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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  February 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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right now at 6:00 a.m., an icy start north and west of boston. but windy and warm later on. when the heaviest rain is gong to push through. as the temperatures warm up, pipes are bursting. campaign trail. and a golden night at grammy's, the winners, the tributes, and the big moments you saw right here on wbz. from the channel 4 studios morn ing. 6:00 a.m. right now, good morning to you.
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and we have got a lot of weather to talk about. some freezing conditions everything today. literally everything. we have 20s to 50s this morning, guys, just a wide range in temperatures, 25 in manchester right now, boston is now above the freezing mark. low gone--logan airport, 32. we are at 50 down in new bedford, not really concerned south of boston, it is north and west of town where we have the snow, one to three inches, and then the freezing rain, so there a crust on top of that. anything untreated is slick. and we have fog as well. but most of the activity is now to the north--of the action is now to the north. there may be a couple more showers between now and mid to late morning. and it tacks until late morning for some spots to rise above the freezing mark. so keep a close eye on the car
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it is late in the day, look at band from west to east, it is going to pour heavy rain, hundreder is possible, again, 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., so the evening commute will be impacted. that is pushing offshore around 8:00 p.m., 1:00 p.m. and then--9:00 p.m. and then just a left overshower. i am---leftover shower. i am concerned ab the roads. danielle, crashes and spin outs news, weather, and sports and west of the city. --north and west of the city. and now 495 northbound, just before broad street, the left lane is blocked up there. and then we had the spin out in mill berry, just after route 146. to the south a disabled car. 24 northbound, the shoulder is blocked there. route 3 northbound, now slow from 228 up to union street. and 128 southbound is slow between the split. chris. all right, thank you very much.
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the area causing big damage, including in this hotel in newton. >> yes, nicole jacobs are live. the race for the pipes--the risk for the burris pipes is going--for the burst pipes is going to increase today. >> reporter: yes, that is the thought, as the temperatures rise and the frozen pipes start to melt. you can see me here, the hotel here is in complete darkness. power had to be shut off and the people were taken to different locations after of the pipes created a major mess. >> we are seeing it all over the city. >> reporter: weather probes are making a mess of the city, at the cvs, a nail salon, and a movie theater, it is everywhere. >> over the past 124 hours,-
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double our normal call some volume. >> reporter: the--volume. we have had a big water leak in the basement. >> reporter: gusts forced out of their rooms and into the ballroom. >> we didn't have an eta on when we could come back up, so most of us came down just as we are. >> reporter: blame it all on the weather, it is what many love to hate in new england, as they brace for more how throughing today--thawing today. >> once it starts to thaw and all of the types really start to thaw out, what is when we real really see a lot problems. >> reporter: and now another live look here at the crown plaza hotel, which completely- -which is completely dark this morning. we have placed several calls to authorities trying to get the know to the situation here, we have not heard back from them. but when we do, we will let you know, wbz this morning. >> nicole, thank you very much:
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problems, how can you keep the pipes from freezing in your home? well, run the water to help melt the ice. use a hair drier, or apply towels soaked in hot water to the pipes. and open cabinet doors. city leaders in revere will meet today to hopefully find a solution for a problem. susie is live in are scene this morning--in are severe this morning. goo--in revere this morning. >> reporter: good morning, catherine, there is no solution in place yet, and they have had problems with the flood gate in the cast couple of years--in the past couple of years. and once you see what the people here are dealing with, you will know why they say it needs to be fixed, soon. >> yes, it is frozen in there. >> reporter: the temperatures
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stuck in the weekend's deep freeze. her entire yard, trash, and her car, are encased in ice. >> i had to breakthrough some of it to pull out. i had a really good friend come and plow and salt for me. >> reporter: all of the water came from the ocean. >> it is all salt water, frozen. >> reporter: a flood gate in revere has been broken for years how. tide. this weekend, the cold weather froze it open, turning this area into a block of ice. >> it is closed now? yesterday. >> reporter: and this city councilman says he is working on getting it fixed permanently. it is going to hold back the
