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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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down into sharon and mansfield we have it really pouring. there were some rumbles of thunder as well in the area. this is where we will see a lot of ponding on the roads. all of this is the tickets i quickly to the north northeast. this goes all the way down offshore and is now starting to move toward martha's vineyard. all ferry service it to nantucket and martha's vineyard has been suspended today because of the potential of strong winds as well as the heavy rainfall. this is pushing up toward cape cod over the next couple of minutes. take a look at the peak gusts, highest one at blue hill observatory 60 miles an hour, fair haven 54, foxboro 53, rock port 51, 49 e. bridge port. scattered outages especially around rhode island. there are pockets of downpours
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in the lighter shade of brown, high wind warning until 10:00. the highest winds are with the rain and immediately following it. pretty quick movement by 6:00, already be back edge moving through the worcester area. the boston area around 7:00. at about 8:00 or 9:00, it pushes its way toward the atlantic. it's very mild right now but as we had deeper into the night it will go subfreezing again, after midnight especially. we will start to ice up by tomorrow morning. more on the storm in what follows it for the rest of the week coming up in a few minutes. the storm unfortunately could not have hit at a worse time, right in the middle of the evening rush. >> the traffic not -- map shows a lot of red, all of it having
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and go traffic. ken has more. >> reporter: we are on the pipe westbound and we haven't encountered the heavy traffic you talked about on your map. this is a look at the road. believe it or not, things are moving pretty well. judging by what eric said, we are starting to get to where the major part of the ban is coming through. traffic is no -- is slow but moving. on sunday we had the brutal thug zero -- subzero temperatures that made it hard to start the car. now your windshield wipers are going to not let you see where you are going. only in new england! we will keep this going to go to the new cast. live at mobile for wbz news. -- mobile 4 wbz news. >> as you can see the
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thunderstorms, windy . we are looking for the potential of flooding, downed trees and potter allergist -- power outages. you can also check the storm and any other storm by getting weather alerts using the cbs boston weather app which is free in the google and apple breaking tonight, westgate mom. a woman in her infant were carjacked at gunpoint today and happened. let's get right to liam martin who has the details. >> reporter: that woman was walking to her car with her baby at the westgate mall when she says that she saw a man inside her car. she says he quickly flashed a gun at her and then demanded turkeys and took off. stay police later spotted the car and began chasing the suspect. he did not get very far, crashing into a pole in stoughton during the chase. he is now under arrest and
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-- crimes, including armed carjacking. we just spoke with the victim. >> he was already in the car. besaws coming us to the car. he pretended -- he saw us coming to the car. he pretended that he had gotten into the wrong car. he started to walk away and apologized and then he said, do you know what. i am going to take her car. >> robles has been turned over to brockton police. he was injured and taken to the hospital. we do not know the extent of his injuries. we have developing news tonight. police are investigating the discovery of a woman's body. they found her in a home monday night after someone asked police to check on her. her name has not yet been released. >> are other big story -- our other big story, inappropriately touching his children's babysitter, a firefighter was in court today.
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a veteran firefighter here. for now he is off the job while his boss, the fire chief investigates. sean bothe with walked into -- bodawitz had to go to court today stemming from a situation with his babysitter. his attorney blocked him from the camera rescue -- camara's view insisting he is innocent. he was the coordinator for a program in the area. the babysitter decided to sleepover because he had arrived home so late. he got into bed with them.
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>> she was lying on her side and he got on top of her. she pushed him off of her. they are now putting him on paid leave >> we have nothing to -- we do not believe anything was associated directly to his duties as a firefighter. >> the judge allowed him to go on his own recognizance. these charges come out of auburn where he lived but the fire chief is looking into whether he possibly violated anything here. >> the church -- the search is on for a robber or robbers who smashed and damage the doors of this firearms store.
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robbed another firearms store earlier this month. you are asked to call police if you have any information. a bad crash or 94 n. -- 93 n. in quincy. a three pile them -- three-car pileup. this happened at about 1:00 near exit date. no word on the injuries. all lines are -- lanes are back open. the robber had a knife and the clerk had a milk crate. guess who won? amassed man walked into the market and threatens the man at the register with a knife but the clerk grabs the milk crate and started swinging. suddenly the robber wants nothing to do with this and takes off without getting a dime. sky eye over dorchester where a fire has left dozens of people without a home. the fire was caused by an electric short-circuit and did have $1 million in damage. a race to rescue three men on a sinking tugboat.
