trapped on a tram with a baby in cold temperatures, we are now hearing from a new england family about their weekend scare at cannon mountain. more than 40 people were trapped on this tram halfway up the cannon mountain. they had to rappel down to safety.
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person, and then i hopped in the basket, held the baby, and was lowered down. >> investigators say that mechanical issues caused that problem. the family of a missing harvard man is asking for help finding him. 22-year-old m ark rr disappeared outside of a boston boar of the weekend. you can see him going out for a cigarette. yet, his family put up flyers around boston, hoping that season will remember seeing him. anyone with information is asked to call the police. and thankings, the police are--and this morning, the police are looking for a man who to bed a convenience store. he took off friday night. investigators are looking for this one, about 4'8", he was- -about 5'8", he was wearing a hoodie. well, a local lottery winner is helping out a man
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the woman won $200 on a ticket, but instead of treating herself, she used the money to buy a homeless man a hotel room for three nights. >> and i want my children to know about compassion, whether you $1 million, or $1, you need to treat everyone the same. everybody needs respect. >> the single mother of three also set up a gofundme account for the man. so far, she has raised more than $2000. >> yes, it is nice to have a positive story this early in the morning. right now, we are all know that tom brady is an extreme athlete on the field. >> and he is living up to his reputation off the field as well. the latest adventure that has patriots fans holding their breath. dear fellow citizen, i know how it feels to save
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i get that it can be overwhelming, because i' m living it. but i always tell people - saving' s not that complicated. you just have to work with what you have. if you have a question about saving, ask me. sincerely, alex payne.
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welcome back. tom brady is hitting the slopes, hopefully, we will showing you that. and scaring people. that is not the right picture. >> correct. okay, brady posted this pick sure, showing him skiing. he is message, it is safer than clip jumping. >> i guess so. you can hear the people gasping. this is the topic of the daily talker today, what do you think ant the adventures off of the field?
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>> i think he is really doing it. i am a thrill seeker, too, but i do not have millions of dollars, and like the whole world gasping when i go down a double black diamond. >> okay, all right, the top stories are all straight ahead. the news at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. and right now at 5:00 a.m., areas of slickness this morning. and when the rain is coming in this afternoon. >> and the weather is causing problems, a hotel evacuated after a pipe burst. why the risk is high today and whatting do to protect your home--and what you can do to protect your home. and a war of words on the campaign trail. from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. good morning to you. thanks so much for waking up with us. it is 5:00 a.m.


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