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as homeowners await a--until spring as homeowners await a much needed thaw. the hope is that today's meet willing provide some solution that is permanent for the future. >> susie, thank you very much. a funeral will be held this morning for the milton art teacher killed in an accident last week on 93. caitlyn was driving to work on friday when a manhole cover hit her car, killing her. a wake was held last night. over the weekend, the city inspected a stretch of 93 from summerville to boston, crews found no big issues, but did weld some manhole covers shut. the d.o.t. says there is nothing to threaten public safety right now. investigators have not determined why that manhole cover broke free causing friday's accident. 6:07 a.m. right now. a congressman is kirking off
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his reelection campaign today in se lemm. he won the--in se lemm. he made headlines when he invited a 9-year-old syrian refugee. now the republican presidential candidates are not letting up in south carolina. and as john keller reports, donald trump is leading the charge. >> he supports federal taxpayer funding for planned parenthood. i disagree with him on that. >> reporter: the trump, cruz feud erupted saturday night, and it continued during a trump press conference. >> he is a liar. he is the biggest liar. he just comes out and boom, boom, boom, absolute lies. i have never ever, mote meth a person who lies more than ted
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>> i keep repeating the things he says and i am the most horrible person in the world. >> reporter: and cruzing is jetted that trump is--suggested that trump is feeling the heat. but cruz is not trump's only target. >> they lied. they said there were weapons. >> reporter: after trashing jeb bush's brother in the debate, the former president struck back. >> there seems to be a lot of name calling going on. but our dad told us that labels are for soup cans. >> and this morning, to the democrats now, bernie sanders is making his first campaign visit to michigan. he met with families impacted by the water crisis in flint. he also went to a rally where nurses association. and hillary clinton made
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she said that republicans are under mining the constitution. republicans are threatening to block anyone that the president nominates. and boston cardinal sean o mall i will says that--o'malley says that sexual ole investigations need to- -allegations need to be reported. he says that the church has a moral and ethical responsibility to report all cases. meanwhile, today, pope francis is touring an area in mexico that is known for drugs and violences. tens of thousands are expected to turn out to hear him speak. yesterday, he celebrated mass in the poorest state. he also met with people and talked with families there about their daily struggles. morning. ,--this morning, the search
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-for answers in the deadly sinking of a cargo ship. >> an also ahead, tracking the cod population. >> and taking car technology into the office, the automaker showing off its self parking claire. >> kids in new hampshire, still heading out the door. temperatures below the freezing mark with the snow, and then freezing rain on top of it. we are up in the upper 40s later today. the hour by hour forecast is
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this is pretty cool, it is kind of like marry popper--mary poppins meets the clapper, look at this chair, it is meant to show off the company's new self parking car. it is a new technology. >> well, i think it could make money off of that. >> yes, i think it is a greeted yeah yeah.
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>> --it is a great idea. >> you think it is haunted. >> hey, it would make the office a lot more, you know, nicer at the end of the day. >> it is nice. everything putting its away. >> and the--puts itself away. >> and the clapper. and now a czech of the wear, it is a mess--a check of the weather, it is a mess out there, danielle. yes, the difference in temperatures across southern new england right now is crazy, we are in the 20s. 25 in nashua. 30s--beverly. boston, at 35. look at norwood, the shading, northward.
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and taunton, at 53. and i am not concerned with slick spots in boston. that is where the temperatures are mild enough. but a winter weather advisory north of boston until 9:00 a.m. because the temperatures will be slower to rise there. and then the phrasing rain a crust on top of that. so watch your step this morning, most of the freezing rain is done. and now we have the areas of fog. other wise, we are still waiting on rain that is south town by town. rains in virginia and maryland right now, it is moving--and north carolina right now, it is bringing us our rain late in the day, between 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. hour by hour, it is until late morning to rise above 32- degrees in manchester. keep an eye on the car thermometer.