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>> two men ended up in the freezing harbor. they would not have been able to survive much longer. it is extremely incredible that these men made it alive with no serious injuries. >> they were in the water -- >> reporter: they were in the water in their boat had sank. they were left stranded in the water. >> two of us were hanging on to our survival gear and the other was a life raft.>> reporter: captain doug richmond says the emily and started taking on water. he made a distress call. water. he made a distress call. he was in the water with his the coast guard says moments later the boat sank off deer island in about 44 feet of water.
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for your life in the freezing water. >> we have one person in a life raft and 2 in the water.>> reporter: joe maloney happen to be one half mile away on board the chelsea. he heard the distress call. he immediately sprung into action. >> we saw the lights. about a half-mile away the lights went out. you could see the silhouette of the tugboat and then it was gone. >> reporter: he happens to be friends with joe. when he heard the distress call , he knew their lives were on the line. >> bring it on joe.>> reporter: joe along with the team brought the home -- the men to safety. >> 5 minutes and you're dead. get me out! >> i am just glad to be home and warm and dry. >> it was perfect timing.>> reporter: absolutely incredible timing and a lot of brave work from bozeman. all three men declined medical attention. they are doing fine. efforts to locate the vessel
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the terrible weather. live in east boston wbz news. a touching tribute to the late justice antonin can clear -- supreme court justice antonin scalia. scalia will lie in repose on friday. his funeral will be held on saturday at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception. we were hit with a president has to say in a few minutes about the process of nominating a new supreme court justice. jon keller is looking at the issues that affect you and your family. in the next half hour he will be looking at sharing wealth. every boston marathon experiences different. we know that, even for someone
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>> this time a doctor will have a little extra spunk in his step. >> they say the greatest things -- they say the greatest things come in small packages. the story of one of the smallest babies ever which is
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that. it's a school vacation week so the traffic is a little lighter. it is still a dicey night. >> i just saw someone tweet, holy monsoon. [ laughter ] i am going to tell this guy he is wrong. i am sending them right over to the weather department. >> it sounded like a monsoon, a mini monsoon. >> [ laughter ] look at the set up. we have a storm system tracking to the west. big snow in rochester, 20 inches of snow. we are on the warm side and all of the cold has been scoured out from last night. here is live doppler radar. heavy rain especially from the boston area southward. the darn -- the line of the darker red shows the heavy rain. wister is already seeing the end of this and the sun is coming out in western
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it's a quick -- worcester is already seeing the end of this and the sun is coming out in western connecticut. it's a quick storm. all of this is moving quickly. the main thing to watch in the next couple of hours, during the heavier rainfall, the one coming to the elizabeth islands, this is where we get strong wind gusts. you can see damaged trees coming down and scattered power outages. we will even see a little lightning and thunder. the 95, 93 corridors, route 3, all seeing heavy rain and nasty on all of the streets. you can see how quick the storm motion is. you will get into the downpours and heavy winds and then it moves quickly to the east and out of your hair. hour by hour, by six hour by hour, by 6:00 -- by 6:00 the back edge is here in by 7:00
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county, heaviest rain for the cape and islands. that it's lights out to sea, clearing skies and the return tomorrow morning. it starts to freeze backup and the roller coaster ride continues. the blue hill is a rhetorical, gusts up to 60, rockport over 50, isolated gusts as high as 65 or 70 miles an hour in a couple of the heavier downpours. the focus is over the next couple of hours come you can see the strong winds near the cape at 7:00. once the rain band's offshore, it stays blustery but won't cause any damage. up until 8:00 tonight we will have to deal with this. temperature changes remarkable, washed her 69 degrees -- wister -- poster -- worcester 20
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down to a low of 32 in boston, 20s in central medicare -- massachusetts. subfreezing air arrives from west to east after midnight tonight. it will cause issues on the sidewalks and driveways. be cautious heading out tonight and early tomorrow morning. it's not going to be as warm as today but we are in the 40s with intervals of sun and clouds tomorrow and not as much wind. as we head to the evening, and isolated sprinkle or flurry will move through. i temperatures are ranging well above average. the seven-day thursday and friday, chillier air in the 30s but no major issues. rain showers on saturday and otherwise nearing 50 degrees. unfortunately runners training for the boston marathon have to stay on schedule no matter what the weather is. >> there is a massachusetts doctor running his 25th
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marathon. >> roses are red, violets are blue, thank you for honoring me, by running 26.2. what a unique gift. >> he is reading from a handmade plaque given to him by harry burns and his family. >> this is very special. >> harry! >> reporter: special because weinstein is not only treating him for leukemia but also paired with a five-year-old for his boston marathon challenge. >> i first got to know harry is my patient. now he is supporting my marathon run. he is my patient partner. it is incredibly inspiring. >> reporter: we first met doctor weinstein a couple of years ago, training during a sloppy winters similar to this one. >> when i am out here doing a 10 or 14 mile run and i start to hurt i think about harry. i say, if every can go through therapy, i can make this tenor 14 mile run.