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maybe have the raincoat. 50s, and the rain is moving in west to east, steadiest between and 8:00 p.m. commute. eastern massachusetts. heavy rain in wooster county, it is spreading east, maybe some thunder in there. off of the coastline at 8:00 p.m., 9:00 p.m., and then clearing after that. temperatures may drop 32 out icy patches. a high wind warning from 1:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and may cause damage. again, it is later on this afternoon into the evening. the seven day, sun is out tomorrow, breezy, temperatures in the 40s, 30s to end the week. could be a couple of rain or snow showers. saturday, we could have snow showers. and pamela visited with the third graders here in chelsea. they say we are better.
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that is their motto. traffic and weather together. so good, that video, we are seeing three times. accidents north and west of the city now, danielle, the latest crash is in beverly, 128 northbound at route 1a. several accidents in that band this morning. another one is up in meramec, 495 northbound before broad street, the left lane is blocked there. and then an accident on the mass pike eastbound. and checking the south, a live look over the expressway, it is now jammed to columbia road. route 3 northbound, heavy and slow from 228 up to union street. 24 northbound, a break down locking the shoulder--blocking the shoulder. thank you very much. 6:18 a.m. right now starting today, the coast guard is looking into the sinking of a shin in hurricane
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they are looking at pre- accident events, including the qualifications, and the past operations. all 33 crew members on board died, including six with ties to new england. and there is a new way to track the dwindling cod poop yawlation, there--population, they have developed an open net with a camera on top. the team tried it out in january and said it worked well. cod fishermen caught more than 33 million-pounds of cod back in 2001. but only 5 million in 2014. trapped on a tram with a baby. we are now hearing from a new england family about their weekend scare. more than 40 people were trapped. this family with their 8-month- old daughter, they had to rappel to safety.
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safety. >> everybody did down safely. mechanical issues with the braking system caused that problem. just ahead, adele is speaking about some trouble during her grammy performance. >> and megan trainer, her emotional acceptance speech at the gramnies. >> also, a robber--grammies. >> also a rob--grammy's.
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and the grammy goes to-- >> let me do this. megan trainer. [ cheering and applause ] >> megan trainer may have heard the cheering all the way from massachusetts, she won the
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>> also, lamar walked away with the most grammy's, and taylor swift took home three trophies. >> reporter: pop queen taylor swift ruled the show, and think urged young women to not let people get in their way. >> you just focus on the work, up and down you do not let the people side track youer and uptown funk won record of the year. stevie wonder teased song of the year nominees before announcing ed sheeran's thinking out loud the winner. and megan trainer could not hold become tears. >> and my mom and dad. >> reporter: this year grammy's
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others used the stage to make a statement. and lamar sent a powerful message about racism. the audience was brought to its feet to tributes that honored earth, wind, and fire. and eagles, and lous legend - - and blues legend bb king. [ music ] >> reporter: and lady gaga brought the late dave bowie's work to life. [ music ] >> reporter: cbs news, los angeles. >> great tribute there. >> also, a few first time winners last night as well. >> yes, chris stapleton, justin bieber, because shakes, all- -alabama shakers, all winners.
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so this is not a mistake here, this is adealing with a technical issue, after the show, the single digitter tweet 9 that the problem was caused when the paean know--piano mike owe roans--microphones fell on the strings. >> it sounded weird. >> you know, obviously, adele bringing the house down. and tj, he had all three picks correct. >> yes, he made his pre-duction with a megan train erwining. >> apparently he knows what he is talking about: a lot more coming up in the next--about. a lot more coming up in the next half hour. >> also ahead, former patriot,
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right now at 6:30 a.m. a frozing mess, pipes bursting
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up. and--are warming up. home damaged by a broken flood gate. the plan today to look at the problem. and we all know that tom brady is an athlete on the field, but also off the field. from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morn ing. good morning to you, it is 6:30 a.m. right now. >> thanks for being here with us. it is really a messy morning out there, all depending on where you are. it is crazy to see the difference in temperature across the board. yes, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, right now, in massachusetts alone. where it is slick, i mean, it is just a he is--just a mess this morning. in boston, we have actually had clearing, so ha is good news. the temperature in boston has jumped into the 40s now.
6:30 am
south, you start to seat the in boston now. 49 in norwood. 50 in new bedford. 43 in wooster. of boston. once we get the wind to shift around, the warm front is working northward. we have the snow, and then the freezing rain on top of it. but most of the freezing ran and snow is well to the north now. we still have the areas of fog. and hour by hour, we are continuing to rise from the 40s and 50 national weather service boston through midday. and maybe showers around. but the steadiest rain is here by late this afternoon. so we cannot rule out a shower this morning, late morning to rise above freezing, manchester, keen, use caution, it is slippery out there. anything untreated, especially. look at rain filling in between 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., the evening
6:31 am
a lot of standing and ponding of water on the roads. and then clear willing come in heading through overnight tonight. i am concerned with the wind later on today. more about that coming up. and now traffic and weather traffic. oh, it has been a slippery ride for a lot of people with crashes to the north and west of the city. but plenty of slow downs on the south. the expressway is now jammed, a 15 minute delay. 24 northbound, still has a car blocking the shoulder. route 3 northbound, heavy and slow up to union street. and 128 southbound, hanging up at logan express and the split. and a crash at 119, no word rob lanes closed--word on lanes closed yet. and now, frozen pipes are bursting and causing a lot of problems.
6:32 am
>> reporter: well, the temperature is going to increase, and that is one of the results after such freezing temperatures. but as the sun comes up here in newton, the crown mr. so is a hotel is still in--plaza hotel is still in darkness here. the guests were evacuated from hair them, sent to the bam room as four feet of water flooded the electrical room in the basement. similar scenes in boston yesterday, where several businesses had to close with quite a mess to clean up. and here is why. >> water expands when it freezes and it causes, especially older pipes, to crack. and then once it thaws, the cracks exposed, and then you have a lot of problems with water going everywhere.
6:33 am
thawing today, as the temperatures climb, again, a live look at the hotel in newton, again, we have reached out to authorities as to the exact tatous of the status of the simpsonvilleuation here,- -situation here, we will update you when we get that information. wbz this morning. >> nicole, thank you. city leaders in revere will meet today to hopefully find a solution for a problem that sent ice and water into homes and streets. susie. >> reporter: well, chris, this flood gate has been giving people in revere problems far couple of years now, despite the fact that they spent about $2 million on it. take a look at this woman's backyard, we were there yesterday and she showed us the damage that has been done. what so what it is supposed to do is block high tide, and keep water from the ocean from wait getting into the neighborhood-
6:34 am
but this weekend, it froze and let tons of water come into basements, froze pipes beneath the homes, and froze some people's cars to the ground. also, the city council says they are guaranteeing that the flood gate has been temp tarry closed--temporarily closed. >> until it is repaired, it has to be closed. it is closed now. i spoke with the dpw yesterday and it is closed. >> reporter: and that same city councilman said they have had problems with this flood gate in the past, but nothing like that. the arctic air made for severe problems here. and that is why they are meeting today, to hopefully come up with some kind of a solution. wbz this morning. >> thank you.
6:35 am
statements will start today in a cold case, 71-year-old guthrie is accused of stabbing a woman back in 1974. he was arrested in 2013 after dna evidence linked him to the crime. and aaron hernandez has settled a lawsuit accusing him of shooting a friend in the face. bradley claimed that hernandez shot him in the eye after they argued in february of 2013. bradley's attorneys failed paperwork saying that ther has been settled. the family of a missing harvard man is asking for help finding him. marr disappeared outside of a boston bar over the weekend, and has not been seen since the photos show--since. photos show him going out for a smoke. yesterday, his family put the fliers and boston, hoping--put up fliers and boston, hoping that someone will remember seeing him over the weekend.