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10 or 14 mile run. harry has been going through chemotherapy for the last several months. >> reporter: harry who also has down's syndrome also has much more time to go through on his chemotherapy. harry comes to the clinic every week for his care, sometimes with his twin and older brother. >> is running the entire marathon to raise money for cancer. it so special because he is doing this for harry. >> hello harry. >> this gives us an opportunity to do pay back. we have always wondered what we could do for help. >> it's a marathon. >> harry and his family will be there at mile 20 to cheer on the runners and the team from massachusetts general hospital has raised nearly $12 million to fight cancer.
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we are so proud to be the only boston tv station to give you live wire to wire coverage of the most famous marathon, the boston marathon on april 18. we have a stinky situation coming up. >> customer say there rain crackers week of chemicals. a puppy or a seal? this is a video you may not be able to get enough of. the house of the seven gables, hidden passageways revealing a new treasure. >> this is the secret room. >> reporter: the chamber never before seen by the public will be revealed
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it's an unlikely subject for investigation, grain crackers that smelly chemicals. >> but when a viewer called with concerns, we found out she wasn't alone. tonight we investigate what is wrong. >> reporter: -- >> it smelled so bad i couldn't get into my mouth. >> reporter: not what you would expect from a package of grain crackers. >> it smells like paint.>> reporter: that is how the nessus daughter -- finesse as daughter described -- vanessa's daughter described the grain crackers. what were you thinking? >> i am thinking, are they poisonous.
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>> wow! >> reporter: we put the crackers to the test. shopper said they definitely do not pass the smell test. sawdust. basement work>> reporter: nabisco said the problem was they were opened 10 months past the best used by day. the dates around products to indicate the consumers -- to consumers the time period in which they can ensure an optimal customer experience. but this man says he bought his several months before that date. the i-team found nabisco description such as hideous smell, taste and like poison, stung my mouth and reeked of chemicals. there's even a twitter page
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we took the samples to john [ name indiscernible ] who runs a food tasting lab in salisbury. >> it's very strong. it actually choked me.>> reporter: he was baffled because products like graham crackers are expected -- are known for having a long shelf life. should they smell like this? >> they should not, even well past the shelf date. this is not what i would call grain crackers. >> reporter: parents like vanessa brown can't wait for answers. >> we are concerned. what is going in the body. >> reporter: they showed a high level of a chemical that is gone in food set of gone rancid. we usually find this in raw meat. they were surprised to see it deteriorate so quickly in graham crackers.
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a tiny baby beat the odds. >> i fought for her to live and she fought to live. >> she weighed just 10 ounces when she was born. doctors helped her survive and thrive. the man who police say threatened a local hospital and attack the worker in the
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live from the channel 4 studios in boston, wbz news starts right now. tonight at 5:30, we have a weather alert, thunderstorms, high winds, heavy rain making a mess of the evening commute. this is a live look from brighton over the mass pike. wild weather and also warm temperatures. >> this was so strange. it is more than 50 degrees warmer than it was yesterday morning. for more on what is happening outside we will check in with eric. >> today was the 29th day this year over 50 degrees. we are tracking heavy rainfall but fast-moving rainfall also. in central massachusetts you are just about done. the back edge is moving in. this has probably caught your attention. this is just east of boston harbor, working its way near the sandwich area and across


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