6:36 am
are looking for a man who highway. the suspect threaten the the clerk and then--threatened the clerk and took off. the man is about 5'8" wearing a if you know anything, call the police. and we are getting new details on the death of the supreme court justice. his doctor hold the judge that he was considered too weak to have surgery for a recent shoulder injury. over to campaign 2016, the battle between ted cruz and trump is heating up. donald trump is calling cruz a liar. he is accusing cruz of stealing the iowa cay causes--caucuses. >> we will bring a lawsuit if
6:37 am
he is a lying guy, a really lying guy. >> you know, it is an amazing thing. trump gets rattled when his numbers start to go down. he gets very, very sup jet. when we won iowa, boy, he lost it. >> trump sales the lawsuit will focus on the fact that cruz was born in kaitlyn dabo and can- -canada. but cruz says he can because his mother was an u.s. citizen. and jeb bush is pulling out all of the stops, his brother joined him yesterday. south carolina has been good to the bushes. they both won there. mist t is hosting--mit is hosting a conference this weekend to talk about robots in the office. it is on saturday.
6:38 am
patriots quarterback tom brady is not shy about posting his off the field activities on facebook. >> no, but some fans are concerned about his safely while he is off the football field. i think one of fans may be you. >> you got that right, chris. a look at the the run down here, playing in a pile of leaves, kissing gazelle,- -kissing gisele, that is not bad. but when he does something dangerous, that makes patriot nation nervous. here is his latest post, posing in ski gear in front of signs that say double black diamond trail. he was doing downhill turns at a yellow stone club set in montana, the caption, at least it is safer than cliff jumping. oh, yes, remember the clip jump ising? a--jumping?
6:39 am
he jump off of a slip into a tiny pool of water. fans went nuts then, saying i just fainted watching that. this time, they are posting comments on facebook like you are giving everyone in new england a heart attack. now we want to know what you think about the adventures. should he play it safer? or not post the stuff? and now paul scala is saying- -maul is saying--paula is saying he needs to be monitored 24/7. but kelly, on facebook disagrees, this is not his first vacation, he is a big boy, folks. and you can comment via facebook, witter, and our website--twitter, and our website, we love to hear from you.
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>> yes. it is 8:40 a.m. right now. --it is 6:40 a.m. right now. >> plus, remembering a young teacher killed by a manhole cover on 93. friends and family saying good- bye. >> and storms in the south, the damage that may have been caused by tornadoes. >> and same storm is bringing us rain later on today, and a rumble of thunder. and until then, we are cold north and west of boston. we also had the snow and the freezing rain, one to three inches across the area. so there are some slick spots this morning. i am going to break down the hour by hour time of the rain and the threat for damaging
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well, the same system that is dumping a winter richardson mix on us actually left severe storms in the south. tornadoes may have touched down in alabama, mississippi, florida, and georgia. and a woman had to be freed from the debris. several homes were destroyed and a school was damaged, too. just a sign of the amount of energy with the storm. and is there actually a tornado watch in southern florida right now.
6:44 am
yes, back here at home, it is just a mess. a really rough ride north of boston, just use caution. and we are in the 50s south of boston. it is wild. we are into everything today, the rain, wind, as well. wet roadways here looking over the southeast expressway right now, that is good news, that is where the warm front is, we are already seeing the sun- -sunshine this morning. 25 in nashville right now. 43 in boston. 53 in tune town. so the--in taunton. so we are all getting the mild air, it is taking longer north and west of town, and that is where we are at least hanging onto this until mid to late morning. and that is why with have the winter weather advisory, now they continue until 9:00 a.m. north and west of town. just use caution, we had the snow and then the freezing rain.
6:45 am
untreated is caked over in some areas of ice. thereto rain down to the south, through--there is the rain down to the south, virginia and north carolina, the storm center itself still has to move throat, and that is not until later--move through us, and that is not until later on this evening. and 40s to 50s late morning. it is taking longer to rise in southern new hampshire. but have no problem being in the 50s later on this afternoon rain shower--this afternoon. rain shower this afternoon, but p.m. for the evening commute home. it is just going to pour, bands possible. we are talken--and thunder is possible. it is lingering longer in the outer cape. but as the band comes through, there is ponding of water, and maybe some blocked drains to result in some urban flooding the roads.
6:46 am
concern as well. high wind warning from the coast of maine, southeastern massachusetts. gups at 50-60 miles--give gusts hour. the wind is ramping up, it is southeast, and gusts between 30- 45 miles per hour by the afternoon. look at this, 3:00 p.m., gusts up to 50 here, maybe some isolated guests to 60. and then generally, the wind is lowly leaving in the evening hours. the damaging wind threat is yen lay short time period. we got some clearing tonight, and temperatures do drop back to around the freeze mark. so any moisture on the roads is maybe slick. tomorrow, back into the 40s. 30s to end the week. we may get a couple of rain or snow showers friday night into saturday. and temperatures in the 40s this weekend.
6:47 am
we have a lot of spin outs and accidents west and north of the city now, and now a look at the map here, you can see them all over the place in littleton a rash at route 119. and a break down 290 eastbound. and an accident blocking two near i184. i am told that it is a car verses a plow out there. and a spin out, 190 northbound, just before route 2. so spin outs and icy conditions all over the place north and west of the city. chris and catherine. all right, thank you very much. temperatures are rising, frozen pipes are thawing and it is creating big problems. >> yes, last night a pipe burst over the massachusetts pike in newton, sending four feet of water into the electrical room in the hotel's basement. guests were evacuated and moved elsewhere. emergency officials warn to
6:48 am
throughout the state today. today, city leaders in revere are meeting to talk flood gates. the city council is working to get the flood gates repaired. it is closed now and hopefully will keep the water out. a funeral will is being held this morning for caitlyn, friday when an airborne manhole cover hit her car, killing her. the wake was held in winchester last night. today, pop train is touring an area of mex row--pope francis is touring an area of mexico that was known for drugs and violence. the pope met with people there yesterday as well. still aheed on wbz this morning--ahead on wbz this morning, a local lottery winner
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it is 6:52 a.m. right now.
6:52 am
competing for best in show tonight. nearly 3000 dogs in are new york city. today the sporting group, the working group, and the tore yours will be--and the terriers will be working. a local lottery winner is helping out a man down on his luck. >> yes, the woman won $200 on a ticket. but she decide today use the- -decided to use the money to buy the homeless man a hotel room. >> i want my children to know about compassion, you need treat everybody the same, everybody deserves respect. >> the single mother of three also set up a feague fund me account for the man. so far, she she--a gofundme account for the man. it is 6:53 a.m. right now. time for a look at cbs this morning. >> yes, here is norah o'donnell. >> good morning, ahead here on
6:53 am
talking a jeb bush about his brother janing the campaign trail. >> plus, entertainment tonight has the big moments from last night. >> and our talk with posen. the news is back in the morning. >> thanks, up next, justin bieber breaks out the white tux.
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well, the grammy's were last night and james gordon wanted some company on the drive back to the late, late show. >> well, he invited justin bieber. well, it was going well until they started to through their grammy bags. >> an ipad. >> what? >> yes. >> i have got it. a candle. >> no. >> i have a plane trip. that is pretty special. >> i have got a map. >> do not worry, it all worked out. bieber gave him the head phones.
6:57 am
help--the map would be helpful. >> i love car pool cario key, it is great. i love it. love it every time. so yes, news, weather, and sports and west of boston, still--north and west of boston, still slick at this time. heavy rain, 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., damaging wind threat as welch and we may have damage. h 0s tomorrow--40s tomorrow. >> but you know, it is good sleeping weather tonight with the rain. >> looking at the bright side. >> cbs this morning is next
6:58 am
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good morning. it is tuesday, february 16, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." the bush brothers reunite on the campaign trail amid new taunts from donald trump. we'll talk to jeb bush. teachers accused of thanking, shoving, even luring kids for sex. how are they finding new jobs in the classroom. kendrick lamar makes powerful statement and taylor swift makes history with the grammys. but we begin today's "eye opener," your world in 90


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